i laugh really hard at random things

-johnnys a trembling, panting mess afterwards
-dally has to sleep on his stomach because of johnnys scratches
- there passionate lil fuckers
- (ive mentioned this before but) johnny will whisper spanish in dallys ear to drive him wild, but half the time it’s not sexual things it could just be random words like fucking chair or something and dally doesn’t understand why he’s laughing until he tells him
- dallys really gentle with the neck biting because once he bit down too hard and johnny started bleeding,,,a lot
- they will do it ANYWHERE
- johnny has a really high sex drive it’s kinda worrying
- I’ve said this before and im gonna say it again. kneesocks.
- you know it’s good when all johnny can do is whimper
- it’s easy to not get caught at bucks because there’s usually a party and no one can hear them,,,,
- having a smoke or a glass of water is a must afterwards,followed by curling up together and trying to sleep

Sometimes I just get really emotional about my love for Got7. Like. Really random stuff.
Like the way Jaebum tries to act like he’s cool sometimes, but then he does things like stick his face in the camera for no reason or makes someone touch his foot and laughs so hard he almost falls over.
Or how Mark smiles so bright that it’s almost blinding and giggles - actually giggles - over the most ridiculous things and makes everyone else happier just by being there.
And the way Jackson acts like such a macho-man sometimes but he’s the biggest cuddle bug and he spent forever lying on the dirty floor with a smelly dog just because he wanted its love.
Or how Jinyoung’s eyes crinkle up when he smiles and squint closed when he’s judging someone and how he’s salty af and acts like such a perv but he’s really a giant book nerd.
And then the way Youngjae laughs with his full body and it’s so loud and dramatic and he doesn’t seem to know how to control his expressions as well as the others so it feels so easy to read his emotions and tell how happy he really is with his members and how lost without them.
Or the way Bambam tries so hard to be funny and cool and keep up with memes because he knows his fans like it and he’s not afraid to look ridiculous or get bashed on by anti-fans because it’s for the ahgases.
And also how Yugyeom acts like such a sassy brat to the hyungs sometimes but he has a heart of absolute gold and when things get stressful for him his first thought is always about the group and his members.
I just think about these things sometimes and have to try not to cry because how are we blessed with these boys? What has the world done to deserve them?

tweetybird53  asked:

Headcannons for Lance, Hunk, and Keith who have an s/o that tells them every morning what they love about them


  • Lance is really happy about it and kisses them every time they do.
  • He returns the gesture at random times.
  • He’ll be staring at his s/o and just suddenly blurt out “I really love you, ya know?”
  • Its a good boost to his ego. Lord knows he needs and deserves it.


  • Hunk is also super happy to hear it.
  • He’s kind of at a loss for what to say, so he kind of just laughs and hugs his s/o.
  • He doesn’t return the gesture often, but when he does, he’ll start listing all of the things he loves about his s/o and it’s hard for him to stop


  • Keith gets super embarrassed whenever his s/o compliments them
  • He’s not one to express his feelings through words, but does so more through actions
  • He’d grumble about how embarassing his s/o is, but he loves it

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if you were married to DK....
  • he’d be the one to wake you up in the morning 
  • “jagiyaaaaaa wake up let’s make breakfast!!!!”
  • and if that didn’t work he’d sing you random songs to get you to wake up
  • he’d get you laughing at the most random things like he hates seeing you sad so he’d do everything in his power to make you happy
  • “seokmin that’s not even remotely funny but i have no idea how you’re making me laugh this hard oh My gOD”
  • the two of you would make household chores fun and by the time you’re done both of you are laughing so much plus the house is clean so really it’s a win-win situation
  • despite his busy work schedule he’d still find time to send you cute texts like “hi how are you??? i hope you’re smiling right now because if you aren’t then i’ll come there myself to cheer you up”
  • he’d force you to jog with him in the morning and he’d promise to take you to this cute breakfast place right after as a reward
  • you’d be that couple that acts like best friends like he’d make a really corny joke and you’d laugh sarcastically before throwing a crumpled piece of paper or something at him
  • he’d surprise you with flowers and other cute stuff like maybe your favorite chocolate because he’s romantic like that
  • he’d snap photos of you cooking or maybe driving and he’d upload it on his sns with captions like “beautiful without even trying” omG
  • he’d try to teach your child to say ‘appa’ and he’d be so cute doing it like he’d bounce your kid on his thigh and be like “come on say appa, AH-PPA”
  • but your baby would just giggle and seokmin would be like “oh well at least i tried”
  • imagine him making airplane noises whenever he feeds your child IM DEAD
  • you’d all wear matching santa hats during christmas and you’d take cute family pictures and seokmin would show the pictures to other people and they’d be like “aw what a cute family”
  • “i love yooouuuuu”
  • “i love you too seokmin~”
Fire- Charles Xavier

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Since you had met Charles Xavier he had done his best to help you learn to control your powers but they were dangerous and you had no control at all over them when you first met him. You could form and manipulate fire, well that was what you were supposed to be able to do.

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Haikyuu stage play: mini review

Right, so I watched the stage play. And admittedly, this involved about half a bottle of wine, but here are my notes.

Spoilers? Possibly?

