i know you look at my blog sometimes

“um, this is alpha...”

Hey there! If you see me reblogging something that you don’t view as being 100% maxis match on this blog, please refrain from angrily tweeting at me!

I don’t use 99% of the CC I end up reblogging anymore. This is more of a resource for you than for me. Sometimes I’ll find a wedding dress that isn’t exactly mm, but I’ll reblog it anyway since I know that people are constantly looking for stuff like that.

I work pretty hard to maintain three blogs all while uploading daily on my YouTube channel and the last thing I need is to have people criticizing the custom content I’m finding for them. When I’m getting legitimate hate over something as silly as whether or not a dress or a pair of shoes are maxis match it makes me question why I even bother to keep up a blog like this.

Anyway, I hope you all have a lovely day.

Kayla @lilsimsie

Yoosung meets a woman that has an uncanny resemblance to Rika at his college and becomes infatuated with her and begins neglecting MC

@rfascenariios hahahahaha, so I sometimes accidentally open blogs and then end up scrolling through and I found this, even though I have a mountain of other head canons to work on, but I just love this so much, so here you go.

  • It started with a picture that Yoosung posted on the messenger
  • “I found Rika! Or, at least a woman that looks just like her! She’s in one of my classes and her name is Yumi!”
  • He wasn’t wrong. She did look just like Rika.
  • Yoosung talks about her constantly, getting to know her at school
  • Now, he and MC have been dating for about a year and a half now, and she gets kind of worried about the fervor in which he is treating Yumi
  • Yoosung gets invited out to a mixer with his friends, so MC is invited along and Yumi is there
  • MC gets to talk to Yumi and she’s nice enough, but admits that she has her sights set on Yoosung
  • When MC tells Yumi that she and Yoosung are already dating, Yumi says, “Really? Because he treats me more like his girlfriend that he does you.”
  • After the mixer, MC asks Yoosung if he loves her, and he says yes, of course, but she’s still really nervous about the whole thing and not sure if she believes him
  • And his talk of Yumi continues to escalate, because she started asking questions about Rika and emulating her
  • Eventually, MC tries to express her hurt to Yoosung about the whole thing via messenger, but he doesn’t understand why she’s all bent out of shape
  • Zen and Seven get in on this as well, basically trying to explain what’s going on in MC’s head, but Yoosung refuses to listen
  • It’s not until Yoosung skips a date with MC to hang out with Yumi that things get ugly
  • She’s hurt, but she doesn’t let it affect her too much, hoping he still loves her
  • Zen even yells at Yoosung for doing that
  • The next day, MC shows up at his school to drop off his lunch, which she always brings for him on Tuesday’s, but Yumi sees her first, says that he’s busy studying and, without being a student, you can’t get into the library, so she’ll take the lunch to him
  • As soon as she has the lunch in her hands, she tells MC, “Yoosung and I went out on a date, by the way. You should probably stop bringing him food. He’s moved on.”
  • MC walks away in tears
  • She goes onto the messenger and says that she needs to break up with Yoosung, as much as it breaks her heart, because he doesn’t love her anymore
  • All he loves is a memory of Rika and the woman that looks just like her
  • He doesn’t see it until after his class with Yumi, and he ends up frozen for a few minutes just staring at the message… until Yumi reads it over his shoulder and offers her condolences
  • Yoosung, having been snapped out of it, says he needs to go find MC and talk to her, he doesn’t want to break up, he doesn’t understand why she would do this
  • However, she’s busy drinking with Zen and Jaehee, her phone is turned off, and Yoosung doesn’t know where she is
  • That night, MC stumbles back home, still super drunk, and realizes that she accidentally went to Yoosung’s apartment
  • Now MC is about to turn away when she checks the messenger and sees that he wants to talk about this, so she decides that now is as good as ever…
  • She gets her phone out to start recording because she knows she won’t remember in the morning
  • ….only to walk up the stairs to his apartment to find that Yoosung’s kissing Yumi
  • MC drops her purse out of shock, and when he hears the sound, he freaks, and tries to push Yumi away (what he was trying to do all along)
  • MC doesn’t hear him calling after her and just half stumbles, half runs away
  • She posts a picture on the messenger of Yoosung and Yumi kissing
  • “I thought he wanted to talk to convince me not to leave him. Guess I was wrong. I was wrong about everything.”
  • Zen tries to jump to his defense, saying that Yoosung looks uncomfortable, like he doesn’t want it, but MC just says, “I need to go drown my sorrows in ice cream and romance movies. I’ll check the messenger once a day from now on. Don’t worry about me.”
  • She does as promised, sits at home, crying, eating ice cream, and watching anything with a romance premise
  • Her coworkers worry about her when she’s at work because her eyes all puffy and red, but she just explains that she had a really bad break up
  • One coworker offers to beat him up for her once they hear the details, but she declines
  • She tries to get Jumin’s advice on killing her emotions so she can stop hurting
  • Yoosung finally manages to ambush her a few days after she saw him kissing Yumi at her apartment before she leaves to go to the grocery store
  • He explains that Yumi was there trying to help him (or so she claimed), then suddenly grabbed him and kissed him. She then tried to convince him that MC didn’t love him and only Yumi could
  • But Yoosung knows better, he feels like a jerk, and realizes that Yumi is nothing like the Rika he knew (which wasn’t necessarily the real Rika, but he doesn’t know that)
  • He begs MC to take him back
  • MC states that they’ll start with the dinner she’s about to make, and they can go from there
  • They go grocery shopping, then cook and eat together
  • He ends up kissing her goodbye at the end of the night
  • And twenty minutes after leaving, he comes back and, just-
  • This impulsive, loving yandere child just drops down on one knee with a ring in his hand
  • A few weeks later, Yumi has made no further progress with Yoosung and is getting frustrated, and when MC shows up on campus again to give Yoosung his lunch, Yumi goes to confront her…. then sees the ring on her finger
  • Before Yumi can approach to ask what’s going on, Yoosung is there, kissing MC, giddy as ever to see her
  • Yumi is forced to walk away and save herself the embarassment

