i laugh like mad at this scene

okay but guys, 

Lily Evans knowing the Marauders are animagus’ and she tells all of them (seperately, at different times)  that she knows but, they all think they’re the only ones who know she knows. 

  •  So know they all think they’re in on some HUGE secret with Lily 
  • James thinks he’s totally getting somewhere with her since he told “only him” 
  • and they all try so desperately to hide that they know 
  • Sirius is the best at hiding it. Obviously
  • Remus is just very very bad at it. I mean, that entire “WEREWOLF? HAHAHA” scene basically played out but with “HOW WOULD LILY EVANS KNOW YOU GUYS WERE ANIMAGUS’????? THATS SO RIDICULOUS OH MY GOD GUYS, PETER! PETER ISNT THAT JUST PLAIN MAD? 
  • Peter is just a nervous Wreck™ because he thinks that if he says ANYTHING Lily would just immediately hate him and hex him into the next century 
  • James just wants to brag about how Evans totally likes him since she told him she knew but struggles internally for days
  • Lily laughs as she watches them all struggle not to say anything to each other 
  • She makes weird puns about their animagus form around all of them, “Oh deer…” “Sirius, you dog!” “You’re such a sneaky little rat, Peter!” 
  • They all sweat nervously every time. 
  • Remus almost screams when she does it as well. 
  • It basically ends up with them all screaming “LILY KNOWS.” one day and then they all realize they’ve been played by the greatest gamer of all time. Lily Evans. 

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Imagine: Paul listening in on your conversation, and he loses his cool when the guy leans closer to you.

“Oh my gosh!” you exclaim, laughing as the guy laughs with you. “You’re so funny!” tears brim up between your slit eyelids as you continue laughing hard.

“I’m not that funny, you’re just easily amused.” the boy teases, leaning closer to you.

Down the hallway, Paul see’s the scene unravel and he cannot help his trembling. The way you’re laughing with that guy made him mad, made him lose control. “Dude, calm down! She’s just talking to him.” Jared hisses, pushing Paul towards the exit.

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living with calum would include
  • constant stream of uptown funk & various r&b songs
  • whenever someone comes over, he switches to green day
  • surprise hugs when you get home from work
  • “send nudes” “i’m literally right next to you”
  • you know that scene from parks & rec where leslie adopts a bunch of animals? that would be calum. he would literally adopt an entire animal shelter.
  • him trying to get you to dance with him but he’s doing some really weird “sexy” dance so  all you can do is laugh
  • “i’m about to take a shower…. would you like to join me ;)”
  • whenever you start getting mad at him, he just gives you puppy dog eyes and begs you to forgive him
  • “living with you is so great… i can’t believe i spent so many months living on a tour bus with 3 idiots”
  • coming home to a beautiful dinner with candles & calum looks so proud so you just smile & thank him, ignoring the takeout boxes that you saw in the kitchen
  • calum leaving for work but 5 minutes later he runs back inside because he forgot to say he loves you
  • “no offense but you’re really hot”
  • petty little arguments that end with you standing in a chair so you can be taller & intimidate him, but it’s such a ridiculous sight that he starts laughing & soon you’re both laughing, completely over what you were arguing about
  • “i love you”
  • “i love you more”
  • “NO I DO”

ashton // luke // michael

Time for a wedding ( 7x08 )

Originally posted by iwasntpayingattention

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader

Warnings: fluff

Word count: 2.026

Summary: Becky Rosen is giving Sam a portion to make him be in love with her and they get married. Reader is shocked by Sam’s choices and gets really mad.

A/N: I swear that episode eight from season seven was one of the funniest. I laughed and it inspired me to write this. I know I’ve changed the scenes, but I inserted reader and imagined the episode differently. I hope you like it! xx



You, Sam and Dean were in Las Vegas, Nevada for your ‘sacred, annual pilgrimage’, but Sam decided to spend the time camping alone in the desert. The strange thing was that he hasn’t asked you to join him. You raised your eyebrows, but understood that maybe, he needed some time alone, to figure himself out, so you remained in the big city with Dean. After four days apart, Dean got a text message from Sam telling him to change into his suit and meet him at a nearby chapel. Dean called you and told you to change into your suit and expect him to come pick you up.