  • Hinata is so fucking cute I cannot handle this
  • holy shit overacting
  • the projections are cool AF tho
  • holy shit Kageyama looks hot
  • I’m actually really into this, despite the overacting
  • awww sad Hinata
  • awww sad Kageyama
  • fucking Tanaka, man, he’s my favourite
  • dat daisuga buttslap
  • eeeeEEEEEEeee ‘Gomen Tsukki!’
  • this whole play looks really tiring for the actors, tbh
  • holy shit Tsukki looks hot
  • *random squeals*
  • Tsun Tsukki is my favourite
  • Aoba Johsai! that was a really cool entrance
  • *laughs so hard cat runs away*
  • fucking Tanaka, man (he’s my favourite)
  • holy shit Matsun’s smirk
  • I love the starting order thing. I miss that in the anime
  • Daichi’s fatherly smile tho
  • Suga is so Pretty
  • weird dance performance
  • poor Ennoshita is the butt of so many jokes
  • holy shit Oikawa is Pretty
  • disney princess Oikawa what the actual fuck
  • “Tsukki!”
  • eeeee “You better not apologize”
  • did I mention that Kageyama is hot
  • fucking Oikawa, man, with his little waves, he’s my favourite
  • “Iwa-chan!”
  • *more squeals*
  • so.much.fan.service
  • holy shit Noya so intense
  • meanwhile Takeda is the ultimate dork
  • and did I mention that Hinata is friggin adorable
  • *squeals so loud the cat leaves again*
  • the Asanoya and Daisuga is strong in this one
  • I just realized how adorable Yamaguchi is, shit
  • Tsun embarassed Kageyama is my Favourite
  • wtf is with that massage, Takeda sensei?
  • Ukai being lowkey annoyed at literally everything
  • I am SO into this
  • Asahi lowkey looking terrified in the background all the time
  • omg this is so dramatic
  • “Sugaaaaaaaaa!”
  • “As long as I’m here, you’re invincible”
  • dat Kagehina hand thing tho
  • fucking Matsun’s pose, man, he has two lines and he owns this play
  • Oikawa is SO PRETTY wtf

So yeah, I got way too much into it and physically clapped at my screen and shit. Go watch it if you have Haikyuu obsession syndrome.

On Jay Park’s “몸매”

Where to even start in talking about “몸매”?

When I first started watching, I hoped that at the very least, it would be a music video that I could laugh at. Something done so much to the extreme that it would be ridiculous and comical, and I could make fun of it and move on. I was really hoping for satire here, for some unexplainable reason. But as I watched, I really just could not laugh.

Does Jay Park seriously think that this is an acceptable way of telling a woman he appreciates her body? By saying sexually explicit things to her until she agrees to sleep with him? 

Of course, right? I mean, I don’t know about all you other ladies out there, but I totally sleep with every random guy - that I have not previously met - who comes up and says they want to see my boobs or that I make them hard. Don’t you?

In real life, no, women don’t often go home with strange men who randomly come up to them and compliment their breasts, asses, or other body parts or tell them to take their clothes off, and then continue acting like perverts. When this happens in real life, it’s often unwanted attention, not very fun, creepy, scary and potentially dangerous.

I am sick and tired of seeing artist after artist, music video after music video, and song after song, objectify women and send out the message, “Hey ladies, your worth is based solely on how you look, which should be (insert random ideal body type here). Oh, and by the way, you only exist for my pleasure and the only thing you’re good for is sex.”

It really frustrates me. There is nothing wrong with putting out a “dirty” song. There is nothing wrong with using sex and sexuality in a song or music video. But there are much, much better ways to use sex, sexuality and show appreciation for a woman’s body in music than this song and this music video. Ways that don’t involve reducing women into a stereotype of strippers.

But then again, it does open up with phrases commonly used in street harassment. That should have been my first clue on how things would go.

I be like hold up
Wait a minute girl.
Where you goin?
Sorry for staring,
But you’re so sexy
I can’t take my eyes off of you
I wanna see your body
Your body

Sound familiar to anyone else?

And yes, I do know that this is not the only music video or song like this. I also know that Jay Park has released other “19+” songs before. And that other music genres and artists in other countries and cultures have the same problem.

I’m not saying that “몸매” is any more or less worse than others (check out the unrated version of “오늘 밤” by Honey Family… That came out in 2007 and is FAR worse than this music video). But I kind of feel like this was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. For so long I feel like I’ve been inundated with songs and music videos that objectify women and treat them as objects for men’s sexual pleasure. They either make songs that are solely about f**king women, to borrow from Skizzo. Or they put scantily-clad women in music videos just to have them there when they serve no purpose to the song or the music video.

As a female fan of hip-hop, it’s frustrating and disheartening to see so many hip-hop artists disrespect women this way and treat them as objects in their music. It really makes you wonder how they treat women in real life.

Why is it that women (and in a lot of cases in Korea specifically black women) must be reduced to objects and hypersexualized stereotypes in music and music videos? How difficult is it to create a song or a music video that allows a woman to be presented as an actual human being?

Why have hip-hop artists (and other musicians) become so lazy that they continue to use the same offensive formula over and over again? It is really that hard to be more creative than half-naked women humping some rapper or the floor or playing with bananas and condoms while the rapper and his posse watch like a group of elementary school boys looking at Playboy for the first time?

It’s disgusting and it’s boring. Move on and start making good music, will you?

Borderline Thing #83

The feeling when you are laughing really hard at something really funny, but then you’re actually crying a bit, and now you’re sobbing, and nothing is wrong, and that joke was hilarious, and what the fuck just happened, why am I crying right now?

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