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Flannels & Shotguns

Sam x Daughter!Reader

Warnings: Oversized flannel. Because everybody needs to be warned about that.

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“Daddy, wait for me!” You bounded the corner. Dragging a small child size suitcase and doing your best to pull up the extra long sleeves on your arms.

“Munchkin, what are you doin’?” Dean came over to you, leaning against the nearest wall while smiling with his arms crossed.

“I wanna beat up monsters too.” You said energetically. Fully expecting them to let you go.

Sam, came into view. Laughing at the sight before him. There you were. Hair in a messy style from just waking up. Tugging a bag no doubt full of stuffed animals behind you. Wearing one of his flannels which fit like an extra long dress in your tiny body.

“Daddy already talked to you about going. It’s too dangerous, sweetheart.” He crouched down in front of you. Making it so you were near eye level with each other.

“Nuh-uh!” You sassed back at him. “An look, Daddy. My shirt can protected me just like you an Unkie Bean!” Waving your arm and flapping the sleeve, you showed him what you meant.

Both of the boys laughed lightly. Trying to not let you hear in fear of offending your four year old mind.

“Our flannels? How could they protect you?” He reached outward, taking your sleeve and rolling it up so your hands could be used properly.

“Betuz you always wear them and always come back to home. They protected you.” You spoke so innocently. “So they can protected me too, Daddy!” The words giggled off your lips.

“Dad, I think she’s figured out your secret.” Dean piped into the conversation, giving Sam a once raised eyebrow.

“I think you’re right, Dean.” Sam sighed. “You know what that means?” His attention directed towards you.

“What?” You asked with a small twinkle in your eye.

“It means you’re ready to be a hunter like us.” He laughed as you beamed with excitement and joy.

“But there’s rules. You’ve got to start at the beginning where all the big girls start. And soon you’ll be hunting the monsters with uncle and Daddy.” Dean spoke to you as he slipped his jacket on over his own flannel.

“Uncle Cas is going to teach you some hunting skills while we’re gone. Think you can get pass the first part of hunter training?” Eagerly you nodded at Sam.

Without a moment to spare you dropped the handle on your suitcase, letting it hit the ground as your small “combat” boots slapped against the ground as you ran towards the kitchen.

“Cassy! We has to go on a hunt so I can big girl hunt with Daddy and Uncle!” You yelled in a happy yet determined tone.

The only hunting in your future would be Easter Egg hunting.

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Can I have McCree flirting with a bounty hunter after him?

He was here.

You knew he was here.

Your gloved hand hurridly brushed away a droplet of sweat trickling down your forehead. The blazing sun had already caught you out; pink singed your arms. You were thankful for the light serape and brimmed hat you had managed to pick up a few towns back. Your footsteps crunched quietly on the dirty floor, stones and sand littered the tiles in the abandoned diner. Glad to be out of the sun, you took off the hat and gingerly placed it on top of the counter whilst trying not to make any noise. You ruffled your fingers through your hair in a vain attempt to untangle the sweaty knots. The air was hot and dry. No breeze had passed through this place in a long time.

He had though.

Your lowered your hand to hover on top of your holstered pistol, the other resting on top of your hat on the counter. You tilted your head back, closing your eyes you took a deep breath. All you had to do was wait.

“Y'know, doll, this place ain’t been servin’ for a while.”

Looks like you didn’t have to wait long. You spun around at the voice, quickly drawing your gun and steadying it with both hands.


He tilted his hat with his prosthetic hand in acknowledgement. His eyes locked onto yours, before stalking forward towards you. You took a step backwards, your hip hitting a scratched up leather stool. He slowed when he was about two foot in front of you, leaning his forearms onto the bartop. The position made it so he had to jut his backside out. The outlaw pulled a cigarello from one of his many hidden pockets and bit the tip, lighting the end with a zippo before taking a puff.

He took no notice of the weapon in your hands still pointed at him.

He gestured to the outdated drink machines precariously perched on a table against the wall.

“Yeah, I wouldn’t drink the coffee. Always tasted like boiled dirt.”

You frowned at his casualness.

Why was he so calm? You’d heard rumours about what he had been through. About Deadlock. Blackwatch. Was he used to being in danger? What a shit feeling to get used to.

You sighed, essentially chucking your gun onto the counter and hoisting yourself up onto one of the seats. It had split open, part of the padding had fallen out and the tough leather was digging into your backside. You placed your hands in your lap and your back was slouched. You stared ahead at the ‘artwork’ on the walls, clearly showing a simpler time when everything hadn’t gone to pot.

“Given up already?”

He turned his torso so he could face you properly, now only leaning on one elbow. The other hand had taken ahold of the cigar, the metal fingers slightly glinting from the ashen embers.

“You’re obviously used to this.”

His brow raised.

“What? Bein’ on the run?”

You nodded. You pressed your lips together.

You ain’t used to this though, are ya’?”

You shook your head. Why lie? Your right leg was jigging up and down in a repetitive motion. It was a bad habit. Out of the corner of your eye you saw him reach between his legs to clasp onto the edge of the stool, shimmying himself up onto the seat so he was at the same height as you.

“What’re you doin’ chasin’ after someone like me?”

You glanced over at him. Your eyes were drawn to his inquisitive chocolate ones.


He huffed out a chuckle.

“Strangest reason I heard so far.”

A cloud of smoke drifted across your vision.

“So what’s with your ‘curiosity’ then?”
“Just… Curiosity.”

A slight furrow of his brows and shift in his position made you explain more.

“I’m not curious as to what would happen to me if I didn’t come after you.”

He raised his head up slightly at your whisper, the grim realisation showing plainly on his face.

“Ya’ bein’ forced.”

“I had to try. Turns out I don’t have it in me to shoot someone.”

He broke contact when you said that. He puffed out another cloud of smoke, tapping the ash from the cigar onto the counter.

“So whatta ya’ g'na do?”

Creases framed his pools, a sign of spending too long in the sun and frowning too much. He was side-eyeing you.

“I don’t know.”

You faced forwards, bringing up your hand to wipe at your forehead again. You sighed, irritated at your gloves. You pulled them off and laid them on top of your hat.

“What d'ya want to do?”

A moment passed from your hesitation.


A deep chuckle from him reverberated around the empty diner. Your ears twitched at the sound. You hadn’t heard something like that in a long time. It was pleasant.

“Yeah, I could say the same. You’ve done well t'find me. Not many come this far and live.”

You pushed your hands in between your thighs, seeking a safe place in this unnatural situation. He took one last drag and stubbed out the end on the countertop, leaving a flurry of ash in its wake.

“Considerin’ you ain’t a bounty hunter-”
“No. I am.”

He physically faultered.

“But ya’ just said you weren’t.”
“I said I wasn’t used to it. Not the big guys, anyway. I know when I can win a fight, and I know when to back down. It was stupid of me to even try and track you down.”

A smirk flashed across his lips. It was gone in an instant.

“Like I said. Not many even pass the threshhold of this place.”

You sucked in a breath of the stagnant air.

“Why am I different? Why am I not lying in a pool of blood at the entrance?”

Your jaw tensed, a sudden burst of anger filling you with confidence.

“Calm down, pecan.”

McCree’s metal hand patted your thigh gently before coming to rest on top of it. The coolness was comforting.

“I knew ya’ wouldn’t kill me.”
“You saying I’m weak?”
“Absolutely not. Jus’ sayin’ you brought that to try an’ take me down. I’m a bit offended, if I’m honest, doll. It’ll take a lot more for me to come willingly.”

He was referring to your six shooter lying pathetically on the bartop. Your face had heatened; whether it was from the pet name and physical contact, or anger that he had just insulted your trusty weapon, you don’t know.

“What would it take?”

He removed his hand from your thigh and raised his shoulders in a shrug.

“I’d rather die than become tied down again.”
“I see.”
“And seein’ as you clearly ain’t g'na be doin’ that today..”

You huffed. Another laugh escaped from him. Clearly your frustration was entertaining him. You pouted at him.

“Chin up. It ain’t all bad.”
“Mm. Coming from an outlaw.”
“What’s that s'posed t'mean?”

His eyes sparkled with amusement. A corner of your lips tugged up in a half smile.

“You can technically do what you want; you already have a price on your head. I don’t.”
“D'you have people after you?”
“If I don’t bring you in.”
“Well then. Looks like there’s another ‘outlaw’ joinin’ the party.”
“We’re both on the run now, (Y/N).”

You blinked forcefully, the smirk wiped off your face. The moment of banter was clearly over.

“How do you know my name?”
“Kept tabs on ya’. Figured it was only a matter o’ time before you turned up on my doorstep. Surprised y'ain’t questionin’ that I’ve made you jobless now.”

You straightened your back, a temporary relief from being hunched over.

“So you knew who I was all this time?”
“Mmhm. We’re similar. People know the name, the face. Once they see us for real it’s usually the last thing they see.”

Your teeth nipped at your bottom lip. It was true.

“How can I trust that you won’t just shoot me the moment I turn my back?”
“I may be on th'other side o’ the law, but I’m still a gentleman.”

