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Distracting kiss - nuresydex (they would totally do that shit)

9. Distracting Kiss - When you are competing, maybe playing video games or something so you press kisses anywhere available; arms, nose, knees, ears, knuckles, temple, just anywhere to distract them.

There’s one piece of pie left, and Nursey and Dex see it at the exact same time. They’d been in class together and they’d walked back to the Haus, into the kitchen together, and they’d both frozen in the doorway when they saw it.

After a few moments of doing nothing but staring at the pie, Nursey slowly averts his eyes and glances towards Dex, and Dex is doing the same thing and-

And then all bets are off and the fact that they’re dating flies out the window, as Dex makes a mad dash for the pie and Nursey grabs the back of his shirt to stop him. It works, and Nursey uses the momentum that Dex’s surprise generates to pull Dex into his chest, wrap his arms around Dex’s waist, and then spin them around.

With Nursey between Dex and the pie, he takes half a second to press a kiss to Dex’s neck, right where he’d left a faint mark the night before, but then he lets go and spins himself around, heading straight for the pie.

Nursey makes it two steps further than he’d expected to, before Dex grabs his wrist and then his forearm, and then Nursey blinks and his back is against the wall, and Dex is kissing him. Their entire bodies are pressed together, with Dex’s hands on Nursey’s shoulders and Nursey dropping his hands to Dex’s ass, and for a moment it feels like the pie’s been forgotten, but they’re both way too competitive to let that happen.

The second Nursey feels Dex pulling away, he deepens the kiss, grinding against Dex slightly and moaning, soft and low, without any shame, and the second he feels Dex give in, he flips them so that Dex is against the wall. He doesn’t break the kiss the entire time and he stays there for a moment, relishing the feel of his boyfriend falling apart at his touch, before he pulls back, presses a quick kiss to Dex’s forehead, and then takes a huge step backwards and lunges for the pie.

He would have made it there, too, if his foot hadn’t caught on the rug that Bitty’s mom had bought them but, as it is, Nursey trips and falls and he’s half a second away from hitting the ground hard, when Dex catches him. Of course, Dex isn’t quite strong enough to stop Nursey from falling entirely, and the whole thing ends in both of them hitting the ground, tangled in each other’s limbs, laughing at each other as they go.

Nursey isn’t hurt and Dex isn’t either and, once they’re sure of that, Nursey doesn’t bother getting up. Instead, he pulls Dex’s face towards his and presses a softer, longer kiss to Dex’s forehead, and then to the tip of his nose, and then to his lips, and-

And when Bitty walks in moments later, Nursey and Dex are lying on the floor, making out, with the pie long forgotten, and Bitty can only shake his head and say, “Y’all are a mess,” before he walks past them and gets the pie for himself.

Hopeless Hearts


jessicamarcia requested: Jungkook + Idol/Fan AU 
Pairing: Jungkook | Reader
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 17,378
Author’s Note: Tbh I had some apprehension about this request because an idea I stumbled upon that just kept coming back to me was directly from this fantasy I kept about having about what would happen if I ever meet Jungkook and how and this just feels very personal to me as a result. Regardless, I decided to share because I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t decide to contribute my pain to the fandom.

ALSO, sentences in italics are being spoken in Korean.

Summary: You never understood the gravity of your position as an intern working Kcon until you fall for one of your favorite idols, Jeon Jungkook—quite literally too.


Sometimes you think you have a lot of mixed feelings when it comes to your job.

On one hand, it’s a pretty incredible opportunity, one that you acknowledge not a lot of people get to experience first hand: which is working as an intern in the event operations department for Kcon—the annual Korean convention in which big Kpop groups will travel around the world to bring their music and their joy to the international fanbase. For someone who never actually had the means and the ability to make the trip as an audience member of your own accord, it’s fascinating to witness the back-the-scenes sight of how much effort and how much time goes into planning and organizing an event of this scale.

And because Kcon it in of itself is half a convention and half a concert, there were always many people needed to cover the different subsections of the event, which is where your role as an intern came into play. Given that there were two interns in the department of organizing the physicality of the event, you were put on the team mainly in charge of organizing the convention while the other intern assisted with scheduling of the talents and making sure the performances would go by smoothly.

But on the other end of that spectrum, working with vendors really allows you to see how many people handle responsibility and deadlines and it makes you want to pull the hair out of your roots. You like to think of yourself as a fairly reasonable person, giving a vendor 24 hours to respond to emails at the latest before having to resort to more emails and phone call—but this is absolutely ridiculous.

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How Would You Feel

A/N: I have this version of Bucky in my head where he’s full on sweetheart and yeah he’s still got bits and pieces of that sorta dominant side but he falls for the reader and has full on hearts and flowers feelings for her. I’m a sap I know. Also it’s based off of that knew Ed Sheeran song ;)

Warnings: I think there’s a cuss word. other than that, flufffffff

Originally posted by mebeingbored1

It started out slowly. It was the simple glances that you shared that first caught your eye, even after having barely known him. 

Then, like a train, it hit. You noticed how close he sat next to you on the sofa, how he’d always call to go on missions with you. He took care of you when you were sick, at your bedside with soup whenever you needed it. He was certainly something else.

Eventually he’d steal small kisses. The first time caught you off guard, he was going on a mission with Steve and Sam and as he was saying bye, he pressed a small peck to your lips. He didn’t seem to know what he was doing either, but neither of you complained and took everything in small steps. 

After that, anytime he entered the room or left, he would peck your lips and pull away with a smile, as if you had been together for years. 

You never spoke a word to each other about it, though, it was all taken in one at a time. After a while, he’d start to sleep in your room with you, his arm wrapped tightly around your waist. Almost as if he was afraid to let you go. 

You two would share conversations with each other that no one else would dare to listen to. He was there for your whenever you needed him and vice versa. 

He’d have panic attacks and nightmares that you’d be there for. He’d scream and yell sometimes and you’d be the one to calm him. Sometimes stuff would be thrown and broken, but you’d stand your ground, kiss him and watch him slowly tire himself out.

One particular night, you two sat alone in a car, the night had fallen over the sky and your eyes had never left him. 

“Life happened, you know?” Bucky murmured, picking at his glove as he explained what exactly happened in 1942. “Steve tried to get to me on that train but he couldn’t. I was on the brink of death when I landed but the soldiers just appeared out of nowhere.” 

Your eyebrows furrowed in sympathy, resting your hand on his thigh while you continued to listen. 

