i know you will hate it as much as i do

i just wanted to say, i know it’s a cliche by now but truly everyone, whether theyre famous or not, is fighting a battle you might not know anything about and everyone is going through something and sometimes the people who are the kindest gentlest souls are being put through so much pain you might not even see because they shine so bright still. both harry and louis are such an example and when going through incredibly rough time they still chose to make someone else smile, took photos with the fans and stuff. please remember to choose love and be kind to people, choose to do the small thing like an encouraging smile to a stranger, compliments, tell your close ones you love them and support them, choose to send one nice message instead of anonymous hate. if these boys taught us something, then it is to be kind and gentle and give people love as much as you can, there’s never too much of that.

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I'm not saying this to hurt you or to police your blog. You do you <3 Since you asked for honesty: what keeps me from enjoying your writing lately is the way you advertise it/yourself. Too many self-reblogs, tagging your own fics as fic rec, whining when not getting asks... I get it, we all want attention and exposure, but I personally feel you are overdoing it and it's killing the joy by making your content (which i enjoy!) feel enforced with desperate means which leads to responses of defiance

You know, someone usually says this once every couple of years and it always takes me by surprise … because this kind of thing is what Tumblr is all about. There are two types of people on this site: those who create content and those who reblog it. I create.

Now some of the people who create things are lucky and gain a quick and wide following, so they don’t really need to promote themselves too much, but the rest of us do– and I know I’m not the only one who does.

The content I create for this site is something that I’m proud of, especially the writing. I work very hard on each of my pieces and I treat the feedback I get on each story as fuel to keep on writing the next. If I don’t get feedback, I stop writing, and writing is the only thing in this world that makes me feel accomplished. So yeah, I self promote and I self reblog, and I get depressed when no one seems to like the work that I’ve poured my soul into. It’s tough, and it may seem like I’m begging for attention but really, I’m begging for purpose, and I’m not going to be shy or ashamed about that.

And putting all that aside, I asked for honesty on my one particular story, because I wanted to make sure that it was good enough for you guys. So you can say that you didn’t intend for this comment to “hurt me” all you want, but it seems like that was really its only goal, and it succeeded.

This site is all about self-promotion and exposure. I don’t understand why people get so surprised that I utilize it.

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can we send you character crit. stuff? I guess you could call it hate if you were sensitive enough i dunno i just wanna complain about some shitty characters

Nah, sorry. I have a “no drama” policy. So even if you do I won’t answer.

This blog is here not for hate but for happiness. I don’t need all that, I need people laughing and having a good time. I’ve answered asks as characters I myself might not like as much for this same reason. 

Just good times, you know. Love them characters. Positive vibes.

Good mojo beans. 


Message to BBS fandom (but does not exclude other fandoms)

Call me salty or homo//pho//bic but I am honestly sick to death of posts about Youtubers on tumblr which only focus on things which could are or could be considered gay. 

God it would be amazing if they did come out as mlm, but so far - they haven’t. You can keep reblogging or posting gay stuff - I enjoy it too - but honestly there are so many other qualities about the Boys which they would much rather have talked about and spread on social media: Their sense of humour, their compassion/charity, memes, etc. 

But what does tumblr do instead? Just go out of their way to find anything REMOTELY gay to fangirl and even swoon over (which, btw, could be considered feti//shi//sm if I didn’t know any better) 

No other quality of the Boys gets any attention, and that pisses me off. 

Find something else to talk about.

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Just curious. Why do you hate the idea of a Han Solo Anthology film?

I already dislike the idea of prequels or midquels because you know how the status quo will end up. This doesn’t mean the story would inherently be bad - if it’s done well there can be good character moments or good comedic moments - but there’s this ultimate pointlessness to telling the story at all.

Also, Han is a very overused character type I don’t like very much - handsome womanizing rogue. I like him in star wars because the whole point to his character is you see him grow, form friendships, and become more selfless. These are things that shouldn’t happen in the prequel, because then he wouldn’t be at the correct starting point for star wars.

So the idea of watching a comedy romp about a jerk who can’t really change or do anything of consequence for fear of upsetting the existing canon seems very tiresome to me. Which is even more frustrating considering they want to make an anthology film every other year so if they hadn’t gone with this, a more interesting story might have taken its place.

Dear Throne of Glass Fandom,

I want to start this post by saying that if you are one of the people hating on Sarah J. Maas for the Tower of Dawn cover for whatever reason, you don’t know very much about the writing/publishing business. Unless the author has the rare personal connection with publishers and hired cover artists, they have little to no say in what their book covers look like. 

Now to address some more specific and equally upsetting arguments. I won’t say that I’ve ever had a serious disability. Until I was thirteen, my spine was shaped like an S and flipped on its side–a serious case of scoliosis that resulted in an 85 degree curve in my spine. I wasn’t majorly disabled, but I was in pain for a majority of my life until major correctional surgery. Lots of people who love SJM’s books do have disabilities. And to say that SJM is degrading disabled people or sidelining her disabled characters? RIDICULOUS, and let me tell you why:

1. SJM didn’t “sideline” Chaol. This is, first and foremost, Aelin’s story. She is the MAIN CHARACTER. THE PROTAGONIST. This journey will start and end with her. That’s what a main character is. Chaol got hurt, and needs to heal. So he’s going to the southern continent. Aelin isn’t. So why are people acting like Chaol not being in Empire of Storms–WHEN HE WAS IN A DIFFERENT PART OF THE WORLD, NOT IN AELIN’S IMMEDIATE LIFE–a such a heinous crime?

