i laugh at everything he does

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So how do you imagine Wilford Warfstache? I'm assuming it doesn't include the pink mustache and the ridiculous voice

I imagine Wilford with black hair and not a pink mustache BUT a obsession with the color pink.
He’s chaotic, he’s impulsive. He doesn’t think about the things he does.
His mind can rarely be in a calm state.

He tries to have a normal life but his abnormal behavior makes everything chaotic. In these moments, if you start laughing at him or judging him and he catches that, he will panic. He will do anything to stop the embarrassment. (even kill ya)

Just imagine a child that had like a ton of sugar, that’s wilford to me.

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Dear Philly and Soph,

Hi. Mommy here. You’re currently off chasing each other in the grass and I’m doing my best to keep both an eye on you and get these thoughts out of my head and preserved for you to one day read in the future. I keep getting distracted by your laughter, though - it makes me want to join in and chase you as well. Soph, your giggles flow out of you like waves tumbling towards the sea. They’re loud and bright and they sound so much like your Daddy when he laughs. I want to bottle them up and save them for a rainy day when the world doesn’t seem as bright as it does today.

Whenever you trip, Philly immediately stops and pulls you back up. “C’mon sissy!” I hear him shout and it makes my heart feel so full to watch you be the bravest, kindest, most considerate big brother, my little munchkin. You’re everything a mama could ask for, the both of you, and I don’t think words will ever be enough to express just how much I love you. My sweetheart who sees the world with optimism and wonder and beauty. My spitfire who won’t let anybody ignore her and who has a smile that makes the whole world stop and stare for a while. 

My favorite, favorite things. I’m so happy I helped bring you into this world. @keeoone? We did good. We did real good. I’m reminded of that on beautiful days like today. @supitskeegs

Race you to the top of the hill! 

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Liu Wei have a crush on a pretty quiet girl, and suddenly he understands that she in depression... Any ideas?

I believe in the beginning he wouldn’t completely see that she suffers from depression. She might act just normally how everyone does, laugh when she finds something funny, do everything just like a normal human being especially if she’s quiet. Quiet people, who suffer from depression, can sometimes hide more than they show and if there’s a subject that they’re uncomfortable with they’ll find a way to change it into something else or they become very silent. It would be moments like this where he could find out, because that’s when some are vulnerable. If he pays more attention to her, then he’ll see other small things that are unnoticeable to others. Now he won’t immediately go to her and ask her out or any of the sort, less along talk about depression, but he would slowly and carefully approach her. He’ll become her friend if they’re not classmates, helping her when she needs help, talk with her about things she finds interesting and likes, invite her to practice games. He’ll want to go with slow pace, not trying to scare her or make her feel awful. When she feels down, he’d be there for her, he’d let her know she can count on him when in need. He’ll make sure that she’s completely comfortable around him before taking a step further. When she confronts him about depression, he’ll feel glad and special that she trusts him enough to speak of something she suffers from. He’ll try to be understandable and try not to speak any words that she could easily misunderstand. The last thing he wants is make her uncomfortable or even worse, making her to shut from people that are close to her.

I’ve noticed that Dan is a very outspoken person
He’s loud in everything he does and not just talking wise
When he laughs he really truly laughs and when he’s scared he screams, loud.
If he doesn’t like what you’re doing you’ll know because he’ll tell you
and He doesn’t stand for bullshit from others, he doesn’t hold back with what he feels.
If he smiles he will give it all he has because if you’ve given him a reason to smile he will smile.

But Phil, Phil isn’t like Dan.
Phil is quiet and patient and shy.
If he’s scared or upset or sad he won’t show it.
He’s patient and softspoken and he’s gentle in everything he does.
He’s clumsy but he has a hand that wouldn’t hurt a soul.
If Phil says something he means it and he doesn’t say things without intention
And Phil’s smiles have fondness and love and protection and a sense of reassuring in them as if everything will be okay.

