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best ways to protect yourself from possession

FAQ: What is the best way to protect yourself from possession?

1. Don’t allow spirits in to your mind or body. This is how I ended up fighting my first possession. DO NOT allow spirits in to your mind or body, now matter how hard they’re manipulating you to get in.

2. Garlic, salt, bay leaf. Salt water baths. Garlic around your bed. Bay leaf incense, bay leaf necklace. Bay leaf scattered all around. Salt lines, salt water spritz. And throw in every single protective, exorcising, uplifting, and protective plant and crystal you have.

3. Ward the shit out of your bedroom and bed. Stay in your safe space and get cozy.

4. Petition higher powers. Call to the highest powers you know to protect and defend you. In case of no higher power, call on mine, the Universe: it answers anyone and is a useful ally :)

5. Immerse yourself in love and light. Purifying salt lamps; your favorite Disney movie, Jack Johnson music. Talk to friends who give you a safe space. Repeat mantras. Write positive thoughts. Give thanks to the Universe.

6. Banish to the best of your abilities. It may not seem like it works for very long or it’s not very useful but it is still a tool you have. In case of emergency, try the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram.

6. FIGHT. Don’t give in. Never give in. Fight to the end.

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Tyler Seguin - Tipsy

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Request: “ Request!! T Segs where he sees you in the club and he can’t take his eyes off you and you run into him later on in life and you get sassy w him not realizing it’s him. “

A/N: I’m writing this in bed at 11 pm. Sleep who? Sorry I changed this request a little bit, I could write a different one later if you’d like? Just let me know.

Warnings: Drunk scenes/vomiting/forced kissing 

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the two bioware deaths I’m never gonna be over are Thane and Tamlen. I’ll be old as dirt on my death bed like “my boys deserved better” 

Tamlen and Mahariel, whether friends or lovers, is the most gut-wrenchingly beautiful tragedy that I never thought to find in an rpg I bought for $7. You get this innocent, youthful glimpse into their relationship only to have it immediately ripped away by circumstances out of everyone’s control. Then just when Mahariel might be starting to heal, he shows up as a twisted version of his former self that still remembers his friend/lover nonetheless; whom Mahariel is forced to kill to spare him any further suffering. 

and Thane? Even though you knew his death was coming from the second you met him it didn’t make it hurt any less. Idk how but ME achieved what every ”my bf is terminally ill” romance drama has failed to do and that’s make me actually care. His romance is in a class of its own honestly. The bond he forms with Shepard is beautiful. Here’s a man resigned to his fate sitting in the dark and she comes in and turns on the lights. 

Concept: you’re not away from me so often. You’re not always stressed and traveling and you are home with me. I wake up knowing you’ll be in bed next to me, I don’t have to wake up wondering if I’ll even get a good morning from you, wherever you are. We can live our days out together, things won’t feel so long distance. I can finally feel content being yours, because you’re here.

This one was admittedly slightly difficult cause I almost made it into sleeptalking, hehe. I assumed MC doesn’t really know she does that, so i hope you like it :3

-Admin Bloo~


  • This boy had raged on LOLOL too hard one night
  • So much that you had gone to sleep without him
  • He was almost drifting off as soon as he lay on the bed, but then he hears a whining sound from you
  • Sits up immediately, thinking you were having some kind of nightmare
  • He’s panicking and ready to wake you up to ask what’s wrong.
  • But then he notices that you were just being noisy; you weren’t necessarily having a bad dream.
  • After a while, he found it cute whenever he was awake to listen to it.
  • Those content sighs just made him want to cuddle with you all night.