It was the first time he was able to talk about it, he hadn’t even fully been able to mention it to Steve which made you feel special that you could be that person he needed. 

“In a sense I’m grateful for it,” He continued, “I would have died in the snow.” 

“But you-” you felt emotional, “you went through so much shit that you shouldn’t have.” A small tear collected in the corner of your eye. 

“It was worth it. I wouldn’t have met you.” Bucky whispered, his sentence faltering slightly at the end, as if he wasn’t sure he wanted to say those words just yet. 

The tear had then slipped down your cheek, causing Bucky to reach up and wipe it away. “I don’t know what to say.” You looked down, allowing Bucky to take your hands in his. 

He smiled, tilting your chin up to him. “How about I love you?” 

In that moment, your heart filled with absolute admiration and love for the man in front of you. “I do love you.” You responded, watching a grins stretch across Bucky’s face.

“I know you do. You would have ran far away if you hadn’t.” Bucky said, adding humor to a somewhat somber conversation.

“Do you love me too?” You asked, almost embarrassed about the question. Bucky’s humor was wiped from his face, “More than anything.” 

Without another word, you climbed across the center console and straddled Bucky’s thighs, grabbing his jaw and kissing his lips. 

“Say it.” You whispered against his lips, needing to hear it so you knew it was real, that you weren’t dreaming. 

“I love you.” The statement was said so lowly and quickly that you weren’t sure you heard it right but when your brain finally allowed you to understand everything, you almost burst into tears of happiness. 

“How did you know you loved me?” You asked, wanting every detail. 

“That night,” he whispered, lacing his hand in yours, “the night that you sang on the balcony with Natasha and Sam. The fire cast the light perfectly on your face so I could see your shining smile.” 

“You were plastered then, though.” You giggled, remembering the bottle of liquor him and Tony shared.

“I was sober enough to know that you are the most beautiful girl in the world, and that I love you.” Bucky said, causing you to grow serious again. 

“Oh Bucky.” You murmured, kissing him hard, unlike you ever had before. This kiss was filled with so much more passion, so much more heat. Before, Bucky would treat you like glass, but now he needed you just as much as you needed him. 

That night, you two stayed in that car. You could’ve stayed there forever, because you had everything you needed. Bucky was your world, and you were his. That’s what love is.

Unknown: (grab his nose or boop it?)

Yoosung: What are you d– oh!

definitely boop it

Hold Me Tight | Pt. 1

( can you trust me? )

Part 1 | Part 2

Anonymous requested: Hwarang AU + Royalty/Servant AU
Pairing: Taehyung | Reader
Genre: Angst/Fluff; Royalty AU + Soulmate AU (in which you know they’re your soulmate when you touch them for the first time + share extreme physical sensation after you meet)
Word Count: 5,930
Author’s Note: The original request… did not call for a Soulmate AU but I thought to myself hey what would make this more interesting and 10x more painful and thus, this concept was born. I actually got around to watching some of Hwarang before writing this, so I feel a little more qualified for this—but you don’t need to have previous knowledge of the show before reading this. Thank you @cheymint for dealing with my initial worry over the world building, I hope this satisfies!

Summary: Kim Taehyung is expected to spend the rest of his life within the company of nobility after joining the ranks of the kingdom’s newest royal guard. He anticipates alot of new experiences, new people… but the spark of a touch more powerful than anything before in his life is definitely not one of them—from the shadows of maids and housekeepers nonetheless.


The morning greeting comes has it always does within the household: a pounding fist against his headboard as the blanket is ripped off Taehyung’s body. His natural instinct is always the same, which is to curl in upon himself as he lets out the faintest groan of dissatisfaction. “Must you always do that hyung?” The boy inquires, barely offering a side glance to the culprit of his current state of further exhaustion.

Standing above him with the edges of the blanket curled up underneath fingers, Kim Namjoon grins wickedly, already dressed in his robes for the morning lessons. “You know that without me, you’d be late to all your lessons. So step on it. Or do I have to call in Hoseok to help—?”

“No, no, it’s fine. I’m up,” Taehyung interjects, internally cringing at the thought of Hoseok being called in for assistance in trying to get him out of bed. The boy may have been older than both himself and Namjoon, but more often than not had the tendency to act like a child and Taehyung did not wish to start the day with Hoseok jumping on his bed.

Namjoon laughs at that, throwing the blanket off to the side. “Hurry up alright? You know Master Wooreuk won’t be happy to see you late again.”

“Yeah, yeah, I got it,” Taehyung dismisses with a wave, sliding to the front of the bed just as Namjoon slides open the door separating the bedroom with the long hallway before his footsteps become the only thing he can hear along the Hwarang household. With a grunt, Taehyung straightens up, laying out his robes for the morning lesson as he gets to work dressing.

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Ease - Part 16



Length: 3.0k

SummaryYou and your best friend Taehyung have recently got into the same university in the capital of Seoul. Hoping that this was your year to finally admit your romantic feelings towards your said best friend, uni seems an exciting prospect. But of course, the future never really goes according to plan.

A/N: thank you for all the lovely lovely messages i’ve gotten so far!! u are all precious much love 💛

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The clock was ticking. It was only a few days before the competition, and you’d been working non-stop with Taehyung to be ready in time. True to his promise, he’d practised day and night, and even when he complained he was too exhausted, he always continued rehearsing for another hour. Jungkook seemed fine with it all, and he even hobbled along to one of your practices to see how you were getting along. It warmed your heart to know that he’d become so supportive of you and Taehyung, and he even gave advice on how Taehyung could improve, giving him little tips and tricks to make it easier for him.

You’d slept round their house after finishing late, and because you also expected an early start the next day. Taehyung must have left early, as he was nowhere to be seen, so you cheerfully got ready in your own time. After staying up well into the night with Taehyung, talking about the past and the future and everything in between, you were in a good mood the next morning, despite the tiredness seeping into your bones as you moved.

As you walked down stairs, Namjoon hollered at you from the kitchen. “Y/N!” he yelled, sounding like he had his mouth stuffed with food. “Do you want to come with me and Jin to the park?”

“No thanks,” you called back, pulling on your shoes by the front door. “I’m busy.”

“If you change your mind, feel free to meet us there!”

“Will do!”

You closed the door behind you with a click, and began walking down the road.

It was a beautiful day, and you couldn’t help grinning to yourself at the thought of dancing with Taehyung again. It felt so good to watch him perform with barely any mistakes, knowing that you were the reason behind his progress. Plus, it meant you got to spend hours of uninterrupted time with him, as Hoseok and Yoongi had a work shift that day.