They’re different but so is everything that is beautiful.
Crystal blue water can only contrast against the white sand
and the twinkling stars can only be seen in the black of night.

There’s a time when they were in college, just moved out into their own apartment, when Tooru tried to act sexy and seduce Iwaizumi.

It didn’t work, mostly because Iwaizumi was confused at what Oikawa was trying to do for a good five minutes until he had to laugh at the realization. He took Oikawa’s hand and tugged him close, looking up at him as he brushed his thumb against the back of that hand. Oikawa’s face was scrunched into a pout, decidedly looking to the side, as Iwaizumi asked, “Was that supposed to be sexy?”

A flush seeped through the pale skin along Oikawa’s neck, and Iwaizumi warmed to the idea that he was too embarrassed to retort.

Iwaizumi stood from the couch, wounding an arm to the small of Oikawa’s back, and leaned in until his breath brushed against his neck. He whispered, “Let me teach you ‘sexy’.”

He nipped right under Oikawa’s jaw and jerked him close, pressing their bodies together and sliding another hand down the outline of Oikawa’s body. He felt him still against him and smiled, a hint of a smirk in those curled lips. Iwaizumi spun them around to dump Oikawa into his seat and leafed his fingers through that soft, soft hair. “Watch me,” he said, a challenge in his voice and a quick flick of his chin, and stripped off his shirt from the bottom up.

[Then Tooru was seduced and frustrated and angry and so turned on.]

After that, Iwaizumi picked up a habit of whispering, “You’re sexy,” into Oikawa’s ear at times. It wasn’t that Oikawa wasn’t sexy at that time; it just wasn’t Iwaizumi’s “Tooru-sexy”. Because “Tooru-sexy” was when Oikawa’s sleepily cooking breakfast in just his boxers and a loose T-shirt, and Iwaizumi can go up and hug him from behind to whisper into his ear just how disastrous his hair looks.

“Tooru-sexy” was when Oikawa’s just gotten out of the shower when Iwaizumi comes home, sitting at the couch with some trivial TV show flickering across the screen as he unconsciously nursed at his lips, the warm scent of soap floating in the room.

“Tooru-sexy” was when Oikawa’s tired from a day of work, said, “I’m home,” softly and didn’t even hear Iwaizumi welcome him back, because all he wanted was to hop in the shower and feel clean again.

Tooru doesn’t believe him when he tells him, and Iwaizumi isn’t about to argue with him on it any time soon, because it’s also sexy when he scrunches his face, eyes in slits because he’s pouting but wants it to be a glare, and just asking for Iwaizumi to tease him more.

Dan's audience VS Phil's audience during live shows.

I’ve noticed something lately that’s been really bugging me a lot. During the liveshows, Phil’s audience is very sweet and soft and funny, talking about silly things and whatever, but Dan’s audience seems to like to rip into him a LOT. Like, some things are okay, but I swear to god, some people just say and ask the meanest shit, and I know, I know, Dan laughs, and he’s addressed this before, how he doesn’t mind, he knows that everyone has a dark sense of humor, but there’s a different between teasing and just being plain fucking mean.

Some of these people literally rip into him for everything, from his hair to his clothes to anything that he says, and yeah, he laughs it off, and maybe it doesn’t really effect him that much, but Jesus Christ, it’s really fucking rude. Let the boy fucking breathe. He does enough, seriously, he does so much for his audience, but yet some of the Phandom doesn’t seem to care. Would you like someone criticizing everything you say? Would you enjoy someone criticizing your appearance? Some of you guys are so mean to him and it’s starting to be a little annoying. He doesn’t fucking deserve it.

Stop being middle school bullies. You’re not being funny, you’re not being cool, you’re being fucking mean, and it’s not okay. Maybe he laughs it off, but it’s not okay for the rest of us. Give Dan the same amount of love and respect you give Phil, because he deserves it.

