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The Accomplice

As you may know Namjoon has helped Jungkook and Jimin in their personal projects.

First, the cover of “Fools” done by him and Jungkook, a song by troye Sivan an artist Kookie truly admires.

Link: https://soundcloud.com/bangtan/fools-cover-by-rm-jk-of-bts

The producing of the song “I know” ft. Jungkook, which includes the next verse: “Know you love me girl so that I love you, know you love me boy so that I love you”

Link: https://soundcloud.com/bangtan/sothatiloveyou

RM also produced Jungkook’s song “Begin” after the latter confessed his  profound appreciation to his hyungs and in whose short film Jungkook appears crying in from of a painting that resembles Jimin’s scene from “Lie” short film

“Begin”Link: https://open.spotify.com/user/lydiabee25/playlist/60sYAEXv2XyoQpiLgMeq8v

And as you know Namjoon produced and composed “Serendipity” whose lyrics were inspired by friend’s experiences and of course he gave the song to Jimin.

“You know I know, you are me I am you”

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BEMaH9Sm3lQ

Let’s not forget Namjoon’s tweet on Jungkook’s birthday that includes none other that Jimin. “Nochu Happy Birthday”

Then we have Jungkook’s tweet that portrays Jimin beautifully featuring the one that’s always there for them, Namjoon.

Plus he’s always set in the middle…

ALWAYS…sorry for that one Joon 😅😅😅

I also wanna say that I truly appreciate this man, I owe him so much, his lyrics, his visions, his brain, the fact that he’s the muse behind the creation of BTS, he’s someone I truly admire, he’s a role model. Love you Namjoon, Thank you.

Frank Sinatra Songs for the Signs

Aries // I’ve Got You Under My Skin
“I’d tried so not to give in, I said to myself this affair never will go so well but why should I try to resist when, baby, I know so well: I’ve got you under my skin”

Taurus // Learning The Blues
“The cigarettes you light - one after another won’t help you forget her - and the way that you love her. You’re only burnin’ - a torch you can’t lose but you’re on the right track - for learnin’ the blues”

Gemini  // Summer Wind
“The world was new beneath a blue umbrella sky, then softer than a piper man, one day it called to you - I lost you, I lost you to the summer wind”

Cancer // In The Wee Small Hours
“When your lonely heart has learned its lesson, you’d be hers if only she would call. In the wee small hours of the morning, that’s the time you miss her most of all

Leo // One For My Baby
“You’d never know it but buddy, I’m a kind of poet and I got a lot of things I’d like to say and when I’m gloomy, won’t you listen to me till it’s talked away”

Virgo // The Lady Is A Tramp
“She gets too hungry to wait for dinner at eight, she loves the theatre, but never comes late, she’d never bother with people she’d hate that’s why the lady is a tramp”

Libra // Strangers In The Night
“Little did we know…love was just a glance away, a warm embracing dance away…”

Scorpio // All The Way
“Who knows where the road will lead us? Only a fool would say but if you’ll let me love you, it’s for sure I’m gonna love you all the way”

Sagittarius // Nancy (With The Laughing Face)
“I swear to goodness you can’t resist her, sorry for you, she has no sister - no angel could replace Nancy with the laughin’ face”

Capricorn // That’s Life
“Some people get their kicks stomping on a dream but I don’t let it, let it get me down ‘cause this fine old world, it keeps spinnin’ around”

Aquarius // Something Stupid 
“The time is right, your perfume fills my head, the stars get red and oh, the night’s so blue and then I go and spoil it all by saying something stupid like: "I love you”

Pisces // I’ll Never Smile Again
“I’ll never love again, I’m so in love with you, I’ll never thrill again to somebody new. Within my heart I know I will never start to smile again until I smile at you”

The Night We Met Pt 1 (Lumberjack!Steve x reader)

Characters: reader, Kurt (Steve), Jana (oc), Brent (oc).

Summary: The moment he walked into your Wintery, small town, you knew there was something different about him. Little did you know that the man you began to fall for wasn’t who he appeared to be. On an unexpected, snowy night, the truth comes out and everything changes. Can one night alter the course of your entire life? [Canon]

Warnings: Mentions of drinking, that’s it I think. 

Word Count: 2.1k

Song Inspiration: Save Tonight by Eagle Eye Cherry, The Night We Met by Lord Huron

A/N: Aah! I’m so excited to share this new series with you! I know, it will seem a little mysterious at first, but trust me, it’ll all be explained as we read on. I hope you like this and I’d love to hear what you think! You’re all lovely and I adore you.<3 

Part 1    Part 2>>> Coming Mon 22 Jan, 3pm EST

The Night We Met Series Masterlist


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March 2014

Barren tundra. Frigid wasteland. Isolating Hell-frozen-over. Uninhabitable nightmare. These were the most accurate ways to describe your current location, which was a small logging town in the mountains of North America. Although you spent a good portion of your life growing up here, you never claimed it as home and despite having returned two months previous, you still felt no true affection for the place.

Returning to your “hometown” had been a difficult decision, but in the end it was for the best. Job options had run dry and your father offered you an opportunity. Telling yourself it was only short-term helped ease the sting, although you still didn’t exactly have a solid exit plan. Be here now, you told yourself. Do the work, save money, bide your time, and maybe even salvage some sort of relationship with your estranged father. That’s as far as you let yourself think into the future.

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HIYA !  my name’s otto.  and if you like happy redhead boys then you’ve come to the right rp blog. meet my smiley son  OTOYA ITTOKI.  from the famous idol franchise of  UTA NO PRINCE SAMA.  he’s ready to try to ) turn your muse just as soft as he is!  if you or your muse might be interested GIMMIE THIS POST A  REBLOG / LIKE !

  • *at an awards show*
  • minseok, sees dino from seventeen on stage: is it me or does he look a little...short...and hairier?
  • jongdae: i don't know what you're talking about
  • minseok: is that...is that dino...disguised as dino of seventeen?
  • jongdae: our son is a born performer!
  • minseok: ...jongdae, what did you do?
  • jongdae, has flashbacks to how he locked dino of seventeen in a closet and put dino the raccoon in a zip-up human suit and duck hair: nothing, anyways isn't this performance great? CLAP? I LOVE THIS SONG HAHA
Faking It - Part 1 - Bucky Barnes

Summary: loosely based on Faking It by Calvin Harris feat. Kehlani & Lil Yachty (watch here, listen here).

