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I'll Be Waiting // Jung Jaehyun


the prompt: how about a neighbourau! For jaehyun in which one of u just moves in? ☺️☺️☺️ I’ve daydreamed this scenario so much!

words: 1329

category: fluff

author note: i suppose this lil fluff is to make up for the angst i dumped upon you guys. also, to who requested this, i wasn’t sure what you wanted, but i hope you like this!

- destinee

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Breaking out my baby

Imagine where the reader gets thrown in Arkham when Jerome is killed,since she was crying over his dead body and Jim saw this as an opportunity to arrest her.So when Jerome returns he goes to save her,finding her completely insane from being tortured


“No. Jerome please don’t leave me! No!” I sob over his body as blood pokes from his mouth and neck.

I’m numb to anything around me I don’t even notice Jim Gordon placing handcuffs on me and my hands behind my back. “(Y/n) (l/n) you’re under arrest.” I sob harder as they place me into the car and drive me to the station.

I don’t stop crying there. I never stopped. Not even they threw me in Arkham, strapped my to the bed, injected me with drugs, or fried my brains. I never stopped till one day where the screams turned into laughter.

I went from crying to laughing. Making a joke out of my pain. It’s an addiction I can’t stop. Laughter is…my escape. Laughter is my freedom.

I sit in my cell reading a book and sipping my coffee when a nurse comes in with a needle. “That time again? Oh alright then! Go ahead! Stickme baby!” I cackle and jump off the bed next to her holding out my arm.

She flinches as I get closer. “Ah you’re new! Well WELCOME! My name is (y/n)! Say…would you do me a favor?” She’s so taken over by fear she can’t move. “Awww honey! No need to be scared! What do you say you get me out of here and we can go shopping, get our nails done, maybe go get some sweets! Oh doesn’t that sound fun?!” I reach for the needle and snatch it from here quickly stabbing it into her neck.

She falls to the ground and I run out of the cell. I laugh as guards left and right race to get me. “YOU CAN’T CATCH ME!” I yell laughing. I turn the corner and see a door with a silver handle. “Oh shiny!” I grasp the handle hoping it would open the door but it doesn’t budge.

I turn around to see the guards with annoyed looks. I sigh and hold my wrists out. “Off to treatment we go.” They take me to the shock room where they strap me down and fry my brains, but honestly it makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

I cackle as my hairs stand up. “Come on Doc oh hit me one more time!” He rolls his eyes and turns the electricity up. “Crazy bitch.”

I was placed in solitary confinement, but I didn’t mind. They gave me paper and markers to keep my occupied, but as I was coloring a picture of a flower gunshots are heard and screams fill the air.

Jerome POV:

I shoot the guards as they run up to me. I hit one in the face with the butt of the gun and look down at him laughing. “Where is she?”

(Y/n) POV:

Move shots and screams continue through the entire asylum. I don’t think too much of it until I hear a laugh. A adorable laugh that I know matches a even more adorable smile.

I stand up and go to the door and look out the window seeing a smoked up hallway. The laugh gets closer and loud footsteps a sound. I start bouncing on the padded floor in excitement.

I’ve heard rumors about it. Villains being reborn, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up. I see a flash of red hair and bang on the door


He turns to look at me and smiles. He motions for me to back up and I do as told moving away from the door.

In seconds it’s blown open and I’m in his arms. I look up to see his face is lined in staples and he’s got a permanent smile scared into his skin. He moves my hair out of the way and looks at the scars on my body. “Oh doll what have they done to you?” I giggle and kiss him. “Nothing I couldn’t handle J. I’m free. Now let’s get out of here.”

We run down the hallways free, laughing, and shooting anything in sight. It’s good to be free.

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“I’ll tell them soon, I promise. But right now, you need to get in the closet.”

Thanks for the prompt!

Warning: entirely ridiculous non-canon OOC fluff ahead. Proceed at your own risk. Set mid season 7, I guess?

Sequel: Out of the Closet

There are few things Mulder enjoys more in life than kissing his partner and few things he finds more irresistible than said partner in a sundress. Especially one that so perfectly matches the blue of her eyes with a flowy skirt that’s just right for sneaking his hands underneath. Which is precisely how he found himself pinning her to the couch on that particular Saturday morning, her hands fisted in his hair, his promises to take her to the farmer’s market all but forgotten.

A sharp rap on her apartment door jolts her lips disappointingly from his and she pulls away slightly, tipping her head towards the sound.

“Shhh maybe if we ignore it, they’ll go away,” he coaxes, pressing his open mouth to the slope of her now exposed neck and eliciting a distracted moan and arched back from his partner. His hand slides down the curve of her hip, fingers brushing just inside the lace edge of her underwear.

“Dana?” Maggie’s muffled voice calls from the hallway.

Scully snaps upright and her forehead smacks into his bottom lip, wincing groans accompanied by hands clutched to their respective heads.

“Shit!” she stands in a rush, bucking Mulder off the couch and onto the floor. “I completely forgot that I was supposed to have lunch with my mother and Bill today.”

Mulder stumbles to his feet with a bloodied lip and straining erection as Scully pulls her sundress back over her hips and attempts to smooth down her couch-mussed hair.

“You have to get out of here,” Scully hisses. “I haven’t told them about us yet and they really can’t find out like this.”

The knock sounds again, louder and more persistent. Scully groans in panic as she fumbles to shove Mulder across the room.

“Quick, get in the hall closet!”


“Please just do it! I’ll tell them soon, I promise, but right now you need to get in the closet!”

“Dana?!” It’s Bill who knocks this time and he lacks Maggie’s motherly patience.

“Maybe we just tell them?” Mulder offers earnestly. “I mean, your mom seems to really like me. I’m sure…”

“Mulder, please!” Scully begs in a hushed undertone. She throws open the closet door and pushes him inside, pretending not to notice the slightly wounded, kicked puppy look on his face. “I’m sorry.”

Scully throws open the front door, pasting on a welcoming smile. “Mom, Bill! Hi! I’m so sorry I didn’t hear your knock, I was still getting dressed. But I’m all set, so let’s go!”

Scully moves to exit her apartment and close the door behind her, but is stopped by Maggie’s hand on her shoulder.

“Actually dear, I have to use the bathroom real quick. You don’t mind do you?”

“Uh…n-no, not a problem at all…come on in.”

Scully and Bill shift awkwardly in her entryway, struggling to find a conversation topic that wouldn’t lead to an argument.

“So, Dana, how’s work going these days? Still working with Miller chasing after his ridiculous theories?”

Mulder is doing just fine, Bill.” Scully snaps tersely with a sharp scowl. “Thanks for asking.”

Bill crosses his arms and mutters under his breath something that sounds suspiciously like “motherfucker almost killed you”.

Inside the closet, Mulder shifts uncomfortably. His legs are cramping and there’s a high heel stabbing him in the ass. If he could just stretch his legs a little bit, he‘d be more comfortable and he could…knock a noisy cascade of things off the closet shelf and onto his head. Fan-fucking-tastic. What did Scully even all keep in this damn closet anyway?

Bill’s head snaps to the thuds coming from the closet with a suspicious glare. “What’s in the closet?”

“Oh nothing!” Scully covers quickly, moving to stand between her brother and the door. “I’m sure something just fell off the shelf in there, you know, old building settling and all…”

“Uh huh,” Bill does not look convinced.

To Scully’s great relief, Maggie chooses this moment to reappear from the bathroom.

“Are you two all set?”

“Yes!” Scully practically shouts, ushering them towards the apartment door and earning herself a startled look from her mother. “Let’s go!”

“Wait, Dana, honey,” Maggie interjects, reaching for the closet doorknob. “Don’t you want your coat? It’s a bit chilly out there.”


The door is barely cracked open when Scully lunges to flatten her body against it, slamming it shut again.

“I mean, I’m sure I’ll be fine.” Scully stammers her way through an excuse, praying to whatever patron saint covers hiding secret boyfriends in coat closets. “You don’t want to open that closet anyway. Super messy. Can’t find anything in there…”

“Messy, Dana? You?” Bill questions with a skeptical narrowing of his eyes.

Scully ignores him and herds them through the front door and down the hall towards the elevator as quickly as possible. As the elevator doors open, the guilt of leaving Mulder in the closet creeps up behind her before settling in heavy chains around her shoulders, forcing a sigh of regret from her lips.

“Actually, you know what, I think I’m going to grab that jacket after all. You two go on ahead and I’ll meet you down at the car, okay?”

“Are you sure you don’t just want us to wait for you? We don’t mind.” Maggie asks, clamping sharply down on Bill’s arm when he grumbles in displeasure.

“No, no. It’s fine. I’ll be just a minute.”

Scully waits for the elevator doors to close completely before she jams her key in the apartment lock. She opens the door to find Mulder crawling out of the closet amidst a jumble of shoes, coats, and handbags. His right foot is jammed through the now-broken strings of a tennis racquet. He looks up in surprise to find her biting her lip in repressed laughter.

“Sorry about the racquet, Scully,” Mulder mumbles abashedly, shaking his leg hokey-pokey style in a futile attempt to get it off. “I’ll buy you a new one.”

Scully smiles down at him with a bemused head shake and bends to free him from the wily clutches of the sporting equipment. She extends her hand and pulls him to his feet, looking up into his eyes.

“Don’t worry about it,” she soothes with a wink. “It was Bill’s anyways.”

Scully caresses the sharp angle of his jaw, running her thumb over the small bloodied spot from their ill-fated make out session. She gently pulls his forehead towards hers and raises on her tiptoes to press a gentle kiss to his lips, her tongue swiping a salve of apology over his wounds.

“Mulder, I’m sorry. I-“

“It’s okay, Scully. Really. I understand,” he cuts her off, the hurt expression on his face belying the placation of his words and soft smile. “So what are you doing back here anyways? Did you forget something?”

She reaches down to twine her fingers through his, giving his hand a reassuring squeeze.

“Yeah. You.”

Meeting Him: Part 2

Request: “Hi can do you a Harry Hook imagine where the reader comes to save Mal , and Harry and her end up together. Thank you so much I love your reading ❤️”

Pairing: Harry Hook x Reader

A/N: This will be a part 2 of one of the imagines I already wrote since you all wanted it😘 

The first part is right here: Meeting Him: Part 1

Warnings: None

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The gang had finally arrived, “Welcome.” Harry said extending his arms out. His acting was amazing right now. You were starting to believe he really was a villain although he wasn’t.

“Sorry about this guys but we have to make it believable that you know I’m a bad guy too.” Harry rolled his eyes.

“We understand.” Ben said.

“Yeah just don’t put us too close to the end of the plank I’m kinda scared of heights.” You confessed.

“Don’t worry I won’t.” Harry reassured.

He held you and Ben as he brought both of you towards the plank. Harry could tell you were really nervous because he whispered something in your ear quietly so no one else could hear.

