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i cant believe we just witnessed one of the most iconic amazingphil videos ever to date?? this was literally one of the best videos and there were so many parts that stood out like..

for one, the tarot cards literally indicating the idea of dan basically coming to terms with his own identity and sexuality and being able to express himself more openly?? it was just interesting to see a cynical skeptic like dan be so in awe of these tarot cards actually hitting home. dan has been on a constant journey to self discovery and i’ve honestly never seen him more comfortable in his own skin, so the quote “you won’t always have to protect your personality with battle armor” couldn’t have been more appropriate, esp considering dan has lowered his barriers quite dramatically in comparison to his past self and has been letting his genuine self shine through. also with his decision to kill danisnotonfire and the sense of freedom he received as a result of that decision.. got dam

uh… yall… idk if you noticed… but phil deadass made a sex joke about phan on his main channel? it was an innuendo but it was also completely literal and it directly involved him and dan.. plus there was no weird behavior from either of them after phil made the joke, they didn’t do anything in an attempt to overshadow the joke, they just rolled with it? this is history in the making what the fuck

dan and phil and mocking “masculine creative energy” ?? name a more iconic trio

THE BANANA PRANK. the banana prank. the banana prank. this was the cutest shit i have ever seen. dans willingness to go along with whatever phil said even though he was starting to doubt it was so endearing?? phil was so proud of himself for successfully pranking dan and he was laughing so genuinely while dan was just smacking him with the banana peel trying to make it seem like he was mad but failing miserably because he was actually impressed by phils pranking skills and he only tolerates getting pranked if its by his wonderful boyfriend.. i have never experienced more intense third wheeling in my whole entire life! that scene was not meant for us at all, that scene was jus phil being a sly little shit and dans immediate reaction to phil being a sly little shit and they kept it in the video cuz they sappy as shit.. it was just dan howell and phil lester being gross and in love and jfgkdkjg@!1!! also funny how this is the second iconic scene involving a banana, yall mind if i remind you of the banana scene from the pinof 8 bloopers.. ya.. interesting..

conclusion: fuck

Imagine pushing Dean out of anger, only for him to make fun of you, resulting in your anger taking over.

“Dean Winchester, I swear to God, if you don’t give me back my phone this instant!” you yelled out at the eldest Winchester as his boyish snickers rode sound waves to your ears.

“You might just have to jump for it, Y/n,” he smiled. The illuminated screen appeared above his head with a large smile across his face. Sam, with his arms crossed, was no help. In fact, it was almost like he enjoyed watching the scene that was playing out in front of him. “Aw, look, Sammy! She’s getting mad!”

You stomped over to him with your chest heaving up and down in an all too fast rhythm, your fist clenched by your side. Harshly, you shoved at his chest causing him to stumble backwards. “You jerk! Give it back!” The hunt had put you in a rather raw mood. Plus, for the past three days, Dean had done nothing put torment you relentlessly. This was the last straw.

“You hit like a girl!” Dean laughed.

“Dude, okay, I think she’s had enough. Just give her-” But Sam never had time to let the rest of the sentence roll off his tongue. Your fist had connected with Dean’s lip harshly. Needless to say, he was in shock, his eyes wide and lip dripping blood.

“Damn,” he hissed as he wiped away the crimson liquid, “I was just playing around.”

Grabbing your phone, you turned on your heel smirking. “And who said hitting like a girl was a bad thing? Try me again, Winchester. I dare you.”

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Hey, I'm curious. Is there anything psychologically different between Novel-Izaya and Anime-Izaya, and is there any difference between Novel-Shizuo and Anime-Shizuo?

Oh my, where do I even begin?

There are definitely things psychologically different from Novel-Izaya and Anime Izaya. 

(Fun fact - Anime is an anagram of Namie, I just mispelled it lol) 

I talked about it in this post some time ago. Generally, anime Izaya is made to seem invincible especially in the first season. And because they left out important novel scenes, there’s inconsistency in his character. For example, how did he get knocked out so easily by Slon while talking to Kujiragi when he had the advantage before? It was actually because Kujiragi mentioned Shizuo and Izaya ‘fell silent’. She spoke about Shizuo being a hindrance and thanked Izaya for landing him in jail. 

Whether he was worried about Shizuo or not, Izaya’s moment of silence and the description of his bad feeling shows that he’s not invincible even though he suddenly seemed to gain the upper hand. He was affected by his human feelings and emotions when Kujiragi mentioned Shizuo, for whatever reason. 

I took that as a Shizaya moment because it was very unusual for Izaya. But the point is, Izaya has human feelings and emotions that can render him vulnerable to unexpected consequences and is definitely not invincible, even though he may seem like it. 

This link was something the anime left out, the novels expands on this further with his conversations with other characters and the telephone pole scene where he punched a telephone pole as he thought of betraying Shinra. 

In retrospect Shinra, who lived confidently above this world, did invoke some jealousy in him.

Yet he was attempting to betray even a friend like that. Not a friend by Izaya’s standards, but a “friend”  as defined by most people in the world.

He’ll probably be mad at me if he finds out that I went to meet Celty taking the head with me.


Izaya couldn’t help but laugh slightly as he pictured his only “friend” by the world’s standards getting mad at him.

There is nothing to be afraid of.

This is the way I have lived my life all along, he laughed as he thought  –

                                                                                                     Laughed  –

                                                                                                       Laughed –                                                                                                            
                                                                                                         Laughed –

He clenched his right fist and slammed it hard into the telephone pole next to him.

- Durarara Volume 9

This was a very important scene in Izaya’s character development especially after they showed his past with Shinra, his only friend. It shows Izaya’s conflict over his own desires which has governed the way he has lived all along and one of his only two relationships - the friendship he has with his only friend. Izaya was affected by a human relationship, and it really shows he isn’t some villain but just an abnormal human who is eternally true to his own desires (but is still affected by relationships like everyone else)

I’m working on a theory for Izaya’s attachment to humanity. It’s taking much longer than I thought since I lack the time to sit down and finish it. But I intend on showing how Izaya is actually very human. It will of course include reference to the Shinra stabbing incident as Izaya said himself it was probably the only thing that affected the formation of his personality in a significant way. I’ll also refer to the interviews about Izaya in his novel. So I’m currently integrating all the information together, both old and new about Izaya to formulate a theory that may explain Izaya’s attachment to humanity. You might want to look out for that if you’re interested in the psychology of novel Izaya. 

Other than novel Izaya not being invincible (both psychologically and outwardly), I guess another psychological difference would be that Izaya is actually a very private person. The impression I got from the first season was that Izaya was a very open person (not open-mindedness, as in socially open). 

But Izaya behind all his talk and interaction is actually very private. You don’t see it in the anime, but in the novel he thinks to himself a lot, reflects quite a bit, and generally is…very confident in his own identity internally. For example, Mikado’s first impression of Izaya was not that he was a weird person, but that he looked like an ‘intellectual that gave tuition in some remote district’. It speaks to the demeanor novel Izaya has that Mikado would form such an impression of him. 

Even though he might seem open with humans, Izaya actually keeps to himself a lot. Shinra said himself in his interview that Izaya’s not the type to stand in front of people. You can see that in both the novel and anime version of middle school Izaya. While he was portrayed like a rebel in the anime, in the novel he was just distant and enjoying observing humans. He was actually a model student, not a rebel, so that’s another difference in portrayal there. 

What a strange guy. 

I’ll just keep observing him in the future.

But I have to watch out. Getting too close to him might be dangerous.

So this is just a small scene when Izaya thinks as he watched Shinra leave to go home to Celty (though he didn’t know that yet). But even with Shinra Izaya is already distancing himself. He tells himself he can’t get too close to Shinra, can’t let himself be too affected and involved in their friendship. Perhaps he’s apprehensive Shinra wouldn’t satisfy his expectations, perhaps he just doesn’t want to become like everyone else - whatever the reason is, Izaya has, since young, kept a distance between himself and humans. So much that he has to be ‘wary’ when he feels himself getting closer to Shinra than necessary.

At first sight, he looked like a gentle-natured man of slender build, but his features had a relative sharpness in them, making him the perfect exemplification of the word “handsome”. He was smiling as if willing to accept anything in the world as part of him; yet at the same time his eyes shone without mercy as if he held contempt for everything except himself. The way he dressed was idiosyncratic, but it was hard to point at why. Overall, he gave an elusive and mercurial vibe.

- Durarara Volume 5

What are the implications of this? Well, it just shows how distant Izaya is from humans. And how he keeps to himself. Even though he’s handsome, it doesn’t matter to him, and he may only use his good looks for human observation and not any socialization. He has a stable internal perception of his love for humans, so he’s willing to accept anything, but at the same time he’s the only one who understands his love for humans so he holds a contempt for everything except himself. 