You pursed your lips.

“You didn’t aswer my question.”
He raised a questioning eyebrow.

“I wanna be the next Bonnie and Clyde.”

He dramatically rolled his eyes at you.

“Partners in crime?”
“I’ll have t'teach ya’.”
“Will you now?”
“Mmhm. Nobody’s g'na mess with us, doll.”

The easy banter was back, and you felt your ears burn at the now obvious flirting. He grinned at you, knowing the exact effect he was having.

“C'mon, lemme show ya’ around.”

He slid off of his seat and held out a hand in your direction. You stared down at the dark skin, calloused from probably years of hardened training. It was your choice. You took his offer and there was no turning back. You met his gaze.

He seemed eager. Eager to teach you. Eager to have company. Eager to not be alone.

You were too.

Looking back, placing your hand in his was the best decision you ever made.

Like Canned Peaches- (NSFW Meihem)

“Brrrr! I get cold just lookin’ at ya!”

He’d waited hopefully for a response to his attempt at casual conversation, brows lifted as he stared intently at the irritated woman in the fluffy parka who was clearly doing her best not to pay any attention to him. He’d even offered his most winning smile, the kind with slightly less teeth, before she fully turned towards him and sternly pushed her glasses up with one gloved finger. Her adorable little lips had pursed as she lifted her nose in the air and finally, finally spoke directly to him.

“Then you should look somewhere else!”

That had been their first real interaction. Mei turned him down flat.

But then again, that had hardly been the first time Junkrat had been turned down flat by the object of his attentions. In fact, he was turned down flat most of the time, and knew the only solution was to keep trying. He’d made several attempts after that one, each just as unsuccessful as the last, and took increasingly desperate measures to make her look his way, maybe give him another irked scowl, or fling more of her mild insults at him. The accusations of being a horrible, no-good bully didn’t really bother him. He’d been called much worse than that over the years, with much more colorful junker vernacular. But he couldn’t help but notice that he was the only one in the entire group to earn that particular brand of ire. So, he figured that in his own strange way, he must have been special to her. And he liked that idea very much, being special to her.

She was everything unknown to him; she was quiet where he was loud, she was soft and curvy where he was gaunt skin and bones, she used ice just as he used fire, and she was softspoken and polite where he was raucous and blunt. She had little apple-cheeks that dimpled when she smiled, even if it was never at him, and her little giggles sounded like tinkling bells that could grab his attention even through the constant ringing in both his ears. She even smelled nice, from what he’d been able to whiff of her before her giant Russian brick shithouse of a friend had grabbed his head and thrown him in the opposite direction, like vanilla extract that came in those little bottles that smelled wonderful but didn’t taste so wonderful, or flowers he didn’t know the name of.

He’d never really seen a woman like her in person before. The women in the Outback were much like the men of the Outback; their brains just as baked as their half-starved bodies, with vicious demeanors, loud voices, leathery tits, and cunts that felt like being in the inside of a baseball glove. The sheilas on the covers of the magazines (at least the human ones, any pictures of omnic women were promptly destroyed with prejudice) were always almost as scrawny as the women in the Outback, always had their eyes closed or looked vacantly confused, and usually were half covered with text about the ten most beneficial yogurts or other things that women seemed to worry about in the outside world. Occasionally he’d get his grimy claws on the good kind of magazine, the ones where they arched their backs and got their tits out and bit their fingers and looked at him real seductive-like, but he usually spent more time trying peel the sticky pages apart without ripping the good bits, and trying not to imagine the previous owner as he did so.

And then there was Mei, who was different from everyone in the best possible way he could think of, and he wished she didn’t hate him so much.

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Request: “An imagine where the reader gave birth to Juice’s baby, but the reader starts having complications after the baby is born. The doctors try stopping her from hemorrhaging but reader ends up dying from complications.“

You guys are killing me with these sad requests, but I love it!


“It looks great, baby,” you told Juice who showed you a picture of the finished nursery, painted and everything. You weren’t allowed in the part of the house for the time being due to the fumes from the paint. Juice was very adamant in you staying as far away as you could with the windows down in every part of the house. You always found it adorable how protective he was of you, more so now that you were carrying his baby.

Juice was smiling from ear to ear as he sat down in between your legs, placing his hand on your stomach. “Hey little baby,” he cooed, “you’re gonna love your new nursery. It’s bad ass.”

You laughed but looked at your old man lovingly, realizing just how blessed you were to have him. “I love you,” you told him, placing your hands on both sides of his face, pulling him in for a kiss.

He put his forehead against yours, “I love you too, babe.” The two of you got up to head to your shared bedroom.


You woke up a few hours later with a sharp pain ripping through your abdomen. “Juice,” you grunted, shoving him until he woke up. He immediately jumped and came to your side, “Is it time?”

You yelped as you felt another contraction, “oh yeah, definitely time, sweetie.”

He helped you out to the car with your hospital bag on his shoulder before rushing to the hospital.

Most of SAMCRO was already at the hospital considering Juice had made phone calls while driving to the hospital. You were immediately taken to the delivery room with Juice by your side. “You got this baby,” he encouraged as you pushed for what felt like the thousandth time. “I don’t wanna do this anymore,” you whined, leaning against Juice’s shoulder for support.

He laughed, “Sort of too late to turn back now. You got this baby, come on. Just a few more pushes.”

The sound of a baby crying made you sigh in relief and tears of joy ran down your face as you were handed your baby. “Hey little one,” you cooed as the nurses wiped the after birth off. “Juicy, look, just beautiful,” you said, looking up at Juice who had tears coming down his face too.

Once the baby and you were settled, and you all but forced Juice out of the room for food and to let the guys know that the baby was here and healthy.


“Hey daddy,” Chibs said, laughing and slapping Juice on his back while pulling him into a hug. The guys took turns, hugging and congratulating Juice, all of them super stoked to have another reaper baby in the family. “Y/N said she’d be ready for visitors tomorrow and that she loves you guys, but you can go home,” Juice told them, still smiling from officially becoming a father.

After everyone left, Juice went back in your room to hear monitors beeping and doctors rushing all around you. “What’s going on?” he asked, frantically trying to get to you. He was stopped by a nurse, “Mr. Ortiz, you need to leave,” he ordered. “Let me see my wife,” he yelled, fighting against him. “The doctor you see over there is trying to save her life. You need to leave so she can do her job,” the nurse said, and Juice relented, heading towards the waiting room.

It was hours before the doctor came out to find Juice with his head in his hands. “Mr. Ortiz?” she called out. Juice knew something was wrong as soon as he saw the look on her face. “Where is
Y/N? Can I see her?” he asked, hope in his voice as he stood in front of the doctor.

“I’m afraid she didn’t make it. She lost too much blood, and the damage was unrepairable. I’m sorry,” she said, watching as the tears fell down Juice’s face one right after the other. He didn’t say anything, and he walked away after a few moments of silence.

Juice found himself standing in front of the nursery, looking at his baby through the glass. He didn’t move when he felt a hand on his shoulder. “Juicy,” Chibs said somberly, “I’m sorry.”

“How’d you know?” Juice asked, never taking his eyes off of the baby bassinet in front of him.

“I was her second contact underneath ya, in case somethin’ like this happened,” Chibs explained.

Juice smiled, knowing you had put Chibs as one of your contacts, knowing he would be the one Juice needed. “We were supposed to do this shit together,” Juice said, putting his hands on the glass as tears rolled down his face. Chibs squeezed Juice’s shoulder, “You got the club, boyo.”

Juice nodded but knew the club would never compare to having you by his side. Juice watched as the nurses attempted to comfort his crying baby. “Your kid needs ya,” Chibs said, walking to the waiting room, so Juice could be with his child.

“I’ll take him,” Juice said, taking the baby from the nurse and sitting in the rocking chair next to the bassinet.

Juice cried as he looked down at the beautiful baby the two of you created. “God, what am I gonna do without you, Y/N?” Juice asked, sobbing as he held the baby close to his chest.


Three years had come and gone since your passing, the pain becoming easier for Juice to handle. The club all pitched in to help him with your child, especially Gemma. “Hey Gem,” Juice said, kissing her on the cheek as he walked in her house, “Thanks for watching him.”

Gemma smirked, “You’re welcome. You swinging by there today?”

Juice nodded before gathering his child in his arms and kissing Gemma goodbye as he got in the car. Juice sighed as he pulled up to the familiar spot he had been thousands of times. “Are we going to see mommy?” the toddler asked him as he was taken out of his car seat.

“Yeah buddy, we’re gonna see mommy,” Juice said, walking with the kid in his arms over to your tombstone. Y/N Ortiz. Beloved wife, mother, and friend the stone read. “Hey mommy,” your child said, placing a kiss on the stone before moving around and playing near it.

“Y/K/N is getting so big,” Juice laughed, “Looks a lot like you.” There was silence for a minute before Juice continued, “I miss you baby, and I hope you’re proud of me. I’m doin’ the best I can.”

“Daddy, don’t cry! I love you,” the toddler said, wrapping his arms around Juice’s neck.