  • You guys spoon and cuddle so much; it’s a wonder how he didn’t notice it before.
  • But one night he was reading his lines while you had gone to sleep early.
  • He was patting your head as he was practicing; then he hears a quiet hum.
  • He stops patting and looks at you for a while; and then tries to guess what you were dreaming about.
  • Zen the Knight ready to save his princess from bad dreams!
  • But then you just moved closer to his hand, and Zen took this as a sign to keep petting.
  • In the morning, he was all smiles and would just call you adorable
  • “Thanks Zen, but what did I do?”
  • “Nothing. Just keep being your cute self”
  • “Okay…”


  • Tbh, I think Jaehee talks in her sleep too.
  • Like one night, you were making whiny noises with the cutest scrunched up face
  • She would bring it up in the morning; it’s the first time you’ve ever heard that you do that.
  • She would pinch your cheeks mockingly while you were embarrassed.
  • The next night, you lay awake wondering if Jaehee does anything.
  • And hoooo boy does she speak.
  • She lists off Jumin’s itinerary even when she’s left that job, and you have to control yourself from laughing.
  • Obviously you record it all.
  • When you play it for her the next morning, it’s her turn to be embarrassed.
  • You both vow to never bring this up ever again.


  • We’ve already established that this man loves watching you sleep.
  • One night, he was just idly tracing the lines on your open palm
  • And suddenly, you make a noise that sounds like purring??
  • He thought you were awake, and calls your name quietly.
  • But you are fast asleep.
  • He brings this up in the morning by saying “You have more in common with Elizabeth the 3rd than you think”
  • “Why’s that?”
  • “You both like being petted in your sleep.”
  • You are blushing, confused, and stunned into silence.
  • He simply smirks at your speechlessness before heading out to work


  • Most of the time, you two do end up sleeping at separate timings, but you still make it a point of waking up together.
  • So he had long ago noticed that you are a very noisy sleeper.
  • But USUALLY he’s really too tired to do anything about it at the time.
  • So he’s attached a recorder to your cat robot, which you always keep on the bedside table next to your side of the bed.
  • Obviously you don’t know about that particular detail, and are always wondering where can he record it from such clarity.
  • Whenever you sound particularly funny, he always makes it a point to make you listen to it the next morning.
  • You’re way past embarrassed at this point and join in on guessing what could you have been dreaming about/ laughing about it.
  • That still doesn’t excuse him for whenever he posts them on the RFA chatroom tho.
  • Little do you know that he’s compiled all of his favorite ones so that he can listen to them whenever he feels down. Or whenever really.
BTS Reaction to you having a nightmare

Anon requested:Thank you so much for requesting i hope you like it 


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He had woken up to you crying on his bedroom floor, he quickly got out of bed walking over to you and asking you whats wrong, you told him you had a nightmare, he pulls you into a tight hug,kisses the top of your head telling you that everything will be fine and that he’s here for you, while cracking one of his many dad jokes that always mange to make you feel better.


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We all know yoongi is a light sleeper, so all it took for him to wake up was hearing you cry in your sleep. He asked you over and over again what was wrong, but you just stayed quite and continue to cry, after a very long silence he would turn you so that you were facing him, he would kiss the tip of your nose and slowly start to rap you to sleep in his raspy sleeping voice.


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“what’s wrong babe?” he’d asked, immediately waking up from his slumber to pull you close to his chest. “it’s ok, i got you” he would say to you wrapping his arm around your shaken body. he would wait for you to stop crying before slowly pulling you back to bed.

Rap Monster

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“jagiya?” he’d asked noticing your side of the bed was empty. he’d hear a distant panting and wouldn’t wait a second to turn on the lights, he would find you in a corner of the room trying to clam yourself down. once he reaches you he will attempt to get rid of your fear by telling you about his day, or asking you how your was.


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 “how can you possibly be scared when i’m here?” he would ask you, as he wrapped his arm around your waist pulling you closer to him. He would ask you many silly questions as he is now sleep deprived. eventfully he would talk you back sleep again, “that’s my jagiya” he would say to himself as he fell asleep too.


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this poor boy is not energetic at night, but he won’t fall asleep until you fall asleep first. He would try and make you comfortable again by whispering sweet, safe, and reassuring words into your ear.


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jungkook is such a heavy sleeper that getting him up would be hard task, but once he finally got up and noticed how scared you were, he would prop himself up on his elbow and list off the many things he loves about you until you fell asleep on his chest once more.