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Lost Series - Part Three

Part One : https://lovelydestruction.tumblr.com/post/156506543150/lost-series-part-one

Part Two :https://lovelydestruction.tumblr.com/post/156644847940/lost-series-part-two

Pairing : Jerome x Fem. Reader

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Unrelated - But I really love that gif ^^ He looks so cute.

How long has it been? I honestly don’t know. I haven’t seen the sunlight in days. The last time I saw Jerome was the day that I kicked a guard in the nuts and broke the others nose. For doing that, they threw me in solitary. The room was small, with white padded walls. The doctors kept doping me up with something that made my bones feel like mush. I don’t know what it is, but they said it’s to ‘calm me down’. I couldn’t move, or even keep my eyes open.

I haven’t eaten for days because of this. Everyday at the same time they push a plate of food through a slot in the door. Sometimes, I manage to crawl over to it. Eat a few bites before it all comes back up. I feel disgusting. I just want to go home. But that’s the thing, there is no home. To be honest, anywhere would be better than here.

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Do Tony and Bucky and Steve ever make that trip back to the former Stark kingdom in Recency? What happens? Does Tony show off any favorite spots? Or favorite foods?

They do, but not until Peter is ten and Harley is seven, and then they leave them in the care of Sarah, Jarvis, and Ana. The unrest has mostly settled. It’s safe enough to do that now. They take Pepper and Natasha to personally guard Tony just in case though, and Bruce to monitor Tony’s health.

Steve and Bucky fall a little bit more in love with Tony as soon as they’ve crossed the border and Tony recognizes things.

“Oh! There’s Tower Rock! It’s a sacred place to the monks here–”

“Look, look! Peach trees! Oh, we should have come in the late summer, we could have picked some off the trees–”

“Steve, look, it’s the inn we stayed in when I was your prisoner and you walked in on me changing into my nightclothes!”

“I am almost certain I never regained my full hearing in my left ear,” Steve replies, stone-faced under Bucky’s confused expression.

Bucky turns back to Tony. “That’s why you screamed? The innkeeper said it was probably a mouse…”

“He walked out as apologetic and meek as one,” Tony giggles, and Natasha and Pepper smirk at him.

They arrive at the castle. It’s dark and dusty. Natasha and the other guards go ahead to clear out any squatters. Tony looks at the portrait of his parents in the entryway. He was a babe in his mother’s arms. They looked happy.

Tony turns to Steve and Bucky and barely manages, “Do you think–” before Steve is directing some of the remaining guards to search for a ladder to take the portrait down to take home.

The squatters are herded out. “Oh, no, they’ve got–we’re not using–” Tony says, and then one hunched-over beggar woman shuffles over to him, takes Tony’s hands in her own gnarled, arthritic ones, and pats him gently on the wrist. “Welcome home, dear. Your parents would be so proud of you.” And then she shuffles off without another word. Tony covers his face and cries.

The plants in the courtyard are overgrown. “I used to sit here and read, or knit,” Tony tells everyone, then circles the bench over to the pond. “And there should be–Yes! Come look, the fish are still here!” There are vines spilling into the pond but the large orange fish are still there. They’re quite big. Bucky opens his mouth to say so but Tony darts away again. “And over here, it should be–eek, get off me, vine! Over here–” Tony tries to tug a curtain of vines aside. Steve walks over to do it for him. Tony beams at him before gesturing at the tree trunk. “Here is where I came to remember my– …my parents,” he whispers, clasping his hands in front of him. Steve and Bucky lean in and their hearts break a little when they see a heart carved into it, with the letters M.C.&H.S chiseled inside it.

“Jarvis said that Dad did this a year after they married. I guess they didn’t get along when they first married, but they came to care about each other,” Tony explains softly, like speaking louder would ruin the story. Maybe it would have. “And Dad carved this as a promise to be loyal to her. He put Mom’s initials on top because he wanted her to know that she always came first.” He jerks, as if coming out of a daze. “That’s what Jarvis told me, anyway. He could have just been trying to be kind when I was lonely.” He puts his hand over the bark, palm on his father’s initials, fingers tracing over his mother’s.

Tony spends the day darting around, showing everyone things that make them want to weep for him. The peach tree that got them all scolded by the laundress, the moth-eaten couches he’d reclined on with his mother, reading, his bedroom that he’d been confined to after Obadiah took power (he doesn’t say it like that, but they know. They all know.). He pauses in the throne room. He’d met Tiberius here. But he’d also met Steve and Bucky here. He’d been frightened, but… it’d turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to him.

Bucky glances at him, then looks back up at the abandoned throne. “This was where we first saw you,” he says, and Tony nearly jumps. “And I remember thinking, ‘He’s much smaller than I imagined.’” Tony scoffs, embarrassed. “I remember thinking a supposed enemy had no right to be so beautiful, either.” Tony blushes. Steve smiles a little. “I remember thinking, ‘This omega is just as stubborn as I am.’ I was reluctantly impressed. You were scared, I could tell, but you met us with your back straight and your chin out like you were ready to take a punch.” He turned to give the omega a smarmy grin. “And then I saw you disrobing at the inn and I was impressed by your figure.” Tony blushed and smacked his arm chidingly as the guards kindly pretended not to laugh. (Well, Natasha and Pepper don’t. But Tony hadn’t expected them to.)

“…Where,” Natasha begins at the end of the tour, and then falls silent with a nervous, “Never mind.” Tony looks at her knowingly. “Where did Obadiah murder my parents?” Natasha flushes. “Sorry. That was inappropriate. I–” “In their beds. They were sleeping.” Tony stares into the distance. “Jarvis said they didn’t suffer, but I saw. There was blood everywhere.” He turns back to Natasha sharply. “I hope they killed my mom first. It causes me great distress, thinking that she woke up to see her husband and alpha being stabbed to death and knowing she was next. I hope they killed my mom, woke my dad, and he killed as many of those animals as he could before they finally put him down.” Natasha stares at him for a long moment before she nods, sharply, and says, “I hope so too.” Steve and Bucky make concerned noises, but Tony just holds up his hand to stop them. “No. I’m fine now. I’m not sad anymore. Just mad. It does help,” he adds, just to make it clear to them. “That Jarvis killed Obadiah himself. I cannot think of a single person other than me who should have had that privilege.” “I can’t think of anyone else either,” Bucky answers immediately, and Steve nods in agreement.

The castle isn’t fit for royalty to stay there though. The squatters know that, are waiting outside the gates to shuffle back in. Tony pauses to say goodbye to them, the truest subjects royalty can have. Howard and Maria had taken care of them. Obadiah had changed that. “You’re a good boy. Your parents would be proud,” the hunched over lady repeats, patting his hand. “I do hope your children take after you,” she adds, voice taking on a rasp like she’s trying to whisper but incapable of actually lowering her voice. “The blond one’s eyes are too close together, and the brunet’s nose is crooked.” “…Is my nose really crooked?” Bucky asks after they get underway, and Tony laughs. Steve frowns at him. “I dunno. Are my eyes really too close together?” Tony laughs so hard he stops making noise. He doesn’t answer them when he finally stops though.

(“I wish we could spend more time here,” Tony whispers. “I wish… Things could have been so different. Do you think we would have ended up together if my parents had lived?” Steve and Bucky don’t know. They just don’t. Howard had been good friends with Duchess Margaret, and Sarah trusted Margaret’s judgement. It’s possible. But then maybe they wouldn’t have. Maybe Howard and Maria would have tried to find a match for Tony closer in age. Maybe Shuri, or T’Challa. Sarah talked about how Howard had wanted some Wakandan ore, and Tony gets along with them. He’d have been happy with them, too. “Yeah,” Steve says after a moment, and reaches out to grab Tony’s hand, grip it tight. “Yeah, we would have.” Tony smiles at him. It’s a lie Steve and Bucky are okay with.)

((Before they left, Steve pulled out a piece of his drawing paper, a piece of charcoal, and pressed the paper over the carving in the tree, used the charcoal to take a rubbing of it. Tony would never ask or allow for the tree to be cut down. He’ll appreciate this, though, when Steve gives it to him. Maybe they’ll return to the old castle again. Maybe they’ll bring the boys. Maybe Tony would like all of their initials carved into the tree too.))

Pennywise & Adult! Reader

Chapter 3: Adult

Warning: No warnings

Note: This is the final chapter of Pennywise & Reader Imagine where the reader is 19 and is heading back to Derry to solve her questions. Now this doesn’t mean I won’t post anymore Pennywise & Reader imagines! Or Losers club! This is just the last chapter connected to the previous ones. Cuz yes, I’m addicted to Skarsgard. I can’t help it. I mean who isn’t? C’mon. XD! Anyways enjoy!

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You were gripping the steering wheel tightly as you head up north to Derry, Maine. Your Aunt always told you to never go back to that place in risk of you getting your memories back, but you wanted to know something. You can hear this small voice in your dreams that for some reason kept reminding you of a person you didn’t know.

You always asked your Aunt but she would just tell you it was just interesting dreams your mind was creating. However you knew there was more behind them than just being random reoccurring dreams that felt so real. Finally when your aunt was going down to Florida to meet a friend of hers you traveled up to visit your birth town.

You heard your favorite song playing on the radio and turned it up needing to get rid of some anxiety. You drummed your fingers against the steering wheel to the beat of the song lip syncing a little. You stopped singing when you saw you were approaching an old faded sign that said Approaching Derry. Only the welcome didn’t seem so welcoming.

You turned your attention back onto the road and slammed on the brakes as a deer jumped across the road unexpectedly. You choked as you suddenly jerked forward nearly breaking through the windshield if it wasn’t for your seat belt holding you down. The deer continued to prance across the road before disappearing on the other side of the forest.

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Under Dancing Stars II

Guys, thank you for the positive feedback! Never would have thought that so many people could be interested in this story. Tagging @dayanna-hatter, @dreamingofazriel (same lol), @searchingforbellarke (also same), @whydoyoucareaboutmyusername, @watermelonwiggle17 and @a-court-of-misery-and-foreboding . If anyone else wants to be tagged, just message me!

Here’s the link to Chapter One and to my other writing :)

Have fun with the chapter. It’s still sloooooow but big things are coming. For now, enjoy Cassian being bitter.


Chapter Two: That one damned kiss

Benedick: O God, Sir, here’s a dish I love not! I cannot endure my Lady Tongue. (exits)

Pedro: Come, my lady, come, you have lost the heart of Signor Benedick.

Beatrice: Indeed, my lord, he lent it me awhile, and I gave him use for it- a double heart for his single one. Marry, once before he won it of me with false dice; therefore your grace may well say I have lost it.

Pedro: You have put him down, lady; you have put him down.”

- William Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing


When Cassian woke up again the next day, his first thought was that something seemed different- that he carried an unspoken sentiment in the back of his mind, some truth he’d forgotten, some truth that was the reason for this nervous excitement low in his stomach-

The thought was there before he could stop it. Nesta.

