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Soo this was going to be a scenario i was gonna write but i feel like you would know how to organize it better than I can lol. Where Y/N is currently giving Jimin a "helping hand" when Rapmon calls and either she keeps going while he's on the phone and he is struggling to hide the fact or she keeps going, while she is on the phone with him and Jimin tries to keep quiet but in the end Rapmon knows. Can it be funny but very smutty at the same time ? 😂 dirty talk and all that saucy stuff 😂

Of course I’m going for Jimin here because little shit fucked me up too much with Not Today 

Helping Hand:

Laying down on the bed, you look ahead at the television as your boyfriend walked back into the room moving to lay on the bed beside you. His body dripping wet as the towel hung low on his waist. He looked up at the ceiling breathing deeply as the steam from the bathroom roamed into the room panting both of your skin with light films of sweat. Your eyes continued to watch Jimin as you bit on your bottom lip before you looked back at the screen crossing your legs because you felt an urge to touch him but you told yourself to keep your hands at bay to yourself. Eyes twitching a bit you cleared you throat as you tried to spark up a conversation but nothing came out. His abs glistened with water, his damp hair, plump pink lips. His biceps tightened up and flexed before he looked at you with a boyish smile eyes dark.

“Something on your mind?” He asked you, letting his tongue flick out to lick his bottom lip and you growled looking off.

“Nothing in particular.” You lied looking at the wall next to you.

“Jagiiiiiii. Don’t lie to me, I can tell when something is on your mind.” He drawled letting his fingers dance up and down your bare thighs. Shuddering you bit on your bottom lip cursing because he made you weak. He was sinful and dammit you hated him. A pink cotton candy headed fool. “Yah!” He whined leaning forward to peck against your neck licking gently a little mark against your spot causing you to push him back.

“Aright, alright alright. I want to give you a hand job.” You mumbled out the last part slowly and shyly looking down at your hands.

“What?” Jimin asked you with a crooked smirk. He had heard you, and even in just those little words his cock managed to harden under the confines of the towel wrapped around his waist. But he wanted to hear you say it again. Just because he liked teasing you. “Baby speak up?” He asked again tapping your leg.

“I said I want to give you a hand job!” You shouted looking at him with burned red cheeks. He laughed at the anger trying to build up in your eyes because you were embarrassed. He shook his head leaning forward to brush his lips against yours and he nipped on your bottom lip pulling back.

“Do it then. Touch me baby. You know I like it when you do. And keep in mind last night you did leave me hanging.” Jimin frowned nuzzling your nose continuing to kiss your lips with his own plump ones until you were nodding with a slight sigh of resignation.

“Fine! I will touch you. Lay back so that I can take care of you, you little needy baby.” You mumbled softly watching him wink at you with a bright smile of victory. Jimin moved towards the headboard watching you with hooded eyes he bit on his bottom lip slowly letting the towel fall on the bed on either side of him. He spread his legs wide, his hardened shaft pressing against the lower pit of his stomach standing proud and tall waiting for your attention.

“Come on baby girl. Get a grip.” He teased and you wanted to face palm at the corn innuendo. He kept hurling dirty jokes at you as you crawled between his legs pressing them down against the mattress. Grabbing at his shaft just to shut him up, you watched him moan in pleasure rolling his head back against the headboard. Your tiny hand tried to fit all of his cock inside your palm moving slowly you jerked on his organ watching it move as he bucked his hips up. You loved how he moaned for you, his hand fisting at the sheets as he enjoyed your touch. He licked his lips again trying to take deep breaths but he always melted when you touched him, especially like this. How you stare at him, disheveled hair falling in your face, your body hunched and eyes concentrated on him. He saw how you looked at him with hunger, how your hand gripped harder onto him wanting to elicit more moans from him. It was too much and part of him wanted to push your head down but he would let you keep the pace you were going at. In a few minutes the room was filled with sinful moans from Jimin who was a submissive mess against the headboard panting and begging for more.

