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No Longer Ignored (Lafayette x Hamilton x Reader)

Words: 2572

Request: What about a Lafayette or Hamilton x reader where the reader is a Deaf nurse that patches up the Hamilsquad every time they get hurt on the battle field? I’m taking American sign language right now, so I personally think it would be interesting to see how either of the boys would react to a situation where they tried to learn a language they can’t actually hear! LOVE WAR OF LOVE TO PIECES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Warnings: None (?)

A/N: I couldn’t help myself and made it with both Laf and Ham (I love this idea so much omg). I was researching this for HOURS, and I loved that you requested it! It made my brain work again and I had so much fun writing this. Hopefully you like it (if anything is offense please lmk, I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings).

You cleaned the blood off the table, moving the scalpels and forceps to the side, making sure that they were disinfected. Your fellow nurse, Anna, was helping a soldier that was slashed with a blade. You helped her stitch the deep cut, since this was her first time being on the battlefield. She told you how the constant gunshots and screams made her have nightmares all the time, and you could not relate, although you felt empathetic to her. She constantly apologized once she realized that you could not hear what she said. When you first met her, she grew angry that you did not talk to her, even with you telling her that you could not hear. Eventually, one of your relatives spoke you through sign language, and the shock on her face was memorable. Ever since then, she was always nice to you, making sure that you were not left out in conversations. She even learned how to sign to speak to you more clearly, and it made you happy that she put effort to create a relationship with you.

As you were consumed in your thoughts, a hand touched your shoulder. You turned around, coming face to face with a soldier.

Alexander Hamilton:

His dark brown hair was pulled back into a bun, covered in a liquid (which you assumed was blood). His brown eyes were filled with panic, pointing at the man that was dragged it. He was yelling rather quickly, turning his head back to point at the man. You tried to follow his movements, staring at his lips. You glanced over at where Anna was suppose to be, but she was gone. You were used to dealing with the soldiers without her, so this shouldn’t be different.

You walked over to the man, examining his injury. He seemed to have a bullet lodged in his arm, and you grabbed the forceps and alcohol nearby. It was deep, already passed the blood vessels. He was lucky that it was stuck in the subcutaneous layer, just above the muscles. You tied a band around his upper arm, lightly patting the wound with alcohol. He jumped up, moving his arm. You gestured toward the bun man, putting your hands in a grabbing motion. He seemed to understand what you were telling him to do, calling to the other two men by the door. They all seemed to be friends to the freckled-face man on the table. They held onto him tightly, and you saw him take a deep breath. Once you knew he was secure, you began removing the bullet.

It did not take long, and once you were finished with cleaning and stitching up the wound, you wrote the man on the table a note, saying that he must rest until his wound is healed, making him visit the medical tent twice a day. He grimaced at the note, and said something too quickly for you to understand. Once he left, you were alone with the bun guy. He smiled at you, and began speaking.

Thank you for helping our friend. He mouthed, and you smiled and nodded, pulling the dirty sheets off the bed. He seemed confused. You turned away to put the sheets in a hazard bag, folding it up quickly. A hand touched your shoulder, and you turned back to the man. You couldn’t help but see that he was quite handsome, his intelligent eyes drawing you in. You blinked quickly, blushing at the inappropriate thoughts that came into your head.

Are you ignoring me on purpose? I asked if this was your first time working on the battle field five minutes ago. Your face dropped, forgetting that you did not tell him.

You put your first two fingers to your ear, tapping it twice. You then made a circle with each of your hands, moving it from your chest outwards. Hear, no. You made it as simple as you possibly could. He still stared at you, even more puzzle than before.

What are you doing? Are you making fun of me? He said, frowning. You sighed.

This happened a lot, well, all of the time. Many hearing people that you bumped into, either on the street literally or if they were asking you something, always became offended that you did not respond to them. It did hurt that when you tried to explain, they wanted nothing to do with you, yelled their speech (like saying it louder will instantly cure you) or treated you like a child. You hoped that this man would not behave that way.

You saw Anna appear out of the back, noticing him standing quite close to you. She looked concerned, and began spelling out letters.

Is he bothering you? She asked, glaring at the man. You shook your head, smiling at her.

No, he thinks that I am trying to make fun of him. Can you explain to him that I cannot hear what he’s saying? You asked her, gesturing. His face is getting more and more red by the second, and he finally turned back to Anna. She looked at him, and began speaking. You appreciated that she didn’t turn away from your view.

Anna: Excuse me, sir, but she cannot hear anything that you are saying.

Man: Wait, what?

Anna: Y/N, she can’t hear you. That’s why she doesn’t say anything when you’re not facing her. She can only sign to get her point across.

