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“La Lune” by D’ellav.


“If the darkness falls, and my angel calls
In my despair
Will you be there?
In the darkest night
When I need your light
Will you show me the way?”.

-Wolf Bite, Owl City.


b l a c k   v s   p i n k  || k o o k m i n  w a l  l p a p e r s 

 ❥ jeon jungkook 검은색     

 ❥ park jimin 분홍색 

  •  © mochitteok [pics are not mine, credit to all owners] 

Ride over the clouds ☆゚.*・。゚



w i n t e r   l o v e  || S & N  w a l l p a p e r s 

❅ sasuke uchiha & naruto uzumaki     ‘’ 冬の愛 ‘’

  • © mochitteok [pics are not mine, credit to all owners] || don’t edit
Bad Boy!Taehyung

MY BBY, my squish, my loveliest lil love this got kinda long bc I l o v e Tae and I especially love bad boy!tae also did you guys see the pic of Jin that was posted bc I’m so ?!?!?!?! (also happy birthday Jinnie!) over it but onto bad boy!tae

  • Visuals first
  • Lip piercing (probably snake bites bc have you ever seen edits of tae with snake bites hell yes) definitely a tongue piercing, probably an eyebrow piercing
  • Has a sleeve on one of his arms probably has a reference tattoo to his favorite anime/manga character on there somewhere
  • His hair is forever a different color
  • He has purple for a few months then it’s blonde for a month then it’s black for a week then it’s back to brown and you can’t even keep up tbh
  • He’s always in his leather jacket and skinny ripped black jeans and these worn out boots
  • I’m sure everyone remembers War of Hormone!Tae bc that is bad boy!Tae is a 5 minute video
  • He’s a natural flirt, even when he doesn’t mean to be
  • Doesn’t help that anyone who catches his attention for more than just a passing gaze basically melts bc that boy is n i C e
  • He doesn’t really get into the fighting aspect but if any of his boys ever need some help he’s not gonna hold back
  • So he tends to use his voice to his advantage when it comes to scaring people off
  • He just gets this look in his eyes that’s basically daring anyone to try and start something and then he deepens his voice a bit
  • “Is there a problem?”
  • He’s always with either Jimin or Kook who are both the fighters of the group so if anyone does decide to say something he has immediate backup (not that he needs it bc Tae can handle himself but it’s nice to know)
  • Forever has a lollipop
  • You two meet really randomly tbh
  • You of course shared a few classes but he always sat in the back with Jimin and you always sat in the front
  • You were in the library to find a book for your upcoming project when you hear the door open and immediately two boys’ loud voices are echoing into the once silent library
  • The librarian immediately shushes them and you can hear them snickering but they do quiet down a bit
  • The only reason they’re bothering with the project is bc Jimin bet Taehyung that he could get a higher grade and Tae wasn’t one to back down from a challenge
  • They separate to find their books and Tae happens to choose the aisle you’re in
  • You’re minding your own business, curled up against the shelf with your earphones in and a book in your lap
  • He just takes the lollipop out of his mouth and crouches down next to you to see what you’re reading
  • He gives you a lil smirk when you look up and asks you for your help
  • He explains the bet and how he really wants that week worth of Jimin having to do whatever he tells him to 
  • At first you’re kinda rolling your eyes bc you actually cared about getting a good grade for the sake of passing but these boys just considered it a game but the more he talks, the more interested you are
  • He’s got this vibe that makes you want to know everything about him, why is his hair orange? why the lollipop? why the tattoos? and you figure now’s your chance to find all of that out
  • So you say yes and he gives you this wide grin that shouldn’t go along with the leather and piercings but somehow does
  • It all happens really quickly honestly
  • You two aren’t three study sessions in before he’s asking you on a date
  • You tell him you’ll only go out with him if he gets a good grade on the project and that just gives him another reason to work harder bc he actually really likes you
  • The day he gets his results back, he waits until you’re out of your last class for the day to hold the paper up with a proud look in his eyes bc 97% qualifies as a “good grade”
  • He takes you to this lil arcade for your first date
  • Turns out the "bad boy" is actually a large child
  • He’s louder than the actual machines and he’s running from game to game and vows to win enough tickets to get you one of the big prizes
  • At first you’re a bit confused bc when he showed up to pick you up, he was all cocky smirks and flirty lines but the second he stepped into the arcade it’s yells and jumping up and down in excitement
  • You decide to just go along with it and find yourself jumping along with him and getting just as competitive as he did
  • When you two were playing the basketball game, he comes up behind you and grabs your hands to guide you when you throw the ball and it’s really casual and smooth but you can feel his heartbeat against your shoulder and you feel it beat faster so you know it wasn’t as casual as he made it seem
  • You two end up deciding to ditch the idea of a huge prize and just get a bunch of little ones
  • You walk away with a bag full of goodies and a plastic tiara on your head
  • Halfway back to your house, you lean over and place the tiara onto his head 
  • He just gives you this look of “really?” but he’s actually holding back laughter and he ends up letting you get away with it
  • You two fall in love pretty quick tbh
  • He’s not hard to love to begin with but when you have him passing notes to you in class and getting you to sneak out with him and basically just making each and every day fun, it’s hard not to love him
  • He’s the type to carve both of your initials into a tree trunk and that’s where you two have your first kiss
  • He has a habit of letting himself into your home bc your parents absolutely adore him bc he was the politest lil bby whenever he was around them
  • You often wake up to find him asleep next to you and at first you’re so ??? bc when the hell did he get into your house but eventually you get used to it
  • He’s a total sleep cuddler
  • Whenever he stays over, you always somehow end up in his arms, you could be on the complete other side of the bed but when you woke up, you’d be tucked into his side
  • He also really likes being the lil spoon but he’d never admit that bc this is bad boy!tae
  • But whenever he’s around you, he’s not all that concerned about keeping his reputation up
  • Whenever he wakes up with you, he always take a moment to look at you and he’s basically just majorly in love
  • Wakes you up with kisses
  • G I G G L E S
  • So much giggling
  • Especially when it’s late at night
  • He’s such a pillow talker and most of the times he doesn’t even make sense bc one second he’s talking about penguins and the next he’s asking what the meaning of life is
  • His voice is lazy and his fingers are slowly trailing up and down your spine and he’s just staring up at the ceiling and letting anything and everything he thinks about out
  • You find out a lot about him in those moments bc that’s when it’s just true and there aren’t any walls up around either of you
  • He also loves playing with your hair while you two are just laying there talking about the future but also talking about puppies
  • It’s just basically the cutest relationship filled with smirks and lollipop sharing and giggles and s o many kisses and affection and I want bad boy!Tae tbh
“And you, my Sassenach? What were you born for?”