You watched him feeling your own stomach tighten and your pussy was beginning to dampen your panties with how much you wanted Jimin, it was something about how he reacted to you pleasuring him that made you always want to do it. Your hand moved a bit faster, your thumb pressed against his tip the precum oozing out. Jimin was breathless sliding down the headboard and the next sound you heard instead of a scream was his phone going off. Both of you froze and you looked at the source were the noise was coming from. Jimin frowned, he wasn’t going to answer it as it shut off. Looking down at you he wiggled his hips and you got the hint starting to move your hand again. Once again Jimin’s phone was going off causing you to stop as he growled. Picking up his phone his body was red and voice stern as he answered.

“Hello.” He said cryptically only for his demeanor to fall a bit. “H-hyung-ah!” Jimin almost moaned out on the phone glaring at you because your hand started to move again. Shrugging your shoulders, you mouthed ‘you wanted to get off, right?’ smiling sweetly as he glared at you.

“What are you doing?” Namjoon asked Jimin frowning at how light and airy his voice was because Jimin was acting weird.

“Mmmmmm, just enjoying this lovely view of this show.” Jimin admitted watching as your tongue darted out to lick around the tip of his shaft. He bit on his bottom lip, watching as your tongue danced up and down his shaft, taking quiet short breaths Jimin felt his back arch as his cock throbbed the phone almost slipping from his hand. He was trying not to respond much to Namjoon in fear that saying anything would make him moan and blow his cover. He was trying to pull you up by your head once your tongue started to play with his balls but you fought him licking and sucking at his sack only to have Jimin losing his shit.

“You don’t sound to good man.” Namjoon started as they went more into the conversation pressing the speaker button he sat the phone down letting Hoseok and Yoongi listen in onto the quiet line.

“Yeah.. Hyung, I feel a bit bothered.” Jimin harshly gritted his teeth.

“What’s wrong did you eat something bad?” Namjoon asked as his smirk grew wider trying not to laugh at the poor male on the other end of the phone.

“I have a s-stomach ache.” Jimin whimpered his face burning as he buried his head into the pillow pressing the phone down beside him he also turned Namjoon on speaker, one hand gripping at the back of your head Jimin started to thrust his hips up, moaning silently as your hand and mouth worked to bring him closer.

“You should take something for that. Those things don’t usually end to good. It’s like seeing white if you hold it in for too long.” Namjoon said wryly his dimples popping out on his plump cheeks.

“I don’t know- it’s hard to get it out.” Jimin frowned trying to choke you in punishment for what you were doing your fingers dancing along his balls, it had his stomach tighten up.

“You know, its ok to release it all Jimin. A boy your age, has nothing to be ashamed about. We all get stomach pains and we need help letting go of such things, which is why we have other partners to help us along the way. I think that what you’re doing is a step in the right direction.” Namjoon continued to talk on and on receiving a fry being thrown from Yoongi and a snarky remark from Hoseok as they looked around the little diner place they were in.

“You r-really think so hyung?” Jimin asked, his eyes dropping shut as he finally allowed you to pull back with a pop. Breathing heavily your hand continued to move faster on his wet shaft, your lips chapped, cheeks red and puffy your eyes hooded and spit was everywhere. It was sloppy and messy and perfect all at once.

“Yes, get rid of the stomach pains or you will be cranky and bitter. And it will hurt much more.” Namjoon choked on his soda, as a waiter walked by given them a look of indignation. Causing a round of laughter from the two males across from him.

Jimin nodded his head not responding back because he couldn’t. Taking your chance, you leaned down taking him back into your mouth willingly choking and gagging on his cock. It hit the back of your throat, and you swallowed around him your teeth gently grazing his shaft with your teeth along his veins, Jimin let out a loud cry of pleasure as he started to cum in your mouth. The white substance sliding down your throat and filing your wet cavern. You looked up at him started to swallow around his shaft licking him up trying to clean him. He panted against the sheets and a round of clapping was heard and so was cheering causing your eyes to widen as well as Jimin.