You got to the chapel expecting a case, but when you entered, you remained speechless. The place was arranged for a wedding. Everything was beautiful and there was a big cake in a corner of the room. Sam was waiting for you sitting on a chair. You and Dean walked up to him.

“Sam, what is this?” Dean asked.

“I’m in love! I’m getting married!” Sam smiled.

“Okay, Sam. Nice way to propose. Unique.” you smiled.

“Oh, I’m not proposing to you.” Sam threw you a weird look. “There she is! My bride!” Sam said pointing at the doors that opened. The Bridal Chorus started playing and a woman dressed in a big white dress with a bouquet of flowers in her hands and the veil covering her face walked towards Sam, which seemed to wait for her with his heart full of emotions. You and Dean were watching the whole scene with shocked looks on your faces. The looks on your faces turned from shock to disgust and more shock when Sam gently lifted up her veil, reviling her face. It was Becky. Becky Rosen.

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“Becky?!” you and Dean said at the same time.

“This is too much for me!” you rolled your eyes and left the chapel. You got into the car waiting for Dean. After thirty minutes Dean left the chapel as well.

“What the hell was that?” you asked as Dean entered the car.

“I have no idea.” Dean said. “Why did I even stay at the ceremony?” he asked himself.

“I don’t get it… What if she is a demon, leviathan, monster…”

“She’s not. She passed every test.”

“Then what is this?!”

“I quote: ‘We met, dinned, talked and fell in love.’. I swear… it’s like he’s gone crazy!”

“What now?”

“I’m still skeptical, but I can’t stop him from going to her house. Pike Creek, Delaware.”

You called Bobby and told him about ‘Sam’s wife’ and everything. You followed Sam and Becky to Pike Creek. You watched them stop in front of a restaurant where her ten year high school reunion was going to happen. You watched them talk to an old friend of hers and heard that his name was Guy. After they left, you and Dean entered the restaurant and found a newspaper with an interesting headline: a man who recently won the lottery was killed in a freak accident. Seemed like a case.

The next day, you and Dean decided that it would be okay to get inside the happy couple’s life and tried to seem supportive bringing them a waffle iron. Sam let you in and Dean told him about the case, but surprisingly, Becky was rambling something about the case and the investigation panel was already up the wall.

“You are working the case… with her?” Dean said.

“Excuse me, can I have a moment with Sam?” you faked a smile and pulled Sam somewhere privately. “Sam! What’s gotten into you?”

“What’s wrong?” Sam was confused. “I’m in love!”

“Yeah, with me, you idiot.” you said.

“Okay, Y/N. You have to move on! I gave Becky my name. We are a family now. She’s the one.-” Sam said as Becky interrupted him with a kiss in front of you, just to make you even more angrier.

“Is something wrong, sweetie?” Becky asked trying to hug Sam’s big body.

“No, honey. We were just talking.” Sam said and they went back to the living room.

’Sweetie’? ‘Honey’ ? What the hell?!” you said to yourself and followed them.

Back in the living room, Becky started talking about the case. They first thought about a Crossroads Demon, but the timeframe was off because the victims weren’t getting ten years before they die, so they thought about a cursed object but they haven’t connected the victims yet. You and Dean were watching their ‘speech’ with boredom until Dean started talking:

“Becky, I know you are working some kind of mojo here, okay?! Sam isn’t acting like himself and this isn’t normal!” Dean almost yelled on an angry tone.

“Dean! You are talking to my wife!” Sam said trying to defend her. You were watching the whole fight rolling your eyes from time to time.

“Yeah, you wife is playing you, Sam! Wake up! This isn’t you!” you yelled.

“Are you jealous, Y/N?! I’m sorry, but this is between the Winchester family! Stay out!” Becky confronted you yelling.

“I swear I’ll kill you!” you said but Dean calmed you down while Sam was watching you with disappointment.

“People’s dreams are coming true in this town and it’s such a coincidence that Becky’s dream of having you, Sam, came true.” Dean calmed down and started talking with sarcasm. “Becky could be the next to die.” he warned them.

