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Inspired by @wordsdrippinginink contribution to the ‘Whitebeard Meme’ post. It was too funny to pass up!

“Pops!” Thatch called, sauntering up to his captain. “Can I have a word with you?” Whitebeard nodded, politely waving his nurse along. Thatch waited, smiling at the woman as she walked by. When she was gone Whitebeard gestured for him to start.

“So. You know know how Ace is kind of young?” Whitebeard hummed, acknowledging the fact. “Younger than we usually get.” The giant man raised his brow as his son went on. “The youngest on the ship now. Probably the youngest you’ve accepted actually.”

“Thatch.” The fourth commander stopped his rambles to stare up at his captain. “Is there a reason you are bring up Ace and his age?”

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“Whelp, we’re leaving!” I declare as the revered mother hits the floor.

“You are so quick to slink away?” the not really Lord Seeker demands. “Are you merely a coward then?”

I stare at him with a “you kidding me” look on my face. “That’s real scary talk coming from a fucking Envy demon,” I laugh. The entire crowd goes silent at my words and Cassandra has gone pale. I watch as his little red lyrium tainted lackeys put their hands on their swords.

“You dare accuse me?”

“Accuse?” I tilt my head to the side, my ponytail adding attitude to the motion. “Mother fucker, I know your ugly ass is an Envy demon because the real Lord Seeker is over in Caer Oswin sending as many of Cassandra’s old workmates to the Order of the Fiery Promise! Your dumb ass is only able to hold this poor excuse for a disguise because you got power from the Elder One and the Lord Seeker’s permission to wear his ugly mug! By the way the real you looks like fucking penis with razor teeth and you don’t got shit I want. In fact, I don’t want anything to do with your fake ass! You ain’t got shit power, you ain’t gonna lead the templar order to greatness and the only reason no one was able to catch the fact you’re a god damn demon is-”

And that’s when he transformed and tried to kill me.

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You make me feel things.
Things I locked away.
Things I didn’t think possible,
To feel again.

You make me feel,
Like we’re stuck in a moment,
Hidden from time.
Stolen hours even days,
Feel like mere minute as they rush by.

You make me forget,
All my worries,
And the unwilling commitments,
The world has put in my path.

You make me remember how it feels to truly laugh.

I want you.
I want you at 6 am when drool covers your pillow.
I want you at 11 am when you’re barely awake and eat breakfast.
I want you at noon when the sun is bright and you’re telling me jokes.
I want you at 2 pm when you’re tickling me even though you know I hate it.
I want you at 5 pm when you get me to try new things for dinner.
I want you at 8 pm when you’re trying to keep me awake and playing the game.
I want your weirdness and to be there when you’re upset.
I want to love on you when you need me to.
Imperfections, flaws and all.
I just want all of you. ~
—  it’s always been you
  • Pansy: Maybe this whole "mortal enemies" and "fighting" thing is because you and Potter just need to bone.
  • Harry: *distressed whine*
  • Draco: ....WHAT did you say?
  • Harry, frantic: Don't say it again
  • Pansy: I said you two need to bone.
  • Harry: *closes eyes in anticipation*
  • Draco: ....
  • Draco: ...HOW.. dare you, Pansy Parkinson, I am YOUR superior HEAD BOY!!!
  • Draco, clutching a doorframe: BONE!!!!!
  • Draco, ranting: What happens in my bedroom, Parkinson, is NONE of your business-
  • Draco, jumping up and down: BONEEEEEEE-
  • Draco: Don't EVER.... speak to me like that again.

I was going to make an audio of the professional recording of “Stay With Me” and Ben Platt’s cover playing at the same time, but Ben’s cover is 55 seconds longer than the original because of all his riffing and now I can’t stop laughing because honestly I should’ve expected that

Sassy Andrew Minyard

  • A liar who practices occasional honesty. Clever. Keeps people guessing. Very effective.
  • Neil is a walking tragedy.
  • Look again, why don’t you? Neil’s at our room, which meant he brought the fight to us. Dan, your bias is cruel and unprofessional.
  • Hey, Neil. Honesty looks awful on you.
  • Sometimes you’re interesting enough to keep around. Other times you’re so astoundingly stupid I can barely stand the sight of you.
  • Sarcasm from Neil? Your repertoire of talents is ever-expanding.
  • Appealing to my nonexistent attention span is a cheap trick.
  • I’m remembering why I don’t like you.“
    “I’m surprised you forgot.”
    “I didn’t,” Andrew said. “I just got distracted for a moment there.
  • Oh, Neil. You are far too heavy to tread ice this thin.
  • Is your learning curve a horizontal line?
  • Andrew put a hand to his forehead dramatically. "I think I’m coming down with something. Cough, cough. Best I leave before I infect your team. There’s so few of them left. You can’t stand to lose anyone else.”
  • “I’m not here for your entertainment,” Neil said. “
    But, as expected, you are talented enough to multitask.”
  • "Jean, Hey, Jean. Jean Valjean. Hey. Hey. Hello.”
  • You have a pet and you never told us? Where do you keep it, Kevin?

I Know You All Over Again - Trixie Mattel at the Laurie Beechman Theater in New York City 5/25/17


Arashi ni Shiyagare [2017.07.15]
└ “What’s wrong with you today?!”