“Do you feel better now that you’ve busted a nut?” Namjoon asked as he chuckled deeply and other little chatter was heard in the background from the others. Jimin was so embarrassed he just lay there looking at the ceiling with a red face and part of you felt bad. Reaching for the phone you cleared your throat.

“I think you guys broke Jimin.. How did you know?” You asked part ashamed but not regretting anything.

“I think you meant to say you broke Jimin. Besides, how could we not know? Jimin is always energized on the phone, making little jokes or anything but you took one lick and he was melted.” Rap monster admitted shrugging.

“Well, I started to use my hand first and then he got really needed so I-“

“YAH HOW DARE YOU!” Jimin shouted grabbing the phone causing strings of snorts and laughter to be head through the phone. Jimin felt himself getting more fed up with you, part because of how true you were and another part because you were embarrassing him. Grabbing the phone, he pinned you down under him growling through the lines all playfulness gone. “Sorry hyung’s I’ll have to start this back up later. I have a problem to solve.” Hanging up he took out the battery from his phone pushing it off the bed and flipping you on your stomach with a dark deep laugh.

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mom that episode was supposed to be sanvers centric. like i don't object to the kara stuff because it's her fucking show but it was just so gross and heteronormative and misogynist how like mxyzptlk and mon-el were treating kara and like i could totally see winn falling in love that fast with such a strong intense alien lady but it's only allowed since it's straight. (and white). the sanvers moments were so beautiful. this is why i never have expectations but i must've developed them. SIGH.

Right. Yes. This.

I know.

Queerbaiting is still queerbaiting, even when you let the girls kiss.


i would like to let you all know that my friend and i were playing in competitive tonight and we encountered a true saint by the name of MAOU, who, when we started a game with him… began blasting a remix of What’s Up on team chat and started squatting to the beat while facing us all. he did not say a word himself, but let the music and the squatting speak for itself. and i am ashamed to admit it, but we doubted MAOU… we thought him a troll, but he actually played seriously. and so when we were then reunited with fair MAOU on a second map later that night, and he began blasting the same song… our whole team, a new team, joined together in a circle by the point to squat to the song together. it was… truly beautiful, unlike anything i’ve seen in competitive before. we then obliterated the team we played against, and as the Victory credits rolled, MAOU blasted Barbie Girl to send us off into the sunset. it was a true and pure encounter and i want to never forget it

// plotting & starter call for gv. i solemnly swear !!

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Do you ever just disconnect from your friends cause of anxiety and depression and you just miss all kinds of stuff and suddenly they're talking to each other and having inside jokes and you're being ignored and it's just like :'/ but also you're thinking it's your fault cause they don't know??

yea but also I haven’t even had any irl friends since I graduated so there’s that

Jack hasn’t reblogged or been active on here for a couple days and that’s not really like him and it kind of worries me? Like I know chances are he’s busy being awesome, but I don’t have a twitter or anything that would tell me if he’s ok. The last I know of was that he was getting a lot of backlash from his “Let’s Talk” video and that he was regretting some of the things that he said and feeling bad about some stuff regarding that, so I’m just worried if he’s doing alright and I hope that he’s getting lots of hugs and love to drown out the useless negativity.

Random Question!

I was just curious, so here’s a random question to my followers:

From where around the world are you guys from?

As I have mentioned before, I’m from Finland, a Northern country in Europe (like Iceland :D). To be more specific, I’m from Turku, the eldest city in Finland (it used to be the capital, but long ago when Russia took over, it changed).

So yeah, reply to this post or something to answer, I’d love to know from where around the world people join together to celebrate the beauty of Sportarobbie.