One reason why could be his tendency to keep things to himself and how he’s a private person. Like, he says he loves humans and declares love for humans but except with Shinra (and a reluctant Shizuo), doesn’t try to form any sort of relationship with them. He doesn’t try to connect to them in a way they can understand (maybe because he can’t because of his upbringing) and so they can’t understand him. And so he’s left with him only understanding himself and being shunned and outcast from society, which will naturally breed contempt.

That might be why Izaya seems mysterious and ‘elusive’ - because he’s such a private person. He’s more introverted in the novels, in that it seems natural for him to be alone with his thoughts. I guess you can kind of see this in Volume 5 where he’s shown to have stayed at an internet cafe alone while working on his plans for the city, left alone and walked away alone, he basically just does things alone.

Novel Izaya is also not in control of everything. Well you can see that in the anime as well when he got knocked out twice. But I mean, he’d move the piece that will give him the most advantage, but generally he’s open to any result. He just seems like he’s in control all the time because he accepts everything that happens (except with Shizuo). Because he loves humans unilaterally and doesn’t have any personal feelings or relationships with them (except Shinra and Shizuo) So again, he’s not invincible in his predictions. He does have some idea of how things will go and what he wants to see, but he’s less of a ‘mastermind’ in that sense. He’s still a mastermind, but has less of the ‘mastermind mindset’? In that he doesn’t expect everything to go according to plan. 

And I suppose novel Izaya is more sensitive. You don’t see it in the anime, but when he was left out of hotpot, it was mentioned he ‘felt more lonely than usual’. Tsukumoya said that he’s lonely but accepts that loneliness. And he was not happy at being left out of the events of Volume 4, which is part of the reason why he wanted the ‘city’s holiday’ to be over. He’s more human in that sense. Like, he’s a logical minded man, but he actually acts on his feelings quite a bit. He is affected by his feelings, sometimes even driven by them (like in the death match with Shizuo) and is definitely human.

Also, novel Izaya is more like a child. As in, there are various times in which he’s described like a kid having fun. So in that sense he really doesn’t have any malice. He just wants to see, like a kid discovering more about the world. Shiki agrees with this, in both the novels and his interview for Izaya’s novel. I’ll be expanding on this with my Izaya attachment theory in the future. 

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Jughead Jones | My Little Serpent (part two)

Count of words: 1749

Warnings: none

A/N: I just hope you like it♥ also I from now will be doing 13 reasons why imagines ♥ YAYYYY ♥




part one

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Could you possibly write a continuation to My Little Serpent please? Preferably where Fred finds out about the Reader becoming a Serpent and how he responds, also maybe him, Archie and the others finding out about the reader and Jug’s relationship. Sorry if it’s too much!

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My little serpent part two pleaseeee 😍

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I found your blog and I love everything on it. It’s so amazing!!! Are you planning on doing a part 2 of my little serpent? If so, thatd be amazing!! I hope you have a fantastic day c:

The whole night you spent on that couch. He would say things to calm you down but your tears would not stop. He wouldn’t give up though. He would hold you in his arms stroking your hair and back in attemts to relax you. “It’s ok Y/N. It’s gonna be alright. You can stay here for as long as needed. You know the serpents love you. I love you,” he said. You stopped crying after he said that and you just stared at his face. “Yo-you love me?” You asked surprised. Jug didn’t reply so you took matters in your own hands and you kissed him. You kissed him with so much love you had never shown to anyone. “I love you too,” you uttered before the boy took you in his arms bridal style and run to the bedroom playfully as you laughed. He seemed so happy you said that, so he through you on the bed and run to the window and opened it. “My little serpent loves me back,” he screamed repeatingly so every one would know.

Warm sunrays hit your face that beautiful morning, removing you from the comfort of your much needed slumber. You were locked within a pair of strong arms that, took you a minute to realise, were Jughead’s. One of them was firmly wrapped around your waist, while the other was placed underneath your head, comforting it as the muscules worked as a pillow. It was a moment to savor but you were cut short when the events of the previous night hit you like a brick wall. You moved a little and stared at the jackets resting next to the double bed. One was huge, enough to cover your body down to the knee, meaning it was Jughead’s. The second was smaller. It was a little bit longer than a normal woman’s lether jacket but it was indeed yours. You started feeling uneasy due to the memories of the things said between you and your brother to the point hot tears begun streaming down your face. You didn’t take notice that Jughead was awake and watching you until he softy kissed your expossed neck and turned you around, pulling you close to his body, hugging you as if you’d be gone.

A knock on the door was what took you out of that beautiful moment the two of you shared. You thought that whoever it was would leave and come another time so you could cuddle some more, but the knocking was prominent, leading you to the conclusion that it was importand. With an annoyed groan your now boyfriend made his was to the small kitchen/ living room, where the door was placed, and opened it not asking who it was. You heard a manly voice but you did not know who it was, until you heard yelling as well. “Let me see her Jug. She’s my sister,” the voice said. “No! She practically cried herself to sleep last night because of you, Arch. Hell, she woke up this morning and the first thing she did was cry,” Jughead argued back to the reportively red headed boy before him. “I am sure of that and that’s why I’m here. I want to apologize,” he pleaded until you walked to the scene, nodding for Jughead to let Archie in. 

After Archies apologizes things seemed to be a little bit calmer. You returned home with him; leaving the jacket at Jughead’s obviously, trying to figure out how to tell your dad that you were one with the so called criminals of the town. You were sure he would not be very happy about it. But you did have to tell him eventually, i wouldn’t be a secret for ever. 

It was a cold night and Jughead had taken you from you house to go on a walk, meaning to walk to the Whyte Wyrm, cause it seemed that that’s were your walked always end up. You were holding hands and talking about everything and anything as you reached your first stop; his trailer. You wanted to take your jacket from there, not only to shield you from the cold wheather, something Jug was doing on the way there, but also because you enjoyed the vibe it gave you. After picking it up you made your way to your actual destination and walked in with no second thoughts. 

You knew almost everyone in the bar and everyone was actually so nice. There were a couple of guys that walked up to you, hugged you, informing you how glad they were you accepted their signature jacket and more. Some even came up to you and refered to you as the “Serpent’s Queen”. You found it funny and stupid as you were no queen, but rather a simple high school student spending too much time in the ‘wrong’ side of town. But they insisted, which was very sweet. Still you couldn’t understand why.

The night unrolled smoothly and it was time for you to go home. Once again Jughead would walk you there. You were actually so caught up in the conversation that you forgot about the jacket, and you walked inside your house with it on. “Dad, I’m home,” you called after seeing your dad by the kitchen island. “Hey, sweety. Would you mi- What are you wearing?” He asked slightly mad. “Well I’m pretty sure I’m wearing what I was before leaving the house earlier,” you replied sarcastically, laughing a bit at your dad’s reaction. Archie was by him watching the scene and trying to inform you that you were still wearing your Serpent jacket. “Shit,” you mumbled under your breath when realising that. “Is that a south side serpent’s jacket that you’re wearing?” Fred said walking closer to you and inspecting the item. “N-no?” You stated, more like questioned. “Y/N, what are you doing with a serpent’s jacket?” Your father asked as he gently pulled you to the kitchen, where your brother was watching the scene unfold. “It’s Jugheads?” You once again guestioned-stated, trying to find a good explanation to feed your dad with. But it didn’t work. “Y/N Y/M/N Andrews, the truth,” your father demanded, aggravated of you lying. “Ok, look,” you sighed. “I’ve spent so much time in the Southside with Jughead that the serpents feel me as one of their own.” “You are not, for God’s sake. Take that jacket of, now.” “Dad no!” you protested. “They care about me. They are family. Did you know they had one of their own to take care of me? Because your dear son and his friends can not understand when things are to dangerous? Huh? Did you? Did you know how your lovely son has been dragging me into every single one of their problems and ‘adventures’, putting my life in danger? “ you yelled at your father, completely livid at what had just happened. “Go to your room, darling. Sleep. We’ll talk about it tomorrow. You are seeing red now and you just don’t know what you are talking about,” he requested trying to clean your angry tears. “No. I’ll go to Jughead. You should have a little talk with Arch here. Maybe you’ll actually get informed about how many times this year they’ve put my life in danger. Without telling me, or asking me to help,” you replied and run into your room to call Jughead. “Hey, it’s me. Can I sleep over? Yeah? Great. Pick me up? Thank you. Yes. Just hurry.” After you hung up you started packing a little bag with some essentials. You had no intentions on coming back until Archie admitted to his actions. 

