i know you told me so matt but

  • Shiro: So, Matt is the man I've been seeing recently.
  • Matt: ...Why are they looking at me like I'm a zoo animal?
  • Lance: Well, Shiro acts as sort of the dad of the group, so emotionally, this is kind of like being told that you're our new mom.
  • Matt: But you know it's nothing like that, right?
  • Hunk: Absolutely. Do you cook macaroni?

6: “Marry me” (part 2 from the 5/6 request, also andreil!)

It takes 4 months and 2 weeks to organize Matt’s proposal to Dan. 

Neil knows because he’s been pretending to understand most of what Matt says to him for 4 months and 2 weeks.

It’s not that he’s not happy for them, it’s just that being told to celebrate love feels like being told to celebrate the way the world turns, or the gravity that continues to pin us like the bar on a rollercoaster seat. Neil celebrates love by staying alive to see it. He celebrates it by keeping it.

He looks at prospective rings and says they’re fine over and over again. He dutifully tells Dan nothing even when she asks outright. He answers the phone when Matt calls him in a panic at midnight and says “what if she says no” so many times that Neil hands the phone to Nicky.

It does make him think though, about Andrew. Without meaning to.

He doesn’t think of it as marriage in his head (to Neil, marriage has always been something that swallows you like quick sand). Tying himself to Andrew though — having something legally binding like Neil Josten on his documents, like their names on the lease, like his contract with his team — that means something to Neil.

Being with Andrew is the thrill of being in the game, but having it on paper would be like points blinking onto a scoreboard. He knows he’s scoring now, but he wants the crowd to know too. He wants this win to stick.

He doesn’t mention it because it doesn’t matter, ultimately. Neil doesn’t need other people to tell him that they love each other.

Andrew scoops Sir off Neil’s lap and smuggles him to his side of the couch. He pours one bowl of sugar crisp and one bowl of granola in the morning. He catches Neil’s sleeve before he goes for a run and uses every ounce of 5 AM energy he has to hold Neil’s eyes. Neil knows how he feels.

But he really does support Matt and Dan, separate from the way he’s scared of hospital rooms he won’t be allowed into or the box on a form that labels them ‘roommates’ like that’s anywhere close to enough.

The engagement lines up with a weekend that all the original foxes are scheduled to meet up on, scraped together by Matt’s meticulous hands and Nicky’s constant phone calls.

Andrew isn’t interested in going, but Neil asks, so. They’re the first ones there.

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anonymous asked:

andriel with "Are you fucking kidding me?” Or "everything's going to be fine" please ((ps your writing? Just ruin me you are so good!!))

thank you sweet pea! i chose the first one if that’s alright!

from this list

Andrew hated airports. That was a fact.

They were loud and crowded, full of screaming children and businessmen, two of Andrew’s worst nightmares

 But here he was, standing in baggage claim with his suitcase and hands itching for a cigarette. He idly scratched the tattoo at his wrist, looking around for a bundle of curly hair and processed sunshine.

 “Andrew!” There it was.

Nicky ran up to him with barely contained happiness stretching itself into a smile. “You made it! Neil’s going to be so excited!”

Andrew hoped so, or he’d have to explain to his coach why he took a week off near the end of the offseason, even though his team was supposed to be practicing. He was Exy’s greatest goalkeeper, but even the promise of that wasn’t enough to keep him away from his boyfriend.

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siriustblack  asked:

57 + andreil?

from this list of prompts - please don’t send more!

The first time Neil meets Andrew, there isn’t any intention behind it. Or rather, there’s no intent to go out and meet new people. Neil doesn’t intend to catch someone’s eye and share a joke from across a room. And he definitely doesn’t intend to be rescued from his own drunk self by the same stranger.

Matt seems kind of alarmed to see Neil with a stranger - probably because Neil openly resisted getting to know Matt, the least threatening person in the world, probably, and now he’s in a decidedly angry-looking stranger’s lap on a curb. “Neil, I left you alone for five minutes, how did you make everything go wrong in that time?”

Neil doesn’t groan. He doesn’t. “Bad luck follows me?”

The blonde guy doesn’t laugh. Neil’s not sure he said anything. Neil really doesn’t know why he’s the one to follow Neil out of the bar when the world started spinning.

Matt laughs, a little. “Not entirely unlucky. You’ve made a friend?” Neil’s sure he’s sizing the other guy up, making sure he has no untoward intentions with Neil, but he doesn’t see it. All he sees is cement and surprisingly nice shoes (not his own). 

“Andrew,” the guy offers, not unkindly. In fact, there’s not much of anything in his tone.

“Right,” Matt says, sounding somehow unsure. “Well, thanks for helping Neil. He’s kind of a danger magnet. I should, uh, get him back home.” Matt’s voice is hesitant, and even through the fog in Neil’s mind, he knows why.

“It’s Dan’s night,” he protests weakly. “Go back in. I’m fine.”

“Neil,” Matt says, and his voice is as hard as it always gets when Neil lies. “You freak out when I pat your shoulder and you’re in this guy’s lap. Can you even stand up? Don’t- don’t try it, man.”

Neil tries it. The world shakes, and he ends up back in Andrew’s lap, with only the addition of a hand on his back that might be for stability or maybe just for ease. Andrew seems nonplussed by all of these events. Any other time, Neil would be full of questions for Andrew. Any less drunk, and he’d ask them. Maybe it’s good you met this way, some self-preservation instinct suggests, but Neil isn’t sure this state is good for anything.

“Dan won’t mind,” Matt says, and Neil knows he’s right. “It’s part of parenthood, eh?”

So Matt starts to pull Neil up, and wraps an arm securely around his waist despite the height difference. 

Neil was never really taught manners, but something sticks out anyway. He looks at Andrew with all the focus he can muster, trying to commit his face to memory, and says, “Thank you,” carefully. Andrew doesn’t respond, or maybe Neil just doesn’t notice, and then he’s gone.

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New World

 Requested by anon: could you do an imagine about the reader getting used to the shadowhunter life but still having a relationship with her mundane boyfriend from her old high school, but he starts to act like a jerk bc he can’t understand she has a whole new life now, so she starts having feeling for jace & he too… but she pushes him away bc she doesn’t wanna hurt him but jace refuses to walk away??? too specific maybe??? lmao please :(

 Pairing: Jace Wayland X Reader

 Word count: 755

 Fourteen missed calls. And now your phone is ringing again when you walk out the bathroom. It’s Matt again. Drying your hair with a towel you answer the phone, hoping he doesn’t have much to say.

 “Hey, Matt.”

 “Where are you?” He’s rude, barking the words like you’ve done something very wrong.

 “I’m at… At my new apartment.” At the same moment, Jace opens your bedroom door. “Why? Is everything ok, Matt?”

 “Are you mad, (Y/N)? You supposed to meet me three hours ago.”

 Holy shit.

 Before you can even think of a good answer, Jace picks your phone and turns if off.

 “By the angel, Jace? What are you doing?”  

 “He’s an idiot. You need to get rid of him.” He puts your phone on the bedside table. “You’re slaying demons, not cheating on him.”

 “What? No! I mean, yes, but we’ve been together since high school.” You take your phone, turning it on to see a new message. “I gotta go.” You touch his shoulder before running out the Institute.

  One hour later you close your bedroom door shut with a loud noise. When you turn on the light, you roll at eyes at Jace, who are sitting comfortably on your bed.

 “Jace, please…”

 “I’m here to talk. Just talk to me and I’ll try to give you some advice.” He honestly states, staring at you.

