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I'm feeling extra petty right now because in supergirl m*n el and k*ra get more realistic kiss that WA. Like don't get me wrong I love WA, but all there kisses are slowed down and short. I want something real, filled more with urgency and passion than just cute love. Like COME ON.

Anonymous said:Supergirl kiss anon again. You don’t have to post that if you don’t want to. I know that this is a Grandice blog, it’s just that I like your opinion over a lot of their blogs on here.

You guys can ask me ANY questions. Grandice ain’t shaking right now so we don’t have anything else to talk about lol. But I do feel like a lot of the WA scenes either get interrupted or are too short. We’ve gotten one make out (that was interrupted) and the rest were quick fast kisses. The only other relationship I really care about is Wally and Jesse so I wasn’t mad about them have all those scenes it made sense they were cute but this whole Caitlin and Juian thing came out of nowhere and was pointless. They did the typical “oh you shouldn’t want to be with me cause I’m scared I’m gonna kill people and or you” like how many times have we heard that. 

I stopped watching Supergirl once her and James stop being a thing cause I already knew James was finna get fucked over but I do still keep up with it on tumblr. I saw the whole Karra and what’s his name kiss. I didn’t ship Karra and James enough to be mad at it but I feel like the writers pussyed out and just put her with a white man cause that could of just been James. 

You look at me and there isn’t anything left for you to say.
Because really, what more could be said?
I know you don’t love me.
I know that.
I know that.
So when silence fills the room,
I don’t try to fight it.
I let it linger and you hold up your fingertips to it, try to make out something of what is left.
Didn’t they ever tell you that you can’t make something out of nothing?
Either way, I pretend not to notice.
I take the weight of not being loved like I deserve and I don’t say anything else.
I don’t try to fix anything.
I don’t waste time being hopeful.
I don’t ask you to be friends.
I don’t promise to keep in touch.
I let you leave and I let the high hopes for the future fall all around us.
Even then, it doesn’t break the silence.
I don’t expect it to.
—  I don’t expect it to / @thewordsyouneverunderstood

SPN Hiatus Creations || Week Seven: Favorite storyline
      ↳ Winchester Childhood Flashbacks

Larries who can admit they have been wrong all this time and apologise for it are way stronger than Larries who are already back to making theories on Harry being at the X Factor, Louis’ shirt and the pap pics of Harry taken when Jay died. I really don’t know what else has to happen to make you realise Larry isn’t real. Freddie didn’t change your mind, but that even this doesn’t stop you from hurting Louis even more, I don’t get it.

Yesterday, Louis didn’t even say anything, just listened to what Simon said about his mum and he already was so close to crying. How can you watch that and then go online and speculate about what it means that there are colours on his shirt, not even a rainbow.

How can you see the sadness and the loss in his eyes and decide to add even more to his hurt? How doesn’t that make you disgusted of yourself?

I don’t get how you prefer to believe Louis would rather keep up babygate and be on another continent to pretend being a father for the sake of his gay relationship when his mum was in England, terminally ill. How can you be so sick to think that Louis, who loved his mum the way I haven’t seen a lot of sons do, would be so selfish and heartless to do that?

How can you believe they’d lie in Jay’s death message by naming Freddie? How can you believe the family picture, the last picture of them all together and maybe the last picture in which Jay was healthy enough to be in it, was taken with the stunt in mind, because Louis is holding Freddie?

How can you turn this incredibly sad passing of a loving, protective, amazing mother into something that proves how well Harry is taking care of Louis? How can you not realise it must hurt Louis to even see this being turned into something Larry related?

Just because your name is added to some hypocritic project doesn’t mean your behaviour is excused in the slightest.

How can you all be so heartless towards a boy whose heart is the biggest of all?

you know what feeling i absolutely LOATHE??? when your brain is under-stimulated and your body is restless, but you’re too tired to move around or talk to people or focus on something, so you just end up feeling vaguely uncomfortable like you’re going to explode but unable to do anything about it. does anyone else with adhd experience this??