The man’s eyes widened, looking back at me. The blood drained out of his face, leaving it a pale white. You saw the embarrassment grow in his eyes, the usual thing that happened when someone found out about you. He apologized quickly, the confusion in his face was gone. Anna smiled at his actions, and looked at you, a sparkle in her eyes. With his back turned to her, he couldn’t see what she was doing.

Anna: He’s hilarious, and handsome. I feel bad, maybe you should make him feel better.

She wiggled her eyebrows, and you rolled your eyes, grabbing the blood-stained tools. You looked back at him, and he was talking to Anna, and you could catch only a few words.

Hearing. Y/N.  Long time. Words. Sign Language. Help. Yes.

You assumed that they were talking about how you helped her learn sign to talk to you. You frowned, wondering why he wouldn’t just ask you these questions. You were standing right here. A small part of you believed that he was afraid of trying to talk to you. But you pushed it aside, moving around the rest of the materials. You glanced out of the corner of your eye, noticing that he walked out of the tent already. Anna gave you a look, and helped the next patient that came in. Your chest swelled with sadness, wishing that he didn’t avoid you after this. At least, that’s what all the men you met did.


A few days passed since you saw the handsome man. His friends walked in and out of the tent almost every day, with every injury possible. You scolded them constantly, rolling your eyes every time. You learned all of their names. The man who was shot was named John Laurens. The other two were Gilbert Lafayette and Hercules Mulligan. They were fun to be around, and they always made sure to face you when you were in the room. The handsome one, which the boys refused to tell you the name of, never appeared. You assumed it was because of your lack of hearing, and you silently were saddened by it.

As you folded the blanket on a cot, you saw the handsome man walk in. He looked nervous, glancing around until his eyes contacted yours. He marched over, his hands shaking. You grew concerned, wondering if he was experiencing anxiety. It wasn’t uncommon that the men in the army came to you about this.

He seemed to take a deep breath, then held out his hands. You watched him struggle, curious as to what he was going to do. As you saw him form letter slowly, you smiled.

Man: My name is A L I X A N D E R.

He smiled at you, hope in his eyes. Your heart warmed up at his effort, and you felt the tears appear in your eyes. His grew wide, dread slowly consuming his face.

Oh hell, I insulted you, didn’t I? I’m so sorry, I was trying to tell you my name. He said quickly, his hands shaking. You shook your head, your soft smile growing wide. He instantly looked relieved, the tension off his shoulders. You signed your words slowly, and he concentrate on your hands, never looking away.

Thank you, Alexander. And my name is Y/N. I am happy that you made an effort to sign. But you can just talk to me if you want, just look at me when you’re speaking.

Alexander: If I want to court you, I should learn, right? He signed, and you were surprised at how good it was, compared to him spelling out his name before.

You blushed quickly, and he looked at you, a small smirk on his face. He held out his palm, and you placed your hand in his, his lips pressing against your skin softly. You involuntarily shivered, and he grinned wildly at you. You made the sign for laugh, putting both of your hands next to your face and grinning.

Does that mean you want to court me? He signed, his eyebrows raised. You nodded, and Alexander pumped his fist in the air, his happiness infectious. You couldn’t help but smile back at him. Who knew that the man who ignored you for days would be the one you looked most forward to being with?

Marquis de Lafayette:

His hair was brown and curly, pulled back into a bun. His face was full of cuts and blood dripping. But he seemed more concerned about another man, guiding you onto the battlefield. He had a panicked look in his eyes, pointing towards a man lying on the ground. You ran over, staring at his injury. The man seemed to have a bullet in his stomach, not able to move. You pulled out materials from the bag, gesturing to the others (there were three other men, including the one that pulled you out) to help hold him down. They understood quickly, moving the man’s arms and legs out of the way. You cut through his shirt, showing his lean stomach. You stared at the entry would, glad that the bullet was still visible. This meant that you didn’t have to dig through his skin to find it, which may cause even more injury to the man.

You patted the wound with alcohol-covered gauze, staring at his face for a reaction. His mouth was wide, and you assumed he was screaming. You gave him an apologetic look, then began removing the metal.

It was over in 20 minutes or so, you finally stitching up the hole. You wrote a quick note to him, telling him that if there was anything wrong, to go to the medical tent ASAP. He rolled his eyes, but nodded, carried away by two of the men. You were left with the curly-haired man, and he smiled at you. You couldn’t help but beam at him, his smile infectious.

Madam… (you couldn’t understand the rest) thank you for helping my friend. May I know your name?

You tensed up, and began signing your name. He looked at your hands, then back at your face, the same puzzled look that appears on everyone. It didn’t bother you; you were used to the expression. You grabbed the paper off the ground, and pulled out the quill that you carried around, and wrote your name on a paper.

