i laughed and cried while editing this

The Eternal Obe-session

I laugh-cried a little making this post, and it doesn’t even include the PT (featuring such gems as “it’s all Obi-Wan’s fault!”) (EDIT: AND, hysterically, “I don’t wanna hear any more about Obi-Wan”), or every comic Anakin/Vader has ever appeared in, which include hits like “that’s my Master, Obi-Wan Kenobi: there is no one better” and Vader just pretty much constantly asking everyone where Obi-Wan is or where Obi-Wan was or who Obi-Wan was talking to while Sheev periodically pleads with him to pay attention to his actual job. 

“Common newbie, get out of the dick and join us” Jeremy x Reader

Pairing: Jeremy Dooley X Reader

Words: 1515

Warnings: Swearing, dick joke, idk

Don’t really know what this one is honestly, not keen on the ending but I didn’t know how to finish it, hope you enjoy anyway!

You were the newbie of the AH offices, and with being the newbie came all the teasing. Yes, you were amazing at your job, you were great at socialising, but you were new, young and a girl.

Geoff sat on the couch, phone up to his face, an almost angered but concentrated face.

“Never knew a girl would actually be good with doing anything with computers.” Michael laughed from across the room where he sat at his desk. You were currently fixing Geoff’s computer. He had got a bit too angry while playing 7 Days to Die and smashed one too many buttons on his keyboard, making almost all his files delete completely. Nothing was in the trash bin folder, nor could Ryan find any of them.

“You wife works here too, remember” you replied. Still clicking away at the computer, slowly getting back the files from deep within the computers systems.

“Yeah, and she’s dumb as fuck” he laughed before picking up his controller to set up Minecraft.

Soon the rest of the crew walked it, mumbling good mornings and an array of nicknames like ‘short ass’, ‘geek’ and 'pipsqueak’. Jeremy greeted you with your name, which always made you blush. You mumbled a quick “morning” back while you focused still on the computer. Your little crush on Jeremy grew once you started working for AH, you had been a fan before and had a small crush the little Boston man. Now you got to know him, you grew to really fancy him, obviously you made no attempt to make a move on him.

“Finally done” you sighed, looking back at Geoff who was now sat behind you on his phone. He looked up and smiled, standing up and walking towards you. He patted your back, “thanks kiddo”

“Literally no idea how you did that” Ryan said, still annoyed that he couldn’t fix it.

“I learned computer science more recently than you Ryan, some things have changed” you replied, “right anything else you idiots need fixing before I go back to editing?”

“Can you sit and hold the server for us, it always crashes if one of us holds it and tries to play.” Jack said,

“You want me to sit here for an hour while you play with blocks, when I should be working?”


“Sweet” you took a seat at the end of the row of computers, usually Lindsay’s desk but since she was out of the office it was a spare seat.

You logged onto your account and opened Achievement city for the rest of the guys to play. You put your character into Geoff’s house so it was out of the way and you wouldn’t be seen while they recorded. Thankfully, you could have your editing set-up up as well as mine craft so you could at least work.

They had been playing for around half an hour, completing tasks around the AH world. Suddenly Gavin and Jeremy started to laugh, well Gavin started to squeal and make bird-like noises. Jeremy looked over at you quickly, catching your eye, before he looked back at his screen and tried to contain his laughter.

“Jeremyyy” Gavin squeaked while laughing still,

“What have you done lil J?” Jack chuckled,

“You cheeky bastard” Michael cackled, his laugh getting louder the more he looked at his screen. In turn, they all started to laugh as, you presumed, they all went to look at what Jeremy had done in the game.

You sighed, now interested in what they were looking at. You hoped that when you moved in the game you wouldn’t crash the whole thing. As you got back to Minecraft you screen was black, apart from your hot bar.

“What the fuck” you asked, panicked that you had crashed the game.

Everyone burst out laughing, you made your character look around and you saw a small area of light as you looked up. Jeremy’s and Gavin’s game names shown above you.

“What have you guys done?”

“Come look at my screen, it’s brilliant” Geoff roared before continuing to laugh. You got up off your seat and walked over. Your mouth opened and you laughed as you saw a giant pink penis inside Geoff’s house. As you looked closer you saw your in-game name hidden behind the structure. Geoff moved his character to get to the top and peered down past a piece of glass into the shaft.

