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How i see the mars signs

Aries Mars:  HELLA ANGRY OMG. they talk with such anger and hostility and like can be so so so so brutal and mean and physically violent sometimes. 

Taurus Mars: Stubborn like if there pissed at you they probably won’t change what there stance is until to you until you apologize and maybe will still be pissed at you.

Gemini Mars: okay like every gemini placement THEY ARE ALL OVER THIS PLACE WITH THERE ANGER like “OMG IM SO MAD, wait cats are cool, no wait what i mad about again” 

Cancer Mars: “I GIVE I GIVE AND NO ONE LOVES OR APPRECIATES ME!!11!” a really angry crier like they probably are sobbing because they are pissed at you.

Leo Mars: Probably really in control with there anger tbh?? idk i feel like there are a tons of ways to piss leo mars off but i feel they try to keep in control of there anger.

Virgo mars: Emotions??? VIRGO???? *insert laughing here* I mean i think they are super critical and cant see there own faults but like come on, its virgo…

Libra Mars: probably really like peace actually, fightings just not for them. probably a little lazy and finds issues with motivation.

Scorpio mars: The god of murder. little tip DONT FUCK WITH THEM. they will probably wish ill on you for the rest of there life if there pissed. (pleasedon’thurtme)

 Sagittarius Mars: they’re like super carefree most of the time but if they are pissed at you they probably have a good reason. 

Capricorn Mars: Blunt, brutal and probably have no mercy when angry. probably dig deep for wounds. 

Aquarius Mars: I don’t think they’re capable of getting too angry. like honestly really cool and chill and just want to relax and sleep.

Pisces Mars: really really passive aggressive when hurt. pls don’t hurt them. they mean well. 

(I wasn’t being serious just heads up)

Sweetest Thing

The bell above the door rang, catching your attention from wiping the front counter of non-existent crumbs. A grin encompassed your face as you caught sight of the pair crossing through the doorway.

“Well, if it isn’t my two favorite profilers,” you greeted to Emily and JJ, loudly enough that Derek and Spencer, who were a few feet behind them, could hear.

The two women exchanged a sly smile as they knew how much you loved riling up the latter. As predicted, Derek started laughing.

“Nah, mama, come on. You know who your favorite of the team is,” he ended with a wink in your direction.

You started pulling out plates for your four favorite customers, because, truth be told? You loved them all so much. When you opened up your bakery, Sweetest Things, over a year ago, they quickly became regulars. Well, regular enough with how often they leave town for their job.

“Yeah, yeah,” you rolled your eyes at Derek’s comment. “Now, what would you guys like tonight?”

JJ’s eyes lit up as she went to look at the pastry selection you had, with Emily following quickly behind her. You could hear the two making comments and jokes while you turned to face Derek and Spencer, who were conversing quietly, but seriously, by how straight faced Spencer was.

Speaking of Spencer…he was your favorite. You’d never tell the group, of course, but you had a crush on Spencer as soon as he came through the door, following everyone in. The resident genius was full of facts that might seem boring and useless, but you loved. He was passionate about everything you two talked about, ranging from the shows you both enjoyed to books, which he could talk about for hours. You loved seeing how excited he would get, falling deeper for him as he talked.

Seeing how deep in conversation Derek and Spencer still were, you went over to help Emily and JJ, lamenting the loss of the others who couldn’t join tonight.

Spencer glanced at you as you were laughing with JJ over Emily’s inability to commit to a man other than Sergio while Emily pretended to be shocked and hurt.

“My feelings for her are growing, Derek. I have no idea what to do. She’s such a great, kind person and I don’t want to bring her into my world. And that’s assuming she even feels the same towards me. Let’s say I do ask her out, and she does say yes. That doesn’t mean happy ever after, and you know it. You saw what happened with Hotch. He and Haley weren’t even together anymore when…”

Spencer trailed off in thought when Derek put his hands on Spencer’s shoulders.

“Listen, kid,” Derek began, “we’re profilers. I can tell you for a fact that Y/N has feelings for you. If you don’t believe me, then we can ask Emily, JJ, Hotch, Rossi. Hell, even Penelope would agree and she’s the technical analyst. Y/N’s crazy for you. As for the danger of our job? That’s a price we all have to pay. But we can all protect her if that’s what has to happen. You can’t just spend all your time living in fear. You need to act on your feelings. Y/N’s a great girl, and if you keep waiting, you’re going to lose your chance. Ultimately, the choice is yours, but I’m telling you—act on your feelings before it’s too late.”