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I feel like Phil is underestimated in the fact that he's such a patient, gentle and understanding boyfriend. Like, he puts up with Dan's screaming (which burst my eardrums over and over again) and the swearing and the insults (sometimes directed at him) and being upset/angry/kinda extra and everything else, and all he does is smile or laugh fondly, grab him gently and ask him if he's okay and tell him "We're gonna get through it, we're gonna do this"... He is the definition of boyfriend goals.

he’s so lovely to dan which is overlooked a lot? for example at 8:40 this video he completely calmed dan down. of course dan was just being theatrical but i can totally see phil bringing him down from being heated. like dan’s voice got pretty sad towards the end of his speech that was meant to be funny and phil just assured him things would be good in the best voice ever. phils so supportive of dan and dans sort of a bitch about it sometimes but obvs they love each other. it just shows through these small interactions we get to see. it’s nice to see phil being a lot more emotionally open while the camera is on as he really does care for dan loads :(

Jay Park appreciation

This ain’t BTS, MONSTA X, GOT7 related, but I’ll said I had an idea and this was it! I love Jay Park and I don’t care what anyone else says about him :) 
Tagging Jay Park stans, peace and love you… Don’t dieee pleasee:
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We have sexy Jay of COURSE: 

I meaaaan…………….

He’s such a tease lol


HIM BEING CUTE AND FUNNY is one thing that can make you smile or laugh… EVEN make your day:

I don’t understand sometimes stuff he does, but okay…

JAY and puppies: 

AND LASTLY, his smile/laugh is everything:



• angus knows everything about every animal apparently and can talk for ages about whatever they’re looking at. taako gets really annoyed until he sees a mongoose and literally spends twenty minutes talking about how fucking Rad they are. he has to excuse himself to calm down in the bathroom but he feels better and no one laughed at him this time. angus is the most impressed
• careys the type to go “that’s me” every time an animal, any animal, does anything
• magnus walks around with carey and goes “dude look at that fucking dog” (it’s a zebra) and careys like “yeah man that’s me”.
•avi is like. woah magnus i bet you can’t pet that dog and magnus tries to break into the poor animals enclosure before avi’s even finished the sentence
• killian is scared of birds but desperately wants to be near one one. a bird flaps a little and she’s like oh my god it fucking hates me i wanna DIE it’s gonna murder me and careys gotta b like. dude no it’s chill
• merle tries to get the director to just fucking bounce. she’s like “no this is a bonding exercise” until she sees magnus trying to climb into a bear enclosure and she’s like “idk who these people are. lets go.”
• johan is unimpressed by everything but the jellyfish. and also tiny birds. he likes how they sing n chirp. he buys plush toys at the gift shop and when everyone sees him do that they all buy him one too