2. SJM does not lack disabled representation. A MAJOR aspect of Elide Lochan’s kickass character revolves around her wrecked ankle. Chaol would not have physically been able to participate in the battles that Empire of Storms focused on. 


The SJM antis always–ALWAYS–find SOMETHING to hate on her about. The Twitter side of the fandom is even worse than the antis on Tumblr. It makes me so angry that people who lack knowledge of the technicalities in the writing world, people who lack knowledge of what it’s like to live with a disability of ANY KIND think it’s their place to tell pro-SJM fans how they should feel about these amazingly written and complex books/characters. 

Really, it comes down to this: If you don’t like Sarah J. Maas, fine. Great, awesome. There’s a simple solution: Don’t read her books and don’t shit on people who do. It costs like $0 and reflects positively on you as a person to let people like what they like and not be an asshole about it. 

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Hiya it's the anon from the sick /hurt headcanons (thank you so much btw it was awesome!) I was wondering if you could do some headcanons for what the guys find cute when Gardienne dose them?

Hey again, Anon! I’m glad you enjoyed the last set of headcanons, hopefully you’ll enjoy these headcanons too. ^^


  • Your pout when he’s annoyed or irritated you is uber cute to him, and is undoubtedly the main reason he spends so much time teasing you.
  • Whenever you bake him something, he just melts. The very idea of you going out of your way to make something especially for him, just because you know he likes it is just so very precious, he might actually openly express his affection for you. Don’t count on it tho
  • You can’t exactly surprise hug Ezarel since he hates being touched in the first place, but just asking him for a hug puts him in a good mood, even if he’s not in the mood for one. 


  • Loves when you chat to him while he’s doing a boring task, no matter whether it’s an amusing anecdote from your day or a weird fact you learnt from Ezarel.
  • Any form of affection, big or small is just the cutest thing to him and he’ll honestly spend hours relaying the moment in question over and over in his head, a unbelievably lovesick expression on his face.
  • Whenever you flirt with him, he thinks you’re simply adorable. Doesn’t matter if you say something so filthy everyone in 10 meter distance turns red from head to toe, it’s legitimately the cutest and hottest thing Nevra’s ever heard and he just crumbles.


  • Any time you play with Floppy, is honestly just the most endearing thing to Val. He loves seeing his two sweethearts getting along, and he’ll almost always abandon his current task to watch you both.
  • It’s not often Valkyon gives his hair more than a quick comb through and that’s the way he likes it honestly, but any attention you lavish on it is cherished, if only because your reflection in the mirror reveals your adorable concentrating expression.
  • When you come to help him with his training. There’s not much you can actually do with the physical part of it, seeing how self-efficient Valkyon is, but he finds the water bottles, light snacks, extra towels and the very gesture touching and sweet.

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OH MY GOD!!!! I am so upset right now, look at Vic's precious face in that first picture!!!! How could you let him die?????? Wahhhhhhh NOOOOOO and I am just so worried about the emotional damage this will do to Aida. I hate to be demanding but you have to post more, I need to know what happens next.

I’m sorry 😭 As much as it legit made me bawl Vic had to die for story purposes! I actually cried my way through all these scenes because I hated hurting my babies! I will say that she will be rescued soon! This is gonna impact her greatly (obviously) but she is strong af and has some good supports to help her through it! We’ll also find out wtf this is all about! Please don’t be too upset with me ❤️❤️❤️

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Can you please write a mini fic or idk what with tipsy!Kamilah and tipsy!Ana playing Never have I ever...? Thank you, you are awesome!

With no plans whatsoever and a lazy weekend ahead, they decided to welcome it like so. They were sprawled on the sofa, watching yet another reboot of a superhero movie, when they were plunged into total darkness. After checking the fuse box, Ana shuffled out of the house to discover a neighbourhood-wide blackout. A few calls were made by their neighbours, but they couldn’t do much other than stay in and wait for it to pass.

Sitting in the kitchen under the dim glow of backup lights was entertaining for about a whole ten seconds, before Ana grew bored and decided to put their packs of beer to use. ‘I hate this game,’ Kamilah had complained, but she went along with it anyway. She gulped down large mouthfuls of beer whenever she could, probably because of how much she claimed to hate the game, but it worked out well anyway.

“You’re lying,” Kamilah giggled after downing another mouthful. “I’m sure you’ve broken a finger before.”

“No, I haven’t.” Ana grinned, leaning on the counter. “Your turn.”

“Never have I ever…given a lap dance.”

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Wanting it to End - Part 2

REQUESTED BY @julianna-kart: I just wanted to say I totally loved the story you wrote for me and maybe you could possibly do a part 2 but never ever like stop writing because I love you so much


Originally posted by deeceetrash

It has been two days since you entered the hospital. The doctors said that you improved a lot, they are keeping you for another two days before you can leave, which you cannot wait. You hate all the attention on you, you know the nurses and doctors are only doing their jobs, but you still feel like they should not be on you, they should be with people that really needs help.

