i know you like this shirt


So here you can see the entire group being colorist.

They’re saying “He’s photoshopped. He’s whitened. Now he looks good and we look like we’re promoting Jungkook.”

“It’s still kinda funny, but it wasn’t as funny as before [they whitened him]”

“It’s not funny [anymore]”

“He’s not grubby anymore, he’s just “gr” 

“I know how to make it dirty again! *rubs actual dirt on their shirts*”

They basically think jungkook looks funnier/uglier with his real skin color. 

Honestly, I’m a bit angry at them for the moment. and you can see that, BTS are not perfect. Granted nobody is perfect, but please do not dismiss their discriminatory behavior. You can still like them, but don’t let this slide. 

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So....Stiles and Derek having twins and Derek doing super cute dad things.

I bet you Stiles tries to put them in matching outfits, or like, in outfits that “compliment” each other. Moon and sun t-shirts, “I love you” and “I know” teeny tiny hoodies, Thing 1 and Thing 2. Copy & Paste. “I was born first” and “she likes to brag”. BABY, LIGHT UP BOOTIES AND SNEAKERS THAT HAVE WEREWOLF PAWS ON THEM. Derek rolls his eyes every single time Stiles picks new clothes out for the twins to wear but he also finds it achingly endearing (sometimes going as far as to order special custom made clothes online). 

Derek reads to the twins every night - most of the time he reads children’s books but sometimes he likes to read them history books which Stiles finds hilarious. Mostly because Derek doesn’t read the history books out like he thinks the kids will just be happy to hear his voice - he puts on voices and chooses periods of history he thinks they will like. Such a fucking goober, that man. Stiles couldn’t have chosen better,. 

Having bath time with little rubber werewolves instead of ducks and getting absolutely soaked through because the twins are a riot during bath time. Stiles often convinces Derek to take his shirt off for bath time - “I mean, it’s just going to get wet anyway, I’m just trying to be practical here. Why would I want to ogle my own husband??? Really, Derek??? What kind of love-sick fool do you take me for?” (Secret side note: Derek never asks Stiles to take his t-shirt off because the sight of Stiles in a wet shirt is, quite frankly, one of the best things he has ever seen. Derek might splash Stiles a little more than necessary when they do the dishes together….)

Carrying the kids on their shoulders. Stiles being “ultra dad” and planning out all their day trips, taking markers to maps, all colour coded (of course). Meanwhile, Derek sits with the kids on the floor, bouncing them on his lap, sighs: “daddy is going to get us lost, anyway, isn’t he?” *kids laugh and try to yank Derek’s eyebrows* “yup, totally lost….I should probably feed you now, shouldn’t I?”

begin again | chapter one

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It has been three years since Baz last set foot in in his hometown of Watford, with no plans to return. When a frantic phone call from his stepmother brings him back from university unexpectedly, Baz is forced to confront the events of his past, question his plans for the future, and finally resolve what has haunted him ever since he left Watford–and Simon–behind: do people really get second chances?

genre(s): angst+fluff+smut (in later chapters)

chapter length: 3163 words

triggers/warnings: none for this chapter

author’s note: a giant thank you to @cherryonsimon & @rainbowbaz for the beta/britpicking! full acknowledgments will be posted with the last chapter

The Isle of Mage is six kilometres long and six kilometres wide. It’s home to a mere 1,078 citizens who inhabit its three villages–Salisbury, Thistledown, and Watford. The island relies on tourism as its main source of income, and every year people flock here to see the various sights. There’s no shortage of those; everything from the natural tide pools on the rocky beaches to the castle that looms on top of the hill. It’s the type of idyllic place everyone fantasises about living in.

Everyone who isn’t me, of course.

I hate this place. I’d hated it then, and I hate it still. I hate how small everything is, how everyone seeks to know everyone else’s business. I hate the near constant stench of fish that never seems to go away–despite the fact that the fishery shut down close to a decade ago–and I hate all the fucking sheep.

I hate how everyone is content to stay here, to waste their lives in this mediocre village on this mediocre island where no one has ever actually accomplished anything noteworthy. At all. Ever. (If you don’t believe me, check the Wikipedia page.)

The thought of living here forever–of being stuck–had terrified me as a teenager. I’d always known I would leave when I could, that I had no future here. For most of secondary school all I focused on was getting out. I worked hard to stay at the top of my class, and had my eyes set on uni (any one, really, as long as it wasn’t here) as long as I can remember. It had been the perfect plan; I wasn’t attached enough to anyone on the island to miss them. Not enough to stay.