Derek gave him a grim smile before walking off to join Emily, JJ, and you near the pastries.

Left alone for a minute, Spencer pondered his thoughts. He really did love Y/N, but who’s to say she felt the same? He glanced over at you and his choice was made for him when he saw you smile whole-heartedly at him before giving your attention back to the group and throwing your head back as you laughed loudly at a comment Derek made. He was going to tell you how he felt, and if it didn’t work out? Then he would at least still have your friendship. He wasn’t going to let the world and a chance at love pass him by.

Spencer walked over to join the group. “Hey, Y/N. Can we talk, privately?”

As soon as Spencer said ‘privately,’ you knew something was up.

“Sure, Spence,” you said lightly. Inside, though, you were nervous as all hell. Oh, god, you thought. He knows I have feelings for him. Of course he would, you thought. He’s a profiler for the FBI for God’s sake. His job is literally to psychoanalyze. Oh, god. He’s going to tell me he doesn’t feel the same and that I make him uncomfortable and that this friendship is over. Your thoughts were racing when Spencer began talking and you finally looked at his face and realized that his facial expression is mimicking your internal thoughts. He looks nervous as he starts.

“Y/N, listen. I just want to say that I’m sorry if this makes you uncomfortable and I hope we can still be friends if you don’t feel the same. Just let me get through this,” he puts his hands up as you make to interrupt him. “I was entranced by your presence as soon as I walked through those doors. Your laughter is contagious and always makes me laugh and let loose after a tough case or when I’m feeling down. Your smile is the one thing I think of when I can’t sleep at night. Your eyes are the most beautiful color that I can imagine, and I find myself dreaming of them night after night. There’s no one else I’d rather talk to about Dr. Who or Sherlock Holmes. You’re intellectually captivating and your personality shines brighter than your smile. You’re funny and pure and amazing and I just want to tell you that I love you. I understand if you don’t feel the same way, but I just had to let you know because I don’t want to live my life without you. You brighten up my life and I don’t want to let that go.”

Spencer wrings his hands as he finishes his speech, searching your face for a sign that his feelings are reciprocated. You’re speechless for a minute, which gives him a bad feeling as he sighs and begins apologizing.

“No, Spence-Spencer. I love you, too. I just-I’m in shock? I didn’t expect you to feel the same. I actually thought you were going to tell me to leave you alone because I made you uncomfortable,” you nervously laughed.

“You what?” Spencer asked, eyes wide and mouth forming a smile.

“I um, I love you too,” you said shyly, looking up at him across the counter that was still in between you two.

The next thing you knew, his hands were reaching out to grab your face and pull you closer and his lips were on yours, softer than you could ever imagine. All too soon, it was over, but you were overwhelmed with the joy that was coursing through your body.

You were still lost in your thoughts and happiness while holding Spencer’s hand when you heard Derek whistle. You turned to look at the trio who were all eating their desserts, smugly smiling. You were just glad that there was no else in the bakery until you heard them all discussing bets and who owed who money.

“I had them for April,” you heard Emily say.

“Yeah, I said February,” JJ announced, “really thought Y/N would have done something. Like, bake him a cake with ‘i love you’ on it for Valentine’s Day.”

“Baby girl’s got it down, she’s the one that said July,” Derek said.

“Wait, wait, wait,” you interrupted, “you guys all placed a bet on when Spencer and I would get together?”

You were shocked, but the three profilers just laughed.

“You guys were so into each other, I’m surprised boy genius over here didn’t realize sooner that you were in love with him,” Derek said, smirking.

You glanced over at Spencer, who was blushing slightly and looking down.

“It’s okay, Spence. We’re together now,” you said, reaching up to kiss his cheek

How i see the mars signs

Aries Mars:  HELLA ANGRY OMG. they talk with such anger and hostility and like can be so so so so brutal and mean and physically violent sometimes.

Taurus Mars: Stubborn like if there pissed at you they probably won’t change what there stance is until to you until you apologize and maybe will still be pissed at you.