“To be lady of a manor, or to sleep in the fields like a gypsy? To be a healer, or a don’s wife, or an outlaw’s lady?”

“I was born for you,” I said simply, and held out my arms to him.

“Ye know,” he observed, letting go at last, “you’ve never said it.”

“Neither have you.”

“I have. The day after we came. I said I wanted you more than anything.”

“And I said that loving and wanting weren’t necessarily the same thing,” I countered.

He laughed. “Perhaps you’re right, Sassenach.” He smoothed the hair from my face and kissed my brow. “I wanted ye from the first I saw ye—but I loved ye when you wept in my arms and let me comfort you, that first time at Leoch.”

The sun sank below the line of black pines, and the first stars of the evening came out. It was mid-November, and the evening air was cold, though the days still kept fine. Standing on the opposite side of the fence, Jamie bent his head, putting his forehead against mine.

“You first.”

“No, you.”


“I’m afraid.”

“Of what, my Sassenach?” The darkness was rolling in over the fields, filling the land and rising up to meet the night. The light of the new crescent moon marked the ridges of brow and nose, crossing his face with light.

“I’m afraid if I start I shall never stop.”

He cast a glance at the horizon, where the sickle moon hung low and rising. “It’s nearly winter, and the nights are long, mo duinne.” He leaned across the fence, reaching, and I stepped into his arms, feeling the heat of his body and the beat of his heart.

“I  l o v e  y o u .”

~ Diana Gabaldon, Outlander, Chp. 31 “Quarter Day”

anonymous asked:

You probably hear this constantly, but I just wanted to tell you that I L-O-V-E your style and your panache. Your art is gorgeous, and your GPOY outfit pics are a highlight of my days because you are ROCKING IT, always. Thanks for being a bit of color and spark in a bleak ol' world.

Awww, this is lovely, anon, thank you.  I say all the time that I aim for Morticia Adams and Lisa Frank, so color is naturally part of the gig, whether I’m making it or wearing it, haha. 

les mis blogging/social media au

ok so i had some ideas about this au which im very passionate about. im gonna draw art for this, believe me.

  • cosette and bahorel who are both fashion bloggers
  • they’re mutuals and meet up and take aesthetic pics together
  • eponine has a dark but also pastel aesthetic blog?? (with a side of fandom)
  • teams up with cosette to make cute moodboards and aesthetic posts
  • jehan who also runs a dark blog, except its a strange mix of gore, plants, clothes and pretty people. its a mess, just like their fashion sense.
  • viner courfeyrac who specializes in pranking his roommate marius
  • marius who finds cosettes blog and selfies and f a l l s  i n  l o v e (he thinks shes dating bahorel at first,, he cries alot)
  • (cosette is also courfeyracs no. 1 fan so)
  • joly and combeferre who have a shared sideblog for medical and self care information
  • jolys blog is yellow!! and bright!! and just so cute. i love joly. alot
  • sorry i just had to express my love for joly. how can u not love joly like seriously. anyway
  • combeferre the space nerdalso loves astrology alot. horoscope nerd.
  • feuilly running a lifehacks blog. its canon.
  • collabs alot with bossuet who runs an advice blog. he gets alot of asks about how to be as bright as him, because hes generally quite cheerful despite his unluckiness 
  • grantaire who runs an art blog and frequently gets commissioned from the above because they all love him alot.
  • enjolras who runs a social justice blog which everyone follows. they dont know when they started following him but,,, they do?? 
  • enjolras makes a post in efforts to start a skype group and maybe do some protesting?? who knows, hes trying okay.
  • they all join, and when enjolras asks everyone to introduce themselves??
  • most of them already know each other?? somehow?
  • anyway they get on like a housefire,
  • group chats. so many group chats.
  • and so the les amis were born.
  • also!! imagine gavroche “hacking” (see: stealing their phones) everyones accounts, and posting selfies. no one has the heart to delete them because?? wtf hes so cute. 

if u have anymore ideas, pls share.

         H A P P Y  B I R T H D A Y  M A X O N  C A L I X  S C H R E A V E 

‘“Seeing as it’s my birthday, do you think we could get away with spending the entire day in bed?” 

“And who will run the country?”

“No one. Let it fall to pieces. So long as I have my America in my arms.”’


i   h a v e   l o s t  c o n t r o l   o v e r    m y   s u d d e n   r u s h e s   o f     i n s p i r a t i o n

[the third pic happened bc my bro challenged me to prove that illumi would look good in any kind of outfit (which is true btw)]



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  • Me watching Knock for the first time: what is this circle dance??? what????? this is ridiculous idk if i like this