(Except maybe Simon.)

“I’m going to bed,” Daphne says once she turns off the car.

Her voice sounds remarkably different than it had when she rang me in a panic yesterday afternoon to let me know that she was at the hospital with my father, and that he’d had a heart attack. She hadn’t explicitly asked me to come, but the expectation was obvious. So I did. I came back, like I said I wouldn’t, to play the role of the dutiful son, standing by my father’s bedside and consoling my stepmother as she cried.

I nod to show I’ve heard her, but make no move to exit her SUV. I’m not ready to enter the house just yet. (Or at all, really.)

Eventually the lights inside shut off, and I crack my neck before I climb out, slamming the door harder than necessary. The empty space where my car used to sit makes me sadder than it should. I’d only had it for a short time, but it was long enough to grow attached.

The fact that my father sold it is old news—he wouldn’t allow me to take it to school unless I went to Oxford like he’d wanted. Which I didn’t. So I left it and he sold it. (Bastard.)

My gaze flicks to the right and a slow grin spreads across my face, because on the opposite side of the garage is my father’s most prized possession: his forest green Jaguar, kept in perfectly pristine condition, with the top down and the keys still in the ignition. Growing up I’d barely been allowed to look at it, never allowed to ride in it. Definitely never allowed to drive it.

Taking that car would be a spiteful, juvenile thing. Petty. Immature. Unnecessary.

I do it anyway.

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Could I have the S/O who gets cold really easily but with McCree, Prefall Gabe, and Reinhardt?! I related to that original ask way too much cause I'm always freezing cold! Thank you!!

Yes you can! and your very welcome.


  • Temperatures have really never effected him
  • Not wanting to make a fuss, you never told him. There was no point in bothering him, right?
  • It turns out though, you get super cold really easily
  • You’ve know this for awhile
  • He never thought about why you are always wearing heavy sweaters
  • Or why you like crawling into his shirt or coats when he’s taken them off
  • Its because their still warm from his body heat
  • And the man is hot. Physically and temperature wise.
  • One day, what was suppose to be a hot day ended up cold and rainy
  • You ended up running home from work in shorts and a t-shirt
  • When you got home, Jesse came to great you with a towel but found himself surprised
  • Your lips were blue and you were shaking like a leaf
  • As much as he’d usually enjoy the sight of a wet t-shirt sticking to you, unfortunately he was much more concerned now
  • Picking you up, he carried you right upstairs
  • “You’re freezing,” he said, surprised and he immediately sat you on the side of the tub, turning on the warm water
  • Stripping the wet clothes off of you, you sat there nude and hugging yourself
  • Jesse rubbed your arms, waiting till the water was hot enough before putting you in
  • The hot water covered your body to your shoulders, and you sunk in a bit more, it burning a bit against your cold skin but you didn’t mind. You just didn’t want to be cold anymore
  • Jesse stripped too, climbing in behind you and he cradled you to his chest
  • “You get cold quite easily, don’t you?” Jesse asked, finally putting the pieces together. “That’s why you wear all that heavy gear when the temperature is anything less then hot.”
  • Embarrassed, your face flushed and you nestled into his chest, thankful to have him in the tub with you
  • “We need to start takin’ better care of you, darlin’,” McCree drawled, sighing softly and pressing a kiss to your head. “Silly bean.”

Prefall Gabe:

  • The man is not in command of Blackwatch for nothing
  • Despite his tendencies to make bad choices, he is perceptive
  • Gabe has known since before the two of you started dating that you got cold easily
  • Honestly, he doesn’t think even you know it yet
  • He’s managed to keep you rather bundled up
  • Whenever you go out he insists you wear a jacket
  • The man is always concerned for you
  • One day the two of you are out on a date
  • You insisted on going out for a picnic in the park
  • It was early spring and the cherry blossoms should be opening soon
  • You hoped they would be open when the two of you got there
  • They weren’t, unfortunately, but that was okay
  • Just being with Gabe made the trip worth it…
  • Except you did not come dressed for cold weather
  • Even though it was very much cold
  • You insisted you were fine, as Gabe stared at you
  • You tended to be stubborn, but so did he. The longer he asked if you were cold, the more you would deny it
  • When you started to tremble lightly, he glared
  • “I’m fine, Gabriel. You worry too much,” you insist, though you were at least able to admit to yourself that you were freezing
  • It had been a bad idea not to wear a jacket
  • When your face seemed even a shade pale, Gabe called it all off
  • “That’s it, we’re going home,” he said, packing up the food. You protested, but your boyfriend literally hauled you over his shoulder like a bag of potatoes and carried you like that
  • You struggled but you weren’t let down until fifteen minutes later when you reached the house
  • Putting you down, Gabe glared. “Next time, wear a damn coat, would you?” he growled, but he kissed you hard. It was a long, passionate kiss and now you were unsure if you shivered from the cold or from him.
  • When he pulled back, both of your breathing was a bit heavy
  • “You’re lips were blue,” he said, before trudging into the kitchen.
  • After a moment, you hurried after him. “Waittttt! They still are!” you whined, wanting more kisses