Jughead indeed hurried to pick you up, scared that anything would have happened to you. He was relieved to see you just fine but he was confused when he saw your packed bag pack. “What’s that for?” He questioned when he started the car once again. “I was curious if you minded me staying at yours for a little while,” you confessed. Jughead was shocked but tried to hide it. “Just for a couple of days. Until my brother stops being a prick.” You added and he laughed a bit. “You will always be welcome, baby,” you smiled at the nickname given to you by the raven boy. For a moment nothing mattered. Seeing that you didn’t reply, Jughead turned his head to check on you and you softly smiled up at him. “I love you,” he quietly mumbled, placing his free hand on top of your thigh. “I love you, too,” you said back, taking it into your small arms and fidgeting with his fingers. After that everything was calm. You soon reached your destination and Jughead quickly allowed you to enter the warm and cozy home. Swiftly, he picked you in his arms, carrying you to the bedroom, where he allowed you to change after giving you a big sweatshirt of his and a pair of his boxers. He simply removed his clothes, revealing his underwear and then pulling a T-shirt over his head. “Come here,” he ordered after resting his body down on the comfortable mattress. You obligated and moved close to his open arms, where he embraced you in a hug, keeping you there for the rest of the night.

When the morning came around and the warm sun embraced the two of you, Jughead just pulled you closer to his body, lovingly, as if you’d leave if he didn’t, both of you still in deep slumber. A few stray hairs were covering your calm face, your lips slightly parted as your head rested in the crook of his neck. His right arm was firmly wrapped around your waist as his other hand was resting on top of your head, caressing it in his sleep every now and again. It was a moment to savor for anyone watching, but not for long. A loud thud was heard from the kitchen/ living room and footsteps were making their way to the small bedroom. You were still sleeping but Jughead woke up when a deafening gasp came from the surprising visitors. Archie, was one of them, and he quickly let his anger take over him, screaming at his friend. “Not here. She is sleeping. Let’s go outside,” he suggested and got out of the bed, making you wince at the lost of contact. 

“What’s gotten into you? Why were you and my sister like that?” Archie begun and Jughead got ready to reply. “Arch, stop,” Betty burged in. “We both know you were trying to avoid it but it would happen and you knew it,” she reasoned. Jughead seemed lost but quickly caught up with the two. “They are finally dating and you should be happy for your sister.” She said smiling warmly at your boyfriend. “You don’t understand B. My sister became a serpent because of him. She’s slowly drifting away from me,” he confessed looking down. “You are taking her away from me,” he whispered to Jughead. “I am not Archie. You are pushing her away. You simply need to accept she is her own person. You will not always be able to make decisions for her.” He said and smlied warmly at the red head. “He’s right, Arch,”  you commented entering the small living room where the red head was, accompanied from the blond girl and the raven boy. “You will not always be there to make decisions for me. But I appreciate you try,” You added hugging your brother. It seems that for once, things were good. 

Suffocated and Smiling

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A/N: Oh my gosh have you ever seen a worse title? Don’t worry though lol this is just straight up cuddly wuddly fluff. also im posting this off a computer for the first time (my laptop is broken so that wont happen often lol) so idk how formatting works oh boy oh man

“Stop wiggling!” You whisper, words choppy with a giggle. You try to shove him into a comfortable position but the room is dark and there’s not enough room for you to lie next to each other on the office couch.

Ethan shifts again, snuggling his head against your chest and tightening his arm where it rests against your side. “Nah.”

“You are…” You shift, trying to distribute his weight above you. “…incredibly frustrating.” You laugh when he smiles brightly up at you.

“Yup!” He brings a hand up to tap a finger to your lips. “But you love me.”

“Maybe.” You roll your eyes and he pouts. Sighing, Ethan lays his head back on your chest, wrapping both arms back around you and under your back. He’s heavy but you’ll deal with it.

Sighing, Ethan relaxes and suddenly you’re being crushed by dead weight. “Eth!” You slap your hand on his arm. “I literally can not breathe you’re killing me!” Ethan pulls his arms from under you and props himself up on his elbows so you can breathe again.

“Sorry…” He whispers and grins at you.You wheeze a little before reaching up and thumping him lightly on the side of the head. “You’re really trying to kill me.” You say quietly.

“Oh don’t be like that.” He drops his elbows to nuzzle against your neck and hold you close to him, basically trapping you in his embrace. His breath tickles and you try to push him away while you laugh. “Ethan! Breaks are supposed to be relaxing.” You laugh again when he moves his hands down your sides. Grabbing a handful of his hair you tug gently on it to pull him away. He starts to protest but you shush him. “Shh we’re supposed to be working. I’ll kill you if you get us in trouble.”

Ethan laughs again, but quieter. “It was your idea to sneak off.” He smirks at you and you roll your eyes.

“Shut up, you’re making it sound gross. You’ve been working all day you need to step away from that computer every once in awhile.”

Ethan grins and leans down to give you a soft kiss . “Aw look at you, all concerned for my health.” He shuffles down a bit and settles back above you in a way that gives you enough room to breathe but keeps you both from falling off the couch. Wrapping his arms back around you and returning his head to its resting spot above your heart, he sighs. “This is nice. Thank you.”

Your heart melts a little as you lean down to kiss the top of his head. “Of course, Eth. Love you.”

“Love you, too.”


You’re not sure when, but the both of you must have nodded off because the next thing you knew the room was bright and loud. Your brain tuned in just in time for Ethan to jump awake and ultimately topple off the couch, almost taking you with him. You can hear Mark laughing and you look up to see him in the doorway, hand still on the lightswitch. Tylers head pokes around the frame and he smiles at the scene. You reach down to help Ethan up and laugh at his messy hair and wide eyes.

“Nooo!” Amy’s voice reaches you as she runs back into the room. “Mark I told you not to wake them that would have been such a cute picture!”

You groan and hide your face against Ethan’s side. He stands in front of the couch, blushing like mad and holding your hand in a firm grip. Marks still laughing and you can hear Kathryn’s giggle as she enters the room.

“I hate you all.” You announce, voice muffled.

“Aww don’t be like that.” Amy pouts.

“I thought you looked cute.” Tyler adds.

You groan loudly and pull Ethan back onto the couch, attempting to hide behind him. He puts his arm around you but that only sets off another round of “aw’s” from the people at the door.

Ethan laughs quietly when you look up at him, cheeks flushed and eyes embarrassed. “We have the worst friends.” You say. 

Ethan laughs again, but still leans down to kiss you sweetly “I agree.”

Imagine Playing Crowley’s daughter

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To say that Jared and Jensen could be annoying at times was an understatement. Jared and Jensen are like hell on wheels, constantly messing up takes, pranking people, and constantly teasing you about things you couldn’t change. When Misha joined the cast they would direct all joking and teasing to him, it didn’t happen as much when Mark joined the cast because they now teased him. You joined the cast during season ten you played Crowley’s daughter and ever since day one they would mess with you, its just how they show love.

You were born in england so you have a very thick british accent, almost more british then Mark’s, you were also a lot shorter then the boys, they were already freakishly tall standing at around six foot, then compare that to you around five feet they towered over you.

You sighed as you heard your alarm go off knowing you had to get up to go to set. When you got to set you headed for the makeup trailer, sitting down at your seat you waited for them to start on you. Anna one of the make up artists handed you a cup of tea, your favorite thing to have in the morning.

“ Wow I cant believe you managed to become more british (Y/N). ”

“ What do you mean Jared?” You sighed.

Jared pointed to your cup of tea.

“ Really just because Im drinking tea that makes me more british.”

“ Well the only person that drinks as much tea as you on set is Mark. And don’t you guys usually have tea breaks together. You’re like one of the most british people ever.”

You groaned knowing Jared he wouldn’t stop teasing you about being british till you die.

Even though you played Crowleys daughter you ended up doing more scenes with Jared and Jensen and Misha then Mark. Which sucked because Mark was no where near as bad as J2M. You take your mark for the scene.

“ And action.” The director yells.

In this scene Sam and Dean asked for your help with defeating lucifer because Crowley wouldn’t help.

“ Listen we need your help, your dad wont help us and without someone who has access to the books you have, we have no hope.” Jensen said in Deans rough voice.

“ Why should I help you, you’ve never done anything for me accept kidnap me one time, and try to get to my dad through me so why should I do bloody anything for you.” You said trying to sound as mean as you could.

“ We would give you tea.” Jared no longer acting as Sam laughed.

“God damn you Jared this scene was going so well and this is are last scene of the day why do you have to be so bloody annoying you prick.”

As you looked around at the director you noticed him and everyone laughing or trying to stop laughs.

“ Were sorry (Y/N) but you’re just so gosh darn cute when you say stuff like that. Its like a puppy trying to get mad.” Jensen said trying to get you to understand why they were laughing.

