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I’m never gonna be over homestuck guys, it’s good & I genuinely love it which is fine and all but I need to work in 6 hours and I’m supposed to be going to a pride thing after that and its gonna be a long and busy day and my brain is doing the thing where it likes the thing too much to rest 

can’t believe homestuck is ruining my life this way in the year of our lord 2017

Bat Aunt: Part 8

Prompt: How Bruce Wayne’s life changes when a little sister is thrown into the mix

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7

“I’m sorry, I don’t think I heard you right, can you repeat that?”

    “I adopted another child.”

    You close your eyes, brace yourself for the incoming headache, and let out a sigh, “That’s what I thought you said.” You plop down into your office chair. “I knew I shouldn’t have left you alone with Alfred. He’s always had a hard time saying no to you.”

    You watch as Bruce rolls his eyes, “He’s a kid, not a puppy. He was lifting the tires off the Batmobile. He’s entirely too thin, and he’s living on the street.”

    “How are he and Richard getting along?”

    Bruce smiles, “You know Dick. He’s always been great with kids. And now that he’s splitting his time between Gotham and the Titans… well, it just makes sense.”

    You log onto your computer, “Yeah. I saw the pictures of his new suit. Were the finger stripes his idea, or yours?”

    Bruce lets out a laugh, “Dick was born to be in the center ring.”

    “What’s his name?”

    “Jason. And I’m sure he would love to meet his wonderful Aunt Y/N.”

    You smile, “Well, of course he would. I’m amazing. Now tell me, do you plan on having him take the Robin mantle?”

    Bruce finally takes a seat, “He has what it takes, but I’m being cautious. The more training the better I think.”

    You smile, “I can’t help but agree. I’ll stay at the Manor while I’m in town, and get to know my new nephew.”

    Bruce leans back, “Does that mean, you might just knock off early?”

    You lean forward, “What are you up to, Bruce Wayne?”

    Your brother gives you an easy smile, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

    You roll your eyes, “You’ve been talking to Barry again, haven’t you?”

    Bruce doesn’t even bother pretending, “He says you’ve been pulling a lot of late nights.”

    “No more than usual.”    

    He groans, “Wasn’t the entire idea behind you moving to Central City and moving in with Barry, actually living with him? Having a life outside of work?”

    You shrug, and a moment of silence lapses between the two of you, “What’s going on, kid? Barry says you’ve been really distant lately. You’re pulling away from him, you barely return my calls, Dick says you’re answering emails with only one or two words, and you’re refusing Alfred’s face time.”

    You run your tongue over your teeth, “Bruce, I have a lot to do. I’ll try and stop by tonight.”

    Your brother scowls, “So, you’re going from staying at the Manor, to trying to stop by.” You don’t say anything, and he sighs, “Fine. I’ll talk to you later. If you pick up.” You wince as he walks out. You scrub your hands over your face before turning around to look at Gotham’s skyline.

    You’d been living in Central City for two years now. You’d been happier than you’d ever been before. But slowly, you’d found yourself homesick. You missed the manor and your family, and any reminder of them made you resent Barry just a tad. You knew he couldn’t leave Central City… but you missed your home.

    You get lost in the sight of your home. You watch as the daylight fades and the buildings slowly light up. You listen to the police sirens, and the faint sound of live music coming from the bars. Finally, the need to be on the streets overtakes you. You grab your coat and make your way out of the office.

    You find yourself sitting on a park bench. You watch the people walk by. You can’t help but smile. You feel at peace for the first time in months. Knowing what you have to do, you begin your walk back to the office. You’re passing an alley when you hear it. The grunts and groans of someone being beat up.

    It’s the flash of red that catches your eye. You turn and watch as the young boy searches through the pockets of the unconscious man on the street. You smile as you walk further down the alley, the click of your heels drawing his attention. “Now, I know my brother wouldn’t approve of this.”

    The boys scowls at you, “And your brother would be?”

    “Your mentor. Jason Todd, right?”

    His eyes go huge, and you motion with your head for him to follow you. He drops the wad of cash on top of the man’s chest before following you. You dig out a spare pair of clothes from the back of your car. One of Dick’s old outfits. He changes in the car while you wait outside.