“Dean, Y/N, come on! You are clearly just upset. Ever thought I don’t need the two of you anymore?” Sam said and Dean looked at you. You understood from his look that it was time to go.

When you got back to the car, Dean got a call from Bobby telling him that he can’t make it there so he is sending another hunter, Garth, to help the two of you with the case. You and Dean were able to handle this without help, but someone had to keep an eye on the ‘love birds’.

You met Garth and you were surprised to find a skinny guy who doesn’t look like a typical hunter, still you inform him about the case and go dressed as press to a local insurance company to question a man who was promoted from junior salesman to CEO, thinking that he could be next on the list of victims.

When you got to the company, Dean spotted Sam and Becky, which were already leaving.

“Look who’s here.” Dean said pointing to them.”

“Oh, God.” you rolled your eyes when you saw Becky throwing you a threatening look.

After you questioned the man and found out that the problem was a Crossroads Demon, you decided that Dean and Garth will take care of the case a little bit more and you will spy Sam and Becky.

You drove to their house and luckily, they weren’t there. You used a bobby pin and entered. You just did some searching through their stuff and found a photo. In the photo was Becky in front of a cabin. On the back of the photo was written the address and something told you that they were there. You listened to your instincts and drove towards that place. It was a beautiful place with a great look and Becky’s car was parked in the front. You parked somewhere hidden, but you could watch the house perfectly and you waited. In less than five minutes, Becky took her car and left. You were surprised that she was alone so you decided to call Dean to keep him updated.

“Dean, I tracked them and Becky left the house alone, what should I do?” you said as soon as he picked up.

“Go in.”

“Okay… How are you doing?”

“We’re handling it.” Dean said. “Be careful!” he said and he closed the call.

You grabbed your gun and headed towards the house. You were expecting a lot of things, from Sam all angry that you entered his loving wife’s house, to a demon, to traps, to anything possible because Becky was literally crazy. You started laughing when you saw Sam tied up to the bed, both hands and feet with a scarf in his mouth trying to say stuff and struggling to free himself.

“Oh, so, is this the way you guys are having sex? Shouldn’t she be the one tied up to the bed?” you laughed and took the scarf from his mouth, letting him speak.

“Thanks, God, Y/N! Please untie me!”

“Maybe yes… maybe not…” you kept him ‘burning’ while you were playing with your gun.


“Okay.” you untied him. You sat on the bed next to him and slowly untied the rope around his hands and feet. As soon as he was free he gave you a big, loving hug followed by a passionate kiss.

“I’m so glad you’re here…” Sam whispered as he placed his forehead on to yours.

“What happened to you, Sammy?” you whispered.

“She’s crazy. She gave me something named Wiccan. It’s a portion, I’m not sure what it does to you, but it drives you crazy. She has it from Guy, a friend of hers. She is meeting up with him right now at that restaurant. We have to tell Dean!” Sam explained everything to you.

You called Dean and told him everything that Sam has told you, but he already knew it.

“I know, I met Becky. Guy is the demon; he wanted her soul in exchange for the Wiccan. We are setting up a trap to kill him so you better move your asses at the restaurant. Now!”

You and Sam started driving to the place you were going to meet Dean, Becky and Garth, but what was happening caught you off guard. The fight was already going on. Garth was in a corner of the room, passed out, Becky was in the other corner just like Garth. One demon was down but the Crossroads Demon was above Dean trying to kill him and Crowley was watching the whole scene, enjoying it. You spotted Ruby’s knife on the ground and rushed to pick it up. As soon as you had it in your hands, you ran towards Guy, more than ready to kill him when Dean shouted:

“No! Don’t kill him!” you caught the demon in a vulnerable second and pulled him around in a hostage hold, keeping the knife up his throat, facing Crowley’s sarcastic smile. Sam helped Dean to get up and faced Crowley as well.

“Oh, look who’s here. The other moose and his princess. Here to save the situation, as always.” Crowley smiled.

“Call off all of the deals you have in Pike Creek! Now!” Dean shouted.

“Hmm… Let me think. I need my demon.” Crowley said. “Hand him over and I’ll call them off.”

“First call off the deals!” you yelled.

“You’re such a brave little female moose…” Crowley said and you rolled your eyes. He made a move with his hand and called the deals off. “Done.”