Gemini Mars: okay like every gemini placement THEY ARE ALL OVER THIS PLACE WITH THERE ANGER like “OMG IM SO MAD, wait cats are cool, no wait what i mad about again”

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What would be the boyband's reaction to their smol s/o having a HUGE dog? (My dog outweighs me by like 30 pounds ;;w;;)

My stepmom has a dog too, but he doesn’t outweigh me. Thank goodness for that, though, he’s a playful ol’ thing. (His name is Jesse and he’s super adorable. I love him.)

Noctis absolutely loves animals. He was super excited when his s/o said they had a dog, and he was eager to meet the pupper. Of course, when he actually meets their dog, there’s very lightly veiled terror underneath all that excitement. Noct and his s/o are pretty close to each other in weight, and the dog outweighs him, too. He’s wary not to get caught under all that bulk (he warped out of the way when the dog tried to jump on him), but the moment the dog calms down enough, Noct’s probably gonna take a nap against his back.

Prompto’s immediately inclined to compare his s/o’s dog to a sleeping chocobo. The size is actually a bit intimidating. Similar to Noct’s situation, Prompto and his s/o weigh around the same, which of course means the dog could topple him with one paw, probably. Prompto’s a bit wary around the doggo, but then he sees his s/o playing with him, and he immediately joins in on the fun. Lots of pictures are taken up until the moment where the dog almost steps on Prom’s camera. Less photos are taken, now from afar. 

As soon as Gladio meets his s/o’s dog, the two become inseparable. That pupper loves Gladio, not only is the guy super big but Gladio is always super enthusiastic to play with him. Finally, a bro who outweighs your dog. So yeah, Gladio plays with the doggo all the time. Tug of war, fetch, racing, you name it, they’re probably off doing it now. Gladio just got really excited when he saw that his s/o’s dog is the size of a small bear. He loves that dog, and has a soft spot for him. Whenever Gladdy’s reading, he’ll let the dog lay his head across his lap, and he’ll rub his ears.

It takes some time for Ignis to warm up to the dog. While he does love animals, it’s at a lesser intensity than that of the other bros. He’s actually momentarily concerned for the safety of his s/o. What if the dog were to sit on them? After he meets the dog in person, Ignis’ opinion improves. The dog, none the wiser however, often gets into many shenanigans that involve Ignis, leading to absolutely comedic situations. The look of utter betrayal on Iggy’s face when his s/o laughed after their dog licked him from chin to forehead was priceless. Another time, Iggy’s s/o walked into the living room to find the two of them in a standoff, each waiting for the other to make the first move to grab the toy centered between them.

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My position involves moving around to different shops and helping out and today I went to a shop with another Chinese girl and the amount of "omg you're best friends", "what are you?", "you look alike", "how do you say ____ in Chinese?", and "where are you from?" comments made me want to punch them, but I put on my best customer service laugh/smile and my face literally hurts now

I wouldn’t be able to smile without murder in my eyes. Jesus fucking Christ that is so rude. I’m sorry you put up with that so much. May they all trip over a poorly placed bucket, filled with something smelly of questionable origins, so they’ll fall into the resulting puddle.  -Abby

Svt at Prom

In honor of my schools prom being today and me not going i have created this masterpeice lol. enjoy ~

Coups: Okay so you’re going to prom with Coups, and tbh you thought it was going to be a chill night…like getting the outfits to match and everything was chill and easy, and he asked you super calm and well put together, but then you finally arrive at the venue and oh god what his wrong with him. Really dumb dancing and youre like wth i know you can dance better than this but nope, cheolie has embraced the awkward dad dancing and its embarrassing af but yet you lowkey love it. Also catch him shoving all the yummy prom food in his face when hes not dancing

Jeonghan: literally the best matching outfit to ever be seen on earth like literally. Totally helped you find your dress and its the most stunning outfit you’ve ever seen. He’d somehow locate flowers that perfectly matched your colors like how ??? totally ended up on prom court and no one was surprised. Idk why but i feel like he’d be a great slow dancer. Also before prom photos were better than anyone in the whole school.

Joshua: Super gentlemanly, like okay he put your corsage or whatever, anyways he was all blushy and cute when he was putting on you and he’d look so good in his suit you’d be worried that people would try and steal your precious date. Okay back to the gentlemanliness of our shua, he’d be the guy that opened all the doors, even the car door, pull out your chair, and like helped pick up your dress if it dragged on the ground so it wouldn’t get dirty and you wouldn’t trip on it. Hella weird on the dance floor tho, like pin drops everywhere and just extra shua all the way.

