i know you named her something badass

So I swear to fucking god, I LOVE Avatar: the Last Airbender but… Agh! They did the most cliche thing in serpents pass! So they’re trying to get the pregnant lady, her husband and her apparently mute sister/aunt/friend/whatever make it across serpents pass Abe to Ba Sing Se. And they make it across serpents pass and the pregnant lady goes into labor. Katara delivers the baby like a fucking badass and the parents are trying to decide on a name for the little girl.

They’re fucking going on about: “I want our daughter’s name to be unique, I want it to mean something”

Oh my fucking god, please don’t name your daughter Hope! That’s literally the highlight of post apocalyptic cliches. Little girl is born right after the apocalypse! Let’s name her Hope to remind us to be hopeful for the next 20 years as we raise our daughter in a fucking wasteland! Do you know how many little girls will be named Hope in the first year of the apocalypse?!?!

And I’m thinking “no, they’re not going to do that! That’s not how they name their characters. They don’t use western names for their characters”

But then Aang goes on this stupid fucking speech about how he’s going through a hard time since Appa went missing and how their newborn daughter gave him hope. So what do they fucking do?! They name her Hope!!

I get it! There are no western names in this show, so within this universe Hope would be new and unusual but as far as a writing-story-line perspective goes, no matter how unusual your characters’ names are, it’s still going to be cliche if you name a baby Hope during a time of serious conflict and turmoil. Agh!

Tl,dr: Avatar: the Last Airbender did a cliche thing and I’m pissed about it. Don’t name your characters Hope if you’re trying to be meaningful somehow. It doesn’t work

Sending Our Love

  Jensen hated that he was so far away from her, especially in a time like this. He hated being away from her period but this weekend just seemed to make it all the worse. He knew that she needed him, more than ever actually, but she insisted that he go and be with the fans. She was always so supportive of his career and what he did. After all, he met at her because of his career. She practically packed his bag for him and pushed him out the door, not taking no for an answer. She knew just how much it meant to the fans to see them in person. She wasn’t about to take that away because she wasn’t well and needed him. 

  He couldn’t take his mind off of her the entire time and he was so damn sure it showed. His heart was back in Austin with his wife and no matter how hard he tried to keep his mind off of her, he couldn’t. Jared had kept his eyes on Jensen all day, reassuring him that Y/N was okay back in Austin with Gen and the boys. Y/N was a strong girl, and both of them knew that.

  “My question is for Jared,” the fan said into the mic. Jensen turned to face her anyways, trying not to stare into the wall behind her. “If Dean were to let Sam get a dog, which dog do you think he would get?”

  Jensen felt his phone vibrate in his pocket while Jared listened to the question. He pulled it out of his jean pocket and looked at the screen to see his wife’s face on the screen, requesting to FaceTime. He couldn’t deny her the call, especially if she needed him. He nudged Jared, showing him the screen. He nodded, giving Jensen the go look. 

  He pointed his finger up at the crowd and made his way backstage, sliding the accept call button. Moments later, her face popped up on the screen. She looked tired, wearing one of his red flannel shirts, laying in what looked to be their bed back in Austin. She was still the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. “Hey sweetheart,” he smiled. “Everything okay?”

  “It is now. I missed you and I needed to hear your voice. I’m sorry if I called at an inconvenient time,” she frowned, worry etched on her face. 

  “I’m in the middle of the afternoon panel. Do you want to say hi to everyone?” he questioned. She nodded her head profusely, a smile crack upon her lips. Jensen carried the phone in his hand and flipped the screen so she could see Jared’s back and the crowd on the screen. He picked up his mic, Jared looking at him with concern.

  “So, as you may know a little while back, Jared and a very significant other of mine came up with the Always Keep Fighting campaign. Have you guys heard of it?” he asked the crowd. The room went wild and Jared began to smile, knowing exactly where this was going. “Right now, my girl is at home, fighting her own battle like the badass woman that she is. How would you guys like to send her some of the love that Jar and I both know this family has for her. I’ve got her right here with me. Hey sweetheart, there are some people that want to say something to you,” he smiled. The whole room clapped and screamed for her, chanting her name amongst wishing her the best. 

  “Jar and I love you too, baby girl. We’ll be home before you know it,” he smiled at her, blowing a kiss to her through the screen. Jensen could see the blush rise upon her cheeks and it made his heart skip a beat. 

  “I love y’all, too!”

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#2 Gabriel Reyes/Reaper

I like to think back when he was in Overwatch he was more of a fire type trainer, but when he became part of Blackwatch he began to get more interested in dark type pokemon.

1. Charizard Out of all the starters I think the only that could have the same level of badass as Reyes is Charizard. Of course, it was just a Charmander when Reyes got him, but with time and training the two have become a great pair of power.

2. Houndoom I think Reyes would be a dog person, so why not a Houndoom? I would think his would be strong and caring. Probably named Cerberus or something cool. She’d be sweet once you get to know her, and she’d always be at Gabe’s side.

3. Togepi now for his baby pokemon I think he’d have a togepi. Lots of pokemon centers were abandoned in the attacks of the omnics, so a lot of eggs were abandoned as well. He might have took one in, and poof came out little Togepi. Only certain agents get to see Togepi, and you damn well know Houndoom would be protective AF.

4. Talonflame would be a pokemon he got in the same area he met Jesse. This bird is moody, and is feisty to people he doesn’t know. I like to think Gabe used to have a good time watching his feathered friend peck and pester newbies. Jesse once chased him for a whole mile because he took the boy’s hat.

5. Darkrai, which was the first thought that came to mind for Gabriel’s legendary. Dark colors, can phase through the floor, and pull stuff outta nowhere. Hes perfect for him! I’d think Darkrai would help Gabe with whatever ptsd he’s gained over the years, as instead of causing nightmares He’d be keeping them away. the first night was probably the best night of sleep Gabe’s gotten in awhile.

Now that’s it for Reaper, I hope you all like this!


