i laugh about this every day

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Listen up cutie. I love you so freaking much. I look forward to talking with you/sending anons every day. It makes me laugh and smile and cry and feel alive. And I know I've already sent an anon tonight but I need you to know how much I care about you. Listen to me. Things are blue black right now but the morning is coming. I promise. The sun will rise. Every time I send an anon, remember that. The sun will rise and I'll be there right alongside you. Please keep holding on, Rae. - Truce anon

this made me really happy.
i love you so much, truce. you help me so much. i don’t know what i would do without you. ❤️

lets keep pushing forward. together.

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Do u mind me asking what made u fall for hoseok? another question,, have u seen him in person

ye its okay i dont mind at all feel free to ask me anything honestly……this is gonna be so long and corntea goddjfd ok so tbh i cant even pick out one thing that made me fall for him because hes an all around amazing guy hes so beautiful and so passionate and so kindhearted and just so lovely. when he smiles his bright glowing smile when he laughs his captivating laugh when hes on stage in his element showing off all his skills and owning every choreo every dance move when hes just simply being himself like whats not to love???? like i think the one thing that does amaze me about him is the motivation he has because its what inspires me every day and the way he views things is what has changed my mindset on how i view everything around me. he makes me see the beauty in everything hes continuously coloring my world filling it up with so much joy love and brightness that i wake up in the morning ready to love with my whole heart and to continue to be passionate and even if it can be so exhausting and overwhelming to give my all to people, he has taught me that its better to love and to be kind and to be remembered as someone who gave nothing but good to people and every day i try my best to be that positive energy for those around me. im thankful every day for him and for helping me grow into the person that i am today and for inspiring me to do and be better i love him he really truly means the world to me i have never felt this way about loving someone to love so strong so deep so passionately so intensely. now with just the thought of him my days become so much more brighter so much more lively he brings so much beauty into my life im more happier because of him. loving him feels so magical and loving him has been the best choice my heart has ever made. im forever thankful to him for changing me for inspiring me for letting me love him for making me feel so lovely and nice inside its the best feeling in the world to love him. to answer ur second question, no i have not seen him in person….someday mayhaps?? just to see him on stage shining illuminating with so much beauty and passion that would be enough for me to make me the happiest person alive but even if that never happens like im content with just continuing to love him and support him the way i do so wholeheartedly and passionately

Guys a few days ago i saw these two guys that were both probably in their early twenties at the store at like nine o'clock at night and one of them was wearing these fuzzy duck sandals that quacked loudly every time he took a step and his friend was pacing away from him as fast as he could going “I don’t know you. We are not friends.” While the other laughed hysterically about his duck shoes.

I think that when you fall in love with someone, every single day you spend with them you fall in love with them even more. It’s like you find something else to love about them everyday. The way they laugh, the way they sneeze, even the way they blink. I think that’s how relationships last. When things are exciting, everyday you spend with that person is like an adventure into their soul.
my therapist asked me

Whats missing from your life?

I thought about this question for a long time after you asked me. And after days of racking my brain I still had not come up with an answer, that is until I was standing in line at Dunkin Donuts this morning waiting to order my coffee as I do nearly every morning. When there was an elderly couple in front of me, they were laughing with each other, and it made me smile. There I was being pessimistic because it was 7 in the morning and I was so overly tired and in a bad mood. But they were standing there as though there was no where in the world they would rather be. And I thought to myself I wonder what its been like, sharing a cup of coffee with the same person for that many years. And that’s when it dawned on me. I knew what was missing.
Seems like a pretty simple answer, huh? But I don’t necessarily mean love in the way youre probably thinking about it. I mean it in the simpliest of ways, in the “drive safely”, “text me when you make it home”, the “I hope youre doing okay”, or “have a good day”. I mean it in the sense of friendship, companionship, dependency, empathy, and affection. I mean love in every sense of the form. I mean It in the having someone to turn to on your darkets of days, or someone to share the brightest of ones with. I mean it in the singing in the passenger seat of your car kinda love, or the eat frozen yogurt and cry on your bad days.
But most importantly, the form of love I am missing, is self love. Many times I am so concerned with being there for others or trying to help everyone around me, bringing them up, that I forget about me too. i think that’s why i keep looking for people. because i’m looking for that love that’s missing from my life in someone else. and i keep being let down because no one is going to love me the way that i should love me. I wanna be so content within myself that I don’t look for these things in someone else anymore. I wanna sing in the car by myself, I wanna buy the elderly couples coffees and I wanna be okay knowing im going to drink mine by myself.

