i know you're dead

Was walking from lunch at work and I made a yeah man I’m dumb as hell/bad at art joke as usual cause I keep making mistakes and my coworkers were like no you’re not dumb you make mistakes and you’re just improving I was like

Yeah you’re right.

A reminder to myself that self deprecation is silly and getting old af and not funny. I deserve more credit and I need to value myself more. Same goes for you guys, hope you’re having a nice day and know your worth ok?

persona arcanae explained
  • the fool: disaster kids with incredible destinies
  • the magician: no. no, don't do that. I SAID DON'T DO THAT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD -
  • the high priestess: i know they seem calm but if you fuck with them you're dead
  • the empress: classy ladies who have probably killed a man
  • the emperor: they seem cool but they're all extremely eccentric
  • the hierophant: they're gruff but they care! honest!
  • the lovers: adorable pink-loving teenage girls who will destroy you for daring to think you have the right to look at them
  • the chariot: ALRIGHT CHUMS LET'S DO THIS!
  • justice: adorable children (and katsuya)
  • the hermit: vidya games (and a fox)
  • the wheel of fortune: pretty boys with secrets of varying severity
  • strength: they are your bro, they are there for you, one of them is a dog
  • the hanged man: jesus shitting christ that's an unhappy backstory
  • death: they're creepy but really nice, except eikichi, he's FABULOUS and really nice
  • temperance: ha ha no persona steve (i seriously think we have never met a persona-user of the temperance arcana)
  • the devil: no
  • the tower: you have issues and your arcana reflects that
  • the star: i know they seem sweet but they are hiding something
  • the moon: let's be positive to hide our crushing emotional issues
  • the sun: surprisingly troubled but will never talk about it
  • judgement: we're all in this together (and elly)
  • aeon: short-haired nonhuman girls who are extremely eccentric because they are nonhuman
  • the world: god in a school uniform

satine’s ““““nephew”””” looks like a perfect combination of her and obi wan………………but that’s none of my business 🐸☕️

