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;lostmyhead (m)

pairing— kim seokjin x reader x min yoongi
genre/warnings—smut, threesome, fuckboy! Seokjin, dom! Seokjin, dom! Yoongi, dicks with photo filters, dirty talk
words— 13, 332

:: summary— Kim Seokjin is the worst thing you’ve ever done, quite literally. Hooking up with him—continuously, for months, is something you regret doing. Mainly because you now have a boyfriend and have seen the error of your ways (mistake!). However, even then, you can’t seem to escape him…or say no for that matter…


→ Jin somehow convinces you and Yoongi to have a threesome with him…

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The Arrangement (pt 10)

You woke up around 6 in the morning. Though you were incredibly tired, you had too much on your mind and sleep didn’t consume you like you thought it would. It was still dark outside at this time, and you were slightly hungry. Now that you were eating for two, you were eating more frequently. 

You were scared to go out into the kitchen though. What if Jimin was also awake? You weren’t ready to face him yet. There were so many things that he had said and you wondered how long he had his doubts about your relationship. Did he still love you? Did he still love your baby? 

You tried to calm down again. You sat down and thought about the situation at hand. If you were in his shoes, what would you have thought? It was a little ridiculous to plan for a birthday party about two months in advance, you had to admit it. But it was the only way you could pull off the party with your work schedule. You thought back to all the times you tried to hide your phone away from Jimin or closed your laptop when he came and sat next to you. I guess you really did seem suspicious. 

But did that warrant the things he had said. The hurtful things? If you were in his shoes…. you would have talked to him. You would have asked him straight up. Why? Because you love him and trust him. Sure, things were moving fast between you two, but didn’t he always assure you that he felt the same way you did? That you both were on the same page?

Clearly not. You realized that maybe he didn’t trust you as much as you trust him. So maybe your love him outweighed his love for you. So where exactly did that leave you and your baby?

You rubbed your hand over your growing stomach. You had been busy for the past few months sure, but your love for the baby grew each and every single second. When you first heard the heartbeat, you cried. You made the baby your number one priority. You still worked hard at work and tried to balance your new life. Clearly you didn’t do such a good job. But like you said, the baby was your first priority. You were determined to work things out with Jimin for the sake of the baby. But you still needed time to settle your emotions. You needed time.

Jimin had made his way back to his shared room with you after trying to get you to open the door. He felt terrible. He should have just talked to you first! He should have never doubted you. Why then, did he? He decided that it was because he was too afraid. Too afraid to lose you. And as these thoughts flooded his mind, he eventually fell asleep on the empty bed, wishing so much that you were there in his arms. 

When he woke up, the sun was shining and he turned to the clock. It was already 9! He jumped out of bed and quickly brushed his teeth. He ran out the room hoping to find you. Your door was open! He ran in, only to find it empty. As he walked back towards the kitchen, he noticed breakfast already on the table. So you were awake. Where the hell did you go on a Sunday morning?

A little note caught his eye on the table though. It read “I need time before we can talk about this. Please just give me that much”. He didn’t know how he felt after reading it. At least you were willing to talk to him at some point in the future. But he just wanted to hold you, hug you, and kiss you at this very moment. But he knew that he shouldn’t push you or his luck. So with some gratitude, he ate the breakfast made for him and sauntered back to his room, wasting his day away.

You went to your best friend, Suji’s house and decided to spend your day there. She could tell you were upset, and you finally told her everything. Everything from the beginning. About how the marriage was forced, how Jimin and you were so unhappy at the beginning of the marriage. Even everything that happened last night. 

To say that Suji was shocked was an understatement. She listened patiently and she was crying along with you by the time you were done. “How could you have not told me anything till now! You’re my best friend and I didn’t know you were struggling like this!” she all but yelled at you. You gave her a sad smile. 

“Sorry” you said. “It was hard not telling you, trust me. But I couldn’t you risk telling my parents, I know how close you are with them” you reasoned. 

“What makes you think I won’t tell them all this now?” she questioned. Your smile fell. 

“Suji please don’t. I just couldn’t take it anymore and I told you everything. I can’t deal with the stress of you telling my parents. Please, I’m begging you” you said. 

“I’m just messing with you. I won’t tell them. But you need to start telling me everything too! I swear to god, if I see Jimin I’m going to slap him silly” she said, trying to lighten the mood. “Are you going to forgive him?” she asks.

“I need to talk things through with him honestly. But I can see where he could have had his doubts. But I’m still really hurt with what he said. But I…I just love him so much Suji. I don’t want us to fall apart because of this. I think we can get through it. He did look really apologetic afterall” you reasoned. 

“Ok, but if he pulls anything else I won’t keep quiet” she says. 

“And you won’t have to” you promised. 

The next couple of days were terrible for both you and Jimin. He was trying so so hard to give you the space you wanted, but it was eating at him. He wanted to talk to you again! Meanwhile, you didn’t know when to start talking to him again. You simply made his meals and went to work. You didn’t say anything to him but you missed him like crazy. You needed to talk to him soon. Jimin hated being at home with you when you were just going to ignore him so he would try to spend time with his friends. Usually, he would just end up drunk though. 

Taehyung meanwhile noticed the change in you both. He felt bad and he knew he shouldn’t get into it, but he hated seeing you both like this. So, he decided that he needed to get you two to talk. Jimin had texted him to meet at a bar later tonight, so he decided to ask you to get dinner around the same time. If he was lucky, he could make you two run into each other and force you two to start talking again. 

Jimin waited patiently at the bar for Taehyung to arrive. But it seemed like Taehyung was running late, so Jimin started on a drink before his friend arrive. Since the party, Taehyung didn’t bring up the situation again, and for that Jimin was thankful. He still couldn’t tell his friend what he had accused both you and him of. 

Jimin felt a pair of arms snake around his waist and he jumped at the sensation and turned around to see who it was. To his disappointment, it was his ex. 

“What are you doing here, gorgeous?” she purred. Jimin wanted to visibly gag, but he kept it in.

“None of your business” he said, turning back around and taking another sip of his drink.

“Oh come on. Clearly things aren’t going well. Otherwise why would you be here on a weekday night instead of being with the mom to be?” she asked, sitting down next to him. Jimin rolled his eyes.

“You’re the reason for this. If you.. If you hadn’t placed those thoughts in my head.. I could be.. I could be happy right now” he said, honestly. But he knew that he couldn’t really blame his ex completely. He was the one who spewed the hateful words to you and he could never take that back. Jimin downed his drink at the thought. 

Jimin stopped paying attention to his ex, who was practically drooling at him. He couldn’t get his mind off of you and anything that Jiah had said went in through one ear and out the other

Taehyung had suggested you grab drink at a local bar. You thought it was suspicious, especially since you couldn’t drink at a time like this but he assured you that they had really good food. You didn’t really think twice, and went along with him. You were quite hungry after all. 

Meanwhile Jimin was getting increasingly frustrated. Not only was Taehyung running late, but Jiah was talking his ear off. Though the alcohol calmed him down a little, it also gave him to confidence to finally tell Jiah off for good. 

“Jiminie don’t you remember all the fun trips we took together? Those were so much fun, don’t you miss those days? Remember the ski trip we took? It was so cold! Maybe we can go to Hawaii or something next, I’ve heard is absolutely gorgeous.” she rambled. It kind of amazed Jimin how dense she was. What did he ever even see in her?

“Jiah, I’m only going to say this once so listen carefully. I don’t like you. I don’t have any feelings for you left. I have a wife and a kid on the way and I love them to pieces, ok? They are my world now. There is place left for you in my life, so I kindly suggest you leave when I’m still being nice”  he said, finally facing her. 

Jiah was surprised to say the least. Jimin was never this…rude to her. Even when he broke up with her, he was pretty nice about the whole thing. But this, fueled her anger. She huffed and got up out of her seat. She made it across the bar near the entrance when she saw both you and Taehyung approaching the bar. If she couldn’t have Jimin, then no else could, she thought. 

She quicky made her way back to Jimin, who had her back faced towards her. Taehyung looked around to find Jimin, and his eyes landed on Jiah, who also made eye contact with him. Taehyung was so confused and before he could register what was going on, Jiah turns around Jimin and kisses him. Taehyung lets out a little gasp and you follow his eyes to sight in front of you. There stood Jimin, kissing another woman. 