Juice smiled, “I love you too buddy.”

pete dunne { spiders }

   NOTE: Okay, so this is the Pete version.. And I hope it’s at least a little bit in character for him. I post this as a disclaimer now, I’ve only just recently fallen in love with / gotten into Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate and possibly Trent Seven, so I apologize now if they are badly OOC whenever I write them. This one is fluffy/sexy/ kinda snarky and funny? Here. Have a little comedy with your steamy fluff, lovies! – Amber.

Up next are most likely Baron & Finn.. And I’m already getting ideas for other scenarios I want to write so yay! Maybe this is me making a comeback after 5 years of not writing a single damn thing? I hope so, I’ve missed it.

    TAGGING: @alexablss because I luff you.. and @believe-that-001 because I also luff you.. And @littledeadrottinghood asked to be tagged, I’m assuming you meant anything I write dear? If you have specific persons of interest, let me know please? Anyway, if anyone else would like a tag, hit me up. It’s the least I can do since I do not do requests because I probably couldn’t do them properly.. Oh and also I wanna tag @bolieve-that because Pete Dunne was their vote in my little poll earlier! 

I couldn’t sleep to save my fucking life. And naturally, when I can’t sleep, I get up and go into the kitchen and make myself a sandwich. I’d put my earphones in, I was blasting Skid Row to drive out the otherwise deathly quiet of the apartment as I made my sandwich. Everything was going smoothly until suddenly, it wasn’t.

And it all started when I felt something fall off the ceiling above me and straight down the t shirt I was wearing.  "FUCK.“ I screamed the word and my first natural instinct was to shed my top and fling it towards the laundry room. Which would have been great if maybe the lights hadn’t come on?

Pete stood there, leaned sleepily against the doorway, watching me with a mixture of annoyance and amusement in those brilliant baby blue eyes. I shrieked again and turned away quickly, grabbing the first thing I could throw on to cover myself… And it only got more awkward when I realized that naturally, it was Pete’s United Kingdom Tournament t shirt.

He sucked in a breath and stepped into the kitchen. Our kitchen, just so you get a better idea, is an actual fucking joke in terms of space.. So when he stepped in, we were almost body to body. "The hell is wrong with you?”

“S-spider.” I managed to mumble while willing myself not to get lost in those damn eyes like a fool again. It happens a lot and it’s most of the reason I try to avoid being around him too long.. He’s just so… pretty?

I’ll go with pretty.

He snickered and I pouted up at him, lightly smacking at his chest. “Asshole. It fell down my shirt and it was fucking dark, okay? All I knew was that something was crawling between my titties and that shirt had to go.” I grumbled and he only started to laugh a little harder.

“Was ‘at so hard?”
“Makin an actual conversation with me. Ya seem to have no problem doin it with Bate or Seven.. Whenever I’m around, noticed ya leave or clam up.” Pete gave me this pout.

I felt something crawling on my foot and into his arms I went. Pete chuckled and sat me down on the kitchen counter, grabbing one of my magazines and rolling it up. Once he’d killed the spider, he threw it into the sink and ran water, letting it go down the drain.

“Hit the garbage disposal switch.”

He eyed me. “It’s already dead.”
“I don’t fucking care! That thing groped my titties!” I squealed as he only started to laugh all over again, only harder this time. He was turning red in the face he was laughing so damn hard and that only made me pout.. But the laughter stopped when he stepped back in front of me, standing between my legs.

His eyes flitted downward, staring at my lips for a few seconds and I found myself staring right back up at his and slowly licking mine as they tingled in anticipation. He was leaning in closer now, his hands on my bare thighs, fingers lazily trailing over the skin.

I found myself leaning in a little more too and putting my arms around his neck, my hand guiding his lips closer. My heart was hammering in my chest and the music I’d been deafening myself with was long forgotten as it played from the spot in which my phone sat on the counter beside me.  When I leaned in and upward, he lifted me slightly, his hands going to my ass and gripping, squeezing my ass through the fabric of my panties, making me whimper against his lips. And then he pulled me into a relentless and passionate kiss that had me completely melting against his body as I nipped hungrily at his lower lip, desperate for more. He sucked in a breath when he rubbed against me, purely on accident and I felt myself getting wetter with each and every second that passed.

His hands left my ass, going to my thighs again, disappearing up the hem of my shirt as he muttered into the kiss, “Every bit as satisfying as I thought it’d be.” and his hands traveled upward, squeezing my breasts together, making me suck in a breath. I broke the kiss to gape at him for a few seconds, the shock obvious on my face at his words. “You thought about doing that? To me?”

“I didn’t stutter.” he was closing the distance between our lips again, and I rubbed against him, my fingers tangling in his hair as I deepened the kiss even more. “ You’ve got one hell of a scream, woman.” he mused seconds later as I nipped at his lip and blurted out, “I can get louder.”

“That sounds like a challenge.” Pete’s hands were wandering downward again, cupping my soaked core through my panties, rubbing and groaning when his palm came away wet. “Fuck.”

“You kiss your mother with that mouth, Dunne?”
“No, but I kiss my girl with this mouth.. On her mouth..” and his lips ventured down as he tilted my head slightly, leaving my neck exposed to him, his lips moving ever so slowly over as he muttered against my skin.. “And on her neck…”

“So I’m your girl now?” I asked, biting my lip as I looked up at him when the kiss broke.
“Well I don’t wake up in the middle of the damned night to kill spiders for just anybody. And not everybody gets to wear my shirts..” Pete muttered against my lips, cocky smirk coming as he did so, his thumb grazing my lower lip and making it quiver as he stared into my eyes and added in a quieter tone, “If you want to be..”

“Oh, I very much want to be.”

From behind us, Trent and Tyler’s throats clearing had our heads snapping up and in the process, we butted heads and for a few seconds, we playfully glared at each other. Pete cleared his throat and smirked at his friends and I was blushing all over.

“Interrupting something?” Tyler asked, giving Pete a teasing and knowing smirk as his eyes went from me to Pete and then back again. “Finally.. You do something, you make a bloody move.”

“Oh for the love of God.. Not on the counter. We eat off that. Savages, both of you are bloody savages.” Trent teased us with a mischievious smirk as Pete flipped him off and scooped me off the counter, side stepping his friends.

“As a matter of fact, yes. She was thanking me.. Because I saved her from a spider.”

“Oh she was, was she?” Trent called out, but the door to Pete’s bedroom was already banging shut behind us…


request ;  Are you still taking requests? If so can I request an Usnavi x Fem!reader where she’s really insecure about her body and her stretch marks because she’s a little bit bigger? And Usnavi is all for it?

requested by ; anonymous

ft. benny

pairing ; usnavi x reader

words ; 737

warnings ; body insecurities, missing milky ways

You sat on the counter of the bodega, watching your boyfriend, Usnavi, bustle around, making sure everything was in stock. A small smile graced your lips as you noticed he fixed his cap for the fifth time in the last two minutes, a sure sign that something wasn’t quite going to plan. “Usnavi? You okay, babe?”

He spun on his heel and looked at you with wide eyes for a second, looking completely surprised to have heard your voice. “Huh? Oh, uh, yeah. Estoy bien. Genial, incluso. Just wondering where all the damn Milky Ways went─ Sonny! And that punk he keeps with him. What’s his name?”

“Pete,” you laughed.

“Pete! He’s obviously got something to do with it! Why I oughta!”

“Woah, woah, woah,” you jumped off the counter, walking over to the reddening Usnavi with a smile on your face, “chill out, baby. Chill out. You’re turning into a cartoon.” Your hands rested on his shoulders, your thumbs making small, soothing circles on the stressed muscle.

He pursed his lips, looking around the store before sighing and giving in to you. “I know, I know,” he started, “I just don’t think Pete is the best influence, y’know? He’s constantly causin’ trouble, an’ it makes me wonder if Sonny’s gonna start doin’ it, too.”

You shook your head, sliding your palms to cup his cheeks, “Baby, you gotta let Sonny be a kid. He really likes Pete, and you’ve gotta let him have his experiences,” leaning up, you placed a kiss on his lips, “and if Pete hurts Sonny in any way, the fucker has a lot comin’ to him, okay?”

Usnavi laughed, wrapping his arms around your waist and bringing you closer to his body, “Okay, okay. Besides that,” he smiled lovingly at you, “you look fantástico today. Simply beautiful.”

Blushing, you looked down and breathed out a giggle, “Thanks Usnavi. I’m great at hiding my insecurities, I’ll have you know.”

Quirking a brow, he cocked his head to the side a little and asked, “Insecurities? Baby, you’re absolutely beautiful, you’ve got nothing to be insecure about.”

Grimacing, you let out a sarcastic huff, “Have you gotten your eyes checked lately? I am a walking example of what not to be. I’ve got stretch marks on my stomach, I’m not skinny at all, and I’m just overall unattractive.”

