i laugh so hard every time i see this


I only want to see babies as one thing (cute and innocent) and Alec Baldwin isn’t one of them =P


You just know this movie is going to be 90% bad baby jokes.  The jokes Rugrats avoided for being too cliche.  There’s going to be oodles of over the top reaction shots, frantic camera zooms and pauses followed by sudden activity. 

And of course, the Dreamworks Sneer™

This all coming after Storks.  Don’t get me wrong, Storks wasn’t blindingly brilliant or anything.  But it was fun and did avoid a lot of stupid, obvious baby humour instead opting for unexpected jokes which actually worked (wolf submarine).

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Man, Storks made me laugh so hard.

I try to be open minded with these things.  I want Boss Baby to surprise me and be something funny and good, but dammit every time I see those posters I just want to punch him.



3 Days until Woohyun’s Birthday - Those “Wtf Woohyun” Moments


I don’t know why I’m posting this but I can’t help laughing so hard every time I see this scene because Marlon’s facial expression looks so genuine as if he actually jumped up in fright. I don’t know but look at his face, isn’t it so funny? I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING SEND HELP

He’s such a good actor. 

I don’t know what I’m doing with my life.

He’s not even talking to me. He’s talking to his friends and he’s laughing his ass off. He’s genuinely happy, he’s so happy. He can’t stop laughing, he can barely speak he’s laughing so hard.
He’s not even talking to me but I can’t stop smiling. Seeing him, hearing his laugh, it makes me so happy. Just his presence makes me happy.
He’s not even talking to me, but I’m falling for him more and more with every single second. Every time he laughs I fall a little harder and my heart beats a little faster.
He’s not even talking to me but, man, I am so happy .
—  an excerpt from a book I’ll never write #14 // Marlana Ann (( @ayeitsmar ))

I still laugh every time I watch ‘School Hard’ and see that Spike seeing through Angel’s charade of being evil is presented as being such a twist of events, when later you see that Angelus is an actual dick to Spike 24/7, so of course Spike didn’t buy into the, “Hey, buddy! Ain’t it great that we’re evil?” thing Angel was doing, there. I mean, really.

Angel, pretending to be Angelus: Spike! Great to see ya, man! How about that Slayer? She’s scary, huh. I mean, you can try to take her but you’ll probably fail, so maybe just leave instead, buddy friend pal?

Actual Angelus: I think I’ll kill the Slayer’s friend’s fishes today. *Pushes Spike out of his wheelchair.* After I fuck your girlfriend, I mean. 

idk how people do it. idk how people look at the one person they’ve said they love and detach themselves because things are hard. it could be an excuse to find a way out or maybe they’re not strong enough but when I look at her in the tough times I see so much to hold onto.

I see all the memories, all the I love you’s, and sweet good mornings together.

I see all the little things she does, like the way she crinkles her nose when she wears her glasses, the way she stretches in the morning, and how perfectly she says my name.

I see the funny, but cute, inside jokes that make us laugh every time they’re brought up.

I see all the things she’s given me even past the cute gifts, like the feeling of being home and everything that comes with that.

I see the person I’ve spent time planning a future with and all the amazing things we’ve talked and tried planning to do.

I see the things I could never forget even if I tried.

idk how people do it. I’ve spent months loving and caring for her and when things get hard, detaching myself is the last thing I want to do. yes, I see all these things of the past but most of all I see myself continuing to love this girl in my future, in our future.


7/6/16 (idk how people do it. don’t give up just cause it’s hard, fight for the right things and the right reasons. find those reasons)


Someone told me “You really seem to know who you are deep down,” and I laughed so hard that I choked. Ma'am, I spook myself every time I see myself in the mirror and cannot remember my own name half the time, but thank you all the same.




The Moment I Fell in Love with You

I fell in love with you so many times. When you were listening to music gazing out the bus window. And when you turned to look at me and our eyes met and we held them for a few long seconds. When you were laughing so hard you rested your head upon my shoulder for a couple seconds. When you told me that I was good enough and that I don’t need to try so hard to be great. When you had more confidence in me than I did. When I noticed the way you looked at me. When you shared your cookie just because I hadn’t gotten one. When I realized that if I am not doing something my thoughts always run to you. When I realized that every time I experience something I wish you were there to see it with me. Those are the moments I fell in love with you. And there are so many more. So many in the future. Because I fall in love with you all over again every day. And I love you in every way. You are perfect to me. And I love you.

svt’s reactions to jisoo’s bad jokes

every time i watch jisoo make a bad joke i cringe into my hand but suffer through it 12 extra times to see each member’s reaction bc i’m thirsty like that so here are some observations

s.coups, seokmin, mingyu: genuine laughter/affectionate smile

jeonghan, junhui: judging stare followed by a secret smile

soonyoung, minghao, seungkwan, chan: awkward laugh

wonwoo: understands jisoo’s need to become a meme; half-smile, shifting eyes

jihoon, hansol: mouth open in a silent scream of laughter, curling in on themselves bc they’re laughing so hard, clapping like a seal

Hope she likes this. Helen here is a fellow realtor like me. We both were competing to get a new house listing. I ran into Helen on the way to meet the client. She kneed me so hard in the balls all I could do was curl up and cry. Meanwhile she went and met with the client, bad mouthed me and got the listing. Just to rub it in she texted me this pic her in the house. Holy shit my balls were sore for days. Just imagine those thighs crushing your balls. She still laughs every time I see her.