In the distance, you could see Taehyung waiting outside the gate to the building for the practice room, his thin frame slouched against the pillar as he rested all his weight on one leg. His hair flopped cutely over his forehead as he typed on his phone, but his eyebrows were furrowed and the playful expression he always wore was missing.

As you approached, you slowed down, immediately figuring something was wrong. “Tae!” you called out, noting how his face didn’t change as he looked up, his eyes darkening. There was no softness, no boyish look that you were so used to seeing. Just pure rage, trembling under his skin.

“Tae?” you said again, your happy mood vanishing within an instant. “What’s the matter?”

He raised his eyebrows in disbelief, sticking out his chin and breathing out his mouth in an attempt to calm himself down. You swallowed nervously, not knowing how to react. You’d never seen him so angry in your life. It didn’t help that he stood stock still, leaving a few feet between you and letting the tension fill the gap.

When he spoke, his voice was deep but firm, with a seriousness that he only used when he was talking to teachers or apologising after being scolded.

“You knew the real reason Yeji was dating me, and you didn’t say?”

Adrenaline shot through your body like a shock wave, numbing your limbs into position. All you could do was stare as you struggled to breathe, your vision going white as you realised what you’d gotten yourself into. He knows he knows he knows he knows…

“I can’t believe you,” he scoffed, flicking his hair out of eyes and poking the inside of his cheek with his tongue. You wracked your brain desperately for an excuse, but all you could feel was the shame that numbed your heart and froze your brain solid. Taehyung looked broken. “I found out from Jimin,” he spat, blinking furiously. “He confessed what he’d said, and what had happened when he found out. Turns out, he’d been at the spring market. Turns out, he met you there. And you know everything.”

“Taehyung, I-”

“To think I could trust you. I let myself believe that there was something, someone there for me after everything turned to shit. But you lied to me, Y/N.” He laughed bitterly, properly laughed, but his eyes were mingling with tears, and he sniffed several times before roughly wiping his nose with his sleeve. “Yeji used me to get with Jimin, and my best friend didn’t tell me. Didn’t stop me from making the biggest mistake of my life.”

“You were so happy,” you mumbled weakly, not bothering to try harder to defend yourself. You hadn’t won this battle, you knew that straight away. You’d messed up. “You liked her for so long, I didn’t have it in me, didn’t have the heart, to wreck you like that.”

“So you let me believe that she had a crush on me? For what? What did you get out of that? Did you enjoy seeing me lose myself in someone who had no interest in me?”

You were shaking your head, feeling hot, angry tears roll down your cheeks. Not angry at Taehyung, but at yourself. What was I thinking? “At the time, it was the right thing to do,” you hiccupped, “because you said you loved her. I tried to tell you that you didn’t, because how I loved you was nothing like that. But you were convinced. For years you’ve talked about Yeji. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t tell you.”

Taehyung pulled at his top lip with his teeth, his hands that hung loosely by his sides beginning to shake. “Do you know why I went on about Yeji for so long?” he asked faintly, scouring your face for any type of reaction. “Have you no idea?”

“What are you talking about?” you croaked, feeling the dryness crackle in your throat.

He smiled pitifully, turning his head slightly away. You had the urge to pull his face back so he was looking at you, but you stayed still, holding your breath in apprehension. His nostrils flared as his eyes shone with emotion, the warmness of the day not quite getting past your skin as you watched the sadness fill his expression.

“I was trying to make you jealous,” he mumbled, screwing up his eyes and allowing himself to cry. “I thought if I went on about another girl, you might’ve said something. You never did, but I said it so much that I started to believe that I really did like Yeji. When you told me that you loved me, I remembered what love should feel like.”

Your breathing quickened, and you could feel yourself beginning to go dizzy from the lack of oxygen, but it didn’t matter. “Taehyung, what are you trying-”

“I’ve been trying to tell you for so long,” he interrupted, not letting you break his flow. Finally, he turned and looked at you again, and you suddenly wished he hadn’t. Seeing the pain and heartache behind his brown irises made you feel like you’d just been trodden into the mud and left there to rot.

“I love you,” he said. “I’ve liked you for as long as I can remember. Stupid, really, because I was praying on false hope that one day, you possibly might like me back. But that day only came a few months ago, and that’s when I realised I should’ve waited a little bit longer. I tried to tell you,” he smiled, but it was a half-smile; it barely lifted his cheeks. “Yeji was the one who told me to chase you, but by that time, you were already with Jungkook. That day, when you told me we should keep our distance, I said I was going to tell you something. But, obviously, I didn’t.”

Your heart was collapsing, piece by piece, and you finally understood the true meaning of heartbreak. It was nothing like you’d seen on TV or in the movies. There were tears staining your eyes and your nose was blocked, but the feeling you felt inside couldn’t be explained with words. All of a sudden, you didn’t know what was the right thing to say, the right thing to do, or what you should be feeling. You were hollow, and you could see the one thing that would make it all go away. But they were a few feet away. Just out of reach.

“You told me that we shouldn’t get in too deep,” he continued, his chest heaving unevenly as he struggled to draw breath. “You had no idea of how deep I was in. Namjoon argued with me, saying that you would change your mind, you would leave Jungkook, but I couldn’t see that happening. Not when you gave me a chance, and I dismissed it. I was satisfied with Yeji, even though I knew that all I ever wanted was to be with you, Y/N.”

“Why didn’t you say anything?” you whispered, your throat beginning to burn in pain. “When I told you I loved you, you wanted us to stay friends. Why, Taehyung?”

“I thought Yeji was the safer option. I’d tried not to think of you in that way for so long, that I needed time to wonder if I still felt the same. Didn’t realise what that would do to you. But,” he sighed, his voice changing back to the serious tone as he straightened up, collecting himself together. “I guess it was all for nothing. You betrayed me, Y/N. If I’d known what Yeji was doing, she would’ve immediately been out the picture. Either way, I would’ve been upset, but at least I wouldn’t have made a complete idiot of myself. I don’t find liars attractive, so I guess you don’t know me as well as you think you do. I’m going, and don’t you dare think about following me. Good luck with the dance.”

Without another word, Taehyung turned his back and began walking away, his head nodding low with his hands deep in his pockets.  You watched him leave, in a state of disbelief and despair. Eventually, your limbs unstuck and turned to jelly, allowing you to fall to the floor and cradle your knees, sitting by yourself against the pillar and questioning how could things have gone so wrong.