    When he knocks twice on the window, you slip into the driver’s seat. He says nothing as you drive to your destination. You smile as you pull to a stop, and he follows you in. It’s been months since you’ve been in, but you’re greeted like it’s only been a day. You go to your usual booth, and Jason slides in across from you.

    You catch him staring at you, “If you have a question, I recommend asking it.”

    “Why didn’t you take me home?”

    “Because, I’m the cool aunt. That means bailing you out of bad situations and not telling my brother when you’re doing something stupid. That being said, you sneak out again, I’ll make sure you never make it into those tights again.”

    He scowls, “I’ve been training for two months. I’m ready.”

    You smile, “You’re over eager.”

    “Let me guess, Dick wasn’t?”

    You raise an eyebrow, “Dick had eight years of circus training to propel him forward. From the looks of it, you’re a small time thief.”

    He scowls, “This is part of being the cool aunt?”

    “This is me making sure my brother actually lets you out on the streets some day. He finds out about that stunt and you won’t even be allowed in the cave.” Silence lapses between you. You chat with Diane when she takes your orders.

When she’s gone, Jason asks, “Has he always been such a stick in the mud? Bruce, I mean.”

You stare at the boy, “He’s better now than when he was a kid. He kept himself very isolated after our parents died.”

“He was there, when they were killed?”

You nod, and he leans back in his seat. “He’s not all that bad. I mean he teaches me

some pretty cool things, and my new school is pretty cool.”

You smile, “You like school?”

He nods, “They offer a bunch of literature classes. It’s awesome.” And just like that you

watch the icy exterior melt away. Jason entertains you with stories from school. You don’t realize how late it is until Lew gives the signal to start cleaning up.

You drive Jason home, and give him your cell phone number. “Call me anytime you need it.”

He smiles, tosses out a “Thanks for the food, Aunt Y/N.” And runs inside. You pull away from your family home with ease. It takes a bit of time to get to the airport, and you’re on the next flight out.

You land in Central City at three a.m. and you nearly fall asleep on the ride home. Bone tired you open the door to the apartment and you freeze. You walk further in, to find a red blur zipping around the apartment.

It stops at the sight of you. Barry’s voice is soft, “Hey.”

You smile, “Hey.”

A moment of silence ticked by before Barry starts talking, “You’re homesick. I should have realized it sooner. It really was stupid of me. I mean your entire family is in Gotham, your company’s headquarters are there. You’re done setting up the satellite office here, you’ve been done for months, and to be honest I should have seen it earlier. You need a challenge, and Gotham provides that both professionally, and superhero wise. So I put in my notice at work, and Gotham PD has already taken me on. They were kind of desperate actually. And you own the apartment building, so we don’t have to worry about breaking the lease. I figure we could live at the manor for a few months, and we could get our own place close by, or maybe our own wing if you want to stay there. Wow that sounds weird … and I’m babbling. But Y/N I love you something fierce and I don’t want to lose you …”

By the time he’s done talking, he’s actually out of breath. You take the three steps needed to reach him, before throwing your arms around his neck, and kissing him. When you pull back you say, “This is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me, but I don’t want you to give up everything for me.”

His voice is soft, “I’m not giving anything up. I don’t have much left here. Iris is married, and pregnant. Joe is getting ready to retire, Wally can more than handle the City, and to be completely honest I’d follow you to the ends of the Earth, because Y/N you’re my home.”

You kiss him again, long and slow, before pulling back and asking the question you’d intended all along, “Barry Allen, will you marry me?”

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229. for Malec? Pretty please 💜

229. “Somebody’s in love!”

“I’m almost done here, so I should be home in about an hour, how are you doing with work?“

“I’m home, but I’m still finishing up something for a client. I think I should be done by the time you get home, so we can have dinner together.“

“That sounds amazing,“ Alec says into the phone. “I can’t wait to see you, the thought of coming home to you is the only thing keeping me sane right now.“

“I know the feeling, Alexander,“ Magnus answers. “I gotta go finish this up, but I’ll see you soon. I love you.“

“I love you, too,“ Alec says and they hang up, but Alec barely lowers his phone before somebody comes up from behind him.