“Look there’s you!” Jeremy hollered, “little Y/N”

A chorus of laughter sounded, even you joined in a little.

“I was supposed to go unseen!” You cried sarcastically, you were trying to hide your character, not to get in the way of the video but now you were the video.

“Isn’t it weird Geoff, when you were y/n’s age she was still in there” Gavin stated. You looked over a Geoff and saw his face go red. “Alright I get it, I’m old!”

“I like the fact that Geoff now has a giant dick in his house” Jack noted, making everyone laugh again.

You went back to your desk to finish your editing, but when you got there, there was a part of the structure missing and enough for your character to get out. You saw Jeremy’s character come around the corner, holding the same colour block as the rest of the structure.

“Common newbie, get out the dick and join us” Jeremy said seriously, before cracking up as to what he said.

“And other sentences you didn’t think you’d hear today” Jack mumbled making Geoff wheeze with laughter.

The rest of the let’s play you helped Gavin make TNT to blow up Achievement city, just like multiple times before this video. Thankfully, before any damage had been done, you had saved the world so that Gavin’s damages wouldn’t be permanent. The rest of the crew were out of the centre of the city so you both got to work.

Gavin was placing them randomly but you started targeting the houses, you started with Michael’s, Gavin’s and as much as Geoff’s as you could. You couldn’t be bothered to go all the way down and back up from Ryan’s so you just placed some around the edge. Jeremy’s house was last, you left Jack’s house as you felt bad doing it to him. You placed it everywhere, even finding his secret basement and planting a few there.

“So, should we rap up this video?” Jack said, obviously getting bored of whatever task he was up to.

“Sure, let’s all head back to 'chieve city to finish” Geoff replied, flying over.

You and Gavin shared a look in real life across the screens, Jeremy picked up the look too and instantly became worried. They all were back and started panicking.

“What the fuck?!” Ryan pelted, trying to destroy the TNT but accidently set it off. You saw his going off so set off the one in each of the houses.

“Y/N no!” Michael yelled as he ran towards his house. It was too late as everything was blown to smithereens. You laughed manically as you saw their annoyed faces in real life.

“My poor house” Jeremy whined, “I trusted you, y/n!” He faked cried, which made you laugh harder.

Quickly as he could, he grabbed a Dimond sword and ran at your character, killing you almost instantly. You made some dying noises and let out a pained “I’ll be back” before you quit the game, making everyone else be dropped too.

They all finished their captures and headed off for lunch. Placing your headphones back on you continued to finish your editing, since you hadn’t actually done that much while through that whole recording. You clicked and typed away before getting startled by Jeremy as he stood up from the desk next to you, you thought he had gone for lunch with the others. He started speaking to you, you pulled down your headphones quickly,

“Sorry, say that again” You chuckled,

“You coming to grab lunch? Heard it’s your favourite today” Jeremy smiled, pointing with his thumb towards the door.

Your heart fluttered and cheeks blushed, “You know my favourite food?”

“Well, erm, you’ve mention how much you love it multiple times, it’s kinda just stuck in my mind I guess.” He stuttered the beginning before calming his words.

“Cute” Your grin widened, “But I’m good thanks, not hungry”

“Oh common, come join me”

You blushed again, you really needed to finish this load of editing so you could start the next. But Jeremy’s offer seemed so tempting.

“Alright, you twisted my leg” You laughed before throwing your jacket over your shoulders. Jeremy smiled as he used his hand to guide you out, you walked next to each other towards the buffet. Arms lightly brushing every so often and creating sparks inside you. Maybe he was just being a gentleman, maybe he just wanted to make sure you ate, maybe the energetic sparks you got from him and the blush that rose to his cheeks meant nothing at all. But maybe, just maybe, there was something else there.