“No, no, no,” Usnavi shook his head, tightening the grip he had on you, “who said I wanted skinny? Who said it mattered that you’ve got marks on your sides? It doesn’t, mi amor. You’re absolutely beautiful, and I will say that for the rest of my days to get you to believe it. You are the goddamn girl of my dreams, and I couldn’t picture a more amazing woman to hold and love and call my own.”

“Usnavi,” you smiled, hiding your forehead in his collarbone, “don’t lie like that, it’s not healthy.”

“No lie,” he laughed, “you’re amazing and beautiful and all of your imperfections make you even more perfect to me and I just, I really love you and hate to hear that you don’t like the body you have.”

“You know you’ve said amazing at least nine times, right?”

“Just tryin’ to emphasize my point, y/n,” he tilted your chin upward, looking at you with sparkling brown eyes filled to the brim with love, adoration, and admiration. Leaning down, he went to place a sweet kiss on your lips, but his hat bumped your forehead, causing both of you to laugh. Reaching up, you grabbed his hat off his head and placed on your own head, giving Usnavi a perfect path to your lips.

When he kissed you, you felt all the insecurities you had melt away for the time being ─ they’d never be gone, but Usnavi would be damned if he let them stay in your head too long. Your boyfriend’s hand travelled from your side to your butt, softly resting against it as he pushed against your lips a little more, becoming almost needy.

Just then, a chime came from behind the both of you, then a call from none other than Benny himself, “H-Ho! Get some, Usnavi!”

Usnavi pulled away and tugged you into his chest, “Fuck you, Benny! We was havin’ a moment!”

“Uh huh, and I’m havin’ a moment of hunger. Gimme some Milky Ways.”


“estoy bien. genial, incluso.” - i’m fine. great, even.

fantástico.” - fantastic

“mi amor.” - my love 


A Little Wicked - Part 1

“Hey Prez”, I called out when I saw Chibs entering the clothing store I worked in. He pushed his sunglasses to the top of his head, the purple lenses catching the light. He gave me half smile as he walked my way and pulled his leather gloves off.

 "Hi, lass. Didn’t see ye at Red Woody last night, everythin’ okay?“ I blinked. I didn’t really think he notice, after all I was one crow eater among, well, a lot. Me calling him "prez” was pushing it too far already, I had exchanged only small talk with Chibs. That was it - not even bodily fluids, which was crow eater standard. 

 "Yeah, great. It was my sisters birthday last night and she had a party.“ He nodded comprehensively and then his eyes looked at the clothes around us. "Was wondering if ye could help me with somethin’.” He wiggled his brows slightly and you raised one in response.

 "Christmas is coming and I need ta get a gift for a lass. Should probably get gifts for ma brothers too.“ I nodded, wondering what ‘lass’ was that. "Didn’t know you guys were celebrating Christmas at the M/C this year.” I said, shooting him a look over my shoulder as I flipped through some women clothes on the rack.

“Followin’ a good catholic conduct.” He said, coming to stay close to me again, one had over his heart dramatically as he pulled an innocent face. I chuckled and he gave me a little laugh which quickly disappeared and his face grew very serious. "I thought it’d be a good idea. Jackie’s gone. The club needs somethin’ to bring us all togetha.“ 

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Lucas x dyslexic!reader 2

You were awoken by a sharp pain in your neck. The way the sore area felt when you ran your hand over it made you think that it was bruised. The room was mostly dark, which you were actually thankful for because bright lights probably wouldn’t do anything for your aching head. There was one light right in front of you that light up the room enough for you to make out what was around you, but it was still pretty faint. Once your eyes were able to focus more, you could tell that it was a computer. You pushed yourself off of the floor and walked over to it while you were desperately trying to remember what lead to you being here. One look a the locked computer screen was all you needed to jog your memory. The name Lucas jumped at you like warning sign, and you knew that you needed to get out of here. There were metal doors on either side of the room, neither of which looked inviting, but you had to chooses one of them before Lucas came back here. You dashed to one of the doors and opened it enough to see some sort of lab area, but quickly decided that way was a bad choice when you saw Lucas standing, thankfully with his back turned to you, down a small flight of stairs. Without hesitation you went to the other door and bolted as fast as you could. It was a good thing you left when you did because soon after you were past the metal walk way that lead to a mine like area you heard a very angry, “GOD DAMMIT!” signaling that Lucas just went to look for you.

You weren’t sure where you were going. You were just trying to get as much distance between you and Lucas as physically possible. It was going to be almost impossible to find your way out considering that you struggled with directs anyway and you haven’t even been trying to figure out the direction of the path you were taking, but wandering in a mine for a few days would be way better than being stuck with Lucas. Lucas by himself was bad news, so you couldn’t even imagine what Lucas with a lab would be like. You kept running until you reached a dead end. There was a blockade of some sort that was made out of logs. There was probably a way to break off a piece or squeeze through, but you weren’t sure if there would be enough time to do either before Lucas caught up with you. There was only seconds before Lucas found you, so you had to hide quickly. There was a small structure that was supposed to stop mine cars that went down the track, but it had a big empty space so there was no way that you’d be able to hide there. Suddenly, you spotted a large bolder right behind the structure in the caved in part of the tunnel. There was enough space between it and the rocks behind it that you were able to fit where Lucas shouldn’t be able to see you. You quickly climbed the rock pile and got yourself into position before working on calming down your breathing. This whole thing would be for naught if you let heavy breathing give away your hiding spot.

Soon the sound of rapid crunching could be heard as Lucas ran on the gravely pathway that lead to the area where you were. You did your best to quiet your breathing even more than you already were in an effort to make it almost soundless. The crunching of the gravel and the sound of Lucas cussing under his breath could be heard constantly for about five minutes as he looked around the area. You were about ready to throw up because you were sure that he would find you at any minute. A wave of relief washed over you when the sound of his steps went back towards the path and eventually disappeared, signaling to you that he was gone. You crawled out of your handing spot and brushed the dust off of yourself. Lucas might be gone for right now, but there was no telling when he would come back. There was one thing that you were sure of; you were NOT going to be here when he did. Looking at the area in more detail now that you weren’t as pressed for time, you noticed that there was a gap in the log blockade that was considerably bigger that the others. That was your ticket out of here! You went to the gap and started to push yourself through. All was going well. You were going to get through here, leave Lucas behind, go find Zoe and Mia, and…and…you were stuck.

You totally misjudged the width of the gap, and now you were stuck with half of your body on one side and the other half on the side you started on. “Okay…” You sigh to yourself in an effort to keep yourself calm. All you needed to do was wiggle around a little bit and you would eventually work your way the rest of the way through. “Well, I’ll be a sonava bitch! How’d ya suppose this happened?” An all too familiar drawl called from behind you. Crap! You were too occupied with getting yourself unstuck that you hadn’t even heard Lucas walk back up behind you. Not, that it would have mattered. You wouldn’t have been able to go anywhere anyways. “You caught me. Good for you.” You say in an extremely deadpan voice. Honestly, you should be more frightened right now, but your most prevalent feeling was regret for how stupid you were. Not to mention, even though Lucas had found you, you were still stuck and it would take him a bit to get you out of where you were. Sure, he could just kill you while you were immobile, but that seem a little too bland for him. He likes to have a lot of pizzaz to his murders.

“Soooooo~ What'cha doin’?” Lucas said in a smug sing song voice as he leaned his back against the blockade. “Really?” was all you felt like responding with. He let out a laugh that let you know that he thought this was one of the funniest things he had seen in awhile. “Wait! Wait! Hold on! I got the best idea!” he almost wheezed between laughs as he pushed himself off the blockade and started to head back up the path. “Don’t you go nowhere now.” he called back to you in a teasing tone before he left. Well, he gave you one instruction, so of course you were going to do the opposite. You wiggled used your hands to push as hard as you could, but it seemed liked you were going nowhere. You kept trying and trying until you actually started to ware yourself out. How did you keep getting yourself into these kind of situations? The next thing you knew, you heard Lucas walking up to you, shortly followed by him sitting down on your legs and something being placed on you. The slight clicking that you heard next let you know exactly what he was doing. “Are you really using me as a computer desk?” You question as you try to turn your neck enough to look at him, and failing horribly. “Yeah,” he started with a slight laugh before his tone turned extremely serious, “and I suggest that you don’t be movin’ around too much, ‘cus if you break my computer then it will NOT be good for your general wellbein’.”

After awhile and well after your legs had fallen asleep, he asked you a question. You decided to just answer it because you didn’t have anything else you were able to do at the moment. “Hey, how do you spell the words belief and ruffle?” He asked in a tone that was trying to sound innocent, but you knew better. “B-e-l-e-i-f and r-u-f-f-e-l. Why?” You respond. Lucas answered with another question. “You’re dyslexic, ain’t ya?” You were confused on how he could jump to a conclusion like that. Even though he was right, there was no way that simply spelling, or misspelling based on his response, a few words could tell him. Lucas picked up on your confusion, and gave you an explanation. “Back in the barn I noticed that you had trouble with numbers, and you also seemed to have trouble keepin’ your left n’ right straight. Just now you had trouble spellin’ some words. All I had'ta do was look up those symptoms and I got the answer. Ain’t the internet a wonderful thing?” He ended with a chuckle. You forgot that he was actually really smart, like engineering trophies in his room smart, because most of the time you just saw the eccentric guy that makes death traps side.