Warnings: language, a little angsty for now, slow burn (? not really, maybe)

A/N: notice how i said ‘for now?’ please remember that. also i love this song so so so so so so much.

You didn’t know how to be around each other anymore.

You seemed to race out of any room he entered. The kitchen, the gym, the living room— anywhere you saw Bucky Barnes, your feet would carry you in the opposite direction.

You justified it to yourself, you told yourself it was okay not to be completely over him yet. After all, that clench of his jaw was just too perfect, the blue of his eyes was just too intoxicating, the memory of his touch was just too haunting— you were allowed to find the mere warmth of his presence terrifying, you were allowed to still feel the weight of your feelings for him in every part of you. You were entirely allowed to still be in love with him— but he could never know that.

He thought you might not want to trace his features with your eyes like you once did with your fingertips, he thought you might not want to breathe the same air as he did when you once found your oxygen in him just as he found his in you. And it all hurt him, it all forced his heart into his stomach and his stomach into jerky somersaults.

But he justified it to himself, he told himself it was okay to not be completely over you yet. After all, that snorting laughter of yours was just too transfixing, the curve of your body fit into him just too seamlessly, the twinkling of your eyes was just too mesmerizing— he was allowed to find your retreating steps heartbreaking, he was allowed to still drown in every drop of love he used to swim so easily in. He was entirely allowed to still be in love with you— but you could never know that.

His first thought rang loudly in his head upon seeing you as you stumbled out of the elevator. Your hair was tangled and messy, your lips were pulled into a wide smile, and your feet were bare. He almost mumbled those three words his mind yelled when you giggled as you placed your left ankle boot atop Sam’s outstretched hand, the right dangling from your index finger.

You shrugged when Sam looked at you in a mixture of humor and incredulousness. “D’you want the other shoe or something?”

“Didn’t want the first one.”

“It’s a nice shoe, Sam. Cost me, like, six-hundred bucks.”

He snorted, taking the other boot from you anyway, nodding at Bucky in greeting when he spotted the brooding brunette on the couch in the common living room. “Cost you six-hundred bucks?”

“Okay, cost Tony six-hundred bucks,” you amended, following Sam into the kitchen and accepting a cold bottle of water gratefully. “They were a gift.”

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[MV] BUMZU - 아무렇지 않아 (I’m Good) (Feat.Sik-K)

For being Pledis’ current main producer, behind most of SEVENTEEN title tracks, NU’EST, PRISTIN & Han Dong Geun’s songs, I think his first official MV under Pledis has poor views ratings.

Is not like I expect people to go and also purchase this mini (YesAsia & other outlets), since this time is a physical copy and not a digital that you can only buy if you can grab a Melon account or Soribada, etc.

But, at least, I thought that CARATS & ㄴㅇㅅㅌs would care to burst his Youtube views a little, to show some of the love he’s been pouring into our boys back. HIghs may not all know him yet, but the boys’ fandoms surely know who BUMZU is at this rate.

I am afraid that if his mini doesn’t sell enough, he won’t have a chance to release another physical product soon. Just like what happened with Kahi’s solo debut. If he’s more profitable as a producer for others, Pledis is more likely to have him sit on the studio but not to get his own material out like he deserves.

Just remember what happened when Kahi had a mini-album debut while being in After School… (it didn’t sell what they had expected, so she had to wait till graduation to actually see a second release).

He had several digital singles that preceded this album last 2017, but we hardly got notice on their release nor even an MV to promote. Pledis is taking the time to do one for this mini-album as well as to upload clips from him at Youtube and other SNS so he can get more exposure as a singer. Yet, he lacks the views so much it pains me.

On another note, NU’EST x SEVENTEEN dance practice video for HEAVEN also has low rating views. I know is not an studio version produced MV, but still, if we don’t make our idols a little viral, nobody will. 

If we don’t work while they aren’t promoting, then it will obviously be harder to get them wins and such when they do come backs.

The same goes for NU’EST’s FACE video, I spotted some fans comments saying they are trying to bump up the views at the official channel, as a way to thank NU’EST for their hard work in 2017.

I know this because, whenever I can, I remember to go to Youtube and keep streaming my favs. Pledis’ people included. 

Is not only FACE that needs better views ratings at the official channel (the 1theK one has way mooore views), the other MV’s need that too.

I’ve noticed that recently the songs from CANVAS, Love Paint (Every Afternoon) & Look ( A Starlight Night) had gained some attention from new fans. If we keep streaming those, we will surely help those views translate into showing as highlights to recommend videos to users on their main pages. That is a big part of YT’s algorithms.

I won’t even repeat the same for After School, Raina, PRISTIN, DONNI and even Lizzy’s videos. It’s obvious that not forgetting to stream while they aren’t promoting, if we do it with the same enthusiasm we do it when a single drops, it helps their music not only to be more relevant into YT’s algorithms, but also bring in newer fans and chances to sell more.

And, to end this post, Queen Dambi’s last single with Pledis. Because without her, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

Oh, and this is also another tribute to Jonghyun, may he rest in peace.

etiquette-and-insanity  asked:

HELLO AUNTIE JILLI! So, random question of the day that I probably know the answer to:do you listen to The Smiths? Also, how do you feel about Morrissey (his solo career, not as a person. I think everyone has the same opinions about his personality). Also, have you ever been to Massachusetts? We have some pretty cool things here. Victorian axe murderers, Salem, Edgar Allan Poe statues. Also, please remember to have a great day because you are one of my favorite people ever. BYE!

Awww, you sweetheart!

Anyway, The Smiths and Morrissey: Yes, I listen to both, because 1) I like his voice (but he’s an awful, awful person), and 2) while I love the songs, I also find the lyrics of The Smiths inherently hilarious. So full of woe! So full of ennui! Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now! Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me! 