Underwear Crisis

Summary: My cat steals underwear and this time she steals yours. And here you are, a towel around yout waist, wanting your stolen underwears.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Swearing (a little)

A/N: This is my first time to try this. I’ve no idea how good is my writing, so feedback is appreciated! Thanks for reading it! (If I have some grammer mistakes just let me know privately, I’ll fix them right back!)

“Oh, no, no, no! Not again!” Bucky growled with anger as he grabbing the towel that he just threw on his bed, hooking around his waist and walked to your door, secretly hoping no one would see him like this. Bucky took a deep breath and knocked at you door harshly.

You were sittin on your couch, trying to sleep whilst Netflix was open and playing a movie for you. When you heard the knock on your door, you cursed at the person quietly and got up from your comfy couch with whines.

“It’s better be something very import–“ You stopped at your track as your eyes meeting with Bucky’s bare chest. “What the fuck?” You said with wide eyes. Bucky snorted.

“It’s your cat’s fault. She keeps stealing my underwears! I don’t have any underwear to wear!” Bucky threw his hands on the air, forgetting the towel around his waist for a second. The towel fell to the ground with a graceful move and let you see his gorgeous manhood hanging.

Jesus!” You screamed as you closing your eyes with your hand. “B-Bucky, you-ur to-towel!” You managed to say, and heard him cursed loudly.

“Shit! Fuck, I’m sorry. Shit.” You heard some noises and he huffed an air baloon out of his lungs. “Uhm, I-I closed i-it.” You separeted your fingers on the middle to take a careful look at him. “I’m so fucking sorry.” He apologized, his icy blue eyes were sincere and his cheeks were pink.

“Uh… It’s ok-okay. I’ll go and see if she bring any of your underwear.” You swallowed. “I’ll bring it to you.” He nodded. He murmured a thanks and turned on his heels, quickly get inside his own apartment and closing the door.

“Well fucking done, Barnes. Now you really made a number for yourself.” He grumbled to himself. “Christ…”

You cursed. “You little fucking piece of shit!” You exclaimed to your cat, who is laying on your couch while cleaning herself. You put your hands on your hips and watched your cat in awe. “Wow, you find this perfect time to clean yourself? I’m not gonna feed you for the next couple days.” Her cat threw her a look and meow-ed. “Nope, not gonna do it. You’re gonna be punished.” She looked around herself. “Now show me where did you put those underwears.”

The cat didn’t even move.

You growled with frustration and tapped your foot loudly on the ground. You go to your room and take a look at under your bed. Huh.

You extended your arm and grabbed the pile of underwears. “You seriously had stolen his legeacy, right?” You mumbled to yourself, as you putting the pile next you and reached again. Another pile of underwear came into your hand and you grabbed them. There was at least twenty boxer, and all of them were dirty. Your cat probably played with them too much.

You sighed. Taking them to your bathroom, putting them into your washing machine. When you arranged your washing machine to the shortest time, you returned to your room, opening your underwear drawer, pulling out a boxer. You were wearing his underwears for sometime, but you didn’t know it was his. Your friend, Lara, loves to wear boxers as pj’s and you simply thought it was hers and it won’t be a problem if you’d just wear them. But now, you know that these boxers aren’t yours.

You sighed again, grabbing a couple of clean boxers and made your way to Bucky’s apartment. You took a deep breath, knocking the door shyly. You heard the solid footsteps that comign closer to the door, your heart started to beat faster than it should. The door swung open and Bucky was there, still with a towel around his waist.

“I, uh, I had couple of your boxers. Thought they were belong to my friend and washed them.” You extended your arm and gave the boxers to him. He took the boxers. “The others are in the washing machine right now. Kara probably played on them a little too much so I thought why not washing them.” You smiled at him nervously. He returned to smile, but his were bigger, warmer and more sincere.

“It’s okay,” he said quietly. “Thanks.” You shrugged. He hesitated before he extended his hand to you. “Bucky.” You looked at his hand and to his eyes. Grabbing his hand, squeezing lightly while you were shaking it.