“Welp, suppose we better get'cha outta there. Can’t really play games with you all stuck and such.” Lucas sighed as he sat his computer a ways to the side and stood up. You suddenly felt a firm grasp on your hips and heard Lucas chuckle, “Parden the intrusion.” before you were being pulled towards him. Apparently you were more stuck than you thought because Lucas had to actually use one of his legs to push off of one of the logs. When he did manage to get you out, he was pulling so hard that it sent the two of you flying backwards. You landed in his lap and he caught himself on his elbows, thankful that he had his hoodie on so he didn’t cut them on the gravel floor. “Hello there.” Lucas said with a mischievous grin as you looked over to him. It was then that it occurred to you that this was only the second time that you had actually seen him in person, and you defiantly weren’t this close the first time. Your face started to get a red tint when you realized that you thought he was actually an attractive guy. That was something you never thought you would think about someone that sent you through death traps and kidnapped you. This new feeling was not okay, but you would have to try your hardest to remind yourself of that.

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I’m finally back with the Pride Man. Ugh, he’s so fun and cosy to write for! Feedback is welcomed and very much appreciated. Hope you all enjoy it, as always, thank you for reading <3

Title: Is That My Shirt?

Requested by: Anon - “23 and Pride?”

Word Count: 512

Pairing: Pride x Reader

23. “Is that my shirt?”

The clock showed 22:23, the bright lights of the numbers making you squint in the dim light of Pride’s bedroom. You were currently reading through a case file that Gibbs had sent over for you to read through - it was an old case from your time spent in D.C. Reaching over for your phone you press the power button to see no texts from Pride - it was getting late and you were starting to think he was pulling an all-nighter.

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Versace - Tyler Posey

Originally posted by sterek-hale-obrosey

Requested: Hey! Could you please do an imagine with Tyler Posey where you’re shopping and he wants to treat you so he takes you into an expensive shop but the manager is really rude and when you try on a dress a bunch of fans come running up and then Tyler makes a snarky remark to the lady and you guys leave??? Thankssss xx

Summary: Tyler takes (Y/N) to Versace and one of the workers insults you and says how you can’t afford the dress. 

“Ta daa!” 

“Versace?! Tyler, I can’t afford this” I say as Tyler begins to drag me into the golden lit store. 

“I know, so I’m getting you something special.” 

“No, no, no, no. You can’t afford this either. Didn’t you just spend $400 on alcohol like two days ago?” Tyler lifts his eyebrows at me and I roll my eyes, knowing perfectly well he could probably buy the shop. 

“Come on, you keep buying me little presents like every day. I wanna get you something too!” 

“Yeah but I buy you like chocolate bars and Harvey’s not…” I pick up a dress and turn the tag, seeing it was $800 “a freaking 800 dollar dress!” I squeak. “This is like 3 months rent for me”

“Not that one, blues not your colour.” Tyler says nonchalantly before wondering off. I furrow my eyebrows and scoff playfully. “(Y/N)! This one!” I heard from the other side of the store. I quickly rush over seeing the glares from people wearing pearls probably more expensive than my yearly wage. 

“Tyler, shh. You ca- oh wow” I say breathless when I see the red dress. It was slightly see through at the top but there were gold sequins that littered the chest area and made it so everything private was covered. The sequins then began to slowly fade out as it reached the bottom of the dress. 

“Why don’t you go try it on?” I nod, not even really taking into account what he was saying. “Excuse me!” Tyler calls over a staff member. 

“Yes?” The old worker asked. 

“She’d like to try this one on.” 

“Are you sure?”

“What do you mean am I sure?”

“That dress is two thousand dollars. You can’t afford it” She sneered over her pointed witch nose as she looked Tyler and I up and down. I was wearing some blue skinny jeans and a baggy knit while he wore black jeans and a plaid unbuttoned over a black shirt. I looked up at Tyler knowing he wasn’t going to like this. 

“I said. She’d like to try this one on.” He said sternly.

“Of corse, sir” She spoke sarcastically. Tyler looked back at me and grabbed my hand as he lead me to the change rooms. 

“One sec, I’ll grab a necklace too.” He says as he rushes off. 

“OH MY GOD! THEY WEREN’T LYING! TYLER!!!” Tyler turned around shocked when he met the view of a bunch of girls and guys rushing towards him. “CAN YOU PLEASE SIGN THIS?” People were shoving things at him and taking photos as he smiled and greeted everyone with love. 

“What is going on here?!” The old retail worker lady comes out.


I come out of the change rooms dressed in the perfectly fitting gown. 

“Tyler yo-” I jumped back as I saw all the people crowding him.

“(Y/N)?!” People began crowding around me too and complimenting the dress. I thanked them all and politely made my way to Tyler. 

“How ya doin?” I smirked seeing how he was stressed out about signing everything and taking photos with everyone. 

“Go- Jesus you look good.” He smirks. 

“Yeah, I really like it too. But to be honest I don’t want to give the witch the satisfaction of getting your money.” 

“No, I agree. But I have a plan.”

“Sorry for all that.” 

“No worries, Sir!” The lady says a lot more nicely.

“But we won’t be getting the dress.” 


“Yeah, it’s nice but… a bit cheap.” He smirks before we walk out the shop laughing. “Want some ice cream?” 

“Uhhh ya!” I say as if it were obvious. Tyler then makes a quick stop on our way to the ice cream shop and leaves me in the car. When he comes back I laugh seeing him carrying a Versace bag with a red and gold dress. 

“Ok, ice cream time.” I smile at him and give him a quick but passionate kiss on his lips. 

“Shotgun rainbow.” I smile and giggle, excited for the rest of our day ahead.

Thanks again everyone for sending in requests! I love receiving them! 

Now we gotta find a new bar (Yondu x reader)

60: If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were trying to seduce me.
93: it’s a real shame that nobody asked for your opinion.

You had run into Ravagers your whole life. It was a part of your life. Owning a shady bar on the north side of contraxia was a tough life. You were one of the few bars that still let Yondu’s crew in.

You were wiping down the counter top when Yondu stepped up to the bar. You flashed him a flirty grin as you got his regular drink ready.

“How’s business goin?” He asked leaning against the bar.

“It’s going good. Despite you wrecking the place once a month.” You laughed as he flashed his teeth at you.

“Ya sure look like yer doin good.” He chuckled eyeing you as you bent over behind the counter to grab something.

“If I didn’t know better I’d say you were trying to seduce me.” You laughed running a hand through your hair.

“Maybe I am.” He stuttered over his words for a moment.

“Well we both now that’s not a good idea.” You glanced over your shoulder as you kept cleaning.

“In my opinion ya should leave that guy. I can give ya a lot more adventure.” He said his grin dropping and a steady frown replacing it.

“Well it’s a shame no one asked for you opinion.” You huffed even if you knew it was probably true.

Yondu’s eyes widened at your sudden bitterness. You frowned walking to a different part of the bar to keep your sudden bad mood to yourself. You kept cleaning without really paying attention. You kept thinking. Maybe Yondu was right. You hadn’t enjoyed being with him for a while now. But this was contraxia and you were married. There was no way you could away from this life. So you did want needed to be done. You looked across the bar at the man that held your heart and you steeled yourself. Walking back over you looked at him trying your hardest not to let the tears fall.

“You guys have to go. I… I can’t let your faction in anymore. I’m losing too much business Stakar won’t let anyone else come in.” Your voice shook and you looked away.

“Whadya mean? Ya just said business was good. Was it something I said?” His voice was lacking all snark or crudeness, it was soft and confused and… hurt.

“You gotta get out. You aren’t allowed in my bar anymore. I can’t serve your crew anymore.” Your voice was stiffer as you forced all emotion down your throat.

“Yer just like the rest of em.” He growled pushing away from the bar and motioning his crew out.

You watched as the man you really loved walked out that door forever. You knew it needed to happen. If you didn’t you’d do something bad for the both of you.

Whisk Me Away

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You know me, just another Rae/Finn AU. Both in their early twenties, setting - today & not the 80s or 90s. I’ve edited this chapter a fair bit, but there may be some mistakes still.

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#199 - For anonymous x3

Filling the prompts “your an up and coming actress working in London, so your friends with British personalties e.g. Nick Grimshaw. Your introduce to Van/ the boys at glastonbury and play it pretty cool, leaving Van wanting you. Then you go to one of his shows act natural/laid back, attracting Van, leading him to impress you at the after show party.” “The instagram girl anon here :) I was thinking of something like Van not really getting it because he’s not really good with all that stuff and doesn’t really get how you can be famous just because you post nice pictures!” and “maybe use Lilly Aldridge interview with Wendy on YouTube about how she meet her husband Caleb from Kings of Leon as inspo?!?”

Note: Nick Grimshaw is in the fic, but I don’t actually know much about him so his character is probably wildly inaccurate. Soz.