“Somebody’s in love!“ 

Alec looks up and it’s Aline standing in front of him, grinning like an idiot. She got there that morning, but they’ve barely had a chance to talk. Alec blushes, but can’t fight the smile that spreads across his face as he nods.

“I’m really happy for you, you know,“ she says. “And I haven’t had a chance to thank you yet.“

Alec frowns at her. “Thank me for what?”

She swallows, taking a step closer to him before speaking. “When you kissed Magnus at your wedding, came out and stood up for yourself, it gave me the courage to do it, as well. And while it hasn’t been the most pleasant experience, I’ve never been happier. So yeah, thank you.”

Alec blinks at her and then pulls her into a hug as a warm feeling settles in his heart. Like he’d told Magnus once, what he did at the wedding was for him, but it turns out it was for Aline, too, in a way. 

“I’ll let you get back to work,“ Aline says when they part. “I hope I get to meet Magnus while I’m here, though.“

“Will do,“ Alec tells her, giving her a smile as she walks away, and Alec can’t help but think that maybe, Aline isn’t the only one. What if there are other Shadowhunters who have heard of what he did and it gave them the courage to be themselves, to come out to their families and friends?

It gives Alec the same feeling he gets when Izzy makes a new discovery on a case, or when Jace manages not to get himself killed on a mission, or when Max masters a new rune, and he decides then and there that he will do everything in his power to make sure no Shadowhunter has to go through what he went through before being able to be themselves.

“I love the nazis too… by the way, I fucking cant get enough of the swastika, the SS, and the iron cross. Hitler and his head boys fucked up a few times and it cost them the war, but I love their beliefs and who they were, what they did, and what they wanted. I know that form of gov couldn’t have lasted long once the human equation was brought in, but damnit it sure looked good. every form of gov leads to downfalls, everything will always fuck up or yeah something. its all DOOMed god damnit. this is beginning to make me get in a corner. I’m showing too much of myself, my views and thoughts, people might start to wonder, smart ones will get nosey and something might happen to fuck me over, I might need to put on one helluva mask here to fool you all some more. fuck fuck fuck it’ll be very fucking hard to hold out until April. If people would give me more compliments all of this might still be avoidable… but probably not. Whatever I do people make fun of me, and sometimes directly to my face. I’ll get revenge soon enough. fuckers shouldn’t have ripped on me so much huh! HA! then again its human nature to do what you did… so I guess I am also attacking the human race. I cant take it, Its not right… true… correct… perfect. I fucking hate the human equation. Nazism would be fucking great if it werent for individualism and our natural instinct to ask questions. you know what maybe I just need to get laid. maybe that’ll just change some shit around.

That’s another thing, I am a fucking dog. I have fantasies of just taking someone and fucking them hard and strong. someone like [censored] were I just pick her up, take her to my room, tear off her shirt and pants and just eat her out and fuck her hard. I love flesh… weisses fleisch! dein weisses fleisch emegt mich soo… Ich bin dech nur ein gigilo! I want to grab a few different girls in my gym class, take them into a room, pull their pants off and fuck them hard. I love flesh… the smooth legs, the large breasts, the innocent flawless body, the eyes, the hair; jet black, blond, white, brown. ahhh I just want to fuck! call it teenage hormones or call it a crazy fuckin racist rapist… BJ ist mir egal. I just want to be surrounded by the flesh of a woman, someone like [censored] who I wanted to just fuck like hell, she made me practically drool, when she wore those shorts to work.. instant hard on. I couldnt stop staring. and others like [censored] in my gym class, [censored] or whatever in my gym class, and others who I just want to overpower and engulf myself in them. mmmm I can taste the sweet flesh now… the salty sweat, the animalistic movement… Iccchhh… lieeebe…… fleisccchhhh. who can I trick into my room first? I can sweep someone off their feet, tell them what they want to hear, be all nice and sweet, and then “fuck em like an animal, feel them from the inside” as Reznor said. oh… thats something else… that one NIN video I saw, broken or closer or something, the where the guy is kidnapped and tortured like hell… actual hell. I want to do that too. I want to tear a throat out with my own teeth like a pop can. I want to gut someone with my hand, to tear a head off and rip out the heart and lungs from the neck, to stab someone in the gut, shove it up to the heart, and yank the fucking blade out of their rib cage! I want to grab some weak little freshman and just tear them apart like a fucking wolf. show them who is god. strangle them, squish their head, bite their temples into the skull, rip off their jaw. rip off their colar bones, break their arms in half and twist them around, the lovely sounds of bones cracking and flesh ripping, ahh… so much to do and so little chances.” - Eric Harris