The Intern

Part Two / Part Three / Part Four / Part Five / Part Six / Part Seven / Part Eight / Part Nine / Part Ten (Epilogue)  

Pairing: You x Jungkook

Summary: You join a group of foreigners apart of an internship with BigHit entertainment that will lead to a possibility of a full-time job. Nothing goes as expected when everyone makes you the enemy and you unexpectedly befriend Jungkook.

Genre: ??? angst? fluff? I don’t know…

Word Count: 3699

Warnings: Bullying, mild swearing. (please let me know if there is anything else you notice)

Author’s Note: This is my first fanfic I’m posting! I hope you enjoy and feedback is welcomed! :) 

He dared you to do it. You never believed you could actually get this far - or at least get in in the first place. “A paid internship at a Korean entertainment company” He said and you didn’t really think much of it. Would it hurt if you did it? Probably not. “They’re looking for foreigners especially, you’d be a perfect candidate!” He really pushed it, didn’t he? “You love kpop! It would be perfect!”

“Oh I don’t know, I don’t really think I’m qualified!” You insisted. Going out of your comfort zone wasn’t really your thing. I mean, yes, you traveled to a foreign country all alone, but that was about it. You couldn’t get yourself to be brave enough to find a job or make friends at the least. Several times you found yourself wondering what the hell you were doing there. “Qualified? They didn’t specify anything! All they wanted was a foreigner fluent in at least 2 languages. That’s you!” Your best friend, Garrett replied through Skype. He was trying to help you find a job and he stumbled across something online at the same time you happened to find it. “I don’t know, Garrett, it seems suspicious. What if it really isn’t that company and it’s a scam to get money from desperate foreigners?” You couldn’t help yourself with taking precautions, that’s just who you are. But he always came in to defeat you, “I checked the source. It’s literally from the company’s website. Take a risk, Y/N!”

“I already have! By coming here and obviously it wasn’t that great of an idea!” you were exhausted, from who knows what, you just were. You wanted to do it.. but something was holding you back. “Y/N! What could hurt? If it doesn’t work out, look for something else. Just send in the application.”

So you did. You filled everything out. They wanted to know so much about you it felt more than a simple application. It was more than scholarships and college applications, but at the same time you weren’t surprised. It was a company that ran a really huge kpop group with an unusually large international fanbase. Then you sent it. Like Garrett said, what could go wrong?

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Mr. Barnes Will See You Now (1)

Prompt: 50 Shades of Barnes. VERY LOOSELY BASED!!!

Note: I do not own any of the characters or story line.

A/N: I don’t care if this has been done, I am doing it for me. I was watching 50 shades the other day and thought about how maybe Bucky having lost all his control because of Hydra would ever turn into something like Christian Grey. So… TADA! I am making an A/U with him as Grey. As I said… it is VERY loosely based!

Word Count: 366

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Tired Cuddles |Jimin Imagine|

Originally posted by jikookxkookmin

You were like a stay at home mom, most of the time. You were in a girl group under BigHit Entertainment just like your boyfriend Jimin. Your schedule was different so sometimes your days off were different. When it was you day off, you cleaned and cooked for Jimin in your shared apartment.

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Procrastination is not the problem. It is the solution. It is the universe’s way of saying stop, slow down, you move too fast. Listen to the music. Whoa whoa, listen to the music. Because music makes the people come together, it makes the bourgeois and the rebel. So come on people now, smile on your brother, everybody try to love one another. Because what the world needs now is love, sweet love. And I know that love is a battlefield, but boogie on reggae woman because you’re gonna make it after all. So celebrate good times, come on. I’ve gotta stop I’ve gotta come to my senses, I’ve been out riding fences for so long… oops I did it again… um… What I’m trying to say is, if you leave tonight and you don’t remember anything else that I’ve said, leave here and remember this: Procrastinate now, don’t put it off.
—  Ellen DeGeneres
Silent Treatment // Ethan Dolan

can you do a Ethan Dolan imagine in where you give him the silent treatment and he won’t leave your side until you talk to him?

