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I doodled @gutter-girl-100! I think that they are a very beautiful person, and that they deserve all of the love and appreciation in the world. Please go check them out if you haven’t already! And maybe even send some love their way~ <3

musicluver415  asked:

Hi, your stuff is great!! Can you do a shinee at the club? Thank you!!!

hullos bebs! let’s see shinee get down ….. down, down, down, view (tbh i know that’s not the lyrics but i can’t stop myself) 


  • his motions are pretty limited to shuffling around with a drink in his hand
  • but after a few (many, like so many) drinks………………………….did you know onew can twerk 
  • you can’t look away, take it in. take in onew in all his glory 
  • key has it all on video too and posts it in the group chat very often (onew: I AM NEVER DRINKING. AGAIN.)
  • absolutely knows that his body is going to be destroyed tomorrow but yolo
  • sweating a lot bc it’s hot af in the club and he is wearing a sweater 
  • can’t find his drink or man


  • sitting at a booth with nursing a whiskey and bobbing his head to the music
  • *thinking to himself* i probably look so aesthetic rn 
  • when the members pull him out of his corner to dance, becomes kim wiggly, inventor of the wiggle
  • the lights are blinding him tbh 
  • weaving through the crowd: “yes hello drunk people, just trying to find the bathroom” 
  • does exaggerated versions of taemin’s bom bom boms 


  • his body rolls could kill a man 
  • went up to the dj booth to request a song, becomes the dj (”hello my lil freaks HOW YOU DOING TONIGHT!!?!”) 
  • smokey eye on point and holy shit he looks fkin unreal under flashing lights
  • he knows it too and smirks at people gaping at him 
  • and then on the dance floor he does shit like that super ultra power shuffling from 321, limbs flailing, kim kibum doesn’t give a flying fuck he’s gonna have a GOOD TIME


  • whispers SHINEE’S BACK when they enter (onew: we’ve never been to this club before / minho: can you just? / onew: you can’t lie to the fans minho can’t do that)
  • yells v loudly when they put on juju on that beat
  • moves his arms a lot even when not dabbing 
  • apologizing all night bc he keeps bumping into people 
  • orders several bottles of champagne with sparklers!!!!!! bc going out and having fun with friends is a celebration and they’re going to celebrate dammit


  • drifts away from the group a lot bc lee taemin is meant to be solo 
  • befriends all the bouncers and bathroom attendant (his name was steve and they took a picture together he’ll upload it if he ever gets an insta) 
  • TEARING UP the dance floor 
  • he’s all sweaty limbs and he’s smiling so brightly!!! bc wow he’s just cutting loose and just moving completely to the rhythm 
  • people made a circle so he could have more space and are just standing around him watching bc he’s just so fluid 
  • is his pelvis in anyway connected to his body???? how does it move like that 
  • needs to drink water asap
you know what tumblr REALLY needs?

the ability to make curated lists of blogs like in twitter, so i can look at all my ace stuff in one feed, art stuff in another, mutuals in another, memes in another, etc. instead of it all being a mess on my dash.

You know what I want??? For Mob to slowly be able to feel emotions outside of 100%. Like I know he feels stuff outside of 100% but it’s like muted but I want him to gradually get to the point where 100% never happens and he just is able to deal with feelings. I just. Want a healthy and happy Mob. And I want his friends to see the change and say to themselves, “this is the best Mob.” I want everyone to be happy but overall I want Mob to be happy with everyone else.

kajuned  asked:

Hello Lizzy. Is it true that Sera Gamble had intended to kill Castiel off from the beginning of season 6? I heard that his death in season 7 was meant to be permanent, but I didn't know that Gamble had planned it from the beginning of her tenure as showrunner. Is that true? (P.S. Nice to meet you.)

Heya :D 

Yeah, it seems like they were planning to kill him at least for a while, although who knows how long for exactly, and if fan reaction has any actual bearing on it :P It could be stuff people were saying about season 6 or things they decided there that changed their minds as much as the reaction to the Cas-less first half of season 7 - they work about 6 months behind whatever’s airing.