i am literally 100% sure that ultimately it was lily who asked james out like

  • james is matured and he’s like “okay you’re gonna ruin it all if you ask her out”
  • because they’re friends
  • honest to god friends
  • who actually talk and laugh and have meaningful conversations and honestly james doesn’t think he could handle it if he messed everything up
  • so he just kinda sits there in love with her
  • so in love
  • and lily’s over here like “i so do not love him”
  • “no really marlene we’re friends i don’t love him”
  • “okay yeah he smells really nice and i really love that thing he does with his hands when he’s thinking and it’s really really cute when he runs his fingers through his hair and have you seen the way his ass looks in those quidditch robes”
  • “but i do not love him”
  • and marlene’s like “you’re a fucking idiot”
  • and james decides that he has to at least try to move on so he starts dating amelia boot
  • and lily can’t figure out why it bothers her so much but she avoids them at literally all costs and she just can’t see them together and she sort of feels like she’s going to throw up and god fucking damn it she loves him
  • “don’t say i told you so marlene, you bitch”
  • “i soooo told you so”
  • but now james is with amelia and it’s too late and lily doesn’t know what to do
  • so she just kind of sucks it up and tries to hang out with him except it’s so hard because she really really wants to kiss him
  • (his lips look really soft)
  • but she can’t and it’s killing her and she kind of thinks amelia hates her?? or, at least, she sends her dirty looks from across the table
  • and james can’t figure out why amelia doesn’t like lily because everyone likes lily until one day amelia sits him down and asks him to stop talking to her
  • “you’re still in love with her, james, and you’ll only get over it if you stop talking to her”
  • james doesn’t think that’s physically possible
  • so they break up and sirius gives him a knowing look but james keeps quiet about the reason because the last thing he needs is for lily to find out that he still loves her
  • lily is ecstatic
  • “i think it’s kind of awful that you’re this happy about your friend breaking  up with his girfriend”
  • “shut up mary”
  • but they’re at the three broomsticks a month later and it’s just the two of them and they’re waiting for the usual bunch and lily decides she’s going to do it
  • she has to because she can’t live like this for the rest of her life. she can’t let james potter slip away
  • “do you love me?”
  • and oh shit it comes out so wrong that was not what she wanted to say not at all she was going to invite him to get butterbeer later and oh god her cheeks are turning the color of her hair and she thinks she’s going to sink into the chair
  • james thinks he might be dying
  • “do i what?”
  • lily’s already fucked it up this much, she might as well keep going
  • “do you love me? because i do. love you, i mean.”
  • and then she stares at her hands and waits
  • and waits
  • and waits
  • and then she looks up because what is taking the asshole so long to reply?
  • he’s just grinning at her. smiling, as if she’s just told him he’s won a million galleons or signed to play with the chudley cannons
  • “yeah, yeah i reckon i’ve loved you this whole time”
  • “pay up, moony. i told you she’d be the one to confess first”
  • “god damn it sirius”
Tony Stark as a dad - headcanons

*feel free to add and tag me!*

This is compatible with whichever Tony-ship you want (superhusbands, ironpanther, pepperony, stuckony, ironfalcon, ironhusbands, etc)

Fuck the belief that Tony Stark would be a shitty dad just because of his father, because sometimes the victims of abuse want to be the exact opposite of their abusers. Also, I’ve seen so many art and fics going around about Tony being the irresponsible parent as to let his children do anything dangerous; we’ve already seen him interact with children in canon and he is nothing of the sort. So give me a Tony Stark who is wonderful with children, a natural when it comes to hang out with them because well, he’s a bit of a child himself. Give a Tony who is the kind of parent who is careful but also easy going, the kind of father who laughs at everything the baby/child does, you know, all those silly things.

The kid makes a face when they eat lemon? Give me a Tony who laughs his ass off as he gives the kid lemons and oranges to taste.

The kid laughs at the sound of ripping paper? Give me a Tony who gathers all the scrap paper around the house to spend hours ripping it and hearing the kid laugh their ass off.

Give me a Tony who gets a laundry machine just so the baby can sit on it and laugh when the thing vibrates as it works.

A Tony Stark who lets the kid use the very fancy lamp screen as a hat and toddle around the living room until they knock on something and fall on the carpet laughing.

Give me a Tony Stark who laughs himself hoarse as he makes the baby’s gums squeak with the pad of his finger.

A Tony Stark who doesn’t rush to the kid when they fall and overprotects them and forbids them to play again, but rather walks calmly, makes sure the kid isn’t hurt and gets them to stand back up, laughing at the whole silliness of it.

Give me a Tony who lets the kid jump on his bed and purchases a fuck ton of pillows to lie them around the floor just in case the kid falls.

A Tony Stark who’d take the kid of the beach and build a sand castle complete with towers and dungeons and then laugh when the kid decides to play Godzilla and destroy everything.

Give me a Tony Stark who baby proofs all his house but still manages for it to look stylish but still doesn’t care at all when said stylishness if ‘ruined’ by baby toy’s lying around the living room, or the kid’s drawings on the fridge, or the occasional plush toy lying on the couch.