Y/N Y/L/N. You wrote. He looked at the paper, then back up at you.

My apologizes, m… Can you not speak? You nodded, and began writing again.

And I cannot hear you. I am deaf, sir. You wrote, turning the sheet towards him once again. His eyes widened, and he nodded quickly, bowing. You saw Anna appear out of the corner of your eyes, and she waved you over, blood dripping from her hands. You looked back at the man, giving him an apologetic look before running to Anna. You couldn’t see the small smile he gave you when you turned your back to him.


Every single day, the man, you later found out was named Lafayette, walked in and talked with you, which consisted of more of him talking and you writing. Eventually, he asked if you could teach him sign language, and you agreed. Anything was fine, as long as you and him could spend time with each other. You knew you grew to like him, and Anna teased you about it every time he left, making hearts with her hands and winking. You smiled and shook your head at her constantly, but she never stopped teasing you about it.

His other friends, Mulligan, Laurens, and Hamilton sometimes came and visited you. Hamilton was the one who figured out sign without your help (you questioned him on how, but he refused to tell you) and the other two struggled. Mulligan wanted to know if sign would seduce other women, and you grinned at him, knowing that he was joking. Laurens hands constantly shook when he signed, his nerves getting the best of him. You always encouraged him, gratefully that he was trying his best. You knew that you weren’t even an expert at your own language; there were words that you didn’t know either.

One day, while you were disinfecting the utensils, Lafayette walked in, smiling at you. Your heart beat quickened immediately, reminding you of how much you cared for the Frenchman. He moved his hands, signing to you.

Y/N, I’ve been trying to learn how to say this in sign for such a long time. He said, sitting down on one of the beds. You glanced around to make sure Anna wasn’t there to make fun of you, then walked over to him. You sat next to him signing back.

Do you want me to help you? You asked. He nodded, and instead of signing, he began talking to you.

How do you sign, “I have been in love with you this whole time, and it took me this long to realize it.” You froze, staring at him. The pink rose on his cheeks, he rubbed his hangs together in anticipation. You looked down, the smile never leaving your face. Your heart pounded even more at his confession, and you began signing to him.

I have been in love with you this whole time, and I’ve realized it a few weeks ago. Lafayette’s grin could have broken his face, the joy unbelievably expressed. Without thinking, you pressed your lips onto his, quickly, barely touching. It still sent shivers down your spine, and you blushed intensely, quickly avoiding his gaze.

You felt his hand touch yours, your fingers entwining with his. He touched your chin, turning it to him. Your eyes looked at his warm brown ones, and he smile nervously.

Can I kiss you, for real this time? Your eyes closed slowly, nodding. His lips pressed against yours, and you couldn’t remember your life before Lafayette appeared in it.

“Not Possible” [Lafayette x Reader]

Prompt: Hi I’d like to place a request for a Lafayette X reader Modern AU, if that’s alright with you of course. Where Laf is having a bad day and the reader comforts him. They do movie marathons, the reader makes dinner

A/N: I couldn’t bring myself to make Laf’s day too bad or I myself would have a bad day

T/W: none, pure fluff

A/U: Modern  

Words: 1298


You opened your phone for what must have been the 200th time that day. Still nothing. You had texted your boyfriend, Lafayette, just after he left for work at 8am to ask him if he had any ideas about where you should go to dinner tonight on your double date with Alex and Eliza, and it was now 4pm and you still hadn’t received a reply. 

You were frustrated in the first few hours; sick of him either ignoring the message or neglecting to even check his phone. You were past the point of anger now, however, and were just thinking of all of the terrible things that could have happened. 

“Calm down, Y/N, his phone probably just died.” you said to yourself. “Maybe he didn’t get the message. Maybe he just misplaced it. For 8 hours.” You paced around the apartment that you shared with Laf, checking the clock every five seconds, waiting for it just pass 4pm, when Lafayette usually got home. 

Your phone buzzed and you jumped to the kitchen table where it was waiting next to the cupcakes that you had bought earlier. Eliza. “Hey E, what’s up?” You said with a sigh out. 

“Hey Y/N, are you all right?” she replied. 

“Yeah it’s fine, still just waiting for Laf to reply.” You told her. 

“Ah yeah, about tonight, that’s why I’m calling. Alex got suspended from work for starting a fight with some Jefferson guy, so I don’t think we’ll be able to make it tonight, he’s probably not in the type of mood that would be classed as ‘good company’,” she laughed. You laughed back into the phone, saying that it was fine, and wished her luck on talking some sense into her boyfriend. 

“Thank you, I’ll need it,” she said with an exaggerated sigh. “Shoot me a message when you hear from Laf, call me if you need anything.” You thanked her and you both said your goodbyes. 

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