Fame was certainly something you never sought. Your aim was to make people happy, glittery, and to hang out with as many pretty girls as possible. At local events you set up a small booth to give people space buns, sparkly faces, and very Instagram-worthy photographs. The photos you posted racked up the likes, and soon enough, you were getting offers from across the country to come and run tents at music festivals and private parties for A-listers. With those connections, it didn’t take long before you were as famous as Matty Healy, Dua Lipa, and Zendaya (maybe only pre-Spiderman though).

The celebrity status was a nightmare, but you were grateful for any opportunity you got. It was how you were raised to be. Your name got you into the best parties and clubs, and backstage at any show you wanted. It was no longer a matter of applying to do jobs, people were booking you well in advance. So, when Glastonbury rolled around, you got to pick how you’d spend the time. Nick called and asked if you were going to work it, or if maybe you wanted to just have some actual time off to relax. He made a good case, and you eventually left your glittery business in the capable hands of your team. Your name assigned to the tent would be enough to draw a crowd.

Literally every single person seemed to know Nick. He was a bouncing ball of punchy energy and quick wit. You held back giggles as he threw you looks whenever someone hugged him that he clearly didn’t identify as a friend. The people he did actually love though, were obvious.

“Van!” he all but squealed, and pulled you towards two guys leaning against a fence, out of the way of everyone else. As Nick approached, they both pushed their sunglasses onto their heads and smiled. The taller one hugged him first, then the shorter one. “Van, mate, how ya been? Larry! What’s up? Guys, this is Y/N, givin’ her a little V.I.P. tour,” he said, mocking his own celebrity status.

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In this S/o will be referred to as, “you,” for ease of writing. If you wish for me to change it, then just ask! ^_^
This took a little longer than I thought it would. Pls forgive!


Movie night was always ……troublesome. The three of you could never agree on a movie, Junkrat would get bored quickly, Roadhog would fall asleep, and you would be left watching a movie that you had only settled with alone.

But this was going to be different! You had chosen a movie you knew would be entertaining, something they would at least like!

“The Lion King!”

“Oh, yeah. Think I heard o’ that one.” There goes Jamison, completely void of excitement for movie night.

“Because of Timon and Pumba?” Mako, mumble from behind you.

“Yea. Well, not really. I just thought you guys would like it!”

“Whose this Timon an’ Pumba?”

“You’ll see if you watch it!” You wave the old case in front of him, and he whistles at it.

“How old is this thing anyway?!” He grabs the case from your hands. “It’s still got a CD inside!”

“It was originally on VHS.” You state as the two boys inspect the casing of the movie- you hear Roadhog murmur something along the lines of, “no kidding.”

It didn’t take much more than that to persuade them to watch it.


It was a proud moment for you when Junkrat didn’t leave after the first ten minutes. You did get a few side glances once they learned that there was singing involved, though.

They seemed to be enjoying it; for the most part anyway. That is, up until Mufasa’s death.

“WHAT??? He just kicks him off?!! What about the kid??!” This was the most distraught you’ve ever seen the smaller junker. You didn’t know whether to laugh or be concerned.

“Shh!” Roadhog insists.


“So these are those ‘Timon an’ Pumba’ characters?” Junkrat inspects them closely.

“Yep. Remind you of anyone?” You respond, cheekily.

“No. Wait! Those two Japanese guys!” He declares confidently.

“What? Why??”

“'Cuse, one of 'em is cocky, an’ the other’s smelly!”

“Shut up.” Roadhog throws a couch pillow at his face, making him fall over the back of the furniture.


“Why are we watchin’ two animals 'doin’ it’?” He asks as, “Can you feel the love tonight,” plays in the background.

“They’re not 'doing it’,” you protest, “they’re falling in love.”

“You sure?” Roadhog questions.

“Well I…..” You suddenly feel very uncomfortable watching this part of the movie.


“So what 'cha think?” You ask. They both watched the whole thing all the way through; that was a good sign.

“Got anymore of these old movies???” Junkrat pushes and Roadhog nods.

“I guess it was good then!” You laugh.


There’s a lot of dialog in this one! I hope it’s not too short!

I Need Your Help Part 7

 Summary: Bucky gets an invitation to a family friends wedding and it turns out that his ex girlfriend will be attending as well. Panicked at the thought of seeing her, he asks you, his best friend to attend the wedding with him as his girlfriend in attempts to show his ex that he’s moved on.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: 40′s Bucky, maybe swearing, lil bit of fluff

A/N: This is getting quite long, I hope you guys are enjoying it though.

Originally posted by bitchevans

Bucky walks down the street with a smile on his face. He really liked you. He wondered how an actual relationship would be with you. More cuddles, more kisses, getting - ahem - intimate. Your face flashed through his mind the whole way to Walter’s Diner. He thought about how beautiful you are and how good you are for him.

Should he ask you out? He’d been asking himself that question all day. He wants to ask you out, take you out on a proper date and kiss you goodnight. He wants you call you his and actually mean it.

Bucky comes up to Walter’s Diner and pulls the door open. He immediately scans the room until his eyes lock with Walter’s. A smile forms on his lips when Bucky notices that Walter has seen him as well.

“Bucky Barnes, well I’ll be damned.” Walter chuckles as Bucky made his way over to him.

“Hey Walter.” Bucky grins just as Walter pulls him in for a hug.

“What’s going on Buckaroo? I haven’t seen you in eleven years! How old are you now? Fifty?” he jokes.

“Twenty-nine.” he corrects, followed by a chuckle. “I believe you’re the one who’s fifty.” they pull away from their hug and Walter laughs.

“You got me there.” he replied. “So what are you doin’ back here? Your mother said you moved to Manhattan.”

“Yeah I did but Kenneth is getting married in a couple of days and I decided to come down for the week before the wedding just to catch up with family and friends.” Bucky explains to the old man. Walter nods and motions to the stool in front of the counter they were standing next to.

“Sit down, sit down. I’ll get ya a drink while we catch up. I’m sure I’ve missed a lot over the years.” Walter smiles, turning around and making Bucky a chocolate milkshake; his favorite.

When Walter was done he placed it in front of Bucky. “Here ya go. On the house.”

Bucky smiles as he stares at the milkshake. He remembers when he would come running into the diner with his 10 cents, waving them around in his hand as he climbed onto the stool. He remembers always ordering a chocolate milkshake with extra whipped cream and two cherries at the top.

“Thanks Walter.” Bucky says as he takes the straw between his two fingers to bring it closer to his mouth.

“So what have you been up to?” Walter asks while leaning on the counter in front of Bucky. He takes a sip of his milkshake before speaking.

“Nothing much to be honest. Just been hangin’ around.” Bucky replied as he stirs his straw around.

“Any women in your life?” Walter reaches over and nudges Bucky with a smirk. “You were quite the flirt when you were younger.” Walter then throws his head back followed by a chuckle. “I remember when you would come in here and flirt with all the girls.” Bucky laughs softly, remembering his memories there at the diner. Of course he stopped flirting with girls once he started dating her.

“Uh, yeah I do actually.” he answers Walters question. “Her name is Y/N and she’s wonderful.” this catches Walter’s attention.

“Y/N you say?” Walter says and Bucky nods as he continues to drink his milkshake. “Sounds like a beautiful name.”

“It suits her quite well because she’s absolutely gorgeous.” Bucky compliments as a smile spreads across his lips.

“I take it you’re in love with this girl?” Walter questions and Bucky nearly chokes on his drink. Him in love with Y/N? Could he be? No. No he isn’t. Is he? Memories of him and Y/N flash through his mind quickly. He remembers when he first opened up to her about Carolyn and how Y/N comforted Bucky all night. He remembers their little ‘best friend movie dates’ they would have often and a smiles grows upon his lips.

“Yeah.” he nods, coming to terms with his feelings for you. He wasn’t thinking about anyone else but you, not even Carolyn. “Yeah I am.”

“How long have you two been dating? How’d you meet?” he asks the same questions as Bucky’s family did the night before. Bucky tells him what he had told his family and Walter nods. “Wait what happened with you and Carolyn? You two were attached at the hip.”

Bucky shuts his eyes at the mention of her name. He didn’t want to think about Carolyn. She made things worse for him. She made him second guess everything and he didn’t like that. He didn’t want to second guess his feelings for Y/N.

“We broke up a while back. She uh, she did something unforgiving to me.” was all Bucky told Walter. He didn’t like talking about her. He never really told anyone what actually happened between the two of them. The only people who knew were of course his parents and sister.

“Well I hope you weren’t planning on seeing her today.” Walter frowns and Bucky picks his head up.

“What do you mean?” he questions. Walter nods his head behind Bucky and he turns around in his chair slowly. There stood Carolyn with a small smile on her face as she made her way over to Bucky.

“I’m really glad Bucky found you.” Winifred says as you both looked through dresses. “I didn’t think he’d date anyone after what Carolyn did to him.”

“Yeah what she did was not okay.” you agree. You spot a dress and pull it out for her to see. “What about this?”

Winifred turns to you and smiles. “It’s beautiful, try it on.” you both walk to the dressing rooms and she waits outside for you.