BTS reaction to you wanting to use toys

Thank you for requesting! sorry it took so long to upload I was having trouble with the gifs! anyway enjoy!

Namjoon: He would be willing to try it out with you because he is a very loving and open-minded person. He would also agree because he loves you a fuck ton!!!

“Princess, I will do whatever you want” he says to you before giving you a peck on the lips.

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Jin: He would be confused as to why you thought about the idea, he would think it would be a waste of time considering that you had his dick right in front of you. but he loves you too much so he would say yes!

I’m only doing it because you are my babygirl.

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Suga: He would just tell you that his cock would feel much better than a stupid toy and would insist on maybe using toys if you are feeling extrememly needy.

Trust me, I know my dick feels so much better” he would say to you before gently patting your head.

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J-Hope: This man would feel so fucking excited! (if there was a feeling better than excited thats what he would be feeling tbh) he would practically tackle you and carry you while running into the bedroom.


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Taehyung: Listen Tae is a very adventurous and a little bit of a wild guy so he would love the idea. He would also brainstorm other ideas/sexual fantasies with you!

Baby you know me so well” he says to you while rubbing his nose against yours.

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Jungkook: Jungkook, even though he may be shy in public, with you he is like a freaking powerful SEX GOD! he would take you the the adult shop and pick out more toys to use with you.

Y/N lets go to the shop to get more toys” he’d say giving you a smirk and a wink.

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Jimin: He might feel as if the last time you guys had sex, something didnt go right that made you might thank that you wanted to use toys in the bedroom. But he loves you too much so he cant say no!

I love you too much to say no” he would say to you before biting his lips while looking at you.

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This is a random call-out post for people who are too sweet and kind: to @mythicalpatterns 💕 and @one-true-houselight 💕 for being two of the sweetest people around here and messaging me when I felt anxious, and to @remembertherandler 💚 and @violetoccurrences 💜 for always thinking of me, and @missingparentheses 💗 for always being there and going above and beyond in the friend department so often for me.

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And so it begins! My lovely little comic! It’s gonna be so fun for me, and I want it to be fun for you too <3 It’s initially a story I thought up on the fly in which some Yogscraft characters are reverted to primitive/ancient ways. I know it looks a little silly right now, but bear with me on this little adventure…It’s going to become a lot more complex.

I never really came up with an actual title for this comic/AU, but I’ve been referring to it as the “Reversion” comic. More to come soon!

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And you know whats the best thing about louis releasing all this info now? That after the hard week that harry had im pretty sure that all the positive reactions that louis is getting is making them feel a little bit better and probably smile. And i cannot wait till they both are free and completely happy.

that’s a nice thought. it draws media attention away from the family too which is good.

Trust Issues

Request: @pleasecallmecaptain - Steve drabble with “You wanna know the last thing I thought of? You. I thought of you" pls??

A/N: I am amused.

“Steve! (Y/N) has been hit! She’s down!” Clint yelled at Steve as the pair fought valiantly on the battlefield.

“No! How could this happen? She’s our most valuable agent! Clint! How could you let this happen?” Steve was slightly distraught, but mostly too preoccupied to scout your location.

“Hey, you’re the captain! Go get her! I’ll be fine on my own for a bit.” As soon as those words left Clint’s mouth, Steve was sprinting away in search of (Y/N).

“(Y/N)! Where are you darling? Come on! Don’t do this to me! Can’t lose you!” Steve was screeching at the top of his lungs, unable to locate you. 

Until he tripped over you, that was.

