i know you want me ;)

hey… i dont think i say this enough but i really appreciate the ppl who take the time of their day to like. interact with me and stuff

like there are ppl i see every day liking my posts even though we’ve never spoken and i think thats like, really cool that u think im kinda a cool dude cause i think youre really cool myself

and like the ppl who have never talked to me except through anon asks like, youre really awesome too. its okay to be too shy to talk but i appreciate you just like i do w/ ppl i talk to every day. you’re super cool and i read all ur messages [even though sometimes im forgetful when it comes to responding OOF ;___; ] and i’m always really happy that you’d take the time to like. think of me like the idea is so fun and wild 2 me 

i’ve changed my mind.

like for a starter? 

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The comic is so good that I feel like I want and I need to pay for this beautiful content. I will commission you I swear to the Iris that I will!!

Ooh Gosh Anon, thank you so much this is so flattering!  ♡ ♡ ;0;

I mean, if your wallet allows you to, and you if you ever feel like it I’ve got a Ko-fi ;u;

The main reason is because the fandom has been extremely rude to me. Online and real life.
I don’t show respect towards people who don’t show any respect towards me, even though I never did anything to them.

I literally don’t trust any Erwin cosplayer anymore… ok the only Erwin that I trust is @agaymasterpiece lmao

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(Hi I'm going to scream here bc u said it's ok to do so) ur fics r a blessing. Btw now i kind of need the Compliment Yuuri Party to be a thing in my life. I have so many feelings about this boy; he's so freaking amazing He moved all alone to another country to achieve his dream. Even before vitya came into his life, he was already japan's top skater and made it to the gpf; and wle dealing with anxiety! I wish he was more aware of how amazing he is. Im so proud and just want to hug him, really

YES this is exactly the right place to come screaming about Katsuki Yuuri’s appreciation i’m open to it 24/7 and also aaahhhhhh you’re so nice im??? thank you;;;;;;

Okay hear me out we can’t have a real party because of dumb multiverse theories where the characters don’t really technically exist in this reality but I’m gonna throw the hot, sweet potato to someone who can and is absolutely in line with our constant “I love Katsuki Yuuri and everything that he stands for” mood.

(I posted this on ao3 too!)

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Goal: Tag nine people you want to get to know better!

The lovely @charlieweesley tagged me in this, thank you!!! (I can’t tag on my laptop so no bold questions but we’ll try our best)

Relationship status: single
Favourite colour: dark red! But also thousands of other colours
Lipstick or chapstick: red lipstick is super super rad so that
Last song I listened to: lovestruck by the vamps is currently playing
Top three shows: merlin, brooklyn nine-nine and elementary
Top three characters: remus lupin, halt o'carrick and will herondale (look it wasn’t easy, but they came to mind first)
Top three ships: merthur, peraltiago and jenny/gilan because I can’t think of anything else but also they’re pretty darn cute

I tag: @bothhappy–andsad @styalls @klainederful @observelouis @lesterdreams @floralaesthetlc @ryanperch @ciaoloueh @louiistomlinsun


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I’m….not super comfortable with selfies;;;; so i drew a quick self portrait sketch instead, i hope that’s good enough lmao;;; also that Mogoya album is fuckin superb and i highly recommend it, it’s AMAZING. also totally check out @brilcrist from my background??? DOPE art, seriously, their urls are written in the bottom of the picture as well;; 

im not gonna directly tag anyone but if you wanna do it, count this as an honorary tag!!!


make me choose: asked by @jungkooky  fire era jimin or i need u era jimin? >:)