i know your secrets you cant hide them

Experiences with the signs- Leo sun/taurus moon

Aries- Where do i even start!! It seems many important people in my life are aries. 2 of my brothers are aries very playful, funny and they just want to be happy but terrible when angry. Dont get on their bad side as their anger can be overbearing but it dies down quickly. Another aries is my ex one of the best relationships ive had he was obsessive but in a good way, he just always wanted me around and i loved him for it!

Taurus-my dad and uncle. Funny people usually theyll want to make you smile or at least leave a good impression on you. Love material things and have an eye for beauty. my house seems to be full of paintings and random art pieces. Very stubborn though never will loose in an argument and can sometimes lie (usually white lies), but extremely loyal.

Gemini- I get along with geminis so well, for instance my bestfriend is one. We are exactly alike and she can make me laugh like no tommorow. There also amazing people to have fun with they seem to never be able to sit still always wanting to be around people or out of the house! But they can be very selfish and unreliable, moods and actions for the geminis ive met change like crazy. Still love them though.

Cancer- i dont know why ive just had the worst experience with cancers.. My eldest brother is a cancer (love him though) his very organised and he always seems to know whats going on before it actually happens. He can be very controlling though always worrying about me, telling me off and questioning my life choices. His like a second father. Other cancers ive met are never too close to me this is because i swear they just love stirring drama i guess its because they worry about other people so much, that it can be negative. They always seem to be trying to get in my business.

Leo- Well being a leo myself this may be abit bias! I love leos many of my friends are leos i seem to get along with them very well and theyre honestly some of the least judgemental people i know.. Other then the slight arrogance some of my friends that are leos exhibit they are just awesome people!

Virgos- wow i wish i knew more virgos! The one virgo i know and are quite close to is a friend of mine. Shes probably the cutest girl i know shes quiet before you know her but once you know her shes really outgoing and fun. Shes very organised and book smart (fits the stereotype well) and i find her so innocent. She loves to experience new things and thats what i love about her the best.

Libra- DEAR LIBRAS. I love you! Every libra i know is a downright amazing person! They hate drama (like me) and always just want everyone around them happy.. My mum is a libra and shes one of the most amazing people always wants to see her kids smiling and lifting us up so we can do so. Only issue i have with the libras in my life is the unreliablility they change their mind sometimes more then the geminis do lol.

Scorpio- These people are legit like thunderstorms. Ive met some amazing scorpios and ive met some terrible scorpios. Some scorpios i know just want to get along with you they show you a part of life that other people just cant! But theyre sooo secretive and witty.. You wouldnt want one to hate you.. Trust me. They seem to be able to read people so well too like theyll know if your lying or if your unhappy so dont try to hide emotions from them (coz theyll just know)!

Saggitarius- I know very few sags.. The one i do know well is a good friend of mine and my god is she alot of fun! So funny and loves to experience new things i never find her doing something boring. They can be downright honest though like if you look bad theyll tell you and as a leo that can annoy me. But honesty is always the best policy! They can also be like scorpios very witty you wont want to argue with one! Besides that theyll show you how to make the most of every moment and i love them for that!

Capricorn- i know so many capricorns and due to that i have mixed opinions on them. When a capricorn likes you omg these people are the best, theyre like the stereotypical best friend youll always find a capricorn that you just click with. THEY MAKE ME LAUGH!! Most capricorns i know make me laugh and are so relatable youll have the best conversations with them. But the ones you dont get along with can be very unattached, selfish and cold. Theyre the type of people to step on you if they dont like you or judge you. When you dont know them they can be very unloving due to the fact that their so slow to warm up to people (and thats fine)!

Aquarius- If you need anybody to always be there for you its an aquarius! One of my closest friends is aquarius! They are the most friendly people ive met out of the whole zodiac… Theyre extremely unjudgemental and they have an attitude about them that nothing really can get them too down. They can be emotionally unattached though but extremely funny and love to live life to the fullest!

Pisces- cutest people!! I know alot of pisces and they always seem to draw towards me. They are really nice people and i feel that they just want to get along with you. They want to be friends with everyone and theyre the best to have dnms with (deep and meaningful convos) you can tell them anything and they wont look down on you and will always encourage you. One thing i hate about them though is i find sometimes they put on these acts around different people. Like around some people theyre different compared to around others and you can tell its just not them.