“Y/N.” He smiled big. You smiled too, and pulled your hand. “I’ll bring the rest to you.” He nodded. You caught his eyes, looking at you head to toe. You blushed a little, feeling your cheeks gaining heat.

“That’d be great, thanks again.” He said, still smiling. You pursed your lips into a thin line, as you walking back to your apartment. He furrowed his brows just before you got in. “I liked the way of my boxers hanging on your gorgeous legs, doll,” he said and winked at you. You froze. “Just keep the rest.” He winked at you again and smirked as he closing  his door, leaving you flushed and with red cheeks.

He gotta admit that you looked so sweet when your cheeks turned into a beautiful shade of red. He smiled at himself.

He knows that he isn’t gonna get bored in this building when he has you to get you flustered and make you blush.

He just really loved that shade of red on you, that’s all.  

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All of this harry news have been so Inspirational™!! Like imagine him being like "ya know what babe? Let's go to the Bahamas. Right now." on a random Tuesday night when ur getting ready for bed and he's throwing stuff into a suitcase calling for a last min flight and when ur all like "whats going on??" He's all "just figured I'd start being a bit spontaneous love"

“I can’t believe we’re doing this.”

You keep saying that – in the car, waiting in line to check-in at the airport, and when you’re trolling for food in the shops before the flight. This morning you’d been grumpy and cold and angry that it was drizzly enough to wreck your hair but not enough that it wouldn’t look stupid to have an umbrella up, and when you’d gotten home he had two suitcases open on the bed and was throwing things in after a quick once-over to decide if they’d do. 

“You like this one, don’t you?” he’d asked while holding up a top and wiggling it in front of his chest. “I like when yeh wear it.”

“What’s happening?” you asked him. You’d been tired, and confused, and kind of angry because the bed was taken up with bags and all you’d wanted to do was sleep, but he was oblivious to it.

“We’re goin’ away,” he’d said. 


He’d been bright-eyed and he’d laughed a little nervously when he simply said, “Holiday. Thought… thought we could use it. You can work remotely, can’t yeh?” 

You’d stumbled over your words. “This is… I… Harry….”

“Let’s just get out of here,” he’d said. “An’ if it goes badly, then we’ll never have to do it again, right?”

He’d been so earnest… how could you have ever said no?

You can’t believe you’re doing this. 

Darkest Desire: Sweet Revenge

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Don’t forget to read previous chapters! Darkest Desire Masterlist

Chapter 17

Summary: Negan learns more details about what David did. Something major is revealed about Jamie.

Word Count: 1,992

WARNINGS: Intense beating, Another very descriptive death of a character 

HUGE THANK YOU as always to @i-am-negan-trash for being my beta reader! 

“Simon, I don’t fucking understand why she was so afraid to tell me? What the fuck am I missing here? How does she not know I’d never hurt her?!” Negan shook his head as he looked down at you laying in a bed in the infirmary.

“Do you realize how many times you have almost killed Jamie? Come on Negan! She’s not scared that you’ll hurt her, but that you’ll hurt people she cares about!” Simon reasoned.

“If I want her to tell me, then I’m gonna have to give her what she really wants. Where the fuck is Jamie?” Negan stood up and looked around the room.

“He has been doing much better today and is up and running about,” Eugene informed Negan.

“Well that’s a fucking miracle!” Negan tilted his head.

“I fear something bad happened to her.” Eugene looked down at you concerned.

“No fucking shit. What the fuck do you know?” Negan questioned him.

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“I should have never taken him into my bed.’ He was only a sellsword, no fit consort for a queen and yet I knew that all along … but I did it anyway.”
• Daenerys Targaryen on Daario (ADWD)

“I know that you are wildling to the bone.’ It was easy to forget that sometimes, when they were laughing or kissing. But then one of them would say or do something and he would suddenly be reminded of the wall between their worlds.”
• Jon Snow on Ygritte (ASOS)

Another great book parallel 🙏🏼
Private Fun

Reader x Jungkook

Warning: Explicit Language/ Smut

(Picture not mine)

It was a Saturday night I wasn’t up for going out but I was practically being dragged by my best friend Seoyeon. 