star-anise  asked:

Paulina who are some people doing good work in omgcp fandom?

*whispers* jeez do you have an hour? 

ok so Violets for the fandom (violets means kudos in sorority world). In no particular order: 

@shitty-check-please-aus for making and curating easily digestible and positive content for the entire fandom 

@airplanesandcookies for writing great fic, caring about representation in the fandom, and generally being positive 

@littlestpersimmon for making wholesome fanart about a myriad of characters in the fandom (also: GO READ EERIE CRESTS (their amazing comic))

@chrisfranklinchow and @omgcphee for starting the OMG POC Please Network

@redporkpadthai for making fun art, hosting streams, and being an all around good person 

the good folks at @jewishomgcp who are such an important source for Jack and Holster content 

@itsybittle for all the content they contribute AND organizing the @omgcplondon

@baba-nurse and @dexydex for taking the time to start, host, and contribute to Nursey Week and Ransom Week 

@zim-tits for the fun art she contributes to this fandom (also have you seen her AU’s? Have you seen the glory of pastel-punk Nursey?) 

@heyfightme listen, if you have not read her fics I implore you to, especially there are more than two sides to Eric Bittle (featuring BD Bitty which is both excellently done and fills some nuerodivergent representation that this fandom needs more of) 

speaking of which @justwritins for their fic Self Reflection about Bitty being a trans man 

the good folks at @samwellstudentunion for keeping this fandom informed and up to date on networking opportunities and such 

@eve-baird for running @rarepairsandpies and contributing a lot to rare ship fics for this fandom 

@polyamorousparson for running @omgcprarepairs and ALSO contributing a lot of rare pair content to this fandom 

(you should follow both rare pair blogs btw) 

@fatlardo for running @omgcpwomen and running the zine 

the good folks at @imaginethehaus for filling prompts 

@wheeloffortune-design for filling the fandom with a lot of short form content that we can roll with 

@hoenursey for all the good content they make, particularly for Nursey 

@derek-nursey-nurse for great content curation and insight 

@angeryginger because I love how they draw Nursey 

@gettzi for making great art and also being a good advocate for others

the good folks at @samwellslibrary for rec-ing good fics and supporting authors in the fandom by doing so 