You let out a little gasp yourself. Your eyes immediately begin to water and your heart breaks all over again. You spent the last couple of days trying to piece it back together, but it was like Jimin came and shattered your heart to even tinier pieces. 

Jiah pulls away, happily and smiles directly at you. Jimin was too shocked to process what even happened. Taehyung had seen enough though. He immediately crosses the bar to confront his friend. You stay by the entrance, not being able to move but you start to sob and people around you were starting to stare. You didn’t even care if people could recognize you at this point.

Jimin wiped away Jiah’s lipstick from his mouth, still finding it hard to believe that she had to audacity to kiss him when he had just told her to get out of his life. “Jiah, what the he-” Jimin started before someone grabbed him by the collar. 

“How fucking dare you” Taehyung all but growls as he lifts Jimin up from his seat by the collar of his shirt. “How could you do that to Y/n?” Taehyung questions still. If people weren’t looking before, they sure as hell were now.

“T-Taehyung-ah” Jimin stutters out. Jimin theoretically didn’t do anything wrong, but his friend didn’t know that. To anybody else, it would just seem like two people sharing a kiss. 

“You said you loved her. How could…how could you be kissing Jiah now?” Taehyung continued, his anger only increasing. During their little encounter, Jiah had also conveniently slipped out but not before giving you one last smirk before exiting the bar. 

Jimin ran his hands through his hair and shook his head, trying not to meet his friends eyes. Why couldn’t he just say that Jiah was the one who forcefully kissed him? While trying to formulate words, Jimin’s eyes landed on you by the entrance. HIs eyes widened in shock. “Y-Y/N” he whispered. 

You finally made eye contact with your husband and your sobs only increased. Jimin tried to break free from Taehyung’s grip, but Taehyung had pulled him right back. 

“No, I think you’ve done enough damage” Taehyung said, firmly gripping onto Jimin. Both Taehyung and Jimin turned to face you and it hurt them both so much to see you in this state. You held one hand over your baby bump and another over your mouth to stifle the sobs. You couldn’t stand there anymore and ran out the bar. 

“No, wait!” Jimin yelled across the bar and tried to break free from Taehyung’s grip once again. “For the love of God, let me go Taehyung!” he yelled back at his friend. “I need to get to her, please. It wasn’t what it looked like” he said, pleading now. Taehyung looked into Jimin’s eyes and knew that he was probably telling you the truth. He hesitantly let him go.

Jimin quickly grabbed his phone and ran out behind you, but only to see you quickly get into a taxi. He ran up to the taxi, but it was too late. You were already driving away. Jimin paced around the street, frantic. Where was his car? He needed to follow you! Taehyung ran out behind him. 

“I don’t think you can drive right now, let me drive you” he said. And before Jimin could answer, Taehyung had already ran to fetch his car. Soon enough, Taehyung pulled up on the street with his car. Jimin quickly jumped in, but your taxi was long gone. The boys decided that you were probably heading home though, so they drove there as fast as they could.

You couldn’t control your sobs in the taxi. Even the driver gave you pitiful looks. “Uh, where to, young miss?” he asked slowly. You gave him the address to your friends house. You called her along the way, but unfortunately she was out of town on a business trip, but she told you where she kept the spare key and told you to stay for as long as you liked. Suji, your friend, knew not to push the matter, especially over the phone. But she still told you to call her once you somewhat calmed down. She knew that Jimin was probably the reason why, but being out of town made Suji feel helpless. What could she even do?

“Y/N, I know you’re really upset right now and we can talk about that later. But sweetheart I need you to take care of yourself, at least for the sake of your baby ok? Please try to calm down a little and call me again once you’ve settled down. Stay as long as you need, ok? I’ll be back in around 3 days” she says. You could only mumble a yes before hanging up. You were thankful for Suji, but you were in no state to be thanking her right now, especially when talking was hard over your sobs.

Jimin kept urging Taehyung to drive faster and as they pulled into the front drive way, Jimin practically jumped out of the car before the car even stopped. Jimin frantically tried to open the door with his keys, but his hands were shaking too much. He just had to see you and explain things to you and make things right. He promised himself that he wouldn’t be making any more mistakes, but this wasn’t something he saw coming. Hell, it wasn’t really even his fault. 

Jimin finally opened the door, but the house was dark and empty. He quickly turned on all the lights and ran around the house, hoping to find you in one of the rooms. Taehyung slowly walked in after, watching as Jimin ran around, yelling out your name. “Jimin, I don’t think she’s here….” Taehyung says, rather silently. Jimin stops in his tracks. 

“Do you just think she hasn’t got here yet?” he asks. But he knew the answer. You weren’t coming home tonight. 

Three days go by and Jimin is desperate at this point. He couldn’t find you and you weren’t answering your phone. Even Taehyung tried to get a hold of you, but failed. He felt like this was partially his fault since he was the one who brought you to the bar in the first place. 

Jimin could function, not when he didn’t know where or how you were. Were you ok? Were you eating? Sleeping? How was the baby? He knew this time was crucial for the baby, and he didn’t even want to imagine anything happening to the baby. 

And what was worse? He couldn’t even tell his parents or yours. Every time they called, he would lie and give them an excuse as per why you couldn’t come to the phone. The guilt was eating him alive, and Jimin was dying to see you, and make sure you were ok. 

Jimin tried to think back to all your friends that you had told him about. But his mind was drawing a blank. Instead, he had his friends look into it the first day you were gone. By the third day though, Taehyung had found the address of your best friend. Taehyung remembers you telling him about her, perhaps even setting up a blind date for the two of them. He had kindly declined at the time. He even ran into her at Jimin’s party. 

Taehyung texted Jimin the address and Jimin rushed out the house the second he saw the text. He knew there was a chance that you wouldn’t be there, but he was willing to try anyone or any place at the moment.

The last three days for you were…terrible. You hadn’t been able to stop crying and you honestly felt numb. You couldn’t eat properly or sleep. You tried, you honestly did. You tried to force down some food for the sake of your baby, but it was just so hard. You were under an immense amount of stress. Suji still wasn’t back from her trip, but she had texted you that she would be back soon.

You woke up that morning and you immediately felt like something was different…something was wrong. You were more dizzy than usualy and there was a dull pain in your stomach. You tried to push the feeling away and thought you were just hungry. So you brushed your teeth and washed your face, hoping you would feel somewhat better, but the dizziness persisted. 

You tried to make your way to the kitchen, but you had to hold on to the sides of the bed or the table to steady yourself. By the time you got to the small living room, that dull pain suddenly felt more sharp and tears started to well up in your eyes. 

You heard a loud knock on the door. You tried your best to walk to the door without stumbling. You prayed to god that it would be Suji, and hopefully she could take care of you because you were honestly about to pass out at any moment. You opened the door and your eyes started to droop, but you could make out the figure in front of you. “J-Jimin” you started. 

“Y/N, baby, I’m so sorry. I promise it wasn’t what it looked like, ok? Jiah is the ex I told you abou–” he started, trying to explain things quickly. He was too scared and nervous and he didn’t even seem to realize that state you were in. But before he could get another word out, your interrupted him. You pulled at his shirt.

“J-Jim-Jimin. Hel-help me” you said, before finally passing out and falling into his arms. Jimins eyes widen in shock as he falls to the floor with you in his hands.

“Y/n? Y/N-yah? What’s wrong? Baby? Are you ok?” he asked frantically, tapping on your cheek lightly trying to get you to open your eyes. Jimin’s heart raced a million miles a second, especially when you had no signs of opening your eyes. Thankfully, you were still breathing. But that’s when Jimin saw it. 

That’s when Jimin saw the blood rolling down the sides of your legs

A/N: I’ll end this part here. WHEW talk about angst?! And on that note…happy early thanksgiving! PLEASE tell me what you thought about this part in the comments below or to my inbox. Any feedback is appreciated. I honestly read each and every single comment. Also, I don’t proof read so sorry for all the mistakes. 

Previous Parts: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9

burgers and chocolate || t.h.

Relationship: Uni!Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: The cute boy who sat beside you in your English lecture turned out to be something so much more. 

Warnings: language? fluff!

Word Count: 1.6k

A/N: this was so random but like i think it’s really cute and i’m highkey living for a uni!tom soooooo

At first, he was just cute boy who sits beside me in my English lecture. He remained that way until a couple weeks into the semester, he then became cute boy who sits beside me in my English lecture who asked to borrow a pencil. A little more wordy, but it’s what he remained for another week until he was running late, running up the stairs and into his seat, completely out of breath. 