My VEGEBUL fancast!!!!!!!
Ed Westwick x Zhang Ziyi

Ed because I know that he can play the arrogant, condescending, broody, I’m the shit and I know it that has father issues, but really just needs a woman to love me and balance me out and not take any of my shit character ex. GG Chuck Bass.
Now, Ed’s alittle tall 5'9, but get someone like extra tall like Godfrey Gao as Goku he’s like 6'4 or something and balance it out lol.
I always imagine Vegeta taller than Bulma anyway.

Zhang, she’s been named one of the world’s most beautiful women, like some blue haired genius we know. She’s a total badass that can hold her own and has played some very complicated characters in the past. Ex. House of Flying Daggers- Xiao Mei and Memoirs of a Geisha- Chiyo.
Who better to play the genius heiress

Now, if you have issues with my picks don’t look at it. Just pass it put as you scroll. There you go… . . juuuust keeeep oonn goooing. Because idc, cause… you know what? I had fun doing this. So, Bii don’t kill my vibe.

But if you like it. . .😘😘😘 thank you!!!
I finished the Hammer of Thor

This may go down as one of the most impactful books of the early twenty-first century. I’ve never been so pleasantly surprised with how a book has turned out. Rick Riordan is truly a gifted author and knows how to write fantasy while incorporating everyday issues and realities that we face.

Okay, so onto all of the things that I LOVED!

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anonymous asked:

Michael and Lindsay are gonna have that baby? Right? And we've been here so long- we should see that little girl when she's born. We should watch Michael yell about it and Lindsay being a damn badass mom. You can't miss that after loving them for so long. You have to know her name, so stick around to see it.

Thank you for reminding me of this, back when Lazer Team was announced I used that as something to cling to, I’ll try focus on this 

Besties (Part 1 of 3)

Based (kinda loosely) off Anon Prompt: “… I was wondering if you could write me an imagine where the reader is the Alfa to the normal T-Rex and they are like best friends kind of and Owen find it like cute how they act around each other (I know it’s confusing what t-Rex is cute) just super fluffy Owen x reader”

He always comes to visit you during his lunch, and when your lunch hours coincide, he insists on taking you out. However, the great Owen Grady’s charms don’t really work on you. He’s cute yeah, and he can be sweet when he wants to be, but you’re not exactly looking for a hook up or a boyfriend or whatever it is that he wants. Instead, you spend your time with your favorite girl. Everyone else is afraid of her, and quite right so. Tyrannosaurs are scary, but you’ve raised her since she was just a baby and you know she won’t hurt you. She’s really a big sweetheart, to you at least. They still won’t let you do trainer shows because the last thing they want is for something to go wrong and people watch you get eaten, but you know that would never happen.

Today, you’ve skipped lunch altogether to go in the paddock with the vet. She seemed worried, but your constant reassurances calmed her nerves. You pet Ronnie around her large eyeballs, telling her to be nice to the vet lady. She’s just bandaging up a small wound she got from stepping on the goat pole this morning. You can feel her growling and you hush her so that she doesn’t let out a full on roar, as this would probably scare the vet away for good.

After it’s all finished, you look towards the glass and see none other than Owen Grady leaning up against it watching you. When you come out of the paddock and walk around, you tell him exasperated. “Who let you in here? The exhibit is supposed to be closed”

“Yeah, well I’ve got friends all around this place,” he teases smirking at you.

You continue to stare at him, waiting for the truth.

“Okay okay,” he says putting his arms up in defense, “So I snuck in. Big deal.” He says nonchalantly. “Just wanted to see you.” He says, smiling again really turning on the charm.

“Well that’s very sweet of you Owen, but I’ve got to get back to work.” You say, honestly tired already from the long morning.

“Y/n,” he says seriously, smile dropping from his face. “You’re exhausted, take a break. Let’s go get lunch.” This time, when he says it, it doesn’t sound flirty or suggestive, and you are really hungry. You decide to give it a shot and nod your head.

“Yeah, okay, but just this once.”

He smiles and nods, then responds with a hint of sarcasm “Yeah, sure, just this once.”

After lunch, you can’t help but realize that you really did enjoy yourself. If you ignore all his shameless flirting and bragging about the raptors, you could actually see yourself with a guy like him. He walks you back to the paddock and stops to look at you seriously, “You know, you’re pretty badass.” He starts, “I mean, even I wouldn’t step in there with that thing.”

Something snaps in you when he calls her “that thing”; you know he wouldn’t put up with someone talking about his girls like that.

“Well, ‘that thing’ has a name.” you snap and don’t even understand where these emotions are coming from. You turn to walk away, “I’ve got to get back to work, thanks a lot,” you say, laced with sarcasm. When you’re sure he’s left, you take a deep breath, unsure about what has gotten into you. You weren’t really that mad about his comment about your girl. You can’t help but wonder if you just needed an excuse to push him away; you started to get to close to having feelings for him, and you had to shut that down right away. No matter how charming Owen Grady is, you need to be strong. You won’t be just another girl on his list.

The next day, you come into work to find a rose in your locker. You pick it up and smell it, smiling, but frown quickly when you see the note tied to it that reads “I’m sorry.” You throw it back into the locker and slam it shut. What game is he playing? You have heard all the rumors, but Owen Grady being sweet was not something you had prepared for. Maybe he just wasn’t used to rejection and needed to pull out the big guns. Well, it isn’t going to work on you.

You walk over the paddock on the catwalk as you whistle for Ronnie, but she doesn’t come out of the trees. The guests are lined up at the glass, waiting to catch a glimpse of her, but you begin to get worried. Did her wound get infected? Is she sick?

When she was little, the size of a raptor, she got sick once and you went into the cage every day so she could lay her head in your lap as you soothed her. Now, as she won’t respond to anything the trainers try, you decide to go in the paddock. Sarah, a guard tries to stop you, but you won’t listen.