You handed the bastard over to the King of Hell and they disappeared into the thin air. Garth and Becky woke up not long after that and you left to Becky’s house to sign the divorce papers.

Back at her apartment, the papers were signed and she joined you outside. Dean and Sam stopped to talk to Garth while you stopped to talk to Becky.

“Becky, why did you do this?”

“I… I always wanted a man like Sam…”

“Becky… all you have to do is wait. Destiny has everything prepared for us. The right one will come, eventually and he won’t need stupid portions to love you. “

“I’m sorry… You are so lucky…” the sadness in Becky’s voice was making you feel bad.

“Your man will come and for you, in your eyes, he will be better than Sam, better than anyone.”

“Is that how you see Sam?”


“He deserves you… Thank you for being kind to me even after what I’ve done…” Becky said and you hugged her.

“Are we good to go?” Sam and Dean finished talking to Garth and he left.

“Yes.” you said and entered the car.

“‘Angry, drunken shouting’. Just when I thought Bryan’s teasers couldn’t get anymore dramatic, they do every single time.”
“Yeah, but I don’t get why you’re worried though. You did good shouting at me back then, even had fun-”
“Actually, that’s why I’m worried. I’m the most fantastic drunk you’ve ever met. If I have as much fun as I did back then, who knows when we’ll finish whatever this ‘scene’ is.”
“…Huh. Five bucks says there’ll be angry sex afterwards.”
“…I had you going there for a sec, didn’t I?”
“That’s not funn- No. NO. MADS. Don’t you dare snicker at me like tha-THAT’S NOT HELPING YOU PRICK STOP LAUGHING YOU’RE MAKING

It’s a bit late but here you all go. :>

@ameasureofpower replied to your post “@ameasureofpower replied to your post “Jc was in Ori’s dreams last…”

(Ugh god. So, I read your post then ended up falling back asleep with the knowledge that I had to take a shower so I just ended up having a tiny dream where WS and -ok don’t get mad- mercy had a shower together - somehow there was no real nudity- but I was like “no…no…ugh why…oh god there goes his shirt…no…nope…shit”. Hm. But then it switched over to a guy a totally different scene featuring pirates so whatever. )


… Pirates are pretty great~~~.e ve 

Public Sex (M [for mature, obvs])

Genre: Smut Butt

Requested: Yaass

Pairing: B.I.xReader

Warnings: Public Sexy Time, Cursing, Explicit Sexual Content… The usual

Author’s Note: I don’t know why, but I feel like I’m gonna butcher this smut. Idk y

Word Count: 1,026

“Guys, I am really not that short.” Jinhwan tries to defend himself, but everyone just laughs. Except for you. You were completely oblivious to the scene, as you were focused on B.I.

He had been ignoring your attempts to get him to touch you again, and it was driving you mad.

And today tears it. Underneath the uproar of laughter, you had been touching Hanbin dangerously close to his member, while whispering dirty things into his ear. He pretended not to notice, but you can tell by the small beads of sweat forming on his forehead that he was being affected.

You smirk, giving his member a quick rub making him groan, only quiet enough for you to hear. Your smirk only grows wider, palming it some more, but stopping when his eyes start to shut. He shoots a glare your way, but you just look at him.

“What.” You say, mocking innocence.

You huffs, looking away. He bites his lip, deciding if he should this right now or not. He knew that if you just up and left to the bathroom, they would know what was up. He looks over at you, you see his glare from the corner of your eye. You bite your lip and push your breasts together, while leaning into the table, suddenly interested in the conversation. You began laughing at something Junhoe was saying and B.I. was beginning to get impatient.

He reaches over for your leggings, sticking his thumb underneath the hem. You jump in surprise. The cold phalange was a great contrast to your warm waist.

“Hanbin!” You scold him quietly. He grins, “Like you weren’t just doing the same.”  

You narrow your eyes at him, but you look away just as  all of his fingertips are touching your waist. By then, you had gotten used to the temperature of his hand. You try to keep a straight face while he kept pushing his hand deeper, past the hem of your underwear. You gasp as he circles your clit slowly. “Hanbin-” You moan out before slapping a hand over your mouth. You look up, to see Jinhwan and Junhoe looking at you. The boys at the table behind you hadn’t noticed.