“So, brought you a burger” Dean said sitting beside you.

You smile slightly and take it, even if you are not very hungry. You decided, for your brothers’ sake, to get better. Those past two days looked to be harder on them than you. They were tired and so worried, you did not like to see them this way.

You take a few bites before putting it back down. You take a quick glance at Dean, worrying of his expression, but he smiles.

“I’m sorry” you said in a small voice “I’m not very hungry”.

“Well, you ate something, it’s better than nothing” he said taking it “it makes more for me”.

You laugh, a nice feeling you missed.

“I’m proud of you” Dean said.

Your smile fades, your face still red from the small laugh.

“Dean, I am here because I gave up and-“

“You made a mistake, one hell of a mistake. Though, look at you, kid, you are getting better, fighting through it”.

“I’m sorry for what I did to you”.

“It’s okay, but I want you to talk to me now, okay? Sammy is here too. The doctor also suggested you see someone-“

“No” you shake your head “I don’t need any help of a specialist, I only want you guys. You are the only one I can talk about everything without getting sent in insane ward”.

Your brother laughs “true, little sis”.

“Where’s Sam?”

“He went back to the motel to get a little sleep”.

You nod and sit up in your bed, tired of being laying down.

“Do you think we could take a walk outside?” You asked “I’m kindda tried to be inside”.

“Let me ask first”.

He gets up and kisses you on the top of your head before leaving the room.


About ten minutes later, Dean comes back with a huge smile on his face, giving you the answer.

“Come on, we have an hour out of this prison”.

You smile and get out of bed. At first, you were in a gown, the dress one. But to be more comfortable, the nurse gave you a pair of pants and a white t-shirt.

You put on the slippers and follow your brother to the main desk so they can give you the okay.

Once everything is done, you and your brother walk around the hospital. It is a nice day, not a single cloud in the blue sky, birds are signing and a nice cold wind blows in your hair.

“You good?” Dean asked.

“Yeah” you nodded “actually, I feel great. I don’t understand how stupid I was to want to miss these kind of days”.

“Well, we keep you stuffed in a dark bunker, you go to school and these days we didn’t bring you on hunts. I would have gone a little depressed too”.

“Maybe, once I’m better I could go back on hunts?”

“Baby steps” Dean sighs “I talked to Sam, we thought about taking a break and then we could take you on hunts, but only small ones. But there is one condition”.


“You need to talk to us, tell us how you feel. Happy, sad, mad… whatever it is. You scared to hell out of us kid”.

“I’m sorry” you sigh “I’m never doing this again”.

“That’s good” Dean smiles patting your shoulder “when we get out of here, we are getting pie, what do you think?”

“Sure” you nodded.

The both of you continue to walk, taking in every second in like the best moment of your lives, like it will never happen again. For Dean it feels good to see his little sister, up and happy again. For you, you finally realize how stupid it was to want to abandon the people who love you and are ready to help you with all they have.

Suddenly, you feel a big presence beside you. You turn your head to see Sam walking towards you, you smile. At this action, Sam smiles even wider, him too happy to see you like this.

“Hey” Sam greeted “did you two broke out the hospital or did you ask?”

“We asked, Sammy” Dean gives Sam a face “do you really think we would break out?”

Sam only rolls his eyes, giving you and Dean the answer.

“Well… I was thinking-“

“Nop” both your brothers cut you off.

You laugh and continue to walk with your two protectors.

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Writing Tips - General - Pt.1

Disclaimer: I’m just a fandom writer and I write for fun and I realized that whenever I sit down and write I seem to learn something. That’s why I’m doing this series: I just want to collect what I learned so far so that it might help others. I never took writing courses so these tips won’t be very technical at all but just the result of my own experience so far.

Some (most) of these tips will only apply to fandom writers.

My biggest tip is:


Read                      r

READ                                       e

read                                                                    a


r e a d 



Obviously read books and read fics, because fics are a very specific kind of subgenre of literature that has its own rules. True, some fics could be read as novels or as short stories, but most of them rely on very specific tropes that are much easier (generally speaking) to explore if you’re just starting out.

For example, I was always an avid reader, but before I started being active in the world of fandom and actually started reading fanfiction, I had no idea about the different kinds of AUs and tropes.

Knowing and reading what’s already out there can be scary at first. You’ll read a perfect coffee shop AU that you wished you’d written yourself and you’ll wonder, “But why should I put myself out there? Why should I write something when other people are already doing it and doing it better than me?”

The thing to remember is that readers will always want to read something, no matter how many times they’ve read the same trope applied to the same fictional couple, so one coffee shop AU isn’t enough. Good thing you’re just now planning to write one, right?

And the thing is, you won’t actually know if your writing is good or not unless you try. Even if your first fic isn’t that good, writing is something that you get better at with time and with practice, so there really isn’t any reason not to write (unless you have no interest in trying it).