“Y/N, I’m sorry,” Ethan said from behind me. I continued making myself coffee, my back to him.

“I don’t know what else to do,” he sighed. I still didn’t say anything.

“Say something, please,” he said and now he was beside me instead of behind me. I turned slightly so I didn’t really see him, even from the corner of my eye.

“You can’t ignore me forever,” he said. Don’t try me, Dolan. I finished making my coffee and took it in my hands before walking into the living room and sitting on the couch, where of course he sat beside me. I still didn’t look at him or say anything.

“I know you’re mad, but you need to talk, or do something,” he said.

“Y/N I love you so much and I’m sorry I forgot our anniversary but I suck with dates and remembering things and I’m sorry. I’ll make it up to you and the rest of the guys feel bad too since I was with them, just please, say something, anything,” he said.

“Fine, I’ll sit here and follow you around until you say something,” he shrugged as he leaned back and I turned the tv on. He kept his word, not once did he leave my side. It was kind of aggravating, but comforting at the same time. Even though he’s the one that put me in the bad mood, he’s usually also the one to take me out of them, even if he’s just there and not exactly saying anything. 

After watching a but of tv, I put my mug in the sink, and of course, Ethan followed me. I sighed as I turned back to leave, but Ethan was blocking the door. I tried to push passed him but he moved so that I couldn’t get passed him. Obviously I was not strong enough. I crossed my arms and stared at him.

“If you don’t talk I will be forced to hold you hostage until you do,” he winked. I lifted my eyebrow at him.

“I’m not kidding,” he smiled as he walked closer to me. I back away and he ran to me, and I started running away from him. He chased me around the house before grabbed my waist and picking me up. He ran up the stairs and threw me down on the bed before tickling me. I couldn’t help but giggle and I squirmed and tried to get out of his grasp. I rolled off the bed and caught my breath. He turned on music and started to dance stupidly, and I tried really hard, but couldn’t resist laughing at him.

“You’re such a dork,” I said quietly. He stopped and stared at me.

“SHE HAS SPOKEN!” he exclaimed. I shook my head.

“Oh thank god,” he breathed as he ran over to me and pulled me into a hug.

“I’m sorry,” he said.

“Me too, but it’s okay,” I smiled.

“I love you,” he said in a cute voice.

“I love you too, Ethan,” I smiled as I pressed my lips against his.


Another imagine!! Woohoo I’m on a roll! I hope you guys like this one <3

ok so like

im doing volunteer work this weekend for my old dance academy. everyone there knows me, even people that i don’t know. they all know who i am because i used to be one of the most advanced dancers in the whole school

and today a grandmother of a little girl who i think is cool tbh came up to me and asked me if i missed dancing and when i said yes she said “good. you were really really good. you danced so beautifully” and then before i walked away she told me that i was such a good role model. she emphasized this. she told me her granddaughter looked up to me so much

i didn’t even know this woman, you know??

i almost started crying it was the best feeling in the world. it makes me feel good about myself.

i am dirt poor and i struggle with my weight and my confidence but i am a role model and i think if i never accomplish anything else in life, its worth it to know that people i don’t even know think so highly of me. that i’ve made that sort of impact on someone. im so blessed.

I’ve realized Im in love with you. —Part III 

Part II: http://nosoybatman.tumblr.com/post/155819668151/ive-realized-im-in-love-with-you-part-ii-read 

Part I: http://nosoybatman.tumblr.com/post/155777488276/ive-realized-im-in-love-with-you-part-i Y

/N’s email:

 Dear Justin: 

 I’ve found myself in troubles, not physical, but mental ones. I love you and that’s the only thing Im sure about. But my mind have decided to do a ‘pros and cons-list’.

 As I said before, I love you, and I really want to be with and grow as a person by your side. However, I know that goals can only be achieved with a normal person with a normal life. Dont misunderstand: I know your attitude has never changed in terms of friendship. Thats not the point Im making reference to. 