“Uh, my stomach hurts…” That was enough for the boys to go back to their food, ignoring you guys.

He began circling roughly at your clit. You begin whimpering at a low volume. “Mm baby. If we were alone, I’d have you screaming my name at full volume.” He whispers in your ear. Your hands fall down to his, applying more pressure to your clit. “You like that baby?”

You nod subtly, bucking your hips into you guys’ hands. But he stops you. “You’re too obvious. You started this, so cooperate.” He voice was stern, but you liked it. Whenever Hanbin got dominant, he performed better.  

He pushes two fingers into you quickly and doesn’t hesitate to speed up. He was still engaging in the conversation, but you could no longer talk. Your walls were hot around his fingers, and he had to bite his lip to keep from groaning.  

Your purse was on the table, hiding what was happening. You found yourself having to lean on it, unable to sit up. You subtly roll your hips on to his fingers, tiny whimpers leaving your hips.

“Wow, your stomach must really hurt. Hanbin teases, and the other two nod. You narrow your eyes at him again. "Yeah. It happens.” Your voice comes out more threatening than you anticipated. You looked over at him. Although he was being an asshole, you wanted to feel him. You wanted to tug on his dark strands, drag your nails down his back, squeeze his biceps, something; and he notices. He grabs your hand and puts it on his thigh. You squeeze his thigh once, before getting another idea.  

You move your hand over his crotch, rubbing slowly. Hanbin couldn’t take it anymore.  

“Hey guys, we’re gonna head to the to the bathroom. ___ needs to vomit.”

“Well hurry up! Don’t vomit on the table!” Junhoe exclaimed, and you both bolted to the handicap bathroom.

You lock the door and Hanbin pushes your chest against the door. He discards your leggings and underwear before undressing himself.

He takes no time aligning himself and getting himself into you. “I missed you so much.” He says, his thrusts achingly slow. “Then why were you ignoring me?”

“To see how long you can stand it, and a month? I didn’t expect that at all.”  

“Well, I’m full of surprises.”

“Obviously.” He grabs your hips, pulling you back to meet him, his cock throbbing inside of you. You push back onto him, moans getting out of control. “Baby, you still have to stay quiet.” He moves the hair away from your ear, nibbling on it.  

He turns you around and your legs wrap around his waist, and he continues to thrust into you. He grabs and squeezes your ass, smacking it a few time. You moan into the crook of his neck. You leave love bites all over his neck, which he was going to yell at you about later.  

He slowed down all of a sudden, and you whined. “Hanbin please!” You try to push yourself onto him, but he stops you. He rocks slowly into you, silencing you with his own lips. He massages your tongue with his own. Both of your hands roam each other uncontrollably. “I love you Binnie.”

And that was enough to making him rocket into you, causing you to scream out in surprise. Your nails drag down his back as you feel your high creeping up on you. You continue to sloppily kiss your boyfriend until he grabs your ass brings you to slam into him, causing slapping to sound throughout the bathroom. “Binnie-yah!” Your high washes over you, and Hanbin continues to chase his own. He rocks into you a couple more times before pulling out and releasing onto the ground.

“Well. We made a mess.”

**~Yep. My previous assumption was correct. I butchered this lawl.**


I love how at this point Will was basically full-on flirting with Hannibal, not playing, but flirting. Love the look he gave after the glib “please”. It’s like..”You satisfied? Come on already.” There was so much going on in these scenes, in this episode. The table-turn of Will tricking Hannibal all along, was  inspired by Hugh & Mads, per Bryan Fuller. And I thought that was the best written plot twist of the show..*crying and laughing hysterically*


Sophie Oh my god so Maisie and I can not look Iwan in the eye anymore

Maisie: Oh my god yeah, should we tell them?