(Story time: back in my mid-twenties, there was a gothy-goth event for our local Camarilla group. My very-recent-ex, who had broken up with me in the MOST drama-tastic way I had ever been broken up with, strolled into the event. However, the DJ., who was a friend of mine who had Definitely Taken Sides in the breakup, started playing “Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me” - cut the song that had been playing off mid-swoop, slapped on The Smiths. I sat down on the dance floor and cackled hysterically, and very-recent-ex flounced out, glaring at everyone.)

I have not been to Massachusetts! I do want to visit someday.

A song. This is not in fact a Drarry song, or a love song, but it is the very first song I ever wrote back in August of 2016, which seems like yesterday but is actually a year and a half ago, amazingly enough. I thought you guys might like to listen. I’m a lil scared to get this ~up close and personal~ with y’all, but ya know? That’s what music is. Up close. Personal. V real. So. Here it is. August. AKA the reason I write songs.


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Yours Forever

Pairings: Billy Hargrove x Reader
Words: 3,798
Warnings: Language, agnst
Song Inspiration: Travelin’ Soldier by Dixie Chicks
Summary: Billy is heading into the army and you agreed to penpals which inevitably leads to falling in love.
A/N: This is by far the longest fic I’ve ever written but I really like it. I would really appreciate your feedback on this one, I spent a lot of time writing it and would love to know your thoughts. Also, I’m sorry for any mistakes, it’s currently 2:19am and I’m about to pass out, I’ll probably go through and re-edit tomorrow.


As the door opens for the hundredth time that evening, the bell sends a piercing chime over the loud conversations customers held amongst themselves. Your eyes twitch ever-so-slightly at the obnoxious noise. One would think you’ve gotten used to it by now since you’ve spent most of your high school career within these four walls serving strangers. But that damn bell makes your ears want to bleed.

A curly haired boy dressed in army green saunters towards the closest vacant booth, plopping down without a glance at the strangers surrounding him. Jessica quickly grabs your wrist, pulling your eyes away from the handsome customer, “Please, do me a big favor and take table ten. I haven’t had a break in five hours,” She begs. Normally, you would’ve complained, but when your eyes land on her forfeited table, you see the man reorganizing sugar packets out of pure boredom.

Without saying a word to Jessica you straighten the small blue bow wrapped around your ponytail before tucking a menu under your arm and marching towards his table. “Good evening,” You gently place the menu in front of him as his head slowly turns to look at you. He remains silent, watching you pull a notepad and pen from your apron pocket, “I’m Y/N, I’ll be your waitress tonight,” You offer him a small smile as your script came out smoothly, “Can I start you with anything to drink? Coffee, tea, lemonade, we have Coke products,” You list off his drinking options as he clears his throat.

“Coffee, please. Black.” His gaze drops from yours, suddenly very interested in the menu before him.

“Would you like any creamer on the side?” You know the questions are annoying, but you hated being yelled at by angry customers when they weren’t happy with their meals.

“Black is just fine,” He mumbles, almost too quiet for you to hear.

“Coming right up,” You shove the notepad back into its rightful place, not bothering to scribble down the simple drink order. You can’t even walk four steps before he calls after you.

“Miss?” It was almost too quiet to pick up with all the noise surrounding you, but his quiet words still brought you to a halt.

“Yes, sir?” You question, standing beside the booth once again.

“Would you mind sitting down and talking to me? I’ve been feeling pretty low lately, it’d be nice to just talk to someone for once,” He rambles, light pink blooms on his cheek. He can’t even look at you, instead, he finds comfort at the crows perched outside the window. You never knew what those cliche butterflies felt like until that moment, you turn quickly to look at the clock, the second hand slowly making its way around the circle.

“I’m off in an hour,” You beam, “If you’re willing to wait that long.” A stretches across his face at your proposal.

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Mixed Emotions - Byron Langley

Request: I know there’s lots of Byron requests 😂 but could you please do one based on the song patience by Shawn mendes? Thanks so much !! (If you’re sick of Byron imagines jack also works! 😜)

Smut: No

Requests are OPEN!

A/N: I hope you like it :)


Drunken I Love Yous. Sober We’re Just Friends. That’s how your relationship with Byron went. You had grown to really care about him in a way you didn’t think you would. However, your friendship with him meant more than anything to you and the fear of beginning a relationship and having it go south, forever ruining your friendship was always playing in the back of your mind.

Another night of drunk calling him occurred and as you woke up the next morning in his bed, you looked over at the boy and whispered to him “I don’t know why you put up with me.” You brushed the hair out of his face before getting out of bed and beginning to gather your things. Whenever you were drunk and he was sober, no matter how many times you tried, Byron would always say no. He never wanted you to wake up in the morning thinking he took advantage of you. Leaving the house, making sure not to be too loud, you headed back home to begin your day.

“I’ve got the popcorn!” Byron said, bursting through your door that evening. You smiled, placing the beer on the coffee table and as you looked over at him, you couldn’t help but laugh; popcorn wasn’t the only snack he brought.

A couple of hours into the movie night, snuggled up underneath a blanket, your eyes began to shut as you didn’t get enough sleep with night before. You placed your head on Byron’s chest, your eyes drifting and just as you were about to fully close them, Byron stood up from the couch.

“I should go.” He said, his voice leaving a sad vibe in the room. 

“What?” You asked, pushing the blanket off you and standing up, following him to the front door.

“I’ve got an early morning.” You scrunched your face, not believing him but you stayed quiet. You watched as he put his jacket on, grabbing his wallet and keys before leaving your apartment. You let out a sigh as silence filled your home and just as you turned to head back into the living room, your door swung open. You turned around in confusion but Byron pressed his lips against yours, forcefully.

“You’re driving me crazy.” He whispered, hands still cupping your face. “What’d you want from me, (y/n)? You tell me you love me and then take it back the next day when you’re sober. We spend countless nights together but you’re gone before I even wake up. I need you to make up your mind…I’m losing my patience here.” 

Your heart was beating a million beats per minute as Byron stared into your eyes, waiting for a response. The fear of losing him was the reason you held back but standing there, in front of him, you knew if you didn’t take the chance, you’d lose him either way. You sighed, placing your hands over his wrists, pulling his hands away from your face. 

“I just don’t want to lose you.” You said, looking down at your connected hands.