JB forgetting his keys
  • JB: *knocking intensely on the dorm door*
  • JB: Hello?! I'm locked out!
  • JB: *continues knocking on the door*
  • Bambam (from inside of the dorm screaming) : BABY KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK ON MY DOOR!!
  • JB: Bambam let me in!
  • Bambam: Looks like someone's angry...
  • JB: Don't you dare I know what you're gonna do- don't you dare jut your jaw out
  • Bambam: *juts his jaw out*
  • JB: I can't see you but I know what you're doing you are so dead when I get in there!
Things Said In My Household But With Fairy Tail Pt.4
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b></b> *At The Mall*<p/><b>Erza:</b> Don't do anything stupid guys.<p/><b>Natsu:</b> *scoffs* How dare you accuse us of such vulgar intentions.<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> I feel offended.<p/><b>Gray:</b> We would never. What are we 5?<p/><b>Wendy:</b> Thats something i question everyday.<p/><b></b> ___<p/><b></b> *Two Hours Later*<p/><b></b> *in the car riding back home*<p/><b></b> *dead silent*<p/><b>Gray:</b> Erza I know you're mad...<p/><b>Erza:</b> *staying quiet while continuing to drive*<p/><b>Natsu:</b> Pls dont hurt us.<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> It was Natsu's idea.<p/><b>Natsu:</b> WAS NOT.<p/><b></b> *the car stops immediately and causes everyone to lurch forward*<p/><b>Erza:</b> WHO THE FUCK SWIMS IN THE MALLS FOUNTAIN?<p/><b>Gray:</b> techically we were trying to get the money.<p/><b>Erza:</b> ...<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> we're so screwed.<p/><b></b> ___<p/><b>Wendy:</b> Heys guys I kissed a boy today! :D<p/><b>AllThree:</b> *playing video games and not paying attention* uh huh, thats nice, good for you.<p/><b>Wendy:</b> ...Im going on a date now.<p/><b>AllThree:</b> right, have fun, bring back some food.<p/><b>Wendy:</b> ....<p/><b>Wendy:</b> Im pregnant<p/><b>Natsu:</b> *falls off the couch*<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> *drops controller*<p/><b>Gray:</b> *jumps up*<p/><b>AllThree:</b> IMMA KILL A FUCKER, YOU'RE TOO YOUNG, WHAT?!!<p/><b>Wendy:</b> April fools! <3 *skips away*<p/><b><p/></b> <b></b> ____<p/><b>Laxus:</b> Do you want ice cream?<p/><b>Natsu:</b> *from upstairs* YES<p/><b>Gray:</b> *outside* I WANT VANILLA.<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> GET ME CHOCOLATE. *somewhere*<p/><b>Laxus:</b> I WASNT ASKING YOU FUCKERS. so wendy ya want some?<p/><b></b> ____<p/><b>Natsu:</b> i swear to god...*looks in the cupboard* gray you better not have..<p/><b></b> *wrapper noises in backround*<p/><b>Gray:</b> *opening poptart* What?<p/><b>Natsu:</b> OH HELL NO *jumps Gray*<p/><b></b> *CRASH*<p/><b>Erza:</b> *runs down stairs with a bat* WHO THE F-- *sees Natsu and gray fighting* ITS TWO IN THE FUCKING MORNING . *starts hitting them with the bat*<p/><b></b> ___<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> *from upstairs* NATSU HELP..<p/><b>Natsu:</b> You better not be stuck in the catbox again.<p/><b></b> ___<p/><b></b> *In Treehouse*<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> WE ARE THE TREE KINGS<p/><b>Natsu:</b> ARGH MATEY<p/><b>Both:</b> ALL HAIL QUEEN WENDY.<p/><b>Gray:</b> Arent we getting too old for this?<p/><b>Wendy:</b> THROW HIM OVERBOARD<p/><b>Natsu:</b> RIGHT AWAY YOUR MAJESTY<p/><b>Both:</b> *pushes Gray out the tree house*<p/><b>Gray:</b> Wait I ASK FOR MERCY.<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> *holding him over edge*<p/><b>Wendy:</b> hmm..NO MERCY.<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> *drops him*<p/><b>Both:</b> ALL HAIL OUR RUTHLESS LEADER. *insert Grays screaming*<p/><b></b> ____<p/><b></b> *When Wendy was Younger*<p/><b>Wendy:</b> *shy* um Gajeel..natsu..gray..<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> yea?<p/><b>Wendy:</b> the house...*shys away*<p/><b>Natsu:</b> what about it?<p/><b>Wendy:</b> it's...*shifts*<p/><b>Gray:</b> it's?...<p/><b>Wendy:</b> On fire.<p/><b>AllThree:</b> WHAT?!!<p/><b></b> ___<p/><b></b> *At The Beach When they were younger*<p/><b>Natsu:</b> that was so uncool.<p/><b>Gray:</b> we worked so hard.<p/><b>Wendy:</b> *crying* Erza, Gajeel destroyed our sand castle.<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> hehehe<p/><b>Erza:</b> *throws gajeel into a trashcan*<p/><b>Erza:</b> there you go. That handles both our problems. <p/><b></b> ___<p/><b></b> *Wendy as a toddler*<p/><b>Gray:</b> *filming Wendy and Natsu*<p/><b>Natsu:</b> Is it recording?<p/><b>Gray:</b> Yes idiot.<p/><b>Natsu:</b> okay wendy say Natsu.<p/><b>Wendy:</b> Ewza.<p/><b>Gray:</b> SAY GRAY<p/><b>Wendy:</b> Ewza<p/><b>Natsu:</b> FUCK.<p/><b></b> ___<p/><b>Wendy:</b> fwuck ewza.<p/><b>Erza:</b> what the..who..?<p/><b>Wendy:</b> Natwsu and Gwray.<p/><b>Erza:</b> ...<p/><b></b> ___<p/><b>Natsu:</b> *throws shades on*<p/><b>Gray:</b> *throws shades on*<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> *throws shades on*<p/><b>Wendy:</b> * looks at them and throws shades on upside down*<p/><b></b> __<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> *singing in the shower upstairs*<p/><b>Natsu:</b> god who's dying<p/><b>Gray:</b> I wonder how his cat puts up with his shit.<p/><b></b> *faint cat crying for help and scratching the bathroom door*<p/><b></b> ___<p/><b>Natsu:</b> s-shit.<p/><b>Gray:</b> *pale*<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> what's up with you both?<p/><b>Gray:</b> E-erza's been ignoring us all day.<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> *turns pale* what the hell did you guys do ..<p/><b>Both:</b> WE DONT KNOW.<p/><b></b> ___<p/><b>Erza:</b> *has earphones in*<p/><b></b> ___<p/><b></b> *At Police Station*<p/><b>Erza:</b> *silent*<p/><b>Natsu:</b> OH THANK GOD YOU'RE HERE.<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> what a relief.<p/><b>Gray:</b> Get us out.<p/><b>Erza:</b> you're so lucky we're in the police station otherwise you three would have been murdered. AND WHO DANCES NAKED ON THE ROOF OF TARGET?!<p<p/><b>____<b><p/></b> <b></b> Jesus.<p/><b> Part 5? :</b> </b> )<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
  • Me: *sends 2 messages to someone and they don't respond so I slowly start to hate my obnoxiously needy ass*
  • Clarke: "Hey Bell, its been 6 f*cking years and I've left you a voicemail every damn day for 2,199 days so you better be dead or captured because I know you're not ignoring me on purpose. Get your happy ass down here before I come up there and get you myself....
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • Love, Clarke."
Ianthony Fic - New Beginnings