She was back in Velaris. Back at court. Sleeping, at this very moment, somewhere in the castle- probably close to Feyre’s rooms… perhaps on the same floor as him right now, and that meant-

But it meant nothing. It didn’t matter. It shouldn’t matter.

Cassian cursed lowly while he sat up in his bed. Nesta was his first thought in the morning now, it seemed.

He’d thought he was past this.

He looked around, still feeling groggy- he’d drunk too much last night, for whatever reason- and realized only after a few moments that the giant longcase clock next to the door already showed half past nine. He was too late for the breakfast. Rhysand and his father had invited the king’s closest friends and advisors to a lavish brunch in the royal quarters, and everybody would be there- the Inner Circle, the king’s closest friends, the royal family.

Nesta would attend as well. Not that Cassian cared.

He jumped out of bed, hastily putting on some clothes while simultaneously trying to tie his hair back behind his head. Or should he leave it open? He drove a hand through it, examining his reflection in the mirror, and then cursed again. It did not matter what he looked like. It did not matter what anyone at that breakfast thought about him. He was not trying to impress anyone. Anyone.

Especially not Nesta.

When Cassian finally arrived in the royal eating hall, the breakfast was already in full swing. Three great tables had been pushed together and almost collapsed under the excessive amount of food they carried. Around thirty people had to be there; Cassian spotted Rhysand first. He was sitting next to Azriel, both of them howling with laughter at something that was probably either dirty or very stupid. Or both.

“Cassian”, the king called out when he entered the room and walked towards the empty spot next to Rhys. “I thought you were not going to make it.”

Everyone at the breakfast table turned around to look at him. Except one brown-haired head at the other end of the room: Nesta continued to eat without acknowledging he’d entered or that there even had been any disruption of the meal.

“Forgive me”, Cassian answered. “I went to bed too late last night.”

“Not exactly a good habit for a young man like yourself”, a different voice scoffed. Nesta did raise her head at that: it was her father, Lord Philip Archeron, who had spoken. “Is that what the youth does nowadays? Drink and dance themselves unconscious every night?”

Cassian did not take offense at the words as he sat down next to Rhys. Lord Philip was one of the king’s oldest friends and known to always speak his mind, harsh at it may be. As the future father-in-law to Rhysand, he sat right next to the king today.

“Is that not what we did when we were young, Phillip?”, the king laughed. “Let the young people be.”

Cassian’s own father, Lord Taras, set his glass down. He was placed on the king’s other side. “I do not see, Archeron, in which way this would concern you”, he said coldly. “Other than to discredit, once again, my family’s name.”

“Are we there again with the conspiracy theories, Taras?”, Lord Philip asked heatedly and leaned forward. “I am not the one whose children lack the manners to appear at breakfast on time.”

Everyone at the table leaned forward as well. A little drama was always welcome. Lord Philip and Cassian’s father hated each other; whenever they were close, they started to fight, mostly in a very ugly manner. Cassian sank back into his chair. He hated seeing this.

To his relief, the king slammed his fist on the table before his father got the chance to reply. “Phillip! Taras! I will not have you ruining this morning for all of us! I don’t understand why my two closest advisors can’t get along.” He turned towards Cassian’s father. “Taras, the Lord Philip is the father of your future queen.” He nodded at Feyre, who had paled visibly during the hostile exchange. “I ask you to respect him accordingly. And Phillip!” He turned towards him. “You’re one of my oldest friends and I will soon call you family- to my great joy. But if you and Taras can’t find a way to make peace with each other, I will find a way for you, do you hear me?”

The king fell back into his chair, clearly upset. “Now, don’t you all look at me like that!”, he barked. “Eat, eat!”

Everybody automatically grabbed their knives and started talking loudly again as if nothing had happened.

“I can’t believe they are still doing this”, Mor muttered to Cassian and grabbed the coffee pot. “They’ve known each other for ages, and they still don’t get along.”

Cassian stabbed the pork on his plate as if he wanted to kill it all over again. “I just wished they would not fight in public”, he grumbled. “Lord Philip is Feyre’s father, and I love Feyre. She’s Rhysand’s bride. It’s awkward for me because people will think I share my father’s opinions.”  

Mor stayed silent, and Cassian had to think back at what he’d told her yesterday- how he and Nesta had always been pitted against each other by their fathers when they were children. How come that he’d never felt a similar sentiment towards Feyre or Elain? They were daughters of Lord Philip, too.

Without even wanting too, he looked once again over to Nesta. She sat next to some old war generals, and she looked tired and a little flushed. From both sides, people were talking to her. She just stared straight ahead.

Cassian had the sudden desire to walk over to her place and punch those generals in the face. Didn’t they see that she didn’t want to speak to them?  

Feyre, who was placed across from Cassian, caught his attention and smiled at him. “Those two. They will never get along.”

“Yeah”, Cassian mumbled. “I guess.” He was still occupied with the question why he’d never quarreled with Feyre or Elain. Obviously, the thought alone was ridiculous: no one in their right mind would every say anything unfriendly to gentle Elain. (Feyre was a different story.)

He’d not been honest with Mor yesterday, then. He’d never been mean to Nesta because of some feud between their fathers. He’d been mean to her because- because-

Gods. Here he was, thinking about her again. He really had to stop. Cassian forced himself to listen to some story Azriel was telling and tried to shove Nesta out of his damned thoughts.

But he could not help it- his gaze always slid back to her.

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[request] [scenario] our song

((wat is this ?? i hope its ok HAHAh im so tired)) 

overview: seungcheol thinks the girl next to jihoon’s music room is super cute & he doesn’t know how to read name tags

10: “Teach me how to play?” 
35: “You heard me. Take. It. Off.” 

Title: our song

Member: seungcheol ft. jihoon

Genre: performing arts school au! // first-meeting // fluff // suggestive humor

Word count: 1564

“Hey, Ji?” Seungcheol asks after minutes of silence. The younger, artistic male’s hands hover above the piano keys, eyes leaving the handwritten music sheets leaning against the piano.

“What? I was about to play you the finished version.” Jihoon looks slightly annoyed, but nevertheless leans back and lets his hands fall into his lap. Seungcheol returns the expression with a cheeky smile, eyes wandering about the room.

“Are you ever gonna tell me who that girl is? You know, the girl in the music room next door?” Jihoon lets out an exasperated groan, throwing his head back as Seungcheol bats his eyes at him.

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anonymous asked:

WWVD if they were vampires? I'm sorry if that one's weird ^^;

N: That one bourgeois vampire that throws lavish parties for his supernatural counterparts and puts on a grand entrance as he walks down the stairs announcing his presence. He does not hide his face with his cape for he wants you to see the light shine directly on those beloved canines of his. His cape will be recently dry cleaned and underneath would be a white, ruffled long-sleeved shirt with suspenders. His wait staff is comprised of compelled humans clearly not on vervain, yet he doesn’t harm them or let others harm them. He wears a fancy day ring to protect him from burning in the sun and has several backups just in case he loses one. If you end up falling in love with Count N, he will never turn you even if you beg because although he drinks peoples’ blood for a living, he wouldn’t wish this lifestyle on anyone else. “I have arrived! Oh, Dracula…I didn’t invite you, but you’re here so I guess you can stay. But excuse me, it looks like Count Orlok is trying to eat my wait staff.”

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Leo: That one vampire to actually live in a desolate location and not within a community infested with humans. He’s also the one to be embroiled in rumors that he eats small children and throws adults over cliffs after he yanks out their organs. And because of that, when those weak ass teenagers show up because they wanted to “test the rumors”, he makes them shit themselves further increasing his already horrid reputation. But then of course, you his love interest, bumps into him at the grocery store buying wood glue for his coffin and a book on how to skin a pig. Turns out he wears normal clothes all day every day, is really sweet, and despite his cold heart he actually wants kids someday. He only kills those who try to stab him with a stake every now and then. Now, Count Leo won’t turn you into a vampire, but if you begged to be with him forever he’d briefly consider it. He has a problem with breaking your neck. “Ignore those sounds you hear coming from my basement. Those damn vampire hunters…Tea?”

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Ken: The vampire that sings every chance he gets. When he’s about to suck blood he sings, about to drink alcohol he sings, about to kill a vampire hunter he sings, about to fly or jump or whatever he does to move around he sings. It’s like he’s in his own vampire musical because it’s the only way he’s been able to survive all these hundreds of years. Picture it. He’s in his fancy suit and tie strolling down the street jumping from lamp post to lamp post because he senses trouble ahead. A low and behold he turns the corner and sees a nasty human littering. He’ll jump in front of them, do a little dance, hit the highest not he can, and then suck that person’s blood before compelling them to be a upstanding citizen. Next thing you know he has another musical hit entitled, “My coffin is cleaner.” Now if you happen to fall in love with Count Ken…well, prepared to be serenaded, too. And if you can’t sing, well you have a whole lifetime to get good at it. “I see you! You can’t ruuunnnn! You can’t hideeeee. *does a somersault* All that litter at your side.”

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Ravi: You’d hardly see this bitch ass vampire. He’d spend most of his time in his coffin barely coming out unless necessary. Why? Well he’s got vamp-wifi, access to all available vamp-channels, a bloodspresso machine, y'know his vamp cave…well coffin is fully stocked. It’s like a bunker that’s located way deep down in a crypt, with all the necessities. Plus all he really wants to do is sleep. He is old! And the only reason he has all that shit is because he compelled his female neighbor next door to let him lay down a wire that steals her cable. At the end of the day, Count Ravi likes to stay to himself; however, if you mess with him then he’ll mess with you. He only seeks companionship every 100 years allowing the genetic pools to reconfigure themselves. Now if you happen to fall in love with him well, he’ll just have to get a bigger coffin and steal more electricity to power it up. “I wish they would stop making movies about vampires. I don’t sparkle! The only part they ever get right is that we’re handsome.”

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HongBin: The one vampire…that was turned accidentally because someone was trying to save his life. And like all new vampires he can’t get his shit together. He still wants to immerse himself within the general population because he still wants to find love. But it’s hard because he wants to eat every damn body and the urges are crazy. So he clearly doesn’t understand the term low-profile and that’s evident when he invites you to his house one evening. You literally drop everything because this bitch ass nugu vampire is hanging from the damn ceiling talking about “Welcome,” in that low voice of his, outstretching his arms like that’s supposed to make you feel more welcomed. LIKE WHAT HE’S DOING IS NORMAL. And when you run in terror he’ll cry his vampire eyes out and drink himself crazy. And then now he has to go out and locate you and compel you to forget and then that will only happen if you haven’t already consumed vervain at this point. LAWD. Now once Count HongBin gets used to the whole vampire thing and if he falls in love, then he’ll turn you if you asked because he doesn’t want to be forever alone. “I thought that if I just told the truth about me you’d understand. I’m a monster! A handsome, undead monster!”