You felt bad for him, the old professor clearly wasn’t impressed with the disturbance he had caused but he looked so flustered and adorable you couldn’t help the smile that formed on your lips. His eyes met yours, a sheepish smile appearing on his face as he leaned in making your heart stutter, “did I miss anything?” He whispered as you shook your head, “nothing at all,” you smiled. 

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steve harrington x reader • tell her a story

Summary: You’re going to study. Seriously. You’re going to study, no matter what Steve might have in mind.

Word Count: 1100+

Requested By: Anonymous -  Hey I love your stuffs, can you do another imagine with Steve that’s maybe something to do with studying that’s fluffy a lil bit smut but not smut ya know what I’m saying? Anyways, love your work, thank you: )

Warnings:  Fluff, language, very minor smut.

Notes: Honestly I hate writing kisses and smut scenes normally but this one was so fun to write!! So thanks to the anon for requesting it :) 


Studying with Steve around was almost impossible. You loved your boyfriend, honestly you did, but sometimes being around him just wasn’t good for your grades. He was - distracting. Being alone with him in your bedroom just didn’t exactly produce a good environment for studying. Or, well, for studying books.

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Power Cut VI

Originally posted by btsgotsvt

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Fluff, slight angst, Hybrid!au

Warnings : sex mention

Summary: Yoongi is the cat hybrid you once adopted at an adoption center. You took care of him as best as you could months following his adoption but he still has not erased the distance he voluntarily puts between you.

PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4 | PART 5

Note: That chapter is from Yoongi’s POV. Written and edited from my phone. The post might look weird and have some typos.

Yoongi laid his deep dark eyes upon the intimidated bunny who had his doe eyes on you. Seeing Jungkook’s hand shaking yours even as a greeting made something stir down the cat hybrid’s guts. At the moment, the deep and lewd desire to claim you in front of the others was almost unbearable. He growled, hissing slightly and clenching his hands, trying to quiet the animal inside him. Gosh, you would never know how much he wanted to fuck you on that kitchen table. As mixed emotions coursed through him he gazed at you laughing heartily before he glared at Jisoo who had warm eyes over her hybrid companion.

It was her fault.

The cat hybrid’s sighed, staying behind you and ignoring Jisoo’s hearty laughs. He promised you to do efforts but his possessive side was still getting the best of him. The need to fuck you right in front of the other hybrid was still present. He wanted to show them you were his sole master and that you belonged to him. His flow of thoughts got interrupted by Jisoo’s impatient tone.

“Suga-Suga! Lemme introduce you to Jungkook. Come on, don’t be shy ”

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Devils Little Princess Part 2 (Sweet Pea)


Originally posted by howtoamuseacoolperson

It wasnt long until the whole school knew that you wasnt a northsider, but was infact the daughter of the man who started up the one gang no body liked. Veronica didnt judge you too much for it as she knew how it felt to have a dad that didnt have the cleanest record, but she knew her father and his dirty work didnt come close to your father. It did piss you off that Cheryl pretty muched dropped you in it that day, making everyone loose all forms of trust with you, as they didnt know what form of agenda you could have, as for all they know “she could know who the black hood is” which was a pretty pathetic remark. You was literally an outsider, hated by both northsiders and southside serpants, who all probably now knew what was meant by Tall boy calling you the Devils little princess, including sweet pea. You knew he would hate you for even trying to flirt knowing what you was and the thought stung like a bitch.

The sudden overflow of drama for you made you sick, so you decided to stay home. You swtiched off your phone and did nothing but sleep and watch movies the whole day, the normal for any sick kid. You was honestly enjoying the peace until your dad came into your room switching off your TV. You suddenly sat up in your bed, confused and a little flustered as your father never distrubed you in your room. He sat at the end of the bed observing your room running his hand on your velvet pillow.

“You seem pretty sick watching TV sweetie.” He said coldly not even looking up at you.

“Did you not hear me throw up this morning daddy?” you asked knowing full well he didnt “can your little girl not rest?”

He smirked at your sarcasm, scaring you even more. He turned to you, throwing the pillow at you which you instantly caught.

“My little girl can tell me why she was flirting with serpants on Tuesday night.” he replied. You gulped hard at the thought of Tall boy had informing your dad of your encounter. “You know I dont care who you date, but if you’re going to be going around with a serpant, be sure to tell me next time as to protect both of your sorry asses.” he said leaning over kissing your forhead “Oh and do check your phone love, that kid you kind a cutie is making his way to a cell right about now. Southside High just got raided by pigs.”

You quickly switch your phone on to see the continual messages and voicemails from Jughead and Archie:


Y/N??? I need your help, somethings happened and sweet pea and toni have been arrested. Jug

You looked up at your father who was still stood at your doorway smiling too pleasently at you. You got out of bed pulling on a jumper and pumps when your dad threw an envolope on your bed.

“You’re gonna need this.” and with that he was gone.

You ran out your door, jumping into your car driving to the station as soon as you could. You ran to reception cash in hand wanting to see Sweet pea. After trying to describe him to the best of your ability seen as you knew his name wasnt sweet pea the lady finally knew the “very agressive” boy you was talking about. she led you to a room with nothing but a chair, and a phone where you saw him sat on the other side of the glass.

You sat down slowly picking up the phone. You didnt know what the hell to say, as you didnt know if he had heard the news or not. He looked down at the envelope you was holding so tightly and gave you a sick smile

“That money from your ghoulie daddy?” he asked making your stomach turn.

“It’s not like that and you know it.”

“Yet you still tried it didnt you.” He shot back.

You didnt know what to say. You looked up at him with apologetic eyes. It drove you insane that you had met this boy for the first time a few days ago but you couldnt deny the crazy connectioned you had with him. You knew that whatever feeling you had right then he had too as his eyes softened.

“Any friend of FP Jones is a friend of my fathers.” you smiled “He knows who to protect.”

“So it wasnt your dad who got us serpants busted?” He asked making you laugh

“If anything the police was probably meant to round up the ghoulies,” You joked earning a chuckle from sweet “ If you really wanna finish them, you gotta do what they love best.” And with that you told them about how as a kid your dad and FP would drag race in the south side earning territory and how that would be the way to solve the issue they had. 

You rang the buzzer to end your visit, paying for sweet pea, Toni and others who got arrested and walked out of the station with some weight off your shoulder. You took your car keys from your pocket ready to drive home when a firm hand grabbed your hand making you jump.

“Thanks by the way.” Sweet Pea said smiling at you. He had the same look in his eyes that you saw back in the station. You leaned in without a second thought, kissing him softly. You broke the kiss quickly, lingering close to his lips making the corners of his lips curl up. 

“Make sure the plan goes through and you can thank me later.” you replied, getting into your car leaving him with the other serpants. 

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the different ways to say ‘i love you’

Summary: different ways dan and phil say i love you
word count: 2.9k
a/n: uh i wrote this about 5 months ago and i never uploaded it anywhere so

1. “It reminded me of you”

Sometimes when Dan goes shopping by himself when Phil isn’t with him, he gets lonely because he’s used to pointing at ugly and funny looking objects and saying ‘hey it’s you’ and having Phil give him a look that would remind him of The Office and break out into a grin and then they’d both laugh at the object.

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Lance knew plenty about the effects space had on the human body, he knew it could make you a little taller but also cause your muscles to become weak thanks to the lack of gravity.

Space was a dangerous place even before you factor in the danger of fighting a 10,000 year old war against a seemingly unstoppable threat.

Lance knew that there was a chance he may never get back home, he knew that he could die out here and a little part of him would be ok with that as long as his death made a difference.

As he and his lion rapidly fell towards the planet’s surface Lance couldn’t help but wonder if him dying helped at all.

Lance closed his eyes preparing himself for the inevitable only barely able to hear Hunk calling his name over the roar of the engine and the sound of the explosion as he hit the ground.

“Lance!” Hunk screamed as he watched his best friend shot out of the sky and go falling at an alarming rate towards a nearby planet.

He ignored the call from his other teammates to stay in position and followed after the blue lion as fast as Yellow would let him.

Hunk kept calling Lance’s name hoping for some kind of response, for any clue that he was ok and could pull out of this nose dive on his own.