Let’s say you’re now convinced that you want to try writing something: you might still be wondering how you’re going to get ideas for a fic or a story.

I think we’ve all been there. So…


If you’re someone who doesn’t have a lot of imagination (like me), the thought of writing something is really scary. Of course, you can’t write a story without ideas, so I want to go over a few ways to actually start getting them.

Interact with the fandom

You don’t have to participate actively and you can just reblog stuff, but in my experience, the more you interact (even just by commenting on someone else’s post or tweet), the more your brain starts working on ideas that are yours.

I basically see it as an exercise or workout: the more you do squats the more your muscles build themselves, right? The same way, the more you get your brain to think of even just small headcanons (like, what does a character like to eat? Are they a morning person or a night owl?), the more you’ll get used to thinking up new ideas that could potentially become a full story.

Oh, and when I say interact, I really do mean interact. I was really surprised when I first came to tumblr and found out that it’s perfectly normal for people to randomly start talking to you in your DMs, and the conversation usually starts with some headcanon or just general screaming about your favorite characters or something that just happened recently in the fandom. Sometimes that wraps up in a couple of lines, but others it can lead to wonderful virtual friendships. While that’s amazing on its own, it’s actually also a great support system for any content creators (especially writers), because so many ideas are born out of simple conversations.

Know your sources

The better you know your fandom, the more ideas you’ll get. You’ll start seeing details of a character’s personality that you didn’t see or read the first time, you’ll re-analyze a certain interaction, etc. It’s very difficult to write fanfiction if you’ve only watched/read canon once. 

Sometimes canon is not enough: find metas about characters and scenes and interactions. Metas aren’t canon, but they help a lot and you’ll not only understand things better, you’ll also get new ideas for content you want to write.

Know other sources

You and your ideas don’t and shouldn’t exist in a vacuum. A lot of great ideas come from knowing other works so you can make AUs and retellings.

Also try to remember the difference between the two and ask yourself which one fits better:

  • [fictional source] AU: the story should be more or less the same as your source and set in the same world, but the characters will be the ones from the fandom you’re writing for.
  • [fictional source] retelling: your plot is heavily inspired by [fictional source] but you add elements or take away what you don’t need if something from the original source doesn’t fit your characters. It can also be set somewhere different (for example modern retellings of fairy tales). 

Know your tropes

Knowing popular (and less popular) tropes helps you think about what kind of story you want to write. It also helps you categorize the different stories you read and start thinking about them in a more analytical way.

You need to see the mechanisms (enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, etc) behind a story to be able to analyze it and relate it to other stories, and understand which rules you want to follow once you understand what trope you’re using for your story.

Notice that I said which rules you want to follow, because I think it’s perfectly fine (and even admirable) to be more daring and break trope rules or mix them up. No matter what you want to do, you definitely need to know them first, and then you can start writing them and/or changing them and making them your own.


Okay, you have a few ideas now (you don’t need to have the full plot before you start writing, but at least an outline would be nice - I have another post planned about plot so look out for that). 

There are a few extra steps you might want to take. Most of these you will kind of just feel in your gut without really having to think about it, but in case that doesn’t happen, here’s a noncomprehensive list of a few of them.

Understand what your story needs in terms of POV:

A POV can make or break a story. There are some things that just don’t work well in a certain person, or they’re extremely difficult to pull off.

Learn what your favorite POV is when you read, and that will probably be the POV you’ll write best. 

Regardless of the type of POV, your story might need more than one (if it’s third person limited or first person). It’s difficult to describe how you can understand it, and I think it has a lot to do with plotting and characterization:

Do you want to keep a character’s motives mysterious until the Big Reveal of chapter 16? Then you should stick to only one character POV. Does your fic follow more than one storyline? Then you will almost definitely need more than one POV.

In case it needs more than one POV:

First of all, I can’t stress this enough: make it understandable when the POV switches. Be it with a completely different chapter or a visual separation, make sure your reader understands it.

With that said, you need to know your story and ask yourself, What POV works best for this scene?

A scene can be extremely powerful and memorable from one POV but completely dull and boring from another. It all comes down to the different characters’ personalities and I can’t possibly cover all the different examples and scenarios in this post, but if you’re familiar with your fictional world enough then you should be able to understand it yourself.

Understand what the best tense for your story is:

This is something that for me usually just happens by itself when I start writing the first few paragraphs. I’ve started fics deciding that they needed to be in a past tense, and then no matter how many verbs I wrote down, my mind would always make me write them in present tense unless I forced a past tense in there. But that’s the thing, whatever you write, it should never feel forced. That’s when I realized that present tense was what felt more natural to the story, and it didn’t matter that I don’t even like present tense. The story didn’t want to be written any other way.

Follow your instinct on this.

Understand what the best format is:

Ask yourself: Is it going to be a long fic with 20 chapters or a one shot? Do you only have enough material for a drabble?

Every fic length is valid in my opinion, but you need to be clear about what you want.

If you do decide to make your fic chaptered, try to make each chapter its own little story, with a beginning, a plot/character arc and an end (which can absolutely be a small cliffhanger, but try to not abuse it).


So this is a point I wanted to include even though it’s not exactly about writing itself, BUT I think it’s important to talk about.