  • Both of you are fully aware of how cold you get
  • Which is fine
  • The man has a stock pile of sweaters for you
  • You love to bury yourself in your favorite quilt at home when your really cold and you’ll snuggle on the couch with it for your favorite movie
  • If your lucky and Reinhardt is home, the huge bear of a man will get into the burrito with you and the two of you with snuggle together
  • His body heat is amazing
  • If nothing else works, you like to pull him on top of you in bed
  • But not in a dirty way?
  • Its like having a massive, muscled blanket of immeasurable warmth on you
  • You love snuggling on him at night
  • He’ll shiver when you press your toes to his feet
  • One day the two of you were out with a bunch of your friends from Overwatch
  • You were all sitting out at a café. It wasn’t particularly cold or warm, but the breeze was making it a bit more chilly for you then you had anticipated.
  • Reinhardt noticed you shivering almost immediately
  • So even though you were in the middle of a conversation with Tracer, he pulled you right into his lap and wrapped his arms around you
  • The warmth of his body was comforting, and you nestled in
  • It really didn’t matter to either of you whether or not this was deemed inappropriate
  • No one seemed to mind of course
  • Then again, Tracer was holding hands with Emily
  • Genji was shyly sitting very close with his master
  • Hanzo was pretending not to like the arm casually strewn over the back of his chair by McCree
  • And Mercy was giggling while Soldier tucked her hair behind her ear
  • So honestly, no one could really talk when it came to you simply sitting on his lap, especially when he was just trying to keep you warm
  • His huge hands encompassed yours, and you sighed happily as he rested his chin on the top of your head
  • You loved your goliath of a man

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Average hours of sleep: 6-7

Favorite characters: Edward Elric! Lelouch Lamperouge ♥

Dream job: 2D illustrator

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You know fin, i feel something big will happen soon or later... i have something want to say but... i need more evidence, more clue for make sure....

This….. I…..

Yes. This is exactly how I feel as well. Despite the likes on Anti posts/ theories, and even that zalgo reblog…. 

Maybe it’s more fear out of the unknown that we don’t exactly know where Jack is going with this- or if he even is. Maybe it’s all just for the X-Mas Anti shirts- or just for fun?

….. That could be wishful thinking speaking though.

there’s this boy in my class and he always wears really preppy clothes, like expensive polo shirts and khakis or other pants that aren’t jean material and i don’t fucking know what. now, i’m not judging or anything cuz he looks hella fine, but today he came into class wearing jeans and a plain hoodie (i own the exact same one it’s super comfy) and he looked so good i had a full on breakdown, Simon Snow style, where my entire brain was going JEANS HOLY SHIT JEANS. so, all i’m saying is, Simon, i’m sorry for mocking you about the jeans thing. 

(i told the boy in question i thought he looked nice and he gave me the most wonderful little smile it was great, compliment boys on what they’re wearing and 10/10 times they get really excited about it)

anonymous asked:

Are you ever limited in how you dress by dysphoria? What do you wear if you have to go out anyways?

i like to have a couple go-to masc outfits– some dress shoes or nice sneakers, my comfiest blue or black jeans, my fave long sleeve shirt, button up or flannels. wearing masc jewelry or a fancy scarf is also helpful for me. knowing i can have a backup outfit planned out ahead of time helps ease my stress a lot when i’m struggling to feel great. sending you lots of good vibes xx

  • Jon Snow: "It's just, you know, this shirt is, like, ridiculously-tight, and it's restricting my play, so, I think I'm just gonna pop it off. What do you think about this?"
  • Ygritte: "About what?"
  • Jon Snow: "What I'm presenting you."
  • Ygritte: "I think you look really pale. Do you need some sunscreen?"