“Come on buddy” Hunk grit his teeth as he pushed his lion down faster not caring about his own safety, he was so close, just a little more and…

The two lions crashed into the ground with Yellow merely inches away from grabbing Blue with her mouth.

The lions knew that there would be no way for their Paladins to survive such an impact…

Well in their current state at least.

Hunk woke up lying on the oddly green sand staring up at the sky above him.

The two suns balred down on him like a merciless reminder that he should get up.

Which he tried only to find his body stiff and heavy, he groaned pulling himself up looking around for any sign of the lions.

For a moment Hunk couldn’t figure out what had happened, then it all suddenly came rushing back.

The crash…

“Yellow must of ejected me…” Hunk muttered to himself putting a hand to his chin a he thought. However rather than being met with familiar flesh he was instead greeted with a hard rough surface under his gloved hand.

“What the-”

Hunk pulled his helmet off using the police surface as a mirror.

However no sooner had he seen himself did he drop the helmet in surprise and stumbled back falling to the ground.

It wasn’t that his face had been horribly mangled, in fact he showed no signs of injury.

His face was fine…

If you don’t count the fact that it was now a dark yellow colour clearly made of some kind of rock.

Hunk shook his head and slapped his cheeks.

“This is a dream, it had to be! Because the other option is that i got magically turned into a rock person and i’m stranded on a desert planet with La-”

The panic Hunk felt for himself quickly morphed into worry for his best friend.

He scrambled to his feet looking around for any sign of the crash sight, smoke, a crater, anything!

However the desert was untouched, it stretched out before him as unspoilt as the freshly fallen snow.

Hunk tried to tug at his hair in frustration only to find in was now a solid mass on his head.

Great… just great.

“Lance!” Hunk yelled picking a random direction and began to walk hoping for the best.

“Come on buddy answer me please!”


Hunk kept walking in a large circle getting more and more frantic by the second.

What if Lance was hurt?

What if he was trapped somewhere and was shouting for help but Hunk couldn’t hear him?

Every second he didn’t have Lance with him, Hunk found it harder and harder not to slip into a panic attack, only the adrenaline and worry for his best friend keeping him from breaking.


Hunk stopped in his tracks.


There it was again, the weak voice calling his name.

Hope bubbled within his chest, unless he was going crazy there was only one person on this planet that would know his name.

“Lance!” Hunk yelled as he took off running towards the voice.

He came to the top of a sand dune that was larger than the others and arched over ever so slightly creating the first bit of shade Hunk had seen since waking up.

Hunk was breathing heavily frantically looking for any sign of Lance, maybe he had been turned to stone too but couldn’t move because he was too heavy in the sand.

“Lance buddy where are you!” He yelled trying to keep images of Lance weakly struggling against the sand as it pulled him down into its dark abyss.

For almost a minute the desert seemed completely silent, that even the wind was listening.


Lance’s voice was coming from directly below Hunk, before even considering other options, the Yellow Paladin jumped down rolling as he hit the ground.

Not that how he landed really mattered any more. The sand filled the air like a fog and Hunk was left in a small crater he created.

He just lay there for a moment realising the fall was much larger than he had originally estimated, at least a Shiro and a Pidge on top in height.

The sound of coughing came from the left to him and Hunk knew instantly it was Lance.

He rolled to the side and pulled himself up before running over “Lance! Are you ok! Are you all rocky too? Where are the lions?”

However soon as his eyes fell on his best friend Hunk no longer cared about his questions.

While Hunk’s body was made of a light yellow rock, Lance’s was dark blue water shimmering in the sun light. It was disturbing being able to see through his translucent body, with only the distortion the water created preventing Lance from being all but invisible.

His paladin armour was nowhere to be seen, if it weren’t for the fact that beyond his face he didn’t really have and features then it would’ve been awkward.

Lance looked smaller, he was curled up on himself as to stay in the shade, so Hunk didn’t think too much of it for the moment and instead looked him over for any signs of injuries.

“Lance?” He asked as he reached out a hand as to help him up only for his fingers to slip right through.

Lance gasped, not in pain exactly but surprise, “sorry b-buddy. Erm please don’t do that again. It feels super weird.”

It was hard to tell on his liquid features, but Hunk knew Lance well enough to know that he would be giving his trademark grin right about now.

“Oops sorry man, are you ok?” Hunk asked as he sat down next to him in the shade thankful to be out of the merciless sun.

“Other than a splash landing i’m fine.” Lance shrugged.

It took Hunk a moment to figure out what he meant by a ‘splash landing’ but when he did it caused a chill to run down his spine.

“How can you be fine after something like that!” Hunk hadn’t meant to yell, but the image of his best friend being scattered across the floor like a puddle made him angry.

At who he wasn’t quite sure…

Himself for failing to catch Blue? The lion herself for not protecting her Paladin? For whatever changed their bodies?

“What if you hadn’t been able to put yourself together what if you lost some of yourself!”

Lance turned his face away suddenly taking great interest in the sand on the floor.

A sense of cold dread settled in his stomach.

“Unless you already did…”

Lance didn’t need to confirm it for Hunk to know he was right.

At first what Hunk had assumed was just the way Lance was positioned making him smaller now was clear that he was actually missing some mass.

Looking over him Hunk now saw how parts of his arms, legs and torso were thinner at uneven intervals, not deep enough to be noticeable at first, but apparent enough to be worrying now.

“I can’t feel it…” Lance said finally “it doesn’t hurt…. It’s like my whole body is numb with cold.” His voice was shaking.

It made Hunks heart ache, here his best friend was terrified and he couldn’t even hug him to make him feel better. Hunk felt completely and utterly powerless.

Lance suddenly scurried back pushing his back against the sand wall behind him, a hiss of pain escaped his lips before he could stop it.

“I thought you said it didn’t hurt?” Hunk wasn’t sure what just happened, but he knew Lance was in more pain then he was letting on and that thought caused anxiety to bubble within his chest.

“It didn’t that was… something else.” Lance shrugged a shoulder as he turned his attention to the edge of the shade. “Don’t worry buddy, i’ll be fine, so just take some deep breaths hey?”

Hunk hated this, it was bad enough he couldn’t provide physical comfort but now Lance was the one trying to keep him calm when it should’ve been the other way round.

“Ill stop worrying if you tell me whats going on.”

Lance didn’t say anything.

“Lance please you’re scaring me?” Hunk wondered if in his new rock form he was even capable of crying, maybe he already was and simply couldn’t feel it.

Lance sighed before a small chuckle came from his throat. “Just had to do the puppy dog eyes didn’t you?”

“What can i say, it’s my strongest attack.” Hunk shrugged as he scooted closer “now spill… erm i mean.”

Lance waved him off “It’s cool, mama always said id make a splash.”

Hunk groaned but was glad Lance was talking at least. “Seriously though, what just happened?”

Lance went quiet for a long time, so long that Hunk wondered if he had changed his mind about talking when he took a deep breath “it’s the suns… even on earth water doesn’t last long in the desert. How long do you think i have under three suns?”

“Oh..” Hunk found that was all he could say, what else could he say.

He just found out his best friend… no his brother didn’t have much time left.

They had to get off this planet and soon.

Hunk stood up and paced back and forth as he tried and failed to run his fingers through his hair.

His own helmet had been nowhere to be seen, likely broken or buried in the sand somewhere.

The others were still likely fighting in the planet’s orbit so all they need to do is call for help and someone should come swooping in.

“Lance was your helmet in one piece when you erm… reformed?” Hunk asked making a silent prayer.

Lance nodded slowly… too slowly.

Hunk had noticed that in the short time he had been sitting there that Lance’s movements seemed to become increasingly sluggish over the minutes. Hunk couldn’t even imagine how hot his water body must be getting by now.

How hot could he handle before there was permanent damage?

“Yeah… it should… should be with my erm armour… it a bit away… that way.” Lance mumbled gesturing south from where they were.

Hunk held his hand above his eyes and tried to spot any sign of blue against the desert sand.

He thought he could see a spec of blue in the distance.

It was pretty far away… too far for Hunks liking. He looked down at Lance weighing up his options.

He really didn’t want to leave Lance alone and defenceless on an alien planet especially when he was already in danger from the sun. But he knew that he couldn’t just wait and hope for the best.

Lance needed him, that was all the motivation Hunk needed.

“Ok buddy i’ll be back soon.” Hunk smiled but it didn’t seem like Lance had heard him. The smile fell down into a frown “Lance?”