Jun: Wild all the way. Like the way he asked you was wild, and the whole school knew within minutes. Like Jun was already super popular and all the girls are like !!!!!! i wanna go to prom with juuuuuunnnn!!! But then he asked you and it was extra and so everyone knew real quick. Anyways he was like lets do this weird neon color together and you’re like lol no ??? the after prom party oh lord. So wild just imagine.

Hoshi: Okay so like first of all lets just imagine hosh in high school. I feel like rather then being super flawless i feel like he’d be kinda frumpy like shows up with sweatpants and messy hair  and wearing hats when he can, tbh probably plays sports too so when he shows up at prom with you everyones like wtf who is that and you’re just standing next to him like yah you betcha this is ma date. Like he’d clean up so freakin well. Crushed it on the dance floor and everyone is like messy hair hosh is actually amazing ??? im amazed just thinking about it.

Wonwoo:  Tbh you’d a bit worried prom would be a bit boring because wonwoo is like the most chill person in the school and you’ve literally never seen him at a dance let alone actually dancing but you love wonwoo and honestly if all he wanted to do was sit at the table you’d be 100% chill with that because simply going to prom with wonwoo is enough. The photos before prom wasn’t as awkward as you imagined it to be, and honestly you were shocked when you got there and danced to a couple slow songs with you. Going with wonwoo would be great for anyone who wants a chill time.

Woozi: Oh woozers what a great time. Freaking cutest couple there by far. Like both you and jihoon by yourselves are adorable, but when you both dress up and match each other the cuteness. Everyone at prom gushes of the two of you and jihoon is embarrassed as heck and youre just kinda giggling like wow. Tbh i feel like jihoon would be an embarrassed blushing mess from the moment he asked you to prom until he dropped you off at home but it would be the best experience for both of you.   

Seokmin: can i just say life of the party like holy cow. Tbh i feel like there wouldn’t be a whole big promposal or anything it would have just been like “oh hey yah seokmin we are going to prom together right?” and that would be that. Going to prom with seokmin would be so fun tho like even if you are shy or reserved like im positive he would be able to get you all crazy with him and like dancing all over the place and laughing super hard during dinner and the after party was just as fun. Just imagine omg

Mingyu: Ah mingyu. Our little puppy. I think he’d be more excited about prom then you would be. Like he’d be bouncing around and talking about it for weeks before it actually happened. Tried super hard to make the promposal really cute and just ended up stumbling over his words and like tripping or something but that just made you love it that much more. Seeing him all dressed up in a suit and everything was amazing but being able to spend the whole evening with him was even better. Id be you two and then you’d probably hang out with wonwoo or minghao and their dates and it would just be one big wild party.

Minghao: Okay so hao hao, lets just say right off the bat that he is the best dancer at the entire prom, and also yours. Freakin flawless in a tux just picture it. He’d be that guy that ended up on prom court all though no one really expected it but they also don’t have an issue with it? Best date for prom because he knows how to have fun but also keep things chill. You’d get to hang out with Jun and his date and it would be such fun time like oh wow. You two and jun and his date at a table and tbh you and hao just kinda sit there and drag all the really slutty dressed people and everything and just whip out all the snarky comments lol

Seungkwan: Prom queen. Jk jk seungkwan would be a great person to go to prom with because again like a few of the others he can both be a lot of fun but then have serious moments when need be. Catch him singing along to every single song they play tho. Like even when its a slow dance and a slow song, he’d be humming right along with the song as he twirled you around the dance floor.

Vernon: tbh i feel like vernon wouldn’t want to go to prom but like, he ended up being on the prom court so he was like shoot, but the thought of being able to take you made him want to go a little more like, he’d say he didn’t want to be there but deep down inside he was having a blast right alongside you. He ended up getting crowned king and you were all “see it was worth going” and the two of you ended up having more fun at the after party than the actual prom itself.

Chan: Chan really didn’t want to go to prom, but all his friends were going and he really wanted an excuse to spend the whole evening with you so he was like fine ill go. Super stiff the whole night lets be real like not super comfortable in his tux and he really wanted to impress you. He finally started to loosen up around the last 30 minutes, but it was still fun for the both of you. Rather than going to the after party like everyone else you went to some cheap restaurant still all dressed up and you got so many weird stares but whatever the two of you had a blast.