“Babe,” He replied, bringing his face closer to yours, forcing you to look at him. “That’s never going to happen.” His lips brushed yours, waiting for approval from you but you stayed inches apart, thinking about it. His hand disconnected from yours and began pushing your hair behind your left ear, resting slightly against your cheek. You stepped forward, allowing your body to touch his and finally closed the gap between your lips.

Just A Little Bit of Your Heart | 4 | Harry Styles

Catch up here!

This gif is not mine, but holy cannolis, it is nice to look at.

A/N: I know that this fic is based on JALBOYH, but honestly I wrote this chapter listening to Tightrope by Michelle Williams which is from The Greatest Showman (and that movie is SO fucking good. I’ve seen it in theaters twice already)! The song ties into the chapter nicely, so listen to it if you’d like!

Word Count: 2600+

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(Y/N)’s POV


A word I grimaced at the mention of, and the feeling I never wanted to experience again, yet there I was replaying the word over and over countless times in the back of my brain, praying that it was for real this time. The thought kept me restless for many nights and held a smile upon my lips that couldn’t be wiped away. At this point, it was impossible to hide the sudden change in mood around my roommate, so I spilled just enough to satisfy her. I never mentioned his name, just everything he did for me, and how he acted, so that way she’d judge him based upon that and not for his celebrity status (to which I eventually spilled those details to her three months later). However, she was upset that I was hiding everything from her for so long, but she sympathized after I explained why I did it, then she became ecstatic that I actually took her advice for once. She said that watching me describe Harry to her was like a little kid watching their crush from afar: impassioned eyes, head tilted the side slightly, blushed cheeks, and a lazy smile. She knew from that single look that I had fallen in love again, and it made her warm with happiness. Her approving words made my heart soar when she dismissed all of my doubts: “Honestly if everything you’re saying is true (Y/N), I think he really does love you, too.”

It wasn’t hard to pinpoint the exact moment it had happened either. Although the second date was lovely, it didn’t happen then, and I thought it was going to be the last time I saw him since he did have to continue his tour. He kissed my forehead after he pulled me in for a hug, then whispered not a goodbye, but a see you soon which left me a little confused as I watched him walk back to his car. I headed back inside to get out of the biting wind, then made my way over to the elevators, stuffing my chilled hands inside the coat pockets. When I step into the elevator, my fingers feel something rough. As the doors slide shut, I pull out a small piece of napkin that was folded up twice; on it was a number written out with black ink and underneath it was a little note that read: I always hated goodbyes. -H

Although with the number of butterflies that fluttered in the pit of my stomach or the redness across my cheeks that just the thought of him caused, I didn’t fall for that night. It wasn’t over the course of the two months that he was away on tour since that was the hardest part. I kept thinking that he could have any woman he wanted, someone more famous or more on his level, and yet he still called me every other night right at seven o’ clock sharp. Depending on where in the world he was, his voice would either be energetic and alive or heavy with sleepiness. Even though his morning voice was enticing, with his thick accent and deep husky voice, I would always try to cut those conversations short, hoping he’d get the hint and agree. He needed the sleep to perform at his best, and I didn’t want to keep him up all night. But each time he’d let out a long groan in protest then say, “’Jus’ five more minutes, pretty please?” Sighing, I would agree blindly, but that five minutes turned into ten, then twenty, then an entire hour before we hung up. During each phone call, he would tell me what country he was in that day and all the adventures he had or was going to have, then asked about my day. The answer was the same as usual: work, home, online classes, then off to bed, nothing was too extravagant. I had recited it so much that Harry just started answering for me before I got the chance to. Each night, when I laid in bed with the cell in my hand, a crack appeared on my wall the more I learned about Harry and vice versa. "Love, you need some adventure.”  He said one night with a smile that I could sense halfway across the world after I informed him of my day.

I sighed in response, adjusting to get in a more comfy position against the pillows propped up against the headboard. “Easy for you to say. Every day is like an adventure.”

“Yeah, but it can get lonely sometimes.”

My brows pulled together at the dampening of his voice. “What do you mean?”

“I mean I know that I have my bandmates, and the fans are fantastic, too, but at the end of the night, it’s just me. When I get on that tour bus after a show or on the plane, I just feel so alone afterward.” There was a pang of hurt in my chest as he continued. “A-and after the tour is over; I fly back home to an empty house.” He pauses for a moment, and sighs. “I don’t know, (Y/N). It’d just be nice to have someone to share all this excitement with, ya know?”

Harry wanted someone to come home to; someone to smother him in affection as soon as he walked through the door, someone to listen to all of his crazy adventures he had on tour or hell, even experience it with him. The last person I would expect, with all of his confidence and charm that could win over almost any woman, was lonely as I was.

“I know how you feel, Harry,” I whispered, leaning back into the pillows. “It’s one of my worst fears, actually.”

“What is?” He mumbled.

“Growing old, all alone.” I was surprised at the words that were naturally falling from my lips. I had never shared that deep secret with anyone since it was in relation to my past, but it felt… right saying it.

“You shouldn’t worry about something like that, love. You’re amazing!” He exclaimed. “Any guy should be honored just to be in your company; I know I am.” His answer made my heart swell. “Why are you worried?” He asked after I didn’t respond within a minute, his deep voice full of concern that makes my eyes fill with tears. “Love?”

My stomach twisted in knots. Was that the moment I going to dip into the part of my life I wanted to forget? The pieces of my past that hurt so much I wanted never to feel affection for another man again? He doesn’t understand what I’ve been through. He’s never had his heart ripped out of his chest and thrown into the dirt multiple times. No one has ever said those three words and lied about it. No one- “Please talk to me, (Y/N). I can tell that you’re upset.” Harry asked again in a soft voice.

So I did. As much as it hurt, I finally did it.

“Remember that night at the restaurant where you took me for our first date?” I tried to compose my emotions as I spoke, but it proved somewhat difficult.

“Best night I’ve had in a long time.”

