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Who are these idiots?

I love reading everyone’s comments about Sam and Cait. I have never looked at these anti blogs etc but I’ve got to say even I’ve had enough. Who are these people? Can somebody let me know. Im not in the habit of commenting much but seriously I am keen to read some of these anti blogs. I am a grown woman with adult children and in my line of work I come across asshats like these people everyday. Most times you let their rancid comments go by and ignore their behaviour but sometimes you need to push back. I’m sorry that some of us have had to take a break from our tumblr community and I understand that you are weary. Please don’t give up. I am keen to read some of these blogs to understand the psyche of these people. I’m not wanting to cause trouble but I do think we need to support our bloggers who have come under attack. So to you all who have suffered I’m an ear you can chew and I am keen to go to bat for you. I think that these individuals need to understand that if they are going to take on the major bloggers they are taking us all on. Ship on girls…. X

Yoosung meets a woman that has an uncanny resemblance to Rika at his college and becomes infatuated with her and begins neglecting MC

@rfascenariios hahahahaha, so I sometimes accidentally open blogs and then end up scrolling through and I found this, even though I have a mountain of other head canons to work on, but I just love this so much, so here you go.

  • It started with a picture that Yoosung posted on the messenger
  • “I found Rika! Or, at least a woman that looks just like her! She’s in one of my classes and her name is Yumi!”
  • He wasn’t wrong. She did look just like Rika.
  • Yoosung talks about her constantly, getting to know her at school
  • Now, he and MC have been dating for about a year and a half now, and she gets kind of worried about the fervor in which he is treating Yumi
  • Yoosung gets invited out to a mixer with his friends, so MC is invited along and Yumi is there
  • MC gets to talk to Yumi and she’s nice enough, but admits that she has her sights set on Yoosung
  • When MC tells Yumi that she and Yoosung are already dating, Yumi says, “Really? Because he treats me more like his girlfriend that he does you.”
  • After the mixer, MC asks Yoosung if he loves her, and he says yes, of course, but she’s still really nervous about the whole thing and not sure if she believes him
  • And his talk of Yumi continues to escalate, because she started asking questions about Rika and emulating her
  • Eventually, MC tries to express her hurt to Yoosung about the whole thing via messenger, but he doesn’t understand why she’s all bent out of shape
  • Zen and Seven get in on this as well, basically trying to explain what’s going on in MC’s head, but Yoosung refuses to listen
  • It’s not until Yoosung skips a date with MC to hang out with Yumi that things get ugly
  • She’s hurt, but she doesn’t let it affect her too much, hoping he still loves her
  • Zen even yells at Yoosung for doing that
  • The next day, MC shows up at his school to drop off his lunch, which she always brings for him on Tuesday’s, but Yumi sees her first, says that he’s busy studying and, without being a student, you can’t get into the library, so she’ll take the lunch to him
  • As soon as she has the lunch in her hands, she tells MC, “Yoosung and I went out on a date, by the way. You should probably stop bringing him food. He’s moved on.”
  • MC walks away in tears
  • She goes onto the messenger and says that she needs to break up with Yoosung, as much as it breaks her heart, because he doesn’t love her anymore
  • All he loves is a memory of Rika and the woman that looks just like her
  • He doesn’t see it until after his class with Yumi, and he ends up frozen for a few minutes just staring at the message… until Yumi reads it over his shoulder and offers her condolences
  • Yoosung, having been snapped out of it, says he needs to go find MC and talk to her, he doesn’t want to break up, he doesn’t understand why she would do this
  • However, she’s busy drinking with Zen and Jaehee, her phone is turned off, and Yoosung doesn’t know where she is
  • That night, MC stumbles back home, still super drunk, and realizes that she accidentally went to Yoosung’s apartment
  • Now MC is about to turn away when she checks the messenger and sees that he wants to talk about this, so she decides that now is as good as ever…
  • She gets her phone out to start recording because she knows she won’t remember in the morning
  • ….only to walk up the stairs to his apartment to find that Yoosung’s kissing Yumi
  • MC drops her purse out of shock, and when he hears the sound, he freaks, and tries to push Yumi away (what he was trying to do all along)
  • MC doesn’t hear him calling after her and just half stumbles, half runs away
  • She posts a picture on the messenger of Yoosung and Yumi kissing
  • “I thought he wanted to talk to convince me not to leave him. Guess I was wrong. I was wrong about everything.”
  • Zen tries to jump to his defense, saying that Yoosung looks uncomfortable, like he doesn’t want it, but MC just says, “I need to go drown my sorrows in ice cream and romance movies. I’ll check the messenger once a day from now on. Don’t worry about me.”
  • She does as promised, sits at home, crying, eating ice cream, and watching anything with a romance premise
  • Her coworkers worry about her when she’s at work because her eyes all puffy and red, but she just explains that she had a really bad break up
  • One coworker offers to beat him up for her once they hear the details, but she declines
  • She tries to get Jumin’s advice on killing her emotions so she can stop hurting
  • Yoosung finally manages to ambush her a few days after she saw him kissing Yumi at her apartment before she leaves to go to the grocery store
  • He explains that Yumi was there trying to help him (or so she claimed), then suddenly grabbed him and kissed him. She then tried to convince him that MC didn’t love him and only Yumi could
  • But Yoosung knows better, he feels like a jerk, and realizes that Yumi is nothing like the Rika he knew (which wasn’t necessarily the real Rika, but he doesn’t know that)
  • He begs MC to take him back
  • MC states that they’ll start with the dinner she’s about to make, and they can go from there
  • They go grocery shopping, then cook and eat together
  • He ends up kissing her goodbye at the end of the night
  • And twenty minutes after leaving, he comes back and, just-
  • This impulsive, loving yandere child just drops down on one knee with a ring in his hand
  • A few weeks later, Yumi has made no further progress with Yoosung and is getting frustrated, and when MC shows up on campus again to give Yoosung his lunch, Yumi goes to confront her…. then sees the ring on her finger
  • Before Yumi can approach to ask what’s going on, Yoosung is there, kissing MC, giddy as ever to see her
  • Yumi is forced to walk away and save herself the embarassment