A Tony who wouldn’t mind to say goodbye to the expensive marble floors of his living room and replaces them with soft, hypoallergenic carpet when the baby starts to learn how to crawl so they could do it freely without any restrictions.

Give me a Tony Stark who’d very gladly wake up in the middle of the night and slow dance in his pajamas while playing soft music with a very upset little baby cuddled to his chest because they’re teething.

A Tony Stark who sings their kid to sleep or whenever they have nightmares, instead of telling them ‘good, but go back to your room’, he pats the bed next to him and lets them cuddle up, no matter how tired he is or how early he has to up in the morning.

Give me a Tony who cracks up when the baby tries to take and eat the food from the pages of magazines, so he sits down with the baby on his lap and turns the page saying things like “Oh, look, cake, now that looks delicious” as the baby reaches with a pudgy hand and tries to eat it.

A Tony who sits down on the floor and draws and paints with the kid, maybe he’s getting some work done but since the kid likes to ‘help’ daddy, Tony gives them some scrap paper and sits down with them, and when he finishes he always tells them how much they helped him.

Give me a Tony who laughs his ass off when he catches the kid making a mess of himself and the carpet and the walls and the table with paint, because instead of yelling he would laugh and tell Jarvis to take photos and then take the kid for a bath and gently scrub the paint off their hair and each little finger and ‘how did you even get paint in your ears and your teeth?’

A Tony who gets a ton of cardboard boxes to build the kid a castle they can play in; he also orders styrofoam peanuts and dumps them all over the living room so the kid can play belief that it’s snow.

Give me a Tony who purchases a Roomba so the baby can sit on it and ‘travel’ around the room laughing and clapping.

A Tony who lets the kid decide what clothes to wear no matter his age or gender; if the kid wants to wear a dress and glittery shoes then he’d get him the prettiest dresses and shoes around, if the kid wants to wear shirts and shorts he’d just ask in what color and if they want cartoons on them, if the kid wants a chicken onesie he’d get them the cutest one, if the kid wants to go around naked then well, Tony would explain they couldn’t do it outside but that they can do all they want at home.

Give me a Tony Stark who would go out and play in the rain with the kid, making mud pies and all.

A Tony who’d gently nurse the kid when they get ill, and I’m talking about cuddles and slow-dancing and chicken soup.

Give me a Tony who is a kickass blanket fort architect who would build the most epic blanket forts ever, with soft pillows and blankets and tiny little lights and if the kid wants to live in a blanket fort for a few days that’s perfectly okay with him, hell, he might even sleep with them in there too.

A Tony who would give the kid all the love he has, all the hugs and cuddles and baby talk and silly pet names and all the kisses, kissing chubby cheeks and tiny hands and tiny little baby feet, and he wouldn’t just do it in the privacy of their home, no, he’d do it all the time no matter who was there, let the world know how much he loves the kid.

Give me a Tony who doesn’t care if the kid does or doesn’t turn out to be a genius like him, he still loves them all the same, he is extremely patient with them in a way his own father could never and would never be with him when he was a child. He’d leave everything and anything he’s doing if the kid needs or wants his attention; he’d pick the kid up when they want cuddles while daddy reads some important papers, Tony would take calls and have video calls with the kid whenever he has meetings or he has to go away on business trips, every single day without missing one.

A Tony who would give his kid the gender/sexual orientation/heathy, responsible, consensual sexual life (or lack thereof) talk without making them feel embarrassed and finish it off with a ‘no matter who you are or who you love I’ll always love you’.

A Tony who would patiently explain death to the kid and hold their hand and hug them as they cry when their first pet dies.

Give me a Tony who would laugh his ass off when the kid grabs his electric razor and shaves half of their head by accident because they wanted to shave like daddy in the mornings, he then would proceed to shave the rest of the hair off and explain to them that hair grows and how they can have it of any length and color they want.