The Five Stages of Greif: Magisterium Edition
  • Stage One (Denial): Oh, Aaron's not actually dead! No, why would you think that! That's stupid! I don't get how anyone would think that! He's clearly alive!
  • Stage Two (Anger): Why did the authors kill Aaron?! That's such an idiotic move! How could they do that? I hate them! I'm never reading Magisterium again!
  • Stage Three (Bargaining): Hey, Cassie! Holly! I'll give you anything to say that Aaron didn't die! Money? I have it. Talent? Definitely! *laughs nervously*
  • Stage Four (Depression): *cries and stuffs ice cream in mouth while feeling terrible (for lack of a better word)*
  • Stage Five (Acceptance): Okay, so Aaron's dead. But Call will bring him back! He can do that! He will do that! Right? Right?! RIGHT?!
Brave on like the stars

Summary: How cruelly beautiful is the universe. Through childhood, two children, into the adulthood, a single man with a torn heart.

TRIGGER WARNING: Major character death. 

Word count: 3.6k

Read it on ao3!

A/N: THIS IS UNEDITED WORK. Mostly because I actually cried while writing this and I couldn’t bear going back to edit it. I’m sorry, maybe I will edit someday.I have no excuse for writing this.

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please imagine though. The first time Andrew goes to one of Aaron's patience's houses its like "Doctor Minyard? Is this a house call?" and oh my god she does not buy for one second that he's her doctor's twin. Nope. She didn't buy her doctor's tall tails about having a hall of fame athlete twin. Who would? And now the story is jumbled because the pro athlete is also a certified lawyer


i’m sorry but i have,,, to write this,,,,,,,,,,

  • the first case andrew takes gets some media attention
  • it’s been going on for some time with neither side conclusively really proving anything, which is why aaron keeps seeing the same person and is getting increasingly frustrated by being unable to help
  • but in official reports, andrew is referred to only as “mr. minyard” or “a. minyard” so no one knows which minyard it is
  • and in an interview, the defendant/patient says it’s aaron because… she genuinely believes andrew is aaron
  • he never introduced himself, it never occurred to him
  • and exy isn’t exactly popular outside of the right circles so why would anyone outside of it know that doctor minyard has a super sporty twin
  • in fact it’s not well-known at all that aaron is a doctor because the minyards are really private
  • so no one manages to fact check this
  • which means shitty news sites are all reporting about how amazing aaron minyard is, he’s simultaneously a doctor and a lawyer?? we knew he was smart but this is unreal!!
  • and it passes on
  • starts being mentioned in news articles on more legit pages on “where are they now?” articles
  • “aaron minyard, 37, is now a doctor and lawyer, focusing on individuals who are facing struggles with abuse-”
  • most often it’s mentioned in articles about neil or kevin, who the media are still obsessed with
  • which means
  • there are articles talking about andrew and neil’s relationship that mention as a sidenote that aaron is a lawyer
  • neil saves every single article that calls aaron a lawyer and literally cries laughing when he first finds out
  • no one bothers to correct the news
  • it becomes like a superman secret identity
  • (it only comes out when andrew uses aaron as a witness to the injuries his defendant sustained, and the gossip-blogs’ world is a Mess while everyone tries to edit past articles to pretend they hadn’t confused the twins)
How Coda's last minutes went (kinda)
  • Rick: ♫ Making my way to enemy's territory, walking fast, faces pass and we're ooc ♫
  • Dawn: What's up, asshole?
  • Rick: What's up, bitch?
  • Dawn: I asked you first!
  • Rick: I asked you second!
  • Daryl: We're here to save you, Beth!!!!!!!! ❤❤❤❤
  • Beth: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Whatevs! I suddenly don't give a shit about any of you.
  • Carol: *in a wheelchair* I'm so weak... I just woke up from a coma and .... JUST KIDDING MOTHERFUCKERS *stands up from chair and does triple backflip* Guess who had internal bleeding but is fine as a fiddle today! RAMBO CAROL BITCHES!!! *rejoins the group*
  • Beth: Oh well... Here I come too... I'm excited ... Not really... don't know why *also joins group* *Daryl pats her in the back* EEW! DON'T TOUCH ME!
  • Daryl: 💔💔💔
  • Rick: Later, tater! *everyone turns around and heads out*
  • Dawn: Wait bitches lmao I haven't been annoying enough yet. I want Noah!
  • Rick: *snaps finger* No she didn't!!!!
  • Beth: ♫ Mmmm whatcha say ♫
  • Noah: It's ok. I'm the only sane person in this exchange. I'm outtie! *joins Dawn*
  • Beth: *runs to Noah and embraces him* I barely know you but apparently you're the only person I care about right now!!!
  • Dawn: Lmao I knew you'd come back!
  • Beth: Hell, noooooooo!
  • Dawn: Hell yeeeeeeeah!
  • Beth: Shut your piehole or I'mma stab you non-fatally in the shoulder.
  • Dawn: Bring it on biaaaatch!
  • Beth: YOLO!!!!!! *stabs Dawn in the shoulder*
  • Dawn: *accidentally points gun to Beth's stomach and shoots because her finger has a mind of its own but her bullet is possessed by Satan so it changes trajectory and hits Beth's head*
  • Noah: OMFG!!!
  • Sasha: :-O well that escalated quickly...
  • Rick: :'(
  • Daryl: ಥ_ಥ *kills dawn*
  • Some guy we don't care about: Let's stop this nonsense! Dawn was the main antagonist this season and she's already dead!
  • Rick: *still crying* but... but... but...how come they get to kill people and I don't????? I LIKE TO KILL PEOPLE! STAB STAB DIE DIE!
  • *everyone cries a lot, specially Daryl while Gimple laughs in the background (they forgot to edit it)* The end