@omgpieplease for making great fan art (and fanart of fan works b/c let’s be honest I’m still not over his Punk Au pieces

@fanaste for their amazing instagram edit series 

@ericrichardbittlejr also for her amazing edit series 

@jackzimmermannn for making swawesome AMV’s for this damn fandom 

@thehausghosts for giving underappreciated characters some love and being an amazing person

@gutsybitsies for contributing a whole lot of writing to this fandom

@wingedwarbler for great fan and light hearted fan art 

@tronnies-art-blog for figuring out Ngozi’s art style and making great art for us 

the good folks at @omgpromptsplease for generating great ideas and short form content for the fandom

@omgpbandj and @yoursummerfrost for running @pbj-epifest 

@onethousandroaches because fun fact: last year whenever I was having a bad day, one of my partners would send me posts they blogged/reblogged and it always helped (sometimes people do good things in ways they don’t realize) 

the good folks at @omgcp-cosplay for spreading the love and supporting cosplayers in our community 

the good folks @omgcpbigbang because running an event like that (especially two years in a row) whoo that’s a task 

isn’t this fandom great? Look at all the cool people doing good things?

and don’t forget YOU 

if you’re reading this and are in this fandom, I know you’re doing great things just by being here. This fandom doesn’t get anywhere without people who support content creators and generally contribute to spreading the love in this fandom. 

This is by all means not a cut-and-dry list. So if there’s someone you think I’ve missed, feel free to reblog this and tag people! Spread some more love. 

Dear young artists

Here are things I wish that someone told me when I started posting/doing art:

1: I know it sucks but you won’t get your art noticed right away. So be patient and enjoy sharing your art even if it seems no one is looking.

2: Do not take request that you know will take you more than 30 minutes. If it takes longer, that’s what commissions are for. Often people will abuse that you are an artist taking request and will give very elaborate requests.

3: Speaking of commissions, do not price ANYTHING under $5. Please value your art. I promise you the people that will complain the “it’s over priced” are cheap. If they actually want your art, they would pay for it as is.

4: SAVE SAVE SAVE. If you do digital art, save it at least every 15 minutes. Save every piece of art, don’t throw it away or delete it.

5: DATE YOUR ART. At the end of last year is when I actually started dating my art within the file name. Example: “6-13-Girl” and have a folder for each year. This would save time when you’re trying to remember when you did an old piece of art or are creating a portfolio.

6: For the love of god, you don’t have to finish everything. Do practice sketches without them turning into elaborate hours of work.

7: Continuing from 6, YOUR SKETCHBOOK IS A SKETCHBOOK FOR A REASON. That’s where you practice. Don’t worry about a drawing not being perfect, the book is for practicing.

8: You don’t have to show someone your sketchbook if you don’t want to. Just say, “I’d rather you not, it’s very personal” and leave it at that.

9: Post your practices and ask for feedback. P.S. take “you need to work on ______ but good color choice!” as feedback and “your art sucks” as someone being an ass.

10: Don’t trace references or others artwork. It will literally not help you in the long run. A good example of how to use a ref is sketch the basic shape and add details as you go.

11: Don’t tighten you hand when you draw or aka don’t carve into the paper. Keep your strokes light when doing the basic shapes then add to darken the lines when you like them. This will save frustration of it not being able to erase.

12: WATCH SPEEDPAINTS. Slow them down if needed and learn from other artists and take the techniques you like from it. This especially works for visual learners.

13: Try tutorials even if you don’t like the style. You won’t know you like doing something unless you try it, that’s how people improve their art as well.

14: If you look through my blog, you can see that I do A LOT of redraws. I find them important to do sometimes to see your progress and show you what you need to work on.

15: Most importantly: Remember that your favorite artists, no matter their age, have been working on their drawing skills for years. It’s taken me 6 years to get my art where I like it and I’m still improving like everyone else.

Any other artists that would like to add or correct, feel free!

petaliciousflower-deactivated20  asked:

Can lil'ol me have........Fefeta with Roxy plssss :33

yeah, on one condition though! you have to stop putting yourself down like that on your blog, stop it. 