“ Mark has an accent just like mine why don’t you go tease him and call him cute.”

“Sorry (Y/N) Mark has no where near as cute of an accent as you do. Plus he doesn’t care when we tease him, you get so angry and its so adorable.”

“ Thanks Misha, I thought you guys were my friends.”

“ We are we just cant help it your so adorable.”

You sighed knowing that the teasing was no were near done, at least they weren’t doing it to be mean. Its just they couldn’t help it when you tried to sound angry you were to cute. Gosh darn your accent.

Nalu Oneshot

Hey!  Okay so this is a little one shot that I just decided to write??  Idk, if you’ll like it, but let me know!  I haven’t written ANY NaLu in so long sooo here you go!

Rate T for language~

Natsu scoffed as he saw the hulking form, that Lucy called her ex boyfriend, step through her apartment’s front door.  He couldn’t believe that she had invited him to her party, he thought that they were over.  He treated her like shit and she knew it, yet she always managed to get back with him.  Natsu knew that they weren’t together at the moment, yet Lucy greeted him with a smile and he returned it with an apologetic smirk that Natsu knew wouldn’t last.  Needless to say, Natsu was steaming in his own skin.  Lucy had thrown a party for no reason other than it was summer break and they were off from college.  Natsu was not one to object to a party from time to time, especially if it was his best friend’s.  He sipped whatever nasty tasting liquor that Gray had brought back for him, and glared at the back of the beast’s head.  He didn’t even remember his name, so he was just going to call him dickhead.

“What does she even see in him?”  Natsu grumbled and Gray sighed and shrugged his shoulders.

“I don’t get it either man, but there’s nothing you can do about it.”  Gray pointed out and Natsu huffed.  Gray was no help.

“I just don’t get it.  He treats her like she’s fucking garbage and then goes crawling back to him.  What a freakin’ concept.”  Natsu swilled down the rest of the drink in his red plastic cup and rolled his eyes.  “Where’d you get this?”  Natsu gestured to his empty cup and Gray pointed over to Lucy’s table that held a punch bowl.  That table was where he’d prop his feet up on lazy Sunday’s and he and Lucy would watch reruns of cartoons from when they were little.  Natsu mumbled out a ‘thanks’ and shuffled his way over to the bowl, picking up the ladle, and pouring more of the red liquid into his cup.  He might as well have a good time if he was going to be stuck in the shadow of dickhead. Natsu made his way back over to Gray who was looking off into space.  Albeit, Natsu was surprised that Juvia, one of there friends who was in absolute love with Gray, wasn’t clinging to his arm, but he felt relieved. He couldn’t be around that right now.

“Hey, at least we don’t need to worry about school shit for now.  Plus we’re seniors next year and then we can graduate and get out of this town.”  Gray chugged the rest of his own drink and sighed in content.

“I don’t know, I guess.  I mean that’s great, but I wanna know what Luce is thinking of doing.”  Natsu pondered and Gray tutted in disapproval.

“Look Natsu, you know I love Lucy as a friend, no, a sister, but you need to quite wasting your time!  It’s just not gonna happen.  I say, leave your options open.”  Natsu glared at his friend, his blood beginning to boil.  Gray always managed to get under his skin, but he knew he was right.  But mixing alcohol and Natsu’s short temper was never a good idea.

“Fuck you, Gray, you don’t know shit.  Besides, it’s not like I like her or anything, she’s my best friend.  I want what’s best for her.”  Natsu retorted and Gray rolled his eyes and chuckled slightly.

“Whatever you say.”  Natsu couldn’t stand looking at Gray’s ugly mug much longer, so he gulped down the rest of the punch, wincing at the poorly mixed drink, and stumbled slightly over to Lucy. 

“Hey, Lu~cy!”  Natsu greeted her, his speech beginning to slur slightly. Dickhead was standing next to her and looked bothered by his intrusion, but Natsu didn’t care.

“Hey, Natsu!  Did you find the punch?”  She giggled, her hair falling slightly in front of her eyes.  

“I may have.  But Gray was the one who gave it to me first.”  Natsu pouted and Lucy giggled again, her eyes reflecting the fairy lights that she had decorated her apartment with.  Her laugh was contagious and Natsu found himself laughing as well.

“You remember Jared, right?”  Lucy motioned towards the angry looking boulder next to her.

“Oh yeah, uh, hey dick- I-I mean, Jared.  What’s up man?”  Natsu stifled a giggle for almost calling the guy dickhead for real.

“Yeah, whatever.”  Dickhead replied and Lucy’s brow creased.  That was why Natsu didn’t like the prick, he made Lucy upset.

“Don’t be rude.”  Lucy muttered shortly, but he just rolled his eyes.

“Hey, why don’t you take your scrawny ass back over to that friend of yours?”  Dickhead suggested with a laugh and Natsu swallowed hard.  He didn’t want to make a scene for Lucy’s sake, but he really wanted to punch the guy square in the face.

“Why don’t you go sit in a pile of rocks, you’d fit right in as big and brainless.”  Natsu shot back smirking.  Lucy looked worriedly at the pair of them.

“Guys, stop-”  Lucy began to protest but dickhead cut her off.

“No no, I’ve got this.  I think I’ve gotta smash your face in.”

“Like you could keep up.”  Natsu scoffed and it only made him even more mad. He noticed Lucy’s eyes glistening slightly and she turned away from them and ran towards Levy and Gajeel.  “What’s your problem?”

“My problem is I don’t like you hanging around Lucy and I think you’re a little shit.”  Dickhead replied, his face in a permanent scowl.  Natsu had forgotten his name again.  The room was spinning slightly, the drinks had started to get to him.

“She’s my best friend.  You’re just some asshole she dated.  Why are you even here?”

“Because Lucy wants me here.”  He smiled horribly and Natsu’s heart sank a bit.  “She wants to get back together.”

“You’re lying.”  Natsu muttered and the guy just laughed.  Natsu felt like he was losing some steam, but he knew at the very least he could outrun the bastard.

“Why don’t you take your dumb scarf wearing ass and find your special friend and get out of here.  And by the way you little shit, Lucy’ll never be yours.”  Dickhead laughed loudly.  “I’ll be tapping that fine ass all night.”  Natsu’s hand balled into a fist and pulled it back, ready to swing.

“Natsu!”  Lucy shouted, tears stained her cheeks a bit and Levy stood behind her frowning.  “Don’t.”

“But-!”  Natsu protested, and dickhead made himself look as innocent as possible.  “I’m outta here.  See ya Luce.”  Natsu growled leaving a distraught looking Lucy.  Natsu flung open the door to Lucy’s apartment, an odd occurence since he usually came through her window.  They hadn’t hung out much when she was dating the piece of shit that he left in there with her and Natsu knew that, if they were dating again, he would see even less of her.

“Fuck, Gray’s right…  Damn…”  Natsu slumped against the brick wall of the complex.  Natsu heard a door open and footsteps set down the stairs towards where he was.  “Gray, I don’t wanna-”  Natsu stopped when he saw who it was.  “Oh.”

“Hey…”  Lucy’s sweet voice filled Natsu’s ears.  Her face was that of concern and her arms hugged her small frame.  Even though it was going to be summer, she was wearing far too little clothing to be warm against the chilly night air.

“’Sup.” Natsu mumbled, turning his face away from her.  He knew that if he looked at her, he would crumble under her brown gaze.  “Sorry for ruining your party.  But what can you expect, it is me after all.”  Natsu flashed her a halfhearted smile.  When he finally looked up at her, he saw that tears were flowing silently down her face.  “H-hey!  Why are you crying?  I-it’s my fault!”  Natsu stammered.  He never knew what to do when Lucy was crying, he usually just would scoop her into a hug until she stopped a bit.  So, that’s what he did.  He wrapped his arms around her as she sobbed into his chest relentlessly.  Natsu knew she had drank a little bit too much herself; Natsu did his best to focus, but that damn punch Gray had gotten him was really fucking him up.

“N-Natsu, I-I’m s-sorry.”  Lucy choked out and Natsu looked at her as if she had sprouted two heads.

“What?  Why are you sorry, Luce?”

“B-because I invited J-Jared.  I thought h-he’d be different today.  I-I don’t know why.”  Lucy explained and Natsu swallowed thickly.

“I thought you guys were gettin’ back together.  That’s what he said.  So, I can’t really blame ya for inviting your boyfriend to your own party.”  Natsu’s voice stuck on boyfriend.  He felt it was almost sacrilegious to even call him that.

“What?  We’re not, I just was being nice.”  Lucy looked at him in confusion and sighed.  “He always does this…  He treats people like shit.  He never liked you and I don’t know why…  Maybe because we’re so close.  Oh!  Sorry, I didn’t want you to know that he didn’t like you…”  Natsu laughed lightly and rubbed the back of Lucy’s head comfortingly.