Lance jumped and looked up at him “y-yeah?”

Hunk bit his lip “i’m going to get your stuff, can you try and stay awake for me?”

Lance nodded slowly “m’tired though.”

Hunk was afraid of that, the heat must really be messing him up, he forced the smile back on “I know buddy, but do it for me ok?”

“Ok Hunk… for you.” Lance mumbled but with a look of determination on his face that settled Hunks nerves a little.

There was the fire.

Hunk waved as he began to jog towards the blue dot on the horizon. As he carried on under the heat of the suns he couldn’t help but wonder the shape his own body would be in when he got back.

Sure he felt the heat, but as far as he could tell he wasn’t sweating, under normal circumstances Hunk would’ve viewed this as a red flag but considering his skin was now rock he figured it would be ok.

Hell he wasn’t even thirsty.

Running was hard though, even his brisk jog that he did dailly around the castle proved to be exhausting. It was like his body was too heavy to move and his muscles were protesting his every step.

But Hunk didn’t dare slow down, the thought of Lance curled up out of the sun not really able to understand what was happening around him, it kept him going.

Hunk fell down a hill he hadn’t even realised was there until he was lying at the bottom watching the red lion chase a Galra fighter far above him.

He just spent a moment transfixed by the fight, the way they weaved around each other like some kind of dance.

Keith really was an amazing pilot.

Shame he had no people skills. To be fair Pidge was worse, that little gremlin had bit him more times then he could count… or was that his jack russell at home.

Hunk sat up with a start. His thoughts were getting muddled all running into each other, just thinking was getting harder and harder.

What of this was what was happening to Lance!”

Hunk struggled to his feet, it was as painfully slow process of getting as far as halfway up before he fell back into the sand.

Eventually though he managed it, though he did have to do some pretty strange arm gestures to pull himself upright.

He stayed where he was for a moment smiling to himself. Proud that he had managed to get to his feet. Maybe he should lie back down and do it again?

Hunk shook his head.

“Lance needs me.”

He could see a pile of blue only a few feet away, he could make it.

“Get the helmet, call for help, save Lance.”

Hunk mumbled to himself as he took one step after the other, his body seeming to get heavier and stiffer with every second.

“Get the helmet, call for help, save Lance.”

He could see the helmet, it was lying on its side next to a pile of armour.

“Get the helmet.” Hunk bent down and picked it up. But he found his back would no longer straighten.

“Call for help.” He was able to force the helmet onto his head just as his muscles seized up.

“Save Lance.” He managed to get out as his body froze in place and Hunk wasn’t able to even breath.

“Hunk? Hello?” Keith’s voice came over the coms. He sounded beyond panicked.

After Lance had been shot down and Hunk had dove after him, Keith had wanted to follow straight away.

But he got distracted by the Galra calling in reinforcements that flanked them.

However even while he was fighting for his life, Keith kept trying to get a signal through.

After almost an hour of nothing he had all but given up.

Then he heard it “S…v.. Lan…e.”

It barely came through but it was all he needed to triangulate their position and fly down.

Keith had expected a crash site, maybe Hunk and Lance badly hurt.

Instead all he found was a drying puddle and a odd looking rock formation standing over Lance’s empty armour.

No Lions.

No Hunk.

No Lance.

Nothing but desert stretching out and merciless suns beating down on him.

Becoming a Father Overnight Part Twenty Five

Series Summary- Jared x Daughter!Reader. Jared Padalecki’s life is flipped upside down when he gets a call from a teenage girl saying she’s his daughter.

Disclaimer- I don’t own the Supernatural universe or the images/gifs used, they were found on Google.

A big thanks are owed to @winchesters-favorite-girl and @assbutt-still-in-hell!

Becoming a Father Overnight Masterlist


“The destination is ahead on your right,” Jared tapped his finger against the steering wheel of the rental car as he followed the navigation system’s directions. Y/n had no idea he was coming and he wasn’t expecting a warm welcome from her. He slowed the car to a stop in front of the house, taking a deep breath before he climbed out of the car.

The walk to the door seemed to stretch on for hours and Jared paused outside the door, before sucking it up and ringing the bell. He shifted in spot, waiting impatiently for someone to answer the door. He heard voices inside the house until finally the door swung open.

Jared couldn’t help, but smile as the door opened to reveal Y/n standing on the other side. He’d missed seeing and talking to her. Y/n on the other hand, froze as soon as she saw him, a frown pulling across her face. “Go away!”

She went to close the door again, but Jared stuck his foot out, stopping it before it shut again. Y/n shoved the door again, trying to get rid of him, but Jared held strong. He wasn’t letting her get rid of him that fast.

“Listen, I know you’re mad at me, but we need to talk. I need you to hear me out!”

Y/n gave a final shove, but Jared still refused to budge.

“DAD!” Y/n shouted. Jared paused for a second, startled that she was calling him dad again. As soon as he saw Dan coming down the hall behind her, he realized that she wasn’t referring to him, but rather her step father.

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Laser Tag

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Nesta had never lost a single game of laser tag in all of her 23 years of life.

It didn’t matter what day it was, or what time it was, or where it was, she always won, and she wasn’t plan on breaking her winning streak anytime soon.

Cassian held her hand, their fingers interlaced, as they made their way through the arcade in the small town of Velaris. The rest of the inner circle trailed behind them, pointing out fun games to play after the laser tag was over.

Cassian had insisted on bringing everyone here today because they needed some “quality family time” together. Nesta had only rolled her eyes and agreed to join, but when he brought up laser tag, she got excited.

She had never played laser tag since she and Cassian had started dating, and she thought it was a perfect time to put him in his place. He was always cocky, and said he never lost, but Nesta was going to change that.

The smell of pizza filled the air, and children shouting around the room made her cringe in annoyance. She hated everything about arcades except laser tag. There were too many germs and loose kids running all over the place, and she may or may not be responsible for breaking one’s wrist a few months ago.

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leah @dadhopper asked for Karen and Joyce as teenagers kissing behind the bleachers. I made Joyce… a little too flirty maybe but I wrote this super quick and had fun doing it SO I HOPE THAT IT’S OKAY

Karen is always nervous on game day.

Joyce can tell because her usual perfectly manicured nails are cut short, like she’d chew on them if they were long enough and her signature high ponytail is just the slightest bit crooked. No one else can tell, but Joyce can. Karen might be the beloved flower of Hawkins High - head cheerleader, valedictorian, straight on the path onto bigger and better things outside of Hawkins - but nobody knows shit about her.

Everyone thinks they know Karen Dawson. Karen Dawson who wears Grace Kelly approved blouses with her signature rose pink lipstick. Karen Dawson who raises her hand every day in math because she always knows the answer. Karen Dawson, whose giggles make guys like Lonnie Byers and Jim Hopper alike weak to their knees.

It’s all bullshit. Nobody knows the Karen Dawson that Joyce knows.

“Hey Dawson,” Joyce calls when the bell rings in sixth period, Karen getting up from her seat a little too frantically, scrambling to get her books in time. Karen turns to her, hair whipping around her shoulder and Joyce bites the inside of her cheek to keep herself from smiling at the steely glint in Karen’s eyes. “Break a leg today.”

There’s a moment when Joyce thinks Karen is gonna snap at her, full of heat and tension that makes Joyce’s spine light on fire. But it’s gone in a second, Karen’s perfect face fixed back into her perfect Lucille Ball smile. “Thanks ever so much, Horowitz,” Karen says sweetly before exiting the classroom with the rest of her squad.

Joyce grins darkly at her retreating back.

The game goes perfectly - they win, Karen executes her final tumble perfectly and she’s waving her pompoms wildly, leading the audience in one final victory cheer. All her nerves and anxiety bleed away and she nearly sags to her feet, exhausted. Thank god it’s over.

The team and the rest of the squad make excited plans for the after party while Karen slowly makes her way to the lockers. She makes it a rule not to ever ride with any of them - the last thing she needs is Ryan Cooper trying to cop a feel while she rides passenger - and takes her time getting ready after a game. She’s already thinking about how good it’ll feel to take her ponytail out when a delicate hand seizes around her wrist and drags her behind the bleachers.

Karen is half ready to shriek but the familiar smell of Camels and some other unidentifiable spice hits her and she relaxes. “Joyc - “ she starts, about to scold her but Joyce steals her words away, pressing her mouth against Karen’s seamlessly, like they’ve done a dozen times. At Joyce’s house at night, at the quarry, at the dark corner by Cherry and Elm and doesn’t have a streetlight when they’re feeling particularly bold.