Jin and Namjoon were sprawled out on the grass, basking in the sun of the early afternoon. They were chatting and laughing contentedly, but when they noticed you standing not too far off with a look of torment on your face, they immediately rushed over.

“Come sit down,” they ushered, pulling you to their spot while you struggled to hold back the tears, but knowing that they were about to give you sympathy set off the waterworks once more.

“What’s happened?” asked Jin softly, while Namjoon handed you a tissue.

Sniffing loudly, you looked down at the ground and watched the grass stalks tremble in the wind. It should have been calming, but you barely noticed. “He told me he likes me,” you said vaguely, your voice bunged up and slightly higher than usual. “But I did something wrong. I kept something from him. Something huge. Now there’s no chance.”

Although you didn’t specify who you meant or what chance you missed, the two boys understood as they began rubbing your back and making soothing noises. It all became too much again, and you wept into your damp tissue.

“Why can’t you two just get together already?” Jin sighed, looking into the distance dramatically. “It’s been slowly driving us mad. You two clearly want to be together, yet neither of you are making a move.”

“You knew?” you asked incredulously, staring at him with wide eyes. “All this time, you knew that he liked me?”

“He’s in love with you,” stated Namjoon, smiling apologetically. “I don’t mean to brag, but if we could figure out that you fancied Taehyung, it wasn’t science to notice that he felt the same way.”

“Did he say anything to you?”

“No, we just knew,” Jin shrugged.

“Well,” corrected Namjoon, “Jungkook’s always been slow on the uptake with that sort of thing. That’s why we were so shocked when Yeji walked in and Taehyung announced that they were dating, because he clearly preferred you over some silly high school crush. Jungkook didn’t know you liked Taehyung for a while, but by the time we told him, he was already starting to take a liking to you, so I don’t think he really cared all that much.”

You couldn’t believe what was happening. Firstly, the person who you were completely in love with said they had felt the same way for years, and now you’d found out all your friends knew and hadn’t told you? You began to understand why Taehyung felt so betrayed when you’d kept the truth from him, because it felt horrible.

“He never showed me love,” you said sceptically, shaking your head in dejection.

Jin just laughed, but Namjoon sent him a warning look and he promptly stopped, realising it wasn’t the time for mockery. “Of course he did,” he said kindly. You looked up at his honest eyes, not quite accepting the truth. “Maybe… maybe his version of love isn’t the same as Jungkook’s, but it doesn’t mean that he didn’t show you it. Okay, so he didn’t say ‘I love you’ as much as Jungkook seemed to. He was just… less obvious about it.”

“Less obvious?”

“You know, small acts of affection? Perhaps he bought you presents, or he made you food. Perhaps he let you copy his notes, or made sure you got home safe, or stuck up for you when it meant he’d get in trouble, too.”

As Jin spoke, images and memories flashed through your head like a mini tape player, snapshots of Taehyung that you’d completely forgotten about. There was that time where he put food in your bag that you’d found during the audition round, and that time he sat by your side when you were ill, and when he picked up your call straightaway after arguing with Jungkook. He didn’t even ask why; he simply understood you needed him there.

“He loves you. He doesn’t need to say it to mean it,” added Namjoon, poking your cheek to get you to smile.

“But what about Jungkook?” you argued. “He always told me he loved me, but then he left-”

“Forget about Jungkook!” burst Namjoon, the passion beginning to show in his tone. It was only a subtle change, but it struck something in your chest that made you finally believe what they were trying to tell you. “That wasn’t love. He was infatuated with you, and when he realised that maybe it wasn’t love after all, he freaked. Don’t be wound up about Jungkook. He’ll find what he’s been looking for, soon enough.”

It made sense. It was hard to come to terms with the idea that you’d wasted so much time avoiding the subject, pushing down feelings when in reality, you could’ve avoided all the mess and heartbreak ages ago. If only you’d been brave enough and done what you’d set out to do when you first came to university: tell Taehyung that you loved him. But you couldn’t. And you didn’t. So you were stuck in a terrible situation that you couldn’t see any way out of. And it sucked. Although they were trying their best, Namjoon and Jin weren’t what you needed. You wanted to curl up in a ball on your bed and cry until you had no more tears left, until that aching feeling had gone.

“He’s so mad at me,” you whispered, sucking on your teeth. It was a habit that only surfaced when you were really upset, but knowing that only made you feel ten times worse.

Namjoon pulled out another tissue and delicately got rid of the grotty one you’d balled up in your fist, before clearing his throat quietly. “You’ve both hurt each other. That’s what you do when you love someone. It’s because you love them that you try to heal them again, to stop the pain, to make them more loved than they were before, all because you both got mad. But that’s why you’ve got to keep trying, Y/N. You and Taehyung have both come so far in your relationship, and although it would’ve been easier if none of this happened, I think it made you both grow as human beings and you’re able to understand each other a lot better than you did before. Don’t give up on him. It’s getting harder, I can see that, but you still love him no matter how hurt you’re feeling. You’ll keep trying because it hurts even more when he’s not there. So you’ve got to try.

As you went to sleep that night, you tried to remind yourself that whatever you were feeling was only temporary. Even though you were falling apart by the seams, you swore to yourself that you would be strong, and you would fight just a little bit longer.

But as you lay there, at 3am, lonely and restless, you didn’t feel strong and ready to fight. There was no strength in the tears that soaked your pillow. Everything seemed duller, like the moon against the black of night that didn’t quite burn into your eyes like it used to, and the rain wasn’t a lullaby, but more of a crashing noise that sounded like the sky was breaking. The stone in your chest that usually appeared from jealousy had gone, but instead, it was filled with that familiar pain.

There were some things in life that you couldn’t prepare yourself for. Even though you told yourself that if it ever happened, you were going to be ready. Even after Jungkook, the second round of heartbreak still hurt; it always, always hurt.

Closing your eyes, the last thing you saw before you fell into a fretful sleep was the poster from the dance competition, its splashed red colour taunting you, reminding you of what you’d lost, and what was still yet to come.

Walking Through A Storm

This is for the anon that made me excited for writing once again!

Tags: Fluff, Angst

Summary: Dan keeps his fears in the shadows, guarded always. But his parents have always managed to bring out the ugly side in him. It’s time to stop running away and brave the inevitable.

Warnings: Homophobia, Anxiety

Word Count: 1.8 k

read on ao3

“I don’t wanna be here and I know you don’t too.” Dan’s pout can be heard in his voice.