@shelleyhennig ….. I knew I loved you when you looked at me and said “we would of been good friends in high school” We have laughed so hard together, made videos , shared stories, tears and fears! You will always be my Chelly! Life time friends we will be….you are beautiful inside and out! I love you to the moon and back (and that’s really far) ! It will be difficult not seeing your beautiful face every week. #finaldayshooting #teenwolfseason6 #myv#embraced #prettyhurts 💗💗💗👑👑👑🐺🐺🐺


Love today feels closer to the lotto than the corner liquor store parking lot at 4am high off the touch of your skin. To think I would’ve even voluntarily been awake before the sun feels closer to that anomaly too. And then I meet you. I grow closer to you. And I fall and I fall—trying so hard not to, trying so hard not to pave a path for any more hurt—and then I pick myself up for you, every time. With a braver heart I never knew I had, with a ‘try again,’ begging from my back pocket. See, because you smile and I forget everything but your lips. You smile, and it breaks into mine and all of a sudden I am laughing and holding you and I am not afraid of anything. For the first time. Love today feels closer to the sleep-warmed angel beneath my hands while we rest than any game I’ve ever tried playing in the past. Here with you, love today feels like the biggest win of my life.


HOMRA is the best clan ❤️🔥👑
I love this clan so much. They’re the best of K. Everyone in HOMRA is family and always look out for each other. They’re still together no matter how hard life can be. They deeply care for each other and love one and another. Another great quality is their loyalty. Any clansmen that is killed or injured they will make the person pay. They help each other out. HOMRA accepts for who you are. I love how this clan is more of a family, it warms my heart every time I see them. I love all the characters, I laugh and cry with them. They are really touching and it’s beautiful of how close they.

The Wolf and His Angel

By: @dammntwilightsaga

Enjoy Darlings! :) (Don’t forget to tell me how you feel about the chapter/book)


The wind picked up around me as the Earth got closer. It seemed like an eternity has passed since I had my wings ripped and replaced with the darker ones symbolizing my impurities and mistakes. I was being sent to the newly formed tribe to protect and guide them. The pack had just began to grow, they only had 3 so far.

I hit the forest floor hard; creating a small crater within the ground.

“Every. Damn. Time.” I mumbled rubbing the back of my head as I stood on wobbly legs. 

I heard growling of a wolf coming from behind me.

Who does she think she is?

What is she?

Sam isn’t going to be too happy 

Can we kill her? Or is that wrong?

I laughed at the last comment and turned around to see two wolves that were larger than horses and stood over me.

“You two are funny.” I couldn’t stop myself from laughing obnoxiously. “You guys think you can kill me, oh my.” I was still laughing, almost in tears now.

Dude, can she hear us?

I think so.

What the hell is going on?

Who is she? 

“Wow. I don’t even know what you look like in human form but I already love you.” I kept laughing and dusted off the dirt from the skinny jeans and blush colored sweater that was open in the back.

I felt their stares on my back, the back of the sweater was open showing the gruesome-looking upside down V shaped scars that hide my large gray tinted wings.

“I need to talk to Sam Uley. Then I’ll answer all the questions you wolves got.” 

I looked up and examined the two wolves in front of me, One was a deep brown color, the same size as his deep gray colored brother who stood next to him.

The gray one kept staring at me, like he was in a trance, as the other crouched down ready to pounce at me for mentioning his Alpha. Probably seeing me as a threat.

Let’s bring her to Sam

What? We don’t even know who she is! What if she’s a threat? She could be working with those leec-

Shut up! You can’t even hurt her. You know our laws.

You did not.

Don’t. You. Dare. Hurt. Her. 

The dark gray one began snarling at his brother

Whatever. The other backed down. Let’s go then.

“What? I get to be in your heads but don’t get to know your names?” I laughed, I was not your average angel. I was straight-forward, honest, and sarcastic. But I was considered one of strongest, intelligent, and best guardian angels. Maybe that’s the reason I keep losing and regaining the privilege of my wings..

Paul. The gray wolf walked behind me in a very protective manner, what’s his deal?

That’s Jared. We’ll take you Sam. The other wolf was far ahead of us, turning at the sound of his name, nodded his head at me then jumped over a log as Paul and I began walking behind him, both of them were still in wolf form.

“Rosalynn.” I stated to both of them.

That’s beautiful.

I’m gonna throw up.

“What took you two so long? Your patrol ended nearly an hou- Who’s this.” A  tall, tan, black haired boy came out of the house, carrying jean shorts, probably sensing his friends returning.