“It had been two years since I went on a date or even looked at another man before you. Don’t get me wrong, I did try a couple of times, but all of them wanted one thing, and when they didn’t get what they wanted, they just left. They only cared enough to get inside my apartment, not about my feelings, my hobbies, or my job. So I gave it all up and put my focus into something else, but damn was it hard seeing these smitten couples everywhere you go, but I dealt with it the best I could. So yes, you were right, Harry. I was trying to get away when I first met you, not because I was starstruck or running late somewhere. I was terrified of getting close to you, then getting hurt again. It’s happened so many fucking times that I couldn’t bear the feeling of getting my heart broken, so I tried everything I could think of to get you away from me, but you were so… persistent.” Now the tears had started to fall down my pink cheeks. “So I’m sorry for being a bitch to you, and I understand-”

“Those pricks did not deserve you or your time. Any man willing to put in time and effort building up a woman’s trust for one single meaningless fuck deserves to rot in hell.” That was the angriest that Harry had ever been. He would get annoyed with people, but never angry. He sighed trying to calm himself down. “It tears me apart that those pieces of shite turned your opinion on love upside down, but trust me; not everyone is like that. Real love takes time, and the right person to come along.” I nodded, agreeing with him like he could see him and smiled at his next words. “(Y/N), you are an amazing woman inside and out. Those two nights that I spent with you were some of the best nights of my life, and I’m glad that you’ve allowed me to get to know you these past three months, even if it’s just through a phone call. Honestly, when I left for tour I thought that was the last night I would hear from you; yet here you are, talking to me on the phone late at night while I’m in another country.”

“And you’re not alone, Harry. Not anymore.”

* * *

Real love takes time.

The moment I fell for Harry happened exactly three weeks since that phone call. It was December 10th, 2017, a thick blanket of snow covered the entirety of Chicago as well as ice. That didn’t stop the usual traffic flow of the city though as (Y/F’s/N) and I sat in a taxi for an extra thirty minutes. We were coming back home from shopping for Christmas presents so we wouldn’t have to worry about it last minute which is what usually happened. With bags in hand, we climbed out of the taxi and up the stairs to our complex quickly to beat the harsh wind that blew that afternoon. As we walked to the elevators, discussing about what we should make for dinner, I felt a buzz in my coat pocket, and I couldn’t help but smile. After that night, the conversations between Harry and I felt more open and honest like we could tell each other anything without remorse. With each ‘see you later,’ the more I wished he was here so I could see if the connection we had was real and not just pointless words through the receiver. (Y/F’s/N)’s eyes fell on my coat, then she smiled wide, knowing who it was immediately. “So when do I get to meet Harry?” She exclaimed.

A blush spread across my cheeks when I walked out of the elevator then down the hall to our apartment. “I-I don’t know-”

“Aw come on!.“ She whined as she fished out her keys from her purse, then unlocked the door. "I promise to be on my best behavior.”

“(Y/F’s/N), he’s on tour right now.” I stated, following her inside, then closing the door behind me with my foot. “And I don’t exactly know what we are to each other. I mean we’ve gone on two dates, and we flirt a lot, so- I don’t know, I guess I’m confused on to why he hasn’t asked.” I said, setting my bags down next to hers on the dining room table.

She shrugs her shoulders. “I dunno, but you could ask him. Guys don’t always have to ask the girl, it can be vice versa.”

“Yeah, I guess, but I’d really rather do it in person-” The loud ringtone from my phone interrupts us. Apologizing, I pulled it out of my pocket and saw Harry’s name displayed on the screen. “Speak of the devil,”

“Have fun lovebirds. Oh! Could you grab the mail? Sorry, I forgot to grab it on the way up. I think my custom jacket came in today!” (Y/F’s/N) squealed. Nodding, I began to head over to the door, answering the call along the way. “Hello, Harold, you’re calling rather early.”

“Talking to you doesn’t need a certain time frame.” He chuckled. “So what are you up to, love?” I pressed the button on the elevators and waited a few seconds before the doors slide open, and I stepped inside. My thumb hit the first floor, and it started to cycle down each level.

“Just getting the mail, nothing too exciting. What about you?”

“I’m just- ah, shit! Fuck!” Harry exclaimed suddenly followed by a whine. “Dammit. Sorry, I got snow inside my boots. Knew I should’ve worn the other ones. As I was saying, I’m just enjoying the city for the  time I have left before my flight.”

“Snow?” I asked, confused. The doors slid open, and I stepped out into the lobby, making my way over to the mailboxes. “Isn’t summer over in Japan right now?”

“Yes, but I hear Chicago is beautiful this time of year.” I froze in place with eyes widened. “Not as beautiful as you though, (Y/N).” I turned my head toward the entrance, and there he stood, his jacket dusted in snowflakes, and a cell-phone pressed to his ear. His brown curls were longer and swept back to the left, but he still had that same warm smile. He came back to me; after these three long months where he could’ve just left like every other man; there he stood right in front of the concrete wall armed with a sledgehammer and swung… in full force breaking it into millions of little pieces. “Well, what are you waiting for?” He laughed lightly. My socked feet carried me hurriedly across the tile floor, getting damp from residents tracking in snow, but I didn’t mind. I also didn’t care that Harry’s coating was drenching the front of my shirt when he pulled me into a tight hug. His long arms wrapped around my middle as my arms snaked around his neck. His musky scent mixed with the faint smell of cologne brought me back to our first date. “You came back,” I whispered into his shoulder.

“When your heart is halfway across the world, you kinda have to.” He murmured then pulled away slightly, smiling smally. His bright green eyes searching my entire face before falling down to my lips that held the same grin. “What are you waiting for, Harry?” I purred, using his own line against him.

He shrugged. “Just wondering if this woman I’m about to kiss is my girlfriend?” In the next motion, I captured his lips with mine, and that was the moment that I finally took the leap of that cliff and straight into the arms of the love of my life.

“Favorite karaoke song,” Amy asks. Her hair is short and purple today. Kent wants to tell her how much he loves it, but also doesn’t want to waste her time by making more footage she just has to edit out later. So he stares straight at the blinking red light and lies.

“I never sing karaoke,” he says.

Swoops is waiting on deck for his turn. “Lies, Parser!” he calls out. “You know what happens to bad little hockey players who tell lies.”

Amy smirks and repeats the question. “Favorite karaoke song.”