She relaxes into the kiss for a good ten seconds, the taste of cheap beer and bubblegum a welcome reprieve, before her brain catches up with her. “Joyce!” she hisses, pushing her away. “Your lipstick!” Judging by the satisfied curl of Joyce’s mouth, Karen’s suspicions must be on the dot - Joyce’s dark red staining Karen’s mouth.

Joyce tilts her head in that furiously coquettish way, tilting Karen’s chin so she can get a better look. “I don’t know, Karen, I think I like this color better?”

“You’re impossible,” Karen grumbles but she doesn’t protest when Joyce carefully undos her ponytail, running her hands through blonde tresses.

“You did good tonight, kid,” Joyce says and Karen preens because she’s never one to deny a compliment. Joyce takes advantage of her lapse in attention and tugs her down for another kiss, heated this time, Joyce’s tongue coming to curl against hers.

Five more seconds, Karen thinks wildly to herself, hands scrambling to clutch at Joyce’s leather jacket. We can kiss for five more seconds.

Joyce tugs at her hair, startling Karen with the electric way it feels, and she bites on Joyce’s lip to hold back her moan.

“Ow, motherfucker,” Joyce hisses pulling away. Her lipstick is all smeared and Karen hates how much she loves it. “Play nice!”

“You started it,” Karen pants back. Joyce rolls her eyes at her.

“Nice hair, Dawson.”

Karen immediately tries to pat down her wild curls. “Whose fault do you think this is?” she hisses. Joyce snorts at her but helps brush back a few curls until it looks presentable. Karen groans as she points to her mouth. “How bad is it?”

“Calm down, it’s dark,” Joyce assures her. Karen huffs.

“Yes, well.” She never knows how to act when they’re in public because Joyce is always staring at her with those dark, wide eyes like she knows something Karen doesn’t and it’s infuriating. Joyce Horowitz is infuriating. “I have an after-party to get to.”

“Yeah. Byers and I will stop by.” Karen wrinkles her nose at the mention of Lonnie Byers. “What are you doing tomorrow though? I think I’m flunking chemistry… might need a tutor.”

Joyce’s eyebrows raise and Karen immediately starts to blush, thinking of the other ‘tutoring’ sessions they’ve had. “I’ll be at your place at five,” she snaps as she turns away. “Don’t you dare think I won’t actually make you study!”

Joyce’s tinkling laughter, carried high in the wind, follows her as she goes.

The Darling Buds of May

Summary: Royal AU. King Bill Istvan Günther Skarsgård the III has been in love with you his whole life, but can’t marry you because of a peace treaty. He tries to hold his tongue as you enter an abusive, loveless marriage. One night, however, he can no longer stand idly by.  

Words: 3132

Paring: King! Bill x Reader

Warnings: TRIGGER WARNING. There are mentions of abuse in this. There are no scenes of direct abuse, but it’s very much present in this. Please do not read if you are triggered by mentions of domestic abuse. Violence, mentions of blood and injuries. SMUT. Do NOT read if you are under 18. Unprotected sex, oral sex (female receiving), vaginal sex. Name calling. Verbal abuse. Asshole husband of Reader. Death. Yucky blood. Alcoholism. Belittling of women. Some men are so gross. Please let me know if I’ve forgotten anything. 

So @supersoldierslover and I saw that super sexy picture of Bill as King Phillip. Taw came up with the entire plot and I decided to write it. This is dedicated to her and her awesomeness. I seriously owe her so much. I would not be writing again if it wasn’t for her. This is a little harsher than most of my stuff but still very fluffy with a happy ending. 

Picture credit: @pennyismymanny thank you for sharing this with us! 

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{ glory and gore }

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au: vampire, 1920s

t/w: cursing, yelling, angst

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part one // part two // part three // part four // part five // part six

“You used to be such a brat before you know.” Thomas carried you and you wrapped your arms around his neck. You clung to him desperately, ducked your head down. He held you upright, holding you close. “Always talking back. Always trying to run away.” He tossed you down onto the bed and quickly crawled on top of you. “Now you’re begging to be touched.” He grinned. “Aren’t you?”

“Yes,” You breathed out.

He chuckled, stroked your cheek. “Think I should punish you for all the times you’ve disrespected me. For all the times when you were an ungrateful little bitch.” He lifted your chin up. Your eyes watered as he looked at you.

“Laf and I do everything for you.” He tore your clothes next, ripping them without much trouble. You whimpered as the fabric tore with ease. You were in only your undergarments—a soft ivory chemise. He came in between your legs, dragged his nail across your cheek. You cried out but Thomas only dug in deeper.

“Things could have been so much easier, darlin’. All you had to do was submit.” He watched as blood spilled out from your cheek. He kissed your neck, hummed nonchalantly. “But now you’re ready. Now you’re mine.

You woke up in the familiar little bed. It brought you no comfort.

Last night felt like a bad dream. Waking up now, you realized you were still here. You were still living with Laf and Thomas.

What would you do now? What could you do?

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The Angel Among Us| Chapter 1

Summary:  Virgil was sent down to earth to be the guardian angel of three teenage runaways. He must guide them to safety without revealing his abilities. Otherwise, he would fail his mission, and the ones he was supposed to guide would meet the same fate he did.

Word Count: 1273

Warnings: Death, Mentions of Suicide

Note: I managed to get to a computer! God, I haven’t written a multichaptered thing in so long, I’m so excited.

Virgil was killed in 2004. It was an awful day, one that he would constantly have nightmares about. He spent so long running away before the fateful moment, and it all came to nothing. The ones he was running from caught him and killed him on the spot. Shot through the heart, no chance of survival.

He never used to believe in an afterlife, until he became a part of it. The moment after he died, he opened his eyes. He was in a city, full of bustling people. It was jarring, and Virgil felt himself starting to panic. Calm down Virge. This isn’t real. That’s right, it was just a dream. But still, he died right? What is this place if he’s dead?

A stranger stopped in front of him. Oh no. Virgil hated talking to new people. It also didn’t help that this new person was insanely attractive. The stranger was staring at Virgil. Great, now he looked like a weirdo.

“You look scared. Are you okay?” The stranger stuck out his hand to help Virgil up.

Virgil grabbed the guy’s hand. “Thanks,” he mumbled, “I’m fine.” Virgil forced himself to look at the guy. He looked like a movie star. Dark brown hair, unshaven yet trimmed beard. Yep, definitely attractive. “Um, where are we?”

The guy smiled. “That’s not important.” He paused and seemed to scan Virgil. “You look sick.” Virgil didn’t feel sick, but maybe it was just the shock of waking up in a new place. “I’ll take you back to my place.” Normally, Virgil would refuse, but he just wanted to get out of the streets. So he followed this man, still not knowing what was going on.

Virgil supposed that he was disassociating, because the next thing he knew he was in front of a large mansion. There was a crowd of people in front, hoping to get in. The guy he was following paid no attention to them and walked right up to the front gates with Virgil in tow. He pretended not to hear the whispers of the others. Why did he choose him? I can’t believe this guy gets to be a guardian. Virgil didn’t know what they meant.

The inside of the house felt very stereotypical. A larger foyer with a staircase on either side, leading up to a balcony-like second floor. The guy led him upstairs to an office-like room.

“Take a seat, Virgil.” How does he know my name? “Let me introduce myself. I am God, but I go by Abraham. You are in heaven, and you died.” He paused to let the truth sink in.

I… died? That can’t be true. If I died, how am I experiencing this? Isn’t heaven supposed to be on a bunch of clouds? Why does it look like a city? Oh god, I’m actually talking to God. This can’t be real. It’sjustadreamthiscan’tbereal. Virgil started to breathe faster.

“Woah, woah, calm down. Look at me.” It took Virge a minute to realize that Abraham was trying to calm him down in an actual way. He followed his instructions, and soon enough Abraham could continue talking.

“This is my home. Not many people have been personally invited here from me. The only ones who have had a special task assigned to them.” He took a breath. “I gave them the task of Guardian Angel. It’s given to those who have had an unfair death, to prevent others from dying in the same way.”

“So… you want me?” Virgil couldn’t believe it. All his life he was never wanted for anything good. Now the actual God was sitting in front of him, telling him that his death was horrible, and he was being given a sort of second chance.