“Be nice, c’mon.” Phil is unsurprisingly, ever the optimistic.

They are standing in front of Dan’s parents’ house, bags packed for a day’s visit. The BONCAS win had made Dan’s parents, albeit reluctantly, assent to the career path Dan had chosen. It was a pity that an award had made them give in, but it was better than the strained phone conversations.

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I’m A Mess

Anonymous Asked: you should do an angst filled fic where bucky and the reader break up but realize that they love each other and get back together. it can end in fluff or smut idc either way c;

A/N: Oooo. Okay ;) thanks for the suggestion!!:) xx

Warnings: angst, mentions of depression, swearing

Originally posted by little--batman

“I just get to stand by and watch her.” Bucky muttered, sipping on his bottle of beer while he was clad in sweats and a white t-shirt. Steve sat beside him in similar attire, watching his best friend drown his sorrows in alcohol much to his dismay. 

“Sometimes things just don’t work out, Bucky. That’s the part of life that sucks but just know that you’re going to feel better one day. It’ll all make sense in the end.” Steve tried his best to comfort his friend, even going as far as to give a subtle pat to the center of his shoulders. 

Bucky could only glare at Steve, “This isn’t the right time for your shitty wisdom. My heart is broken.” 

Steve put his hands up in surrender as Bucky swigged more of his beer, “Sorry, just trying to help.”

“Nothing can help me. I’m a mess.” Bucky muttered, staring at the ground as images of you flashed through his mind. Your hair was always wild, your smile was always bright, and you were always on his mind. 

Bucky let out a jarring chuckle of disbelief, “I love her, man.” 

“I know you do.” 

“The worst part of all this is that she’s happier without me.” 

“How do you figure?” Steve asked, his eyebrows furrowing though both he and Bucky knew the answer to that question. 

Bucky threw his head back and covered his face, groaning as he felt intoxication slip in and his brain begin to fuzz up. He ignored Steve’s question, only standing from the couch and scratching at his stubble. 

You still lived in the tower, you still slept soundly a few rooms down from his. The only difference was that his arms weren’t wrapped around your body, and you didn’t fall asleep to his steady heartbeat anymore. 

It was a mutual decision at first. 

Sometimes things just don’t work out, and both you and Bucky had come to the conclusion that it was best to break it off. Now, Bucky regretted it more than anything as he had finally come to terms with his feelings for you. 

The relationship was a roller coaster. You had your fights, but you had your make-ups as well and they always seemed to overrule the fights with Bucky. 

Bucky grabbed another beer from the fridge and plopped onto the couch, getting ready for yet another sleepless night. 

Little did he know, you were having problems of your own. 

Your blankets felt suffocating and your pillows just weren’t comfortable anymore. It had been three weeks and you still had a feeling in your gut that just wasn’t right. 

A cloud of depression hung over you constantly and you managed to put on a smile in front of others, but on your own it was the worst. Your thoughts almost provoked you, and you couldn’t sleep. You could only lay still in your bed, staring at the dark ceiling. 

You’d question why you had decided to go with the break up. You couldn’t find a particular reason. You wanted to stay with him but sometimes in the heat of the moment you say things that you don’t mean. Unfortunately, he agreed. 

“I just think that we should break up.” You whispered after a long silence, crossing your arms over your chest as you watched Bucky’s eyebrows furrow. The yelling was getting to be too much.

Bucky swallowed, “Okay.” 

You threw your blankets off of your legs and swung yourself up from the bed. “Water.” You thought aloud, your voice hoarse. 

Your feet carried you out of your room and onto the cool tile of the hallway. The kitchen wasn’t far away and you were quick to reach for a glass and pour some water out of the tap. 

Your mind raced with various thoughts and you couldn’t focus on one, but you tried your hardest to, only to be met with defeat. 

Clanking noises aspired from the living room, your attention being drawn in that direction immediately. Curious, you allowed yourself to walk out of the kitchen and stood in the doorway of the living room. 

Three empty bottles sat on the coffee table, a fourth being held in the hand of none other than Bucky Barnes, who was now alone and nursing the bottle between his lips. 

He didn’t seem to notice you, only staring onto the blank T.V. with no expression on his face. His face was flushed from the alcohol and his lips slightly swollen. 

You cleared your throat, allowing your presence to be known. 

“Oh, hi.” Bucky whispered, watching you close as you walked into the room and sat beside him. 

You weren’t quite sure what had come over you, but you pulled the bottle of beer out of Bucky’s hand and took a swig of it yourself. 

The two of you sat in silence for a moment before Bucky spoke up, “Can’t sleep?” 

“Haven’t been able to for about three weeks.” You muttered, giving a tight smile to Bucky. 

Bucky only chuckled, “Same.” 

Silence washed over you again and you only drank more. Before you started hyperventilating, you opened your mouth to speak. “I love you.” 

You didn’t know why you said it, but it was one of those times that you just couldn’t keep your mouth shut. 

Bucky smiled, “I’m dreaming, aren’t I?”  

“Why do you say that?” 

“Because I’ve been miserable for weeks. I’ve been watching you laugh and smile with Natasha and Wanda and I’ve been missing you like hell.” Bucky explained, laughing even harder and throwing his head back. 

You watched him clutch his stomach as he continued to laugh and you leaned backward slightly, “You’re scaring me.” 

“God damn it, you infuriate me sometimes. But I love you more than anything.” Bucky muttered, calming down and looking at you long enough to gauge your reaction before you grabbed his jaw and pulled his lips onto yours. 

It was a welcoming feeling, his plump lips on yours yet again. His hands stayed on your hips while you straddled his thighs and breathed in his heavily scent once again. 

“I love you.”  You whispered, biting your lip and kissing him again. A grin stretched across his lips as he held you close and rested his forehead on yours, just staring into your eyes. 

“I’m glad you two pulled your heads out of your asses and made up.” Tony spoke from the doorway, rubbing sleepiness out of his eyes. 

You jumped away from Bucky and sat beside him. 

Tony walked into the room and picked up the empty beer bottles before turning away. “Don’t fuck on my couch!” He called back, causing your face to go red and to bury it in Bucky’s shoulder. 

At least life was going to be better from now on.


@severeprincesswitch Happy Rhackiversary!! :D It’s been 1 year today since I started shipping these two nerds. Was saving this for today :3 I hope you like it!! Sorry for taking so long!!

