i laugh uncontrollably every time

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Хэй! Привет. Как думаешь, как выглядел бы Эррор на чаепитии? И... да. Ты шипиришь его с кем-нибудь?

Translation: “Hey! Hello. How do you think Error would look like at a tea party? And… yeah. Do you ship him with anyone?”

This has been sitting in my inbox for more than a month, and each time I come back to it I have the same mental image of that tea party scene from Toy Story, and I end up laughing uncontrollably each and every time :D

Error belongs to CQ

what was that ad on youtube where a guy goes “Marijuana has risks.” and then he starts skating and this fucking stupid music starts playing where the buildup is this goofy 2-note saxophone loop. that ad made me laugh uncontrollably every time i saw it for some reason