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I know that you like exposure approach, but what do you do them if you have complex ptsd? Like long term abuse and stuff? I don't have a trauma I can expose myself to. My entire life has been the trauma and I just don't even know where to go in treating it.

hi anon,

it’s not that I like exposure- exposure can be really hard and unpleasant, so if I could use a different approach I would -it’s that exposure is the most effective approach. you’re right, though, that complex PTSD often requires a different approach. 

This figure is from a study on expert opinions of how to treat complex PTSD (link here).

Essentially, experts think that complex PTSD treatment should include several parts in sequence, and that narration of trauma memories and emotion regulation interventions are the most important components of that treatment. So there may still be exposure via trauma narration but it probably won’t be the only focus in treatment. It’s not uncommon to have many traumatic events and memories, and so therapy often focuses on a couple of “root” ones- the ones that are the worst or first, usually, depending on the client. There are some approaches that don’t include exposure or trauma narration (like STAIR), and those usually focus primarily on emotion regulation. 

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hi what tags do you track/go to to find nice edits and stuff to reblog? :)

Hi! I’m super lazy so I only look in the ‘akatsuki no yona’ tag 99% of the time anon~ Every now and then I’ll venture into other tags just to see if I missed anything, but… yeah, most of the time I’m only in the main one x)

(I do have a habit of following AnY artists that don’t use tumblr tags though so that I always see their new art. I find that helps me keep track of things outside of the tag too~)

Im back!!

Hi everybody!! I missed you guys so much! Sorry i wasnt online for a while. I was dealing with some family issues. Anyways. I miss being dominated i think im gonna go fuck a random person tonight. Maybe even get in a threesome or just fuck a random girl. I do have a gift if you know what i mean 😏 anyways. Send me dirty stuff on my kik and I will most likely see them once I wake up. Muah!😘😘
Kik: littleprincesa_23

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If we're gonna have the feckbois doing Hamilton stuff than can we at least have Alex "I'd do anything for my sister" Danvers quoting Satisfied, Congratulations or The Reynolds Pamphlet like "I know my sister like I know my own mind, you will never find anyone as trusting or as kind, I love my sister more than anything in this life, I will choose her happiness over mine every time." Like c'mon


rape/csa/nazism tw

I know that it’s Wrong to want people to commit suicide but I think Milo Yiannopolous and his ilk should drink bleach and die. I don’t want anyone to have to be responsible for killing them and I don’t want any kind of state-regulated death penalty I just think they should do the right thing for society and take it upon themselves to die. I know that’s stupid on multiple levels but listen: I want people like that to hurt and I want them to understand on the level of their cells how awful they are and the irreparable damage they have done to other human beings and I think that if you’ve done stuff like raped people - raped children - and built a career off of victimizing other people, exploiting whatever social vulnerability you see, etc, I just, I don’t know how you could understand that and live with yourself, I think if these people were capable of empathy and of comprehending the kind of harm they’ve done on a human level they would kill themselves, and that’s what I want. 

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im really trying not to be mean.... it's just true lol. pale skin means everything cute (peaches, sakura blossoms, kawaii stuff like that) and dark skin just isn't. it's not racist if it's true, i just don't want to be mean loool xD =^-^= gomen

i can’t tell if you’re being serious anymore. you sure you ain’t trolling cause this sounds so unreal right now…………

i honest to god want you out my inbox unless you’re gonna show your pasty ass off anon

Okay so like I have 8 days to finish up all the immediate fan work I want to do before March begins and I have SO much I want to do omg. I’m going to see if I can turn over the Inktober/Huevember/everything else Mob Psycho art book this weekend so if you want to see anything specific in it (sketches/comments/whatever) let me know!

March for me is Nanoreno month, it’s a game jam where you try and make a visual novel in one month, this will be my 7th one lol. So because I will be trying to churn out a bunch of different assets like sprites, backgrounds and UI in every scrap of spare time I have I won’t be doing any fan stuff that month. Sorry!!! I will make sure to tag my Nano stuff properly if you want to ignore it, especially since some of it may be a little darker in theme. I thank you for your patience with me hahaha