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hey there, i just wanna cry about the fact jungkook is such an adorable radiant bun, i couldn't stop grinning when he kept playing with the plate (+ jimin laughing and flinging himself all over the place is my kink) i hope you're having a great day!🌸🍒

jungkook was so amused with that plate omg look how happy he was

LOL JIMIN AND JIN WERE DYING LAUGHING it was gr8 i love these boys. And ty anon, I hope you are as well!


Authors Note: I came up with this idea when I was watching Criminal Minds and wondering what it would be like reading lines with Matthew Gray Gubler if he needed your help. I hope you enjoy. XOXO

Trigger Warning: Smut and Fluff

The flames from the oddly but well-constructed fireplace danced as I stared at my book. The words floating off above me as I imagined the characters coming to life. The little things that helped when it came to screenwriting. Matthew walked in holding his script for another episode of Criminal Minds but didn’t say anything. He sat down on the end of the sofa, grabbed my legs and sprawled them across his lap.

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Sad Birthday (Joe Sugg Imagine)

Request: Hi. Could there be a Joe Imagine where its’ your B/day. But you aren’t really able to spend it with Joe as he has a book signing. But you also had to work that day which made it worse. You got a super cute txt off joe early morning saying he wishes he could see you. But he actually surprises you at work before you finished your shift around lunch time. he then takes you along to his book signing and then treats you afterwards with a cute presents (like holiday tickets) and acts all cute :)


You woke up to the sound of your alarm and you groaned loudly. You turned the awful sound off before hiding under the sheets not wanting to get up to go to work. The empty space next to you where your boyfriend Joe normally were laying with his cute sleepy face, made you want to stay in bed even more. It was a normal Tuesday besides the fact that it was your 24th birthday, but you weren’t really looking forward to the day. You were busy with work until 4 pm and Joe was off to a book signing in London. Your family lived in Dublin and they had not been able to come over for your birthday, so you had been excited to spent the day with Joe, but that wouldn’t happen either. Your phone suddenly beeped and it was a text from Joe.

From: Joe
Hi gorgeous, the only thing I wanted today was to spend it with you.
I’m so sorry, and I promise I’ll make up for it. Have the best birthday ever, I love you so much.

The text made you smile widely and you immediately answered. Even though it was a boring day you decided it was time to get ready and go to work, and the text from Joe had made it a little bit easier.

After guiding hundreds of people to what outfit looked the best you finally had your lunch break. The sun was out so you were sat outside with a bottle of water and your lunch, enjoying the sun. You had your eyes on your phone until someone suddenly stood in front of you shading the sun. You looked up at the person with an annoyed look. Your heart skipped a beat and your mouth turned into a big smile when you realized it was Joe.

“Joe!” you squealed as you jumped up from the ground and into his arms. He laughed as he put his arms around you and kissed your lips. It felt so amazing to see him and you were beyond surprised.

“What are you doing here, you goof?” you asked and looked into Joe’s blue eyes.

“I wanted to surprise you and steal you off work to come with me to my book signing,” Joe explained and you couldn’t help but smile.

“You’re the best boyfriend in the whole world, you know that?” you said before giving Joe a deep kiss, which made him smile.

“I know,” Joe said with a smirk and you pushed him gently with a smile.

“But I’m not sure I can just leave. I still have 4 hours left of my shift,” you said with a sad face and Joe shook his head.

“I already asked and you’re free to go,” Joe said with a satisfied smile and you looked at him with a surprised look.

“You’re just full of surprises, aren’t you?” you said with a smirk before giving Joe another passionate kiss.

You were sat behind Joe with his manager and talked and ate the snacks, which were displayed on the table in front of you. Watching Joe meet so many of his fans made you so happy and the day went by fast. When Joe had met everyone it was time to leave.

“You weren’t too bored, were you?” Joe asked whilst putting an arm around you and placing a kiss on your temple.

“No, it was fun,” you answered with a smile and Joe smiled back.

“Now it’s time for more surprises,” Joe whispered in your ear as he opened the door to the car, which was here to pick you up. The car drove you back to Joe’s place and you walked inside hand in hand and both with big smiles.

“You have to wait out here for a moment, okay?” Joe said with a mysterious look and you shook your head with a laugh.