Anthony hadn’t been himself lately. To anyone else, he was the same old jolly Anthony but Ian knew better. He noticed the crease between his brows that presented itself a lot more frequently now. He noticed the expression of relief after they were done shooting a video - not the kind that the others had, not out of accomplishment; it was the relief one got after coming out of a strenuous situation. He noticed how his smiles seemed to grow less and less genuine with each passing day.

And then there were other things. Things that didn’t require over a decade of friendship and an eye as keen as Ian’s. Basically, Anthony hadn’t been himself lately and it was obvious to anyone who cared to pay attention.

Ian brought it up one night when they were at his apartment “chilling”. In reality, there was an air of awkwardness and tension around them, as if the night suspected what they were about to discuss and decided to set the mood accordingly. Ian was sure the last time a conversation between them had felt so dreadful was when Anthony had called to announce that he was going to propose in Japan.

Trying (and failing) multiple times to bring up the topic without sounding overly concerned, Ian decided it was best to be direct. Although before he could utter another word, Anthony beat him to The Discussion.

“Ian, there’s something I need to talk to you about,” he began in an ominous tone.

And just like that, Ian knew why the night had felt so significant earlier. He had subconsciously picked up on the clues all along and his thoughts had culminated in the realisation mere seconds before Anthony informed him so himself.

“I want to leave Smosh.”

Ian should have prepared himself better, goddammit. Because hearing those words hurt. He grimaced and something like guilt flashed across the other man’s face.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered, as if to lighten the blow.

Ian hummed but didn’t say much more. They had talked about this once. Years ago. Leaving Smosh. Back then, it was them and a couple other people who assisted them occasionally. They didn’t have dedicated makeup artists back then, unless it was to make a fake wound. They also didn’t have a movie or wax statues to boast of.

Ian didn’t want to continue their conversation that night. He felt too exhausted all of a sudden and the idea of sleep was too enticing. But this was important.

“How long have you been mulling over this?”

“Quite a while…”


“Since December.”


Silence set in once more. Each man held his breath, anticipating an ugly argument. The tension in the room grew so thick, it was almost like a physical entity.

Ian took a deep breath. “I am not angry,” he enunciated, because it was essential that his best friend knew that much. “I’m not angry but I can’t understand why…”

Anthony sighed and an expression flicked across his face that Ian wasn’t sure he ever wanted to see again. It was gone before he could analyse what it even meant.

Feeling an oncoming headache, Ian massaged his temple gently and thought about what he could say. It was odd because he never had to think before talking to his friend; it was one of the best features of their relationship.

“Look me in the eyes and tell me you don’t miss the old days?” He sounded more bitter than nostalgic and Ian hated it.

“I don’t need to look you in the eyes to tell you that. Of course I miss the old days! Everyone misses their old days, nothing new about that.”