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Hyuk: The pimp of all vampires. He’s got hoes in different area codes. A combination of vampires, humans, witches, sirens. Bitches came up out the water just to be with him. But you see, when he’s not sleeping in his mansion in his king sized bed, fooling around with his supernatural counterparts, he’s out on the streets acting as a vampire vigilante knocking out the worst of the worst. He loves immersing himself within the human population, hanging out at bars, going to restaurants to watch sports, he’s just that guy. And he’s also the guy the local police have been trying to track down for years because of all the random dead bodies lying in the streets that are adorned with ritualistic tattoos that history books claim to signify vampire hunters. Now, Count Hyuk is the type to turn you if you asked him to without hesitation, but he’ll most likely end up with another supernatural creature, turning them into a hybrid of sorts. “No sheriff, I’m just as concerned as every one else. We have a monster in our midst and they must be stopped!”

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Don’t know what happened here lol. But thanks for asking!
-Admin Cheezy ^_^

–>An Unexpected Casualty<–

Rise For Your King

TITLE: Rise For Your King
PAIRING: Reader/AU King!Castiel
SUMMARY:  The reader was betrothed to the Prince but when a neighboring King decides to dole out justice to your future father in law, he destroys the royal family, leaving you with the two youngest Princesses. The mage king takes an immediate liking to you, letting you live. What will you do with this opportunity?WORDS: 1,492


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simishipsrebelcaptain  asked:

Don't know if you're still taking prompts, but whenever...Rebelcaptain where Cassian finally tells Jyn what was going through his head on Eadu. If you ever get to it, thank you!!! 😊😊

Of course I have time for you 😘

The Death Star is gone, its ashes glittering in the atmosphere of Yavin IV like falling stars. It’s been hours since Skywalker got his perfect shot, since everyone on base exploded in joy before panic and grief set in.

It’s been hours since Cassian saw Jyn, since she jumped into his arms with tears in her eyes and he breathed her in and held her tight and before he lost her in the crowd of celebrating rebels. Somehow, he knew she would be out here under the stars in quiet solitude.

“Your father would have been proud,” he says softly, not wanting his voice to be so loud as to disturb the beauty of Jyn standing under the sparkling sky. The words feel like a phantom, an echo of something he should have said in another life.

Jyn doesn’t jump, and only turns her head slightly. How is it, Cassian wonders, that they are so attuned to each other? Is this love, or shared trauma? He’s not experienced enough in the former to know the difference.

Her smile is sad. “He was right. He was telling the truth, this whole time.”

Cassian stands close, behind her and to her side, fights the urge to wrap his arms around her. “And now everyone knows that Galen Erso was a rebel all along.”

“I hated him for so long.” Her voice trembles and it stabs at Cassian’s heart. “Even if he was here now, I’d still hate him. But I wish he could have seen this.”

Guilt is a sour taste at the back of his mouth. In his dreams and his nightmares he has wanted to apologise to those he has killed for the cause and the loved ones they left behind, now he has the chance and he has to force the words past the lump in his throat. “Jyn, I’m sorry. It’s my fault he’s gone.”

“You didn’t pull the trigger.”

“No, but it’s still my fault. If I had listened to my gut - to my heart - sooner… the fleet never would have arrived. We could have planned better, worked together to get him out of there.” Galen Erso’s eyes will haunt me for as long as I live, he wants to say, but her shoulders tense and her gaze falls to the ground. Her voice is small when she speaks, nothing like the rallying speech on their journey to Scarif.

“Why didn’t you? Why didn’t you pull the trigger?”

She’s so close, and he wishes he could bury his face in her hair to hide the ache in his voice. “Because I believed you. I believed in you. And I looked at your father and I saw you in him. It shouldn’t have taken the sight of him in my scope to accept that it was true. I’ve followed orders for so long, done awful things for the right reasons, given my soul to the greater good for as long as I can remember,” He stops as the volume of his voice rises, takes a breath to calm himself. “His death is on my conscience. I won’t forget him.”

Jyn is quiet for a long time. Behind them he can hear the noise of their fellow rebels in the temples, the soft sounds of debris falling through the atmosphere and ships landing and taking off. Cassian’s heart pounds in his chest, and he is about to turn and walk away, unworthy of her, when she speaks again.

“I don’t blame you, Cassian.” She turns her head, just enough to look him in the eye. “Krennic would have killed him anyway, you know that. His time was up.”
“Jyn - ”

“Everything you’ve done since I’ve met you has proved that you’re a good man. And I trust you, Cassian.” She looks ahead again and her gaze raises to the stars as she wraps her arms around herself as if it were cold instead of oppressively humid. “I haven’t trusted anyone in a long time.”

His hands curl and stretch at his sides to stop himself from grabbing her, from shaking her and telling her that he’s no good, he is death and poison. His stomach lurches with nerves. There’s been something growing inside of him since Eadu, since the moment he accepted that he couldn’t take that shot - a burning light, just like the one on Scarif, that has burned away some of his shadows. Hope, he thinks, I have hope again. His voice shakes when he speaks. “Me, too.”

He can’t see her face, wishes he could see how the lights in the sky catch in the green of her eyes. Something better happens, when she shifts her weight back slightly to lean against him, the back of her head a welcome weight on his chest. Cassian holds his breath as he registers the warmth of her body against his front, an absolution he never could have dreamed of deserving. She smells of space and soap and Jyn. With a different kind of courage than called for by the battlefield, he wraps his arms over hers and holds her close, and lets peace quiet his guilt for now.

Playing with Fire (Otayuri AU) -

“I can’t believe,” Yuri grits out, “that you called me here to fucking ditch me.”

“No, Yuri, of course not! You got it all wrong. I’m not ditching you,” Victor corrects, lifting a finger and wiggling it in front of Yuri’s face. “You push yourself too hard. Yuuri is a new face to the company. The challenge will do him well,” Victor says, gesturing widely with his fork.

Yuri stares at him, flabbergasted. His steak is running cold in front of him but Yuri doesn’t find his appetite. This sudden invitation of Victor’s to lunch together at this restaurant seems like a damn trap.  

Yuri has always been the star of their ballet company, or else, Victor’s company, as he was the director. But then a fucking fat dancer from Japan had showed up two months ago and now Victor was saying Katsuki was ‘more suited’ to the leading role than Yuri, who had been rehearsing it since the beginning of the season.  

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anonymous asked:

You know what I really love? Forehead kisses, like touching each other's foreheads. I find that so romantic and deeper compared to actual kisses :3 can you write some Sonamy forces angst where they do that?~ please?

I love this~ I was just trying to think how to make it more in character… then I got this idea~ ^^




Amy outstretched her hand, desperately trying to hold back what she wanted to say.“You’re… You’re going to fight him… aren’t you?”

She steadily walked forward, withdrawing her hand as she saw him give her at least the decency to stop and wait to hear her out.

He lowered his head, before she noticed the small nodding gesture within his next few movements.

Her eyes widened, feeling betrayed.

“You swore to us!” she narrowed her eyes, before leaning forward and stumbling in her awkward walk closer to him. “You said you wouldn’t do it alone..!”

She held a fist by her side, shaking to lift it up and say more, but swished her head back and walked away, unable to truly comprehend this ‘stab in the back’ so to speak.

It was the dead of night, he was sneaking off again…

A lone hero to face his devils alone…

She shook her head, “You said you needed us… that we were family…” her eyes traced the sky line for a glimmer of hope, but with all the destruction in the world, and now Sonic’s refusal to stay back any longer,…

No stars shined that night to give her any amount of comfort.


She heard his voice, but didn’t see the blurry image behind her, turning his head over his shoulder as she began to start disciplining herself to not sound like she was crying.

She bounced her head to try and muffle the sounds that threatened to escape her lips.

Sucking on the lower one to keep it together, she raised her head and let a shaky breath escape her opened mouth.

“I can’t lose you.. I never could and even now… I know that I couldn’t live without you, Sonic!”

She spun around, having heard quiet footsteps before ramming into his chest and letting small cries of hopelessness escape her lips.

“You promised me! … You promised everyone…” Her voice seemed to lose the battle of hope within her…

She knew she couldn’t stop him from doing what he felt was right.

But she just hated the thought of him going alone.

Suffering alone.

Being alone.

The camera pulled away to show the two in the distance, but not too far off to see Sonic lift his arm, and slowly pull her into a deeper embrace, letting his head hang over her shoulder.

She hiccuped in her tears, before leaning her head up into the crook of his own shoulder and neck…

“I…” she could barely speak the words now, all will to keep going suddenly draining from her. “I don’t… want a future where you’re…” she looked away, as if unable to even imagine it.

She ducked her head down and shook it, forcing him slightly to move away a moment.

Her hands lightly tensed on his chest, as if refusing to let him go.

“I can’t stand the thought of something happening to you!”

“….Amy.” he tried to reach a hand up, but she shook her head, sealing her eyes shut to try and force her tears into a barricaded wall of denial.

“I know I can’t stop you… no one can.”

He watched her more tenderly, holding his hand back but not lowering it, intentively listening to each breath and word she uttered in her worried pain…

“But.. you should at least know that…”

She sniffed as she looked up to him, wet eyes; glossy with the look of a lover’s sorrow within them. A care deeper than Sonic could possibly imagine…

Or hope to comprehend.

“I will always stand by you. But I can’t always stand by your decisions..” She lowered her head and shook it, as Sonic’s neutral look suddenly turned to a gentle, and charming smile.

His hand now felt free to act and move as it graced her cheek, rubbing it softly as it caught some of the falling tears and encouraged her to look up again.

Her eyes half open from the crying, she could still faintly see his eyes shining from the moon peeking through the gloomy, grey clouds up ahead.

“You’re certainly strong, Amy. And I’ve always admired that about you.” He spoke boldly, which surprised Amy a bit, as she adjusted her footing and looked into each one of his eyes.

She had never experienced this kind of tender treatment by him before, and it surprised her, but left her a little curious, even if the comfort was sudden, it was immediately welcomed as she leaned into his hand, and stepped forward.

He watched her lean and his smile turned to a nervous and even slightly awkward one, though it never moved, just… decided to stay still and motionless on her face now.

She leaned her head up to hear the rest, seeing she had caused him to stop by her actions of simply listening and gaining strength from his touch.

“…Eh-heh.” he gave her a pretty funny look, like her actions of affection were weird to him.

“I especially like how you won’t let me get away with silly things.” he smiled genuinely again, continuing. “But I need you to be stronger for me now. I need you to trust me more than ever before.”

He suddenly seemed to take courage, stepping up to meet her toe-to-toe, causing her to want to look down before his other hand graced the opposite side of her face, meaning he now had both hands…..

On the sides of her face.

This left her unable to look anywhere but at his daring… straight-forward… dashing eyes.

