i laughed :))

I went to the cinema to see Spiderman: Homecoming, and there was this scene when Ned discovered that Peter is Spiderman, and Peter just stood there only in his underwear, and aunt May came in, and then we had this shot of Ned sitting dumbstruck on the bed and Peter panting heavily in his briefs looking rather frightened, and I just choked and said, “that’s gay bro”, and the man sitting next to me patted my hand and said, “it is, fuck”, and that’s why I love cinemas.

LOTR fandom vs Silmarillion fandom

LOTR fandom:

- elves are so pure and innocent
- Sauron is the bad guy
- gay ships everywhere
- 99% of memes include Legolas
- “why couldn’t the eagles-”

Silmarillion fandom:

- elves’ killing spree
- everybody loves Mairon
- gay ships everywhere except they’re 10 times more intense and there’s 10 times more of them
- 99% of memes include Feanorians
- 5-hour-long lectures on “why couldn’t the eagles-”

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Idk if this has been done yet,(it’s 4am help) but Kh BBS has been giving me dumb ideas dealing w/ Terra. I’m so sorry.

(Someday I’ll be able to draw Terra’s damn armor)