 “It’s just that… Matt doesn’t want to understand. I can’t tell him that I’m here so I lie. I can’t go to our dates because I’m killing or hunting a demon so I lie. The only truth is that I lie to keep him safe.” You speak all of a sudden, laying down on your bed, staring at the ceiling. It’s amazing how comfortable you feel with Jace. The feeling he brings out scares you, so most of the time you try to avoid him. Jace, on the contrary, is always struggling to be near you. “I don’t know what to do it anymore. It’s tiring.”

 “Maybe you should try a Shadowhunter boyfriend.” He moves to lay by your side, his arm touching yours. “Would make things easier.”


 “Do you love him?” He interrupts you, his hand taking yours. “It’s a simple question.”

 “That’s enough, Jace, go away, I want to be alone.” Getting up abruptly, you point at the door. “Go.”

 “No. I want you to answer.” Jace sits up straight, a smile on his lips. “I already know the answer but I want you to say it.”

 You sigh, your hands on your hips.

 “I know you’ve been trying to push me away. You’re doing it right now, but lying to yourself isn’t the smartest thing to do.”

 “Stop it, ok?” You pull him by his jacket, forcing him to get off your bed. “I need to think.”

 “No, you stop it.” Jace holds you close even though you try to push him away. “You will break up with him or he’ll break up with you. And you won’t even cry because you don’t love him.”

 The truth in his words makes you stop fighting. This world may be new to you, but it’s your world. Matt could never make part of it, and he wasn’t even trying to understand. You can’t help but sigh, Jace’s beautiful eyes locked on yours. He knows you’re breaking down, finally admitting to yourself that this stupid relationship with Matt won’t work.

 “You don’t have to tell me that, I already know.” Giving a step back, you pick up your phone, quickly typing to your boyfriend.

 “What are you typing?”

 “I need to meet him so we can talk and…” Matt sends a message and you almost throw your phone at the wall. “He… broke up with me?”

 “What?” Jace comes to your side, reading the text. “What kind of man is he? Breaking up like this.”

 “You know what? I don’t care.” Taking a deep breath, you delete his contact from your phone. 

 “Told you he was an idiot.”

 “I don’t wanna talk about this. Never again.”

 Jace takes your phone from your hands, throwing it at your bed. He cups your cheeks, his beautiful, kind eyes locked on yours.

 “Fine. But tomorrow we’ll have a date.” Kissing your cheek, he leaves your bedroom. “And I won’t take no for an answer.” He states in a low voice before closing the door.

 You can’t help but smile and feel butterflies on your stomach. Tomorrow will be a good day, no matter if there’s another demon to kill.

5 Stages

Matt Murdock x Reader

Summary: The 5 stages of falling in love with Matt Murdock.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T
Warnings: Swearings, injuries
2,038 words

Notes: HELLO EVERYONE. First, I want to apologize for my late responses to the few requests I have but I’M WORKING ON IT. My internet it’s not working properly so that’s one more stone in my way… :/ The requests are closed until I sort it out. So I’ll leave you guys with this Matt one I wrote and didn’t post. Feedback always welcomed. <3 ENJOY! 

Stage 1: Butterflies
You can’t get the person out of your head. 

At first, Matt thought it was temporary. 

Since Fisk, Nelson & Murdock earned some nice cases and clients and Foggy insisted that they needed another secretary. A internet ad and a 20 minute interview later, you got hired. 

4 months working with them and it felt like you were long time friends. Foggy treated you like a sister and Karen was glad and clearly relieved that she had a girlfriend to count on after everything she’d been through. 

But with Matt…it was different. He kept saying to himself the both of you were just friends but deep down, he knew it was a little bit more than that. 

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Big Bro

Requests: “Could you do one with a witty banter between the salvatores and their sister who slept w the enemy (klaus if preferred but anyone will do really) and protective!damon and stefan ❤️❤️❤️” (Credits to gif owners!)

“Stop what you’re doing brother, it looks like we have to have a talk with our sister.” Damon skipped down the last step in the parlor. Stefan quietly put down the newspaper he was reading and that’s when Y/N swallowed the lump in her throat. Oh boy what did they need to talk about? Stefan calmly sat forward and put the newspaper down on the coffee table before him.

Stefan looked back and forth from his siblings and then back up at Damon who was standing over them with his arms folded across his chest. “Okay…?” Y/N shakily put her feet to the floor and looked up at her elder brother. “Is something wrong…?”

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Devil For A Daddy (Matt Murdock x Reader)

a/n: hi again!! this is another one that wasn’t requested, i’ve just been in a very literary mood lmao. i watched a couple episodes of daredevil today and i was Inspired. i hope y'all enjoy reading this as much as i enjoyed writing it!!

WORD COUNT: 1,075 (yet again i got very carried away lmao)

Y/N couldn’t stop pacing the length of her and Matt’s shared apartment, her hand raised to her mouth as she bit her nails anxiously. Matt hadn’t come home yet and it was nearing 4 AM. He had promised that he’d be home no later than 2, and with that psycho that the media called ‘The Punisher’ on the loose, Y/N had been anxious and pacing for hours. She had tried to stop him before he left, her conscience weighing heavily on her shoulders along with the dangers of Matt’s ‘night job’.

Y/N had recently learned that she was pregnant, probably only about nine weeks along. And she was at a complete loss of what she was supposed to do. She had found out from Claire after Karen and Matt had made her get checked out for her frequent nausea. She hadn’t told Matt yet, as she had only found out herself two days ago.

Of course, Matt had told her to go to sleep and that he’d be there when she woke up, but that was never how it worked. Y/N stayed up waiting for Matt and then patched him up to her best ability when he got back. If he was injured beyond her limited medical knowledge, she would call Claire and watch as she patched him up. She couldn’t just sleep while she knew he was out there, possibly hurt. And now the risk was doubled.

It was the middle of summer and the heat in Hells Kitchen was sweltering, but, standing in her shorts and t-shirt, Y/N felt a nervous chill rush over her as Matt landed with a ‘thud’ on the fire escape.

Y/N raced to the window, squinting against the light of the billboard as she pushed it open and helped Matt into the apartment.

Matt gripped onto Y/N’s upper arms while she scanned him with her eyes, checking for any serious damage. He smiled softly, bringing his hand up to her chin and moving her head so she looked at him.

“Y/N, I’m fine. Just some bruising and a few scrapes.”

Y/N nodded hesitantly before wrapping her arms tightly around Matt’s middle, muttering into his chest. “I’ll get some ice and the kit. Sit down so I can clean the scrapes. Are you sore anywhere that I can’t see?”

Matt complied, sitting on the couch and removing the horned mask and then his shirt.

“No. It wasn’t too bad tonight, love.”

As Matt sat on the couch and listened to Y/N move around, the sound comforting him and bringing him down from the adrenaline rush that came with his vigilantism, his hearing caught something abnormal. Matt could hear Y/N’s heartbeat, like always, but there was something else…

Matt’s face contorted in concentration as he tried to pinpoint the disturbance, but it was small and very faint from this distance. Y/N came back, sitting down next to him and setting up the first aid kit. Matt tilted his head as the disturbance became more prevalent, sounding almost like a second heartbeat.

Y/N startled when Matt suddenly placed a hand on her lower abdomen, his face twisted in concentration. She took her lip between her teeth, gnawing on it in anxiety as she anticipated his reaction. “I had hoped to tell you myself…”

Matt’s eyes widened in realization and he put his other hand on Y/N’s stomach, turning to face her, his eyes not quite finding her face as she waited for some kind of reaction.

“H-How long have you known…?”

Y/N took a deep, calming breath before answering, placing her hands over his.

“I found out two days ago from Claire when you and Karen made me go see her for the nausea…she said I’m about nine weeks along.”