As you walk in, you can hear the crowd begin to get louder, shocked at the idea of someone actually going in the cage with her. Finally, as you call her name, she steps out of the tree line, slightly off balance. She bends down in front of you and drops to the floor, knocking you to the ground and pinning you down with her head. You winced as she does this but hold back your scream. You’re pretty sure she broke a rib or two, possibly your leg, but there were hundreds of people watching, and the last thing you wanted to do was cause any panic.

You see Sarah rushing to the door with her tranquilizer gun, but you throw your hands up to stop her.

“I’m fine!” you shout. You motion above your head to one of the trainers for a mic and she tosses you her headset. You wince as you reach out to catch it, sure that something is definitely broken.

“Hello folks,” you say, adjusting your volume for the speakers. “I am perfectly okay!” you hold your arms in the air for reassurance, holding back a whimper. “This here is Ronnie, and she’s been a little sick lately. Apparently she thinks she can still fit in my lap like she did when she was little.” This gets a round of laughter and you try to keep up the smile. “We’re going to close the exhibit and get a vet in here to make sure she is okay. We should be able to open it back up by tomorrow. Until then, feel free to watch videos of her feeding in the Visitors Center.” You wave to everyone then reach down to pat her snout as the throngs of people are ushered out of the exhibit by the guards. When the gates open, you see none other than Owen Grady rushing in beside Sarah.

Ronnie seems very sick as she doesn’t even move at their entrance. Sarah pulls your legs out from under her head and you moan in pain.

“Can you walk?” she asks.

You clutch your stomach in pain, “No. I think she broke a few ribs. God it hurts.” You don’t cry but you can’t help the few curses that pass your lips as Owen puts his arms under yours to help you up.

“I didn’t mean for it to go to your head when I called you a badass; you didn’t have to fight her.” He says, chuckling, but his face remained tight. You could see he was genuinely concerned for you. You wince again in pain as the set you on the medic’s cart and Owen sits beside you. As they drive you towards the clinic you look at him.

“What are you doing here?” you ask, sounding rather rude simply due to the pain.

“I wanted to make sure you weren’t mad at me. When I said ‘that thing’ I didn’t mean-“

You cut him off. “Owen, I wasn’t mad. I was just… frustrated.”

He looks at you like he doesn’t understand and you go on. “I’m not looking for a boyfriend Owen, or a hook up or whatever it is you do.” You glance at him and he’s still staring at you. “I’m here to work, and after lunch I just felt like I was getting too comfortable with you.”

You avoid looking at him now but he puts his hand on yours, dropping the subject. “That was really brave.” He says, drawing your eyes back up to his. “I mean, she literally broke you and you just played it off like it was nothing.”

You just shrug, “Yeah, well, I didn’t want people to start panicking. Besides she didn’t do it on purpose, she’s obviously not feeling well.” Your heart begins to hurt as you think about her being sick and wishing you could be by her side.

“She’s going to be okay,” he says, understanding your silence. “When they take you in, I’ll go check on her to make sure she’s okay.” You smile at him again, trying to remember exactly why you were trying to stay single. Just because one guy messed you up, it doesn’t mean that they all will.

“Thank you, I’d really appreciate it.” The medics get you to the front door and there’s already a gurney waiting for you; Owen watches as they load you onto it and just before they wheel you away, you look at him, “Thanks for the flower. It was beautiful.” You watch him grin as he gets farther and farther away and you head off to get patched up.

Thanks for Reading!! Part 2 coming soon!

My Little Badass (Dean x Reader) Chapter 3

Setting her laptop down Y/N got to work. Looking up the town’s history, local legends, strange deaths. Anything she could find.

“Can I get you anything?” A woman’s voice asked.

Y/N looked up, seeing the waitress. “The best cheese burger you got, and a coffee.” Y/N responded.Turning her attention back to her laptop.

Y/N didn’t know how long she had stayed after getting her food, all she knew was that she was on her six cup of coffee. And the sun had gotten lower.

When she finally looked up from her screen, was when the door ringed, hearing two very familiar voices.  

“Really Dude, we had burgers for breakfast.”


Y/N turned around seeing the very tall man, walking her way. Turning back around ducking her head, quickly pulling her hair in front of her shoulder’s.

“Sam I heard this place has the best burgers, and a four star rating for the pie!”


Y/N smiled. He was so child like. It was kinda strange, since the man didn’t look that way. His scruff and leather making him look more intimidating then he actually was. Y/N listened carefully, hearing the two men move into a booth only one away from hers.

“Since when did you start looking up ratings on places for pie?” Sam asked. Dumping his stuff onto the table.

“Since I found out there was a app for it.” Dean said. Like it was obvious

Y/N listened more, as the waitress came by, took their order, then leave.

“Hey. You see that car outside?” Dean asked.

Sam just looked up from his laptop, only to look back down a second later. “What about it?”

Dean smirked. “Didn’t it look exactly like the one we saw that girl driving, the one we meet at the gas station. 1966 camaro?”

Y/N eyes widened. Completely forgetting about her car.

“Yeah I guess. Why?” Sam asked.

“Why? What do you mean why, you think she’s here?” Dean said. Looking around the dinner.

Y/N slide down her booth thanking whatever God who made her for her small height.

Sam scoffed. “Dude why do you care? You don’t even know her name.”

Dean looked back at Sam, like he was stupid. “Man are you kidding she was Badass, her car was awesome. And I bet she likes pie.”

Y/N almost laughed, putting a hand over her mouth.
He was right, she did like pie. And hell yeah her car was awesome. His wasn’t to bad himself.
Maybe she should say something. No. No. She shouldn’t be fooling around she needs to focus on the case.

Although. It wouldn’t hurt to mess around just a little bit, right?

Y/N packed up her stuff, chugging the rest of her coffee.
Y/N motioned for the waitress. In which she hurried over. Quickly bending down as Y/N motioned to come closer. “Hey you mind taking this fifty for the two men over there using it for whatever they order. And giving the one in the leather jacket this.” Y/N handed the waitress a small piece of paper.