“You once said I never needed to fear.” he began, “Can I say that you never need to doubt?”

His words suddenly sent a soaring sensation through her whole being, and her heart caught the wave and almost sang as it spiraled through it, and in return, it pumped it throughout her whole body.

She almost sighed, if it weren’t for the fact her sudden nerves made her hands come up to his own, and her eyes drop to shut out any further stimuli.

This was becoming almost addicting… hearing him comfort her.

She felt a soft ‘heh.’ escape Sonic’s nose right onto her muzzle, and realized as she gently opened her eyes part way that he thought her silence must have been funny.

He really, honestly… felt it was a cute response.

Still a bit weird though.

He lowered her head and placed his own forehead to hers, smiling before he breathed out a sigh and let silence carry a communication that could only be felt in the roaming atmosphere, and not heard.

In her closed eyes, she felt a soft rub and press against where she thought his forehead to be, and felt her breath catch for some unknown reason, but her heart kept beating from the bubbles fizzing up within her.

Her body seemed to impulsively scrunch up, her smile breaking through her fear and sorrow, as her shoulders raised as if trying to meet the sensation and hold onto it for a little longer…

Her eyes gently opened slightly then, seeing Sonic’s head lower from being raised up to her head.

“…Amy…” he finally broke that moment of silence, though Amy’s eyes lingered open a second longer, before shutting at his soft whisper, knowing this was his way of departing without goodbye.

Don’t go...” she breathed out, “Please…

He smirked, his lip curling on one side before pulling away, having his eyes close for a moment too…

But thought it best to not let it linger… after all, he needed to convince Amy to let him go, not stir anyone else awake, and…

Well, and not let this get more awkward and weird.

He lowered one hand and kept the other to the side, turning his body, showing he was about to go.

The stare of confidence was enough for Amy to know.

This was so long,… till next time we meet.

“Sonic…” she held a hand up to his own on her side before he let it slowly slip and fall… her hands instinctively, but lightly moved with the same cautious speed to lightly grip his own and hold him there a second longer.

His facial expression never changed, as he slowly started to move away.

The camera zoomed close on his profile, stepping out of the shot.

Next his enclosed, sheltered hand…. which slowly found it’s way out of the haven Amy had created for it, and into the cold, still wind of the night.

He kept his eyes fixed on hers, and as if under a illusion, Amy kept hers hypnotically on his.

His figure turned…

She stepped forward.


He started to get ready to run.


She felt her body falling forward.


Her hand outstretched, as his back leg lift up from the ground.

Her eyes teared up and gushed out the contained water in globs by the sides of her face, just above the muzzle.


(I think that was pretty canon, if I do say so myself~ -sits a little taller, before I see SEGA’s judgey eyes and sits submissively back into a hunch.-…. you know you ship it.)

Jason Todd: Only One

AN: There’s not really a plot, just some cute times ahead - oh and injury but aside from that, it’s cute. I swear.

Imagine being the only person Jason values enough to go to Bruce for help when you truly need it.

Warnings: Swearing, Injury


It would have been and understatement to say everyone in the Manor was shocked when Jason called Bruce asking for his help. This is Red Hood, he doesn’t ask Batman for help - ever - so what made this so important?
Apparently Alfred and Bruce figured it out rather quickly but Tim and Damian were left dumbfounded and decided to pursue the butler for answers.

“What does Jason want Pennyworth?” Damian began, Tim standing beside him once they’d cornered Alfred - who didn’t seem at all surprised by their behaviour.
“Master Jason requires Bruce’s assistance in the Batcave.” Alfred calmly responded, continuing to dust the furniture.
“Why now? Is there something we should know about? Is Jason in trouble? Does he want to -” Tim began his full on interrogation much to Damian’s disapproval.
“Drake! Would you control your need to be the worlds greatest detective just this once?!” Damian reminded Tim in his harsh tone, along with a glare.
“I do not know the exact reason for Master Jason’s call, however I suspect it must be serious. There is only one person he would be willing to request assistance from Bruce for.” Alfred kindly elaborated, though the boys had no idea who he was talking about based on the confused expressions they gave each other.

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The Nine & Three Quarters Platform {Cedric Diggory x Reader}

Originally posted by my-harry-potter-generation


Summary: Reader is in the Ravenclaw house her and Cedric have been inseparable from the moment they met.

Word Count: 2,532 It’s a long one, I absolutely love Cedric Diggory.

Cedric Diggory x fem!reader

A/N: Sorry my house is Ravenclaw, but if anyone else wants me to do one for your house, feel free to request! :) I love Cedric, and the ideas were flowing.

It was year one. She was looking for the Platform, Platform 9 ¾? Where was that again? It had been so long since she was at the King Cross train station. Her family used to come to Hogwarts all the time, for business. But it was 11:50, if she didn’t find it soon, she was going to miss the train. She would be sent back home, and face the disappointment from her Slytherin parents and family. She was already worried about being sorted into another house. But something in her knew she didn’t belong in Slytherin, nor did she want to be there. She was going to let the hat put her where she belonged. No debating with it. Everything would work itself out. She looked between 9 & 10, then it hit her. She needed to go through the wall, but which one? “No, no I’m going to miss the train!” She cried, her parents weren’t with her, they had affairs to attend to and, “Couldn’t be be bothered for a simple task.” They expected her to know where to go, they were wrong, so very wrong.

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Anonymous said to imagine-unicornys:Can you please make a imagine (Percy Jackson) where the reader is in the arena and trains with a sword, then Percy comes in and they talk, and somehow they’ll kiss? Thanksss

 hope you’ll like it!

(not my gif.)


“6- no 7- no no 8!” I thought.

“I heard that they were making our favorite today,” Lee Fletcher remarked and cut off my train of thoughts.

“Cheeseburgers?” Michael Yew replied with his face lit up.

We were resting in the cabin before our lunch break. Call me bias, but in my opinion, Apollo’s cabin was the nicest looking cabin among the others.

What made Apollo Cabin so special was that at first glance you may see it as an ordinary cabin, but when hit by sunlight, it looked as if it was made of solid gold. The front door was carved from a laurel tree, with a laurel, a bow, and an arrow carved into the middle. My favorite part about our cabin was that it possessed an enchanted skylight which allowed sunlight to pass through even during the night or when the weather was unfavorable.

“Yes. Cheeseburgers,” Lee Fletcher said with a smirk, emphasising on ‘cheeseburgers’.

“Then for the love of Apollo, what are we waiting for? Let’s get our monkey butts moving!” Michael Yew exclaimed and everyone started moving their way out to the dining pavilion.

“You guys go ahead,” I said.

“Wh-why? Are you sick?” Lee Fletcher said. Nobody would ever reject lunch when there were cheeseburgers. Nobody.

“I’m just not in the mood for lunch, especially when Tantalus’s there,” I replied. I lied.

“Makes sense, have you seen what Tantalus did to that boy during sparring lessons? Feel sorry for that poor boy,” He replied, though I wasn’t sure if he was joking about that poor boy.

“Funny, see you later,” I chuckled and waved as they left the cabin.

Now as I was saying, it has been 8 days since Percy Jackson and his friends went out to save Grover.

“It wasn’t even his quest to begin with,” I sighed as I looked up at the ceiling, in deep thoughts.

“And he didn’t even bother to ask me along,” I remarked.

Percy and I first entered Camp Half Blood approximately around the same time. We learnt the ropes of being a demigod together until I was first claimed by Apollo and he was later claimed by Poseidon. Apparently, it was forbidden for the Big 3 to have children, so Percy being Poseidon’s son was kind of a big deal. To put it simply, Percy Jackson rose to fame in Camp Half Blood.

Just when I thought I had lost a friend, Percy proved me wrong. He would consistently train with me, have his meals with me while sitting outside the dining pavilion (seriously, not being allowed to sit with other demigods in the dining pavilion was total discrimination), and we would even occasionally gossip about Clarisse’s hair. Though I couldn’t join him in his lightning bolt quest because Chiron and Mr. D thought I was ‘too new and amateur’, Percy had told me about all his adventures after he returned.

I always thought Percy and I had a special connection; it may not be romantic, but at least it was special. However, this thought was broken when Percy left for the Sea Of Monsters without me.

I was enraged with Percy. You see, I didn’t understand why he simply couldn’t ask me along. Hell, I wasn’t even aware that he had intended to sneak off with Annabeth and Tyson to save Grover. No warnings given when we were having lunch before he left, no goodbyes, and once again, he never bothered to ask me along.

I mean, my archery and healing skills weren’t that bad…right?

On the other hand, I was worried for Percy. I wanted him to return to Camp Half Blood in one piece.

Whenever there were news about a man wanted by the police for causing chaos in town, I was secretly happy that Percy was fine. ‘Secretly’ because I couldn’t afford for my half-siblings to find out about my feelings for Percy. I mean, look at what happened to Michael Yew when we found out that he had a one sided crush on Silena? I’ll tell you what happened. Embarrassment, embarrassment and more embarrassment. Oh you didn’t know about my feelings for Percy? I’ll tell you that too - I liked Percy Jackson. Not necessarily love, but I knew I wanted to be with him.

“Too many thoughts,” I grunted.

I decided to clear my mind by practicing in the Arena. As children of Apollo, we had exceptional Archery and healing skills. Naturally, I picked up the sword to brush up on my combat skills.

I treated the wooden dummy as Percy Jackson and started venting my anger.

Why. Did. You. Bail. On. Me.” I said word by word after every strike.

“Who bailed on you?” Someone suddenly asked from behind.

“Percy freaking Jackson!” I shouted before I turned to the person.

It was Percy Jackson, and he was standing there with the same old smirk. Oh what are the odds?

I had to admit, I was happy that he was safe, but to smile and jump for joy when Percy clearly heard me scolding him, not a good move.

“What are you doing here?” I asked calmly.

“Seriously? No ‘Hello Percy!’ or ‘Welcome Home Percy’?” He replied.

“You’re not answering me?” I drew out my sword and pointed it at Percy.

“Come on, stab me,” Percy taunted.

“Try me,” I said.

I raised my brows.

“Ok fine,” Percy sighed.

“You didn’t know? It was practically lunch entertainment,” he said, while I continued to be confused.

“Long story short, I sent an Iris message to Camp Half Blood to prove Chiron’s innocence and I battled it out with Luke and I won, saving Grover in the midst,” Percy explained, flashing a victorious smile

“But with the help of Chiron and his crew,” he added.

“How did you know that I was here?” I asked.

“You should have seen how the others were carrying us onto the winning platforms, I wish I could have the same treatment everyday,” Percy replied.

“Anyway, I didn’t see you at the pavilion, at the cabin, or with the others so I’d figured you’d be here,” he explained and flashed an easy smile.

“So you’re expecting me to give you a warm friendly hug and maybe a lil bit of Ambrosia if you’re lucky enough? I asked fiercely.