“I pretty much got that he didn’t like me.  But I can’t believe that bastard tried to tell me you two were getting back together.”  Natsu practically growled and Lucy let a few more tears slip.

“Y-you probably don’t want to h-hear this, I’m sorry.”  Lucy cried out and pushed herself away from Natsu’s chest.  Natsu immediately missed her warmth.  “I-it’s my fault, but I’ve been drinking, and I know I’m a mess.”

“You’re not a mess, Luce.”  Natsu slurred a bit, but he was sincere.  If anything, Natsu thought that she looked beautiful out in the moonlight.  “You deserve so much better than that dickhead.”  Lucy lifted her head up to meet his gaze, and Natsu was startled by the intensity in her stare.


“Of course.”  Natsu was perplexed.  “You’re my best friend Lucy…  I wan’t you to be happy.”  Lucy tiptoed herself closer to Natsu, and he felt himself getting hot under her gaze and their proximity.

“Thank you, Natsu.  You’re always so good to me.”

“I-I care about you a lot…”  Natsu softened his voice as he looked down at her.  She swayed slightly as she placed her hands on his signature scarf he had gotten from his father.  “A-ah, Lucy?  H-how much have you had to drink?”  Natsu stammered as she pulled slightly down towards her.

“U-um, not too much…  Not enough to forget what I really want.”  Lucy whispered and Natsu practically audibly gulped.

“L-Luce, i-is this what you want?  Y-you know, this is me?  Natsu, Natsu Dragneel?”  Natsu felt ridiculous.

“I know who you are.  You are my best friend and you are amazing.  And I may like you a little bit more than normal.”  Lucy giggled and Natsu’s breath caught in his throat. 

“I d-don’t know-”  Natsu was cut off by Lucy pulling his face down to hers.  She kissed him fervently and impatiently, their saliva mixing.  Natsu squeezed his eyes shut and pulled her closer to his body, allowing a small sigh escape his throat.  Lucy’s fingers played with his scarf, and then were in his hair, pulling him down to deepen their kiss.  Regretfully, Natsu pulled away quickly.  Lucy slowly opened her eyes, her breathing heavy.  Natsu’s own breathing was ragged, and he had to shake his head slightly because he was more than a little excited.


“L-Lucy, I dunno i-if you want this.”  Natsu managed to croak out and Lucy frowned.

“Natsu, you don’t know how special you are.  And you also don’t get to tell me what I want and don’t want.”  Lucy crossed her arms defiantly.  “You’re my best friend and I’m stupid because I invited that asshole.”  Natsu just stared at her silently absorbing what she was saying.  “He’s not part of my life anymore, but you always will be.”

“I love you, Lucy.” Natsu found himself blurting out and instantly felt a raging blush spread across his cheeks.  Lucy looked taken aback for a moment and then broke out into a wide smile.  She hugged Natsu tightly and he wrapped his arms around her once more.

“Thank you Natsu.”  Lucy whispered into his shirt.  “I love you too.  As a friend and something a bit more, I hope that’s okay.”

“That’s more than okay.”  Natsu chuckled into her hair.

“Hey, you think you could take Gray home though?  I think he drank a little too much and before I came out here he was stripping and actually trying to find Juvia.”

“Wow…  Yeah, wow.  That’s…  That’s just…  Yeah, I’ll go get the bastard.” Natsu let out a boisterous laugh that mixed with Lucy’s peels of laughter.  Natsu wasn’t sure what had happened between them fully, but he was going to take one thing at a time.  The first thing he was going to take care of the perverted stripper that was in Lucy’s living room.

Imagine Chris explaining how he found out you were placed on Team Iron Man.

You and Chris sat in the interview room, waiting for the next interviewer to enter. You were still giggling at how immature Chris had been when Sasha, the previous interviewer, mentioned that you were on Team Iron Man. He didn’t really care, of course, it was all part of the act to promote the movie. The whole reason they put you on Team Iron Man was because you were Chris’ wife; that little conflict of interest was creating a buzz with the media and the fans that promoted the movie in ways no one had imagined.

“You look so beautiful today, sweetheart,” Chris complimented.

“Thank you, honey.” You smiled. “You’re looking very dapper yourself.”

The door clicked open and the next interviewer came in, introducing himself as Max. You both shook hands with him then he sat down and the camera started rolling as he began congratulating the both of you on the success of the movie, as well as your second anniversary, and asking his questions. It didn’t take long for him to bring up the fact that you were on Team Iron Man, like you’d said- it was all people were talking about.

“So I’ve heard that Chris is still sore about you being on Team Iron Man,” Max started. You both chuckled when you heard Chris groan. “Does that make things difficult for you guys at home? Is there a Mr. and Mrs. Smith situation going on? Does your husband hold grudges?”

“You have no idea,” you chuckled, glancing at Chris who was trying hard not to laugh because he knew what you were about to say next. “When he found out I was on Team Iron Man, he actually scolded me for-” You started to tell the story but he cut you off before you could finish.

“She’s telling that story way out of context,” Chris held up a finger at you and you chuckled. “You have to know how I found out first to understand why I was upset with her.” He didn’t actually get upset, that was all part of the bid, but they didn’t need to know that. “So- I was having lunch with RDJ and Kevin Feigi when RDJ’s phone rang.” Chris used his hand to make a phone gesture and placed it to his ear, “he picked up, said nothing, then all of a sudden he looks to me with his eyes lit up and fist pumped.” He acted it out as he explained. “Of course, Kevin already knew so he was sitting there laughing softly to himself whereas I’m just completely clueless, wondering what they were both smirking about.”

“When did Robert tell you the news?”

“Immediately after his little cheer and fist pump,” Chris chuckled. “And he didn’t just tell me the news, he freakin’ rubbed it in my face. He was all like- ‘haha, Y/N is on Team Iron Man’, ‘your wife is on Team Iron Man’, 'what are you going to do, man?’ Etcetera, etcetera.”

“He was not happy with me when he got home,” you giggled. “He walked in and slammed the door behind him, tossing a Captain America shirt at me. I think he said, 'it’s Captain America or nothing.’ I was laughing so hard I couldn’t stop to remind him that it wasn’t my choice, it was Marvel’s.”

“You know what the worst part of it was?” Chris added, “the entire time we were filming Civil War, she like- ditched me every time RDJ came along because she was on his team. I think one lunch, she told me she couldn’t make it because she was going over to his trailer city.”

“Like you’d pass up an invitation to his trailer for lunch,” you countered, laughing. “He has ditched me before too,” you defended your actions and Max laughed. “Literally, when it comes to going to lunch at RDJ’s- there is no friends or family clause, it’s just- every man for himself.”

“That’s true,” Chris nodded, laughing. “Mackie was so mad when Sebastian got invited and he didn’t, that was like-” he choked on his laughter, grabbing his left breast. “The best day ever 'cause I remember Mackie coming over to me complaining but I was going too.”

“Getting an invitation from RDJ is honestly the best thing ever, he has amazing food on his trailer. I think that’s the best part about being on Team Iron Man though, 'cause we’re always in scenes together and he always has food on him.” You told Max and heard Chris groan. “But then again,” you placed your hand on Chris’ knee and squeezed it gently, “it’s also great to be married to Captain America because he helps me work all that food off.”

“That’s all I’m good for, huh?” Chris teased, taking your hand in his.

“Well, you’re good for other things too but they’re filming this interview,” you responded with a smirk and Chris and Max laughed. “I can just see that becoming a gif and trending on Tumblr,” you giggled as you turned to the camera. “Can we cut that out, please?”

“That’s not going to happen,” Max chuckled with a shake of his head. “This interview is gold.”

“Yeah, and now it’s on the record that I’m good for other things too.” Chris winked and you laughed.

You know i was reading Mad Love and it’s honestly incredible that people can interpret it as romantic in any way

Like this scene is played with a lot in other joker/harley media and shit but like…. Joker wasn’t laughing his ass off because he thought Harleys get up and gags were genuinely funny

He was laughing because his manipulation worked so damn WELL that he had a psychiatrist breaking him out of jail while dressed as a clown and swooning after him  

And Every moment where joker seems to “care about” harley is just him holding onto a valuable pawn.