“I just can’t believe Carolyn would do that. She didn’t seem like the type to do such a thing.” Winifred continues while you were in the process of putting on the dress. “My son never did anything to that girl, he loved her with everything he had and that’s how she repays him?”

“Bucky didn’t deserve that. He’s a good guy.” you respond, managing to zip up the dress by yourself. You think back to when Bucky told you about him and Carolyn. How she told him she wanted to date someone else; someone much more mature. She lost someone wonderful.

“I know you’ll treat him right. I look into your eyes and see only love for him.” she says and you smile. Love. You love Bucky Barnes. A blush makes its way to your cheeks as you thought about him. “That’s why I know you would never cheat on him like Carolyn did.” your smile immediately drops. She cheated? What? But Bucky told you she wanted to date someone more mature than him. He lied?

“She what?” you blurt.

“She cheated on him. Bucky cried for days until he made the decision to move to Manhattan. His father and I didn’t want him to go but he wanted to start fresh so we let him.” she explains and you stand inside the dressing room, still in shock. “Wait you didn’t know?”

“No, no, no, no I did.” you lie as you recover from your state of shock. “I just thought I didn’t hear you correctly but I did.”

“I never liked the girl anyways, always pretended to when he brought her over to the house.” she admits. “Well that’s in the past now. James has you and I can tell you’re good for him. Thank you for fixing his broken heart.”

A smile finds its way to your lips at her words. You’re cheeks are tinted pink and you clear your throat as you open the door and step out. “What do ya think?” you do a little twirl to show Winifred the dress and she smiles.

“It’s beautiful on you, dear. You have to get it.” she says. You look at yourself in the mirror, smoothing the front of the dress out.

“I think I will.” you murmur. As you stand in line to pay, you couldn’t help but think back to what Bucky’s mother had told you. Carolyn cheated on Bucky. Why would she do something so cruel to someone so amazing? You let out a sigh as you placed your dress down for the cashier to scan. You had to talk to Bucky about this when you got back to the house.

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Guzma with a girl that is scared of bug pokemon

At least he was making progress with trying to cure your fear of bug Pokémon. You’d managed to pet Golisopod nicely on the shell for a time, but whenever she moved or tried to pet you with her claws you still flinched away.

“Hey, don’t be scared a her.” Guzma said, trying to soothe you as best he could, “She ain’t gonna bite you. She’s tryna be your friend.”

“She won’t hurt me?” you asked, still very much unsure about the large isopod Pokémon trying to touch you with a large claw. Guzma shook his head, calling his Golisopod over so that you two could meet again. This would take some time. You’d all been at it nearly all day, Guzma trying to console your fear of bug Pokémon while Golisopod tried to show you she was harmless. They’d had to put up with a lot of screaming and tears towards the beginning, yet both Pokémon and master seemed to possess a sort of endless patience regarding the introductions. Her smaller arms twitched with curiosity, and when your fingertips touched her massive talon she made a curious sort of purring that sounded like buzzing.

“Yeah, thassit.” Guzma cooed, keeping a tight, reassuring hold on you while Golisopod nuzzled your neck gently. “She likes you babe, like a LOT if she’s doin’ that to ya.”

“Really?” you were unsure, but the feelers on her mouth were starting to tickle and you couldn’t help but chuckle. Golisopod wrapped her arms around both you and Guzma, squeaking and cooing what sounded like a song while rocking the both of you in her arms.

“Ok, now I know she really likes you!” Guzma said, laughing and rocking along with his Pokémon. “She does this to me errytime I get upset, likes to make me feel better by singing.”

This carried on for a little while before the isopod let you go. Guzma returned his Pokémon to her ball, and took out a couple more rather eagerly.

“Aight! Now I can let ya meet my other pals. Think I’ll show ya Ariados next! He loves to cuddle ya with his legs!”

If he thought you were screaming loud back when Golisopod first came out, that was nothing compared to the shrieking you did when Ariados came out and charged at you in happiness.

TMNT Boyfriends: Confessions/Jealousy.

Raph was absolutely furious.
It wasn’t like his brothers didn’t know about his feelings for Y/N. He had confessed them to Splinter weeks ago, only to later learn that his brothers had “accidentally” overheard.
Mikey had spent the entire time teasing him, making little comments here and there and faces behind Y/N’s back.
He had thought that it couldn’t get any worse then that. But Mikey loves a challenge and had been able to surpasse all annoying limitations.
“Come on, man!”
“I win! Ha, ha!!”
Y/N pumped her fists in the air, smiling gleefully.
“Girly, how are you so good at this?” Mikey asked.
“I dunno. Another round?”
At that moment, Mikey gave his brother the most smug look in history. He knew that this was making Raph’s blood boil (and that he was going to pay for it during training) but he could care less. It was entertaining, watching his jaw clench and fire dance in his eyes.
“Hold onto that round, Y/N. Imma go get some snacks. Want anything, Raph?”
“You sure?”
Mikey gave a quick nod towards you, as though to say
“Would you like some of her?” and smiled. And Raph hated him even more.
“I’m good, Mikey.”
And I’m also going to murder you, is what he wanted to add.
Mikey sauntered out of the room, leaving you alone with Raph.
“You okay there, Big Red? You look a little tense.”
Raph softened, just a bit, and said
“Just tired or somethin’.”
You slid over to his side of the couch, giving him some of your blanket.
He smiled, draping the green material over his legs. He suddenly realized how close you were and fought the urge to wrap his arm around you and pull you closer.
“I get the feeling that Mikey is pushing your buttons.”
“Ain’t he always doin’ that?”
You laughed and said
“True. Is it anything in particular?”
It was the perfect moment. Mikey was gone, you were close, and he had the guts (hopefully) to tell you how he felt.
“Um…yeah. It’s personal though.”
“I can keep a secret.” you replied.
“…I like ya. And he knows, everyone knows. Sorry if it’s weird or somethin’.” he said quickly.
His heart was going wild and his face felt redder then his mask. But when you smiled and took his hand in yours, it became a he’ll of a lot redder.
“I was hoping it was something like that. I like you too.”
“Hell yeah.”
Raph put his arm around you and, when Mikey finally came back, he smirked at his younger brother.
“Well, well! Isn’t this a Kodak moment?” Mikey quipped.
“You have five seconds, space case.” Raph said.
Mikey dropped the bag of chips on the couch and took off, leaving the two of you behind. You heard him leave the lair and said
“Are you gonna…?”
“Nah, it’ll keep him out of my hair for a couple of hours. I think Godzilla is on anyway.”
You laughed and leaned against his chest, wondering when Mikey would finally realize the truth.
(It was two hours and sixteen minutes later when Michealangelo realized that Raph was not, in fact, chasing him. He didn’t find it funny.)


not my gif WARNING SMUT

My heels  clicked on the ground as I ran out of the rain into Oswald’s bar, I was supposed to meet ed here at 8 the time now being 830. Running in I saw him sitting at the bar looking pretty sad, I gave the guy my coat as I walked forward, I could hear him grumbling to himself.

“hey ed.”

He head shot over a smile spreading across his face.

“you came”

“of course, sorry im so late, I missed the bus and the cab took forever.”

“I could of came and got you.”

“ I know, I didn’t wanna bother you.”

“your never a bother y/n”

He grabbed my hand kissing my knuckles, ed and I were friends with tension. We never hooked up or anything of that sort. I helped him get the courage to ask ms.kringle out when he came into my bookstore looking for pick up line books. We started talked and we became very good friends after the fact. We meet for coffee on Tuesdays and he tells me about his crush and I tell him about mine. But I guess after he told me ms.kringle chose a horrible man over him, he got closer to me, I know im only filling a void but he makes me feel warm. He ordered me a Long Island giving the bartender a charming smile.

“your gonna need to catch up y/n.”  

“ no problem.”

Taking my drink, we moved over to a booth. We were in the corner far enough where the horrible music didn’t bother us but we still felt like we were in the club.  

“why this place ed?’

’‘im friends with the owner, free drinks.”

“you know the penguin?”

“saved his life actually.”

“damn well Bravo ed.”

Clicking our glasses together we ordered a round of patron for me and him. Taking down 2 shots, I asked ed if we could step out, I didn’t wanna get drunk but wanted a buzz. We stepped outside the cold air hitting me making goose bumps appear.

“so Ed Tell me what happened with Kirsten?”

“well, I went to ask her out and her boyfriend officer Doherty stepped in and called me a freak and making fun of my riddles and ill show him…….”

He started to trail off, his eye twitching horribly.

“ed calm down, I know it hurts but she isn’t worth your sanity, trust me. I moved here for the man I loved only to find him in bed with some 2 bit whore from the block.”

“im sorry.”

“eh, you move on, forget and forgive, if he hadn’t brought me here, I would of never met you.”

“ that would not be good.”

“not at all.”

We went back in the penguin sitting at the bar waving us over.

“oswald this is y/n my very good friend.”

“ive heard a lot about you y/n , you must mean a lot to Edward.”

“hes my best friend , I’d do anything for him.”