“Sort of, yeah,” he replied and continued smiling.

But he clearly knew that I was angry.

“Why didn’t you ask me along Percy?” I demanded for an answer.

“I- I couldn’t,” Percy looked down.

“Why? I thought we were friends,” I added.

“Friends, I thought you knew” Percy mumbled.

“What?” I said.

“You know what? I’m just- just going to go now,” Percy said and turned away.

Boy was I mad. Like, I was so close to turn into Ares mode.

“Perseus Jackson. What’s your problem? First, you bailed on me for 8 days. Then you come back with all smiles, and then you refuse to tell me why you bailed on me?” I shouted as I threw my sword towards him. Fortunately, it landed right in front of his path instead of on his foot.

Apparently, that move didn’t work well on him, because Percy came storming back.

I closed my eyes, expecting Percy to blast a waterfall at me. Instead, he pulled me towards him and pressed his lips against mine. I struggled and couldn’t break free until he released me.

“What the hell?” I exclaimed.

“You want to know why I bailed on you?” Percy said.

“It’s dangerous out there Y/N. I couldn’t risk bringing you along with me and I thought you knew that,” he added.

I froze. What was going on?  What was I? A baby?

“You still don’t get it huh,” Percy chuckled. 

I like you Y/N. I’ve liked you since the day- gosh, I don’t even know how long it was anymore,” he said.

I remained silent, still stunned.

“And now you know why I bailed on you. I just couldn’t afford to lose you, Y/N. I thought you always knew that,” Percy sighed.

I kept quiet.

“Chiron’s waiting for me, I’ll see you later,” he said and walked out of the arena.

I stood still, unable to have logical thoughts. My heart was racing, my face was flushed, and coupled with ADHD, I was a train wreck. However, instinct told me what to do. (Or was it Aphrodite?)

I ran towards Percy and wrapped my arms tightly around him from the back.

“I’m sorry, but don’t bail on me ever again. You don’t know how it feels like to be apart from someone you love,” I said and teared.

“Trust me. I do,” Percy smiled.

We stayed in the same position until Grover walked past and gave Percy a cheeky smile.


Please? Part 46

Please? Masterlist

1826 words

Back at home, you know you really can’t enjoy it. Rick wants everyone at the church to go over the plan, to let the others know what’s going on. You and Daryl raced home to change and wash up a bit. You more so than him, honestly.

After the meeting at the church, the plan to kill Negan started. Rick comes up with the perfect, fool-proof plan to give them Gregory’s head, without actually giving them Gregory’s head. Even you are impressed by it.

“I like your thinking.” You wink playfully at Rick after he explains his idea; to grab a walker’s head and hand it over.

Michonne wraps an arm around Rick and laughs. “Luckily he’s mine.”

“Mmmm.” You walk over behind Daryl and snake your arms around his waist, pressing your cheek against the center of his back. “Don’t be so jealous, Michonne. I have one right here.”

The others join in with Michonne’s laughing, all looking at Daryl. He’s squirming, not completely comfortable to everyone watching him, he clears his throat and turns around, looking at you.

“Yes?” You smile innocently.

Daryl groans. “You ain’t so innocent, wipe that smile off yer face.”

Rick and Glenn howl with laughter while Michonne and Maggie cover their mouths, stifling their own giggling. Rick says something along the lines of “I didn’t need to know that” and Jesus keeps his eyes on the two of you, not blinking, his mouth slightly open in amusement.

A deep blush appears on Daryl’s cheeks as he ducks down and pecks your lips. He presses by you, walking out the door before you had time to process what just happened.

“Alright, you know what to do. Let’s see what we can find.” Rick calls out as everyone piles out of the vehicles. He ran off with the others, heading to find a good enough head to present to the Saviors.

You stay behind to guard the cars and RV, even though you kind of wanted to find a head for yourself, you weren’t given that job this time. So, you sit behind with the others and wait, staying close with Daryl.

“So, how did you two meet?” Jesus asks as Daryl walks to the back of the cars, walking a little down the road to make sure nothing is coming.

You have a machete at your side today, you keep it in your grasp, listening for any hissing walkers that may stroll up. “Early on.” You shrug. “He saved me from about five walkers trying to bite my face off. Took me back to his camp. It was small, but we made it. It’s also the same camp I met Carl, Rick, and Carol.” You smile, remembering how sweet Carol was when she came up to you that day.

“You’ve grown quite a bond then.” You feel his eyes on you, but it doesn’t bother you like you think it should. He’s just trying to make friendly conversation.

“We’re a family.” You nod and look back at him. “But if you mean me and Daryl, not really. He wouldn’t come near me after that. He kept his distance, watched me from across the fire, acting like he was afraid to get too close to me. Carol swears he’s been in love since that first day.” You giggle.

Jesus chuckles with you. “I haven’t known you two long, but he certainly is now. The way he looks at you when you’re not looking, it’s the way everyone wants to be looked at.”

“Oh?” You turn your attention around to check the field, taking a second to listen for any walkers, or anything else that may show up. “It was a rocky road, still is, but I can’t imagine being with anyone else honestly. I want to believe that, if he hadn’t saved me that day, maybe I would have lived and we would have run into each other somewhere else. Like back there at the Hilltop.”

Out of the corner of your eye, you see Jesus smiling. He ducks his head, trying to hide it. “I think you would have made it. We would have welcomed you with open arms, taken care of you until your prince in a leather vest stole you from us.” He teases.

That makes you laugh and you nudge him with your elbow. “Don’t make fun of that leather vest. He’s had that ratty thing since day one.”

“Are you serious?” Jesus laughs, turning his head to see if Daryl is still behind.

You turn too, watching as Daryl bends over and picks something off the ground. He gives it a look and tosses it again. “Completely serious.” You giggle. “He told me one day that he wants me make me one, so everyone knows I’m his.”

“I now feel like I need a Daryl Dixon.” Jesus sighs dramatically.

It hits you a second later, but you turn to Jesus once you realize what he said. “Oh honey, I don’t share.”

Jesus smirks at you and walks off.

Aaron walks over to you after a little bit and smiles. “We haven’t really spoke in the last few weeks. How are you?”

“Good.” You smile, walking a little down the road to see if you can spot any walkers. “How are you and Eric? I should come visit.”

“Bring Daryl, please. We actually miss having him in our garage, working away on that bike of his.”

“We miss it there. So much for me to get into.” You kid.

Aaron chuckles. “There are probably enough pieces for him to build another one… Or at least start one.”

“We’ve talked about it, actually.” You see someone trailing out of the woods and recognize Daryl straight away, walking out with Abe and Sasha. You raise your weaponless hand and wave them down. “When we get a chance, hopefully next week, we should have dinner. I’ll try and help.” You grin.

“Oh no, I’ve seen you in the kitchen, stay away.” Aaron says playfully.

“’Hey.” Daryl walks over, handing Sasha a head, and stands in front of you and Aaron. “What’s this?”

“Making dinner plans.” You smile innocently.

Daryl places his hands on his hips and looks down at you. “Without me?”

“No, for us and this cute couple.” You hug onto Aaron’s arm, still trying to smile cutely.

“Get through today first, ‘ight?” He nods to Aaron and hurries off to the cars.

“Party pooper.” You groan, turning around and following the man with the angel wings on his back.

“Stay behind me.” Daryl whispers as the two of you sneak around the side of the building. He grips his knife tight against his palm.

“Daryl.” You say a little louder than you knew he would have liked. He turns around and you peck him on the lips. “I got this, alright?” You giggle and walk around him.

He stops you when you two can clearly hear the voices. Negan’s men. One of them starts to whistle and Daryl looks around, seeing there’s only one guard standing outside. Daryl makes a run for it, slicing his throat quickly and taking another stab in the man’s brain for good measure.

Everyone charges over, three of them taking the dead body away so no one saw it. Everything happens quickly and efficiently.

After everyone ran over, they found places to hide, waiting for the guard to bring the other man outside.

The door opens. Michonne wastes no time stabbing the guy in the back, literally. Daryl and Heath run to the door, you just behind them. Daryl holds the door open until everyone else is inside, then runs in behind you, touching the small of your back as the sign that he’s in.

Aiming your gun, you follow your orders, staying behind everyone, keeping an eye on the back of the line. Mostly, it was Daryl’s idea to have you hidden, so no one could grab you first. For this trip, you decide it’s best to follow his orders rather than to argue the whole time.

Smoothly. That’s how it’s going as, one by one, Negan’s men are killed off.

You enter one of the rooms. This one only has one man sleeping inside. Daryl stays at the door, waiting, watching. You hold your knife up, readying yourself for what you are about to do.

The man looks to be about thirty, with unkempt black hair and a horribly grown beard. He smells as if he hasn’t showered in days, you figure you’re doing him a favor by putting that knife directly through his brain, killing him so he can’t turn and become one of them.

You pull your blade out and wipe the blood off with his sheet.

An alarm begins to go off inside the building. Daryl jumps into the room and pulls you out, running after Rick, who had rushed off ahead. Gun shots go off all around you two. You knew this was too smooth.

Left. Right. Shoot. Duck. Hide. You hit a guy right in the shoulder for trying to tackle Daryl, knocking them both to the ground. For a moment, you thought you hit Daryl until he jumped up and smacked the guy with his gun until he wasn’t moving anymore.

Running. Rick shouts for Michonne to catch up, she’s a little too far behind for his liking. Running again, your heart is racing every time you see someone appear. Is it one of your men? Or one of Negan’s?

It’s light when all the baddies are dead, along with Negan. You aren’t sure who he is, but Rick’s sure he’s dead now. The rest of you are just glad that’s over.

Daryl comes over to you and pulls you into a hug. “You okay?” He asks, barely above a whisper.

“I’m alive.” You pull your arms close to your body, sinking into the hug and wishing you could go and lay down in your own bed right now. “We’re alive. That’s all that matters.”

“Yeah.” Daryl kisses the top of your head and rubs the small of your back.

The roar of a motorcycle rumbles through the air. Daryl quickly lets go of you and looks over your head. You turn around, watching as a man on a bike flies out of the side of the building, trying to make his getaway.

“No!” Daryl drops his gun and runs, tackling the man right off the bike. “Where’d you get that bike?!” Daryl growls, punching the man several times before hopping off and pulling his smaller gun out.

“Baby,” you say, hearing another voice that wasn’t any of yours. You turn around and see a walkie-talkie lying on the ground and a woman’s voice talking.

“Who is this?” Rick asks after picking it up, still pointing his gun.

“No one you need to worry about. We got a Carol and a Maggie with us, that’s who you should worry about it.”

Another World Entirely pt4

Peter Pan x reader

warning: swearing, super cute ooc pan, violence and some death lol whoops i guess, First signs of reader darkening

Word Count: 2,108


part 3

(gifs not mine)

I’ve been on Neverland for nearly 3 weeks. Peter and i haven’t really spoken much about the things i know, but i can tell he’s curious.