Dont want to write down anything else cuz I could say things that I dont want to. I’ll be away a few days. I need to think about everything. 

 See you, your BFF.

things chloe has said to me when she’s just woken up:

  • “wifi” (and nothing else)
  • “i need this” (she then took the entire duvet and turned away)
  • she woke herself up by hitting her head against the wall, then said “the slider” and when i said “what?” she said “it slid into the slider” and went back to sleep
  • “sorry” (me: “for what?”) “for making your nose feel like i contoured it”
  • “you said hello and i said ‘hello hamburger’… hamburglar”

and the most terrifying of all:

  • “i don’t know if you can do anything about this but someone told me they have a license against you” (when i asked what she meant she said nothing)

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I love your ocs sooo much... I can't wait until you do the comic/the whole story is revealed... I'm especially curious about the locket though O_o you said that it's the key to the whole thing... is there anything else you can tell us? Or is it Top Secret™?

Thank you! :)
Ok, so I’ve decided to tell you the whole story because who knows when I’ll be able to make this comic. And you always want to know. Know then…

(I’m putting it under read more because there are major spoilers and some of you might want to wait for the art as well and remain blissfully unaware of the horrible events that are to come…)

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Oh great Lord Seddm I DON'T KNOW WHY NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT TOFFEE. The ep for today was intense and I feel a little bad for Ludo. But when Toffee said: You'll never get him on your side; I got out of control and I don't understand who is HIM, he refer Ludo or is someone else? P.s. Oh man, you're awesome, do you remember your dowry? I'll give you more than 12 cows.

We’re all too freaked out to talk about Toffee as usual we don’t know anything about what he wants, making it almost impossible to properly speculate. And I think he was talking about Ludo, yeah, even more since he’s the only important “him” to the story, besides Glossy, Toffee himself, and Marco -who clearly is already on Glossaryck “side”, despite how little he likes book dude.

Zutara Month Day 20: Electric Love

idk what to do so here’s this:

“So how’s your relationship with Katara?”  Sokka asked.

“Uh,” Zuko said, “I’m not sure if you want to hear about it.”

“Zuko, Zuko, Zuko,” Sokka said as he threw an arm around Zuko’s shoulder.  “You’re my buddy and who else can I talk to about relationships than my buddy?”

“You do know that I’m dating Katara, right?”

Sokka scoffed.  “Of course I do.  Because of that it’s my prerogative to make sure she’s happy.  If you’re happy then she’s mostly happy.”

“You don’t want to threaten me or anything?”

“Zuko the most likely person to beat you up over anything is yourself.  Or Aang.  I mean I have a pretty good shot too but I also know you’re head over heels in love.”

Zuko felt his face heat up.  “I’m not-”

“It’s that electric type of love,” Sokka teased.

Zuko threw off Sokka’s arm.  “I’m going to tell Katara about that.”

“Eh she’s the one that said that.”

Zuko crossed his arms over his chest.  “Fine,” he paused, “it’s going really well and yeah it does feel like that.”

Sokka clapped him on the back.  “Just make sure she’s happy and we’re good.  Oh!  I have some tips that make Suki really happy-”



Can we just appreciate the fact that no matter how mad Yuri Plisetsky gets when people call him cute, or pretty or beautiful, he he never denies that he is?

He even utilizes it as a tool to win. Being pretty and feminine and cute doesn’t make him weaker or less capable. He even won.

He got mad at JJ calling him ‘lady’ (was it lady? I forget) but while he got mad he never said anything else.

Maybe it’s because Yuri knows that being called a girl isn’t a disservice to him but no one likes being misgendered (I think a lot of you could agree on me on that). Yuri knows girls aren’t weak. They can lift you over their head (Mila), they can be scary (his fangirls), they are deserving of his respect (Lilia) but they can also be kind (Yuuko).

And when his fangirls fawn on him he gets mad but still defends them when they come under fire.

Victor and Yuuri might be my favorite characters in YOI, but Yuri Plisetsky is a good kid and a damn good character.