i would be entirely fine with mon-el just showing up every episode saying a few goofy lines, never kissing kara, and switching jobs every day 

just like “hey guys, i’m a delivery man today” “mon-el what happened to your job at the bank?” and they all have a good laugh about whatever stupid thing he did 

i can’t stop laughing about how many people have seen vox machina together in their entirety

and at least some of them have to have noticed that every single member of the party wears a single stud earring on one ear but never saw them actually use the earrings to communicate

so they’re just out there, assuming that the saviors of tal’dorei decided at some point that the only true way to express their friendship was for all of them to go out and get identical friendship earrings

remember when Sebastian Stan got asked if he thought aliens were real and he was like “absolutely and i think they’re amongst us, i mean look, Donald Trump is about to be president” and then just directly laughed in the face of his publicist when they said “please take it back” bc i think about it every day

i’ve been thinking about time lately.
think about it. they say that
my 20’s will fly by. how many
hours have I spent at a job that
I hate? how many cigarettes
have I smoked until I realize
that if I quit now my lungs
will breathe better? how many
days will I spend on dreaming
rather than doing? how many
nights have I stressed over
something I said to you?
you’re not crazy. you’re not.
we waste so many seconds
being stagnant. every decision
you’ve ever made… every mistake
that you will learn from…
one day you’ll look back
and laugh because it really
wasn’t that bad. they tell
you to live in the moment,
but sometimes you need
to manage that shit.
it’ll consume you if you don’t.
don’t beat yourself over
every little detail. let some
of it go. flow like rivers.
ease into yourself. grow.

One day someone is going to ask me about my first love. And I won’t say your name but your smile will still flash in my mind, I’ll still feel your warm touch against my skin, and your laugh will still ring in my ears. But I won’t tell them that.

No, I won’t tell them of the boy who still haunts my dreams. I won’t tell them that I loved him so much that I carved myself hollow just so I could fill every inch of myself with him. They’ll never know the way my lips burned for his kiss or the way my mind was consumed with thoughts of him. No, I won’t tell them that.

I’ll tell them about the boy that I thought I loved. That I was sixteen and foolish, but aren’t we all. I’ll say how I should have known better, how it wasn’t really love. I’ll say all the right things so that nobody knows just how much it hurts.

No, they won’t know how much I regret it. Three years later and my heart still hurts like it was yesterday. I won’t tell them how much I miss you, but I will.

I keep seeing that Destiel hug and the phrase “touch starved” showing up on my dash. So this happened.

At first, Dean doesn’t notice how often Cas is hugging him. Cas hugs him when he realizes he’s still alive, hugs him when they get Sam home, hugs him after their next particularly close call…it’s all appropriate and normal. Dean doesn’t notice that there’s something more to it until Cas is hugging Dean hello and goodbye every time he sees him.

“Hey, Sam? You notice anything different about Cas lately? About how…friendly he’s gotten?”

Sam laughs and shakes his head in that way that says you deal with him, he’s your angel, but all he says is “Cas is seeking a lot of human contact. I think the term is touch starved.”

Dean spends the next few days mulling that over more than he’ll ever admit. Touch starved. Is that what’s making Cas cling a little more? A little longer?