Matt nodded distractedly, leaning down to press his ear to Y/N’s midsection. His throat tightened and his eyes burned when he heard a faint heartbeat. Matt then took notice of the fast, frightened rhythm of Y/N’s heart.

She was scared.

Matt sat up straight and took Y/N into his arms, his chin resting on top of her head.

So was he.

“I’m going to be a dad…W-we’re going to be parents. You’re pregnant. With my kid.”

Y/N nodded, shifting herself into Matt’s lap as she hugged him back. Her heartbeat didn’t accelerate beyond the rate it was already at, and Matt’s face lit up in a wide smile.

“I had a minor breakdown when Claire told me. Karen was there and she doesn’t even know yet, I wanted you to find out first. I was scared you’d be angry…”

Matt tilted his head, confused. “Angry..? Why?”

Y/N shifted nervously in his arms.
“You’re Catholic, Matt. I figured you would’ve been, I don’t know, upset that we aren’t married.”

Matt nodded, understanding her point, but hugging her tighter to him. “I don’t mind. As long as I’m willing to do this with you, which I am, then I’m fine. This kid is going to be so loved, it won’t matter.”

Y/N went quiet for a while, content to relax in Matt’s arms, before he spoke again, his chest rumbling under Y/N’s ear.

“Unless…you’d want to get married? To seal the deal?”

Matt immediately felt Y/N shift in his arms, sensing her eyes on him. “Well…that depends. Are you asking?”

Matt grinned, Y/N’s heartbeat yet again picking up, but this time it was out of excitement. He could practically feel her happiness as it radiated off of her.

“I’ve had a ring on hold at the jewelers by the office for about a month…so, yes. I am asking. A bit sooner than I wanted, but I think this warrants it.”

Y/N laughed, her arms tightening around Matt’s midsection painfully, but Matt couldn’t be bothered to care. Y/N’s answer came in a tearful whisper, her smile pressed into the crook of Matt’s neck.

“Then of course. Let’s get married.”

Matt smiled and squeezed her back, now consciously mindful of Y/N’s midsection.

Y/N pulled away from Matt after a bit, reaching to the coffee table for the first aid kit, where she caught sight of the horned mask and she laughed quietly. “I hope that this baby isn’t a girl, for her sake more than anything.”

Matt pulled away from Y/N, taking her face in his hands although he couldn’t see her. “And why’s that?”

Y/N smirked, taking Matt’s hand from her cheek and beginning to bandage the scraped knuckles.

“Because her devil of a daddy will scare the hell out of any date that comes through that door.”

Help Me Get The Girl Part 10 (Grayson Mini-Series)

Description: Grayson seeks out your help to get your friend to fall for him.  In exchange for your help, Grayson promises to take care of your freshman brother when it comes to being bullied.  What you two didn’t know is that even though helping each other would ideally be beneficial, there would be a series of events that would make you two question whether this was a good deal or a disaster in the making.

Word Count: 2,563

Warnings: Language.

A/N:   Here is part 10 and it is one that I really enjoyed writing so I’m interested in seeing your feedback!  As a reminder Y/l/n means your last name!  As usual, Happy Reading and I hope you enjoy it!

And to those who are staying up late to read it… THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOU!

Your Pov:

Grayson’s hands worked their way into my hair, slightly tugging my head to deepen the kiss.  I allowed myself to melt against him, my body slumping into his hold, knowing that he was prepared to trap me between his arm and his torso.   His tongue slipped into my mouth as a growl rumbled through his chest and up his throat, causing his lips to vibrate against mine.  

“Grayson, I can’t…” I mumbled against his smooth lips, allowing him to continue to kiss me.

“Give me one reason to stop.” his voice whispered as his lips moved to my neck, sucking and biting every bit of the surface he passed.

Closing my eyes I responded, “Ethan.”

The warmth of his body moved away from me, his wild eyes focused on me, “Ethan?  What does Ethan have to do with this?” he asked, his hands on my arms to hold me in place.

That was a good question!  What did Ethan have to do with it?  Why did his name escape my lips without my brain processing it first?  Ethan was my best friend, but that in no way should be stopping what was happening between Grayson and I.  But, here I was, stopping Gray not because of Grace, not because of my own personal morals, but because of Ethan.

I tried to blink away my own confusion, probably looking like a confused child as I did so, but this wasn’t an issue that had ever clouded my mind.  So, my first instinct, the instinct I always follow when initially confronted by an uncomfortable or upsetting situation, was to run, and I did just that–I ran.

“Can you take me home?” I asked, my voice sounding unsure.

He stuttered a bit before reluctantly giving in, “If that’s what you really want.” his arms dropped to his side, defeat flashing across his face.

I gave him a soft smile, “I don’t know what I want and that’s why I need to go home.  But, Grayson, I think it’s the same for you.  You don’t know what you want,” he moved to talk but I held up a hand to stop him, “Grace has always been your main priority and now all of a sudden you’re acting like I’m important to you?  Grayson, this isn’t fair for either of us, we can’t do this unless we’re sure, and the truth is… we both aren’t even close to being sure right now.  So, I ask again, please take me home.”

And he did.


When I got home I was welcomed by the horrifically angry faces of my parents who were fully ready to hand me a platter of shut the hell up and sit down.  Without a word being spoken from either of us, I sat myself down on the couch with my eyes cast to the floor like a submissive wolf.

My father stepped in front of me first, his black work shoes coming into view; a scowl crossed my face, but I was still calm.  But, then my mother approached and that’s when my pulse picked up.  I loved and respected my mother more than anything and that woman truly could scare me into doing whatever she wanted when she was mad.  And right now, telling by the heat I could feel radiating off of her, she was a woman on fire.

“I want to swear at you SO bad!” she growled, pacing back and forth.  “Like even the F word, Y/n.  THE F WORD!  I WANT TO SAY IT!”  I attempted to lift my eyes to look at them properly but when I did she quit pacing, captured my eyes and glared straight into the deepest parts of my soul.

I held up my hands defensively, “Okay, now I know what I did wasn’t appropriate, but…”

“You busted through the detention doors, stocked over to Matt, and slammed his face against his desk.  You broke his nose.  Did you know that?  You broke his damn nose!” my mom grilled me as her hands made a gesture like she wanted to strangle me.

“I may have taken it a bit far, but that prick only got detention for what he did to Theo!” I explained myself, but I knew the response I was about to get.

My mom’s face held an expression that said, ‘I’ll grab onto your hair and drag you.’ Luckily, my father stepped in front of her, “Y/n, the issue is, we are in the process of pressing charges against Matt and you doing this gave them something to hold against us.  I know that you’re upset, we all are, but to have you do this and end up being suspended-”

“SUSPENDED?” I cut him off with a sharp screech.

“Yes, Y/n, suspended!  While I appreciate that you were standing up for your brother, you have made matters worse and shown a side that no one knew existed!” my mom took a deep breath before taking a seat next to me, “I love you, sweetie.  I love you so much, but you can’t let yourself get lost in your emotions; it will only eat you up until it reaches your core, and then what do you have left?”

What she had just said related to more things in my life than she could imagine.  I was slowly becoming a ball of wrecked feelings and it was taking over every aspect of my life.  If I could just turn it all off for a day I would, but I’m human and humans were born to bear pain, happiness, and confliction.  All of which were currently sitting on my plate set at the table of doom.

“I’m sorry, mom and dad, but I couldn’t let him get away with just detention.  I mean, I get suspended for breaking his nose but all he gets for putting Theo in the hospital is detention?  That’s bullshit and you know it!”

“It is, you’re right.” she put her arm around me, pulling me into a comforting side hug.  The tension in me started to drift away until she said, “You’re still grounded though.”

Throwing my head back I accepted my fate, “For how long?”