“For fuck’s sake, you know that’s not what I mean. I hate this Ian. I hate it! I hate what we have become, I hate that I have no control, I hate that Smosh has become a…a brand,” he spat with no inconsiderable contempt, “and has so many censors on our ideas. This is not what I ever intended it to be and I don’t want to be part of it any longer!”

His chest was heaving and Ian flinched at the last shouted word. Yeah, fights with Anthony, however rare, were always the worst.

“I just really fucking miss when it was the two of us having fun,” he murmured, avoiding Ian’s gaze.

Ian found his annoyance mitigate on hearing that and felt his heart flutter. He pressed his shoulders fondly and smiled sadly at him. “Me too.”

“Don’t get me wrong Ian, I love our friends, I love the crew. I just…I don’t like what we’re doing here. This isn’t us. I wish we could go back to when it was just you and me with our silly skits and lunchtime videos. It’s like we hardly hang out any more outside of Smosh related stuff. When was the last time we had lunch together without talking about any new ideas or business projects? I miss you Ian…” he trailed off.

After a heartwarming speech like this, the only logical option was to engulf him in a bear hug. Which Ian did. And they stayed like that for several moments, breathing in the comfort of familiar arms. Secure. Warm.

“I am such a sentimental ass,” Anthony huffed, his breath tickling Ian’s neck.

“It’s okay. You get to be a sentimental ass once in a while.”


“Look,” Ian pulled away gently, but didn’t place much distance between them. “I won’t lie and tell you I’m okay with you leaving. Because I’ve never done this alone and I don’t know how to. But know one thing, I will always be there to support you, no mater what. I don’t think I want to leave yet. But I trust you and if you’re sure leaving will make you happier, go ahead. And just in case you feel like it isn’t working out-”

“That’d be embarrassing.”

“Doesn’t matter. If you feel like coming back, I’ll be right here to welcome you.”

They shared fond smiles and breathed synchronised sighs of relief. The argument was handled much more maturely than either of them anticipated.

Ian suddenly became aware of their proximity and stood up abruptly.

“I assume you won’t be joining us for the summer games then?”

“No, I’m sorry.”

“Oh well. It will be a tough job explaining this to the rest of them. Anyway, I’m tired as hell,” he nodded towards his bedroom. “You might as well stay the night, it’s already past two.”

“Yeah, I don’t think I have it in me to drive after having this talk.” He fiddled with a thread on his ripped jeans. Ian knew he was holding back on something else he needed to ask but wasn’t sure about Ian’s reaction.

Before he could prompt him to continue, Anthony looked up at him with dazzling eyes and an uncertain expression.

“Do you remember the other thing we never tried because of Smosh?” He asked tentatively.

Ian froze. “You mean…”


Silence again. They stared at each other with contemplating eyes for who knows how long. It wasn’t common for Ian to have to look down at his friend, but he was grateful for the height difference that Anthony being seated lended him. He felt like he was in control here, the one who could decide whether or not they were about to discuss something they’d avoided talking about seriously for years now.

“We’re both in relationships, you know that right?” Ian said at last.

“And are you happy with her? Because I know I’m not.”

That was a revelation. He had never talked about being dissatisfied in his relationship before. Ian took a moment to process the new data.

“Anthony,” he began, his voice shaking.

“No Ian, please. Yes or no? Are you happy with her? Your girlfriend who just happens to look a lot like me and have the same interests as me?” His words were made worse by the accompanying cold and mocking tone.

“What the fuck man?!” Ian’s temper was rising steadily. “You’re one to talk. Blue eyes. Brown hair. Dog person. Remind you of someone?”

And to his great annoyance, the bastard smiled. Smiled! “Point proven. We’ve both settled for the next best thing we could find after each other.”

Ian was at a loss for words. He knew that, of course. He had accepted the fact that he and Anthony were never going to be a thing and so had given up waiting long ago. But to hear it out loud from another person made him feel pathetic. And guilty. The girls deserved better than this.

“I’m not leaving just because I’m tired of having no control. It’s been years and I’m still crazy about you Ian. I want you. I want so much more than what we’ve got going on now, and knowing that you feel the same way hurts so much because we could have everything if we just tried.”