The next time Dean sees Cas, he’s holds on a little tighter. He wants Cas to be happy, wants him to know that he’s there for him. Cas sighs a little and stays pressed against him until Dean ends the hug. It’s actually not so bad, Dean decides. Cas is warm and solid, and Dean likes the safety and reassurance of the gesture.

Soon, they are not only hugging all the time, but touching each other on the arm when they talk. Dean slings an arm around Cas as they walk down the street. Cas bumps into Dean with his shoulder as he slides into the diner booth next to him. Neither of them feel the need to pull away if they accidentally brush against the other.

And finally, Cas timidly stretches his hand across the seat of the Impala, palm up, a clear invitation. Dean takes a deep breath, lets it sit there for a while as he considers. Then carefully, like he’s afraid Cas’ skin might burn him, he laces his fingers through Cas’. It’s a simple touch, only a small part of their bodies connected, but something warm and soothing spreads through Dean’s insides. After that, he holds Cas’ hand at every opportunity, glaring at Sam and daring him to make some sort of joke. Sam never does.

Eventually, they’re on Dean’s bed, watching a movie. It never occurs to Dean not to just slide up against Cas, and he goes without a fight when Cas scoots down and pulls Dean completely in his arms. The movie plays on with neither of them watching. By the time the credits roll, their legs are tangled, Cas’ hands are stroking Dean’s hair, and Dean has his face buried in Cas’ shoulder.

Maybe they were both a little touch starved.

And maybe they don’t have to be.

All I want for Christmas is me. 
I want myself back. 
The me that laughed the whole day without the sad undertone. 
The me that walked careless in the streets of the city and just thought about the next dress I will buy.
The me that slept 8 hours straight every night.
The me that wrote poems about the happy things in life and played piano with so much passion and love.
I won’t ask for much this Christmas.
I won’t even wish for snow, and I
I’m just gonna keep on waiting.
I’m gonna wait for the true me to come back.
The me before you.
—  All I want for Christmas is me.
New Years Kisses

2016, now

John was sitting alone, watching his friends socialize, and drink, and gush about Thomas’s new job in Washington. Alex was talking to Maria and Eliza, probably flirting. Eliza was giggling, and Maria was laughing at Alex and glaring. Alex looked over at John and his smile widened- if that was even possible.

Alex sat down not to John, smiling and holding a red plastic cup. “Hey, Laurens.”

John inched away. “Hi, Alex.”

“Happy new years! I haven’t seen you in forever.”

“It’s been, like, a month.”

“We live in the same city. We used to see each other every day.”

John shrugged. “I don’t know. You’re always hanging out with whoever you’re dating.”

Alex frowned. “What?”

“I’ll think about calling you, and then Laf tells me that you’re on a date. I don’t even know who you’re dating right now.”


John cut him off. “Forget it. I don’t want to know. You’re probably drunk.”

Alex tipped the cup toward John. “It’s lemonade.”

“Then you’ve had some of your date’s drink.”


“Go away, Alex.”

“John, I’m completely sober. I’ll devote my entire attention to you. If you tell me what the hell you’re upset about.”

“Right, of course, you will.”

“I will.”

“Why should I believe you? Why should this year be any different?”

Alex looked confused. “John?”

“Go away, Alex.”

“Okay…” Alex stood up, walking over to Thomas, where he appeared to, from John’s point of view, forget all about John