There’s another post in Mel’s Sera Gamble tag I scrolled past on the way to finding that which has her saying some pretty gloomily negative things about writing Cas, about how he has “no subtext” - she has a fair amount of compliments for how he was brought back committed to PR chatter, but idk how thrilled she was about it especially as she probably knew she was the outgoing showrunner by the time she was doing PR for the end of season 7. She sounds like she really didn’t like writing him and tbh when I had a look at her Cas episodes, well…

  • 4.02 Are You There, God? It’s Me, Dean Winchester
    • Cas pops up for a 1 minute chat at the end
  • 4.09 I Know What You Did Last Summer
    • Cas bursts in the door at the last minute in an antagonistic role
  • 4.21 When the Levee Breaks
    • Cas is currently reprogrammed by heaven and antagonistic; pops up for a chat with Dean, a scene with Anna, and frees Sam
  • 5.02 Good God, Y'All
    • Pops in for 5 minutes at the start and leaves
  • 5.13 The Song Remains the Same
    • Shows up at the start, does the spell & time travel, off-screen & unconscious the rest of the episode
  • 5.21 Two Minutes to Midnight
    • “I caught a bus” crowning moment of awesome, good conversation with Dean at the start, fades out to just follow Sam on their “act of domestic terrorism” as a supporting friend
  • 6.21 Let It Bleed
    • Pops in to chat a few times in a firmly antagonistic role though at least very emotional and heart-broken; mostly off-screen, ends the episode as the most antagonistic and cold we’ve seen Cas aside from actually breaking Sam’s wall next episode
  • 7.01 Meet the New Boss
    • Obviously the spill-over problem of Godstiel; spends a lot of time away from the Winchesters being God, highly antagonistic conversation with Death, Sam brings Cas back, brief but miserable emotional reconciliation for a short time; suddenly Leviathans and Cas is the vessel for the antagonists
  • 7.17 The Born-Again Identity
    • Cas spends most of the episode as Emmanuel & with a Meg buffer between him and Dean; good moment with the trenchcoat and remembering him, and Dean’s reactions in general, saves Sam and is left behind with Meg
  • 7.23 Survival of the Fittest
    • Pops in at random at the start, hangs around at the background, at great and exhausted length Dean goes and reconciles with Cas and off they go to get Dick and go to Purgatory 

Of all those episodes, even the ones that centre on Cas aren’t, like, CAS episodes in the way Edlund was churning them out in the same time if you actually look at how much he has to do. He’s either around in the background, a messenger or device to move the plot around, or he’s antagonistic or unhelpful and there’s a pretty even balance of big moments with him and Sam as there are to Dean. 7x17 is pretty much the only one I’d call a Big Destiel Episode, and even that has a ton of terms and conditions and just some amazing moments; Dean and Cas interact as Dean and Cas for like 2 conversations at the end and one of them is all about what to do about Sam. It’s even funnier to think the seasons pretty much sum that up: in season 6 Cas is around in the background and then turns out to be the antagonist, like one half of her episodes, in season 7 he pops up in the beginning, dies, and then shows up at the end again for a bit like the others. :P 

I genuinely feel like she disliked writing Cas, didn’t understand him very well or want to delve into his character to get to know him better, and tbh as a writer since season 1, she probably was right along with Kripke on the no angels thing back in the early days. Since she wrote Faith and Houses of the Holy I think she had a pretty big stake in no angels, or once they were there, using them at arms length, while other writers fell in love with Cas’s characterisation and wanted to develop it more and more and turned him into the sort of character who could hold his own through an episode. 

I mean I don’t think she’s awful and I really like her writing and think she gets a pretty bum rap around fandom for the Cas thing. Just, that clearly wasn’t her preference and if she had no interest in Cas and saw him as disposable or whatever and had no interest in keeping him around just because… I can understand it, even if I obviously disagree and think he became the heart of the show as soon as he showed up :P 

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Did you get your job straight after you got your degree or did u have to wait? Also do you think your gpa like paid a big role? And did you do internships and stuff while at uni?