 "Yah Seoyeon I don’t want to go to this party meet up thing with your friend I don’t even know him.“ She rolled her eyes as we entered her room. 

 "Come on you never go out I understand you work but come on you need to have some fun you’ve been just living a dull life and that sounds awful you might even meet a guy you like and get a boyfriend.” I sat down on her bed.

 "Don’t even start I’m not up for that boyfriend stuff, plus I’m not even hot or attractive enough!“ Seoyeon walked to her closet and pulled out a red blouse with a black waist skirt and some knee socks and a pair of black shoes. 

 "I was going to make you wear a revealing dress but I know your the shy type and I don’t want you to feel embarrassed or complain so change into this and I’ll do your make up after your done changing." 

Seoyeon threw the clothes at me and after a while I was standing in front of the mirror with nice and light make-up Seoyeon had put on me I looked totally different.

 "I guess this works I mean I still look nice but I don’t think I should go to the party.” She rolled her eyes at me and took my hand and pulled me out of her house and into her car she started to drive and head on to the party.

 As we arrived there we were greeted by a tall handsome looking man.

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He takes care of you ♡ Ethan

Request: ‘‘Can you write an imagine like “He takes care of you” but with Ethan? Thanks!‘‘

Response: Thank you for your request ♡ Let me know if you enjoyed it! (Check out my other imagine ‘He takes care of you’ with Grayson if anyone liked this) xxx

Warning: English is not my native language, so if there are any vocabulary/grammar mistakes, please ignore them. I try my best :)

‘Argghh..’ you groan as you turn around in your bed, trying to find a comfortable position to fall asleep. You were having the worst cramps ever and it felt like you were going to throw up. The past week you had been very sick; lying in bed was all you did the whole day. This night Ethan, your boyfriend, insisted on staying over.

Both of your parents were on a business trip, so you were home alone. Ethan, the cutie that he was, took care of you and made food for you. ‘Ahh..’ you let out another groan as your stomach was twisting and twirling. Suddenly you realise that the sounds you were making were actually really loud. You hope you didn’t wake Ethan up. Unfortunately, you did.

‘Y/N, baby? Is everything okay?’ you hear Ethans raspy voice on your left. You turn around so that you were laying on your back, hoping that the pain would soon go away in this position. ‘Yeah, I’m fine, E. Just go back to sleep.’ But, of course, Ethan knew you longer than today. He turns around and goes laying on his right side. With a supporting elbow he holds himself up while he hovers his head above yours.

He feels your forehead with the back of his hand. ‘Woah Y/N, you’re so hot. I think you have more than just a cold.’ He pulls the blanket back to your belly, so that you could get some air. ‘Yeah, probably. Thank you,’ you whisper with closed eyes while he strokes your forehead. ‘No problem,’ he says softly. You can’t help but frown deeply while another wave of sickness floods over you. Again you feel like you’re going to throw up and you quickly sit straight up.

‘What is it?’ Ethan asks worried, while he puts a hand on your lower back. But before you can say something you feel a weird sensation rush through your stomach. You pull the blanket from your body and run with a hand pressed to your mouth to the bathroom.

You barely make it to the toilet before you start puking your guts out. After a few seconds you hear the door, meaning that Ethan had walked in. A second later you feel him holding your hair back while rubbing your back. ‘Please E, I don’t want you to see me like th-‘ But before you can finish your sentence, the weird sensation comes up and you throw up again. You gently try to push him away while feeling a little embarrassed, but he doesn’t move an inch. ‘Sshh,’ Ethan hushes you. Your whole body shudders of the disgusting taste and feeling. ‘It’s okay,’ he whispers in your ear.