Should you tell someone, “Hey, I have this awesome fic in mind that I really want to write!”? 

I don’t think the answer to this is universal. I think generally speaking telling someone definitely helps you stick to your goal, especially if people get excited about your WIP. 

It can also backfire though, you can get anxious about other people expecting something from you when you’re at a point where you don’t even know whether you’ll actually write/finish your story or not. 

(A small addition on this: if you’re like me, you’ll never know whether you’re actually going to publish something until you’ve written all of it. You might have written more than half of your fic and then decide that you don’t want to continue it, for whatever reason. If nobody is expecting it anyway, you’ll feel less bad about abandoning your work because you won’t feel like you’re disappointing anyone.)

This is one of those things that require for you to know yourself because only you will know whether people’s expectations can be a motivation or a hindrance for you. 

My suggestion is not to tell anyone right away if you’ve never written anything in your entire life. Posting without anyone (not even my virtual friendships) knowing about it was what made it possible for me to actually write. I only began sharing and interacting with people as a writer here on tumblr after about three fics (two of which were chaptered ones) and getting enough positive feedback, but I still keep my real identity hidden because I don’t want anyone IRL to be able to find my stuff.

If you know you’re going to be very self conscious about your work, I encourage you to start a tumblr alias like I did, because it can be liberating to write what you want to write without being afraid of what people will think of you if they actually find your fics. 

Of course, this is what worked for me and it might not work for everybody, but try to take measures to protect yourself if that’s the only way you you think you can publish your writing without feeling scared.

This post is already too long so Pt.2 is coming soon!

Other writing tips: (coming soon!)

yuri on ice edition | general pt.2 | plot | dialogues | characterization

pomodoriyum  asked:

10. do you think the jedi were right or wrong? (i know u have a lot to say abt this!!!) 18. what is your favorite star wars book or comic? 24. how do you pronounce twi’lek? 25. which character do you have a love/hate relationship with?

10. do you think the jedi were right or wrong?

I feel like the Jedi were written as a vague “Space Buddhist Monks” trope, without any actual Buddhist philosophy behind them. It was Buddhist trappings over an intense Christian mindset- good vs. evil, dealing all in absolutes. They don’t read as an institution that’s been around for 10,000 years- they read like a pretentious, Evangelist-raised, California college student’s interpretation of Buddhist teachings after taking a one-semester class about it. In-universe, they’re really hard to get a read on as The Good Guys, just because they have entirely too much power and such a fucked-up dogma- and yet the narrative treats them as The Ultimate Good so heavily that it fucks itself in the process.

So, that’s my Doylist analysis, is “poorly written”. And my Watsonian analysis is mostly just…

They declared that anyone who seeks power Falls. They declared that the Fallen cannot be redeemed, that it is only through death that they can be reunited with the purity in the Force, and only then through repentance (or else you end up a corrupted Sith ghost. which is totally different from a Force Ghost. Somehow.)

And then they accrued themselves power with the Senate, with the government. They declared themselves the ultimate guardians, and that their dogma was absolute rule.

By their own rules, they Fell, and they were Falling long before Palpatine took power. The Jedi were a prairie that needed burning for the new shoots to strengthen. And hopefully Luke can do it better. (TFA? what’s TFA. leave me be.)

Answered 18- it’s the Darth Maul journal!

24. how do you pronounce twi’lek?

t-whee-*glottal stop*- leck ! the apostrophe makes either a click or a glottal stop, star wars authors. it’s not sentence jewelry, it serves a purpose.

25. which character do you have a love/hate relationship with?

Qui-Gon Jinn sometimes, tbh? I mean, I love him. He’s my Poncho Dad. I love his reputation as a caring and compassionate Hippie Rebel Jedi who’s all about that Free Love.

But the way Lucas actually writes him, he’s very dubious and real shitty. Which isn’t a strike against my actually liking him- I feel very strongly about taking these characters away from George so they can get away from his shit writing for a while. They Are Mine Now.

But the fact remains that the words “I’m not here to free slaves” came out of his mouth, while standing in the home of two slaves, who have like. helped and fed him and gone way beyond basic hospitality rules to help your ass, QUI-GON. And THEN he encourages a nine-year-old boy to take part in a bloody gladiator’s race that kills NUMEROUS people, dangling freedom and a future in front of this child if he wins.

Legally speaking, Qui-Gon trafficked a nine-year-old slave into the Republic, illegally (I’m pretty sure Anakin wasn’t even given freed status on Tatooine- they got the transmitter deactivated and left. Legally he’s probably a missing person or something. Oh, no, I’m sorry. Missing property) and then press-ganged him into the Space Monks without ever reassuring this NINE-YEAR-OLD CHILD that “oh yeah, if you don’t actually want to be a Space Monk, you can go live with your mom and both be free and safe”.

And that’s not even bringing up my childish gripes with the way he and the rest of the Jedi refer to Maul as an “it”. Or how he summarily rejects and abandons Obi-wan right in front of the goddamn Jedi Council. Or the Jedi Apprentice series, which makes him out to be like the LEAST sympathetic asshole of all time and definitely emotionally abusive.