A Tony who would give the kid crazy hairdos and beards and moustaches out of foam when it’s bath time.

Just give me a Tony Stark who’s such a good, loving, caring father to his children.

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things that fuck me up ™  about the new clip

aka I watched it three times now and it still hurts

- the fact that Even and Linn seem to be comfortable around each other and the was Even asks ‘sore loser?’ to her with the biggest smile on his face

- the moment when Even greets Isak a second time and then kisses him (best close up I’ve ever seen tbh) I FORGOT: THE NOISE ISAK MAKES WHEN THEY KISS


- Isak reaching out to touch Even’s face and Even adjusting to the touch????!!!!

- how serious Isak gets after Even tells him he joined the Kosegruppa for him, like he can’t believe/feels like he doesn’t deserve it (he does, in fact, deserve it and everything else good in the world)

- the soft way Even says ‘yeah’ when Isak ask’s him if he had seen him before the first meeting

- the even softer way Isak answers ‘whoa’ 

- when Even adjusts himself so that his hoodie’s hood falls on his hair and makes them look fluffy

- Even cupping Isak’s face into his hands and staring at him like he’s the whole universe?????

- the half smile Even gives Isak before I the screen blacks out

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What can I say to people when they talk about Milo Yiannopoulos having a black boyfriend?

Laugh and tell them that don’t mean shit after everything he’s done and said cause fucking a black person does not mean one is not racist.



Yugioh actor au

Atem/yami are the same actor, and has to wear a lot of makeup to play yugi due to naturally dark skin.

Joey breaks every prop. EVERY prop

Seto always falls and trips on everything, especially because of his jacket. He’s also the funniest and literally the sweetest actor

Yami’s the least serious, always breaking character while reading lines

Seto plays pranks and has an amazing laugh and sense of humour, stealing props off the set like Ryan Reynolds playing deadpool

Yugi tries to fix the props Joey breaks but it’s beyond repair so he just does the Daniel Radcliffe thing and just puts them on top of each other

Seto is literally Chris Pratt and Ryan Reynolds

According to ally/ @lokelios :



Seto is actually rich and he’s like everyone’s platonic sugar daddy on set

don’t have money for lunch? His treat

They all get ice cream

What if like
The actors are at a con or something
And they’re doing a Q&A and someone just asks yami and yugi something like “so hey with the recent season- is puzzleshipping a thing? ”

And yami is just like
“Wha- no. No, what gave you that idea?”

Yami will literally make jokes about his own sexuality (he’s gay) and will quote shit all the time instead of doing his lines like ‘move. I’m gay’

Seto screams the chorus to 'bring me to life’

They all joke and sing 'wake me up inside’

They all nickname yuseei 'Dixie’ and constantly make jokes about it because of his character and character personality.

When they play Mario kart, Yugi is the little shit that always picks rainbow road

seto is also a cockblock

And he does it for shits and giggles


What if his way of cockblocking is just

Throwing a rubber chicken (bonus points if it’s the kind that scream really loud)

everything was fine

okay so!!!! im on mobile ( which is very sucky im sorry ) but i saw this post by @keith-sexual it’s basically about langst ( my personal favorite ) and lance’s insecurities. it inspired me to write this short snippet that might actually become a fic cause i just fell in love with this idea. anyway to the fic ٩(ಥ‿ಥ)و

It was silent as if he hadn’t said anything, to begin with. Lance’s smile suddenly disappeared into thin air and the small laugh that was about to burst out that usually does when he makes such a stupid joke is gone. He looks down at the ground and goes completely silent, only Hunk glancing over with a worried look before the rest of the team continued to talk about the strategy. Even as Lance heard opportunities to get a small grin out of Keith, or make Pidge giggle, he remained quiet. And even as there was a minor flaw in their plan, he didn’t mention a better spot for him to shoot from instead and allowed them to mistakenly put him in a terrible position.

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