“Steve,” you groaned, “please stop yelling my head hurts.”

“What? Why does your head hurt? Where were you hit?” 

“It hurts because you tripped over my head. And look down, where does it seem like I was hit?

“You shut your mouth smartass. Let’s get you back to base.”

“Steve.” You blurted out in a frenzied breath.

“What? Save your breath! We’ll get you back to base!”

“I don’t - I don’t think I’ll make it.”

“Oh (Y/N), don’t talk like that. Please!”

“Before I go,  do you wanna know the last thing I thought of?”

“Please save your breath.” Steve sighed.

“You. I thought of you.” You breathed out, clinging onto Steve’s neck as he picked you up.

“(Y/N), darling, why are you so melodramatic? We’re having a water balloon fight.” You scoffed indignantly.

“Me! Melodramatic! You turned this thing into a full fledged mission!”

“This is for team bonding!” Steve began his slow walk back to base where Clint was making more water balloons.

“Steve, stop walking.” Steve stopped immediately, only to be pelted by water balloons on both sides. In a vain attempt to cover himself, he dropped your laughing self onto the floor.

“Argh! (Y/N) you traitor!”

“I got you good!” You said, rolling over with laughter, joining the laughter of Nat, Bucky, and Sam.

“You know, darling, you’re the reason I have trust issues.”


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Hey guys

So I thought I should share with y'all my new findings.

You all know classic werewolf fics, with alpha mates and the rebellious MC. Little did you know, there is a whole new level to werewolf stories. I present to you:

Multiple mate stories. Yes, there are people who believe that a girl having multiple mates is a decent plot.

What was that? You think this is bad too? Just wait.

Three mates, because two wasn’t enough. It’s never enough.

Hmmmmmm. I wonder what this one is about.

If having four guys be perfect for you isn’t enough, why not five? I mean, based on the cover it seems like a very diverse bunch.

And I have bleeding eyes!!!!!! Do you think they’re excited about it?

I couldn’t find one with seven, so I guess we must simply settle with having eight fucking soul mates my god. THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE MEN ON THE COVER. (In the book it is mentioned that the men on the cover are all the girl’s mates) Look at what a diverse group she has to date from, I mean, one is in shorts and one even has a hat on guys.

If those were all a little too much, here;s a much classier one for those who prefer the fancy font and beach sunset backgrounds. Nothing strange about this one folks, at least, nothing that’s strange anymore.


There was nothing in between, so lets jump straight to







wait, wait, wait.

First off, if you’ve read this far, I just have to say,


Now, let me show my favorite finding.

Not just 100 mates, one hundred and fucking one. She has 101 mates and they all are destined to be with her. This isn’t one where she picks one to be with. No. SHE IS SIMULTANEOUSLY DATING ONE HUNDRED AND ONE MEN.

Thanks for reading,

and I am so sorry you read this

Boyfriend Vernon (Seventeen)
  • Alrighttt I actually never thought I would be doing this ???
  • A mess okay here we go…
  • I think he’d be a pretty shy one ?
  • At least at first
  • & he would be anxious to text you, but he wouldn’t want to text you too much, so he would give you excuses to text him first
  • ”Oh yeah text me when that show starts” “hey do you know this person?” *Sends memes as excuses as well*
  • He’d turn into the meme he is after a while of dating
  • Everyone already knows how much of a meme he is and he will definitely get worse just to mess with you
  • He’ll know you love his dorky meme-y ways
  • So he’ll always bring that side of himself out to you

This is the second time attempting to do this alright 😂 

• I really think Vernon’s pretty goofy when it comes to dating someone 

• Like he swears he’s super cool and chill but no 

• He’s always dying inside around them so he makes all these dumb jokes to make himself seem ~cool~ 

• I don’t see him doing a lot of skinship at first honestly 

• I see him holding hands with his s/o and putting his arms around them but not much until they’re really together 

• Then he will be more open with the fact that he wants to be with his s/o all the time and wants to be as close to them as possible 

• I see him and his s/o having a lot of deep conversations late at night (whether they be in person or on the phone/texting/Skype/FaceTime…) 

• This couple will definitely be best friends and supporters of each other before anything 

• He will go to his s/o with any worry or difficulty he’s having in his life 

• These two will be each other’s lifelines 

• Expect a LOT of laughing 

• I do feel like he prefers speaking Korean to English but there will be random English phrases while speaking to his s/o 

• And they will mostly be meme-y phrases like “shrek is love shrek is life" 

• I don’t I see him as much of a kisser? 