Just like he did with that random guy on the show in “Jokers Favor”, he painstakingly stalked that guy for over a year, just so he could keep him around for when the time was right, he does stuff like that all the time

Also if anything the issue highlights Harleys flaws as a character (poor characterization choices on the writers behalf or maybe shes just been blown out of proportion over the years, idk) like yeah, she’s a college educated psychologist, but apparently only because she manipulated her teachers with sex to pass and only became one so she could be the next Dr.Phil 

Anyway tho, i do feel bad for her a bit because i LOVE harley and if shes going to be a permanent character it’s pretty shitty that her backstory has to play into the whole “women are gullible” trope, undergoing constant abuse but yeah…

Anyway though, bottom line: 

Joker/harley ain’t a thing, shouldn’t be a thing, never should have been a thing and i hope her and ivy have a fun time being lesbians from now on

I just need to rant a little bit

*trigger warning for abuse*

I just wanna let this out for a sec and I hope that’s okay.
You all know how much I love this fandom, I really do! But lately there have been some newer (younger) fans of the series and I have been following some on IG.
It was all fine and dandy until I saw somene making a post about the scene where Klaus gets hit by Olaf. The person posting it made a caption about how funny they found the bitch-slap and that they wanted to make a video of it, so that whenever someone says a ceryain thing; Klaus would get slapped by Olaf.
That post, and YT video became more known and more and more IG accounts began posting about it and laughing along.
And that made me mad, because I have had an abusive childhood myself, mentall/emotionally and also physical. And I feel like those people either completely missed the point of the scene, or just found it funny in some way.
Yes, I know not everything is about me, but I do wanted to just say this. Because I find it important that people know it. The scene itself didn’t trigger me anymore (it used to in the movie and book), but when fans of the series go around making funny videos, comments and edits about it; that hurts to me.
I’m not saying no one can make anything about this show anymore, but just please try to keep in mind that this series has legit problems in it that they are trying to address. And it might upset people if there are edits or videos going around where people put those serious issues in a comedic light.

Anyways, I hope no one feels hella attacked because that’s not my intention. And I hope it’s alright I post this. I don’t care if you completely disagree or whatnot, I jus needed to say this.
If anyone has questions or wants to talk about me regarding this matter, you may do so.

With all due respect.

okay but guys, 

Lily Evans knowing the Marauders are animagus’ and she tells all of them (seperately, at different times)  that she knows but, they all think they’re the only ones who know she knows. 

  •  So know they all think they’re in on some HUGE secret with Lily 
  • James thinks he’s totally getting somewhere with her since he told “only him” 
  • and they all try so desperately to hide that they know 
  • Sirius is the best at hiding it. Obviously
  • Remus is just very very bad at it. I mean, that entire “WEREWOLF? HAHAHA” scene basically played out but with “HOW WOULD LILY EVANS KNOW YOU GUYS WERE ANIMAGUS’????? THATS SO RIDICULOUS OH MY GOD GUYS, PETER! PETER ISNT THAT JUST PLAIN MAD? 
  • Peter is just a nervous Wreck™ because he thinks that if he says ANYTHING Lily would just immediately hate him and hex him into the next century 
  • James just wants to brag about how Evans totally likes him since she told him she knew but struggles internally for days
  • Lily laughs as she watches them all struggle not to say anything to each other 
  • She makes weird puns about their animagus form around all of them, “Oh deer…” “Sirius, you dog!” “You’re such a sneaky little rat, Peter!” 
  • They all sweat nervously every time. 
  • Remus almost screams when she does it as well. 
  • It basically ends up with them all screaming “LILY KNOWS.” one day and then they all realize they’ve been played by the greatest gamer of all time. Lily Evans. 

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Hello hello hello. I have a lil headcanon, What if It's almost junkooks birthday and jimin wants him to have the best birthday ever? Teehee~

okii!! just so everyone knows this will probably be really corny. ps - i decided to make it a neighbours au thing. also pre-relationship. it’s mostly cute with a small hint of spice at one part but nothing major. also minor yoonseok couple. this one was fun and i kept it non-angsty for once in my life. 

+ jimin knocked on his next door neighbours door. he had gotten jungkook’s mail again. really their mailman was just lazy, whoever it was always put jungkook’s mail in jimin’s mailbox. but jimin wasn’t really complaining. it gave him an excuse to see his super sweet and good-looking neighbour. 

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Ok embarrassing confession time. UT, US, UF, and SF skele-bros and others if you want and please. They're sitting on a couch watching whatever movie with their crush(hopefully soon S/O) and one scene happens the boy in the film slips on ice and falls while the other laughs the crush says accidentally aloud "that's like me but I fell for you"

* Me flirting t b h


He starts mad blushing but continues to try to act chill. Surely they didn’t mean it that way. What the hell would they ever see in him anyways? They probably meant it as a joke, yeah definitely. He gets really quiet, not even returning the pun as he overthinks then rethinks everything. He’s really distracted the next few times they hang out.


He strikes a dramatic pose, waiting for their response. It’s only if you look closely that you notice his hands are shaking and he’s sweating lightly.


It takes like 2 full seconds for the flirt to sink in. He blushes slow, getting redder and redder the more he thinks about it until his entire face is alight with crimson. He’s suddenly really stiff and if he had a heart it would be beating so fast. He starts sweating a lot. Did they just? But no, that can’t be it why would they? But what if-? He clears his throat with a flimsy ass excuse a curt, “u-uh i hav’ta go it’s um. suddenly, i just remembered… ya.” Blips back to his bedroom to probably regret existence.


He just stares at them for awhile, gearing up to blurt something out, until they get uncomfortable. When they finally look at him all “wtf dude” he goes “IF THAT IS YOUR WAY OF FLIRTING THEN YOU NEED TO TRY HARDER. FORTUNATELY FOR YOU, I ACCEPT BECAUSE I DO FIND YOU ATTRACTIVE AS WELL.”


His eyes go wide and he scrambles to pause the movie. He takes their hands in his. “MY FRIEND HUMAN, DID YOU MEAN WHAT YOU SAID?” 
Depending on their answer, he either pretends nothing happened or launches into a full confessional speech.


He replies, “Haha same.” Before registering what they even said. Then he does and his eyes widen but it’s too late. His crush turns to him, also wide-eyed and lightly blushing.
“Wait what?” They say.
“What?” He looks away.
“What.” They start to doubt.
“Um. Yeah.” He clarifies.
“Well, okay.” They cough.
“Um are we dating now?”


He ignores their comment, pretending he didn’t hear. Internally he is ACTUALLY SCREAMING but he doesn’t want this to be how his confession plays out. When he does confess, it will be grand and memorable, not on a couch watching a shitty movie. At least now he knows they probably return his feelings, that makes things much easier.


u M????????????
He does a double take at their expression to discern whether they’re serious or just joking. Pretending to be super chill, he forces his posture to relax and face the movie screening.
“That’s like me but I fell harder.” He responds, then immediately cringes. Goodbye dignity, rip, farewell, there it goes.

A new start, part 6

Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader

Word Count: 2133

Warnings: Language and fluff =)

Part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5

Once Chris had driven away, you finally went into the house.  Everything felt different.  Everything looked better.  You were past your crush and heavily into liking this man.  There was not so much fear anymore.  Getting to know him, the man he was, helped that.  He showed you how you should be treated whether as a friend or as something more.  Tonight had been wonderful and you felt like you were going to burst out of your skin with excitement.  There was no way you were going to be able to sleep at this point.  At least not until you got rid of some of the energy surging through your veins.  You turned up the music on your phone and took a shower first thing.  Singing at the top of your lungs and dancing in the shower stall.  The dance party continued for at least another thirty minutes in the bedroom after you had gotten your pajamas on.  

As your body started to tire out, you received a text message.  You looked at the clock and realized it was just after midnight, your heart started to beat wildly thinking something was wrong.  Running over to your phone, you saw it was from Chris.

You awake?  I can’t sleep.  

Sighing loudly you climbed into bed, giving yourself a few moments to let your heart rate return to normal.

Actually yes I am.  Your text just scared the shit out of me.

His return text was quick.

Sorry.  I know it’s late.  I just couldn’t sleep.  Honestly I am too hyped up from our date.

You read over the words several times before you responded.  It boggled your mind that he was feeling the exact same way you were right now.  

I am too.  I’ve been dancing around like a mad woman trying to get rid of some of this energy.

I debated going for a run but it’s late and I don’t need an ax murderer hacking me to death.  The headlines would suck.

You laughed aloud, shaking your head.  The man was insane.

Yeah it would be awful.  “Captain America can’t hack it”

LOL Wow that’s even worse. Really glad now I didn’t go.

Smiling, you settled back into bed.  As you thought about it, you did not have to be on set until the afternoon.  You had scenes with some of the supporting actors in the movie.  The scenes with Chris would not be until the day after.  They were fewer now that the movie was close to finishing.  Only two more weeks to go, then you would head home for a month before you were slated for your next filming.  Since you did not have to be up early, you made the choice, flipped through your contacts and hit send.  Chris picked up almost immediately.