Ahhh, thank you so much for 200+ followers! You guys are so rad like you have no idea. In such a short time I feel so welcome on this site and so much love for this blog. I am such a shy potato and still am fearful in talking to you all sometimes haha ;w; But I am trying to get better at that, but know I am always open for talking! I just want all of all use to have a good time here you know? Hehe♥ Anyways, below are the list of my babus, just know I love and appreciate you all and I am happy to get to RP with you guys, and if we haven’t yet I look forward to the times that we will! (PSST, these are mutuals only and no personal blogs are listed so please understand this♥ Also if you have more then one blog, I may just put one of them, hope that’s okay♥)

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Arianna, 18, bi, Texas ❤

I am a nursing student who loves to horseback ride and smoke weed occasionally. I also like to drink sometimes cause you know nursing school is stressful. Looking for some friends mostly who I can talk about makeup or whatever with. Hopefully someone in the Austin Texas area to chill with. Other than that I’m obsessed with my dog and all the puppies of the world. Come talk to me ❤


anonymous asked:

Do you ever recognize the writting style of an anonymous person's ask? Not necessarily their username but like, 'oh this sounds like the same person i got this other ask from'.

Well, I never know for sure, but I’m pretty good at picking out writing patterns. Sometimes I’ll see a comment on one of my writing pieces and it has the same exact wording as an ask I received or someone’s description on their blog uses a similar vocabulary as one of the anons.

But, honestly, I don’t go looking :) I figure that if people are on anon, they feel more comfortable talking to me that way. I like to respect that!

i haven’t played mass effect andromeda yet (waiting until it actually comes out) but i’m pretty sure i prefer ‘maybe sometime wonky animations’ in comparison to ‘blank face and as much minimal animation as possible’ like in the previous games, but that’s just me. 

for you angst kink

hi. are you having a bad day, all sorts of doubts? do you like to project your own feelings onto the people you actually don’t know, think you know more than 2% of some celebrities’ lives, can’t stand the thought of anyone being sometimes chill and happy instead of crying and suffering, can’t imagine that some adults don’t look at their own lives with the “this shit is so complicated, i can’t make myself a breakfast without thinking about my constant misery” attitude? do you think about all that and make yourself sad? do you then usually decide that you having your angst kink in peace isn’t enough, and go to other people’s blogs trying to aggressively insist that your kink is in fact the truest thing and we should all be concerned and cry with you?

i have a perfect solution for you.

here. choose and read.

Thank you for 1,000 followers!

I don’t know what to say, I can’t believe there are that many people who want to see what I post?? Idk it’s weird. But thank you all so much for following this bizarre blog, I appreciate all your support. You guys always make me feel so loved <3 

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Sometimes I look at other HC blogs and their “followers” and they seem normal you know ? Like they compliment the author and everything and with my munchkins YALL be starting the Munchkin War, Robbie Apocalypse, Yoosung becoming RIKA ( tho this is really amazing I’m happy I have the pleasure to work with it) like do y'all feel comfortable around me or something cause my munchkins be wild 😂 I imagine new followers coming in like

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So I found my old blog from back during my emo phase and looking through it I found some cringey gems that I said and let’s just imagine angsty Mike saying any of these next season:

• “Hope is the most treacherous this we have. It always brings either happiness or despair and the problem is we can never know which”

• “I wish I could be mad at you for leaving but instead I’m mad at myself for not giving you a reason to stay”

• “The sad thing is sometimes your life changes slowly and sometimes it changes all of a sudden. I don’t know what’s worse: the pain being stretched out or coming without warning”

• “I miss things and people I never even had”

• “I still think of you a lot, but I’m thinking with my mind and not just my heart”

• “I don’t hide my feelings because if people can’t notice them then they are the people who don’t deserve to know”

• “I’m screaming for help and I wonder if no one cares enough to listen or if everyone hears and doesn’t care enough to do anything”

• “But darling, no one is actually happy. We are all faking it and lying in hopes of a few good moments”


Face behind the blog tag

i don't take selfies so here are the worst/okay-est pictures of me i could find/ones without snapchat filters :^)
Rules: Share a selfie (how ever many you like) and tell your followers about yourself! Tag 3 or more people. 