“Total Eclipse of the Heart,” Kent says, straight-faced. “Are they–” yep, he’s going to have to sing it.

Only twenty seconds or so, and Swoops gives him violent jazz hands when he’s done.

Kent stays, leaning against the wall on one elbow, to listen to Swoops do his segment.

“Favorite karaoke song?” Amy asks.

“99 problems,” Swoops says without hesitating. His love for Jay-Z is well known. When they were in New York for an Islanders game at the same time Jay-Z was playing Madison Square Garden, Kent watched him waffle the entire plane flight, speculating whether he could just take the suspension and go watch the concert. It was a close call.

“You havin’ girl problems, I feel bad for you, son,” Swoops spits.

“This is embarrassing,” Scrappy says.

Amy leans forward. “Honey, I threw up in the middle of my job interview. You haven’t seen anything yet.”

“Boys,” Scrappy says, when Amy asks him. “Charli XCX. It’s just such a fun song. No, I’m not going to sing it.”

Carl, of course, chooses something dad-rocky and boring, but Kent doesn’t really expect anything better from…fucking Carl.

I got love

Pairing: T’Challa x Reader.

Warnings: Sexy dancing, cursing, drinking

Summary: Reports are boring and you don’t want to get that job done, what better way to skip your responsabilities than a little get together? Especially if your favorite Wakandian was in town.

A/N: The song I used is called I Got Love.

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A soft knock made you turn around, and a soft smile spread on your lips when you saw who made their way into your room.

“The team’s having a small get together downstairs, aren’t you coming?” T’Challa asked. “There are some drinks and some nice company there.”

“I’m sorry, I gotta get this report done,” you shrugged with a taint of gloominess in your voice, “but I swear I’ll be there in a minute.”

“I know it’s not going to be a minute,” he chuckled, “so I’ll stay here with you, if you don’t mind.”

“No, not at all,” you smiled widely and went back to the work you had been fully procrastinating for a few hours. “How’s Shuri? I haven’t seen her in a while because you haven’t taken me there.”

“She’s fine,” he vaguely said, “she’s taking care of the tech development of the Dora Milaje and I’m quite impressed, I didn’t know she was so great—I mean, she was always into building things when she was little, I think she learnt how to say engineering before saying mom or dad,” he chuckled. You looked over your shoulder and saw the king attentively looking the pictures you had on your wall; he was most probably searching for one with you, but you hadn’t printed one yet. “Why do I not see myself here?”

“I don’t really like the pictures we have together,” you shrugged, “they don’t seem very natural.”

He hummed in acknowledgement and kept searching and intruding through your stuff, but he didn’t really find something of interest, so he sat on your bed, as close as possible to you. He loved to watch you concentrated; well, he loved watching you, and you were damn sure that you loved watching him too.

“Oh, fuck it; I can finish this shit tomorrow,” you rolled on your chair away from the desk and turned around. “Wanna take me to the get together?” You smiled widely and offered your hand; kissing the back of it, he helped you up and walked together towards the living room.

You could hear glasses clacking and people laughing incredibly loud; the avengers were quite a loud team, and put together, they really potentiated each other. Steve was the first one who spotted you and gladly received you, but when he saw you holding hands, he frowned in confusion.

“Are you guys making it official?” You and T’Challa looked at each other in nonchalance and then at Steve again. “I mean, you’re holding hands; that must mean something, right?”

“We’re just friends, Captain,” T’Challa said in a very diplomatic manner as he conducted you with the others.

Alcohol was taking its toll in the ones that could get drunk, while the super soldiers and modified specimens only looked in amusement and drank a lot. It was Tony who implanted the idea of playing truth or dare, and although you were not keep, you decided to go along anyway; well, that after seeing Bucky finally making out with Sam, and Tony with Steve; your life was made with just that. You really didn’t need much more from life. T’Challa kept you close the entire evening, even when it was his turn to answer truth or dare.

“So, King T’Challa,” Natasha said in a mischievous voice, “from all the gorgeous women you have here in this very room, who would you pick to marry, fuck and kill?”

“I’d marry (Y/N), because that way I can have her in my bed for more than just a simple fuck,” he said in a deadly serious voice. “Can I fuck (Y/N) too? I mean, sounds like a good deal to me,” he shrugged casually, “and I don’t know, I think I’d kill you, Miss Romanoff.” The redhead’s eyes were opened widely and she looked at you for an answer or reaction to what he just said, but all she could get was a shrug and a proud smile. T’Challa turned his head in your direction and leaned forward to kiss you.

The night went on with funny answers and challenges until Sam called the turn to ask.

“Okay, sweet little (Y/N),” he rubbed his hands as if he had a devilish plan in mind. “I dare you to give our Wakandian cat friend a lap dance,” Sam cocked an eyebrow.

It’s not like you didn’t want to do it, but truth was that T’Challa was a complicated character. You two had become close since you went with Natasha to that UN reunion about the Sokovia accords, unfortunately things had gone pretty badly since then, but as you remained neutral to both teams, it was great for him to have someone who hadn’t taken a side. He found in you a great friend and a great lover, but an official one. It was strange, you two acted like lovers and to everyone’s eyes you were, but you both knew that you were just friends.

You glanced quickly at him, trying to find some composure in the king’s expression, but all you found was an amused laugh. He was going to enjoy a lot of this and you could tell by the shit eating grin on his face that was not going to do anything to stop you from rubbing what your momma gave you on his super royal body.

“Okay,” you conceded, “but I’ll pick the song,” Sam shrugged carelessly. “Oh, and I’m also gonna need the couch. T’Challa, baby,” you lavishly licked your lips, “you’re in for a treat,” he smiled widely and leaned back onto the couch; he made a beckoning sign at you, as if he was saying ‘come and get me’, and boy, you were going to get that man.

You searched in Stark’s Spotify for the one song you’d been playing in repeat for the past few weeks, you were quite new in the k-pop world, and you listened to what people called “the classics”, and among those you found a solo artist whose voice was very soothing and moving. Taeyeon, she was kind of a veteran in the k-pop industry, and she had released her first full album in early 2017, and her song “I Got Love” was stuck in your head.