God, Poncho Dad, why were you so poorly written? You could have been so good.

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Do you know anything about that supposed spinoff? Because unless it's the Supernatural one (Wayward Sisters) i don't think i care about any spinoff whatsoever. SPECIALLY IF MK IS INVOLVED GOOD GOD I HATE HER SO MUCH

MK a few years ago got green-lit for a show of another Sara Shepard book, “The Perfectionists”. It’s not a confirmed thing but there is a possibility Emison might be in it. It’s not an “Emison-spinoff” but more like a new show in the PLL world with two original PLL characters demoted to secondary characters. But they need the hype for this new show because PLL is the only successful project MK has ever had. Everything else has either majorly flopped or were canceled. So how to prevent this show from taking an L before the 3rd episode? Say it’s an “Emison-Spinoff” so people can watch :) But this is all speculation. If I had a say on how to do a real Emison-spin, firstly I would fire MK and everyone behind her and pitch to a new, more adult network. I mean, I would be cleaning house - changing everything!

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I love fics where Steve is acting as The Caregiver towards post-tws Bucky buuuuut I also find all of them pretty unrealistic?? Simply because I think Steve has spent SO MUCH TIME being looked after by Bucky that in his own eyes Bucky simply cannot be sick or hurt. And if post tws Bucky does actually have a breakdown in front of Steve...well, I think Steve would rather be horrified and in shock rather than all ready to give support.

I see your point but I raise you Steve who is shocked and horrified and all “but that’s Bucky!! He’s supposed to take care of ME” at first but then it hits him like a ton of bricks how the tables have turned. You know what Steve might do?

Go overboard.

I’m talking smothering, obsessive, unhealthy (par for the course tho), ‘you’ve been peeing for ten minutes are you dead’ kind of caretaking. I HATE to read it in fics because as someone who identifies with Steve AND someone who takes care of someone for a living I just kinda implode but he’d do it. Name one time Steve Rogers has set his mind to something and not gone overboard.

It would take a bit for him to find a happy medium and even after that he’d still be screaming inside his mind every time Bucky leaves the house without a jacket. I think Steve would catch on to Bucky’s cues if he was being made uncomfortable pretty quickly, but guilt would hold him back a lot. Oh Steve.. that sad sack..: love him..,,,


Nia came over without letting me know, I had a feeling she’d come anyway.

I hardly ever saw her, so I decided to take advantage of the opportunity.
I felt happy about getting punched now, because I knew Nia would be giving me so much extra attention, as long as my bruise showed.

Julie let her in and she stormed towards me. I thought she was about to punch me with the amount of anger that surrounded her. 

“Who the fuck did this?!” Her voice was thunderous and it felt way too loud for our mostly empty living room. 
“N-Nia, it’s s-some girl, Charlie’s-”
“Charlie’s what?! Every time that fucking girl is mentioned-”
“She’s Charlie’s friend! She’s hated me since we met. It doesn’t matter-”
“It will matter when I’m through-”
“Nia. Stop! I mean it. D-Don’t do anything. I-I won’t forgive you if you do anything to her.”

Nia was fuming. I could see it in her eyes. I could see her shoulders rising and falling. She was breathing heavily now. 
Someone had laid a hand on me, her girlfriend, and if she did nothing about it she’d be showing the world that she wasn’t someone to be taken seriously, she’d be showing weakness. 
I knew exactly how her mind worked.
I knew she didn’t like it when anyone disrespected her, and by attacking me it was as if someone had personally attacked her.  

I also knew she wouldn’t let it go.
That didn’t mean I couldn’t try my hardest to convince her to do nothing. I couldn’t live with anything happening to Meredith because of me.
And Nia, she wouldn’t just punch back. She’d do a whole lot worse.

Her mouth was clenched now. I needed her to calm down.
I walked up to her and gently rested my hand on her chest. Her eyes settled on mine and we both felt her anger fade away, as if she remembered where she was. She blinked quickly a few times and started speaking, “Hana, if I ever see her, if I ever run into her without you, I can’t promise-”
“D-Don’t hurt her. I-I mean…permanently, Nia don’t do anything bad, please.”

She grabbed me and turned my head towards her. “Let me see.”
I could see her face change with each observation she made of my face. She was turning my head in different directions.
I frowned as she smiled and gently scooted me back a couple feet. 
She held my face firmly, concentrating on my nose. I was wondering if I should break the silence, when her eyes narrowed. “Aw babe, it’s not as bad as it looked in the picture.”
“Yeah ‘cause that was like, right when I got punched.”
I saw her face twitch.
“Nia stop thinking whatever it is you’re thinking.”
“I’m thinking that beating her face in isn’t enough, I’m thinking that I’m going to grab that bitch and ram-”
I covered her mouth. “Stop. It’s not a big deal. I’m okay, it’s just a little hard to breathe through my nose right now.”  
“She doesn’t know how to fight, I can tell by the look of your nose. She didn’t do too much damage, but I, I’ll crack her skull in.”
“Uhm, hey, I’m right here.” Julie said. “I don’t want to be an accessory to assault or what possibly sounds like murder?”
Nia ignored her and continued talking to me. “Let’s go, I’m taking you to a doctor.”