Name: Sophie
Age: 16
Height: 5 something? idk i haven’t checked in a while it’s probably 5′4 or 5′5
Pronoun: she/her
Race / Ethnicity: white as heck
Partner: lol nnop
Pets: i have 3 cats and i think they all hate me :^D
Occupation: student? i guess?
Hobbies: video games, sleeping, doing nothing 
What you like about yourself: i think i’m all around p great except not a fan of the way my face looks sometimes 
Side blogs: @palechiffon
People you want to get to know better? Tag 3 or more: @simreaper @thosefuckingsims @dazzled-simblr @cabsim if you’re up to it :^)

BTS As Roommates

“Hey I don’t know if the request is still open but could u do a how would it be having bts (any member of ur choice) as ur roommate? Thank u, love ur blog.💖“

So, because this was a super fun request idea, I decided to do A L L the members. Idk how long this will take me but pray for me my dudes. (ty sweet human for the compliment aw <3)

Rap Monster:

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(look at this absolute darn cutie)

  • tbh i think he’s barely at home.
  • he’ll be spending all of his damn time in the studio so much so that you often forget he’s your roommate.
  • sometimes you text him like “do you know what a roommate is you lanky meme?” and offer to buy takeaway for the night.
  • throwing things at him when he snores bc you can hear him through the walls.
  • “(Y/N) why did you throw that at me?”
  • bless him, it’s not his fault.
  • asking you whether his outfit looks okay before he goes out.
  • always has his headphones in, so you often yell at him bc this dork can’t hear you.
  • you’re always worried about him
  • boy can’t hold a knife properly, he needs protecting.
  • him always losing things.
  • you always having to find his things.
  • him borrowing your things and losing them
  • him getting really angry about losing his things only for you find them in an obvious place.
  • you cook and he cleans bc that is the safest arrangement.
  • when neither of you can sleep, you stay up and talk about life.
  • when he breaks things, he gets hella nervous and doesn’t reply to texts.
  • him being on edge whenever you leave the house.
  • just pls keep an eye on him, okay?

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If you see me reblogging a post from a problematic source i.e, a terf, a swerf, a racist etc. Please don’t assume I’m with them and point it out to me.
I will happily delete it from my blog. I don’t know every single terf on tumblr and sometimes I reblog an innocent looking post without realising who the OP is.

Please feel free to message me and make me aware I will be very grateful :)

looking for FMA blogs to follow :)

Hi! My name is Angelyn and I’m new here. I finished FMA:B two weeks ago and decided to create a sideblog to fill the emptiness in my heart that I felt after. So far, I’m only following like 2 FMA blogs bc I don’t know who else to follow. 

Please reblog/like if you blog about FMA so I could check your blog (i’ll automatically follow if you post a lot of riza hawkeye and royai trash lol!!!). It would also be nice if you checked my blog too! I sometimes make graphics/gifs.

Thank you !!! 

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Hello! love your blog and I am an avid reader of your metas. My question, and I hope you won't be offended, is the following : why when reblogging, or blogging, for that matter, very, very long post, does no one seem to use the "under the cut" option. I'm asking you because I see you do the same, and when going through my favorite blogs, I find it sometimes tiring to have to scroll down gigantic blogs when I want just a quick look. I am sort of new to Tumblr so, is this the proper etiquette?

Hey Nonny!

It’s a personal preference, at least for me. A lot of people won’t read a post that has a read more because it goes back to the person’s blog, and a lot of blogs have horrendous layouts that make it terribly difficult to read. I know I have more than once had to increase the font size on a LOT of templates because they use 4 pt font as their main blog font size. It may look cute and pretty, but from a design standpoint (of which I am a 15-year graphic design veteran), it’s crap. Sorry to be harsh and blunt, but that is the truth. First rule of graphic design is “know your audience” and a lot of Tumblr’s audience are people who don’t like 4 pt light grey serifed font on a white background with sparkly mouse icon and autoplay music that you can’t find the stop button for.  