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why do u fuckin worship an abuser (isleifr) like thats so triggering for me, an abuse survivor

First off - I’m very sorry that you were abused. As it happens, so was I. I know I don’t tag hardly anything, and I’ll make sure to do that in the future, for you and anyone else following, so you can blacklist it. If you’re following me, feel free to unfollow if you need to. 

I sympathize with you, as I said, but I absolutely do not appreciate your rudeness and aggression. I certainly never intended to upset or trigger anyone, and I’m sorry that’s what I inadvertently did. 

Second - check it out: I can like whoever I want? Let’s say, for a moment, that Isleifr is just a Truly Evil Abuser. Even if I become an Isleifr Fan Blog and get his name tattooed on my damn face it’s none of your business. Again, you are more than welcome to block or unfollow me, I don’t keep track of my followers for the most part and I won’t hunt you down if you do unfollow (assuming you’re following me in the first place). 

Third - Not to get all “you don’t know anything about him”, but…. you don’t know anything about him. If you’ve been following Ayvee, which I’m sure you are seeing as she got an anon almost exactly like this, you would have seen that Isleifr is not the same character he was originally, as she has repeatedly stated. I’ll let her explain more since it’s her character and her story. 

Nothing I say or post or reblog is intended as an attack on you, or on anyone, and I’m not sure why you seem to think it is and take it so personally. Isleifr is a fictional character and I am more than capable of separating fantasy from reality. Just because I like a character does not mean I condone everything they ever do (and again, this is not the same Isleifr you’re apparently angry about). This is simple critical thinking.

This is the first message I’ve gotten like this, but I know Ayvee has gotten plenty, and this harassment of her NEEDS TO STOP. It’s absurd and childish. Unfollow, blacklist, block, whatever you need to do, instead of attacking authors over things like this.

Now, if you’ll excuse me; I need to relight the candles on my Isleifr Shrine™. @ayveehearts, do you have anything you want to add?

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It may seem like there's no point to anything-and sometimes there isn't-but to some people, you're the highlight of their day. I know for a fact you make someone smile. I don't know what else to say, partly because everything I've said so far is hypocritical. I guess the most important thing is that you should know you're not alone. Think of the people who'd miss you. Not the people obligated to-the people you would never want to see hurt. The people who don't want you to hurt. Stay for them.

I  know this is cuz the last incident but thanks, sorry for the late reply this is really sweet and touching, I will use this as a reminder.

Lap Dance

Summary: The reader works at a strip club where Dean is a very keen audience member.

A/N: I hope you like it! Its just a little bit of Demon!Dean smut for you all. Tell me what you think and I’ll love you forever.

Warnings: Swearing, smut, demon!Dean


You walked across the main floor, looking for someone who didn’t have a drink or looked like they wanted a dance. You spotted a guy sitting in the middle of the room who looked like he needed both, walking up to him with your hips swaying.

“Hey there, would you like a drink?”

“Whiskey. Thanks.” He said, turning to you with his eyes dropping over your body before making eye contact again.

“And would you be in need of anything else?”

“What do you have to offer?”

“You’ve been here for half an hour, I think you know what I have to offer.”

“You seem like you’d know how to give a guy a good time.”

“And you seem…”

“Handsome? Sexy? Hot? Good-looking?”

“Sleezy.” You replied, watching his reaction closely. He smiled, taking your insult without trying to throw one back. “You’re Dean right?”

“How do you know that?” He said, taken aback by your knowledge.

“Some of the girls have invited you back to their rooms before right? I hear you never go any further with them than talking.”

“So I wouldn’t be able to pretend this is my first time in a strip club and get a free lap dance from you would I?”

“I think not. But you could definitely pay for one.” You liked this guy. He seemed laid back, and you felt you didn’t need to put on your normal act around him.

“Sure. How much?”

“$20, per song.”

“$20? I’m sure guys would pay so much more.”

“I’m giving you a discount. Don’t think I give them away that easily to everyone else.”