After a minute or two you pull back, still holding the toilet, just in case you had to throw up again. Ethan was still rubbing your back while studying your face. ‘Feel any better?’ he asks. You wipe your mouth and look at him. His hair was all messy and he was only wearing some sweatpants. Next to you he looked like a god.

‘Yeah, a little,’ you say and try to crack a smile. You’re feeling a little weak, so you lean on Ethan while he helps you up. He grabs a toothbrush and puts some toothpaste on it. ‘Here,’ he says and gives it to you. You gratefully take it from him.

While you were brushing your teeth you notice that you spilled a little vomiting on your shirt. Ethan disappears into the bedroom and comes back a minute later with something in his hands. You spit in the sink and clean the toothbrush.

Then you turn around to see what he had brought; a clean hoodie. He puts it down and he walks up to you. He raises your arms and pulls the dirty shirt over your head, leaving you only in a bralette. Ethan grabs the hoodie and helps you putting it on. God, it smelled so nice. It smelled like… Ethan. ‘Thank you,’ you say. He gives you a little kiss on your nose. ‘You look so cute in my clothes. And so small, too,’ he chuckles while stroking your cheek. You giggle.

‘Now let’s get back to bed,’ Ethan says with a smile, but before you can take a step he lifts you up and carries you to the bedroom. You close your eyes and enjoy his big arms holding you. You discretely sniff up his scent. Unfortunately it’s over in a few seconds when he slowly lays you down on the bed, tucking you in. He comes laying beside you and gives you a long kiss on the cheek. ‘You comfortable?’ he asks caringly. You smile and look him in the eyes. ‘Yeah, thank you. My stomach still feels not very good, though.’

Ethan pulls the blanket back again and his hand slowly lifts up the hoodie. He looks at you for permission and you nod. He gently places his warm hand on your stomach, making slow circular motions. You close your eyes while he looks at you, making sure it felt comfortable. ‘That’s so nice…’ you yawn after a minute and open your eyes, seeing him smiling. ‘Anything for my princess,’ he whispers with a soothing voice. And after a few minutes you slowly drift off to sleep.

The next morning you wake up from the sunbeams shining through the window. You felt ten times better than you did yesterday. You turn around and stretch out your arm, but the bed is empty. ‘Ethan?’ you ask, but he wasn’t anywhere in the room. Just at that moment he walks in. In his hands he’s holding a tray with a bowl of soup and a sandwich on a plate next to it. You go sit straight up.

‘Goodmorning, baby,’ he smiles and comes sitting next to you. ‘Hey babe. Aw, you shouldn’t have done that, E,’ you say while you take the soup he was offering you. ‘But I did,’ he smirks. ‘And I like taking care of you. I’ll do anything to make you feel at least a little better.’

You put your soup down and give him a kiss on his cheek. He hadn’t shaved yet and his little beard tickled your lips. ‘Thank you… I love you,’ you say. ‘I love you more,’ he says with so much admiration in his voice that it felt like your heart was going to explode out of your chest. He was the sweetest boyfriend you could ever imagine. ‘Now eat your soup,’ he says playfully. You laugh and start eating.

@rahatsizyazilar asked for15. A kiss because I have literally been watching you all night and I can’t take anymore.

Soo…I know I said I was going to bed… but then I wrote this from Hiccup’s perspective… and then wrote another from Astrid’s because of reasons. So now I really am going to bed.

Both set somewhere before HTTYD 2 and both happen at different times.


Hiccup watched as Astrid’s fingers toyed with the rim of the cup. Her face was a picture of concentration as she listened to the tale of how Sven’s sheep got loose - again. The once Silent Sven claimed the whole ordeal to be a mystery, but Astrid had caught the twins dismantling the fences.

Not that Hiccup heard a word of this, too distracted by the way the torchlight reflected in Astrid’s golden hair and the way she tugged on her braid when she was concentrating hard on something.

Raising his tankard to his lips, Hiccup finished the last of his ale. His eyes never left Astrid.

Gods, she was beautiful and she was so good with the people of Berk, as much as she complained about it. She took the time to listen to them and worked to help solve their problems. Hiccup knew that most of the villagers were just as comfortable going to Astrid for advice as they were going to him. It relieved some of the pressure, but Hiccup felt a little guilty.