Sophie: So Maisie and I we always have these sleepovers in our hotel and um (laughs)

Maisie: oh my god

Sophie: I don’t know, I’d done like goth emo make up on Maisie and Maisie had done like fake tattoos all over-oh and I was a vampire and I had like blood dripping from my mouth and we were gonna go to my mum’s floor and scare her, and knock on the door and scare her and the lift just went all the way to the bottom

Maisie: because we’d hung around too long, instead of pressing the buttons straight away we waited too long and then it went down to the ground floor

Sophie: and Iwan, no it wasn’t just Iwan it was like the writer Vanessa Taylor (Maisie and Sophie both laugh)

Maisie: it was so embarrassing because the door opened and we’re in our pajamas as well and Iwan was like “uh hi girls” and we were like “oh my god”

Sophie: and they let us go back up they didn’t even get in the lift

Maisie: and the door just slowly closed and we went back up to the top

Sophie: we can never look him in the eye again

There is some kind of physicality all of the sudden that becomes almost erotic between them in the very end. It was as if it was impossible not to go there. We basically touched all the other bases with a relationship, and that was kind of like, this has been leading up to this all the time. Whether it’s a physical kiss or it’s just a mental kiss that is being sculpted by our physicality, that is obviously up to the viewers’ eyes, but it just felt unavoidable, that there was no way around it. I think we did a couple versions like that. [Laughs]
—  Mads Mikkelsen about the final scene. 

“Nah, it’s a trick. Laugh and he’ll get mad. Or burst into tears.”

How are you guys so married 

even at this point

when you’ve only reunited for a month and barely spoken outside of court

it’s ridiculous

There’s this one particular BoruSara scene in the movie that I just CANNOT stop thinking (and laughing to myself) about!

Spoilers ahead, so if you’re trying to avoid them before watching the movie, please skip this post!

So Sarada comments on Boruto’s eye color, staring intently at it really close up, saying that it’s a different shade (much lighter) in comparison to that of the Nanadaime’s/his dad’s.

So she’s all up and close, almost nose to nose with him, and he’s there, blushing like mad, and the people in the movie cinema I was in (including myself and my friends) start feeling our kokoros go doki doki because the entire theater is completely silent—

…and then Mitsuki ruins the moment by popping up super close to their faces as well (behind them, but facing the audience) and says, “Ohhh, you’re right~!”

Jfc, I nearly fell out of my seat. Everyone in the movie cinema started laughing of course, thanks to Mitsuki, the adorable little dork. Lmfao.

There’s shampoo on my eyes!

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Requested by theblackveiledromance: Could you do a romantic evening with Dylan and the reader with a shower scene/smut?


WORDS: 308

WARNING: short :(

A/N: I hope you like it!

Y/N’ P.O.V.

“I can’t believe you did that!” I yelled.

Dylan was laughing so hard, that his face was getting red. He threw a lot of ketchup all over me.

“Look at my hair! And my clothes! Dylan! Stop laughing!”

“S-Sorry.” He stopped. “You look so mad.”

“I am! Why’d you did that?!”

“I thought it would be fun.”

“You want to see what’s fun?”

I grabbed the ketchup bottle and throw all over his face and clothes.

“NO!” He yelled and grabbed the mustard.



I held his arm and he slipped on the ketchup, we fell on the floor and started laughing.

“Y-You look like giant hot dog.” He said.

“Look at us! Look at the floor! Is a mess, and it’s your fault!”

“My fault?”

“Yes. You started!”

We laughed again.

“Let’s clean this mess up.” He gets up and helps me. “Then we can take a shower together.”

We cleaned the kitchen and Dylan pick me up. He started to run to our room and I screamed, he was going to fall again. I turn on the shower and we start taking our clothes off.

“You hair is a mess, baby!” He said.

“You’re going to wash it!” I winked at him and he smiled.

We get on the warm water and he hugs me.

“We smell really bad.”

“Yeah.” He laughed. “We literally became hot dogs.”

Dylan grabbed the shampoo and washed my hair, I did the same with him and he started to make lather.

“Ah! Aaah!”


“There’s shampoo on my eyes!!”

I laughed and I washed his eyes.

“Open it. Let me see it.”

“Nope. It hurts.”

“Dylan, open your eyes and let me see it.”

He opened his eyes and I smiled, I grabbed his face and kissed him.

“I love you.”