(that’s right guys sometimes i go look at your blogs ;0)

you don’t suck, your pixels are adorable, and i can’t speak for irl you, cause i don’t know you, but you’re probably great!


hey loves it’s georgia (rosychungha) i changed my url so ur all probably like..whom??? but anyways i hit 1k a couple of days ago nd i wanted to make a follow forever!! i love all my mutuals sm ur all angels!! if this messes up ur notifications yall can come nd shout at me bc i know it’s kinda annoying ghjkl 

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Q&A Saturday!

It’s Q&A Saturday! I’ve gotten a lot of new followers recently, so I just want to explain again that every other Saturday, it’s Q&A! It’s when I try to answer as many of your questions as I can! <3 This week I’m doing questions I wasn’t able to answer when my pen broke, so that’s why I didn’t make an announcement, but! You’re welcomed to send any questions you want for next Q&A or to be answered soonish with text! This post btw is non-squid! There will be a squid ver soon!

I’m not sure if you meant the pillow defense thing or just pillow kisses in general but I hope this is okay! <3

Not that he is very romantic, but he is less guarded of his heart than Garrett (but they both take a loooooong time to come to terms that they’re in love)! But in almost any universe, Dario is the first to say “I love you” but Garrett doesn’t take long to catch up  💕

While I mostly welcome shipping, Garrett is exclusively gay (side note: Dario is bisexual and Mei is aromantic) and he’s not really Mei’s type anyways LOL They’re good bros tho! 

(It’s a really sensitive topic for Dario)

I’m not sure if they would ever be ready for kids, but I drew this before so here you go! <3 I’m not sure about the name yet, but she’s got her dad’s love of sports and her other’s dad love of goofing off! 

She’s both “what their kid would look like” and their adopted daughter if they get one, because they just love her to death <3 

I’m sort of anti-genderbend (sorry!) It’s something I try to avoid, but I do have a rough draft from when I designed Kathy as a genderfluid boy! Using he/they, Keith is a gentle guy with a love for music!

(Sorry, I got serious vibes from Susan/Mandark’s hippie days LOL)

ROAR. (Imagine a soft honk) Also that’s probably because Dario is a lionhead bun! <3 Lionhead buns are called that because, you guess it, they have a mane around their faces! All my buns have set breeds that made them look that way (like Kathy/Jaleena being dwarf buns)

AAA! I’m glad you can! I’m worried my Spanish is iffy sometimes so I’m happy to hear this! Please let me know if I ever make mistakes! <3 And thank you for your nice words!  (I need to incorporate more Spanish dialogue with Dario/Gabby/Cable too)

It’s very rare, but the last one I watched was Mob! It was a good show ; O ; 

The answer, though, is yes, they do! Garrett gets cuddly and Dario welcomes it! And for reference, here is my NSFW blog! Tread with caution!

Oo! Dario’s perf idea of a date would be taking Garrett to try something outdoors and fun, like swimming, hiking, rock climbing, etc! Garrett’s not really into exercise, though, and rather spends their date watching movies at home with takeout. But! I think they would both agree that their favorite dates are the time they spend together in private (like watching the stars, cuddling in bed, taking naps together). Dario loves it most when Garrett falls asleep on him, and Garrett loves it most when Dario opens up to him during their talks.

Whoa! It’s nice to see excitement like this, aa! Q v Q Yes, Garrett loves watching Dario work out and play sports! He admires his athleticism! Dario’s fave sports is soccer and track, with an occasional baseball and basketball for fun! I’m not sure what he’d be bad at, probably anything that requires thinking/accuracy? Like archery, golfing, etc. And Dario does get hurt a lot but nothing really all that serious, and Garrett (so far) hasn’t been hurt yet watching (especially since he tends to watch from a distance, he doesn’t like crowds). And I can’t reveal any details, I def need to work on their stories soon, haha!

Yes, he has! Dario’s hair is a very dark brown but he dyes it to a lighter brown!

LOL It’s also funny because I’ve drawn him in one of Shakira’s outfit before

Now that I got my pen back, YES! I’m excited to draw my boys again! <3 And welcome all my new followers to my blog! Thank you for following and I really hope you enjoy your stay!