Take My Hand

( let’s see where we wake up tomorrow )

Anonymous requested: Jungkook/Reader + one of them has amnesia and how they deal with it
Pairing: Jungkook | Reader
Genre: Angst/Fluff
Word Count: 11,663
Author’s Note: I made myself hurt writing the outline, which ended up quite long and intricate so I apologize. Title taken from Adam Levine’s “Lost Stars”—although I do prefer the Jungkook cover :3

Summary: In which you lose your memory in a car crash, and Jungkook desperately tries to keep both of your lives intertwined. This in itself proves to be a challenge, especially when you can only remember him as the idol you once adored from afar.


Jungkook never paid too much attention to those moments in life where he would figuratively hit the wall and knock the wind out of himself, until he gets the call from the hospital. And then he’s running, dashing fast and wild as quickly as his legs can take him, his mind clouded with so much fear, so much apprehension that even when he can no longer breathe he forces himself to keep running. He feels as if he might lose his mind, already grappling with deniability over his situation, the only thing that can remain consistent throughout his mind is you.

“Are you Jeon Jungkook, Y/N’s emergency contact?”

Jungkook stills, pausing in his momentary movement to wipe the sweat that has formed across his face in recovery from the intense dance practice session all the boys have just ended. “Uh, yes I am,” He answers, furrowing his eyebrows together at the seriousness of the situation, his disposition changing in such a drastic manner that all the other boys stop what they’re doing as well to watch the maknae. “Is something wrong?”

“I’m letting you know that Y/N was recently involved in a car accident and was rushed here under critical condition. She’s undergoing surgery now but—!”

“I’ll be right there,” Jungkook interrupts in a breath, the panicking settling in before the gravity of what has just happened to you really weighs in his mind. He doesn’t wait for the nurse on the other end of the line before he’s hanging up and pocketing his phone. His heart starts to race, making the blood pump quicker as air leaves and enters his lungs at an alarming quickened pace. “I have to go,” He relays to the guys, grabbing his jacket off the couch.

“Woah, woah, Jungkookie, what’s going on?” Jimin inquires, straightening from his seated position on the polished wooden floor. “Is everything okay?”

“No, it’s not,” Jungkook says, desperately trying to pull himself from the conversation so he could make his way to the hospital. “Y/N got into a car accident. She’s in surgery right now, I have to go—I have to see how she’s doing.”

“Let me come with you,” Namjoon interjects, already joining Jungkook’s side, jacket on.

Jungkook runs a hand through his hair. “Whatever. I’m running, so keep up.”

Namjoon dismisses Jungkook’s words for stress as he merely nods, following the younger boy out of the studio and dashing down the street. The hospital you have been rushed to is nearby, thank god, only a few blocks away from where Jungkook stands, but it feels like miles stretched on for miles. He runs, runs, runs faster than his legs can possibly carry him, huffing and puffing but never quite moving fast enough.

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@poetdameron asked for hand kisses. The prompt was way cuter than what I ended up drawing but I hope people enjoy it nonetheless. :)

Crazy For You

YoungK and word prompt - train :) (gosh I went for someone else this time, be proud of me Mami :D) As always, I love your fics <3

Note: Yas finally a Day6 prompt! ilysm ♥ I am proud of you even if you request changki or other things! you’re amazing @laviette plz excuse this terrible fic I tried to make it great like you.. i couldn’t

Disclaimer: I don’t own gifs/images used.

Originally posted by iday6

If anyone was to ask someone at Younghyun’s local high school what he’s like, they’d tell you that he’s handsome, charismatic, all tied in a bad-boy image. He plays in a rock band with his friends, and doesn’t give anyone the time of day with romantic attention. It’s a cliche ideology, really; the heart breaker. But everyone has a reason for the way in which they act. In Younghyun’s case, it’s all because of you.

You’re a contradiction to his image, but creative all the same. You carry around art books instead of a bass, and paint brushes instead of a mic. He’s enthralled by you, the way your fingers work their way around the artistic equipment, and how they create such beauty on a canvas.

He’s spoken to you a lot, but rarely on the grounds of the school. The two of you live near each other which is why you find yourselves taking the same train home. That was when he realised that he had finally fallen for someone.

At first he thought he’d gone crazy. It was late, around 11pm as the two of you waited for the train to roll at the station. He watched you; you were wearing a black and white striped top beneath a black pinafore dress. You had a rucksack on your back, and a large folder in your arms, carrying your creations of the day. He thought it was the tiredness that washed is brain, but each day that past he found himself feeling a little stronger towards you.

It was the virus in his heart that caused him to turn this way; turning away other girl’s affection. They weren’t the same as you, in comparison, they were plain and easy. He endured a lot, his only wish to keep you safe and happy. That was why he took a punch to the eye while beating up the old drunken creep that tried to touch you up on the station one late friday night, the reason he gave you his jacket when you shivered even though his whole entire body felt like ice.

A shriek snapped him from his thoughts. He shook his head, “crazy” he mumbled to himself as he ruffled his fingers through his hair.

“Whose crazy? You wouldn’t be talking about me, would you?”

Younghyun looked beside him, almost jumping out of his skin from shock. “Jeez {y/n}, don’t sneak up on me like that!”

You giggled, “It’s not my fault you were away with the fairies.”

Younghyun playfully rolled his eyes, hoisting his bass that was wrapped in it’s case further up his shoulder, only now realising it had been on the verge of falling. He looked at you, and he wasn’t sure how blood wasn’t rushing to his cheeks.

“Well anyway, to answer your question I wasn’t talking about you… well I was… but not- what am I talking about right now? I’m so tired.” He covered his face. He’d jinxed it, the blood was now rushing to his face.

“You’re not wrong. You’re crazy” He watched you smile through the gaps of his fingers.

“Crazyfurmou.” he mumbled.

“Pardon? I didn’t catch that.”

He loved his hands away from his face, “Crazy for… you. I’m crazy for you.”

Neither of you noticed the people moving around you, or the train that waited at the platform until the shrill of the whistle broke the moment like shattering glass. Younghyun felt stupid, and felt as though he probably looked even more stupid because of his now embarrassed emotions.

You stretched out your hands, he looked down, remembering how captivating they were and watched as they intertwined with his own. He was sure that his heart was going to jump out of his chest. No one had ever made him feel this way before; it scared him to think how much he’d be affected by your first kiss when he felt so exhilarated by a simple hand touch, never mind anything else.

You pulled him onto the train, taking a seat on the mostly deserted cart. You sat closer to the window, gripping his hand. You looked back at him, seemingly jumpy even though you’d been the one to initiate the touch.