Oswald didn’t let go of my hand, he started to squeeze rather hard on my hand. He let me go my hand pulsing from the lack of blood flow. Edward came back over with drinks in his hand. Handing me one and Oswald the other, we all sat talking for a bit. When I started to feel claustrophobic and I needed to go outside. Crashing through the crowd I ran out the bar catching my breath as the cold air rushed by. Ed ran after me, grabbing my hand when he caught up.

“are you okay?”

'i’m okay, just felt smothered.“

Ed lead me over to the wall wear I leaned against it looked up at the city lights, cop sirens and dogs barking filling the air.

’'gotham is a dump.”

“ its not to bad.”

“name one thing.”


I looked at ed who was just smiling at me, so sweetly. I was about to speak when a rather large hand slapped me on my butt. I spun around to see a man, standing not 2 feet away from me. Ed came over leading me back inside when we got back to our booth I excused myself to the ladies room, coming out  I could hear some guy giving ed a hard time, he was wearing a GCPD uniform the badge reading Doherty, the same guy from outside.

“damn ed did your girl leave you, no surprise you are a creep.”

Ed didn’t say anything. He just put his head down. He was stronger than he though I know he is. The guy kept yelling at ed, finally walking away, I headed over.

“why didn’t you yell back ed, your not lesser than him.”

“I don’t want trouble,”

“you don’t deserve to be treated like a weirdo, when there’s nothing wrong with you ,I’m gonna get us some shots, when I come back we are gonna box.”

Winking at him, making him laugh as I walked away. Getting to the bar I ordered to jager and redbull. The man who was yelling at ed, came my way, placing his hand on my lower back. His touch just giving me the creeps, I grabbed his hand removing it. He has a lot of nerve his hand coming back up this time grabbing my butt firmly.

“how you doin hunny , im Danny, whats your name.”

“ gett tha , get tha fuck away from  me.”

His hand came up to my chin making my head snap his way.

“who you hear with baby.”

“edward nygma, whats is to you”

“ha that little punk.”

His hand started to squeeze harder on my chin making my cheeks hurt, when his hand was ripped away I opened my eyes to see ed holding his wrist pushing him back.

“you okay y/n?”

“im okay, thank you.”

Danny pushed ed back, standing up puffing his chest up, like a ape.

“the fuck, why the hell are you touching me nygma?”

“don’t touch the lady then.”

“ill do whatever the fuck I want with the lady, hey baby why don’t you leave the zero and see what it’s liked to get fucked by a real man.”

I lunged forward to slapped him across the face, when ed grabbed my wrist dragging me out of the club. Getting in his car we drove off to his place.

“ed slow down your drunk.”

“ Don’t call me that, my name is Edward.”

“im sorry, slow down, you shouldn’t be driving Edward.”

Pulling up to his house, we went inside, ed went straight into his bathroom, placing my ear against the door I wanted to make sure he wasn’t sick, all I could hear is talking.

“let’s prove you’re a man.”

“not with her please , she’s all I got.”

“lets make her ours then.”

Knocking on the door, he started yelling shut up before opening it just a crack.  

“hey ed, im too drunk to walk home , I’m gonna crash here, take a shower and come chill.”

“ of course, take the bed.”

He came out about five min later a robe wrapped around him.

“im not naked don’t worry.”


Winking at him always made him blush.  I pulled a rolled joint out of my purse, waving it in the air.

“I know you work with cops, but come on.”

“ okay.”

I lit the joint taking to hits before passing it to him, his first hit he choked horribly. He smiled at me after a while he got used to it taking hit. Ed sat up hitting the joint softly.

“ I wanna try something.”

Leaning over to me his lips connected to mine passing the hit from him to me. After the hit was given he didn’t move our lips still locked he started to actually kiss me. Kissing back his lips moved with mine the smoke coming out over out faces.   pushing  me down he started climbing onto of me. His eyes were dark he didn’t look like the ed I knew.

“you okay ed, I know we drank but we can stop.”

'shhh its Edward remember.“

’'okay? , are you okay?”

“im great thinking about how the cop at the bar called to you, telling you he was gonna fuck you like a real man, like I couldn’t do that already.”

My face grew red, Edward had never been this blunt before.

“you know sweet Eddie here, thinking about you naked daily. He thinks about all the things he wants to do to you.”

“eddie doesn’t think of me like that ,he’s too sweet.”

“well that’s why he has me , doll”

“what do you mean?”

“oh, well see your little geeky sidekick here, is a phsyco. There’s Eddie, little punk who gets bullied around then there’s me Edward, the one who doesn’t fuck around.”

He leaned over me running his hand up my shirt while the other removed his glasses.

“im gonna switch between Eddie and I and let’s see how he really see’s you..”

His lips crashed into mine, his tongue demanding entrance, opening my mouth I felt his hand running up my shirt rubbing over my nipples grabbing the between his fingers. He sat up removing my shirt and his own before coming down and biting on my neck, a moan escaped my mouth as my legs wrapped around his hips when suddenly he stopped. Sitting up the look of embarrassment and horror spread across his face. Ed sat up crawling over the edge of the bed burying his head into his pillow.

“im sorry y.n , he didn’t hurt you did he?”

Without thinking I went over, pulling his face to mine, pulling his lips into a deep kiss as I straddled his lap. His hands reaching up to my hips pulling me into him, pulling back I looked at him.

“show me how a real man does it Eddie.”

His eyes went dark as he flipped me over his lips connecting to my neck immediately. Biting down I stripped out of my panties and was now laying here naked, ed only in his boxers. Reaching down for his boxers he caught my hand before I could. Putting my hand inside his boxers I could feel his hard dick waiting for me, grabbing his dick, I started to stroke it making him moan into my neck. Pulling my hand away. He looked down at me, he started to leave kisses traveling down my side to my hips. Finally getting to between my thighs. He kissed each side of my thighs. Looking back up at me, I could see his smile spreading across his face.

“you know ed thinks about him using his tongue on you, hearing you moan his name, god how he thinks about fucking you.”

I felt his tongue go up my slit making me moan and arch my back, he started to lick me all over, using his tongue in very intricate ways. Dipping my nails into his hair my back arching to every move he made.

“oh god Edward don’t stop”  

His paced began to slow down, his voice not so harsh but he never stopped, making me moan and whimper his name. Feeling my orgasm near, I started to moan and beg as I came clenching my thighs around him. He crawled up his lips connecting with mine, his face still wet from me. I began running my hand down his stomach feeling his tense up at my touch. Going into his boxer I gripped his dick and began stroking it while whimper how bad I wanted him. He lips reconnected with my neck this time softly and gently. I could feel myself wanting him so bad. His lips comes up connecting with mine, his kiss hard but passionate, his hand started to grip my hip tightly, bring his lips to my ear.

“tell me what you want.”

“ I want you to fuck me Eddie , please!”

Sitting up he removed his boxers quickly, flipping me onto my knees and hands. He pushed my head down onto a pillow his hand rubbing up my back. Stopping at my tailbone slapping my ass. Lining his dick up with me I could feel him start to rub his head on me.

“ now when I fuck you ,im gonna let little Eddie know and hear you moan.”


Slamming his dick into my I screamed his name as his pace started strong and deep. His hands grabbed my hips pulling me up more, making his dick hit my g spot over and over.

“oh god Eddie please don’t stop, your gonna make me cum.”

His hand traveled around finding my clit as he fucked me in sync. I could feel my orgasm approaching his fingers working wonders at I screamed his name, my pussy clenching around his dick. I could feel warm liquid coming down my thighs as he began to thrust again. His hands rubbing up the side of my body.

Feeling his breath start hitting the back of my neck, I knew this was Eddie, he wanted to be slow and close. His thrust began to speed up his nails digging into my sides.

“god this better than I imagined.”

His began to thrust harder, making my hand slip. He flipped me onto my back, sticking his dick back into him, his pace felt like he never stopped. He bit down on my bottom lip. Arching my back I could feel another orgasm approaching. Wrapping my legs around his waist, whimpers coming out of my mouth I could hear him growl.

“cum for me!.”

His demanding tone sent me over the edge, climaxing around his dick once again, he pulled out jerking it over me, cum spilling all over me, he let out a quiet shudder before rolling over to my side out of breath and speechless.


'ed you don’t have to say anything.“

We sat for a moment, staring at the ceiling.

’'excuse me.”

I walked over to the bathroom, cleaning myself off, I realized I didn’t bring my clothes, walking out ed walked over in his sweatpants handing me his shirt and my panties. Slipping them both on , he picked me up, my legs wrapping around his waist, walking over to the bed he fell on top of me, his lips meeting mine.

Oli Sykes: Feels So Right


Warnings: Fluff

Word Count: 438

Featuring: Oli Sykes of Bring Me the Horizon

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A/N: This is adorable omfg. British [Yorkshire, mainly] slang guide at the bottom. I wasn’t sure if I should’ve typed this with more of a dialect, but it would be really hard to read so I kind of just used what I thought wouldn’t take away from the point. Also, sorry it’s short, I couldn’t figure out what else to stuff into this.

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