The waitress looked up, taking both the money and paper. Giving a smile and node.

Picking up her stuff, going out the opposite door she came in, not wanting the boys to catch her.

On the other hand Dean had just finished his pie, feeling like a nap. Maybe even a beer.

The waitress came to give him the ticket, a bit of money sticking out of it. Dean picked it up a but confused. It was a receipt with change, but he hadn’t paid yet. “Excuse me!” The waitress came back, a small smile on her face. “I think you gave us the wrong ticket, this one was paid for.” Dean said. A flirty smile on his face.

The woman smiled, pulling some hair behind her ear. “Actually your meal was payed for by the nice woman a booth away.”

Dean stared at her wide eyed. Even Sam shot his head up confused.

“Wait woman, what woman?” Dean asked. Although he had a feeling he knew who.

“She gave me a small note and money to pay for your meal.” She said. Nodding her head towards the ticket book.

The moment she walked away Dean grabbed the ticket book, opening it finding a small piece of paper. Unfolding it Dean slowly read the note.

Sam looked at his brother, couldn’t tell what he was thinking. “Whats it say?” Sam asked tired of waiting.
Not saying anything Dean handed him the paper, a small smirk forming on his face.

Unfolding the paper, Sam began to read the small note.

Dear Sam and Dean.
Nice seeing you two again.
I do like pie. I know I’m a Badass.
Hope you enjoy the meal.
The girl with the awesome car.

Sam eyes widened, looking the note over five times.
Not believing what he just read.
Sam looked back up to Dean, who just started laughing. Sam couldn’t help but chuckle as well. “Wow. She’s good.” Sam said. Shaking his head still laughing.

Dean smiled. Putting his hands behind his head, letting out a long sigh. “Yeah, she sure is. You want to know the worst part Sammy?”

Sam, looked up to his brother, letting out a little hum.

“I don’t even know her damn name!”

Chapter 1: 


Baby, I’m Yours

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1347

Request: Reader x dean. Not together at first Cas or Sam or both get turned into babies. Dean at first admires reader for how she shows responsibility and motherliness but then get jealous of the attention she’s giving them and how they’re so attached to her.   - Anonymous

Author’s Note: Here it is! Thanks for the request, Anon - I ended up writing this in Dean’s pov! The title is taken from Baby I’m Yours by Arctic Monkeys. Send in requests if you have any, and I hope you enjoy it! - Nat xo

Your name: submit What is this?

I grabbed the bags out of Baby’s trunk and headed for the steel door of the bunker. I hated going on supply runs – normally made Sam do that kind of crap, but he had been asleep and I needed milk for the pancakes I was gonna make for breakfast – so I had gone anyway. I had picked up the milk, and a few other odds and ends I felt like we needed, and headed back to get started cooking.

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Who should you fight: UHA edition
  • Hades: you're so dead that it's not even funny.
  • Charon: WHY. WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? He is our socially ackward child. Wanna fight him? You monster. Anyway, he is a Death God and his magic is powerful so you will lose. Also: his husband is the God Killer.
  • Cerberus: You must have a dead wish. He will rip you intenstines and use them for decoration. But yes, fight him if you want. He could use some distraction from parental duties.
  • Zelios: fight him. He is the Guardian of Tartarus, but why not?
  • Cain: dead. You're dead. He is psycothic.
  • Abel: </b> You should totally fight him, you might have a chance of wining. But finish before Cain appears. Because he WILL appear.
  • Malachi: fight him.
  • Theo: another psycothic child. He will rip your spinal cord for fun.
  • Ambrosius: fight him. You will probably lose, but you won't die. I hope.
  • Nikias: the youngest one, but don't let that distract you. He was created to fight.
  • Persephone: she might look sweet and innocent, but she will transform you into a poisionous tree.
  • Alexion: God Killer. Really. Do I need to say anything else?
  • Blaine: you could fight him, it's not as if he could defend himself. You, coward.
  • Leon: His name means Lion. Like, really. It will be fun to see you try.
  • Ayo: Fight him, please. The kid totally needs it. He will beat you ass, but at least he will have fun.
  • Holly and Keros: </b> THEY ARE BABIES, YOU MONSTER.<p/><b>
  • Noe: </b> why would you do something like that?
  • Kat: </b> she is the only female second-in-command. Made inmortal ny Hades after fighting in a war. She is able to cope with Cain's temper tantrums. Badass is her second name. Do you really want to try?
  • Demetrius: </b> you might think you have a chance because one of his arms is artificial. Well, in his own words "I don't know how to teleport but yes how to fry your innards". Also, Nikias and Hades will be pissed. Nikias for fighting his hubby and Hades for breaking the arm.
  • Adrian: </b> he will send you flying to the other side of the room with a power blast. He will then feel really bad about that and will ask for forgiveness.<p/><b>
  • Sept: fight him. He will be too busy keeping up with Theo's demands to actually harm you</b> <p/></p>
  • Lucifer: </b> Hello? Lucifer? Lord of Hell? Traitor to Heaven? Do you even have a brain in that head of yours?
  • Thorn: </b> Do you really want to try?<p/><b>Jaques:</b> fight him, but he will probably take away your guns and give you a speech about how irresponsible you are.
  • Akin: </b> fight him and Hannibal will use your head as decoration.
  • Hannibal: </b> You are SO DEAD. Anyway, if you harm him Akin will hunt you down.
  • Lea: </b> Godess of curses and battle strategy. She will kick you ass so hard that you won't even have time to cry.
  • Raven: </b> he is one of Lucifer's generals. He even fought Michael. But if you want, why not? Fight him. Go big or go home.
  • Dania: </b> yeah, why not. Fight her. You will probably lose anyway.
  • Bali & Wednesday: </b> they are the guardians of Gehenna. But if you want to try... anything for an andrenaline junk.
  • Alaric: </b> Hoe, don't.
  • Stanton: </b> bye, dear reader. It's been good you know ya.<p/>
  • Deveraux: </b> You will be too horny to try anything.<p/></p>
  • Xenon: </b> Bitch, please. He is an Atlantean God. One of the most powerful panteons to ever exist.
  • <p/> <b>Dorean:</b> yeah, fight him. He is not a warrior, it's not like he will he able to harm you. But Xenon will go for your ass.<p/></p>

anonymous asked:

do you have any tumblr feminist recs? I am looking to follow more people and more diverse people like in terms of gender and race and stuff.