i’m about to like go into way too much detail but you did ask…so i didn’t get it str8 away, i graduated in dec but didn’t start applying for jobs till like end of jan. my friend told me that the screenprinting technician at our uni wanted an intern and i really liked screenprinting so i was like why not…..let her know i was keen and she let me do it it turned out it wasn’t really an internship it was assistant teaching where i take like half the class for printmaking workshops it was so fun bye i would just been screenprinting in all my downtime and the students were only like 3 years younger than me so they were all cool and i’d just talk shit to them about food and let them do whatever prints they wanted ahah it was mean and got paid all good….while i was doing this i was also interning at a design studio and it was mean too cos i got to work on the campaign for this thing in nz called the best awards which is like the biggest design award thing here, it was sooooo fun and i was really proud of what i did there, they liked me, i thought they might keep me on if i stuck it out but like you don’t want to rely on that? so i was applying for jobs obviously and i got signed up with this creative like. recruitment agency. and when i met the lady she really liked me for SOME REASON?! literally dunno why…..she was like desccribe urself in three words and i was like i’m chill…….calm and……idk what ellse? so she was like? relaxed? and i turned up wearing a hat and clothes w screenprinting ink all over it cos i came from my other job. anyways she must have talked me up so much cos when i turned up to the inteview at my current job they said that she said she loved me and was raving abouit me so i feel like they were already like predisposed to want to hire me so shout outs to her. so i got the job and found out like a week later and i was like. idk i feel like i gotta take it. it’s the biggest adveritisng agency in the country. but i kinda wanna see if this design studio will keep me on cos i love the work they do and they had cool clients but then i also didn’t love it there it was really bland work culture and i felt like there was just a divide there between the designers and the strategy like? it just didn’t really gel well but yea. i also got offered to teach book binding at my uni which was paid well, but like. ? it was only 4 weeks guaranteed and then they’d just need me when it’s like hand in times or whatever and even tho i’d love to do that i love making books I couldn’t like jusitfy turning down full time work to get that. OH MY GOD THIS IS SO LONG BYEEEE!! and at the same time my old boss from penguin books where i worked casually while i was at uni got in contact w me to see if i wanted to do some more work w them. so i was like torn. cos basically i had 3 part time sort of like offers but then i knew i wanted to give the full time job a chance even tho its adveritisng which i hate and think is annoying disgusting and stupid. but here i am coz i’m a sell out. btw gpa - dont know wtf that is we dont have that here. my marks at uni literlaly couldn’t matter less apart from the fact that i passed - noone care. but maybe that’s cos it was design haha. but yea i did 2 internships at uni at two design studios and i did casual work like i said at penguin books. without doing the internships i stirahg tup would have had noone to vouch for me as a reference so i think doing them was real important. also i reckon i did shit as at the first one i did but i learnt from it haha. woowwwwww. this turned out to be my biography moral of the story is i’m so glad i took up my job i love it there apart from like. everything i make

thank you so much

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Do you ship Az & Elain?

No friend I do not, not at all I am sorry!! I’m just…too invested in Moriel and Elucien and…Mor and Lucien as characters and I just..don’t really see it in a romantic sense? I can’t make it work for me?? 

HOWEVER!!!! I totally love them being a sweet little brotp together? Like I love it, it’s precious. They just have chill time alone away from everything every now and then that consists of them sitting together in Elain’s garden, relaxing and knitting. (Elain teaches Azriel how to knit and he loves it. It’s very soothing and he practices so hard all the time. When people start having smols he very dutifully makes them tiny little baby clothes. (personalised, of course) He’s very proud of them.) 


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It's like you didn't read my message. I said it's okay for mod and diversity of opinions but some views contradict each other like important sorts of things (that are actually just your opinion and not facts) and considering so many young girls follow you and like it could be confusing for them. It's confusing to me.

i, don’t know what you expect me to do about that? of course we have different opinions on stuff,,,, we aren’t a monolith my friendo. i’m not just gonna force everyone to agree with me on everything so as not to confuse people

and like, it’s good for young people to be exposed to a variety of opinions on things! so that’s not really a bad thing