I love you guys

thank you for all the kind messages, I really needed them. Sorry for letting that dumb anon get the better of me. I think that it’s because they attacked me using something I’m still very sensitive about. But I’ll do better from now on, especially knowing I have some wonderful people that are there to help support me. As for right now, anon messages are turned off so that they hopefully wont send any more hate. But again, thank you so so much.

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Honestly I knew that this would happen. That they would vote for anyone else in the category just so Chris wouldn't win. It's petty as hell. I'm not that big of a fan of Chris cause I don't really know much about the guy but this is just childish. It just doesn't seem like Chris has done anything to deserve that much negativity towards him. It was also predictable and I was really hoping that these people would be better than this.

you don’t know about chris, but i do, and i can tell you this now, this man is FUCKING incredible, he has never done or said anything wrong, he has never done anything to warrant any hate, let alone to deserve the amount of negativity he does get, it’s absolutely ridiculous what chris and his fans have to deal with, when there are actual problematic people on that cast that get away with it because people excuse them because they like the character they’re playing, these people have got this the wrong way around, you don’t excuse a real life person because you like the character they play whilst simultaneously aggressively hating on a real life person becusse they hate the character they play

i’ve given up hope now that these people will ever grow up, we all expected it, they’ll brag about it and they’ll mock chris if he loses, but you know what? he can’t lose, he got nominated and the fan support for him has been incredible, he’s already won as far as i’m concerned

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i don't understand why people hate Rhysha so much?? i know you ship Rhack, i do too, but i also ship Rhysha, why do so many people hate on it so much?

I’m not a huge fan of Rhysha just because I preferred their dynamic as a friendship (and I played Rhys down the “I like somebody else” path so I guess that’s where I get it from??), but I don’t hate on the people that do! Everyone’s allowed to like what they like~ 
But the only reasoning I’ve seen from people is that they thought it was forced and “heteronormative”…which is just…ehhh. I don’t agree. Maybe agree a tiny bit with the forced part but that entirely depends on how you play the game really. Tbh they should be all for the representation of interracial relationships in media!
It goes both ways though. There’s a lot of hate from some people against Rhack and there’s hate from some people against Rhysha. It happens, and it sucks. Just wish people could let others like whoever and whatever they want to <3

I want to say that I’m over my ex, but I’m not. I’m definitely getting there, I’m a lot happier than what I was and I’ve been taking care of myself. I started eating right and going to the beach and started hiking and I just got a gym membership so I’m gonna start on that too. I’m healthier and I feel stronger and wiser. But also so much older and tired and sometimes cynical, sometimes bitter. I hate that. Im afraid to make friends I’m afraid to talk to men I’m afraid to do a lot of things bc i just don’t want to hit rock bottom again. Im not letting him ruin my life anymore, I’m not gonna let him hold me back bc he doesn’t have that power over me anymore. But I’m still coping, I’m still healing you know. I don’t understand how someone can tell you they love you and make it clear how scared they are of losing you and say how they’ll never leave you or get sick of you and then throw you to the curb like you’re nothing but trash. How they were once so sweet to you, your favorite person, your best friend, and then the abrupt change happens and they become so fucking awful and cruel. Call you names, talk down to you, make you feel worthless and embarrassed, use you up for sex and money and drain you of any life you had left. I’m only 19 and I feel like I’ve lived a full life of only trauma after trauma and I’m angry. Im so angry and I’m so tired. I am sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. Thanks for reading ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  The person who tagged me wrote 11 custom questions for the people they tagged, and I will write 11 of my own questions and tag some of my followers.

@missmercurythekillerqueen @bohemianbeatle @fondantfancyfree and @the-great-mr-bad-guy tagged me :) thank you! So many people make me feel important 😊

@missmercurythekillerqueen  questions:

1. What hobby have you recently started?

I don’t know if I would call it a hobby, but i am loving it so much… I started taking jiu-jitsu lessons and I am absolutely loving it. I already train muaythai but no, I wont fight mma (people are amazed when I say I don’t even watch fights on tv, i say ‘i hate violence’ hahah, but i train two very hardrock modalities haha)

2. Biggest regret this year?
I think not starting the jiu-jitsu lessons before, and i cant say it is a regret. i’ve been doing things aiming to not regret.. I’ve been so busy lately, i have no time for regrets :P

3. Do you have any weird habits?
Is sleeping with the fan on during winter a weird habit? many people do it… I also used to have fun reading dictionary… well, my vocabulary is quite good (specially in english.. I learned many stuff in english by reading dictionary - my native language is not english ok)

4. Would you want kids in the future?
No. I am the kind of person that loves being alone.. I cannot imagine having the obligation to be 24/7 with someone, even my own kid.. i like children, I love my niece, she adores me (i am not an old witch, see?).. but no.