Woah, big question. Ok, I’ll make some recommendations and a brief description.


She’s pretty chill, she’s really great at listening and correcting her own behaviour and always owns up if she does or says anything insensitive. She’s biracial, cis and is very into intersectional feminism. And she uses a lot of f words.


Kat is a machine. Like, I’m not convinced she is human. The amount of arguments she gets into is impressive and she can throw shade like no one’s business. She’s black, trans and makes great, educational content and is not afraid to drag you if she needs to. Follow for badassery. Plus amazing selfies.


I have no idea what his name is so I call him “Wince” in my head, probably not the most flattering of nicknames but he leaves me with little alternative. Wince is one of the mods of an awesome blog called bikiniarmorbattledamage (which is an awesome takedown of female video game designs primarily). His arguments are really well thought out and well constructed. Cis, white male I believe. Presumed heterosexual.


They are a Muslim and genderfluid poster and … wow, what can I say about this blog? It’s incredibly challenging, to me personally. I don’t always 100% agree with them but even when i don’t I find that they challenge me to think about things differently. A lot of focus on cissexism, I believe.


This is a really great blog too, Sam has well constructed and oft academic takedowns of anti feminist and anti SJW assholes but she really does not buy into the fuckboy logic that people who don’t construct arguments like she does are of less value. She’s anti-doxxing, anti call-out culture (I think) and highly intersectional. She is cis I believe and I am not 100% certain of her racial background so I will not comment on that.


This blogger is pretty hilarious. Their blog says they are dfab, non binary and  white passing. But it’s very intersectional and you see a lot of interesting conversations there based off of asks. They are very supportive of social justice warriors and blog and reblog a lot of funny anti SJW bullshit posts. They also have roughly a billion and a half side blogs that are also quality.


A lot of rape and rape culture posts, patriarchy, intersectional, willing to concede if she fucks up but totally unapologetic to the guys who are deeply offended by her name, unwilling to tread softly to spare the feeling of fragile cis men. I think she is cis and white, I think. Very badass. Also gives amazingly compassionate advice and comfort to a lot of the people who write into her. She does not have anonymous asks on but if you want to ask her something and you want it to remain anonymous you can let her know in the ask and she will censor your name when she publishes it. 


Their blog says they are white, bi, cis and younger than me, which is depressing because this poster really knows their stuff and debates with a seemingly endless display of energy about a variety of topics. There is a lot about gender representation, queer representation, classism, ableism. It’s generally just an amazing blog in my opinion.


Biracial,bisexual and…bipedal? This girl is so sweet and endearing, she seems genuinely lovely and passionate about feminism. She’s incredibly patient, very supportive and also has very strong opinions. It’s a very winning combination.

These are just some of the blogs I follow that have a pretty strong and frequent presence on Tumblr.

I’m sure many of these blogs people already follow and I am certain there are more blogs I follow that are high quality feminist blogs, but that process took more time than I thought it would. Maybe my followers have some other suggestions they could chip in? Also i hope I didn’t get any details wrong. 

Also all of these blogs are trans inclusive, I have never personally witnessed any content from them that is otherwise. 


Dean x reader

Word count: 4366

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Warning: One roofied drink, a drugged reader, and a douchebag.

Note: if you ever suspect that you or your friend has been drugged, seek medical help immediately. Don’t try to sleep it off. Mixing drugs (especially Rohypnol, which is the most common rape drug) with alcohol can cause extremely low blood pressure, difficulty breathing, coma, and even death.

Y/N sends a longing gaze towards the hunter sitting across the table from her, apparently deep in thought, and oblivious to her eyes on him. She sighs and forces her eyes down on the table.  He’ll never notice me, she thinks, missing the way Dean glances up at her, almost shyly, taking in her soft expression before swiftly looking away again.

Sam notices, but knowing both his brother and Y/N, that is one hornets’ nest he is unwilling to stick his hand in. Shaking his head slightly, he downs the rest of his beer and sets course for the beautiful brunette by the bar. Dean and Y/N might decide to keep pining for each other, but that doesn’t mean he can’t have some fun.

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the-consulting-strange-vidder  asked:

I loved what you did in last night's textchat with the new names of the one that must not be named. Can i ask you to do something similar with our Mary? You know something like Goddess of the universe, Queen of Everything, The most badass woman of creation... You'll think of something i'm sure! :)

what a genius idea ;) forgive the wait, @the-consulting-strange-vidder, I wanted to do it justice…