“No questions! I love you,” Joe said and gave you a quick kiss before disappearing inside his flat. You couldn’t help but laugh.
After waiting for 5 minutes the door opened and Joe smiled at you.

“Come here,” Joe said and took a hand out in front of him for you to take. You walked towards him and took his hand with a smile. You walked into the flat and saw candles lit all over the living room. It looked so romantic and you looked at Joe with a big smile.

“You’re such a romantic guy,” you said with a smirk and Joe laughed before you gave him a big kiss.

“I have a little something for you,” Joe then said and you looked at him with an exciting look. He pulled something out of his pocket and placed it in your hands. It was a piece of paper and you looked at it with a confused look. You soon realized that it was two plane tickets to the Maldives and you looked at Joe with a surprised look.

“We’re going to the Maldives babe,” Joe said to clarify what you were actually holding in your hand.

“Omg!” you exclaimed before jumping into Joe’s arms and kissing him all over his face.

“Well, you seem happy,” he laughed and you looked at him with a nod.

“You know, I thought this would be the worst birthday ever but it has actually turned out pretty great,” you said with a smile and Joe removed a piece of hair away from your eyes.

“I’ll do anything to see that smile,” Joe said and pointed at your smile. You blushed a bit before Joe pulled your head closer to his and he left a deep kiss on your lips, which gave you butterflies.

“I love you,” you whispered and Joe smiled.

“I love you too,” Joe whispered back and once again you kissed your incredible boyfriend. It had been an amazing birthday and you couldn’t wait to explore the Maldives with Joe.  

Congrats Jack on 16 million subs!!

CONGRATS JACK ON 16 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS!!! That’s a lot of people omg :O I’M SO FREAKING HAPPY AND PROUD OF YOU!!! You deserve all the love and happiness in the world!!! You lovable little green bean!! You have changed my life for the better for over the past 2 years and I don’t regret it at all! You literally saved my life cause I was in a bad place before I knew about you. You make me smile and laugh every minute of every day even when I’m feeling down. Thank you for everything! I love you so much

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I take hour buses everyday, they are fun aren't they? :''') Ah what's a habit you like from all VIXX members? ~Riri

It’s interesting….sometimes you meet the strangest people
Ooooo ok

N: the little jumping dance he does when he’s excited or waiting around for something. It’s kinda like he’s doing v subtle ballet and it’s so cute. Also the little neck chops heh. Also the whole Robin thing where he looks like a bird when he eats?? His mouth is so cute it really looks like a beak I’m crying. When he rests his hands on another members thigh or just touches them while they talk and watches them ;;_;; (esp Ken kill me)

Leo: lip biting? Tbh I hate it bc it gives me pain but I also love it do you see my dilema. Also the hair flip thing. Also not really something I like lol but that thing where he fidgets w his ear piercings when talking. When he stares off into space and looks like a little kid aaa. Head fairy is always cute ;o; when he finds something funny and looks at the other members to see if they saw it too. Using the others as furniture lol

Ken: kitty mouth kitty mouthhh. His lips curl sometimes like he’s not really smiling it just DOES it and it’s so cute ahhh…wait are these habits I’m not sure. When he smiles so brightly while telling stupid jokes and tries not laugh but he’s excited to tell it and then he gets happier when the members laugh at his dumb joke AAAAAA

ravi: eyebrowssss they’re so expressive when he talks just all over the place. Also when he talks for a long time his eyes are not on the camera usually they’re looking around (and the eyebrows are everywhere) and he’ll kinda rub his shoulders (I think he’s shy aw). When he laughs he covers his mouth with his fist and his cheeks crinkle :’) I’m not sure these are habits or just things their bodies do I’m sorry lol

Hongbin: cringebin omg when he literally folds in on himself from pure embarrassment it’s so cute. (Also hongbin has such an attractive laugh curse him it really brings me back to hongbin stan days) he also does this thing where he flicks at his ears when he’s embarrassed bc they get red?? And he’s trying to make them not red idk it’s cute. The little stomping he does when he cringes too lmao it’s so cute. Also when he’s laughing so hard and all his shark teeth can be seen ;u;

Hyuk: MY BABY. HE’S SO CUTE. When hyukkie talks it’s the cutest thing ever I think he tries really hard to annunciate so his lips push out a lot and he makes a pouty face thing idk y know what I mean we all suffer bc of it. When he looks into the camera and blinks. Just when he blinks in general his eyes are so pretty. When something is funny ot Jaehwan says something dumb his face breaks out into such a stupid grin and he has this high pitched giggle it’s so cute I’m cry. When he boop he nose. He also sniffles and rubs his nose a lot gross but it’s ok bc it’s him. When he smiles he has those little lip dimples idk what the heck they r but they’re cute. Also his face is literally
-w- I’m cry.