5. If you could go anywhere in the world, would it be to someone or somewhere? Who/where?
I would love to see Australia.. but i am a lazy traveller 😩

6. First favorite band?
When I was around 8 i found out the Beatles! I remember being in a family lunch one day and singing ‘twist and shout’ and my mother said something like ‘‘she just found out the Beatles…” as if I was happily doomed forever hahahaha.. and I was :D

7. What trend do you despise?
I am a professional trend despiser! hahah anything that comes from internet to real life; those modern music that they always have to ‘‘feat.’‘ someone (can’t people do music by their own and be successful? hmm i know the answer.. )

8. Song stuck in your head?
Bittersweet, by Hoodoo Gurus (criminally underrated band!)

9. Summer or winter?
summer please!! it is already cold here and I don’t like it at all! 4ºC yesterday and take it away from meeeeee

10. Ever been in a natural disaster (earthquake, hurricane, tornado, etc.)?
No… where I live there is no such things, but one day I was at the beach and the tide started rising very suddenly and oh it is soooo funny to see vacationers having their cars stuck on wet sand (yes, thy put their cars on my beach:(( ) or when a summer storm is coming and see their stuff being blown by wind, their cars being filled with sand, the parasols flying away, and their desperation to leave the beach ahuha (i am evil 😈)

11. Do you ever wish you could change your name?
No, people already do it for me. My name is veronica, but they call me vanessa, veridiana, valeria… ¬¬

@the-great-mr-bad-guy​ questions:

1. Is Queen your all-time favorite band?
I am afraid it is…

2. If so, what’s your second favorite band?
Midnight Oil

3. Favorite band member?
Brian May, he is perfect from every angle

4. Favorite Queen song?
are you mad? this is not a answerable question!

5. Favorite Queen album?
Sheer Heart Attack

6. Whats your opinion on Hot Space?
I used to dislike it but if you focus on what matters, it is a pretty fun thing

7. Do you ship any pairings? (Maylor, Frian, Deacury, etc)

8. Have you ever seen Queen live? If so, original line up, or Queen + Adam Lambert?
+ AL version. Twice, and it is amazing. It does not matter what’s your opinion about AL.. the energy of a Queen concert among Queen fans looking at real Queen members is unique

9. Who’s solo career do you like most?
I don’t follow any solo.. i wish i would

10. Favorite Queen concert? (Wembley, Live Aid, Queen Rock Montreal, etc)
Hammersmith.. Montreal… 1x1

11. How long have you been a Queen fan?
Since ‘92. Make the calculations 😆

@bohemianbeatle​  questions:

1. Deaky’s long hair, Deaky’s short hair or Deaky’s floof hair? What’s your favorite?
Deaky’s short hair

2. What was your first Queen-experience?
I really don’t remember. i think I was toooo small. They’ve always existed.. so I dont remember

3. Whose eyes do you find the prettiest?
Freddie 😍

4. What’s your favorite song by each member?
By Brian: It’s late
By Roger: Heaven for everyone
By John: Misfire
By Freddie: BohRhap

5. Name a song you didn’t really like at first, but you love it now!
Get down make love. you must admit that the rock n roll part is incredible!

6. Which of Freddie’s cats seems the nicest?
I’ve only known Delilah by video and it seemed to be a round charming cat :)

7. What’s your favorite music video by them?
One vision

8. Santa!Roger or Shaved!Roger?
70′s Roger

9. Playing Monopoly with Brian or driving a car with Roger?
Playing with Brian. Specially Queen Monopoly, he would tell me stories

10. Who has the nicest voice when talking?
Brian! I could attend mathematical astrophysics lessons with him just to listen to his voice

11. What’s the funniest thing about Queen for you?
The fact that they used to fight a lot. I cannot imagine, even in my craziest dreams, Brian having a wild argument with anyone


@fondantfancyfree questions:

1. If you could travel in time, which concert would you go to?
I’d like to see Smile and Larry Lurex

2. What would you ask your favourite band member?
Brian! Would you let me touch your celestial hands?

3. Queen II - black side or white side?
Black Side

4. Dominique or Debbie?
I think “I” would fit better

5. Favourite stage outfit?
Wings! Wings!

6. Which song makes you cry?
Oh White Queen at Hammersmith! if you don’t cry, consider yourself a heartless robot

7. Which song makes you smile?
Driven by you. I ALWAYS smile when I listen to the first millisecond

8. Which band member are you closest to in personality?
Brian, no doubt . He is a skilled version of myself

9. Freddie’s cats or Roger’s cars?

10. Which song lyric would you have as a tattoo?
“It’s strange but it’s true

11. Favourite pic?
all from the photo session with Dewe Mathews, 1974 😍



1. What was your most recent disappointment?
2. Name some famous person that you find attractive but is not exactly a popular opinion.
3. Is there something you are curious about trying but never had courage to do so (from food to anything else)?
4. What is your biggest fear but it is something you are ashamed of for being silly?
5. Do you read tags? You write tags?
6. The coolest thing you learned recently and want to share?
7. Name something that was common in the old days but you never had access (for being from old days) that you “miss” today.
8. Are you a charitable person? Last / biggest charity act of yours?
9. What is something that makes you be proud of yourself?
10. Bearded Brian, 1976 interview Roger, Hot Space tour Freddie or Montreal Deaky?
11. Say something you would like to erase from Earth.


I have absolutely no idea of who’s been tagged lately. sorry if i repeat you