Essentially, it’s accessibility. The dashboard is a lot easier to read, especially since a lot of blog templates still have the old Tumblr formatting, so a post like THIS ONE for instance looks like utter GARBAGE on ANY blog layout; one of the few things Tumblr got right, in my opinion, is the revised stacking system for the replies and reblogs. SO much nicer to read them on the dash. A lot of times I find myself HITTING REBLOG OR DRAFTING JUST SO I CAN PROPERLY READ A POST if it’s on someone’s blog. 

If I make a long post, I try to tag it as such. If I have a post that I don’t think will get a lot of traction (which would then activate the old stacking system on my blog) or has too much personal stuff in it, I make a read more, since I purposely designed my blog to be easy-to-read and follow. But read mores also DON’T get reblogged, just the stuff ABOVE the read more, so when I write a long meta, I want people to read ALL of it, so I usually DON’T read more unless it gets REALLY picture heavy or long winded or contains a controversial fandom discourse topic.

But yeah, posts like that one I linked to, especially when you’re building on one of the newer layouts, looks like a HUGE FUCKING MESS.

i know themes and fancy backgrounds are a big deal in the rp community now, but would people be okay if I like, downgraded?  if I decided to transform my blog into something more simple?  I also want to bring back bigger icons for myself because sometimes i feel like mine are too hard to see, or too small for that matter, lol. just want your guys opinions. :)  I miss writing for just writing purposes, and rping with others because of talent and depth, not photoshop abilities, you know?

But do people even realize how stressful is to think in English – or to translate your thoughts – when you were born in a country where English is not the native language nor one of the most spoken? Every time I want to post something on my blog, I have to check ten times every single word and sometimes I still make a lot of silly mistakes — I always feel kinda dumb because I know I’m funnier & smarter than I look on here but I’m not fluent enough to express myself and to let you all know the real me.
It may seem stupid but it’s just so frustrating I often think about only reblogging others and stop trying to make posts by myself.

anonymous asked:

Hey, just random ask, since I see you waste your nerves on a twelve years old behaving like five years old in your askbox (jk, I know 12 yo more eloquent than previous anons...). Do you think the tactic of ignoring hate anons to rile them up even more (Aka not posting your answers to them, making them refresh your blog over and over again just to see NOTHING) works? Most of my primary fandom is full of cool people so I don't have exp with hatemail(thank god) and I want to hear your opinion?

Most people choose to ignore and I can understand why because it’s more work to answer and sometimes it may make you look bad. Or that it’s not worth the trouble to potentially have more trouble to deal with.

But the reason I do it is to make sure others don’t take advantage of the anon system. A lot of the time, people like to use anon to viel themselves and it can be easily abused. So, for me, answering back is to show people who may have wanted to send in more asks, like the previous one, that I won’t sit here and take shit and not only that, I will roast them. Or at least answer in most entertaining way I can think of.

I don’t want to make a blog that is neat and prim and pretty. I want one that garners a certain interest from those who don’t mind following a blog where there’s a mod/admin willing to speak up against those who want to make them feel less significant. I believe most of time anons who send in these hate or disheartening messages just want to make you feel like crap. They just want to me all up in your space. They don’t care if you post it or not, but the one thing they can’t take is if you can manage to come up with a better reply than their initial message.

Ignoring sometimes gives the impression of weakness. The only asks I ignore are the ones that I just shake my head to because someone’s having too much fun, but ignoring hate messages just doesn’t sit well with me. If I ignore it, the anon might think:
A) I’ve accepted their message and just didn’t reply. Or come to terms with it: “They’re not replying back so that just proves that the admin is full of shit for not posting up my message because I am right.”
B) “Haha, look at this idiot they can’t reply to my message in public. Take that!”
I don’t know but reactions are on a spectrum.

So, in short I think giving a smart response will rile them up even more but it will show them that you’re not the type that will be pushed around by their folly.

Ignoring or not, there are times where you should speak up for yourself. Replying back allows you to open conversations and discussions. Ignoring provides less progression.

I want people to know what I think and it is up to the followers to accept or choose to look elsewhere. I didn’t make this blog to suit everyone’s taste. I made it to find a crowd that likes my posts and where we enjoy each other’s company. So, it’s a bit of a match-making process.

I know that there are posts that are not going to sit well with everyone, but those who can see the humorous side of things will choose to stay.

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I'm very sorry to hear about what happened to your blog. Just settled down to look for you and turned to ghouls blog to hear what occurred. It was a joy all the work and effort you put to making things available to us fellow galaxy fans, and I'll continue to support you ^^ I look forward to seeing more of your Monster obsession and whatever else you decide to do. Stay strong!

It was going to eventually happen sometime. That’s kind of why I’m contemplating returning to posting JGV or not. I don’t know if I can handle losing everyone again xP I made my impact and now I think its time for some new people to step in for a while. And yes, no matter what you WILL be seeing more of my Monsta X obsession and…everything else that comes along xD Thank you for supporting me :)