Jared shifted behind a tree, yelling for Sam to throw a pair of the shorts at him. After he emerged I saw what he looked like; similar to his alpha just softer features and shorter.

“Be careful. She can hear what we say.” Jared bitterly let out

“Not when you’re out of wolf form. It’s for your protection.” I bit back, he only sent a confused glare at me.

“Who are you.” Sam stated more than questioned again, stepping closer to me as if to intimidate me. I don’t blame him, they all probably think I’m a threat.

Paul came from behind me and stepped in front of me, growling at his alpha, Sam quickly stood back realization in his eyes.

“Did he?” Sam questioned, staring at the wolf, who’s fur matched the colors of my new wings.

“Yep. That’s why we agreed to bring her to you.” Jared replied sitting on the stairs of the porch 

“Okay. Am I missing something?” I yelled out confused.

“You’re his imprint, hun.” A girl I didn’t know walked out of the house, smiling at me. Most likely happy to have another female around.

“His what?” I looked down at the wolf who still stood between Sam and I.

“We’ll talk about that later. Who are you?” Sam questioned me now.


“What do you want?” 

“I’m your tribe’s guardian angel. I’m here to help and protect you guys.” laughter erupted between Sam and Jared

“Angels don’t exist.” Jared said thru this fit and I cocked an eyebrow at him and backed up from them preparing to release my wings, this always happens when introducing myself to the new tribe.

All eyes were on me and everyone gasped when I let my wings rip out.
They wrapped around my body before opening up fully, the wings were easily 25 feet from end to end when they spread out, probably larger. 
They were not tall though, they only took up the length of my back to the back of knees as I stood at 5 foot 4.
The wings condensed down to fit behind my back neatly, so they weren’t as spread out 

“Believe me now?” I asked looking at the 3 faces with jaws dropped and the wolf who had perked up looking astonished.

A/N Hope you enjoyed - I’ll be uploading the first chapter soon! :) 

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Literally every time I see your icon and know you've reblogged or posted something I laugh so hard because Grant's always there like "yo - you should come see this"

I’m glad you’re enjoying this mess of a blog 😂😂😂

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bts react to you having large breasts

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Jin: Ooh baby every time I say that I think about this and just start laughing so hard I’m really sorry to everyone, and I say it in that voice and everything this boy would really like that. I could see him being a bit of a breast man honestly. He’d be sure to always give them lots of attention.

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Yoongi: He’d straight up love them. I bet if any of them were into trying something new like tit fucking (wow this got extra explicit real fast PLEASE MAMA FORGIVE ME CUZ I’M BREAKIN ALL THE RULES TONIGHT…if any of you know that song please hmu) it would be this guy. He’d love the way you looked on your knees below him, hands on your breasts, squeezing them together to envelope him. He’d love the way your face was contorted in pleasure. He’d grab onto your hair and tug, telling you to moan his name.

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Hobi: featuring a very turned on Jimin who wants to make out He would love your breasts. There would be certain shirts you would wear that would just hug them so perfectly, he’d be a wreck the rest of the day just thinking about it. I also can see him being the type to be laying with you in bed, cuddling while you’re in your pjs with no bra, and like tease your nipples through the fabric. He’s basically a tease.

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Rap Monster: Namjoon would be the one to always be checking you out. Sometimes you’d be talking to him and he’d just be staring at your chest like in the gif until you realized that he hadn’t listened to a single word you’d said. In bed, he’d be the one to always squeeze them. He’d love leaving hickey’s on them most of all though. 

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Jimin: He’d find them to be very sexy. I could see him often giving them special attention in foreplay. One of his favorite things to do would be to run his tongue down your cleavage, down the valley of your breasts, and he’d also love leaving little hickeys along the surface, knowing he’d be the only one to see them.

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V: One of this favorite things to do would be to use them as a pillow when you guys cuddle. I think he’d be very comfortable this way, and he’d probably fall asleep like that a lot. On a sexual level, I feel like he would be one who would get a lot of fascination out of playing with your nipples. He’d love to watch how you squirmed, hear the sounds you made as he sucked on them or pinched.

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Jungkook: Being a young horny male that he is, I think he would be very very fascinated by them. If you wore a low cut or tight shirt, his eyes wouldn’t be able to leave your chest. Seeing you in just your bra, he’d be a bit flustered and giddy. Seeing you fully exposed before him, he’d be hard instantly. He’d love to play with them, squeezing them in particular, and he’d probably leave very eager kisses all over them.

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A team full of Arnicks who are all using bamboozler for the first time? What could go wrong?

Saw a video of bunch of friends streaming splatoon and dressing as my characters and on one point they all decided to cosplay as Arnick. Hilarity ensued. 

Oh gosh. I laughed so hard. It really makes me so happy to see people enjoying these characters this much and bringing this much laughs. It is an honor. Thank you all for liking my silly splatoon stuff this much.

Here’s the streamer’s youtube channel: [x]