I never understood what people meant when they said they were obsessed over a band or a band changed their life until I ran into these 4 idiots. I didn’t get how a song or even a twitcam or the simplest things they say in interviews could make someone cry until I ran into these 4 dorks. I didn’t know that a person you have never met and who doesn’t even know you exist can have such a strong influence in your life until I ran into these 4 weirdos. And lastly I didn’t know I would ever be the person who gets obsessed, loves them with all their heart, supports them through anything, cries and laughs with them, never actually met them but dedicated her life to them until I ran into these 4 amazing talented beautiful funny sweeter then sugar 4 Australian boys who do so much for us while following their dreams.

5sos Imagine Amputee Calum


You sat on the bus with your headphones in, staring out the window. As the bus stopped, you saw a boy limp to the stairs of the bus. He looked like he was having trouble, you slowly got up and put his arm over your shoulder to help him. You released him only when you got him to sit on the seat.

“Thank you…” He started

“Y/N. My names Y/N.” You finished for him.

“Thank you Y/N. It means a lot.” He said. He had dark brown eyes and hair and tan skin. He was attractive to say the least. 

“No problem. Did you hurt your leg or something?” You asked.

“Um, no. my right leg was amputated a few months ago. i just got a prosthetic, so I’m still trying to get use to it.” He explained.

“Oh that stinks. I’m sorry. Would it be okay if I asked why it got amputated?” You asked.

“It’s okay. I got in a skiing accident.” He lifted up his pant leg to show you the prosthetic. You nodded thoughtfully.


You walk into yours and Calum’s shared bedroom to see him sitting on the floor crying with his prosthetic a few feet from him.

“Cal? Whats wrong?” You asked and sat beside him

“I think we should break up.” He whispered through tears. You felt your heart shatter within your chest. Tears pricked at the back of your eyes as you stared blankly at him.

“W-what?” You whispered in disbelief.

“You deserve someone better Y/N. I can’t walk with you for long periods of time. I can barely even dance with you. I can’t get on one knee to propose to you, I can’t do this. You don’t deserve this. You deserve  a guy that can run and dance with you, and eventually propose on one knee. I just can’t do it, and I wish I could. I wish I could do things myself, I wish I could get ready without you helping me. But I can’t and you deserve someone better.” He says with tears rolling down his face.

“I don’t want anyone else. I want you, all of you, including your disability. I love you. I don’t care about those things. I’m so in love with you it hurts. Please don’t do this Calum. I couldn’t care less that you can’t get on one knee, that way is too over done anyway.” You explained. Calum cried harder. He kissed my hair softly. 

“I love you.” He whispered.

“So if you were thinking about proposing to me-” You started to be cut off.

“Shush.” He said while laughing quietly.

I wrote this while skyping with wowaperson and she told me to write them having anal so this took a different route.

Also edited by wowaperson because she’s bae.


we’re all still a little confused but i’m 100% sure that’s exactly what the requester was expecting /no I’m not and I’m very sorry about this

Made by hellagaysportsmen

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