That’s all the asks I can answer for today! Thank you for all the questions! I hope you enjoyed this, it was was a lot of fun to do! Please don’t hesitate to send me more to answer next time and see you all next Saturday! <3

Thanks for reading! Bye! Love you all and have a lovely weekend!! <3

anonymous asked:

Do y'all have any suggestions for feminist, anti-fatphobic blogs/spaces that are specific to men? Even particularly straight/cis? I don't want to detract from the spaces that are generally really good for women or LGBT, but sometimes I feel really isolated from the positive conversations I see here and in other places, and I suppose I hoped you all might know of good places to look. I appreciate this blog, and I am not looking to leave, just kind of wanting to target my needs more specifically.

To be honest, most of the blogs I know that are specifically for men are extremely anti-feminist and don’t address issues in a way that I would consider accurate; for example, they’d argue that men and women are equally oppressed or that men have it worse than women, and not understand how issues of fatphobia relate to oppression. Most are pretty fatphobic, too. 

The only thing I can think of is guys-positivity, which I have seen say a few problematic things (like attacking geekandmisandry for believing in patriarchy), but I hear is run by a woman who wants to help men? I guess? I don’t know.

Honestly, I’m not sure you can find what you’re looking for. I’m sorry. Maybe our followers would know? You could also just follow more fat men like @fumbledeegrumble. 

-Mod Bella 

Persona Edit Request Dump

So remember how I said I was going to do a bunch of Persona edits as people in the ask box requested them?

That was a complete and utter mistake, as it turns out.

But I still did everyone’s weird and strange requests (save for 1 or 2 REAL weird ones I didn’t want to touch.)

But regardless let’s get onto it!

Being that Morgana has a body structure only comparable to that of a bobble head, this was kinda hard to do and probably why nobody else has done it yet, but I sure TRIED MY DARNEST. I hope you appreciate maid Morgana with a weirdly human looking body. (Just remember this blog’s motto: Quality Never Guaranteed.)

Did you know that the police can legally arrest you for having these images on your hard drive in some American states?

Sometimes I get worried that I’m making someone’s fetish material.

Unfortunately, I CAN do crossdressing shadow Yosuke. This is a very powerful concept, and an even more powerful image, I feel.

I did both.

Mixing P5 Portraits with P3 and P4 ones is hard.

Yukari’s maid outfit was a blessing.

A beautiful lady.

Anyway, that’s it!

I hope all you monsters who made these requests are satisfied with the results!

anonymous asked:

everything about this blog, the characters, the mun, everything is so perfect. what does someone have to do to be so talented like you? i hate my own art work half the time despite having others say its really good. but then again that's all artist; hating their own art work even if it is considered 'good'. i get inspired by you every day and you really did improve.

I’m so glad to hear you enjoy my blog and my art! thank you for all this kind compliments and I’m honored to know that i inspire you ;\; and yes I agree with what you said. I don’t  hate my art but sometimes it doesn’t turn out like you wanted right? you look at it and think that you could do better. this feeling is pushing me to try more and more and having friends and people telling me they enjoy my work helps me to keep going like this. So don’t give up and always give your best ;\\;

anonymous asked:

gonna be real, you're like the only SU related blog I follow at this point because the rest are turning into raging fandom-dumpsters full of negativity

I am really glad that you like the blog!!!! I know sometimes the negativity can be overwhelming, but there are a TON of really really cool people in the fandom who stay positive too. I follow a lot of them!! You can look at my blogroll (from my ATLA/TLOK blog) if you are looking for people to follow!! (a lot of these are ATLA/TLOK blogs too, but you can tell the difference by icons): http://otterbender.tumblr.com/blogroll

I’d recommend following any of those people if you are looking for more!

anonymous asked:

Do you have any favorite people you follow? My feed is pretty low with only 5 posts a day yet I follow 20+ people. Any suggestions to artists, fashion, esthetic, etc?