“I wasn’t expecting a phone call.  Just thought we would text until one of us crashed.”  That damn voice of his made your stomach do a flip as soon as your heard it.

“I know.  But neither of us can sleep and I wanted to talk.  We can go back to texting if you want.”  In your mind, you were yelling ‘please say no, please say no!’

“No, no.  I’m glad to hear your voice.  Didn’t think I would get to talk to you till tomorrow.  Though I guess it is tomorrow now.”  You were sure you could hear a smile in his voice and it made your cheeks flame.  Just as always talking with Chris was easy and was effortless.  The pair of you getting to know each other in a different way. He asked questions he had always wanted to know, like your favorite book and what was your go-to snack.  Then when you asked, he told you all about his favorite pet as a child and how his sisters used to torment him when they were younger.  It was close to three in the morning by the time either of you realized it.  Chris said he wanted you to sleep even though he could keep talking to you for the rest of the night.  Begrudgingly you said goodnight, falling asleep not long after.

Hours later, you were woken by an annoying buzzing sound.  The fog in your brain slowly dissipating as the noise stopped then sounded again just moments later.  It was then you realized it was your phone vibrating on the bedside table.  Not bothering to look to see who it was you answered with a sleepy, “hello?”

“I have been trying to call you for an hour. Have you been sleeping this whole time?”  It was Chris and he sounded way too awake for going to bed so late.

“Yes, some of us require more than four hours of beauty sleep to function.  Why have you been calling me for an hour?”  You had not pried your eyes open yet.

“Wow so I get to tell you this?  That’s amazing.”

“Spit it out Evans.” The level of your patience was dwindling quickly.  Chris laughed in your ear.

“[Y/N] you were nominated for best actress for Deep dark corner.  They announced it this morning.”  Your end of the line went very quiet.  This had to be a dream, how was it possible for one, that you did not know the nominations were today and two… how the hell were you nominated?  “[Y/N]?  You better not have fallen back asleep on me.”

“No, no I’m here. Holy shit.  Am I dreaming?  Fuck. I’m awake.  Oh my God, Chris!”  Sitting up quickly in bed you covered your mouth as you screamed your excitement. He laughed on the other end of the phone as he listened to you.  Hearing your joy made him grin and it just added to his own excitement for the surprise he was now planning.  As you were trying to calm down your phone vibrated again with another call.  This time from your manager.  “Chris can I call you back?  My manager is calling and I know he had got to be freaking out too.”

“Of course.  Call me back when you can, if not I will probably see you on set later.”  Saying your goodbyes, you switched over to the other line.  Mike, your manager, was beyond excited.  He, too, had been trying to call you for hours.  In the time you were on the phone with him seven more texts and three phone calls came in.  Every person you knew wanted to say congratulations and give their love.  After talking to Mike, you called your mom who kept you on the phone for thirty minutes.  Every time you tried to say you had to go she kept talking.  Finally you just took the phone with you to the bathroom so you could pee, because she was going on about how proud she was and how she knew that movie was going to put you on the map.

Towards the end of the phone call, she finally slowed down to ask, “Who are you taking as your date to this thing?”  That question stopped you in your tracks.  It was not something you had thought about yet.  She mentioned something about taking your father or Jake. Chris popped into your mind but it was probably too soon to ask him something like that.  It was a huge deal, and maybe he was not ready to define whatever was going on between you.  As soon as you got off the phone with your mother, your favorite designer called. He was lesser known in the design world but you had bonded over pretty dresses one visit to New York.  Since then you used him more for your dresses and outfits than anyone else.  He called to ask what you wanted to look like and how he was going to send an assistant out this week to measure you, so that he could get started with the designs.

It took hours for you to finally call and text everyone back.  You had gotten a long shower and brushed your hair out before heading to the set.  As you walked up to your trailer, another text came through.  Even though you had taken the name out of your contact list, you recognized the number.  David texted to say ‘Congrats beautiful. You deserve it.’  You stared at the message for a moment then decided to not respond. He was no longer important and did not need an answer.  Opening your trailer door the scent of flowers hit you.  Walking up the entire interior was covered with hundreds of different colored roses.    Every bouquet was multicolored except one.  One solid white bouquet sat at your makeup chair.  There was a card sticking out with your name on it.

If I could have filled your house with roses I would have. I’m so proud of you. Congratulations [Y/N].  

~ C

Chris remembered from one conversations months ago that your favorite flower was a white rose.  How did he pull this together so quickly?!  You teared up as you gazed around the room. No one had ever done anything for you like this before.  He made you feel more special in the short time you had known him, than any other man had in the entire span of the relationship.  Wiping your eyes, you pulled your phone from your pocket.  As you started to dial there was a knock at your trailer door.  You opened it to find Chris standing there with the biggest grin on his face.  Not wasting a breath, you launched yourself into his arms hugging him tightly.

“Thank you so much.  I can’t believe you did that.  You are crazy.”  He laughed as he held you tight.

“I wanted to see you smile. But, this is better.  And yeah I know I am crazy, crazy about you.”  He did it again.  Your heart nearly exploded in your chest.  Pulling back to look at him you forgot what you were going to say. His blue eyes were staring down at you, causing everything inside you to do the opposite of what it was made to do. Chris’s smile disappeared as he started to look nervous with you looking up at him.  However, it was too late for you then, you wanted this.  Leaning up on your toes you pressed your lips softly to his. He was hesitant at first to return the kiss, but only for a second.  Soon his response matched your own as his hand held the back of your head lightly.  It was far better than the kisses you had on set. This was real.  This was not acting between you and it felt wonderful. Chris was the first to pull back, though it was reluctantly.    “That was… great.”

You nodded with a quiet giggle.  “It was better than great.  It was amazing.”  He still held you in his arms as he ran his thumb across your cheek.

“[Y/N] I want this with you. Just you and me.  I’m not seeing anyone else.  I don’t plan to.  You understand that?”  His sincerity blew you away.  He wanted to be just with you.  As much as it scared you, you needed that new start.  Just like your dad had said.  You wanted that new start with Chris.

“I think I understand. I guess that means you’re my boyfriend Christopher Evans.”  As much as you joked, you were just as serious as he was.  He laughed stealing another soft kiss.

“Damn right.”  

“So then you wouldn’t be upset if I asked you to escort me to the awards in a month?  I need a date and I’m pretty sure I want my boyfriend to enjoy that night with me.  Even when I don’t win.”  You could only hope now he would say yes.  That he would be willing to go public at that point with your relationship.

“[Y/N], I would do anything you wanted.  I would love to take you.  You sure you want the world to know about the dork you are dating?  And you are going to win.”  

“You sure you want the world to know the pain in the ass you are dating?”  Both of you smiled at the same time.

“Hell yes.  I’m proud of you, in case you didn’t get a chance to read the card.”  He kissed you again, this time it lingered far longer than the first one.  One of the set assistants finally had to break the two of you apart because you had to get ready for your scenes.  The poor woman had an awful blush at having to do so.  The rest of the day, you were walking on clouds.  Between your nomination and now having a defined status with Chris, you could not remember the last time you had been so happy.

Part 7

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Svt Reaction to You Embarrassing Them In Front of Their Members

admin k: hopefully this is ok bc i haven’t done reactions in a while~

Seungcheol: Honestly a little embarrass but not that much because you were acting so cute, talking about the two of you. You weren’t saying anything horrible, just some couple-things that Seungcheol did when you two were alone. He’d maybe cover you mouth if you went too far but overall, he’d have that embarrassed smile on his face while his cheeks grew a bright pink colour.

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Jeonghan: First off, why would you even test this man?? You know he’s a secret little (handsome) devil and he’ll surely get you back for embarrassing him in front of his members. He’d grit his teeth a little mad about it but wouldn’t want to hurt you so he left the scene, not wanting to deal with the humiliation that you had caused him. He wouldn’t want to speak to anyone for about a day or two until his embarrass feeling faded.

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Joshua: I feel like he’d laugh along but that weird…haha kinda laugh. Like ‘yeah guys…that’s totally so funny.’ you know? Truthfully, I think he’d just push through it and maybe try to direct the conversation else where, away from the embarrassing story you were telling the guys. And if you continue to embarrass him and he can’t talk it, he’d just have his head in between his legs or pout at you.

“jagiya, whyyyy???”

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Jun: He won’t say much but through his pissed off expression, you could tell he didn’t like it at all. He’d give you the side eye and wouldn’t smile at you. Probably even roll his eyes at you and grab your hand to take you away from the guys before it gets worst.

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soonhoon + youtube!au ~

“Hey Jihoon, can you come here for a sec?” Soonyoung yells for his roommate to enter his room. 