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Sorry to be so thick Julia but what do you think are the implications of the No Court Date for Louis thing you posted? You said it explained why the wind was blowing form another direction? I hope its not delayed - just want it over, his name cleared publicly and no longer the thing the media throws in to any article about him. :(

i meant that the tone of the articles about louis and the situation had changed yesterday. one was very positive like “louis is fan friendly” etc and the other “exclusively revealed” stuff about the pap’s history that could have been reported on for a month. they know the case is not a case and are now approaching the arrest from another angle. they admitted that the prosecution was still reviewing if there was a case at all in another article so.. they’re changing tune because the court date was most likely annulled (surprise! not.). and the moral of the story is that louis’ team could have actively prevented those headlines all month long had they put any effort into getting the actual proceedings out there. but they’re ugly assholes that let him be portrayed as someone who hits women :)

Legends of Tomorrow is literally so stupid but so much fun it’s so under appreciated on this site like literally, Nate’s reaction to being called a loser was “I’ll have you know in my reality you and me had sex and we BOTH enjoyed it very much” or defended Ray by throwing a wrench at Sarah and yelling “get off my friend!” Like who writes this stuff it’s comedy gold

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I wish I didn't read that, it makes me sad. I don't really like josh as much as Tyler, even though he was nicer, I still have no feelings for him. It was really good just sad for me

you guys know that i’m all about tyler but this was the plan for heartbeat from the minute i started writing it but trust i have some interesting stuff on the way to make up for what i’ve done 

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Did...did the studio change writers or did someone quit in between seasons or what happened ? I haven't watched season 2 past the 3rd episode i think but like, i keep seeing stuff on my dash and i'm like ??? who is she ????? Cat come back the show became a mess without you

they changed the network, moved from CBS to The CW.
cw literally ruins everything they touch. i don’t know a single cw show that didn’t turn to crap at one point. i quit so many of their shows it’s amazing.

idk about the writers, i think some are the same, including the creators.
@producers if the cw is holding u hostage pls blink 3 times; if s2 is your own fault u can choke

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2p yandie version 0w0;? You don't have to, I just wanted to know what they would look or act

You can call her Lady 3 or just 3

And she is dangerous to everyone 

She doesn’t like to wear her mask 

She hates everyone 

But except me

Sometimes she will laugh very weird, sometimes she will silence .

She love to bite her nail. She is crazy and doesn’t afraid to die.

She will hurt herself…and I don’t like her.

Angus and Gregg
My voice
Angus and Gregg

I have seen one video about this game and one of the only things I know about it is that these two are dating and they’re adorable and I had to come up with voices for them.

Hope you enjoy!

(Feel free to leave a request if you wanna here more VA stuff from me!)

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I know this might be a hassle, but could you maybe tag all your baby paladin art? I love seeing it but it's kind of hard to find while on your blog.

I keep forgetting about this so sorry for the late reply! 

I’ve thought of coming up with a specific tag for that! I know someone suggested “smoltron” once, but idk 

for now I’ll just say, I’m sorry, I don’t really have the time to come up with a tag and go back and label everything. I would like to though! I should really make a navigation page for some of my cosplay stuff as well, so maybe if I have free time and remember 

hey do you know whats cool and also terrifying the fact that mark can just… keep gaining powers. by the end of this ep he had and was actively using three (damien’s, chloe’s, and caleb’s) and like… holy shit??? distance limit or no that’s fucking wild???

anonymous asked:

I saw you wrote that thingy about Trans!Will on his period and I was maybe wondering if I could request something like that? Like maybe... Will coming out to Nico or something like that? (I've never done this question thing before and its anonymous and my anxiety is urging me to press the cancel button and I don't know why 👀).

never be scared to send in an ask, on or off anon!! i love getting asks tbh… and i love writing trans will stuff!! i have another trans will coming out fic on my ao3 (willsolaceyall) so hit me up there if you wannu to!


Will didn’t hide any part of his identity - that wasn’t his style. He was a Loud and Proud kind of guy. Will Solace was the kind of guy to yell “I’m gay!” at the top of his lungs in response to any personal question. On top of that, he often wore the trans flag emblazoned on different jackets and shirts and even socks. On many an occasion, Will walked around camp with a giant pride flag draped across his shoulders as he zoomed around like a superhero and called himself ‘The Terf Destroyer’. 

So, he never thought he’d have to come out to Nico. But, apparently, he was wrong.

Nico’s eyebrows were furrowed in confusion, pretty dark eyes locked on Will’s blue ones. “Wait, wait,” he interrupted again. “You’re talking like you have that too?”