“Oh and why do I get a discount?”

“Honestly? I’m just hoping you’ll spend more if this one’s cheaper. What I should be telling you though is that I just think you’re so hot that I want to give you a lap dance no matter what.”

“Is that what your manager tells you to say?” He replied, not expecting an answer as he shoved his hand into his pocket, pulling out a $20 bill. You reached out for it but he pulled his hands back behind him, a grin spreading over his face. “You’re not going to get it that easily sweetheart, you need to earn it.”

It was bad that this guy was turning you on so much, his looks, his voice, everything! You started swaying your hips in front of him, your thumbs hooked round the sides of your skimpy panties, lowering it a few millimetres before pulling it back up, your hands flying up to your hair and brushing through it as you twisted your body around.

You faced him again, running a finger along his thigh slowly and then up his chest, stopping as you reached his neck. You put your finger under his chin, his eyes fixed on yours as his head moved forward. You ducked your head down, your lips just brushing his before you backed away again, turning away from him. You swayed your hips, feeling his eyes still staring at you even when you couldn’t see him.

You jumped slightly when you felt his hand on your hip, lightly touching your skin. You turned back around, his hand brushing over your stomach to your other hip as he looked up at you.

“Normally I’d tell you that you can’t touch me.” You teased, continuing to move your body.

“Normally?” He smirked.

“Normally the guys aren’t this attractive.” You replied, as his hand moved down you body. His finger trailed along your inner thigh, almost stopping you from dancing before moving it away.

Just as the song finished he rolled up the $20 note, pushing it into the top of your panties and giving you a wink before standing up and walking over to the bar.

You walked through into your dressing room, your skin hot with the feeling of him against you. You ran your hand through your hair as you walked around the room, looking for your clothes. You pulled on your vest top and tight jeans just as another girl walked into the room.

“Hey Y/N, you put on a good show tonight!”

“I didn’t strip?”

“Yeah but the lap dance you gave that guy just now… oh he was practically drooling!”

“You know what, is he still out there?”

“I think so, he’s just been at the bar since you left, he might’ve gone now though. I can check when I go out next.”

“If he’s still out there, can you tell him to come back here?”

“You gonna put on a private show? That’s Dean right?”


“Ohh Dean! Tell me if he does it… he hasn’t actually gone along with it before. With anyone!”

“I know, but I’m hoping to win him over.”

“Well you better give me all the details…”

“I will!” You called out as she left the room again.

A few minutes later and you heard a light knock at the door. Checking yourself out once more you walked over to the door, opening it and looking up at the man in front of you.

“Heard you couldn’t keep away!” Dean said.

“I guess I couldn’t.” You replied, biting your lip.

He stepped into the room, looking around briefly before walking over to the couch in the centre, sitting in the middle and looking up at you again.

“Well you’re looking very handsome.”

“Is this a pitch?” He said with a smile.

“Was it that obvious?”

“I’ve just heard a few.”

“So what was the reason you haven’t followed through before, the cost or the sex?”

“Neither. It was the girls.”

“Anything that would help you to… find the right girl?” You walked over to him, your hands running up the inside of his thigh, and up onto his chest as you wrapped your legs round his hips, sitting on his lap.

“Well, this is certainly helping.” He said, putting a hand on your hip. “You’re pretty direct aren’t you?”

“I just look at what the client wants, and you just want someone to cut the bullshit” you said, brushing a strand of his hair behind his ear.

“You really do know how to persuade a guy don’t you?” He replied, his tongue darting out to wet his lips as he looked you up and down. “You know, I liked it a lot more when you were only wearing those cute little panties and bra. And I think I’d like it even more if you weren’t wearing anything.”

The look of lust on his face made a knot in your stomach as you ran your hands over his chest, biting your lip as you looked up at him. You started to grind against him, feeling his bulge even though both of your jeans.