• Like he loves kissing you but he may be more of a chill dude who just likes keeping his arms around you 

  • The kind of boyfriend with simply the occasional sweet cheek kiss 

• I mean there will definitely be kissing, but it won’t be that much 

• He will try to act sexy and like a "sangnamja” sometimes but no 

• Mostly as a joke 

• Would share his earphone with you all the time 

• The type of boyfriend to send new songs and playlists when he finds a GOOD SONG 

• You see Seventeen a lot, even though he was really embarrassed to have the guys meet his s/o 

• Mostly because of the inevitable relentless teasing 

• Gets embarrassed when you play his songs 

• “Babe, please, no. Not again” (he says through endless giggles and an extremely red face) 

• He just loves hanging out with you 

• Even if you don’t do anything at all 

• He still loves just being in your presence 

• It’s comforting and helps him relax especially when he’s anxious

Now it is my third time editing woopsie

  • I really like the image of him lovingly staring at his s/o because he can’t believe how beautiful you are
  • You would bring up his videos from when he was a kid
  • “Vernon, hey, hey Vernon. Guess what”
  • “What, babe”
  • “Kidney function is not a right, it’s a privilege” 
  • “Get out”
  • Ugly selfies from both of you
  • Laughing all night at weird filters
  • and LOTS of dumb jokes/puns
  • He would trust you completely
  • I don’t see him as someone for PDA no matter how far you two are into the relationship so~
  • Would prefer to date someone who is passionate about something and would work hard to reach their goals
  • He would looove for you to get along with his family
  • It would be his favorite thing
  • He would definitely worry about you all the time, even if he doesn’t show it too much
  • The type to attempt to make one of those romantic middle of the night adventure things
  • and fail
  • because you just want to sleep
  • Random texts when he’s busy or abroad telling you he loves you/misses you/asking if you’re okay
  • Calls you dude/m8/man 
  • bc memes man
  • I’d say he’s into those cheesy dates
  • Like an amusement park/beaches/parks
  • He’s a total blushy mess when you compliment him
  • o r if you let it slip that you love him
  • He would act like :O but when you turn away he’d be *//U\*
  • He would probably be too shy to call you his gf at first and would TOTALLY BLUSH WHEN SOMEONE ASKED ABOUT YOU
  • Someone: *Sees a picture of the both of you as his background* “Is that your girlfriend?”
  • “Umm…haha..Uhh-Well-Yeah…haha…” *//U\*
  • Singing along to songs badly together
  • Weird nicknames as contacts in each other’s phones
  • Whoever sees your phone when he texts would be very confused
  • BluSHES when he compliments you
  • The type to ask for a selfie/picture of how you’re looking today and hype you up like you’re the most exquisite creature on eaRTH
  • He’s not the kind of person to take hints
  • Like you have to tell him specifically what you waNt because he doesn’t take hints
  • omg I’m so soft for Vernon
  • He totally gives a ton of backhugs
  • all the time
  • That’s probably the most he’d do for PDA
  • Would never do anything to hurt you

I think I’m done for now but I’ve had so many bursts of inspiration that I may just add more pls enjoy :D

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Okay but like Brokenstar prob says things that aren't real too just to mess with cats. Like he could say something like "Starclan gave me 11 lives bc I threatened them if they didn't" and NOBODY could tell if he was joking or not bc he WOULD

GOD HONESTLY hes one of those ppl who doesnt show sarcasm well, like his tone doesnt change and his demeanor doesnt change so you dont,, know,,, if hes actually joking or not

some straight up thought he had 11 lives from starclan omg 

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Your blog is the BEST blog I've ever found. It's so helpful. I even have notifications turned on. Would you happen to have any prompts for something like this? A is a timid girl and B is her guardian (He protects A from danger, not guardian like legal-guardian). B is kind of overprotective of A, they're never really apart from each other (even living together), and they have feelings for each other too. I'm so stuck with this story, so literally any prompt you may have could help. 😂

Oh wow! Thank you so much! That really means a lot to me! I’ll try my best to whip up some prompts for you! 