“Two weeks and no Ethan.  The only time you’re leaving the house is for school and to visit your brother in the hospital.” my father stated for her, a smirk plastered on his face.

I stood up abruptly, “That’s not fair!  No Ethan?  What kind of punishment is that?” I whined like a child.

My mother stood up, measuring only a couple inches taller than me, “It is fair, because last time you were grounded, he snuck over each night which basically took away the meaning of being grounded.”

“He came over once.” I lied through my clenched teeth.

“You’re lying.” my mother argued.  “I know he was here more than that.”

“No you don’t.  How would you know?” my defiance slid through my skin, reaching out to push back at my mom’s words.

“I heard him.” she swerved her head like a snake.

“Sure,” I rolled my eyes, “Don’t you think if I snuck someone in, I would be quiet?”

She gulped, but I know it wasn’t because of what I said.  Instead of looking like I had just beat her in the battle, she looked like she was fighting a cringe, her body rippling with a shiver before she walked away.  

I looked up at my father in confusion.  He and I had a strong bond and were very open with each other, but I didn’t know what we were open enough for him to say to me what he said next…

“The walls are paper thin, Y/n.  Even through the ceilings we can hear everything.  You’re mother heard things between you and Ethan that no parent ever wants to hear.” he gave me a knowing look and then proceeded to follow in the direction my mother went.

I heart sank all the way to my butt I was so embarrassed by the information he had just revealed.  My eyes were wide as I shuddered, my head shaking in attempt to erase what had just happened from my mind, but I came up unsuccessful.

Realizing that they hadn’t taken my phone away I immediately started to reach for it to text Grace about what happened, but the memory of our altercation popped back into my mind, reminding me that texting her wasn’t a good idea.  So instead I walked up to my room, sat on my bed, and pulled out my phone to text someone else…

To E:

Grounded.  Want to come over tonight?

From E:

Slow down, sweetheart, still catching my breath from last time.

To E:

Stop.  11.  My window is open.

From E:

Chill!  I’ll be there.


“Sup!” Ethan announced his presence in a whisper as he climbed through the window, “Miss me that much?” sarcasm oozed from his voice.

“No.” I stated bluntly, “You’re my only choice right now so… here you are.” I tossed him a can of soda as I pulled out the chips I had snuck up to my room earlier from under my bed.

He caught it, situating himself on my bed with his back resting against the headboard, “You feeling better now?” he asked as he popped a chip in his mouth with a crunch.

I shrugged, “Yeah, but I’m grounded so…” I sat next to him, pulling a pillow into my lap, switching the tv opposite of us.

“I’m assuming it’s because of what you did to Matt?” he stated more than asked.  My eyebrows raised, wondering how he had heard of it so fast, “You know everything in our school spreads like wildfire.” he passed me the bag of chips.

“I hate our school.” I told him a fact he had known since the first day we started talking.  “But, yes, it’s because I beat that prick’s ass.”

“If I was there I would have joined in.” he said as he took the pillow from me and placed it behind him before sliding down to rest his head on it.

“I know.” I laid down next to him.  “My parents know we had sex by the way.” I told him, my eyes on the ceiling.

He chuckled to himself, “That’s awesome.  I must have been good.”

“Mediocre.” I teased.

Within seconds Ethan was on top of me, hands placed next to my head with his body in a push up position.  “I was top notch and you know it.  We both know it.” he pecked my nose and flipped back over to his previous position.

These little gestures of his never really meant much before.  They were just friendly interactions that brought a smile to my face, but lately it had been different.  Lately, it made my bones ache when he would pull away and my skin chill when he put distance between us.  

Lately, he had been more than just Ethan.  And that made things a whole hell of a lot more complicated.

“Ethan,” I said, not quite sure where I was going with it.

“Y/n.” he responded, mocking my tone.

“I’m going to tell you something and you’re going to be the friend I know you are and be supportive, okay?” I turned on my side to face him and he did the same.  With a nod from him I continued, “Today I went with Grayson to your cabin and I kissed him.  The kiss felt right for a second, but then it didn’t.”

“Why are you telling me this?” he asked with a growl.

“Because you’re my best friend and I’m not done yet so shut up.” I demanded.  “It didn’t feel right because of you and I need to know why.” I admitted, finally meeting his eyes.

He sighed, looking away from me.  Was this what rejection felt like?  Was it technically even rejection when I hadn’t initially made a move?

I continued to explain what was going on in my mind, “I just look at you and get so confused because you aren’t just my best friend anymore, your something more, something that I don’t know how to explain, but you’re there and that makes me happy.  Everything about you makes me happy.  And Grayson, he just… he has Grace.  He’s always wanted Grace and I’m just… I’m not her!  I’m me and there’s nothing I can do to change that.  But, that’s the thing, I don’t want to change that!  I’ve always been comfortable with who I am as a person until lately, and now I’m a mess!  I know that I don’t love Grayson, but I’m afraid that I’m on the path to loving him, but if loving him is going to continue to hurt this much, then I don’t want to love him at all.” I was now breathing heavily, finally getting everything I had been holding in off of my chest.

My breaths were deep, wholesome, and pure.  It was like smelling the fresh air after a spring rain.  There wasn’t a hold on me, controlling my every move, and there were no more secrets between me and E.

“I don’t want you to love him either.” Ethan said in a volume slightly above a whisper.

“What?” I asked in shock.

“I don’t want you to love him either, but if that’s what your heart truly wants then that’s what it wants.” he scooted closer to me.  “Y/n, you have been my world ever since I met you.”


He stopped me, “I think about what it would be like to have you by my side like this for the long haul but I know what you feel for Grayson and what Grayson feels for you.  I will never intrude unless you ask me to, but know this, Y/n Y/l/n, whatever happens in the end, you were the greatest first love I could have ever asked for.  I will never have a love like I have for you ever again and I thank you.  I thank you for allowing me to feel something as amazing as what I feel for you.  If this was the last moment we spent together, this close, that would be enough for me.  Knowing that I had you for a moment will fulfill me for a lifetime.”

“Why did you have to say that?” I whispered with a ghost of a smile on my face.

“Because you’re my best friend.  We’re sharing secrets right now aren’t we?” he moved a piece of hair out of my face before pulling me in closer.  “Also because I’m not going down without a fight.”

“I wish I could give you an answer right now, but I just can’t.” I rested my forehead against his, something we had done since the beginning of our friendship.

He pressed his lips against my forehead, allowing them to linger, “I don’t expect you to.  Just know that I love you, okay?  I’ll be by your side no matter what.”

“Ethan, you’re too good for me, you know?  I don’t think I could ever deserve you.” I told him truthfully, laying it all out on the line tonight seemed to be the trend.

“You’ll always be enough for me and more.” he hugged me as close as he could and did so until we fell asleep.


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Nothing Compares

Anonymous: Imagine you used to be really friendly with Matt (muttering into his ear, squishing his face, talking loudly for emphasis, etc) and him being upset when you stop because you think you’re torturing him once you find out how good his senses are

This is a very cute idea, I hope I did okay for you :)

1523 words. Enjoy xx

Originally posted by kinghardy

“I’ve got dinner,” you called, kicking the office door closed with your foot. Karen and Foggy practically ripped their food out of your hands, thanking you and then sitting down to eat. You always bought the food, keeping those three fed and happy.

You brought yours and Matt’s food to his office and put the bag in front of him. “Here you go, Matty.” You jumped up to sit on his desk as you always did, getting out your sandwich.

“Comfortable?” He joked.

You reached over and ruffled his hair. “Yes, thank you.” You leaned your head on his shoulder, reading a case file he and Foggy were working on.