Uncle Sherlock: *examining something* What’s this?
Cheating Sluuuuut: Uhhh, Princess Leia buns.
The Godfather: *shakes his head* Absolutely not.
Literal Angel: *rolls her eyes, holding her girl* Come on, for Rosie.
The Godfather (Part II): She’s one.
Actual Mother of the Year: *bouncing Rosie* Awww, is Uncle Sherlock being a grump? And on your birthday, my darling.
The Godfather (part III): *sighs*
Motherfucker: It’s just once. Get it over and done with.
I Ran Out of Godfather Films: *annoyed* Fine, fine *puts on the buns; folds his arms childishly*
(✿◠‿◠): *giggling*
Literal Definition Of A Great Man: *smiles*
Little Miss Deserved Better: * You smiled! I’m off the hook *swans off*
*the party*
Morgue Queen: *wearing bee antennas; sipping juice*
DI Don’t You Dare: *approaches, wearing cat ears* Um, you know…cats have been known to chase bees.
His Pathologist, Dammit: *smiles*
Jealous Shrew: *frowns* In what-
Rosie’s Mum That Actually Took Care of Her and Didn’t Bone Anyone Else: *elbows him* Shhh. They’re cute.
Green Eyed Detective: What?
Bastard Scum of the Earth: *rolls his eyes* Don’t get her started…
The Good Wife: *elbows him* Oi, you. Greg and Molly will make a cute couple.
Probably Thinks Donald Trump ‘Has Some Pretty Good Ideas, You Know’: So you keep saying.
Mrs. I Actually Took My Wedding Vows Seriously: Alright what do you think?
Smitten Little Shit: *holding Rosie; watching Greg and Molly* Hmmm?
She Deserved BETTER: About Greg and Molly.
Consulting Love Machine: Oh *hands over Rosie* excuse me *walks off*
Loyal Partner: *smiles* Would it kill you to take my side now and again?
Barney Stinson: *mock thoughtful* Yes *kisses her*
Stud: *cups the back of Molly’s neck and snogs her*
Makes Me Sick:  …
Sweet Summer Child: *smug* Told ya.
Couple I Want To Bang More Than I Want To Breathe: *walking home together*
Pathologist In Love: *hums the Star Wars theme*
Mr Get Your Head Out Of Your Arse Please: *glances at her; frowns* That’s not funny.
Ray of Sunshine: *grins* You have seen it.
Gingernuts: *shrugs* Mindless space rubbish.
Hibiscus: *smug* Lads night in?
Married To His Work: *sighs* Shut up.
His Work: *chuckles* Why did you give Greg a lecture on bee behaviour? He was just joking.
Make Your Move Before We All Die: *pouting* He was flirting with you.
Seriously. She’s Not Going To Wait Forever: *nods* Mmm. He’s not subtle.
Awkward Loved Up Little Shit: It’s *coughs* not a very nice feeling.
Loves Him So Much: Well, everyone knows now *wraps her arms around him* no more sneaking around.
#Whipped: *smirks* Nope *nonchalant* Mrs. Hudson’s staying at the Watsons tonight…
Little Miss Gonna Get Some: *giggles* Is she now?
Cocky Swine: *nods* Too much punch. I advised her it was best to say.
Mrs. Holmes: How thoughtful of you.
Mr. Hooper: *kisses her* Oh, yes, Doctor Hooper, I am…as you’ll soon find out.

It really pisses me off that Tenten has no back story and no canon future, aside from having a weaponry store. Don’t get me wrong I lovelovelove Naruto but c'mon, being real Tenten was the only female character in Konoha who didn’t revolve her decisions and life around a boy. She actually strived to become a strong kunoichi of her own desires instead of to catch up with the guy she likes which would have made a more interesting heroine than Sakura (no offense lol i love sakura still ofc). She wanted to train under Tsunade, her idol, but instead Sakura did. I know that happened for a reason cos Team 7 blahblahblah, however can you imagine how much better the series would have been had Tenten been given an actual past, names to family members, canon skills that don’t include scrolls like ninjutsu perhaps, and the rightful attention she deserved. Hell, I would rather watch an entire series focusing on Tenten than see Sakura neglect her training juust to spend more time to fawn over Sasuke.

It really grinds my gears to know that Tenten is mostly used for comic relief. Honestly, had things gone the right way, Tenten would/could probably be one of the most powerful kunoichi in Konoha. Though she’s weak in medical ninjutsu doesn’t mean she wouldn’t be able to master Tsunade’s fighting style. She would have peservered until the very end, especially with motivation from Gai and Lee. That kind of training would make Tenten a force to reckoned with, combined with her A-class weaponry skill, not to mention her training sessions with Neji. Honestly, she would’ve been sOO frickin’ badass.

And as it seems, Tenten has had the more non-emotionally scarring life out of her two comrads. Lee and Neji’s back stories showed their amazing character development and the reasons behind why they did/do the things they did/do. However that doesn’t mean Tenten’s own past should’ve been disregarded. I’m not saying she needs to have an equally tragic childhood but something like oh I don’t know a LAST NAME would suffice! Man…

What else makes me irritated and a bit confused and upset is her reaction to Neji’s death. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME. Tenten highly respected and admired Neji, he was her important teammate. They spent most of their lives together, trained countless, countless times together. They were in the position of literally being best friends and Neji can be regarded as one of the closest people Tenten has to family (cos she hasn’t really been given one haha) so there is no fucking way that I am accepting that BS where she just brushed his death off and then when she finally acknowledged it, she wasn’t even phased whereas Lee cried his eyes out. I call bULLSHIT. Comic relief at the wrong time, I tell you.

Tenten deserved more than just comic relief. I at least had hoped she’d get a happy ending yet she looks a tad disheartened (haha comic relief amirite) and still no sign of family. I’m rooting for LeeTen tho, so she’s not alone. :) But I still love the work Kishi has done, its wonderful.


If there’s one thing I learned on the beat, it’s that the names change but the street stays the same.

What did Amon want? Equality for all. Unalaq? He brought back the spirits! And Zaheer believed in freedom.

You ever consider maybe you could learn something from them?

Ever since Toph met Iroh in “The Chase” I envisioned her also growing up into a balanced, spiritual, down-to-earth badass, so I was always pissed off that her legacy in Legend of Korra was being Chief of Police. I guess I forgot that the Iroh we know and love couldn’t exist without first having been the Dragon of the West, that terryfing imperialist general of a genocidal regime, because here we are in Season 4 with Enlightened Toph in the swamp! And not only are the writers attempting toplace her in the role of wise mentor figure, they’ve actually written her character with actual wisdom!! Possibly even the most wisdom I’ve seen in this show yet!!!

I’m combining bits and pieces of the knowledge Toph has been dropping on Korra in between telling Korra how much of a loser she is. First she straight up told the Avatar that “stopping the bad guys” is a waste of time. The dominant narrative of our society is that bad people are the cause of our problems and if we remove them, the problems go away. This has always been reflected in the show by having nearly all the major conflicts in both arcs and episodes resolved with a bender-on-bender fight to the death/capture/defeat. But in real life, you can topple all the dictators you want without bringing anybody freedom, just as you can arrest all the criminals you want and there will still be crime.