The lost boys helped me build my hut. It took longer than expected and so I stayed in Peter’s tree house for another night. When my hut was completed, he let me take the hammock I’d slept in, and all the pillows and blankets i’d used to my new home. It was a little ways from the large group of hormonal teenage boys which was thoughtful on Devin’s part. It is a simple one room wooden hut, maybe 5 square ft, with a door and 2 windows. I made curtains and a lantern to hang by the door. 

Felix has stopped glaring at me but he isn’t exactly nice. He mostly ignores me but when he does speak to me it’s with a tone that would suggest he’d very much rather not be.

Devin once accidentally stabbed my right through the stomach when he was trying to teach me how to use a dagger. I was bleeding everywhere and Peter took me to the hidden fountain for me to drink Neverland’s healing waters. Guess i’m stuck here. Oh well, I hadn’t made any plans to leave so it doesn’t matter.

I saw Peter across the camp at breakfast, getting up from a log and walking into the forest.

  “Peter! Wait up,” I called and jogged after him.

He didn’t stop but he slowed down enough that I could catch up to him just as we lost view of the camp.

  “Are you okay?” i asked him. “You look kinda bummed out,”

  “Nothing’s wrong necessarily i just get down sometimes,” he jumped over a fallen tree and turned back, offering a hand to help me over.

  “Well is there anything that will cheer you up? A game?” i smiled as i he pulled me over the tree.

  “you can help me with something actually,” he put his hand to his chin thoughtfully. “I don’t want to play a game but i do need a distraction,”

  “Uhhh what? Peter-”

  “Not like that you dolt,” he chuckled. “Do you wanna learn to use magic? I feel like I need an apprentice and Felix is to angry all the time to have magic without destroying things,”

  “aha this is true,” I laughed. “Wait you want to teach me magic? Fuck yes!”

   “Calm down Y/N I’ll try but you might not be able to do much,” he ran his hand through his hair. “We’ll start tomorrow, for now do you wanna see something?”

  “What’s the something?” I looked up at him as we walked through the forest.

  “You know about my thinking tree?” he looked over his shoulder at me as he was a few paces ahead.

  “You’re taking me to your thinking tree? But I thought no one was allowed to go there but you?” I sped up a little so I was in line with him.

  “It’s a private place yes, but you know everything about me so you might as see this place,” he suddenly stopped.

  “Why are you stopping?” I asked.

  “I can’t be bothered walking anymore, are you afraid of heights?” he offered his hand to me.

  “No…? I thought you couldn’t fly?” I took his hand.

  “I can’t,” he smiled and I felt that fizz up my spine, and we were no longer standing in the forest but sitting on one of the highest branches in a tall tree somewhere on the north of the island.

  “oh wow,” I breathed. The tree was some kind of pine and was so tall I could see out over the entire north side of the island.

  “Y/N, welcome to my thinking tree,” peter was sat beside me.

  “This is amazing! You really don’t let anyone else see this?” I gripped tight to the branch with my hands on either side of myself.

  “Nope, my private place,” he smiled proudly.

  “Well I s’pose the king should have the nicest things,” I hummed

A crow out in the distance interrupted us.

 “Someone needs me, I’ll be back in a second,” and with that he vanished.

Without him here beside me I felt slightly less secure. I scrambled to the trunk to get a safer hold.

  “Peter! Please don’t leave me up here!” I called to no avail.

I slowly began climbing down. We’d poofed quite high up so making my way down was quite stressful. I’d made it about halfway down the tree, maybe 8ft left to go when I made a poor footing choice.

The small branch under my foot snapped and I lost my grip on the branch I was holding. I scraped my arm in an attempt to stop my fall. Attempt being the operative word as I failed miserably, falling through the branches only to be caught by Peter.

  “Are you okay? I said I’d be right back! Why did you try and climb down?” He set me down lightly and took hold of my hand harshly, examining the scrape up my arm. 

   “I got a scared up there by myself so i tried to get down. I hurt my arm but i’m okay. It’ll heal,” i shrugged.

   “Here,” he waved his hand over the scrape and a light green glow enveloped my arm. It tingled a little and the scrape disappeared. “Now you don’t have to wait,”

   “Thank you” i watched him closely as he checked over me, searching for more injuries. “Peter i’m fine, i promise. What were you needed for?”

   “Huh?” he looked at me confused.

   “the crow? What was it about?” i asked.

   “Oh! We’ve got guests,” he put his hands on his hips in a typical peter pan pose.

   “Who?” I was suddenly excited.

   “Pirates,” he took my hand and poofed us to the beach I’d arrived on. “Look” he pointed out over the water. “It’s the Jolly Roger, Captain-”

   “Hook’s ship!” i jumped excitedly.

   “What? You know Hook too?” Peter looked at me like he was surprised. “He doesn’t like me much. He’s been trying to leave the Never seas for a very long time but he doesn’t come to shore often. Also I may or may not have tricked his brother into killing himself but you probably knew that yes?”

    “Ohhh yes i’m well aware. I honestly thought it was entirely Liam’s fault for being too competitive to listen to your advise. I mean you could’ve been a bit less cryptic and sinister but hey it’s one of my favourtie things about you. And just like i know about you,  I know everything about Killian too past and future.“

   “Liam? Killian? You know their names… you’re quite excited about this aren’t you?” he punch my arm playfully.

   “I mean it’s Captain Hook! This is going to be great,” I smiled at Peter.

   “If you’re really that excited you can greet the bloody rovers,” Peter chuckled.

   “What?” I spun round to face Peter, fear across my face. “What if he gets crabby? I can’t defend against a bunch of grown men!”

    “Bah You’ll be fine,” He waved his hand and a sword appeared, sheathed at my hip.

   “are you sure?” I drew the sword and swung it around a few times. These things are heavier than they look, fuck. 

   “Shit,” i cursed and jumped back as i dropped the blade on my foot.

   “You’ll be fine as long as they don’t know you can’t handle a weapon,”  he laughed again. “Don’t worry. The boys and i will be here with you. You’ll just be doing the talking,”

Hook and his men stepped out of their rowboat while Peter, the lost boys and i hid in the cover of the trees.

I looked over at Peter and he nodded, signalling me to show myself. 

Okay, You’ve got this. Just talk to them like they’re a bunch of fuck boys in the school yard.

I stepped out of the bushes with my hand on the hilt of my sword. I received a few looks from the men on the beach, even a whistle and a few calls.

Originally posted by blacksailsstarz

   “Shut it men,” a figure in the back of their group shouted. He stepped out from behind them. There, clad in all leather, silver and jeweled rings, charcoal around his eyes was Captain Hook.

Sass, sass, sass. 

   “Evening Captain Guy-liner!” I called. Hmm… be smart or be a bitch? Bitch. “What brings you to our pretty island? Back for more dreamshade?” oh shit was that too harsh?

He squinted his eyes in anger at me but did a double take when realising i was a girl.

   “What’s a pretty lass like you doing on Neverland?” he sashayed forward and leant close to me. Close enough i could smell the rum on his breath.

   “Not your business mate,” i pushed him away from me lightly. “Get out of my face, you stink like you’ve been at sea too long,”

Suddenly a burly pirate completely covered in tattoos from back in the group push his way to me and grabbed me by the throat, a lot harder than Peter had the day i met him.

   “You speak to the Captain with respect, whore,” he snarled in my face.

   “Bit much ain’t it?” I squeaked through the strain in my throat.

   “Jukes let the girl go-” hook started to call the brute off but the pirate who had me was knocked away by a blast of fire.  ‘Jukes’ cried out in pain on the ground as Peter stood over him.

   “That is no way to speak to a young girl,” he spat, and plunged his hand into the man’s chest, ripping from it his heart. Peter smiled darkly and there was a flash of amusement in his eyes before he crushed the pirates heart, sprinkling the ashes over his body. 

all the pirates behind Hook drew their weapons and took defensive stances. The boys piling out of the trees did the same.

But Peter ignored them all and simply took a gentle hold of my chin and examined the bruises slowly forming on my throat from Jukes’s grasp.

   “That bastard,” he hissed through gritted teeth as he ran his hand over the bruises, magically fading them away.

   “Got yourself a girlfriend i see,” Hook heckled. “although i s'pose toys like her are for grown men like myself and my men here,”

   “Shut your mouth,” I yelled at him starting to move for him but Peter held me by my shoulders, stopping me from attacking Hook. “If you still had that stupid ponytail i rip it from your sand filled head!”

   “What?” the Pirate Captain looked so confused and it brought me pure joy.

   “That’s right Shit Head, the new girl has some serious info on you and your past so I suggest you shut your badly shaven face before i kick it in!”

   “Quite a fiery one you’ve got there Pan,” Hook chuckled.

   “Shut up pirate, get off my island before i have the boys run you all through,” Peter turned away from me to face Hook but he kept a grip in my arm, holding me behind himself.

   “I see you’re protective of her too. I guess she is your girlfriend. Shame for her i guess,” Hook’s comment got a round of laughs from the pirates. I on the other hand blushed deeply.

   “Didn’t I tell you to shut your fucking face pirate?“ i tore my arm from Peter’s grip and moved around him. i attempted to charge Hook but Peter grabbed a hold of my belt and held me back.

   "She’s protected because she’s valuable,” Peter shouted as he pulled me back behind him. I stumbled and fell on my ass. “She’s not my girlfriend she’s a prisoner of sorts. Not kept in cages but not allowed to leave. She’s had the island water y'see. And you know that she’ll die if she leaves. And i can’t have her dying. She knows things i need,”

Wow okay so that’s what he thinks of me. 

   “Archers!” Peter suddenly yelled. i looked over my shoulder and saw a number of lost boys aim their bows and arrows at the pirates.

Originally posted by damnthisship

   “Really Pan?” Hook smirked. “A bunch of teenage boys with no experience are going to try to shoot us?”

   “oh no Captain, a bunch of teenage boys who have been on Neverland for many years, never aging, honing their skills are going to shoot you.” Peter said smugly. “all of their arrows are dipped in dreamshade as well,”

at the mention of the poisonous plant, Hook’s smirk vanished.

   “Back to the ship men,” he barked, and turned back to their little rowboat in defeat.

the lost boys erupted in cheers as the pirates rowed away to their ship.


Coercion - 5

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You are just about to start your new job at the BAU after years of working to get there, when a man you don’t know approaches you with an evil plan and knowledge of every sordid detail of your past. What will you do? Will you give into the man’s demands? Or will you be able to find another way out?


“How’s JJ doing?” Spencer asked, peeking his head into the room to talk to her husband. “Stable?”

Will shook his head and stood up carefully, attempting as much as he could to let the boys and his wife sleep. They’d been through so much. “She’s doing okay for now,” he said, his voice shaking with possibility. “Her symptoms haven’t gotten any worse, and the worst of it has stopped completely.”