A slow cabaret-ish came from the speakers and your body was taken over by the rhythm. A synthetic drum conducted your steps and a distorted guitar in the back gave you the cues to move your hips. You mouthed each word perfectly, as you had been singing in your room a hundred times. You ran your hands along your sides, paying special attention to your curves. For most of the verse and the pre-chorus you kept your eyes closed, but thanks to your enhanced senses, you could feel T’Challa’s erratic heartbeat when you walked closer and straddled his lap when the chorus hit.

ja malhae bwa Want you baby, want you baby
uju gateun ni aneuro Need you closer
Need you closer ppajeodeulmyeon

You rolled your hips in painful parsimony, making sure that you’d hit the right spots just lightly enough to make him beg for more of you, later in the night. You played with the hem of your loose top, pulling it up enough to show a lacy bra that, although pretty, you didn’t wear it for any other person than yourself.

daltteun hansumdo nabukkin nado
chwihan deut kkumeul hemae neoreul hemae

You moaned quietly and right to his hear when his strong hands grabbed your hips and sunk them on his. You could feel your own skin burn with his ardent touch; it could’ve been the beer and the shots doing the job, but you could’ve sworn that in all the times you’d been together, T’Challa had never shown such reaction to you. He didn’t just want you, he desired every single bit of your skin. Pulling away from his just enough to have elbow room, you peeled off the shirt that was apparently interfering with the touching; you hung it on his shoulder and got up again, swaying your hips and your hair as you made him suffer just a bit more.

nunape jonjae neon sara umjigineunde
ogame chwihae neol deo algo shipeo

You made a beckoning sign to him and he happily complied; he would’ve indulged you with any little order you’d given him, even if meant to jump from the edge of the tower. You wrapped your arms around his broad shoulders, rubbing yourself against what you knew was a growing bulgy.

“God,” you sighed to his hear, making sure that no one would hear you, “you look so fucking hot right now…” you moaned breathily when a hand groped your ass cheek. “I want you to do me, baby.”

You melted your mouth with his in a hot kiss. Your mouth was completely open for him, eager to taste the need from his lips, and to feed the ravishing hunger for you and your body. You nipped at his bottom lip and pulled it enough to cause cheerings and jeers of approval from the rest of the Avengers.  You pushed him gently towards the sofa and got on your knees.

jeonbu muneojige da noga beorige
teomunieopshi michige hae

You dove with your chest onto the cold tiles of the living room and slid towards his legs, showing your gorgeously trained ass in all its glory in the process. You looked at him from under your lashes and if you could really concentrate only on him, you would hear clearly how his jaw clenched and how his breath got caught on his throat each time you moved towards him.

Come and turn me on
You don’t stop that fire

Back again on your knees, you supported yourself on his thighs and helped yourself up, arching your chest towards his boy, you grazed the tightness of his jeans with your breasts and then up again.

Cause I got love, I got love, I got love

When you were on an even level with him, he cupped your head with both hands, it was not exactly rough, but you could feel how possessive he felt towards you now. He made you look right at him and you were there, panting and wishing the night would end soon to take the king upstairs and make yourself a queen.

The song ended, and just as someone flicks a switch, you regained your own self and bowed to your amazed audience. T’Challa refused to hand you your shirt, claiming it as a souvenir and offering his hot body and another bottle of beer in return; it was a deal you couldn’t refuse. He lovingly kissed the top of your head, and as he snaked one arm behind your shoulder, you intertwined his hand with yours and kissed it, while the other cupped the side of his face that didn’t touch your hair. He looked at you in bliss and you just smiled and leaned your head on his shoulder. You moved your legs over his, to make it look like he was cradling you.

Natasha quickly glanced at you, and with her best spy abilities, she took the most perfect picture of you two. Although you were half naked, it was still a flawless shot.

Whether you would advance things later on was still unknown, but you knew that things would remain the same between you two. Loving each other in a free, label-less way was all you needed from the king.


Title: Struggling Actress

Cody Christian imagine

Requested: “Could you do another Cody Christian imagine where reader is part of teen wolf cast but is struggling financially so she has a job as a stripper on the side which no-one knows about. That is until it’s one of the boys birthday and they go to a strip club and see her. She’s humiliated and runs out, Cody knocks on her door later that night and she has obviously been crying alot and tells him to leave but he stays and ends fluffy. Thank you! Love your work!”

Word Count:

Song Suggestion: ‘Im in love with a stripper by T-pain”

“Hex, I’m gonna need you on table 7, got a big group coming in.” Your boss told you, addressing you by your stripper name. You had been ashamed of your job, but there was no other real way to bring money in. You may have been an actress on teen wolf, but the budget cuts have caused problems for you, so your delightful friend told you of the wonderful wages of stripping.

You nodded towards him, grabbing the last of your uniform, which was a tight bra that had strings going from one strap to the other, it looked matrix like. The bottom were a tight pair of leather bottoms, matching the leathery top, but the bottom was designed to be high top. “Now, Hex!”

“Okay, Okay, Cam!” You looked in the mirror once more, you weren’t the top asked stripper for nothing, you were beautiful in costume and you danced with such a passion. You walked out into the crowded room, the club was always infested with groups of men, sometimes females, but they were all the same, horny and looking for someone to take home.

There were 8 display poles, a different set each hour, you were assigned to pole 7, the stunt pole. The poles had different lights, different types, all different kinks, but the atmosphere over all was just flashing lights and horny people.

Cam wasn’t wrong, you saw a group of 10 men, each one older than the last, you rolled your eyes, business trip? You recognize one of your regulars, a man by the name of Rob, his wife knew he came, so she supported him, but told him he could only look not touch. “Hex! My lady!”

You smiled at Rob’s words, trying to play with him, you attempted to pull him into a hug, seeing if the man is determined to keep his deal with his wife. He shook his head, “Hex, you enchant me, but my wife is first.”

“Just testing you, old man.” He winked at you and turned to his many many guests, they were gawking at you like a bunch of hungry dogs, “Men, this is Hex, she’ll treat us real nicely.”

The men were all old, you didn’t want to give any of them a lap dance, so you figured to save that for last, work the pole then transfer to lap dances. You climbed up the stairs to the large stage, the pole was the longest one out of the 8, you started to do what you learned through classes of dancing.