She is the first person to acknowledge that the show’s previous villains enjoyed success because they were right about their causes. Amon/Noatak was right that nonbenders were treated badly in comparison to benders; Noatak would have been a lone bloodbender against the world if he hadn’t found an oppressed people he could speak to. Unalaq was right the world was suffering for being out of touch with the spirits, and he could never have gotten Korra to help him if it weren’t the case. Zaheer was right that many power structures in the Four Nations And One City were corrupt and needing to be brought down; he just got so distracted by the need to tear things down that he forgot or never learned the importance of building anew! Remember that he recruited three of the most singularly powerful benders in the whole damned world from the secret society dedicated to protecting it on the strength of his cause! They were certainly “out of balance” and “went too far” as Toph points out, but the Avatar world absolutely needs to learn from its supervillains if it doesn’t want to fight them again.

And lo ho ho, dear readers, what a time to be learning this lesson, because right now Kuvira is right that somebody had to step up to deal with the rubble in which Zaheer left the Earth Kingdom, but she sounds an awful lot like Sozin. Maybe cutting off the head of snake by neutralizing Ozai (and Azula) wasn’t really a sufficient resolution to one hundred years of war!

My point is this is a children’s show, about superheroes on adventures in a fantasy world with magic and monsters and spirits and girlfriends who turn into the moon. It is a show about martial arts and beating people up with people who can shoot lightning from their fingertips and throw boulders around and control your blood and body with their minds. It is this fucking show that is making the argument that we have to listen to and learn from our enemies. And actually address the issues they bring up. Because defeating them with overwhelming force is not enough. That alone would be enough for me because in this age that’s obsessed with realism I haven’t seen anything that real since The Wire. But then they let motherfucking Toph say it for them. I am fucking crying with joy right now.

Cameron Dallas Imagine for Haley

Inspired by the song Folding Chair by Regina Spektor..I thought this would be a fun idea ok ok

Come and open up your folding chair next to me
My feet are buried in the sand and there’s a breeze

You looked up from your folding chair on the beach to see a tall and muscular boy setting his chair down next to you, giving you a small smile. You smiled back, lowering your sunglasses to watch him. He was cute, very cute, with fluffy hair and tanned skin.
“Hello.” You said simply, leaning back in your chair again.
“Hi, I’m Cameron.” He said, following your actions and leaning back in his chair.
“Nice to meet you, Cameron. I’m (Y/N).”
“Pretty name for a pretty girl.”
You chuckled. You didn’t mind being hit on, especially by beautiful boys like himself.
“Thanks.” You said, adjusting your sunglasses. You felt jumpy with such a gorgeous boy sitting next to you, but you didn’t want to come off as anxious. So you sat in an easy silence, listening to the waves crashing against the shore.

There’s a shadow, you can’t see my eyes
And the sea is just a wetter version of the skies

The sun was almost behind you know, casting a shadow on your newly tanned face. You thought about moving your chair or even going back to lay down on your beach towel with your friends, but Cameron was still next to you.
“So, you from around here?” You asked lightly, peering over at him. He looked back, his eyes bright.
“Yeah, born and raised. You?”
“Nope. Moved here a few months back.”
“You like it so far?”
“Yes, very. The weather is amazing.”
“The weather’s always great here. Even the storms are pretty.” He commented, putting his hands behind his head.
“Really? I’d love to see one.”
“It’s like the ocean, except darker. And not as wet.”
You giggled. “I didn’t think it would be.”
The more you two talked, the more you realized that Cameron was a nice guy. He was funny and smart and intriguing, but a little reserved at times. You’ve already figured out not to ask about his father or his childhood, but other tham that he seemed very cheery.
“Do you go to school around here?” He asked and you nodded.
“Going for acting and directing. Sounds fun enough.”
“Really? I’m an actor too! Well, I mean..I’m trying to be.”
“Are you kidding? You’d be a great actor. I can see it.”
“Thanks.” He said shyly, grinning.

Let’s buy a silver bullet trailer and have a baby boy
I’ll safety pin his clothes all cool and you’ll graffiti up his toys
I got a perfect body, but sometimes I forget
I got a perfect body because my eyelashes catch my sweat

Somehow you two got talking about your future and having a family someday. It was easy talking to Cameron, as easy as breathing. You didn’t have to think real hard, you didn’t have to wrack your brain for something to say or a topic to introduce.
“I’d like a family someday. A baby boy and a wife, a nice house.” He said, looking off into the distance.
“Sounds pretty nice. The perfect family. Maybe a baby girl down the road.”
“Yeah, but her brother would be older so he could protect her. Be a little badass.”
“Like his father?” You asked with a smile.
“What? I’m no badass.” He said defensively, chuckling.
“So that arm tattoo isn’t a sign of rebellion?”
“This? It’s henna. I’d never get a tattoo this big.”
“But you would get one?”
“Well, maybe someday. You know, a heart with my kids names in it. My sisters and mothers names. Something meaningful.”
You nodded thoughtfully, thinking about the future.
“I don’t know if I’d want to adopt or have my own kids.” You said, watching a seagull swoop down over the waves.
“Why? Don’t you want your kids to be your own flesh and blood?” He asked, running his fingers through the sand.
“Kids ruin your body though. And then I’d have to exercise hardcore to even get half my figure back..”
“I think you look beautiful. You’ve got a great body.” He said honestly, making you blush.