He pulled you into a kiss, his hand stayed on your hip but moved under your shirt, his other hand starting to take it off. You moved apart, your hands flying above your head as he pulled it up and threw it to the side, his mouth coming back to your lips, hungry for more. He bit your lip and you pushed yourself closer to him as he moved his mouth down your neck, biting at your skin.

“If you make marks then I’m gonna have to spend ages covering them with make up before I go perform again.” You said as his mouth continued to work on your neck.

“Leave them. I want all the men out there to know that you’re mine.” He replied as his mouth moved to your collarbone, biting down again.

You stood up to pull off your jeans, unbuttoning them and starting to pull the down your leg. Dean reached out, grabbing your hips and laying you down on the couch in one swift move before his hands found the top of your jeans, pulling them off with one tug.

He took off his own shirt before spinning you round and he kneeling on the floor in front of you. He bit the inside of your thigh, making you let out a moan and he looked up at you with a smirk.

His fingers wrapped around the sides of your panties, pulling them down slowly as he continued to watch you.

His head came back up between your legs, his hot breath on your skin sending shivers down your spine.

“You know, not many guys give head.”

“Oh but how could I resist? You look like you taste so damn good.” he pushed you so you were lying back down on the couch, his body moving so he could keep his head between your legs. You looked down at him, for a second you thought you saw his eyes turned black but then he blinked again and you saw green.

Your head flew backwards as he licked a long line along your folds, your back arching. He sucked on your clit slightly and you bit your lip, the sound of a  moan still escaping your mouth. You gripped the side of the couch, your fingers digging into it as Dean continued to lick and suck at you, causing you to let out moans and gasps.

He pushed his tongue into you and you shut your eyes, writhing underneath him. He hooked your leg over his arm to get closer to you, and to stop you from moving so much as his tongue continued to move.

“Fuck-” you said, your breathing staggered, “-I’m so close”

“You have such a dirty mouth for such a pretty girl.” Dean said, his voice almost a growl, sending vibrations round your whole body. “Okay then baby, cum for me.”

And with his words you did exactly that, seeing white as you shut your eyes, your orgasm flooding through you. Once you’d opened your eyes again, still coming down from your high, you looked at Dean who had a small smirk on his face as he stood up and you noticed the bulge in his pants.

You sat up, your hands stroking down his chest and to his pants, unzipping them slowly. You pulled them down his legs and he stepped out of them, pulling of his shoes and socks too. Before you could reach back up to his boxers he stepped back.

“Oh I don’t want teasing” he said as you pouted at him. “I know you want to put my cock in that dirty little mouth of yours and let me tell you, any other day I would kill to see your lips wrapped around my length, but right now I just want to watch you cum again with me inside of you.”

You couldn’t hold back the moan in your throat, and he smirked again. You reached behind you, grabbing a condom from the side and looking up at him, holding it out. He took it from you without argument, pulling down his boxers and your eyes went wide as you looked at him, feeling your next orgasm rising at just the thought of him inside you.

He slipped on the condom and looked back up at you, walking over with his cock in his hand, pushing you back down on the couch, his arms either side of you as he lined himself up.

He thrust into you quickly, his head ducking down to your neck so he could bite at your skin again. He held your hip down as you began to move under him again, a moan escaping your lips.

He continued to pump into you, your head rolling back once again as he filled you up.

“Fuck-” you swore loudly.

“If you’re too loud someone’s gonna hear, princess.”

“I can’t help it if you’re so goddamn good.”

He he let out a slightly chuckle again the skin of your neck, his fingers digging into your hip.

“You ready princess? I’m gonna cum-” he continued to pump into you, groaning into your neck as he came, causing you to cum just after with your hands scratching at his back.

You continued to breathe heavily as he pulled out, your chest rising and falling as you lay there. You looked over at him as he pulled on his boxers, a smile on his face. He picked up his jeans and put them on, looking over at you.

“How much is that then?” He said, digging into his pocket to pull out some money.

You sat up, only just coming down from the high of your orgasm. “I think that ones on the house.”

“That good huh?”

“Well if you ever drop in here again, you know where to find me.”