Taking a bite of your sandwich, you listened as Matt started telling you about the case, and how a man was wrongly convicted. He and Foggy were amazing lawyers, you had complete faith that they would help this innocent man.

When he finished explaining, you looked up and kissed his cheek. “You’ll do perfectly, I know it.”

He smiled, “Thanks, Y/n.” After dinner, he sighed and stood up. “We should probably get home, it’s getting late.”

Waiting at the door, you grinned and intertwined his arm in yours, walking home with him.

Matt was your best friend. You were the one that helped him around if he wanted, and the one who gave him a small pep talk before any hearing. Besides Foggy, of course, there were no two people who were closer friends than you and Matt. Sometimes, you’d find yourself getting even closer to him, and maybe wishing you weren’t just friends.

As you got to Matt’s front door, you have him a hug, and pushed his hair out of his face gently. “See you tomorrow.”

He smiled at you sweetly, “Goodnight, Y/n.” You turned around as the door closed, walking back home with a wide smile on your face.

After one day at the office, you headed towards Matt’s apartment instead of your own. Foggy had told you he was sick today, and that was why he wasn’t in. So, naturally, you decided to go and check on him.

You didn’t think anything of it, walking into Matt’s apartment like you did. It was normal for you two. You were best friends, of course you hung out together. But you never expected to see what you did.

“Oh god-Matt?” Your ran over to the couch where Matt was laying, looking worse for wear.

“Y/n,” he hissed, trying to sit up, but it obviously hurt. Acting on instinct, you reached out and helped him sit straight. You looked over his body in shock. Scrapes ran red over his upper body and arms, even his face. Looking around the room, you saw nothing was out of place. Before you could ask him one of the thousand questions running through your mind, he asked you, “What are you doing here?”

“Foggy said, he said you were sick,” you said distractedly, fear for Matt running through your veins. You could not comprehend how he could possibly be so beaten up. He was a blind man, for goodness sake! “Matt, what’s going on?”

He let out a breath, and pat the seat next to him where his feet had been. “I have some things to tell you.”

You sat down with nearly no hesitation, your curiosity, slight fear, and desire to help Matt any way you could taking hold.

“You know in the papers, how they talk about the Devil of Hells Kitchen?”

You nodded, answering with a short, “Yes.”

“Well, I’m ‘Daredevil.’”

There was a long moment of silence. He must have realized you were not going to say anything, and he began to explain himself to you. He told you about his heightened senses. How he felt things differently, how he heard things differently. How he could see without actually seeing.

You took it all in, sitting quietly. And when he was done, with your thoughts running rampant, you stood up. Rifling through the first aid kit on the table, you began to patch him up, slowly but surely.

He didn’t force you to talk, which was a good thing. You didn’t think you could have formed a word. After hearing about what he could do, and about his senses, you thought back to how you acted around him in horror. The loud talking, all your touches and you guiding him everywhere… It must have been an overload of senses for him. You cringed, feeling horrible. Forget about him not telling you he was Daredevil; he should have stopped you from annoying and torturing him.

You cleaned up the last gash on Matt’s arm, and turned to address him. “Okay.” His head turned toward yours in surprise. “You should have told me, I could have helped you.” He went to say something, but you interrupted. “But it’s okay.”

He licked his lips, looking a little wary. “We’re okay?”

You smiled, a little sadly. “Yeah, Matty. We’re okay.”

You left soon after that, feeling a bit numb. Not sure what to think about everything you’d learned, you fell asleep rather quickly in your apartment.

The office the next day wasn’t tense, exactly, but the usually relaxed and friendly atmosphere was gone. Your day was terrible, to say the least. You had no idea how close you and Matt were until now.

You kept your distance from him all day. Sure, you talked. But the simple touches were gone, and you felt like a part of you was missing. You may not have liked this distance, but you’d do anything to make sure he wasn’t in any pain or discomfort-especially from you.

You came back from getting everyone lunch like you usually did, only to find that Foggy and Karen were gone. Biting your lip, you walked into Matt’s office.

“Hey, I brought lunch,” you said, leaving the bag in front of him. You went to leave but Matt jumped up out of his seat.

“Wait, Y/n.”

You turned around to see him walking towards you. You almost reached out and grabbed his arm to help him, but you stopped yourself before you could. It was like second nature to help him, but now you knew he didn’t need your help. You cursed mentally, folding your arms over your chest instead. “Yeah?”

“You’ve been… Off, today,” he said carefully, not wanting you to leave just yet. You didn’t answer right away, so he kept going. “I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you my secret. I didn’t want you to be in danger. I’m so sorry, Y/n.”

You blinked. “No, Matt, this isn’t about you being a vigilante, exactly…”

“But if it isn’t, what else could it be?” He sounded frustrated with himself, and you started to feel a little guilty. “I just want to know, Y/n,” he sounded so upset, and the guilt nearly crushed your heart. “What did I do?” He put his glasses on the desk, now looking directly at you with those damned puppy eyes.

You stared back at him. “No, Matt, it’s not that, honestly. I mean, yeah, I wish you’d told me. And I’m going to worry about you…” You trailed off, watching as he struggled to understand.

“Then what is it? You’re acting different. I don’t know… I miss you.”

Closing your eyes, you sighed in frustration. Your eyes started to sting. “Honestly, Matt? I’m just-I’m probably so annoying to you, and I don’t know why you didn’t say anything to me. I don’t know why you didn’t stop me from basically torturing you. You didn’t tell me-you didn’t need help, I mean, all those times…” You trailed off, looking down at the floor and wringing your hands.

A look of understanding and disbelief crossed Matt’s face. “That’s what it is? About my senses? You’re not annoying, Y/n. Not at all.” He reached out for your hands and held them tight. “You’re anything but annoying,” he chuckled, shaking his head. “You’re funny, you’re kind, and you keep me grounded. There’s so much noise,” he gestured around his head, “and if you’re here… You help me to focus. You’re not annoying, I need you. If anything, you help keep me sane.”

Blinking, you wiped your eyes and let out a small laugh. “Really?” You needed to hear it again, you didn’t believe it.

Matt smiled softly. “Really.”

Smiling back, you reached up and grabbed his face in your hands, pinching his cheek and making him laugh loudly. It was a beautiful sound that you didn’t know you had missed. “Are we okay?”

He kissed your cheek softly in return, making you blush. “We’re more than okay. Promise.”

You stared at him in awe. “You know, Matt, your senses may be good, but you missed.”

He looked confused for half a second, before you brought his head down to yours, sealing his promise with a kiss.

Cute sentences prompt: Don’t

“I’m so in love with her/him, I don’t know what to do”

He paces around his dressing room and groans a little. “I hate this outfit”

He pushes his bottom lip forward, looking into the mirror, brows furrowed.

“You’ve been hating every outfit so far,” Brian huffs, holding up a navy blue button down shirt. “Try this one. This seems nice”

“Fuck this, I’ll just wear a plain black t-shirt,” Shawn growls and quickly gets out of the olive green shirt he is wearing.

“What is wrong with you, dude?” Matt asks, frowning at Shawn. “You seem weird and impatient and you are annoying”

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Title: Opening Up
Character: Matt Murdock
A/n: I actually really like the whole aspect of Matt being able to hear other people’s heartbeats and knowing shit about them from it, so I spent a good couple hours listening to multiple types of heartbeat videos in certain circumstances for future reference, so expect a lot of it.

Continuation of: http://ofnifflersandkings.tumblr.com/post/163891242327/title-the-sound-of-your-heart-character-matt

Matt was making his usual route to the firm, moving his walking cane to and fro as he maneuvered his way through the busy street. It was always loud whenever he was surrounded by a sea of people all of whom he could hear the conversations of.