1. A. “I don’t know why I need a protector, It’s not like I really do anything  dangerous…” 

B:”Are you complaining.” 

A:” Never, I am happy to have the company..” 

2. A:”You know, I thought having a guardian would  really suck, but well…You turned out to be my best-friend…So, thank you..” 

B:”My Pleasure.” 

3. B:”You know I would do anything to keep you safe right? I would walk across desserts, swim through oceans, climb over mountains and trek through jungles to get to you.I would go anywhere in the world you needed me to be. “

A:”I know, and I am thankful for that, but you know; I would never go anywhere if you were not already by side.” 

4. B:”Protecting you has been the best part of my life. Being able to not only keep you safe, but to be by your side, go through life with you, and to be your best friend, it has all been so perfect, and it has made me so happy. My only wish is to always stay by yourside.” 

A:”That sounds like either a goodbye, or a love confession, and I don’t know which one scares me more.” 

Optional B: “The only way I would ever leave you is in death, and I do not plan to die any time soon…” 

5. A:”Having to constantly be with a guard, having to go everywhere with them and even having to live them would probably really suck if anyone besides you had become my protector, So, thank you for always being there for me and always keeping me safe and for being my best friend… It really means a lot to me…” 

B:”I think… I think that is simultaneously the nicest thing you have ever said to me, and the most you have ever said to me at one time…” 

I really hope you like them, and I wish you luck with your story! And if you need anything else, please don’t hesitate to ask!  

Since Louis and his team are rolling out promo, naturally my mind goes immediately to The Breakfast show.

For starters, how do they greet one another? Hug? Hand shake? Back slaps? Please. You know they would both pull the most ridiculous stupid faces for the photos that will force me to lay down. I’m not even ready for the thought of live video. The giggles. Voice inflection. Raised eye brows. Pursed lips. Head nods. Choked laughter. Eye rolls. Small smiles.

This is not even about tomlinshaw as a fantasy ship. It’s about my love for Louis and Nick as individuals and how they communicate and use their humor, sarcasm, self deprecation, charm, voices and ENTIRE FACES during interviews. Like. It’s too much. So much.

In the past, Louis has gone soft during Breakfast interviews, deferring to Nick and the group. During the X Factor their brief exchange was cute and friendly. But this would be a fucking solo interview. With the goal of entertaining and leaving an impression. Their actual personalities meshing. One on one. Documented. Oh Jesus. It could go so many ways.

I’m going to die if it doesn’t happen, but I’ll also die if it does. Of anticipation and happiness mostly.

anonymous asked:

How did you not have palla and catria when you went to save est? did you just overlook them?

i talked to them at zophia harbor at first when they were looking for their sister and then when i found est idk why but i never thought of going back to them???? i thought that maybe i’d meet them on the way or sth, like maybe they’d show up at another town or during battle, i didnt know they were back at zophia harbor waiting 😂😂 and tbh since alm’s army had one pegasus knight i thought celica’s has one too because…equality ,,idk ppfdff

VNC 18

VnC chapter 18 just confirmed what I thought about Vanitas feeling guilty, but to be honest the Ruthven’s thing was kinda obvious, so there was no surprises there, or may will, I mean, there is still hope that this isn’t what it looks like (aka he is not an actual villan and he just taking advantage of everything), since hey, you never knows with Jun…

I still don’t trust Laurent, he seems too cute to be true, but who knows… however I still think he has his own agenda for good or bad.

And finally this chapter opens a lot of questions about the blue moon vampire like: why this little kid, who calls our vanitas “brother”, calls the blue moon vampire, who seems to be a female, “father” ? She might be one of his parents or she just felt attached to the little kid. But if she was his parent who did help Moreau to put his hands on that kid?

As a side note, I am becoming a believer of The blue moon vampire = queen vampire’s theory after this chapter.