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1. “You do your thing and I do my thing. You are you and I am I. And, if, in the end, we end up together, it’s beautiful.”
2. “All I know is you and I belong together.”
3. “I’ve always been able to talk to you, to make you laugh, and I’ve always, always wanted to take care of you.”
4. “I think you and I should spare ourselves a lot of uncoolness and walk through life together.”
5. “I’m sorry. I’d rather break my ankle into fifty thousand pieces than cause you pain.”
6. “All I understood was that you were the girl I sat up every night thinking about, and when I’m with you I feel happy to be alive. Like I can do anything.”
7. “I wasn’t sure this day would ever come, but you were.”
8. “I wasn’t sure love could survive everything we put it through, but you were.”
9. “Now I know I want you to stand beside me for the rest of my life. That’s what I’m sure of.”
10. “The only thing that ever made sense to me was you, and how I felt about you.”
11. “You’re right. I said, ‘Kiss me, baby-sweetie, kill the relationship with the person I care about more than anyone in the world, and make me miserable for the rest of my horrible life.’ That’s what I said.”
12. “That’s what I feel is love—when I’m better because you’re here.”
13. “I will never forget you.”
14. “You’re the best person I know.”
15. “I don’t know what’s gonna happen to me. But I do know that I’m gonna be a good person who cares about people, and I blame you for that.”
16. “Your secret is safe with me.”
17. “You’ll always be with me. As long as I live, okay?”
18. “If I had to dream up the perfect woman, she wouldn’t even come close to you.”
19. “We’re a masterpiece.”
20. “I don’t care what you think right now. We’re gonna be together forever.”
21. “I care about you and me.”
22. “If every marriage failed except for one, I guarantee you that one would be ours.”
23. “I believe that when you find love, you hold onto it and cherish it because there is nothing finer, and it may never come again.”
24. “You’re the most stunningly beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”
25. “I will never love anybody more than I love you.”
26. “It doesn’t matter to me what you look like. It only matters to me who you are.”
27. “Let’s not say goodbye. Let’s say ‘I love you.’ ”
28. “I can hate you or I can love you for the rest of my life, and those are the choices as far as I see it.”
29. “Love is the most amazing, rare, and precious thing in the world.”
30. “You don’t deserve that kind of pain.”
31. “I’m not going to kill you. It takes too much time to break in a new best friend.”
32. “Hey, when I got friends, I can get through anything.”
33. “If there’s bad feelings here we should work them out, because that’s what friends do.”
34. “No matter how difficult life gets, the important thing is to live it with hope.”
35. “You don’t have to be blood to be family.”
36. “Nothing’s going to come between us, alright? We’re going to be together for the rest of our lives.”
37. “Life’s tough. Get a helmet.”
38. “I will always look at you like this.”
39. “You deserve better.”
40. “I know that once I’ve met that special person, it’s hard to live knowing they’re out there, and they’re the only one I care about. “
41. “All those things I did, I wasn’t trying to impress you, I just didn’t know how to express my feelings.”
42. “I know things are going to happen between us when they’re supposed to happen, and I know I’ll wait until they do.”
43. “The best things in life are worth waiting for.”
44. “If it’s any consolation, I think you can do a lot better than them.”
45. “You gave me my first kiss. You taught me how to dance. You were always talking about these crazy things, and I never understood a word you said.”
46. “I heard you telling my parents you thought I was smart. Just hearing you say that is worth 1000 SAT points.”
47. “This is a hug, okay? This is a hug. And this is when you hug somebody, when you care about them and you want them to know.”
48. “I said excellent, and I was talking about something you did. I don’t know what came over me.”
49. “I want you to be free to soar majestically as long as I know that you’ll always come back to me.”
50. “Thanks for saving me.”
51. “If I’m really quiet, will you stay?”
52. “You have extraordinary gifts.”
53. “There is always going to be someone better than you, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.”
54. “You made me feel better. You’re always there for me, just to listen to me, to give me advice.”
55. “You know, you help me get through stuff, just like you did today. You’re never going to be too old to do that.”
56. “I’ve been to three county fairs, two pig-stickin’s and a goat rope, but I ain’t never seen nothin’ like you.”
57. “I’d like you to come.”
58. “You are family.”
59. “I want you to forget about everything that happened between us and remember we’re friends.“
60. “I want you to come to our party because it’s for friends.”
61. “Yes, I’ll call you Don Francisco.”
62. “You love him more than I do! It’s true, but I’m okay with it.”
63. “We’re married now. We can do it every night for the rest of your life.”
64. “I think it’s up to me to provide.”
65. “I’m sorry about what happened. I’m, I’m deeply, deeply sorry. Y'know? And I do take back what I said to you.”
66. “Do you want a blanket?”
67. “I trust you.”
68. “Believe in yourself. Dream. Try. Do good.”
69. “You never gave up on me.”
70. “I’ll be alone with you.”
71. “I can never really get mad at you.”
72. “I was just listening to the sound of your voice.”
73. “You’re my friend. You’re one of the best people I know.”
74. “Never leave.”
75. “Will you marry me?”
76. “Your hair looks different. Why would I laugh?”
77. “S/He’s not you.”
78. “I don’t want you to ever feel bad about yourself.”
79. “I don’t ever want you to hold yourself back because of me.”
80. “I’m in your memories and you will always be here to remind me.”
81. “I don’t want to lose what’s so special about you.”
82. “Use a mirror, babe.”
83. “You are not alone.”
84. “I know now that I will never, ever love anybody more than I love you!”
85. “We broke up for a reason; so we could get back together.”
86. “If you let people’s perceptions of you dictate your behavior, you will never grow as a person.”
87. “Money doesn’t make you rich. Life makes you rich.”
88. “It’s not the changes that matter, it’s how you react to the changes. That’s what makes you who you are.”
89. “If you ever need to talk, my door is always open.”
90. “I tell ya, I could watch you eat pizza forever.”
91. “The rest of my life? It’s yours.”
92. “I forgive you. I forgive you for lying.”
93. “Don’t worry. I’m sure there’s someone out there for you.”
94. “I didn’t want to leave without saying goodbye.”
95. “If you truly loved each other, you’d risk anything for that love.”
96. “I’m not going anywhere.”
97. “Lose one friend, lose all friends. Lose yourself.”
98. “I’m still here.”
99. “Sometimes a sure thing is not the best thing.”
100. “I love you all. Class dismissed.”