Matt knew all the surrounding areas of the firm, and just as he was in front of the doors to your bakery, he could hear your soft voice humming inside, causing a smile to break out on his face. He was a fan of music, but he could never tell what songs you’d play to yourself.

But, he did know that your shop was never open this early. Foggy told him in conversation once that you worked all through the week, despite having several workers to take up work.

Matt walked up to the door, his hand searching for the doorknob. As we walked inside he heard the little jingle of a bell from above the door. Instantly, the strong smell of sugar and cinnamon filled his noise. And he could hear the whirring of a mixing machine from somewhere in the back.

“Sorry! We’re not opened yet!” He could hear your voice, but it was far away. You were probably in the kitchen out back.

“Not even for a friend?” Matt asked, leaning into his cane.

There was a small crash.

“Oh, Matthew!” Your voice was closer now, he could hear your footsteps walking up to him and your hands brushing against what he assumed was an apron. “What are you doing here?”

“I was just on my way to work, thought I’d stop by and say hello,” Matt zoned in on your heartbeat, it was the same happy rhythm as always. “Just a word of advice though, you might wanna lock the door from now on.”

He heard you laugh, and he noticed that you felt a little embarrassed by your mess up. “Oh yeah, I always forget to lock it again once I’m inside.”

After a bit more chitchat you linked an arm with Matt and lead him into one of the kitchens, letting him know you had made more stuff for him, Foggy and Karen.

“I wish you’d let me pay you back for the food you make us, I think we’re all becoming spoiled.” Matt told you, holding a paper bag filled with sweets.

“Don’t worry about it, I like trying new recipes on you all. Besides, I make them on my own time so I wouldn’t accept your money.” Matt knew you had started working again, he could hear you cracking eggs against a metal bowl.

“If you’re busy I can always come back later?”

“Nah, I don’t mind the company. Everyone else comes in around 9, so I have the place to myself till then. You can head out whenever you want.”

You continued to bake, talking with Matt and letting him try various things, all of which were met with great approval until he said he should probably get going.

“One favor before you go though, one of my hairpins is falling out and I’d fix it on my own but my hands are kind of covered in honey.”

Matt smiled and walked towards you. “Those two things don’t really mix, do they?”

You laughed and turned around. “No, I’m afraid they don’t. It’s the only pin on the left side.”

He leaned his cane against the table and felt for your hair, his hands lightly brushing through the strands till he found the hard material of a pin.

Your hair was incredibly soft, it felt similar to the smooth material of the silk sheets he preferred, he could tell you took good care of it.

There it was again.

He could feel your heart rate picking up and the noise distracted him from his little task.

“Got it.” Matt said softly once he got his attention back, he took his hands out of your hair, albeit a little reluctantly and placed the pin on the table for you to grab when your hands were free.

“Thank you, now I won’t keep you any longer,” You teased, giving him back his cane and walking him to the front door and held it open for him. “I’ll see you later.”

Matt hesitated for a moment. “Would you like to go grab some coffee with me later? Whatever time suits you best, of course.”

Your heart rate went up again, and Matt had to restrain his smile as he sensed you grow flustered.

“O-Oh? I can just always make you some here if you’d like.”

Matt shook his head. “No, I’d much prefer to take you somewhere that you don’t have to do all the work for once.”

You smiled. “Okay uh, I get off around 8:30.”

“Until then.” Matt finally left your shop, listening to your heartbeat the rest of the way to the firm, twirling his cane a few times as he pictured the look on Foggy’s face once he told him who had a date with you.

Thoughts into a Reality (A Langst AU Mashup Fic)

Part 1:

Part 2:

Lance began to grab the few items that he had with him and stuffed them into a bag he had found a while back when roaming the castle. Suddenly, Matt burst into his room soon after Lance had started to pack, and was out of breath and panting. Regardless of Matt’s feeble attempts to dissuade Lance, trying to tell him that he is important and wanted by everyone in the castle, but Lance just ignored him and walked out of his room. Making his way to the kitchen, Coran joined them in the hall on their way, collaborated with Matt and tried to talk Lance out of whatever he was going to do.

Lance quietly grabbed about a month’s worth of rations and stuffed them in his bag. He sat in the kitchen listening to the two men trying anything to make him not do what he was about to do. Lance stood his ground and just slowly shook his head, no emotion showing on his face. After minutes of silence between the three of them the tension became too much.

“Look, obviously no one on this team besides you two believe that I should be a part of Voltron, so why even be here? I’ve decided that I should just take an escape pod back to Earth. It would lift the burden of a weak paladin off of everyone’s shoulders, and I can see my family again. It’s a win win for everyone.” Lance spoke with a monotone voice.

‘Dear God what have we done to him, this kid is is so underappreciated that we’ve slowly just shattered him’ Coran pondered. He and Matt shared a knowing glance that spoke the horrible truth. They could not change this boy’s mind, he was lost in his grief. Lance looked at Coran with a sadness in his eyes that could make anyone cry on the spot.

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They Wanna Make Me Their Queen

( Prompt: princess diaries style “I grew up not knowing I was royal and suddenly my royal grandparent showed up out of nowhere and told me I was so now I guess I’m the heir to the throne and you’re my crush from my pre-royal days but I still have a crush on you” AU ) 


A/N: So my crush talked to me today ( it was just a simple hello but I DIED ), and I died again when I saw Tom Holland strip down to his boxers in that new trailer. My friends are probably sick and tired of hearing about me rant about Tom Holland’s abs and my new husband, Matt Murdock.

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As it turns out, you don’t have to worry about keeping secrets from your friends for long.

After about a month of gruelling ‘after-school’ sessions with an endless string of tutors, of having to come up with flimsy excuses for cancelling on outings and get-togethers, of having to tough out the agony of avoiding Peter’s soft and concerned eyes that beg you to tell him what’s wrong, the paparazzi snap pictures of you and your grandmother having afternoon tea in the Hilton. They’d put two and two together, and before you could say, “I have a crush on Peter Parker”, pictures of you are splashed all over the front page.

Your phone’s been buzzing non-stop, but you’ve been ignoring the messages and missed calls – Did you even know fifty people from Midtown High? – too focused on your very furious grandmother, who’s been pacing the room, a wild animal in cage. Peter’s face, coupled with his adorable smile, flashes across your screen for the tenth time; you flip your phone over so that you won’t have to see his picture.

“Grandmother, I’m sorry,” You apologise meekly. “This is my fault.”

Throwing the papers aside with an impatient huff, your grandmother rounds on you, her eyes fierce and piercing. You almost regret having said anything.

“Silly child,” She says, her tone warm and exasperated all at once. “How on earth is it your fault? It’s the damn press –”

You’ve never heard her swear before. It makes you giggle.

“Frankly, I’m surprised that we’ve been able to keep you out of the public eye for so long.” She shakes her head, deep in thought. “But now that the – How do you say – dog’s out of the kennel, we’ll just have to make the most of things.”

“What’s going to happen to my baby?” Your mother demands, going into full mother-bear mode, her voice holding an edge of protectiveness to it. “Is (Y/n) going to be safe?”

(M/n), I assure you that precautions are being taken, even as we speak. There will be increased security –”

You’re sure your face turns pale at the thought of having a team of beefy bodyguards on your heels 24/7.

“– We’ll enroll her in some self-defense classes, we’ll get her a Taser, some pepper spray … Whatever’s necessary. I swear on the Crown of Serangoon that I will do anything and everything in my power to keep (Y/n) safe.” Grandmother sighs then, having gotten it out of her system, and continues. “However, I think a press conference is in order. We’ll have to introduce (Y/n) to the public officially, and the date of Coronation Day will have to be pushed forward –”

Your mother and grandmother launch into a deep and lengthy conversation about banquets, fittings, classes. And all you can do is sit there, your head spinning, a satellite out of orbit.