This life of being Chief, of serving the village, he’d been born into it, but Astrid… well, she was Astrid. She took it all in her stride and Hiccup loved her.
He noticed Astrid was returning his state and realised belatedly that she had asked him a question.

“Hmm, what?”

Astrid got that little crinkle between her eyes, the one where she was laughing silently at something he’d done. She shook her head in disbelief, turning back to the conversation.

It was too much. Hiccup had been watching Astrid all night, hanging back from the crowds and the conversation and just… watching. She was so easy to watch.

“Sorry, can I just borrow her for one moment?” He caught the fingers playing with the braid and pulled Astrid through the crowd.

“Hiccup? Where are you taking-”

Hiccup pulled Astrid just outside the doors to the Great Hall. He wrapped his arms around her and his mouth was on hers.

He could taste the wine on her lips and wondered briefly if she could taste the ale on his. It wasn’t worth another thought though, because Astrid was tangling her hands in his hair, pulling him close and her mouth was oh so eager on his.

Finally they pulled apart.

“What was that for?” Astrid asked. She kept Hiccup close, his body heat welcome in the cold.

“I couldn’t help myself.” Hiccup grinned. He was giddy from joy the alcohol.

Astrid gave him a playful shove. “Want to do it again?” She asked.


The people of Berk loved Hiccup.

Astrid didn’t blame them. She loved Hiccup. He was smart and funny and Gods, did he look good in leather.

She watched him from across the Great Hall. He was standing with his father, discussing something with the foreign Viking’s visiting Berk.

Astrid assumed they were talking about dragons. It was Hiccup’s favourite subject. His face would light up with excitement every time. Astrid didn’t even mind him geeking out over some new dragon ability when she got to watch the way his face shone.

Given the expression Hiccup was wearing now, she was betting the conversation was dragon related. Astrid couldn’t actually hear what they were saying over the buzz of the crowd.

Stoick had put on a massive feast to welcome the new Viking’s. Every one was celebrating. Eating and drinking and talking and laughing.

Astrid had sat with her family and had been unable to get near Hiccup, distracted and interrupted by the well-meaning villagers who knew of her relationship with the Chief’s son.

Tuning out of the conversation at her own table, Astrid stared over and Hiccup and his father. From the looks of it, Stoick had banned Hiccup from wearing his flying leathers. Instead he was wearing dark brown trousers and a deep green tunic. A fur cloak draped across his broad shoulders. Astrid couldn’t help but admire her boyfriend from a distance.

She smirked as Hiccup threw his hand up in one of his wild gestures. His talking was always so animated, involving his whole body. He knocked a cup over and Astrid stifled a laugh.

Hiccup had grown up and filled out over the last five years, but the awkward, clumsy fifteen year old was still in there.

She wanted to talk to him. Astrid was sure he’d already have stories about their visitors. Would it be rude for her to go over? Stoick knew about her and Hiccup, she was sure of it, though they hadn’t come out and told him yet. Honestly, their relationship was the worst kept secret on Berk.

Hiccup was laughing at something. Astrid couldn’t just make it out over the swirling conversation around her. He was running his hand through his hair - Astrid loved Hiccup’s hair, even if she did tease him about it - and turning. He’d kept the two braids she’d twisted earlier that day.

Making up her mind, Astrid stood.

She wound through the tables, avoiding eye contact with anyone lest they attempt to strike up a conversation. She came to a stop just behind Hiccup.

“Ah Astrid, there you are.” Stoick introduced her to the group. “You know we were just talking about you lass.”

Astrid felt her cheeks heating up. “Oh,” she glanced at Hiccup. “Can I uh, borrow you for a moment?”
Stoick let out a booming laugh.

“Go lad,” he told his son. “We’ve kept you here long enough. Go enjoy the celebration.” He waved the two off.

Astrid pulled Hiccup through the hall.