We were in the Salt Lake Valley,
singing to Iron & Wine and drinking warm coffee, laughing at someone’s bumper sticker, and the feeling just hit me like a rockslide. This is our first wedding anniversary, a chilly January Monday, and I am so in love with you, my eyes well up when I think about it. You are so precious to me, and I know it’s obnoxious how I worry you’ll never understand, but you make every moment worth remembering.
40 years from now, this day will just be an old photograph, but won’t it be wonderful, to know the first year of our lives together was spent running under city lamp lights and talking for so long, the moon shook her head on our lack of sleep. Never in my life did I imagine being this happy, and I know, lifetimes from now, I’ll still be trying to find a way to thank you.
—  Schuyler Peck, The Loveland Living Aquarium

holy shit imagine dan and phil as high school students and dan’s kinda sad and hates romance and everyone at that school and phil is in love with him and bothers him constantly and is always flirting with him and trying to make him smile and finally he’s just like “ok if i can make you laugh will you go on a date with me” and dan’s just like yeah sure whatever bc he doesn’t think it’ll happen and he just wants phil to leave him alone so every day phil tells him bad puns and jokes in the hallways , at his locker, in pe, on notes in class , and none of it is working but phil is determined but eventually he decides maybe he should just give up and try something else to win dan over so he’s thinking about what that might be while carrying a lunch tray and he rounds a corner and runs straight into dan and dan falls over and the gross food is just everywhere and has completely ruined his sweater and phil freaks out thinking dan will be mad and he’ll never date him now but then dan LAUGHS, like really laughs with his head thrown back and his cheeks going pink and his chest heaving and phil smiles and then they’re both laughing really hard and everyone is looking at them like they are complete idiots because they are and then dan giggles and tugs at a strand of his hair and “i have chocolate milk in my hair, oh my gosh” and phil just grins and points to dan’s mouth and “i think you have some there too, good thing i like chocolate milk” and he drops it bc he doesn’t want to rush anything or make dan uncomfortable but dan grabs him by the shirt and kisses him really hard and they’re just both covered in cafeteria food and making out in the hallway while everyone stares at them i’m honking