Will’s face scrunched up like he’d taken a bite of something both very sour and terribly alarming. “What, a period? That’s because I do. You know that, darlin’, don’t you?”

Bushy red hair came into Nico’s view and suddenly he was looking at Rachel with the same perplexed expression. “Are you alright, Nico?” she asks and suddenly Nico isn’t so sure.

“You’re a man..” his whisper came, quiet yet so loud to Will’s ears. No amount of sparring in the distance could drown out his voice. Not even the volleyball game that was taking place nearby. “How do you have .. that?”

Will blinked. He rubbed his eyes, stuck his pinkies in his ears and twisted to clear them. “I’m sorry.” He wasn’t sorry and was obvious. “I’m sorry, I… I don’t think I’m understanding you. Do you have amnesia or something?”

Nico shook his head. “I would remember this, believe me.”

“Nico… I’m not exactly quiet about being trans. You know I’m trans, right?”

Rachel took this time to excuse herself. Apparently a mural was carving it’s way through her mind and if she didn’t skip off to paint it right this minute, they’d all face the wrath of Phoebus Apollo himself. (”It’s always nice to see my dad.” Will snarked. Rachel left laughing.)

When Rachel was finally gone far enough away, Will nervously shifted towards his boyfriend, clearing his throat. “You do know I’m trans, right? Like, this is okay?”

Nico shrugged. “I don’t know what trans means.”

“You…” Will’s blond curls fall over his forehead messily and that he didn’t automatically bring his hand up to toy with them or move them out of his face said something very loudly to Nico. And then Will sighed, brought his hand up in one motion, and tugged all of his own light hair backwards, pulling it. His eyes were wide. “How has no one told you yet…”

And Nico just shrugged again. He said, “Will you?” and smiled a bit when Will agreed because, of course Nico, why wouldn’t I?

“Well, there’s a lot of ways to explain this,” Will murmured. “But, I guess that the easiest way for someone who was born in your time period is… I was born a girl.” He paused at the look of surprise on Nico’s face. “Well, not really. But everyone though I was a girl because of body stuff. You know how doctors are. Bunch of quacks.” It’s here that Nico laughed, bringing hope to Will’s heart like he always did. “It wasn’t until later in my life, when I figured out I could be a boy that I realized that I always had been, secretly, inside. So.. I’ve got all the funny birthing components, like a uterus, or whatever you need, but I’m still a dude. There’s intersex trans dudes who might have different stuff,” Here, Nico’s face grew more perplexed, which cue’d Will’s turn to laugh. “Okay, okay, we’ll save that for a different discussion. But, basically, I’m transgender, which means ‘identifying as a different gender than the one assigned at birth’. They said I was a pretty little lady,” he shrugged with good humor. “I say I’m a pretty little man.”

Nico scratched his chin. “Is that what those colors are for? The flag?”

“Blue, pink, white, pink, blue,” said Will with pride. “If that’s what you’re referring to, then yes. That’s the trans flag.”

“And.. the other word. The one you-”



Will smiled at his boyfriend happily. “You’re very open-minded for a guy in your 80′s.”

Nico rolled his eyes, but Will could see him smiling. “Just shut up and tell me what it means.”


aaaa hope you enjoy!! idk why it was so hard for me to keep tense through out this, i kept wanting to switch to present tense?? haha anyways, hopefully it’s alright! i’ll see if i can save it, edit and revise a bit, and then post on ao3 in its Final Form … thank you for sending the request!!! - mod will

hey for anyone who cares, the reason i left this blog temporarily is bc my brother found it; i deleted my about and went thru my blog to delete posts that mentioned anything lgbt related.

i was outed and its not a very good experience even tho it did end well (i mean, i didnt exactly tell him but he knows now and theres nothing i can do about it, but at least he’s cool abt it and not like…violently homophobic) so i might not be online much, or maybe this blog would be more aesthetic-y bc i dont really want it to contain stuff that could out me to irl people who arent as accepting as my brother.

either way i dont really care if you unfollow or not; @mutuals who’ve been meaning to unfollow me for ages now this is ur chance (just softblock/hardblock me so i dont hav to manually look u up and unfollow u please!)