Maybe one day you will understand
That I don’t want nothing from you but to sweetly hold you hand

The sun was setting and you were still sitting next to Cameron. You two had gotten up briefly to splash in the water, searching for seashells and loose pieces of seaweed. Once your foot brushed something under the water that snapped back at you you screamed, trying to swim away as fast as you could. Cameron picked you up and carried you out of the water, laughing the whole way. You grabbed your towel and he grabbed his and you took your places in your folding chairs, shivering as the sun started getting farther away.
“What happened? Why’d you scream?” He asked, pulling his towel tightly around him. You laughed in spite of yourself and looked down at your feet which you had buried in the sand.
“Something touched my foot. I thought it was going to grab me.”
He laughed too, his smile wide. Your hand was hanging loosely off the arm rest on your chair, the plastic still warm from the waning sun.
“Well, you’re lucky I saved you then. It might’ve been a treacherous piece of seaweed or maybe a crab with a criminal record.” He joked, and you chuckled.
“Could’ve been a mollusk with a foot fetish.” You added, and he started laughing, leaning forward in his chair slightly. His hand slid into yours, his pruny fingers intertwining with yours. You looked down at your hand in his and smiled, glancing up at Cameron who was smiling faintly.

Til that day, just please don’t be so down
Don’t make frowns
You silly clown

The sun was almost set and your friends were calling to you, threatening to leave without you if you didn’t hurry. Cameron helped fold your chair and get all your things together, a frown set on his face.
“Why do you look so sad?” You asked him as you slipped your bag onto your shoulders.
“I don’t want you to go. I don’t want this to end.” He said quietly, and you pouted at him. You reached a hand up to his chin and held it there, holding eye contact with you.
“Don’t be so sad. Frowns don’t look as good on you as smiles do.”
“Can I see you again? I mean, only if you want to see me.” He asked, and you smiled.
“I’d love to see you again. I was thinking tomorrow morning, we could meet somewhere for breakfast?”
He beamed at you, the light back in his beautiful eyes.
“I’d love that. Actually uh, if I could have your number I’ll text you later tonight.” He said, getting his phone and handing it to you. You typed your name and number in and handed it back, giving him a small smile.
“I’ll see you tomorrow then?” He asked hopefully, peering at you.
“It’s a date.” You said, reaching up and kissing his cheek. “Goodbye, Cameron!” You called, slipping on your shoes and walking down the beach to your awaiting friends.
“Goodbye, gorgeous..” he replied, watching you go. For the first time, he wasn’t sad to see someone go. In fact, it pulled a big smile onto his face because he knew there was going to be a next time. You were perfect and he was so surprised you had given him the time of day, let alone your number. He glanced down at it again, shaking his head. He was 100% sure he was in love with you, and he’d only known you for a day, not even. But that’s what love is; you just know.

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Yo badass Mama

(silly) Headcanon Time!

So me and my Junes homies were talking about Kanji and his mom until I made up something like “what if Mama Tatsumi is secretly the leader of the Biker Gang?” Then redadmiralvanessa mention about her carrying baby Kanji on one arm and a baseball with nails on the other. Then we talked about her hair color, why she looks older and all that stuff. We conclude that she had Kanji later and her hair might be a lighter color making Kanji inherit his hair color from his father. Maybe she was (still) a badass mama. Who knows?

Also dang for not giving her a name at least =/

You better not mess with Tatsumi’s.

She’s beauty.

She’s grace.

She’ll destroy your face.

Like mother like son.


your daughter


- “c’mon Luke” you groan impatiently, shrugging your coat closer to you.  “I’m almost done” he mumbles buttoning the last button on Ellie’s coat.  he smiles at the bubbly child and puts a blue beanie on her head to match yours. 

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So I want to talk about something for a minute that was alluded to in my tags on my last reblog, namely the idea that Emma’s characterization has been sacrificed for the sake of being with Hook.

As you can probably tell, I vehemently disagree with that notion. I do believe that there’s a difference between OOC and character development.

Because look, here’s the thing. Emma the bail bondsperson we meet in the pilot? She’s badass, she’s tough, she’s strong, she’s a survivor. She’s all these wonderful empowering adjectives but you know what she’s not? Happy.

She’s not happy. She has her entire being walled off from forming connections with anyone. Yes, we see her being a complete and total badass to Bail Jumper Ryan, but what do we see next? We see her going home to an empty apartment with one lonely little cupcake that she bought herself to celebrate her birthday.

She has nobody in her life. Nobody. No one with whom to even share some cake on her birthday. And she is very clearly unhappy. (”Another banner year.”/ “I made a wish that I wouldn’t have to be alone on my birthday.”)

No, Emma the bail bondsperson probably would not have fallen for Hook. But 1) Emma the bail bondsperson wouldn’t have fallen for anyone, thanks to said walls, and 2) even by the time she meets him, she’s no longer Emma the bail bondsperson. Because she has people in her life who’d burrowed underneath her walls despite her best efforts at keeping them out. Henry, Mary Margaret, even David Nolan … these people helped to change her, helped to draw her out of that lonely little cocoon she’d wrapped herself up in.

Don’t believe me? Go back and watch the pilot, and then watch any episode from, say, “Hat Trick” on immediately afterward. The change in Emma is astounding. And to me, it’s beautiful. Because here is Emma Swan, fighting to keep what she’d tried to convince herself she didn’t even want.

And all of this was before Hook’s introduction.

After four full seasons, Emma is not the same person we were introduced to way back when. And frankly, after four full seasons, she shouldn’t be. Characters are supposed to develop over time. And what we’re seeing with Emma is indeed character development. We’re seeing her open up, we’re seeing her blossom, we’re seeing the effect love and support have on her, love and support that comes from many places: friends, family, and romantic love. We’re seeing her emerge from that lonely little cocoon a beautiful butterfly.

It makes her no less badass. She still is all those wonderful empowering adjectives she was when we met her. I mean, come on, she just took the darkest entity in all the realms on herself to keep it from laying waste to the lands. She’s a complete and total badass.

But being a badass doesn’t mean she’s not allowed to be happy as well. As an Emma fan, I personally want her to be happy. I want her to have all the happiness she was denied as a child and young adult. I want to see her Happily Ever After, and if part of the Happily Ever After of the modern-day badass princess is falling in love with a fairy tale pirate captain, then bring it on.