At least you don’t faint this time. 

It’s progress, at least, you think.

You walk into school the next day, and nearly run out screaming for Stanley to take you back home, press camped outside the school be damned.

Stanley had had to muscle his way through about three feet of screaming paparazzi pressing themselves onto you from all directions, screaming out their questions, the camera flashes blinding and searing themselves into your retinas.

Everyone wants a piece of you, it seems. Kids goggle at you when you walk down the halls; in addition to the news article, there had been a news report filled with pictures of you: From a smiley, gap-toothed, pig-tailed (Y/n) to a teenaged (Y/n), smashing her cheek with Peter, clowning about for the camera. The press had raided your Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook accounts, it seemed. You’d had the misfortune of seeing the report at a diner, but the fortune of having Stanley and his limo nearby; you’d ran out before anyone could identify you.

Kids you barely know, have barely talked to in the past year – nerds, jocks, Queen Bees – all stop to talk to you. A year ago, you wouldn’t have been breathing the same air as them; but now, all everyone wants is to talk to you, to ask for your autograph, to invite you to parties.

Worse, your friends are slipping away. You manage to wave to Michelle only once, in a corridor, surrounded by your new fan club. She doesn’t return it. Her eyes are huge and dark and accusing, all at once. As for Peter – he’s taken to spending time with Ned, and he can’t quite look you in the eyes, even when you try to catch his gaze. 

You know that you have a whole lot of apologizing and explaining to do, but how can you possibly start if your friends have already decided that they want nothing to do with you? To avoid encountering Peter, you bury yourself in your phone and hurry away. Every instance leaves you with a frigid soreness buried so deep inside that no amount of heat could wring it out.

On second thought, you accept that party invitation.

You’re wearing a slim black Costume National sheath dress, a strand of pearls around your neck. Your hair is neat, your face made up with a thick layer of makeup. You look like you’re a famous model – or a princess – and you can feel the press staring at you as you walk into the room with Grandmother.

You’d caved, had tried to dial Peter on your cell phone with trembling fingers, but it’d gone straight to voicemail. You try not to think it’s because he hates you.

Grandmother handles the interview like a pro. Public speaking is not your forte – there had been an unfortunate incident in the fourth grade involving a judging panel at the annual talent show, and the front row of students being covered in vomit. All you have to do is fix a vapid smile onto your glossed lips, sitting stiffly between your mother and grandmother.

“Princess (Y/n),” Someone’s saying your name now, and you immediately glance up, more than a little startled at being addressed. “We’ve received pictures of you and a boy identified as Peter Parker. Is he your boyfriend?”

Your hands are shaking. Your knuckles are white when you ball them up into fists. You might have a security detail, a whole armoury of weapons and weekly self-defense classes, but Peter, Ned and Michelle don’t. If you’re not careful, someone could hurt them to get to you. 

And you don’t think you could live with yourself if it did happen.

Protect your friends, only to lose them … Or disregard their safety for your own selfishness?

It’s not even a choice.

Your mouth is dry. You have to practically force the words out of your mouth. “No. No, they – Peter was just a … He’s not important. None of them are.”

The moment the lie leaves your lips, you want to scream. You want to take all your words back.

But you can’t.

honestly, marvel defenders better be like every angsty mattelektra fic I’ve ever read or needed

- give me matt freezing mid-battle when he first feels her walking towards him, because that’s elektra but she’s dead - but he’d know that heartbeat anywhere

- matt refusing to fight her and begging her to remember him winter-soldier style as she beats him up: “I’m not - i’m not gonna fight you, e. I run with you, remember?”

- Elektra pausing, looking down on his bloody face and feeling confused because she recognises that face; she knows it but at the same time she doesn’t, and she’s told to kill him - but she walks away instead

- matt waking up on claire’s couch to a pounding headache and hearing the others shouting: “he didn’t even fight back! he was half dead when we pulled him out of there” “matt, what happened?" "Elektra … it was her, Claire. she didn’t know me, they’d done something to her … but it was her.” “so she’s alive now?” and despite himself, matt smiles through cracked lips. “yeah. yeah, she is.”

- Elektra is back with the hand and asking who the man in the fight was - she knows that face, she has half-remembered flashes of those lips smiling and scarred hands and a voice telling her to stay with him - but it is hazy, like seeing the images through a smoke-filled room

- they tell her that it is a weakness, and to kill the man the next time she sees him

- the defenders fight about what to do, because now they know that the hands greatest weapon - the black sky - is her. danny is all "she’s the hand. I’m the enemy of the hand. it’s my duty to stop her before she can hurt people" and matt just stands up and says coldly “stop her? you mean kill her” “if necessary” “no” “what do you mean no?” “I mean no. she may be your enemy, but she will never be mine - I couldn’t save her before, but I'm not going to lose her twice. The mission is to save Elektra, not stop her - and if you disagree, then it’s you who is my enemy"   

- matt storms off but Claire follows him to the roof for a Meaningful Conversation that goes something along the lines of: "Matt, you said yourself that she isn’t the same person, that the hand did something to her - what if its irreversible? what if she can’t be saved?” “I can’t believe that” “but how much are you willing to sacrifice to save her?”

- matt doesn’t have an answer to say aloud, but he knows that he will die trying, if it comes to it

-  so theres a Big Final Fight of the defenders vs the hand and it comes down to matt standing on the battlefield, facing Elektra. he drops his weapons and takes off his mask and just stands there as she walks over to him.

- “They told me that you are a weakness. That I must kill you.” “And what do you want to do?” “Want is irrelevant.” And Matt pauses, nodding slightly with a bitter laugh. she was right - neither of them wanted this war or the scars they carried or the losses which define them - so instead he asks, “So what do you choose? Because I’m not going to fight you. You’re not my - you’ll never be my enemy.” “Why?” “Because I love you,” Matt tells her, “And I made you a promise.”

- I’m not saying that Elektra will have to stab Matt before the brainwashing is broken, but her holding him as he bleeds out would provide a nice parallel to him doing the same for her. “Matthew? Matthew, stay with me … I - I didn’t want to, they made me - they changed me. But then I saw you. It was always you, Matthew … you brought me back to life. I’m sorry, I-” “It’s okay.” “No, it isn’t.” “Yes it is. I lost you, Elektra, but look - you’re here. It’s okay. It’s okay.”

- anyways, Danny uses the magical glowing healing powers to save Matt’s life before he dies, realising that his fist isn’t just to hurt, it’s to save - and the Hand is defeated not by hatred but by love. The Power of Love saves the day. I cry. Foggy cries. everyone cries. marvel’s defenders is revolutionary and saves Elektra instead of killing her needlessly twice and the world rejoices. 

To you, devils boy / Matt Murdock x reader

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Gif source: http://spderman.tumblr.com/post/164432398759

Word count: 1484

Warnings: none

The moment Matt heard you, his heart skipped a beat. It was just like the first time. He heard your Dr Martens hit the floor with each step, coming closer to where he was seated. It was amazing how easily he filtered your sounds out of the noise at Josie’s bar, with all the drunks and the sounds of liquid being poured into glasses. And still, he could make out every single detail of you. Your slow walk, the way you twirled your hair around your finger, the clinging of your armbands against your wrists. And of course, the most obvious, that even Foggy could hear: your hissing sound to men who tried to hit on you.

Matt smiled, and counted the seconds. Four, three, two, one-

“He there, losers.” He heard you sit down on the bar stool next to him, and you gave him a friendly nutch  with your shoulder.