“Yes.” Abraham looked through some papers on his desk. “The truth is, Virgil, humans have stopped going by my will. I never intended for them to be so cruel, especially towards each other. I normally give the Guardian Angel task to those who have died from hate crimes. They died too young for an unforgivable reason.”

Virgil remembers learning about hate crimes. They would happen to people of different skin colors, different genders, different sexualities. The list would go on and on. Virgil knew which category he fell into.

“You’ll have to undergo intensive training, but you’ll learn skills that other angels don’t get. You’ll be able to heal, mind read, read emotions, and others. The task I have for you will be extremely challenging, but you’ll be saving lives. Are you up for it?”

Virgil thought about it. Would he be able to do this? He didn’t believe so at first. He wasn’t athletic, and his anxiety disorder got in the way of things. But still, he didn’t want others to face the same fate as him. He wanted to do this. “Yes, I am,” he said with confidence, which shocked him, “I don’t want others to suffer the same fate as me. I want them to be able to live.” Virgil’s voice sounded different to him. It had more conviction. Maybe that was a sign that he was changing.

Abraham smiled. “Good, the last few I chose declined. The Guardians were running low.” He stood up, and Virgil took this as a cue to stand up as well. “I’ll assign you a roommate, and you’ll meet them tomorrow. For now, you can sleep in the guest bedroom here.” He grabbed Virge’s hand and shook it firmly. “Welcome to the team, Virgil Sanders.”


Virgil died 13 years ago. Since then, he gained new powers and confidence. He was ready to go back to earth to protect others. Well, almost.

“You’ll do fine.” His roommate David was sitting on his bed with him. He had panicked about his task, and she was trying to calm him down.

“What if they don’t listen to me?” Virgil had to lead the group to safety, but he wasn’t a good leader. He was too shy to speak up.

“Why wouldn’t they? You have your fake backstory right? They’ll probably listen to you because you have more experience.” David was good at reasoning to calm him down. It usually helped, but Virgil’s brain would not listen today.

“I’m not sure if I can do this.” He had a pit in his stomach, and it was only a week before he has to leave. “Oh god, what if they get hurt, or sick, or worse? I won’t be able to react rationally, David. Why did Abraham pick me for this?” Virgil put his eyes on his knees, trying to stop himself from crying.

“Virge, look at me.” David’s voice was soothing. He picked up his head. She took his hands in hers. “You’ll be fine. I can only speak from my experiences, but it’s so much easier than you think. It’s likely that they’ll be desperate for interaction that they’ll cling to you almost immediately.”

“That’s easy for you to say,” Virgil mumbled, “your client was suicidal.”

David went silent for a moment. “You don’t know what’s up with these kids. They very well might be suicidal too. Just, please,” David looked right into his eyes, “don’t do what I did.”

Virgil could easily feel the tension in the air. David didn’t like to bring up her client. “I’m sorry I brought it up.”

“It’s fine; I know you’re stressed.” She moved to get up. “I mean it when I say this, you’ll be fine. You tend to panic over nothing. You’ll get these kids to safety, Virge.”

Virgil didn’t completely believe her words, but he still had a week to go.

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Cold Coffee

Happy birthday @the-nerd-book-reader . I hope you had an amazing time today! I decided to write something for you, and I truly hope you enjoy it. You’re one of the most important people in my life, and I can’t imagine how it would be without you. I’m so thankful for your friendship, and I truly hope our friendship is forever. Love you loads x.

Draco was pacing back and forth in their apartment. He was desperate for some news. He loved the fact that his boyfriend was so passionate about his job as an Auror, but he couldn’t help the stress that came with it. Always worrying about his boyfriend’s well-being, scared for life that one of these days he might not come back home… He had spent the past five hours calling Harry without getting any answer. He then called the Ministry of Magic, to demand further explanations, but was quickly shut down, since apparently Harry was working in a top secret case, and they couldn’t reveal any information… They assured him that they would get back to him if anything out of the ordinary happened, but he hadn’t heard anything from them either. Harry was meant to come at 5 pm. It was now 10 pm, and Draco was starting to feel physically sick. He just wanted his boyfriend to be ok. It was all he needed.

Just as he was crossing the hall for the 584th time, he heard someone fumbling with keys. He lunged himself forward, immediately crashing against his boyfriend that had barely made it through the door, almost sending them both to the ground.

- “Where the hell have you been, Harry?! I’ve been worried sick, I called so many times, you can’t just do this!” Draco exclaimed, anger and worry filling his voice.

- “Babe, I’m so sorry. I got held up in a mission, and there wasn’t any way for me to contact you.”

- “How is it possible to not find a way to let me know you were caught up in a mission?! I’m always in constant fear of what might happen to you every time you walk out that door!” Draco yelled, tears starting to fill his eyes.

-“Draco, please be reasonable. You know the implications of being an Auror. I don’t just get to decide where I go on a mission. Things can’t be like that.”

“I am perfectly aware of how your job works, Harry, but I do hope you understand how I feel about all this. You’re my boyfriend, and it pains me to think that something might happen to you, I’m always waiting to hear a phone call from the Ministry reporting an injury, or…” Draco started crying. He was highly sensitive; he had always been. And Harry meant the world to him. Just the prospect of losing him made life unbearable.

“Draco, please…” Harry said, worryingly, while placing his hands on Draco’s cheeks.

“I’m sorry, Harry” Draco backed out and ran towards their bedroom.

 Draco couldn’t stop crying. It was ludicrous. He knew it. But he couldn’t stop. The War had left its toll on him, just like everyone else. He didn’t mention it, not to Harry at least, because he wanted to be perceived as strong. He didn’t want to be seen as the coward he’d been as a child. But he knew how terrified he’d been for his family. He knew he’d do anything to protect his family. And Harry was his family now. The idea of losing him was unconceivable. He loved him with everything he had. The love had started to blossom while they were still at Hogwarts, even though Draco only realised it after the War. By then he had thought it was too late, so he decided to move on. But then one night he saw Harry at some pub and it all came back. They started talking, and Draco’s feelings resurfaced, almost as if he’d never tried to push them away. They started spending a lot of time together, and Draco knew he was in deep trouble. He realised that Harry was it for him, that there wasn’t anyone else, only him. Four years later, and here they were.

Draco curled himself up in their bed, exhausted from all the stress and the nerves. He knew he just needed to sleep in order to calm down. He knew he was being dramatic, but he couldn’t help it. He would talk to Harry in the morning.

 Harry was a mess. He hated seeing his boyfriend suffer for him. Draco liked to pretend he was insanely strong, but Harry knew he wasn’t. He knew that Draco still had nightmares about the War. He himself did too. They had both been through a lot.

He sat down on their sofa and rummaged through the numerous things in his jacket until he felt something velvety under his touch. He picked up the black box and stared at it for a while. He’d known that this was what he wanted for his life after only a few dates with Draco. He fell hard and fast for the Slytherin, and soon realised that he was in fact the love of his life. The animosity between the two of them while at Hogwarts had always felt off, but Harry hadn’t given it much thought. After reencountering Draco, he realised what it all meant. And now he was sitting on their sofa, in their apartment, holding the rings that meant a lifetime of bickering, arguments, worry, but more importantly, love. He had planned to ask the question that night, but his job got in the way, and now Draco was upset. He knew all Draco needed was a proper night of sleep and they would be fine by the morning. With the thought of his boyfriend on his mind, Harry leaned back and fell asleep.

  The morning lights streamed through their bedroom curtains, illuminating Draco’s face. He slowly opened his eyes, trying to adjust them to the daylight. As soon as they were fully open, he looked at the other side of the bed and realised it was empty. Panic coursed through him. He remembered the previous night’s tantrum, and hoped that everything was alright. As he got up, he heard some noise that seemed to come from the kitchen and immediately smiled. His boyfriend always made breakfast for the two of them, he was much better at cooking than he was. He freshened up before heading downstairs. As he reached the kitchen, he saw Harry sitting on the kitchen table, with a newspaper in his left hand, and a cup of half drunk coffee in his right hand. He noticed there were eggs and toast on the table, and another cup of coffee. He quietly sat down, and started eating. He could feel his boyfriend’s eyes on him, but he chose to ignore it. As soon as he took a sip of his coffee, he spat it out.

-“Merlin, Potter, this is cold! What is wrong with you?”

Harry immediately started laughing.