Ok I think I deviated from the actual question but this was fun thank you :D

Roller Rink: Tom Holland x Black Reader

Requested:  Can you do one where Tom throws you a surprise party at a roller rink for your birthday where he proposes? (I totally had a dream about this I’m just not a good writer)

Love this idea, and will be inspiring the party off of Beyonce’s Blow video.

“Tom, I’m getting a bit freaked out. Where are you taking me?”

“Just enjoy the ride love.” He smiled and patted your knee. “You know I don’t like being blindfolded.” You said as you adjusted the straps around your ears. “Are you sure? I remember I blindfolded you the other night.”

“You know what I mean.” You laughed. You felt his fingers brush your knee as he drove. “I can’t believe it’s your birthday.”

“Me neither, I feel so old.” He laughed. “Well what I have planned for you tonight, you’ll feel like a kid again.”

You giggled and tried to think of all the places he could be taking you. 

“Watch your step.” He said grabbing your hand. He snaked his arm around your waist and led the way. 

You tried to use your other senses but it was dead silent. “Tom it smells like feet-” He removed the blindfold, “SURPRISE!”

You screamed and laughed, literally everyone was there. The skating rink was decked out. “OMG Tom!” You gave him a big hug and a kiss. “I hope it’s not too cheesy.”

“No, it’s perfect.” You smiled and ran over to your friends. 

“Come on Tom.” You took his hand and pulled him out to the floor. He ran into the wall, “Ow, Fuck.”

You laughed and linked arms with him as you two tried to get used to the skates. Your cousin, Happy skated past you two and turned around, “Show off.” He smiled and zoomed off. 

You burs out into laughter when you saw Harry and Sam pushing each other. “Boys stop!” Mrs. Holland yelled over the music. “You got everyone here.”

“It wasn’t hard, everyone loves you.” He said. Jasmine and Anthony rolled past you, “Hey babe” Jazz yelled as she light pushed Ant away from her. “You’re gonna make me fall ya dork.” She yelled at him. 

“Thanks for coming guys!” You said. “No problem. I haven’t been skating in awhile though.” She smiled and laughed as Anthony grabbed the wall. 

At one point Tom disappeared and you skated beside your friends enjoying the music and the rush of the wind. Everyone cheered once the blacklight came on. 

You noticed your lipstick glowing.

 “Take this.” Your friend said. She placed the flashing birthday crown on your head and you two skated around, laughing. 

“Where’s Tommy?” You asked. She shrugged and pulled you around with her. 

You were so happy and thrilled to be with your friends and family. You tried to thank everyone for coming and most importantly you wanted to thank Tom but he was nowhere to be found. 

He was pacing outside of the building trying to muster up the courage to propse. “Hey mate, what are you doing out here?’ HAz asked. 

“I nervous as hell. What if she says no?”

“You’re an actual idiot if you think Y/N is going to say no to you. She loves you man.” He slapped hsi best friend on the shoulder. “There’s no better time to propose to her. Now get in there and do it.”

He walked back in the nosy party and caught you skating around with all of your friends, laughing and having a good time. He smiled and walked up to the J booth, “You ready man?” The DJ asked. Tom nodded and took the mic, “Excuse me.”

The music died down and you gripped the wall and looked at him. “Y/N, could you come here please?”

You smiled and skated your way to him. He grabbed your hand and started his speech. You stared lovingly into his eyes and gasped when he got on one knee. “Y/N, will you do me the honor of being my wife?” He pulled out the velvet black box and revealed a stunning engagement ring. 

Tears fell and you couldn’t stop saying yes.  All around you there were cheers, and people clapping. You and Tom kissed, forgetting everything around you. “I love you so much!” You cried. 

“I love you too.” He squeezed you in a tight embrace. After crying on each other like babies, you wiped his eyes, “Let’s party.”