This makes my nonbinary heart happy! I don’t know if this was already an option in the recent Animal Crossing games (I only have the oldest), but I was happily shocked when I saw that my person could wear a dress! I assumed it would turn the pattern into a shirt or something. I picked the boy option because I always pick game genders kinda arbitrarily (basically which looks more like me- in this case, the hairstyle won for the male avatar) but I love it so much that there isn’t a difference in body shape in this game so my avatar can wear whatever. It’s probably dumb to be happy about this, but any avatar system that doesn’t heavily use a gender binary makes me so excited!

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I hope louis has the decency to wear a proper suit and tie tonight. the royal family kinda requires that...i mean he wore a shirt to a weeding lol so who knows.

i want louis to wear a suit too, but i really don’t like your tone nor your choice of words, sorry. if you came here to talk shit about louis you’re in the wrong blog. x

god. when i hear “mother’s little helper”. when i just hear. when it hits my eears. if i fucking hear “what a draaag it iiis getting ooo-oold.” im boutta throw my shirt off. dance in the street like a naughty peasant villager in medieval europe. boutta dirty dance w a vendor selling fruit outside the town cathedral. in the middle of the dirt road im boutta slut drop. tell mother her little helper can’t attend to her duties rn she’s poppin pussy.

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giiiiiirl don't even start. haz would stand up to unbutton and remove his shirt, while you sat there on the floor like an idiot with a pizza in hand, just staring at him, and of course he'd give you a little smirk like "I know I'm here to keep you company, but I didn't know this is what you had in mind" i'm sweating!!

please god let me live tonight just so i can see more into this

you’d nearly fuckin choke on your saliva and he’d chuckle, and be like “preparing yourself, or something?”

but you’d be like “UHHHH, NO? imeannotifyoudontwanttoyouknow”

do u wanna continue this………………………………….because i sure can……………………………..

fbi!tom & fbi!haz night

Happy Thanksgiving

Although as most of you know I’m a European so Thanksgiving never really made much sense to me, I would like to wish you a nice evening today with your friends and family or even your favourite pet, may it even be your plant or your favourite shirt it doesn’t really matter. 

Today I would also like to mention for one more time outside my DM that I’m really thankful about Lucifer. Some of you I’m sure are in the same boat and can relate in your own away with me on what Lucifer actually means for you.

Be happy, be strong, be whatever you want to be no questions asked, be thankful about you above all. You made it into this world wouldn’t be a same to actually live it? 

his shirt says “lad dad” i’m crying

stevetrevvors  asked:

do u have headcanons/thoughts regarding the peter parker is trans idea bc i havent seen the movie but thats the best goddamn thing ive heard alllll day

  • may is his biggest supporter and fought super hard to get him everything he needed she actually popped a doctor in the face once for consistently misgendering pete
  • ned is also trans thanks 4 ur time
  • all the other boys in his class get embarrassed and flustered every time their voices crack but pete loves it more and more every time it happens to him
  • tony made the spidey suit with a bulge so peter doesn’t have to awkwardly stick his packer down there
  • ‘black widow’ and ‘hawkeye’ and ‘captain america’ r cool names n all but something is just always really great about people calling him ‘spider man’
  • he wears lifts in his shoes and so does tony and he’s completely gobsmacked when he finds out
  • he and ned host huge movie marathons and munch on popcorn and point out all the characters they think are trans
  • luke skywalker is The Trans Hero they both adore
  • his spanish teacher calls him señor parker and it makes him BEAM with happiness
  • he and ned go to the bathroom together bc Solidarity Bro
  • once he grew his hair out to try to “fit in” better but he hated it so much that he hacked it all off with those kids safety scissors and made a complete mess so ben had to buzz his hair right down
  • he and ned would practice deepening their voices for hours in pete’s room and end up ruining it by giggling
  • once he was doing his “stark internship” stuff and he missed his usual shot time so now he always makes time to do his shot properly
  • he loves how skintight the suit is bc he’s so Flat

poor akaashi, it must be so hard being loved by so many dogs


Magnus wearing his bracelet on the outside of his sleeve as a fashion statement.


A little birthday something for Kaz who wanted S4 Sam - SN: 04x12