GOT7 reaction to you being mad at them when they hug another girl

lostinthedarknaruto4ever said:  Hey again! ^^ Can you do a GOT7 reaction when they have to do a hug scene with another girl for their MV and you get jealous and you look cute when you’re mad? :з

- Heeeey! ^^ Ohhhh I hopeeee you likee it! :D -Admin Kookie

*Request moree GOT7 and BTS reactions*

Jackson: *after the hug scene,notices you’re mad*
“Hey but I didn’t do this to her” *kisses you*

Mark: “Oh my jagiii is mad?” *teases you and you sigh* *laughs and pulls you in tight hug*

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BamBam: “You are so cute when you are jealous and mad at the same time” *smiles and kisses your cheek*

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Youngjae: “Are you really mad?” *you look at him* *laughs hard does not take you seriously*
“You so funny jagi” *laughs again*

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Yugyeom: *notices you’re mad a little and jealous*
“Ahhh stop being sooo jealous! I love youuuu not her” *smiles*

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JB: “Come on it was just a hug jagii” *smiles and kisses your cheek*

Originally posted by btsgot7-exo

Jr: “Sometimes I just wonder why I like you so much..Oh right because I love to make you jealous” *teases you and you walk away*
“Heeeey It was a jokeee” *laughs and kisses you hard*

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When we played our first shows, a lot of people were really mad at the colours we wore. To me, how we presented ourselves was to show people how stupid it is for them to think that, to play authentic blues, I’d have to dress like I’m from fucking Mississippi. Eric Clapton, for example, said he didn’t like The White Stripes. He thought we were having a laugh about Son House, playing ‘Death Letter’ on the Grammys. People in that Stratocaster white blues scene didn’t understand that we could dress in red and white and black, play in the simplistic way we did, and still be the blues.
—  Jack White

But part 1 was really fun! But I was so mad at Marinette at the end I was like NOOO DONT BE TIKKI AWAY
Then we have part 2…. AND I DIED SOME MORE. SO MANY FEELS
Chat Noir barely knows ladybug and he’s already in love with her and I WAS SCREAMING I COULDNT EVEN
I loved the end when they saved the day!! It was so cute!
I’m not an emotional person, so this shows how much I love the show
Master Fu is like the president of the ladynoir/adrienette club
I need English subtitles like now I NEED TO KNOW WHAT THEY ACTUALLY SAID

Bleach Chapter 672

Okay… A saw some posts on tumblr before reading the new chapter and was actually panicking. Orihime as the only one beside of Ichigo in the final fight? I was nervous. Like really, REALLY nervous. How the IH-shipper just freaked out about this chapter…
Than I read the new chapter and all I can do is laugh about that suggestion.
Is there really just ONE person in the world who believes this will be the last fight against Yhwach???  
Please, dear friends, stop panicking or getting mad at Kubo. There’s no way in hell he would leave the fight of Toshiro, Byakuya and Zaraki (or Uryus fight against Hashwalt for that matter) unfinished.

Plus, and that is the important part, do you remember this scene?
Yhwach stated that the world will end in nine days since he took the powers of the soul king. Please note that this was (in the timeline of the manga) barely 2 days ago! There are still seven days to go. And there is no way in hell Kubo would just bring that up and then leave it hanging. All that he does is planned, so was that.
THIS is not the last fight against Yhwach. And even if it is, he won’t leave it like this. Rukia’s gonna follow, because remember what Kisuke said… He left everything in the hands of Ichigo and Rukia.
IchiRuki: saved.
*drops mic*

Hey Little Girl, pt. 2

Thank you so much guys for all the wonderful comments and little hearts on the first part of this story. I hope that you enjoyed it and that it inspired you to have your own Ramones dance party, I know I did!

Now, I know it’s kind of tricky, but the next couple of parts are really only scenes from the same day. Poor Finn can’t quite get his head on straight, and I just loved writing him on this particular day when he’s gone over the edge.

Part One.

“Okay, do I have to perch my tush on your desk for you to tell me about last night, or will the chair do?” She laughs, breezing into the room and into the righteous sulk he’s been having.

He’s mad that things have changed, mad that he’s suddenly discovered that he likes her, mad that she’s so damn likeable. So, he’s been having an indignant pout. None of its fair, everything’s strange and weird and he’s got the suspicion it’s only going to get worse.

So, of course, he makes it worse.

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