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found some bokuroo fics in my marked for later on ao3 and remembered how much I love these two dorks

Bokuto’s bed-head is probably atrocious.

thank you bryankonietzko for making my dreams a reality again - you and Mike, as always, rock


❝ We should have a Butterbeer delivery guy. You know, like muggles have for pizza! ❞
❝ I think my owl is sick. What can I do to help it? ❞
❝ I’ve always loved Hogsmeade! Saturday’s trips were the best part of the week. ❞
❝ I couldn’t buy the Daily Prophet today, can I read yours? ❞
❝ Wanna go to watch the next Quidditch match with me? ❞
❝ Is this your wand? ❞
❝ Another one just escaped from Azkaban, I can’t believe it! ❞
❝ Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour is closed, today. What am I going to do now? ❞
❝ I think your owl didn’t see the window… ❞
❝ Can I offer you some gillywater? ❞
❝ Did you used to play on your house Quidditch team? ❞
❝ You own me five galleons, you lost the bet! ❞
❝ I will never understand why do people think the blood-status so important. ❞
❝ I don’t wanna see a bottle of firewhiskey anymore. ❞

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linkeightvideo  asked:

So if a raven or a bird in general hurt themselves getting a broken wing (and any injuries from crashing into Hogwartsesque rocks) and someone took them in. How would you heal the bird safely? All I can find is to bring them to a wildlife professional but what if you are a wildlife professional?

There are a lot of bones a raven can break in a crash.

(Source. You should check them out. Have a browse. )

What they break, and how badly they break it, will depend on how fast they were traveling. If a fractured bone only has a simple (one break) and closed (no breaking of the skin) fracture, then it will heal better than a compound (multiple breaks or multiple fragments) or open (through the skin) fracture.

A simple, closed fracture can be treated by strapping the wing. A fracture in the middle of the wing may be treatable with a figure 8 wrap, but a humeral fracture may also need strapping to the body. You have to be carefully with this though, because if you wrap a bird’s body to tightly, they simply can’t breathe. Fractures than involve the joint will also do worse than a midshaft fracture.

Pain relief is highly recommended for birds with fractured wings. Unsurprisingly it encourages a faster return to function, and they eat better. For legal reasons though I wont be posting drugs or dosages here. Keep in mind that opioid drugs do not work the same in all species.

A simple, closed fracture in a raven wing may take as little as two weeks to heal. If the wing is left bound too long, or the fracture is not treated promptly, contraction of the muscles and ligaments in the wing can render the bird unable to fully extend its wing. I’ve encountered this issue several times in eagles that have been hit by cars, but too wily to be caught for several weeks. The propatagial ligament contributes to the wing membrane when outstretched, and the bird will not be able to fly if this has become rigid.

If the wing bones do not heal in a good position, the bird will not be able to fly as well as it used to, if at all. Even though a raven is very resourceful, the reduced mobility will negatively impact its survival. This is even more important in precision fliers like owls.

Now, I know you asked about a fractured wing, but depending on how this raven crashed into the rocks, they may have also sustained a sternal fracture.

The sternum, or keel bone, is the big blade-shaped bone on the front of the thorax that the flight muscles attach to. Birds commonly fracture it by falling onto their chest, and if this raven was trying to brake when it collided with the rocks then it’s likely to have injured either its legs or its sternum.

A sternal fracture renders the bird unable to fly upwards, but it can flutter downwards. They take several weeks to heal, but require relatively little intervention to do so. They generally heal very well because the sternum is stabilized by the flight muscles. The birds fly fine, but the bone usually feels a bit crooked afterwards.

A sternal fracture requires less care for the bird to recover, and you would expect a good to complete recovery afterwards. Consider it if you want something a bit different, but less complex, than a broken wing, whist still having an injury that prevents the bird from flying.

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Owl City: 2013 Progress & Moments

I don’t need to taste to believe.

“As I’m so often reminded what a priceless gift my life is, I ache with everything in me to make it count, so that when I finally cross the finish line, I’ll hear the words,..
‘Well done, good and faithful servant.

Happy 28th Birthday Adam Young!


Plant Life and Tidal Wave album art


I am going to get so much flack for this and I KNOW it, but this needs to be said and I really don’t care if I piss anyone off because I’m pretty pissed off myself right now. 

You know how everyone’s saying that the new Owl City album thing feels different? Like how it’s not like it usually is, not as exciting and fun? Well, whose fault do you think it is?

It’s the fandom’s. Everyone is being so freaking whiny and critical about the new songs and Adam and every single thing the poor man does is being picked on and analyzed like there’s no tomorrow. And honestly guys? I’m sick of it. And I know some of y’all are sick of it too. 

Adam’s been distant from the fandom and social media lately, right? Well, I hardly blame him! I would be too if my fanbase were acting like this! Every single time I go through the tag it’s nothing but “Adam’s becoming too mainstream” or “Verge is too pop-oriented” or “the old Owl City is gone!!” and, quite frankly guys, I’m sick of it. HootOwls, we are WAY too good to be acting like this. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then I don’t know what to tell you. 

This is the exact reason why I’ve been laying low in the fandom and keeping my fair distance from everyone else. Because of this crap. We should be thankful that Adam is releasing this wonderful music to us and letting us enjoy it. I have said it before and I will say it as many times as needed: IT IS NOT ADAM YOUNG’S JOB TO CATER TO THE NEEDS AND WANTS OF THIS FANDOM. Adam does not do what he does for us; he does it for him. And some of his fans are so wrapped up in themselves and criticizing every single thing about Mobile Orchestra that they’re not even paying attention to that. 

Music evolves. It changes. Artists’ sound changes sometimes. That’s fine. The HootOwls are treating it like it’s the end of the world and that the “old Adam” is gone. No. 

I know Adam means far too much to some of us for this album release to feel like this, guys. The excitement is being ruined because people will not stop being whiny about every single thing. It’s a little embarrassing, and I’m so disappointed in this fandom. Because I’ve been around long enough to know that this is not how it usually is. You know, I love this fandom with all of my heart, but something needs to change. There’s probably multiple reasons for this whole deal but the biggest for sure is people being ungrateful. If you don’t like the album, that’s fine. Just don’t ruin it for the rest of us.

So will you please try to keep the excitement alive, HootOwls? It’s being ruined and I hate it. I know some of you guys do too. Adam has poured his heart and soul into this album. Be grateful, kind, appreciative, and excited. The year is 2015. Owl City is back, so let’s not ruin it.


“There is no old Adam Young, there is no new Adam Young, merely different colors and different brushstrokes over the same canvas.”

-the man himself


i have been laughing at adam young and helium for 38.2 years now [ x ]