Ian didn’t ask how Anthony could be so sure Ian still felt for him the same way he did so many years ago. But then again, he was Anthony. Of course he knew.

“I know you’d never agree to be together as long as we were business partners because somehow you found this reasoning by 20 year old me really sensible. God knows why I even suggested that.”

“We were 23 and at the peak of our career. Of course I found it sensible. It’d have been stupid to risk our careers for what could just have been hormones and a little crush. You’ve never been good at relationships, admit it. I didn’t want everything we had achieved to go down the drain because we couldn’t handle a break up.”

“But it isn’t just a crush though, we know that now…right?”

Ian found it very endearing, the hope and uncertainty lurking behind his seemingly confident guise. Anthony rarely looked vulnerable. Ian couldn’t believe this was happening after years of pining. Despite himself, he started crying.

Maybe he should have felt ridiculous. He was almost 30 for god’s sake! He just couldn’t find it in himself to care when Anthony was looking at him like that and strong hands were guiding him to the couch, enveloping him, grounding him, comforting him.

“I’m sorry but you look adorable when you cry,” Anthony chuckled next to his ear. And wrapped himself more tightly around his smaller frame. “I want to kiss you so badly right now,” he said in a rumbling voice.

“But you can’t. I’m not cheating on her.”

Anthony hummed and they stayed embracing each other. Ian found himself drifting off and was soon dead to the world, content in the warmth of loving arms and dexterous fingers stroking his hair, oh so gently. He didn’t hear the soft “I love you” murmured against his forehead.

The coming days would be testing for them both. But right now, they were in the safe space where anything was possible.

I know we’re not as active as we used to be and some of us only lurk but every time I see someone say the fandom is dead, it makes me very sad. I want to wave my hand and point to all the dedicated people who post regularly or less regularly to share their fanfics or their manips or their fanart and scream very loud that we’re not invisible and that we’re in fact still there if anyone bothered to check. Maybe it’s not the fandom who died, maybe it’s your interest in it.

It might be slow, it might be few and there might be some disagreements sometimes but the hayffie fandom is still kicking, thank you very much.

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Enter Ship

A/N. so @goodluckcharley requested (a long time ago my b) If you could do like a tony stark imagine about the reader being an amazing engineer where on her stark scholarship thing she falls in love with tony but she’s like his student type thing? – ye

Warnings– None really, mild and I mean MILD swearing and sexual innuendo from Tony. But hey, it’s Tony.

Here I am. Standing outside Stark Tower with nothing to my name but the scholarship and the boxes in my car. Hopefully an apartment soon. Hopefully.

I was selected for the Stark scholarship for my advancements in the hovercraft field. Honestly if I hadn’t been chosen for this scholarship, I wasn’t going anywhere. My parents had no clue with this kind of stuff, they wanted me to inherit the family business, too bad.

Squaring my shoulders one last time, I walked into Stark Tower. Stepping through the glass doors, I made my way over to the desk.

“Hello, Y/N Y/L/N here for check in for the Stark Internship.” The receptionist looked me over clinically. Giving me a forced smile, she started tapping on her computer.

“Ah yes Mrs. Y/L/N, right on time. Mr. Stark is eager to discuss your technology.” She handed me a badge over the counter and signalled to her left. “Sub-level C. The glass walls should be a dead give away.” Forcing another grimace, she immediately lost interest in me and went back to her computer.

Rolling my eyes, I stepped into the elevator. Mashing the button that read “SC” I rested my head back on the side of the elevator as I descended. Please let Mr. Stark not be like his receptionist I begged in my head. A soft chime let me know that I had reached my floor. Opening the eyes I didn’t remember closing, I steeled myself for what I might meet on the other side of the glass doors I was staring at.

Pushing the door open, I was greeted with the smell of grease, oil, metal, and possibly takeout food. Huh. Who knew billionaires enjoyed cheap takeout.

“And you must be the lovely Y/N.” A voice interrupted my thoughts.

“Uh Yes. Yes. Y/N is me. I am Y/N.” Smooth like butter.

“I sure would hope so, otherwise I need better security.” Tony Stark sassed, finally coming into my vision. He was wearing a dark t-shirt and cargo pants. Not exactly designer, but hey, we were here to work.