Yeah I’d love to share some! There are a lot in here but I hope you find something you like :)

art blogs and comics:

  • @fuckyeahillustrativeart
    a blog that collects and showcases artists from around the net. Amazing stuff and even more art blogs can be found through this hub!
  • thisiscolossal 
    a blog that shows a lot of cool contemporary art. Less of the work featured here is from online artists, but you’ll definitely find cool stuff
  • @supersonicart
    another cool blog for contemporary stuff! this one posts more “quirky” artists than the previous one
  • @hifructosemag
    yet another quirky contemporary blog. This one is even more weird than the last haha. Some of the stuff in this blog can get into creepy territory, so warnings for weird surreal shit (unless that’s your preference like me)
  • @floccinaucinihilipilificationa 
    you’ve probably seen these comics floating around, but maybe didn’t know the artist. The “relatable anxiety bee” is from this blog, as well as the “horrible headmaster Dumbledore” comics. Hilarious stuff, and the artist rambles about their life in their tags, which are a whole other, unrelated set of wild adventures. They’re also the sweetest person ever!
  • @webcomicname
    if you’re in the mood for existential comics with weird subdued humor, this is for you lmao
  • @transgirlnextdoor
    very relatable humor for trans people, sometimes gets a little nasty but it’s all stuff we think but don’t say. Hilarious!
  • @rumwik
    posts daily! super cute and wholesome content, very good for stress-relief and anxiety-free viewing. Lots of pokemon too!
  • @k-eke
    another popular blog, but his animations are seriously so good for my mood? They always make me feel better, and he’s just the sweetest guy. If you’re a bird person, this is definitely an art blog to follow
  • @sanjanasart
    posts really calming watercolor process videos! I can get lost for hours watching her videos. Really vibrant style
  • @kevinwada
    my hero honestly. Famous for doing a lot of those High Fashion Superheroes and posts about his professional work pretty often.

art blogs from my buddies and boos:

  • @beedalee-art
    my gf Bee’s art-only blog, I’m sorry I have to be that obnoxious datemate LOL but if you like my art and stories you gotta keep up with Bee too! Our work is married to each other just like us lmao I know we’re gross
    (her personal blog is @beedalee where she sometimes answers character questions like me)
  • @cprinceart
    my buddy Cait! Again, if you follow me and are invested in my stories and characters, you should follow cait cause our stuff interlocks so often! Cait has great use of color and really well thought-out characters
  • @rienlen
    my buddy Lan! His work is fucking fantastic, he’s got amazing world-building and a very dynamic style, his characters are fun and engaging. You won’t be let down! (has a main mlm couple, if you’re looking for that!)
  • @moosopp-art
    basically my internet son LOL. Lee has a very clean and expressive style, and his comic strips are full of fun and cute character dynamics. He has several on-going comics right now (many of them also mlm content!), which you can support on his Patreon
  • @bozrat
    HJ has a super cool style and posts a lot of their art studies which are very inspiring. Gets you in the mood to study more too! They do tons of commissions and adoptables, so if you’re looking for someone who will do an amazing job on your characters, don’t be shy to commission them!
  • @dimisfit
    also has a great style! Doesn’t post as often cause she’s busy with work, but when she does it’s worth it! You might have seen her illustrations featured before on art-promo blogs. She’s also running a webcomic, which you can check out here
  • @efem-art
    my buddy fums! they’re going to school right now so they don’t post often, but when they do it’s in big bursts and there’s always so much to look at! Good variety of art, from backgrounds, to characters, to animation and fan work!
  • @frogandcog
    are a couple of my friends who run a My Little Pony fan art blog! They do tons of cool MLP paraphenalia and goodies, so if you’re into that stuff, they’re blog is definitely for you!
  • @needlepuss
    my buddy Nelly! Super cute style and does a lot of OCs from fandoms. If you’re a MLP, PreCure, IdolM@ster, Pokemon, Littlest Pet Shop, or Monster High fan, she’s got some of the coolest characters!


  • @blackfashion
    posts very often!! A lot of the content on here is user submitted, so you can find some more blogs to follow through them if you like people’s styles (and the occasional entrepreneur fashion business)
  • @tokyo-fashion
    mainly harajuku street style, but lots of cool looks from Japan. Also posts regularly
  • @koreanmodel
    a good hub for discovering upcoming Korean models and just seeing cool photoshoots in general. Has posted some questionable content in the past (like I remember they posted blackface once… gross), so their filter isn’t the best? But they haven’t done it since so I’m not sure if they actually take feedback like that. Overall a good blog that posts often
  • @highfashionpakistan
    basically what the url says. Great stuff and lots of amazing info on the current Pakistani fashion scene. The blog owner has a huge well of knowledge of designers and models. Educational and pretty!
  • @chinesefashionlovers
    a plus size specific blog for Chinese and other East Asians. They promote online stores for the clothes that are being modeled too
  • @wlweddings
    a great blog for wlw wedding inspo. Also just super heart warming and lovely to see on your dash!

