i know you would you beautiful tumblr nerds

hi everyone~

so I recently got bored and bc tumblr’s been unfollowing some of my mutuals and faves, I decided to make a follow forever to keep you all in one place

I only follow 133 people so this is a short list, but I thought it was still worth it to tell you all that I’m always happy to see you on my dash and I will gladly follow you forever (sorry)

mutuals = bolded
people that I enjoy seeing around my dash and notes a lot =  💕
people who I dearly appreciate and love talking to =  💖

I would love to give everyone a heart, so please come message me!!

(I hope this doesn’t mess up anyone’s mentions; if you want me to remove you just tell me!)

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A Love Letter to The Hunger Games Fandom

Well this is it guys…

It’s hard to actually wrap my mind around the fact that by tomorrow night most of us will all have finally seen the LAST HUNGER GAMES MOVIE

I remember exploring tumblr in early 2012 before the first movie came out and being so stoked there was a place I could go for all my crazy fangirl needs. I remember when Taylor Swift announced she had written a song for the movie. I remember when behind the scenes b-roll aired on ET and we saw a glimpse of the berry scene! (see gif below)

I remember the VERY FIRST INTERVIEW I EVER WATCHED OF JOSH AND JEN which was for mtv with the awesome Josh Horowitz (also see gif below)

God I remember when fan fiction sucked me back in after 5 years away because I could just NOT explore the post-MJ/pre-epilogue world where Everlark was going back together and in-love (see my very first THG fic: Sky’s Still Blue)

Basically what I’m trying to say here is that god knows tumblr isn’t always the best place for healthy dialogue and positive exchanges of ideas. But it has been a great place to share our love for these stories, and for me more specifically - the beautiful relationship between Katniss and Peeta.

It’s a great thing to find people who are as big of nerds about the things you love as you are. This has been the place for all of us nerds to hang out together these last four years and for that I am so grateful. 

This has been the place where we wondered how the new director would fare after his first meeting with Jen 

This is the place where we waited and waited and WAITED for them to announce who would play Finnick and then finally…

I mean GOD, the wait for Catching Fire felt like forever (18 months!!!) and whatever little bits of stuff we got during that time were these awesome treats that god us so. freaking. hyped….. 


I’m so glad I had you all to complain and bitch with when Lionsgate went out of their freaking way to do the LEAST promo for Mockingjay Part 1 and then when the 1 minute trailer FINALLY did come out they tried to make us go to Best Buy stores to watch it.

And a definite moment of silence for any blogs who got taken down or threatened for posting the set pics that came out in spring of 2014 where we all saw this and knew we had a year and a half more to wait for it to come to screens!

My enjoyment of these movies would have not been the same without all of you. My love for everlark has been such a great experience because I got to read and write fics within this community and talk about this wonderful fictional couple until we discussed every mundane detail we could think of.

I’ve already pretty much retired from fan fic and I think my days on tumblr are limited too now that this final movie is out (you may have noticed I haven’t been around the past week or so because I’m serious anti-spoiler and I don’t want to risk anything BIG being ruined for me for this last movie) but I just had to say a big thank you to everyone on here who I’ve shared this fandom experience with these past 4 years.

I also hope to write a review after I see the movie so look out for that.

Finally, I just want to say that I think it’s important to remember that the books are the books and the movies are the movies; we all want the perfect translation of the text to transfer to the big screen, but that rarely happens and THAT’S OKAY. If things don’t play out (particularly involving everlark and the end of the film) exactly as how all us hardcore shippers would ideally want it to that doesn’t mean we still can’t enjoy this final movie for what it is. And remember that we are so lucky that it is canon in the text that Katniss and Peeta totally bang before he asks her “you love me. real or not real?” LOL - and of course that they have 2 beautiful toast babies, a dancing girl and a chubby toddler boy :)

Love you guys! Enjoy the final movie!!!! :)