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tbh i think ive read time out of mind like 8 times already it's so well-written!!!!! i love it so much omg. i have a question tho who do u think cried the most out of the paladins at the wedding (like including lance and keith) bc i think they'd all just be fking SOBBING bc these two silly boys are MARRIED

omg!!! i’m so glad you liked it alksfja that means so much. ok so here’s a list of who cried from most to least: hunk, shiro, lance, allura, keith, pidge. hunk flat out happy cries, he’s got a tissue box on hand, he’s SO HAPPY FOR HIS BEST FRIEND; shiro is trying to hide it but he keeps sniffing and ducking his head and stealing hunk’s tissues, HIS BROTHER IS GETTING MARRIED???; lance isn’t like sobbing but when keith starts his vows he tears up and laughs through his tears and keith reaches up and wipes them away and that makes ALLURA start crying a little (which makes hunk CRY EVEN MORE he’s a sympathetic crier), but she just has like tears in her eyes, not really full on crying; keith also has some shiny eyes going on but he’s holding it together through sheer willpower; pidge doesn’t really cry but does pat everyone on the back and make sure they have tissues if they need it, and they hold lance’s mom’s hand when she starts crying. 

HHHHH wow super self-indulgent…….but true. thanks for the question anon!! ;A; 

me @ myself: u are a lovely young woman! you are a catch! anyone would be lucky to have you! your loneliness and pain won’t last forever! you will get your happiness one day, you deserve it!

myself @ me: 


If you haven’t seen this yet…watch it now.

Sasuke, Kakashi and Gaara tackle a seduction mission- pretending to be hosts in a club to extract information from a dangerous client!! Shikamaru manages the mission (and the club), while Sasuke insists that they call Naruto to be on standby in case things turn into a fight. Naruto is happy to be involved, but…why wasn’t he chosen to be a host?!

The drama CD, brilliantly illustrated/synched by the fansubber, is absolutely hilarious. And yeah, there’s a few things to make SNS and GaaNaru fans especially happy. Shikamaru nails the stereotypes that fangirls squash the guys into, and listening to Sasuke, Gaara and Kakashi deliberately trying to be seductive is the best thing ever.

Sneaky Haechan laughing off 😂😂😂 at Taeyong’s cute embarrassed 😳😳moment when he tried to explain the “bad thoughts” behind the lyrics of “Baby don’t like it”, while Johnny innocently asked : “What are bad thoughts?”👼👼

so today i went on deviantart to look at bad art with my friends

like, really bad art. and so after looking at quintessencial deviantart goodness, i decided to make my own version of anshu, deviantart style. an improvement:

here you can see she is not chubby anymore but Fit™ because diabetes is bad. youll notice the efficient use of primary colours and beautiful and meaningful shading. since she is a Female, there is emphasis on her incredible bosoms. never mind what physics tell us, this is how clothes are supposed to fold. her dynamic posing and suggestive face also symbolize an open mind. i gave her bare feet because Feet Fetishists Lives Matter. then i made her horns look more like cat ears, because i can. i gave her eyelashes and magnificent pulpous lips as to remind everyone that anshu is, in fact, a Female™. and last but not least, i felt the need to change her skin colour from grey to beige, just as to make sure she is seen as Caucasian™.

truly, this is the superior version of anshu and i will only draw her like that from now on. i hope you all appreciate the true beauty of fine artwork.

Watching Sherlock - The Lying Detective

it starts with

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and then (but just for a little, so we don’t think we’re escaping this)

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and finally

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and you’re left with your own crushed mind and soul and you’re like

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Moana is the best Disney movie I have ever seen because… 1) the cgi was out of this world 2) the storyline was beautiful 3) Pua the pig (I NEEDED MORE OF HIM) 4) Moana is the coolest most badass independent Disney girl/princess to ever exist 5) the fabulous crab and his SONG 6) Moana’s grandma is a SAINT 7) Disney actually hired real Polynesian people to play their characters??? Like keep it up please!!! 8) the music was beautiful and funny and cute 9) realistic body sizes!!!! 10) FEMINISM 11) Maui was a male character that actually showed emotion 12) not a single white person was in the movie 13) Moana didn’t have a love interest!!! That is all and I am officially Moana TRASH