i know you must get tired of this layout bc i use it all the time

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"I had hoped Yuzu would not do all FaOI." Why,may i ask?-BC

He has just gone back to Canada, so I had hoped he’s stay a bit more and work on choreo, since the next season is really important. That aside, the selfish reason is that I know the media will shove a kind content I’m quite tired of in my face for every single show he does.

He’ll probably have fun and I’d be happy to see some EX programs again (Change? Believe? Please), but this season was long and I’m really tired of the media (and fans) exploiting some things.

wait wait wait,so Yuzu WILL be skating in FAOI,right?Man i wish he would do LGC and FINALLy skate it clean(i mean,it was amazing anyway,my absolute favorite Yuzu SP,but i wished to see it clean)

Uhm, LGC is my favourite SP as well, but FaOI isn’t a competition, he won’t do a program with a layout like that. If he does a program he used in competition it will probably be an encore or something, but going for those jumps would not make sense.

dont you sometimes get a feeling that yuzu’s a little bit lonely?? i mean in that one interview in 2k16 hed mentioned how hed felt that way since a long time and idk sometimes i get emo thinking abt it

Yes, sometimes I do. That said, I don’t think of him as an unhappy person. It must be quite hard sometimes (and being a “lonely” person myself I get that there’s positive and negative things to it), but I don’t think of it as being necessarily a sad thing.

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I really love what you guys have got going, but some of you can be real assholes. People are going to ask questions. A LOT. And they're going to repeat them. Some people are new and don't understand the layout, sometimes it fucks up. Some of the phandom is younger. Ya'll gotta keep you're cool. Running this type of blog is sorta like babysitting. You gotta be patient. I see some of you being dicks a lot. If you're in a bad mood, don't get on, kids don't need you to snap on them or get pissy. ++

And I know I’m coming off rude, but every time one of you gets snappy, you come off as rude too. You’re here to help. That is literally what this blog is for, ya know? Literally, your places as admins on this blog is to answer people’s questions. Be patient. And no, this isn’t personal. I’m just tired of seeing the snarky remarks from whichever of you is being snarky, on my dash.

It’s been a long time since we answered something like this but we, as mods, talked about it and we figured it would be best to remind people of a few things;

1) We do not get paid to do this…babysitters get paid. We’d also rather not be referred to as babysitters seeing as the people who follow us most likely don’t need to be babysat, and would be upset if we claimed that they did. Please don’t reduce phandom members to children. Every follower - no matter how old - is capable of using this blog for themselves and probably wants to - they’ll get much quicker results after all if they can find things for themselves. That’s why we always try to include the way we found the thing in our answer, even though it’s more work for us (and can sometimes come off as patronising) - learning how to do something will make the asker’s phanfic-using experience much better and more efficient, and will hopefully prevent them sending similar asks in the future

Not everyone is very young, but even those who are would probably get pretty mad if you told them they couldn’t figure things out for themselves. When something is easy to find (and we provide as many resources as possible to help people), you must understand that it can get a little frustrating being expected to answer hundreds of questions that wouldn’t have been needed had the answers put in a little bit of work. This is partly why we have anon disabled during the week, to reduce the number of people that do this.

2) We do have an FAQ. The only reason we may seem snappy would be because the person didn’t read the FAQ. We link it multiple times everywhere on our blog and even set up our ask box to serve as the FAQ. You literally have to scroll past it all to send an ask. If you have any ideas as to how we can get people to read it before asking us the same question over and over, we would love to hear!

3) We set up this blog to help people, and I like to think we do a good job with that. We do, however, have our limits. If someone asks a question that they could have found the answer to in the same amount of time it took to type out the question, of course we’ll get a little angry. With hundreds of messages coming in daily, we don’t exactly have the time to answer things that have already been answered in our FAQ or would be easily found if they checked the tagged page.  On a personal note, from the admin that posted the ask that seems to have originally sparked the ask (Remy), the reason I posted it like that was to actually show the person where that tag is in the tags page. I was not in a bad mood nor was I snapping or ‘getting pissy’. In fact, I’d just spent over an hour making a post to help people find fics/authors on their own, an hour of my own valuable time. The more people that ask these kind of asks the more time is taken away that we could spend making masterlists or resources.

4) It is actually not our place to do anything on this blog. We volunteer, and, as mentioned above, are not paid to do so, to help people out where we can. We are not paid professionals and have never run this service 100% formally. Unless y’all are willing to give us a salary to sit here for the hours it can take to tackle our inbox, then you cannot demand any more than we can give.

5) If you don’t like our blog, don’t follow us. It is as simple as that. We’re very sorry that you feel this way and we promise we never intend to be rude or snarky. We’re just regular humans leading regular human lives doing our best with what time we have - we rly don’t get paid for this so it has to work around our jobs and studying etc, and sometimes coming home stressed and tired late at night after a 12 hour shift to many hundreds of frustrating asks can rly take it out on a person, and without realising we can come across as snappy just bc we’re too damn sleepy to proofread. If this is something any of our followers can’t look past, then please do unfollow bc we really don’t want to upset anyone.