There’s a grumble that Soonyoung can hear, but sure enough, Jihoon walks in about two minutes later with an eyebrow raised.


“Say hi to the camera!” Soonyoung says excitedly.

“I already told you, I’m not doing another video with you,” Jihoon says exasperatedly. “Once was more than enough.”

“But my viewers like you,” Soonyoung pouts, “they think you’re cute.” 

Jihoon walks over to flick Soonyoung on the forehead, and narrows his eyes.

“I am not cute.” 

Soonyoung turns back to the camera, completely ignoring Jihoon’s Death Glare.

“See, he keeps saying that but I actually agree with you guys.” Soonyoung pauses, and leans in to read something on the computer screen.

Jihoon clears his throat. “Um, can you at least tell me why you called me to come over? I was trying to prepare our dinner?” 

Soonyoung turns around and laughs.

“Come and read this,” he gestures for the other to come over. Curiosity getting the better of him, Jihoon obliges and leans in to read the running comments on the screen. 

hes so cute!! soonyoung u lucky dude
w ow bf goals??? he’s COOKING for u soonyoung u better be Grateful 

“Oh my god, Kwon Soonyoung,” Jihoon’s voice raises, “did you forget to mention that you’re livestreaming?” 

Soonyoung turns around and shrugs, giving Jihoon another pout. “You always make me delete scenes with you in it but I always want to show you off.”

“Anways,” he leans in to whisper into Jihoon’s ear, “you’re not actually mad, are you?” 

Jihoon rolls his eyes, and reaches out to mess Soonyoung’s hair. “Whatever, you’re being dumb. I’m leaving.” 

Before he leaves the room, he turns back to the camera and says in a louder voice, “Tell him to treat me better!!” 

Soonyoung laughs as he turns back to face his audience of almost fifty thousand people. 

“I suppose he’s right, I treat him like a prince but he treats me like a king. Anyways, I gotta go soon, pray that I won’t get too much of a scolding. Love you guys and do look forward to my next video!” 

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Alot of friends are mad Jeller laughed through the big sex scene and thought it was awkward. Although not a fan of the black outs, how can Jeller sex be bad? My take was it was the dream come true. If you remember in that dream sequence she was beaming and this scene reminded me of that happiness. Just wondered your thoughts. Maybe I'm over thinking it and Jaimie and Sully couldn't stay serious, but for two people who have such amazing chemistry that seems unlikely. What do you think?

awwwww!! dude I absolutely LOVED that they were like that!! THOSE TWO HAVE SUFFERED SO SO SO SO MUCH! This moment was literally the happiest moment of their lives, and after everything they went through they DESERVE TO BE SO HAPPY!!!

Honestly, their happiness made that much better because… GUH! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! MY BABIES BEING THIS HAPPY JUST MAKES ME WANT TO CRY!





Imagine playing Crowley’s daughter and having a really British accent.

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To say that Jared and Jensen could be annoying at times was an understatement. Jared and Jensen are like hell on wheels, constantly messing up takes, pranking people, and constantly teasing you about things you couldn’t change. When Misha joined the cast they would direct all joking and teasing to him, it didn’t happen as much when Mark joined the cast because they now teased him. You joined the cast during season ten you played Crowley’s daughter and ever since day one they would mess with you, its just how they show love.  

You were born in england so you have a very thick british accent, almost more british then Mark’s, you were also a lot shorter then the boys, they were already freakishly tall standing at around six foot, then compare that to you around five feet they towered over you.  

You sighed as you heard your alarm go off knowing you had to get up to go to set. When you got to set you headed for the makeup trailer, sitting down at your seat you waited for them to start on you. Anna one of the make up artists handed you a cup of tea, your favorite thing to have in the morning.  

“ Wow I cant believe you managed to become more british (Y/N). ”  

“ What do you mean Jared?” You sighed.

Jared pointed to your cup of tea.  

“ Really just because Im drinking tea that makes me more british.”

“ Well the only person that drinks as much tea as you on set is Mark. And don’t you guys usually have tea breaks together. You’re like one of the most british people ever.”

You groaned knowing Jared he wouldn’t stop teasing you about being british till you die.  

Even though you played Crowleys daughter you ended up doing more scenes with Jared and Jensen and Misha then Mark. Which sucked because Mark was no where near as bad as J2M. You take your mark for the scene.

“ And action.” The director yells.

In this scene Sam and Dean asked for your help with defeating lucifer because Crowley wouldn’t help.

“ Listen we need your help, your dad wont help us and without someone who has access to the books you have, we have no hope.” Jensen said in Deans rough voice.

“ Why should I help you, you’ve never done anything for me accept kidnap me one time, and try to get to my dad through me so why should I do bloody anything for you.” You said trying to sound as mean as you could.

“ We would give you tea.” Jared no longer acting as Sam laughed.

“God damn you Jared this scene was going so well and this is are last scene of the day why do you have to be so bloody annoying you prick.”  

As you looked around at the director you noticed him and everyone laughing or trying to stop laughs.

“ Were sorry (Y/N) but you’re just so gosh darn cute when you say stuff like that. Its like a puppy trying to get mad.” Jensen said trying to get you to understand why they were laughing.

“ Mark has an accent just like mine why don’t you go tease him and call him cute.”

“Sorry (Y/N) Mark has no where near as cute of an accent as you do. Plus he doesn’t care when we tease him, you get so angry and its so adorable.”  

“ Thanks Misha, I thought you guys were my friends.”

“ We are we just cant help it your so adorable.”

You sighed knowing that the teasing was no were near done, at least they weren’t doing it to be mean. Its just they couldn’t help it when you tried to sound angry you were to cute. Gosh darn your accent.

American Gods: Ep 1

So, all of you know that I’m absolute trash for Neil Gaiman and American Gods. A lot of you have probably followed me for that exact reason. So I wanted to update you on what I thought of episode 1 of the new show. [Spoilers ahead!]

I loved it.

It’s so genuinely excellent so far. The introduction, with the totem pole, is inspired. The casting is great. But I suspected that already. Let’s get into the details.

Originally posted by wynonasrider

Mr. Wednesday’s introduction is great. I enjoyed the way the series began, with the introduction of Odin into this world. Ian McShane is a fantastic Mr. Wednesday, gruff and slimy and weirdly likable anyhow. I liked that they maintained just enough of the original beginning, and simply twisted it earlier with flashbacks and dreams to give it even more mystery early on.

Shadow’s is played wonderfully—his grief, his hardness to the outside world, Mr. Wednesday’s read of him, his humor. As are his coin tricks. I really loved his coin tricks. His cellmate has been accurate so far, and Audrey was done well—just enough to be horridly sort of, almost funny, while also not funny at all. I’m just loving everything about it so far.

There were a couple high points—or, perhaps, just parts I was thrilled to see—in this episode. The first, naturally, is Bilquis.

Originally posted by americangodsedits

I had no idea how they were going to make “that scene” work. But they did. It was just enough sexy and scary, just enough genuinely beautiful and absolutely horrifying. One thing I was slightly troubled over was their erasure of the fact that she was a sex worker. In this one, she’s on Tindr, and I liked the incorporation of that technology, but I’m still curious as to why they decided to make the change. 

The second is Shadow’s dreams. I might be wrong, but I feel like they went a little farther with them than in the book at this point. But I loved them. I love the buffalo with the flaming eyes. It’s one of my favorite parts of the book. “Believe.”

Now, we get to my two favorite parts, because the show took them and just flew, both through acting and through special effects. The first: Technical Boy.

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The way they did this entire scene was inspired. The way they added a virtual reality device to get Shadow in the limo-like place. The way Technical Boy constructs himself in front of Shadow’s eyes. His buffering language. His vaping (the synthetic toad skins). The constant weirdness. I loved it. 

And the second favorite part? Mad Sweeney.

Originally posted by wynonasrider

I don’t even think I need to explain this one. Every one of his scenes, from the fight to plucking the coins out of the air, to his bloody laugh, was absolutely killer. Pablo Schreiber is such a perfect Mad Sweeney. I love it. 

I’m still nervous about the whole thing, as anyone would be about an adaptation of one of their favorite novels that they know the world will see and judge by. But I’m loving it so far!

Did you see this episode? What did you think?

“We have several scenes together, he is one of the knights, and I really can say - a great swordsman. Maybe even the best of them all! Just like me he also an archer, and we already had a contest with Mads, just for chosen to be a kind of Zen archer. So he just stood up and said: ‘Now I will hit the mark,’ and he does it. And we are, all of us, just stood there like 'Where did he come from?’ (laughs) And yes, he’s a really nice guy!”

Keira Knightley about Mads Mikkelsen [interview on the set of 'King Arthur’]