Request: yes

paring: Damian Wayne x reader

request/plot:  not the hate anon here: I’m not a writer or I’d do this myself but maybe write her some hc or a mini thing of dick trying to cheer her up? (Whoever her fav batboy is i think it’s dick)-anon

A/n: I did it with Damian because she loves dami and Tim 

Word count: 822

warning(s): a little cursing and I don’t think this is good

Tagging my beautiful friend @batboysimagine who deserves all the love in the world! (I’m sorry I was going to make this yesterday but I’m trash)

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Can I request head canons on what lunch with bakugou, kirishima, and todoroki (separately) would be like??? Thanks!

Yay! First Request!!


•Bakugou Katsuki 

-Grumpy and intermittently loud

-probably will try to steal some of your food

-doesn’t want to share his

-will most likely not want to have anyone else go to lunch with you

-will whine about how Deku is a dumb shit

-basically, he is a self sustaining frustration tornado

-will low key be really happy to eat lunch with someone other than kirishima and kaminari

-if you had made him lunch he’s probably be honored and offended at the same time?

-like on the inside “omg they made me lunch” but on the outside “what the fuck? Who told you to make my lunch? Don’t try to be like my mom!” etc.

-but overall like really happy on the inside

-y’know, tsun tsun problems and all that

•Kirishima Eijirou 

-will also want your food

-he’ll want to talk to you about your day 

-tell you cool stories about his adventures

-definitely a full table kind of guy

-he’ll want to have you sit with him and all of his friends

-or all of your friends

-or both

-would be all sparkles and appreciative if you had made him lunch 

- like omg this boy would talk about it to everyone

-”____ made me lunch, can you believe that?” 

-or something like that

•Todoroki Shouto 

-boi probably made you lunch

-he can do so much in such a short amount of time, like he put tatami mats in his dorm in a day

-also would want to have lunch with just you

-would share his food

-listen to you rant about your day

-internally fangirl about how cute you look when you’re on a tangent

-but be all focused at the same time?

-or he could just be thinking about his food

-honestly, i don’t know sometimes

-if you made him lunch, he would be thankful and think about how much time you put into it

-and then probably get all sidetracked on how you made the food

-he seems like that kind of guy


woop woop

hope you liked it anon! ♥♥

“My Killing Stalking fanfiction pulled me out of depression. I wake up every day excited to write more about Bum and Sangwoo. It’s tough-going sometimes, but all things worth doing are difficult, and I know that, years from now, I’m going to look back on this time in my life and think, “Yeah. That’s when I became a writer."”


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Attention Everlark Fanfiction Authors and Artisits

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I have an Everlark fanfiction authors list and an Everlark/THG artists list on my blog. They are a great resource. A lot of people on Tumblr use them and they are a great way to discover new authors and artists. I look for the authors and artists myself, but sometimes I need help.

If you would like me to add you, please message me or reblog this message with your info. Let me know if you are an author or artist. I list art of any form: drawings, paintings, gif sets, edits, computer art, etc. All of you are amazingly talented and I would love to add you to my lists.

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anonymous asked:

hiiii! i'm new at the voltron fandom and i wanted so bad to understand some inside jokes or theories or something like that :) (sorry if i'm annoying tho) 1) why there's this joke about keith and mothman (idk y but i keep laughing at some shitposting but then i'm like ok what) 2) do you know some blogs about theories? i really really want to read them and understand a little bit more :) thank you so much! (once again: sorry if i'm annoying you, i'm a little shy so this mess some things up yk)

Hey! You’re not annoying me. You can message me any time, I promise. (That goes for any of you!) 