“What? Did you not mean-” Your face flushed, your hand loosening on his, but he gripped tighter.

“This is what I meant, {y/n}”

Your face relaxed, your hand turning more comfortable in his again. You opened your mouth to speak, and Younghyun was expecting you to question him about this, you didn’t. You closed your mouth again, settling for a comfortable silence and Younghyun decided that he wanted to stay on this train for the rest of his life.

Making Sense

A SnowBaz fic for the Carry On Countdown

There was flour fucking everywhere.

“Did any of the flour get into the bowl?” Baz mused as Simon dumped another cup of the powder on the countertop, dropping a ball of dough on top and sending a cloud of flour drifting across the kitchen.

“Shut up,” Simon grinned, gingerly biting the leftover dough off of his fingers.  “Do you think we put in enough cherries?”

“We already did double what the recipe called for.”

“I know, but I want there to be cherries -”

“In every bite,” Baz finished, smiling fondly at Simon concentrating on the dough, his brow furrowing involuntarily.  Baz loved that furrow.  That furrow was only one of countless things Baz loved about Simon.

Simon turned to meet his eye, and Baz quickly dropped his gaze to the flour-covered counter.  Baz loved Simon’s eyes too much to even be able to look at them.  It was like trying to stare at the sun; he had to look away after a second, but the image was still there, stuck behind his own eyes, burnt onto his retinas.

Oblivious little fuck.

“Should I roll it thinner?” Simon asked, snapping Baz out of his thoughts.  Not that it mattered, the thoughts would carry on, like subtitles in his brain, impossible to ignore.

“It looks fine,” Baz shook his head.  “I wonder though, should we add something to them?  Like peppermint extract or something?”

“Why would we do that?”

“They are meant to be for a Christmas party…”

“So we’ll make Christmas cookies next,” Simon shrugged, “I’m not going to change the scones, they’re perfect as they are.”

Baz got an idea.  “How about we cut them with Christmas cutters?”

Simon laughed.  “The scones?”



They dipped their cookie cutters in the inch-thick layer of flour that covered the counter and cut their scones into Christmas trees and gingerbread men.  They worked in silence, side by side, Baz trying to hide the bristling that occurred whenever he was close to Simon.  He still found it hard to believe that after all these years of being friends and spending time together, Simon had still never seemed to notice the effect he had on Baz.

They both reached into the flour bowl at the same time, their hands brushing.  It shouldn’t have made Baz blush, it wasn’t like they never touched each other, but Baz couldn’t help the fact that every touch felt like an electric shock, like it made his neck crawl.

The second their hands brushed, Baz fought the urge to snatch his back.  He wasn’t expecting Simon to do the snatching.

Baz peeked at Simon’s face.  The boy was staring down at the dough, but his eyes were wide and his cheeks were…

Don’t overthink it, he told himself. You mean nothing to him, not like that.

But there was that tiny voice inside somewhere that kept him hoping.  What if you do?

“Ready for the oven then?” Simon broke the silence, a little loudly for such a simple question, especially with Baz right beside him.

“Sure,” Baz replied, trying to sound light, and they transferred the dough onto the pan, sliding it into the oven and setting the timer. Baz brushed the flour dust off his hands and turned back to Simon.  “Now we wait.”

Simon had an odd expression on his face.  He stared sort of… past Baz, like he was so lost in thought that he was seeing the things he was thinking, and they were happening right behind Baz.  “What shall we do in the meantime?” Simon murmured.

“Well,” Baz watched Simon’s face, puzzled.  “We could start to clean up, I guess.”

Simon’s eyes narrowed.  “We could, yeah.”

“Did you have something else in mind?”

Suddenly Simon’s eyes met Baz’s, too quickly for Baz to look away.  He returned the gaze as coolly as he could, feeling more and more exposed with every second that dragged by.  “Something wrong?” he managed, his mouth dry.

“No,” Simon murmured, not looking away.  “Nothing’s wrong.  In fact, something’s right.  Everything’s right.”  He took a deep breath.  “Everything is… making sense.”


Simon took a step towards Baz, then another.  His gaze was so intense that Baz instinctively backed up, finding that he had nowhere to go, he was already backed against the counter. “Simon,” he stammered, “what are you doing?”

“There’s…” Simon cocked his head up at Baz, now only inches away.  “There’s flour on your face.”  He reached a hand up to brush his thumb across Baz’s cheek, so softly that it felt like a butterfly’s touch.  Baz could hear his heart pounding in his ears, louder and louder and…

And then Simon reached up…

And Baz’s heart went silent.

Because Simon was kissing him.  Shyly.  On the mouth.

Baz’s eyes scrunched shut, and he went so tense that his stomach almost felt sick.

Simon dropped away from Baz’s mouth.  When Baz opened his eyes, Simon’s face was red, and his brow was furrowed again.  “I’m sorry,” he muttered.

Baz had to take a couple of breaths before he found his voice. “W-what for?”

Simon’s eyes were blurring up.  “I thought I’d figured it out,” he said, his voice cracking slightly. “I thought that you wanted… that. I guess not.”

“Did… did you want that?”

Simon squeezed his eyes shut, and a tear dripped from one of them.  “It doesn’t matter.”

“Simon,” Baz rushed to dry the tear from Simon’s cheek, not even thinking about the gesture.  “I need to know.”

For once, it was Simon who couldn’t meet Baz’s eyes.  “Yes, alright?  I wanted it, but clearly you didn’t, so let’s just forget it happened and carry on.”  His voice was hitching as he fought back tears, his breath becoming ragged.

Baz didn’t know it was possible for a heart to be broken and mended at the exact same time, but while Simon’s tears tore him apart, he felt light as air, practically giddy.  Without letting himself think about it, he leaned down and kissed the tear off of Simon’s face, letting his lips linger a second longer than they needed to.  He felt Simon’s shuddering stop in surprise.  When he met Simon’s eyes, neither of them looked away.  “Wait,” Simon breathed, “did you want that?”

Baz could barely whisper the words “God, yes” before he was crashing into Simon’s mouth again.  This time there was no hesitation, no stiffness, just a lifetime of wanting coming to a head.  

Simon’s mouth tasted of cherries and the salty sweetness of the dough he’d been sneaking the entire time.  Baz’s hands went from Simon’s face to his hair, one hand exploring the back of Simon’s neck.  Simon gave Baz’s chest a push, and before either of them knew what was happening, Baz was sitting on the countertop, Simon straddling his lap and kissing him so deeply that Baz thought he might faint.  Simon’s hands cupped Baz’s face, still pushing him back until Baz was leaning his head against the cupboards, the cold wood the only thing giving him any sense of direction.  His world was nothing but Simon, and he couldn’t hold back a moan as Simon angled his head and opened Baz’s mouth with his own.  