“Is everything alright?” He asked when Astrid directed him to one of the smaller side entrances.

He tugged her into a corner when she didn’t respond. A callused hand cupped her cheek.

“I’m fine,” Astrid told him. “Really, I was just watching you and I-” She wasn’t sure how to put her thoughts into words, so instead she reached up, twisting her hands into Hiccup’s hair and kissed him.

His mouth was parted slightly in surprise, but Hiccup was quick to recover his composure. His hands went to Astrid’s waist as they made out in the shadows.

Astrid broke away first. “We should go back.”
Hiccup’s hair was a complete mess. Astrid made an attempt to smooth it out for him. She looked down at her own clothing, patting down the fabric of the dress her mother had encouraged her to wear.

“I suppose Dad will be wondering where we went.” Hiccup took Astrid’s hand in his. “Ready Milady?”

matt: so. you and the other paladins! you guys must’ve gotten close

pidge: yea, we have! they’re all like family

matt: so, would it be accurate to say… they’re like brothers to you?

pidge: yea, yea that’s pretty accurate

matt: …interesting.


Having a chronic illness (or several, like me) is really hard work. But you know whats even harder work? Hearing on a daily basis “but you don’t look sick” and “if you were that ill then you’d have to stay in bed” and my personal favourite “why don’t you say you were having a bad pain day? How are we supposed to know that you’re sick if you don’t say anything?”

But you know what? The ignorance and neurotypicalness of people who aren’t Spoonies is what fuels me. Right now i’m lucky enough to actually be able to get out of bed myself and live a relatively ‘normal’ life. BUT, istg, at this point in my life, i manage to get out of bed in the mornings using pure rage, sheer bloody-mindedness and a whole lot of fuck you.


she’s so dumb! (i’m she)

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  • Trini: *rolls over and feels her bed is empty* Where did you go?
  • Kimberly: *from the bathroom* Hold on babe!
  • Trini: *rolls to her other side and opens her eyes and sees her little brothers smiling at her*
  • Kimberly: *walks out of the bathroom two toothbrushes* Sorry. They ran out of toothpaste. I didn't mean to wake you.
  • Trini: *sits up in bed* Go back to your room. I'll be out to make breakfast in 10 minutes.
  • *the brothers leave the room*
  • Kimberly: *sits on the bed and pulls Trini into her* Wanna cuddle for ten minutes?
  • Trini: *sighs happily* Please. Thank you for helping them.
  • Kimberly: You know you don't have to thank me for that.
  • Trini: *sleepily* I know.

rowangalathy  asked:

Pls post more feysand spoilers

His throat bobbed. “I missed you. Every second, every breath. Not just this,” he said, shifting his hips for emphasis and dragging a groan from deep in my throat, “but…talking to you. Laughing with you. I missed having you in my bed, but missed having you as a friend even more.”

My eyes burned. “I know.” I managed to say, stroking a hand down his wings, his back. “I know.” I kissed his bare shoulder, right over a whorl of Illyrian tattoo. “Never again,” I promised him, and whispered it over and over as the sunlight drifted across the floor.

my hands are still searching for ways to say sorry, even when they’ve stopped bleeding. even when they’re not waiting for you to hold onto them anymore.

& my body sleeps better on the right side of the bed, now.
& maybe that’s all I want you to know, now. that my body,
is tired  of walking away from fires it never started. that I
treat the open wounds I have made of myself. that I am still
learning how to love in a world that only knows how to swallow.
but it’s a start.

I am weakest when waking. the door closes and I search for another excuse to open. I tell myself that the flood will only consume when I
let it. that in the morning, I’ll call you like i’ve been meaning to. I’ll
give you another apology for you to scorn. I’ll give you my reasons
for being so reckless but I never meant to hurt you like that.

& my heart is a lightning storm that wreaks havoc in cities I’ve never visited. & my heart is still trying to raise the earth for what it’s done to me.

& my hands tore my heart out in january.
I held it out to you like a bargaining chip. but you didn’t want it.
I wonder if you ever did.