1. Keith & Mothman

I’ll be honest, I have no idea how this started, exactly. You remember Keith’s theory board in the first episode? The one where he’s tracking the energy and he has all those pictures and things? Well one of the images, apparently, vaguely looks like Bigfoot. Thus the idea that Keith is a cryptid (think bigfoot, mothman, nessie, etc) lover was born! Mothman is the one that most people have clung too, though I don’t know why, sorry! In relation to this, people sometimes say Pidge is also a cryptid lover, and that her girlfriend is Nessie.

2. Theory blogs

I’m not entirely sure I know of any blogs which focus solely on theories, but I’ll do my best. It kind of depends what you want, theory-wise? There’s a lot of ones from the early stages, like Pidge’s mum being Zarkon, or something similar, which were purely jokes, but then there’s more serious Black Paladin related theories too! I’ll do my best to list some.

I know that there are only two blogs here, and one of them is not even theory related, but it’s hard to pinpoint theories down to singular blogs. Mostly they’re the result of a handful of diverse people, though sometimes others come together to create one big post! It’s really a matter of just keeping your eyes out and looking around. I hope this helps! Feel free to message me w/ any more questions and the like.

BTS Reaction - When you have to leave because your family member is sick/requested

kawaiifandinosaur said: Hey! I don’t know if you have ever done this already but was wondering if you could do a reaction of each member after they hear that you have to go back home cause your (brother, grandma, etc) is ill. Thank you for even readying this!! Love love love your blog. I look forward to your posts everyday🖤🖤🖤

YOU ARE SUCH A SWEETIE just reading this message over again made me smile aw aw so I know I said sometime in the evening that this will be posted today but I decided to do it earlier :)

Rap Monster:

His eyebrows would scrunch together and he’d quickly jump up from where he was sitting to rush over to you. He’d begin gently asking questions about who was ill and how it happened, before engulfing you into a hug.

“What? Who’s sick?”

“My sister. She’s in the hospital with severe pneumonia and they don’t know how else to help her.”

“Baby girl…I’m sorry. Let me take you there.”


He was devastated to know that you needed to go back home to see your sick uncle, and would ask if it was okay if he came with you. He didn’t want you to go through this alone.

“I’ll come with you, okay? Is that alright with you?”

“Of course, Jimin. I need you.”


When he found you crying in your bedroom, he’d slowly walk to you and sit down, pulling you against him so your face was buried in his neck. He wouldn’t say anything, and just let you talk when you were ready.

“My mom, she has a tumor. They don’t know what to do. I don’t know what to do.”

“It’ll be alright love, we need to stay positive and I know that with your positivity she’ll get through this. Tomorrow, we can book a flight for you.”


He would be shocked and immediately try to help, asking when and where he could take you to see your sick cousin. You had explained that your cousin was one of your best friends, and he was so worried that he stayed up all night to make sure you slept while he waited for any phone calls from the hospital.

“I need to go back home, Yoongi. I need to be with him.”

“I’ll take you. C’mon, let’s start packing.”


As you cried, he would cry as well. When you told him that your brother was sick, he offered to skip work for the next few days to accompany you to your hometown. He remembers when his grandmother passed away, and he didn’t want you to feel alone during a rough time.

“Are you sure? I don’t want to compromise anything, Tae.”

“Of course, baby. I think you need the support, and I don’t want you to go alone.”


His reaction to you telling him that you needed to leave and go back home to support your father, he was extremely worried about how it would effect you as well. He’d help you pack and at the last minute buy a plane ticket to come with you.

“Jin? What are you doing?”

“I’m coming with you, you don’t need to be by yourself during this.”


He would be just as devastated when you came running into the room and buried your face in his chest, quietly sobbing. He’d go wide-eyed and look around the room, then down at you, still clinging to his shirt. He wouldn’t say anything, and eventually begin rubbing your back and drawing small circles until you could calm down.

“My brother is sick. They just told him that he has less than three months to live. I don’t want him to leave me, Jungkook. I have to go home.”

“Sh, Y/N, he will never leave you. He’ll always be right beside you, no matter what. Let’s go, then, right now. It’ll be okay.”

Hiya, so I want to give my condolences to anyone who has lost anyone else to a sickness. I have, and it was really nice to have supportive people around me. Love you all :)

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