It wasn’t until much later, when they finally broke apart, dizzy and gasping for breath, that they realized they’d sat in the flour.

Septiishu cuteness :3

Watching yesterday’s video of Jack and Wiishu inspired me to write this fluffy little ‘mini-fic’ - if you can even call it that xD I apologise in advance if I missed any typos, and I may or may not have broken the 4th wall at one point… :p this is my first time posting any kind of fic so… please be gentle with me :3 Hope you enjoy the cuteness ^-^ 

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Love Bite

Harry had been gone for weeks. 

And while you knew that would be the case going into the relationship, that didn’t mean it was easy and you certainly never got used to it. Of course it was more manageable the longer you’d been together, especially when you kept busy and stuck to your routine, but whenever it got nearer to his return home…that’s when it was hardest.

Usually about a week before he was due home, you’d send him a few extra texts throughout the day. Just a couple more ‘love you’s. A dab of ‘I miss you’. Sometimes pictures of the neighbor’s cat with its face pressed up against the glass window; ‘Boots thought you’d be home by now’. 

And your goodnight calls–which were more like good mornings for Harry–grew longer as the time apart grew shorter. Just a few more minor details about your day shared. A hint of ‘don’t go’ before hanging up. Occasional tears dried with ‘I’ll be home soon, muppet’. 

The day before he’s due to arrive home has you absolutely jumping out of your skin. It’s utter torture waiting for the morning to crawl by, but it’s comforting knowing that it’s agony for Harry too.

Only 36 more hours, love.

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Phil’s return

Genre: Fluff.

Wordcount: 560.

Warnings: non.

Summary: Phil gets home at 2 am from a trip and he and Dan missed each other very much.

Notes from me: This is a very short piece, I wrote it in one go, but I kept working on it for days, there may come more to it some day. Some thanks goes to my friend @apollodiangelo for once again reading some shit I send you.

It was 2 am, Dan stretched his arms while he stood up from the coach, mentally preparing himself for sleeping. His neck hurt from sitting in his browsing position too long. He walked to the kitchen to get a cup of tea, when he heard the creaking sound of the front door. ‘Phil?’ Dan said, voice raw of not talking for a long time. No response. Dan walked down the stairs, again calling his boyfriend’s name. 'Is that you Phil?’ When he arrived at the door he saw that is was open and there stood Phillip Lester.

'Jesus Christ, Phil, you scared the hell out of me.’ Phil looked up to the younger man, who was standing halfway up the stairs 'I missed you so much Dan, it was horrible without you.’ 'Oh no!’ Dan replied while walking down the stairs 'shall I make you some tea?’ he asked. Phil nodded. While helping the other man out of his wet coat Dan sighed 'I’m glad you’re back, the house was so empty without you here.’ Phil smiled at him ‘I’m happy to see that you’re still alive.’ Dan laughed ‘It was hard, I can tell you that.’

Phil stepped towards his boyfriend and put his arms around the younger man’s waist ‘I missed you so much’ he whispered while leaning forward, pressing his nose against Dan’s. ‘I missed you too’ Dan whispered looking into the green-blue-yellow eyes of the older man. ‘So, so, so, so, much’ Phil whispered, but it disappeared into Dan’s mouth while he kissed him. Dan put his arms around Phil to pull him closer and their bodies melted together, they became one. While the kiss got more passionate Phil put his hands in Dan’s hair and softly went through his hair, like he needed to remember exactly how every hair was shaped.

‘Just one second’ Dan said completely out of breath trying to create a little bit space between the two of them, but failing his attempt, because he was pressed against the wall by Phil’s entire body. ‘Wha?’ Phil mumbled leaning into Dan again, trying to kiss him. ‘I just’ Dan put his hands between their chests and pulled at Phil’s t-shirt ‘I just love you so damn much, Phil, and I feel like’ he looked down. Phil put a finger under Dan’s chin, forcing him to look at him. Dan looked desperate ‘Dan, what’s going on?’ Phil asked looked the younger boy in the eyes.

‘Would you please give me some space?’ Dan replied ‘I can’t breath.’ ‘Okay?’ Phil said while he stepped back a bit. ‘Thank you’ Dan murmured ‘Now, Phil, the past days have made me realise something, I can not be longer than a few hours without you, and I don’t want to either, we have spend quite some years together, and I want much, much more to come, if I need to be honest, I want to spend the rest of the years to come with you.’

Phil grasped for air ‘Are you saying what I think you’re saying?’ Dan got a little black box out of his pocket and sat down on one knee ‘Phillip Micheal’ ‘yes!’ Phil practically screamed. ‘Will you at least let me ask you properly?’ Dan said jokingly ‘Oh, yes, of course’ Phil coughed his big smile away. ‘Phillip Micheal Lester, will you marry me?’


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Alright, this is my second (my apology gift, really, it’s over 5000 words of fluff) for Shay, in which I attempt to tackle one of her favorite tropes (characters A and B have to stay at a hotel and there’s only one room with one bed)

once again - thanks to @the-musical-alchemist​ for listening to me flip out about how to write this, I appreciate it always, Gio ;-;

I said it already, but I’ll say it again - Shay, you’re one of the greatest people I’ve ever met, simply because of who you are - you’re always kind, passionate, thoughtful, and are extremely talented and witty.  In short, you’re just incredibly wonderful.  Thank you so much for being you, and have the happiest birthday possible.  Hey, now you can rent a car and come visit me!!!

“Are you kidding me,” Roy grumbles, tightening his grasp on his small bag as he stomps his snow-packed boots on the porch of the building.  “Of course Grumman sends us to the most remote town, in the dead of winter, splits up our team, and gets us reservations in what has to be the absolute filthiest looking place I’ve ever seen.”

“Relax, sir,” Riza responds.  She flexes her frozen hands to try to regain feeling in her numb fingertips as she switches her bag from left to right.  “You’ve seen the rest of this town; the entire place just doesn’t have a lot of money.  I’m sure the inside is nicer.”

“Whatever you say, Captain,” he retorts.  Riza sighs at his snarky-tone, but doesn’t challenge him, knowing that the last thing that she needed was to argue with her superior officer when they were both cold, hungry, and exhausted.

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