“So she’s not staggering?” Spencer asked hopefully. He’d seen her standing and walking earlier, but he wasn’t sure if anything had changed. “No convulsions?”

“No, thank god,” he said, a little louder than he intended, which caused both boys to stir a bit. He continued in a whisper. “I would love to know what the hell caused this, but as long as she gets better, it’s fine. I just want her to come home. This scared the living crap out of me.” He shook his head again. Spencer could see the exhaustion written all over him.

“Me too,” Spencer sighed, smiling slightly as JJ slept soundly. “Y/N left about 30 minutes ago because she hasn’t been feeling well the past couple of days, so I’m actually going to go check on her now. I just wanted to make sure JJ was stable before I left.”

Will nodded slightly. He could tell Spencer was worried that Y/N might end up as sick as JJ. “Go take care of her,” he said, putting his hand on Spencer’s shoulder. “I’ll call you if, or as soon as something changes.”

“Thanks, Will,” he said, turning away to head back out to the waiting room. “I’m glad she seems to be okay.”

“You and me both,” he laughed.

When Spencer turned away, he couldn’t help but feel a pang of guilt. He was happy that JJ seemed to be getting better, but he couldn’t stop thinking about Y/N. She wouldn’t have left JJ’s side if she hadn’t been feeling amazingly sick it wasn’t like her. As soon as he’d introduced the ladies of the BAU to his new girlfriend, they’d all banded together like they’d come out of the womb that way.

“Hotch,” Spencer said, passing his boss as he turned around and walked backward toward the exit. “JJ seems to be stable at the moment, so I’m going to go check on Y/N. She hasn’t been feeling well.”

With a slight nod of his head, Hotch gave a wave. “Tell her to feel better.”


It was only about fifteen minutes later when Spencer pulled up to Y/N’s apartment building. There was no one outside, barely a car on the street - it was  almost eerie. The streetlight blinked in and out of existence, almost struggling to hold on. A shiver ran up his spine. Something felt wrong. He couldn’t place it. But he didn’t like it.

After knocking on the door and not hearing an answer, Spencer pulled out his key that she’d given him six months earlier and entered himself. “Y/N?” he called. He heard nothing back. “Y/N?” he whispered this time. Maybe she was asleep. As he rounded the corner of the kitchen, he saw a sheen coming from just outside the bathroom door.

Confused, he inched closed, crouching down to the ground and dipping his fingers in it. Why was there a reddish liquid on the floor? Her plumbing had been on the fritz lately. He’d told her so many times to just bug the landlord about it, but she was forgetful, so she’d never gotten around to asking him to fix things. Figuring Y/N was asleep and that she needed her rest, he decided not to disturb her as he checked out what was wrong with the bathroom plumbing.

He pushed himself up from his crouching position and gently pushed the door open. The picture in front of him took his breath away, each second lingering for an hour as he rushed to her. “Y/N!” he cried. He screamed so loudly he lacerated his vocal chords. “Y/N!”

Reaching into the bathtub, he pulled her out and put pressure on both her wrists just after he checked her pulse. It was still there. Barely - it was thready…but it was still there. He needed to call 911. Using one knee to keep pressure on her wrist, he pulled out his phone with bloodied hands and dialed 911. “Hello, this is Spencer Reid, I need an ambulance at 947 Cheshire Drive. My girlfriend slit her wrists. Please hurry!” he sobbed, looking down at the pallor of her skin and choking on his sobs. “Hurry!”

“Don’t leave me,” he said, clamping down on her wrists as hard as he could. “Y/N, do you hear me? Don’t leave me, please.”

There was a strain in her eyes. “Let me go,” she breathed. “Better off without me.” Her body was too tired to cry, but the tears fell out onto the floor, mixing with the crimson sorrow seeping from her wrists. “I’m sorry.”

“What are you sorry for?” But he couldn’t get an answer. The second he asked, the medics ran in and took her from him, bandaging her wrists and putting her in the ambulance that would take her back to the hospital she just left.

As he emerged from the bathroom, he spotted a note. She’d written a suicide note. For a few moments, he stood in the doorway, wondering whether or not to read it, but he couldn’t. Why should he? She was going to be okay. And they were going to get through this.

With a deep breath, he walked out of the doorway, through the apartment and down the stairs, determined to ride with her in the ambulance. 


“What the hell happened?” Emily asked as Y/N was brought in and rushed into the emergency room. The entire team stood up and stared in awe down the hallway. “What happened?” First JJ and now Y/N. This couldn’t possibly be happening. Hadn’t they been through enough already? They’d been through enough crap for five lifetimes.

Spencer was staring blankly in the middle of the hallway as the tears streamed down his face. “I just found her there,” he said, his voice cracking as he spoke. “She cut her own wrists. I never saw anything that would make me think she’d do this.” He sobbed, collapsing into Emily’s shoulder. “What would make her do this?”

“I don’t know,” she said, wrapping her hand around the back of his head as she looked toward the emergency room. “I’m so sorry. We’ll figure it out. We’ll help her…we’ll help her. It’s gonna be okay.”


Not again, you thought to yourself. You could feel the bandages on your wrists. Why hadn’t it worked? What happened? This was the second time the universe failed to take you. Why didn’t it want you? You groaned, hearing a shuffling at your side. “Y/N? he breathed. “You’re okay.”

I am anything but okay. The tears began to well underneath your eyelids, which barely had the strength to open. As they spilled over, you could feel Spencer press his lips to your forehead. You felt so dirty. You weren’t deserving of this kind of love. “I’m sorry,” you whispered. “I’m so sorry.”

He told you that it was okay. That you were going to get through this. But for the first time in his life, he had no idea what he was talking about. You repeated that you were sorry, over and over again, until you got so worked up that your vitals started to spike and the doctors had to escort Spencer from your room. “What’s wrong?” Rossi asked. “Is she awake?”

“She just kept saying she was sorry…I don’t understand.”


The next morning, JJ was released from the hospital without a diagnoses for her symptoms. She could’ve left. Everyone would’ve understood that she was tired and wanted to go home, but she couldn’t not knowing what happened to Y/N the night before.

Shortly after JJ was told she could go home, you were told you could leave as well. Just like that, they patched you up and sent you out the door. The doctors had given you your clothes, but after you got changed, you sat on the bed like a brick, completely unable to move. “Hey,” Spencer said, popping his head into the room. When he came in, the rest of the team followed behind - including JJ. An unbelievable, but not diagnosable pain washed over you. It felt like you were being stabbed over and over again, and you would’ve welcomed that feeling right now. The tears started overflowing as you stared in awe at this group of people you didn’t deserve.

It was no that you risked everything. Your job. The love of your life. His life. The only friends you’d had since you lost Leslie. All of it was up in the air in this moment. You could not possibly go through with this plan. “I’m so sorry,” you spoke flatly. “I never meant for any of this.”

“it’s okay,” Spencer said, coming up to put his arms around you. “We’re going to get through this.”

Dammit all. “It’s not okay. I’m not talking about this. It was never about this!”You flailed your arms up and down, pushing Spencer gently away from you. The thoughts were a jumble in your head. The prevailing one was screaming at God to strike you down right now and put you out of your misery. The blood was coursing through your veins at such a pace that you could practically feel the blood seeping from your barely patched together wounds. “None of this is okay!”

“What’s wrong?” Hotch asked. When you looked at him, you could tell he knew something was wrong. Everyone else still assumed you were talking out of suicidal grief, because hey, who wouldn’t have been all a jumble after a failed suicide attempt.

Staring straight ahead, you looked at Spencer. “You didn’t read the note I left, did you?”

The color drained from his face and his lips started to quiver. “No,” he said. “I didn’t want to read your final words to me.” He already looked so hurt, his face drawn as he wished to take all your pain away. It took you a second to continue. You wanted to take in this look before it turned to one of hatred.

“You should’ve,” you said, taking the cuffs from Hotch’s belt and placing them in Spencer’s hands. “If you had, you would be cursing me right now.”

Before, his stance had been wavering at best, moving from side to side as he attempted to keep up his own strength to help you. Now? Now he was standing straight up, looking you square in the eye. “What did you do?”

Since you’d come back into consciousness, feeling the heaviness of your eyelids, you’d been angry. Angry at God. Angry at Ashton. Angry at Rocco. Angry at yourself. Angry at the universe. But the second you turned to face JJ, you broke. “I poisoned you.”

“What?” he asked, his breaths coming in heavy pants. JJ’s eyes started to water. It was clear she didn’t understand. But you really couldn’t either. Nothing made sense anymore. Had your life ever made sense? It had been so long, you couldn’t remember anymore. “What do you mean you poisoned her? Why? What with? I don’t believe you,” he rambled. “This is some kind of post-suicidal grief I don’t understand. It has to be.”

Sadly, you shook your head, holding your wrists out for Spencer to cuff. “I put Belladonna berries in her smoothie yesterday morning.”

When you looked around, their face ran the gamut. JJ was crying and confused. Garcia was openly sobbing. Derek looked like he wanted to murder you. Emily and Rossi looked like they didn’t know what life was anymore. And Hotch looked, well, like Hotch. In your year with Spencer, you’d never even seen him look at an unsub the way he was looking at you right now. Deep down, you could see a plume of love, blowing up as you stared at him, but in front of his eyes were fire. He hated you. Just like you knew he would. Without a word, he turned around and left the room, with Derek following closely behind. “Do we have to put the cuffs on you?” Rossi asked. Even now, knowing what you did to JJ, you could tell he wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt. He wanted to believe that this was all some big mistake.

“I’ll come quietly,” you said. “Just protect him…please.”

Their eyes darted from side to side, unable to figure out where you were coming from, but no one asked. They didn’t have the strength. Within minutes, Hotch and Rossi were in your car, driving you back to the Bureau. Neither of them said a word. But you did catch Rossi glancing into the back seat. 

The drive back seemed to take forever and when you rounded each corner, you saw a piece of your former life flashing before you. Mom and Dad dying. Leslie dying. Face down on the floor as a client claimed your dignity. The drugs. Rocco smacking you across the face. Quivering in the corner as you begged a client to go easy on you. All of it plagued your mind. 

As you made your way with them up the elevator, everything felt like it was moving in slow motion. Hotch was about to take you into an interrogation room, when the rest of the team, JJ included, came up behind you. Spencer grabbed you by the arm, harder than he ever had before, and brought you into the lonely, isolated room. He was shaking, and you could tell he was going to leave you there to stew for a while. Let you sit with your own thoughts.

Before he left the room, he turned back slowly. You could feel the heat radiating off him as he spoke. It was taking everything in him not to kill you right now. “I don’t know what you did, or why, but I don’t care,” he said quietly, his voice steadier than it had been in days. “Come near my team, and I will end you.”