“You sure would Mr. Stark.” I said, still standing frozen in the middle of the floor, clutching the strap of my bag for dear life.

Mr. Stark scoffed, “Mr. Stark was for my father and reporters, if we’re going to be working together, you’re going to have to call me Tony.” He was arranging tools on a metal work table. “Also you can just throw your bag down on the couch, just don’t forget it when you leave.” He made a vague gesture with his hand, indicating the worn down couch that was pushed to the side of the room and covered in empty coffee cups.

“Yes Mr. - ah - I mean Tony.” Great Scott what was wrong with me?

Tony spun to face me. “Damn honey, would it kill you to relax? We’re working together, as partners, not like a weird kinky Master thing. Unless that’s what you’re into.” He winked.

The flirty comment seemed to speed my mind back up, “You’re confusing your dreams with reality there Tony.”

He broke out laughing, “Okay, you can stay. You can stay.” he trailed off at the end, looking at me with more interest than he had before. I was about to comment on it, when he snapped himself out of it. “Alright enough chatting, we have work to do!”

The weeks passed much of the same. I came in, flashed my badge at security, rode the elevator to Sub-level C, and worked on my tech with Tony. I usually spent 3 or 4 hours working with him, all alone, so it really wasn’t a surprise that I developed a tiny crush on him. Which normally wouldn’t be a problem, except that he was my mentor. My gateway to the world of tech, my fricken teacher. It was like having a crush on a hot young teacher in highschool. You couldn’t do anything about it. It was wrong. But we were both adults! My brain tried to say. And he’s not really your teacher.

Bull. He would always see me as the awkward girl who couldn’t handle meeting him for the first time. Add me to the laundry list.

Feeling particularly down, I went through the motions of my day. Wake up. Eat Breakfast. Clean up. Get dressed. Go to class. Go strait to Stark Tower. Flash badge. Ride elevator. Walk into the garage. Sit down and look over blueprints. I was so absorbed in the blueprints that I failed to notice Tony walk up right behind me until we were practically plastered together from the waist up. That is, until he cleared his throat.

“Jumping Jehoshaphat!” I screamed, whirling around clutching my chest.

Tony was too busy crying laughing to notice my hyperventilating. His eyes actually started to brim with tears, that total jerk.

“It isn’t funny.” I pouted.

“You’re right, you’re right, I’m sorry.” He was still chuckling, wiping tears from his eyes. On the plus side he wasn’t doubled over clutching his stomach anymore. “I haven’t laughed that hard in forever.” He mused.

“Yeah well I’m glad that I could be the source of your enjoyment.” I huffed, still a little bitter.

“Aw, come on Y/N, don’t be mad at me, I can’t help it that you’re adorable when you get scared.”

I froze in my seat. Tony had dispensed with the flirting after our initial meeting. He never called me sweetie or hun. And definitely never adorable. Tony seemed to pick up on his mistake, quickly backpedalling.

“What I mean is, um, well, you really are adorable when you get scared. But you’re also super hot when you get focussed on something. Oh crap, no wait I um.”

“Tony stop talking.” I commanded. He instantly shut up, looking relieved that I had finally stopped his word vomit. “I want to ask you something. Don’t say anything until I’m done. Do you actually mean that stuff or do you just want to get in my pants?” Crossing my arms I stared at him, hoping against hope that I wasn’t going to get rejected.

“Of course that stuff is true Y/N. I enjoy you. So much. I was scared to act on it because you’re my student, and I shouldn’t have feelings for students. That was until I realized that you weren’t really my student, because you were teaching me things I had never dreamed of learning.”

“That’s great.” I said, cutting him off. “That’s great because I really want to kiss you right now.” a little smirk had grown on my face.

“Oh heck yes.” He fist pumped before he leaned down, cupping my cheeks with his hands.

One heck of an internship.

(Kill me for the bad bad title. It was on purpose. get it? Internship Enter SHIP! CAUSE YA KNOW *dies*)


my theory is dan was murdered at playlist and phil is MIA bc he’s mourning the loss of his bf (best friend) and he doesn’t want anyone to know rn bc he wants to mourn in peace so he hired a 12 year old to run dans twitter