You put your right hand above the left, standing on your tiptoes, you started to lift yourself off the ground, twisting your legs around the pole. You allowed yourself to swing around the pole, this was a trick you learned called the firefly, you were taking flight, the musics started once you were in position.

The men started to howl, cheering you on as you started to dance sexually, you moved to the front of the stage, the one move you never did was twerking, it was unattractive and harmful on the back. One of the men who looked oddly close to Dany Devito moved forwards, tucking a 100 into your pants, you winked at him, moving back to the pole.

You climbed up the pole and prepared for the big drop, you’ve done it many times before, you turned yourself around, loosening your grip on the pole and sliding down the long 15 feet. The men gasped and rushed to catch you, but you stopped yourself, you loved seeing those reactions, they didn’t think you were gonna be okay.

“That’s my girl!” Rob yelled loudly throwing out 20’s that you would walk by and pick up, you climbed off the stage, crawling seuxally towards the dany devito man, he obviously had the big bucks. He prepared himself, biting his lip and adjusting himself in the chair, you reached his lap, his legs were closed tightly.

You forcefully pushed them open, sitting on his lap and moving your hips up and down, grinding into him. You looked up and met with a pair of familiar eyes, everything happened in slow motion, you knew those group of boys standing by the bar, Cody wore a large hat that said ‘Birthday boy!”

His 22nd birthday, you had forgotten, Dylan patted his friend on the back, “well, this is a first.”

You instantly felt sick to your stomach, you climbed off the man’s lap, he questioned your actions, “I’m sorry, I owe you Rob.”

He turned to notice the 3 boys staring at you, Rob wasn’t dumb, you started to run out of the room, going back into your dressing room. “What are you doing, Hex, get back out there, you’re my money maker!”

“I’m so sorry.” You grabbed your bag and planned to leave but Cam grabbed your wrist, “Cam, I have never asked for a night off, please.”

Cam was a good guy, he nodded at you and had Rosa take your spot at table 7, you rushed home, and started to puke. You never wanted the boys to see you like this, at such a low point that you figured stripping was a better idea. All the pent up feelings started to pour out of you, you couldn’t help yourself, you had just been caught giving an old man a lap dance.

You sat by the toilet for hours, your stomach soiled, tears all dried up, makeup smeared on the side of your face, you looked like a true mess. A knock came from your door, you had half the nerve to yell for them to go home, but they weren’t going to leave.

“Hello?” You pulled open the door and greeted the same eyes you saw in the club, “Cody?”

“Y/N, I wanted to talk.” You shook your head, “please, just, just leave.”

You attempted to close the door on Cody, but he puts his hand on the door, leaving it open. Your eyes ached once more, you were gonna break down right in front of him. “Why did you leave?”

“Because you saw me.” Cody shook his head, “that’s not why.”

Cody had known you to well, you could never lie to Cody, you always looked down when you lied and he caught onto it almost instantly. “Because I’m embarrassed. “

He knew you were telling the truth, you had looked him in the eyes, “Y/N, why are you an excotic dancer?”

“I couldn’t afford rent..” You stated while letting a tear fall down the side of your cheek, Cody’s presence was calming, you usually wouldn’t cry in front of people. But somehow it was easy to cry in front of him.

“You can always ask for help, Y/N.” Cody was slowly working his way into your house, but you didn’t deny his entry, you wanted to him to hug you tightly, you needed one of his hugs right now more than ever. “I don’t want to sound like a charity case.”

His thumb pulled your head up, forcing you to look in his eyes, he was so sincere with the words he said, “You will never be a charity case to me.”

You wrapped your arms around his neck, he was taken aback by the action at first, but he wrapped his arms around your waist. His face cuddling into your neck, you smiled and thanked him while crying into his shoulder. “How about you come stay with me until you can cover rent?”

“You serious?” You pulled apart from him, looking into his blue eyes, he nodded, holding onto your hands, “as serious as that badass drop you did.”

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Hey you know that comic you made ml in Paris and it's just about everyone with the song named over the city or something? Im pretty sure it has the word city in it. Anyways I really love that comic but I couldn't find it anywhere and it's taking me years to go through all of your blog so I was wondering if you can link it to me if you can?

Sure thing!


 Never thought that I would find a good song where the lyrics fit Yondu (or, let’s be honest, Rocket, too) from Ashley Tisdale, but here we are with “How do you love someone”, because damn, if that doesn’t fit Yondu’s and Rocket’s struggle, then I don’t know:


(Picked out the repetitions, left only the lines that fit in my opinion, but there’s still almost the whole song XD)

Momma never told me how to love

 Daddy never told me how to feel

 Momma never told me how to touch

 Daddy never showed me how to heal

 I’ve walked alone, broken

 Emotionally frozen

 Getting it on

 Getting it wrong

 How do you love someone

 Without getting hurt

 How do you love someone

 Without crawling in the dirt

 So far in my life

 Clouds have blocked the sun

 How do you love, how do you love someone

 How do you love, how do you love someone

They told me I’d never survive

 But survival’s my middle name

 I’ve walked alone, hoping

 Just barely coping

 Getting it on

 Getting it wrong

 It’s hard to talk

 To see what’s deep inside

 It’s hard to tell the truth

 When you’ve always lied

How do you love someone

 And make it last

 How do you love someone (love someone)

 Without tripping on the past

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i love that trevor likes nialls music the most. trevor wrote truly madly deeply years ago for them and its just funny reading that interview. i hope they work together and do a song like sex but with niall. or niall should just cover sex.

Okay, so I admittedly don’t even know who those people are – I just love when people volunteer how much they love Niall. You know?

I love this in particular: It’s kind of unexpected, like if you go from One Direction to what he’s doing now, I wouldn’t have thought that he would do that. And it’s his own thing, I love it. Because sooo many non-Niall people complain and complain about how Niall’s music is “exactly like 1d!” and “it’s basically a 6th 1D album!!” and like…yeah, obviously there are similarities and I hear them but I’ve never listened to Flicker and thought about 1D. So it’s kinda cool having someone that knows music (and evidently 1D music) say, basically, that there is actually a difference.