BTW I want more Jeanne next month.

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Hey BOY. I've never thought abt or assumed anything abt your sexuality until that post you made really recently. It's makes me so happy. It's hard to describe what that means to me, knowing who you are, that you're out, and your sitch. You're so inspiring, glamorous, and amazing so I've always looked up to you, but now it makes me soar to know that you are bisexual/lesbian persn doing their thing like anybody would. Makes me think I'm gonna be okay. Yer tumblr has such a curated lot o' memes too

thank u so much and I believe in u man.. u will be alright!!!! ♡♡♡

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if a mage of void is good with thoughts and ideas that don't exist, would they maybe have imaginary friends that were sometimes a bit too real? maybe sometimes the imaginary friend would be very insightful? i really like the idea of a mage of void learning knowledge from nonexistent people.

If you want to go that route, it’d be important to make a clear distinction from Hope by making them mysterious

Like those people would be say, pen pals, receiving letters and mail from people they have never actually seen or heard

There should be some kind of veil between them, you know?

A Little Too Much

been on a long hiatus but i thought of this little thing a while back but i’ve got no more inspiration for it, so here you go. just a tiny smidge of words and stuff, lemme know what you think here!

you’re friends with benefits, but you’ve been numb for so long that you fear emotion and the hurt that comes with the realization that maybe you do love him; inspired by no strings attached.

[H; Y/N]

How was your night? x

No time for small talk, H. 

Your place or mine?

I can be at yours in ten. 

I’ll be there, I’m coming down from campus right now. See you x

It was their thing, their routine that they began to pick up about six months ago on a Friday night when they realized that they both desired the same no-strings-attached relationship that was quick, fast and hassle-free. To them, it was what was best. It worked well with their hectic schedules, one jet-setting all over the globe and singing to the masses and the other juggling school and a part-time job. They were each other’s escape for just a few minutes or so every week, and that’s how they liked it. And they both remembered the golden rule - to stop when either of them felt anything more.


“It was alright,” You responded blankly as you did up the buttons on your baby blue top and pulled your underwear back up your legs. You were never one for small talk. “I think I’ll do fine.”

“That’s good,” He says, rubbing his eyes as he continued to watch you fumble as you searched for the rest of your outfit that had been discarded of and scattered on his floor just minutes ago in the heat of the moment from his spot on his pristine white sheets. “Actually, ‘was wondering if you’d like t’ come with me for m’mum’s luncheon thing. S’just a gathering for our family and she wants me to bring a guest.”

“Look, Harry–” You began to speak, but he cut you off. “You don’t have t’ come if you don’t want to. Just an invitation. Thought ‘t would be fun for us.”

“H, what would I even say when I meet your family? Hey, I’m Y/N, pleasure to meet you and I fuck your son sometimes?” You scoffed, shaking your head as you turned to look at him, his hair a mess and his eyes wandering everywhere but you. “We don’t work like that, remember?”

“Yeah, I know. Jus’ forget I said that, ‘right? Have a good night.” 

With that, you pushed against the oak bedroom and disappeared into the dark of the night, just like you always did. It was a routine, but it worked, you told yourself. It was the only way anything could work.


“Ava…” Audrey mostly spoke to herself. “I haven’t been the best, but I haven’t been the worst, either. I’ve been up and down, but things have really been looking better since… since she passed.” Audrey shrugged.

The thought of losing Seneca hit Theodore in a way he hadn’t been hurt before. Something about being a parent changed the way he looked at things. “I bet. How’s Stefan been with all this?”

“He’s been wonderful. Very supportive. I’m so lucky to have him around to help me through this. He’s always been my rock, y’know?”

“I’m guessing he’s been helping you with the Londyn thing, too?”

“Yeah… well, kind of.” Much like Jaxton, Theodore had always been easy to talk to. The three of them had shared everything growing up, so opening up to him wasn’t hard at all. “I mean, he wants me to forgive her. He said something about the grudge being part of the reason things are so hard between him and I.”

“He might have a point,” Theodore could see he had struck a nerve when her smile had turned to a frown. He needed to re-direct the conversation. “have you thought of -”

Don’t you dare.”