Draco raised his eyebrow, in his typical posh pose. “What’s so funny?” He tried to hide the smile that was threatening to take a hold of his whole face.

“It’s nothing really. It’s just… You only call me Potter when you want to tease me.” Harry said, with a smug grin on his face. “Are you still mad?”

“Merlin no, Harry! I’m so sorry for overreacting yesterday, I just had had a tiring day, and I was so worried about you that I let it get to me. I’m sorry.” Draco said, as he held his boyfriend in a tightening hug.

“Good.” Harry said, against Draco’s neck. “Because there’s something I want to ask you…”

Harry took a few steps back and dropped on his knee, earning a gasp from Draco.

“Draco, we’ve been together for 4 years, and these 4 years have been the most amazing years of my life. I already had feelings for you when we were at Hogwarts, but you know me, I’m the definition of oblivious, so I didn’t realise it at the time.” Draco laughed. “But then I saw you at that pub, standing near the bar, looking as gorgeous as ever, and I knew I was in trouble. You are the love of my life, Draco, I can’t really imagine my life without you. You and I have been through a lot, and we’re both still healing, but being with you has helped me in ways I don’t even understand. You challenge me, you complete me. I’m not whole without you. And I know I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want to continue arguing with you about the silliest of things, I want to continue teasing you, I want to continue helping you heal, but more importantly, I want to continue loving you. Until the end of my days. Draco. Will you marry me?”

Draco was already in a sea of tears by the time Harry had finished his speech.

“What does that mean?” Harry asked.

“It’s a yes, you prat, of course it’s a yes!” Draco threw himself at Harry, wrapping his arms around him, as if he were afraid of letting go.  Draco wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of his life with Harry. Have kids. Grow old. That’s all he had ever wished for.

“I love you, Draco.”

“I love you too, Harry. All of you.”

“Really? Even my cold coffee?” Harry smirked.

“Especially your cold coffee.”

7 | The Purge



series warnings: mature themes, strong language, violence, blood, gore, death and other illegal purge activities. this chapter contains strong language, violence, gore, death, vomiting & injury description

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But what if my god is trans?

“Is your god male, female, or nonbinary?” It’s a question I’ve heard countless times, thought he nonbinary addition is fairly recent. Pick from this list of concrete options which gender your deity has! Sometimes additional options are “multiple” or “none” or “fluid.” But one option I never see on these lists is “trans.”

Bringing up the idea of a trans deity has produced a lot of dissent. An individual deity who has been defined in their mythology in a way that fits somewhat with our modern notion of what trans means, that’s usually okay. That can be the deity for “the trans people.” That deity’s whole “thing” is that they’re trans so of course they can be trans. That’s okay, that’s accepted. Well, it’s not accepted outright everywhere, and there’s plenty of attempts to plaster over the trans-specific elements of that deity, but cis people are much more likely to accept that a deity with a trans-seeming mythos could be trans.

But the idea that any deity could be trans? That’s been met with very dramatic and visceral pushback. The denials or rationalizations are quick and the reasons given are numerous. “Deities are beyond gender so they can’t be trans.” “I guess a trans person’s deities would *appear* to be trans for them, but that’s all that’s happening.” “Deities don’t have bodies so they can’t be trans.” “Deities are perfect so they can’t be trans.” “Does everything have to be about you being trans? Do you just hate everything that’s cis?”

But here’s the deal.

My deity is trans. He told me so. He didn’t say: “I have taken on a trans appearance in solidarity with you.” He told me, outright, explicitly, unambiguously, that he is trans. That an integral part of his mystery is being trans. That a fundamental part of him that defines his existence is trans, that being trans impacts everything he does, even if it’s never perceived as such. That even if no one ever acknowledged it or discovered it, it was still there, and it was real.

He didn’t say he wasn’t cis or how his transness impacted cis people. He didn’t limit his gender to only one specific thing in the process of revealing he was trans. He didn’t deny the possibility of multiple genders or the fact that as a deity, he experiences gender in a different way than a mortal does. He didn’t talk about his body or lack thereof. None of that was the wisdom I needed at the time and none of it was relevant to his point: that he’s capable of being trans, and that he is trans, and that he can very well identify himself as such without our help.

He’s not known for being trans, it’s not in his mythos. He’s not some deity that only I have met, he’s quite prominently known in lore and actively worshipped by millions (my ballpark guess). I’m leaving out who it is because the notes will turn into a debate on proving or disproving his transness, which isn’t even the point. The point is that trans people don’t just have one or two deities whose surviving lore establishes that they’re trans. They can find transness in many deities–and it’s often not too hard to find.

Gender is a mystery, and mystery is the stuff that deities are made of. Being trans is one part of that mystery. How it works? Also a mystery. How can an entity unlimited by the constraints of space and time be cis or trans or agender or genderfluid or neutrois or genderblender or genderqueer or all of those things or none of those things? That’s not a question with an answer, because the point of a fundamental spiritual mystery is not to become a well-known universal fact. The nature of a mystery is to taunt, to tempt, to tantalize, to scandalize, to confuse, to disturb, to provoke thought endlessly, to inspire wonder, to inspire anything at all, to teach, to train, to challenge.

If the statement “my deity is trans” provokes reactions of discomfort, upset, denial, confusion, or anger, then examine those feelings. Where do they come from? Where do they REALLY come from? Maybe this mystery is trying to teach you about something very powerful. Immediately attacking the idea of a deity being trans prevents a person from examining that notion seriously and seeing what else they have to learn.

Is my deity (also) cis? I have no way of knowing. There are many things about my deity I cannot know because I’m mortal and finite and he is not, and this doesn’t bother me. I’m not denying that he could be cis, but I have no way to evaluate it myself because I have no knowledge f what cisness feels like because I have never been cis. On a fundamental level I can’t understand being cis. That’s someone else’s mystery, and I have no knowledge of it. That doesn’t make my deity’s cisness not real, and it doesn’t even make my deity’s cisness not real to ME. It’s just that my deity’s cisness isn’t my concern because it’s something I can’t relate to, and it’s not part of our spiritual relationship, and thus not part of my practice with him. I am not an authority on my deity’s cisness, and thus I don’t expect cis people to be an authority on their deity’s transness.

What do I wish I could expect? Some manner of respect in regards to my spirituality and where transness shows up in it. Acceptance that I know the transness of my deity and where that shows up in my practice much better than a cis person, or anyone besides myself, is ever going to.

And I’d appreciate a bit of chill, to be honest, when it comes to cis people’s reactions to trans people talking about their own spirituality, especially if their comments were to a small probably-trans audience. Trans people are a tiny minority of the pagan population and there is no conceivable way that we would be able to shift public perception to make everyone think that, as a hypothetical example, deities can’t be cis at all. That’s just not something that’s possible, so it’s not something that is rational to react to as if it’s a credible threat. We’re never going to impact your practice. Only you and your deity can do that.

Don’t You (Forget About Me): Chapter Two

Summary: Seven kids are brought together by Saturday detention. Through a series of confessions, they become closer than ever.

Also known as, the Breakfast Club AU we’ve all been waiting for.

Warnings: Cussing, bad jokes, people being mean to Stan and Richie :(

Word Count: 1727

Ships: Reddie, Stenbrough (hinted at, more prominent later)

Author’s Note: Well… I have no self control. I meant to post a chapter every other day, but since tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I likely won’t be on very much, I thought I’d post now.

I can’t tell y’all how thankful I am for how much love this fic has received in only one day. I love you all, and I hope this chapter doesn’t disappoint. It’s a little shorter than usual, but a lot happens. A lot.

Let me know what you think!

Richie had been mistaken.

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Lately all I’ve been wanting to do
Is kiss you until I cannot breathe
In your bedroom late at night
With an 80’s rock anthem
That you taught me every word to
On a cold November night
Droning in the background.

I want to wipe the tears off your freckled cheeks
That you hate so much, somehow
While I crack a joke
About your pretty green eyes
And how ugly you look when you cry.

I want to call your mother by her first name
And get comfortable with your cat
To make your sisters my own
And not be able to decipher a difference
Between the smell of my house and yours.

I want to make my home in you
Even though I hate to settle down
But with you, that’s okay
Because I know I would chase you anywhere
From Malta to Massachusetts
Or from one side of a picket fence to the other
Forever will I run after you.

—  All I’ve been thinking about is how much I adore you 22/11/2017