“As lovingly as always,” Foggy said. You winked at him before ordering a drink, and then turned back to your boys.

“So, how’s it going at the famous attorney’s office?” You nipped at your tequila.

“Well, I don’t know how’s it going at Landman and Zack, but-” Foggy teased and you let out a laugh. It was Matt’s favourite sound in the whole world. It was innocent and uncontrolled, unlike the rest of you.

“It’s going okay, I guess. We’ve had a few clients, so I guess we’re doing alright.” Foggy said. You raised your glass to him. “I’ll drink to that.” Foggy’s glass met yours with a big clash, and you cursed. Matt grinned again and raised his class. You softly clanged your glass against his. “To you, devils boy,” you murmured. Your voice was soft, almost a whisper, and Matt doubted that Foggy could’ve heard it. But Matt had heard it very clear and he raised his eyebrows. Was the nickname you gave him just a coincidence? Or did you know more? No, you couldn’t have. Matt had never told you about his night time activities. Or at least, not that he could remember.

Because he did tell you, one night. It was late, probably almost morning, when you two stumbled from the bar to Matt’s apartment. Matt was drunk, really drunk, and you felt the responsibility to accompany him to his house. Even if he wasn’t that drunk, you probably would’ve. You cared for him more than he knew of.

It took Matt four times to open the door to his apartment, and he started giggling. His arm was swung over your shoulder and you struggled, because he was heavier than you thought. You dragged him with you to the couch, where you dropped him. He fell backwards, in the soft cushions, and he smiled. His black hair was messy and sticked a little to his forehead. His tie was loosened up, and his shirt was half open, and he looked incredibly handsome in the sunlight that came from his windows. He looked a little like an angel, you thought. You looked at him adoringly for a few seconds, something you normally didn’t dare to do. “You know how amazing you are, right?” He said with a heavy tongue. “Like, to the moon amazing. Probably to the moon and back.”

You rolled your eyes. “I don’t even know what that means, Murdock.” You opened the door to his closet and started digging through the clothes, looking for sweatpants and a shirt.  

Matt just kept talking. “You know, you’re lucky your head isn’t the size of the moon. That would be like, really inconvenient.”

“Oh yeah?” You had stopped listening. “Interesting.”

Matt started to get up from the couch. “You know, my head does feel like the seize of the moon. And… Wait, what are you doing?” He stumbled towards you.

You looked up. “I’m looking for sweatpants. I don’t think you wanna sleep in your good pants, right?” Without thinking, you scanned the bottom shelf and your eyes fell on a heavy, iron box. What the hell?

“No!” Even drunk Matthew knew that the box contained secrets that you weren’t supposed to know. He tumbled forward and landed half on you, trying to keep you from opening the box.

You let out a cry of surprise as the drunk boy fell on you. His weight caused you to fall over, with Matt on top of you. If he wasn’t so drunk, this position would be very exciting. But his wide pupils and red cheeks reminded you that Matt was indeed very drunk, and therefore probably had no clue what he was doing. You pushed him off you and sat up. “What the hell, Matt?”

He looked guilty, a little like a lost puppy. “You weren’t supposed to see the box.”

“Why not?”

He shook his head. “Can’t tell you.”

“Fine,” you said. He relaxed a bit, till he saw you leaped forward to the box. “No!” He cried out again, and he launched himself at you once more. It was too late, because your fingers had already opened the iron box and threw the lid off. Matt fell on top of you, but you had already seen enough: a black and red suit, and a mask with two very familiar horns.

And that was two weeks ago. You had found out the morning after that Matt didn’t remember anything from his drunk adventure. And you had waited for him to tell you the truth himself, but now your patience was long gone. So you decided to tease him, so he would found out you knew.

You saw Matt’s eyebrows furrowing and you tried your best not to laugh. He looked so confused, and you secretly enjoyed it. You continued dropping subtle hints throughout the entire evening, which resulted Foggy into thinking you were already drunk. But you could see Matt’s mind racing every time you called him Devils boy, horny boy (which was one of your favourites) and Red. You also casually brought up vigilantes and superheroes, but Matt steered the conversation away from those subjects pretty quickly.

“Okay guys. I’m gonna go home, and I think you should too. But hé, who am I to order you anything? See you tomorrow, Matt. And y/n, take care, okay?” Foggy left the bar, and Matt immediately grabbed your arm. “Let’s go outside for a talk,” he whispered into your ear, before dragging you to a small alley next to Josie’s. He had a firm grip on your arm, but it didn’t hurt. He also didn’t let go.

“Come on, Red, what’s the matter?” You said, with a cheeky grin on your face.

Matt looked rather annoyed. “How do you know?” He said in a low voice.

“Know what?” You decided to play innocent, make him suffer a little bit longer.

Matt took a deep breath. “That I’m…” He didn’t finish his sentence, because he knew he didn’t have to. You let out a laugh. “Daredevil?”

He yanked you closer to him, so your face was just inches away from his. “How?”

Being this close to him suddenly made your knees weak. You saw his plump lips, the stubble on his chin and the little freckles on his nose. You had never seen those freckles before.

“How?” Matt said again.

“You told me yourself,” you whispered. Why were you suddenly so nervous? You had waited for this moment so long!

Matt looked confused. “You were drunk,” you explained with a dry throat. “Two weeks ago. I found the box with your gear, and you told me everything.” You noticed that his hands were on your arms, not gripping tightly anymore, but softly stroking the skin.

He looked speechless. “I won’t tell anyone,” you quickly added. He relaxed a bit. “I know,” he murmured. “Actually, I’m quite happy you know now.”

“You are?”

“You are so hard to keep secrets from. Like Jesus, y/n, you’re like a detective, sticking your nose in everything.”

You let out a laugh, and Matt smiled when he heard that sound. He brought his head closer to yours. “So did you enjoy it? Torturing me this evening?” He teased. You laughed again. “I did, actually, thank you.” He smiled too, and without thinking, you smashed your lips on his. You felt him freeze for a few seconds, and it made you think that you made a terribly mistake, but on the moment you wanted to pull back, he started kissing you back. His hand moved to the side of your face, cupping your cheek, and his other hand pulled you even closer. The blood rushed to your cheeks, and you lost yourself in this make out session. He softly bit on your bottom lip, and you pulled back. Matt looked at you with his eyebrows raised.

“Easy now, Red, or I might start to think you’ve got the devil in you.”

He grinned, and kissed you again.

A Series of Accidents

Happy belated birthday, @fangirling-airi-style!!!

Based on my own gifset, because well - that’s how my brain works. 

In Which Dean and Cas (accidentally) adopt Satan Jr. Enjoy!

It’s an accident, really.

Well, adopting Lucifer’s kid is.

Taking him to the bunker is a given.

What else are they going to do? Chuck the kid into the streets and hope some non-satanist finds him? Take him to child services when every demon on the planet will be eagerly looking for him?

So, yeah, they take Satan Jr. to the bunker with them, because that’s the only thing they can do. Kelly died, just breathing long enough to see her son and whisper “I love you”, the failure to save yet another life on their shoulders.

At least they got rid of Dagon, or Crowley did.

Hey, he saw Lucifer’s kid and didn’t immediately try to kill it, so that’s a plus too.

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The Devil Comes In Disguises

Was it requested: Nah mate
Fandom: Marvel
Pairing: Matt Murdock/reader
Rating: Your gran’s gonna drown me in eclairs for this
Warnings: Mentions of physical injury, swearing, etc. but there’s quite a bit of fluff. 
Summary: You move in with Matt Murdock, but there were a lot of things you didn’t expect about the kind, blind lawyer. 
Tagging: @damnbuvky @ichimaruai

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