Hope you liked it anon❤

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Happy Fanfic Author Appreciation Day Hypaa! I feel like sending a silly ask isn't enough to show just like, how much fucking appreciation I have for you? But holy shit your writing is incredible, and checking your page is one of the highlights of my day- between the content, the commentary and the tags, I'm always either laughing or swooning, or occasionally both ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ so HAPPY APPRECIATION <3

Okay in my time zone it’s not yet midnight so I feel like I can answer this properly and OMG

Like… idk fam, you’re really great. The fact that you find such enjoyment in my trash blog and trash writing just makes me blush a bit. I’m so all over the place with everything that it’s always a surprise eheh I hear people are actually down with this mess I post. So… bless. *hugs, offers a naked Ignis as gift for kindness* ❤️

Can you keep a secret?

Show/ Characters:Criminal Minds; Hotch x Reader; Spencer x Reader (friendship)

Warnings: Implied smut, drama, pregnancy

Notes: Based off of these requests sent in by @weirdoforeves :  9, 12, and 46 with hotch please!  And  anon:  Criminal minds- Spencer Reid. Prompt “I think the room is bugged” Prompts Here

***I hope you both like it. Fic after the cut because it’s so long

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i feel like jaehwans fashion choices range from high-fashion and a little quirky to a celebrity toddler

Celebrity toddler oml PLEASE that’s such a typical jaehwan look I’m laughing that’s rly cute and blessed but you’re right!!! He kind of is all over the place and I’m somehow here for all of it oml

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it's domestic oso anon again ready 2 party!! imagine having a pillow fight with oso after dinner and every time you hit him he falls like a sack of potatoes on purpose just so he can pull you down with him, and once you're both lying on the bed he just kinda holds you so you can't get up. you're trapped but you're in the middle of a buncha pillows and oso's really warm and soft and his hoodie smells like food and you fall asleep cuddling. (hope ur having a good day choromod <3)

hi dear anon~! delivering the goods again, i see! (* ¬ ⌄ ¬ *) (hope you’re having a nice day too♥)

omg Oso making dying noises and very dramatically falling on the ground, i can totally see that… and when you scooch over to him (to either shake him up or deliver a finishing blow), he opens up one eye with that mischevious, shit-eating grin and pulls you down, kissing you all the places he can reach, and he doesn’t stop until you throw a pillow into his face. he’s also probably that person that starts tickling their partner while they cuddle… and he’s laughing at it, too… even when he’s accidentally kicked in the stomach in the process, he’s teary-eyed, but still laughing. but it’s okay, because he smells like a really soft, freshly made hamburger - that makes up for it, honestly. three minutes is enough for him to fall asleep, so he might start snoozing way before you drift off to dreamland, but if there’s one thing that’s great about a sleeping Osomatsu, it’s that you can hug him and squish him as much as you like and he won’t wake up. you can even sleep on him. it’s soft and therefore recommended.

Karneval seiyuu talk: Kamiya Hiroshi (Gareki) & Miyano Mamoru (Yogi)

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Some dragon-person au's? :D

  • i know that dragons hoarding shit is like the number one cliche but seriously dude what is all this shit? It’s just mountains of coins and broken necklaces and junk and–oh is that a picture of me?
    • i knew hoarding golden colored objects was one thing but all of our memory trinkets and pictures too? that’s…really kind of sweet…..this place is still a mess though
  • you caught the hiccups and apparently you cough up some smoke every time you do and im trying really hard not to laugh but dude thats super cute
  • the heat doesnt bother you so you typically wear long sleeves and such, but you finally took of your shirt one day and you actually have a ton of scales all over your body and its sick as shit. they’re shiny and different colors and so amazing omg i could stare at you for hours
    • bonus: using said scales as a basis for those late night back painting sessions in bed
  • i shouldve known better than to kiss a fire breathing machine, we got to french for a good five seconds before my tongue and lips felt like they were dipped in lava—OW OW OKAY EASY WITH THE ICE PACK
  • people know about vampire bites and werewolf bites but what happens when a dragon bites you huh? breathe fire? turn into one yourself? grow some scales? no, it hurts like shit and you dont even get the cool side effects, fuck man this was all for nothing
    • at least it was kinda hot
  • your body is so goddamn hot things could literally melt in your arms, including me and this scientific pick up line, hey how you doin’
  • im a childrens book writer and you really hate fairy tales because they always make your ‘people’ out as the evil villains when in reality you say all they wanted was to protect the princess from random guys coming in and taking them for marriage