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How to be a courteous hotel guest

Hello! My name is Claude and I am a Texas cosplayer who also workers as a hotel housekeeper. I haven’t been working in housekeeping for very long but I’ve seen the impact of all sorts of guest and I have to say that Anime/Comic Con attendees are honestly some of the messiest guests and it puts a lot of strain on the housekeeping staff. Did you know we are warned in advance about you guys? I even have horror stories about con guest. This job is very physically demanding and we’re under a lot of pressure to meet our room cleaning times. Below are some tips about being a more helpful and respectful guest. These are only a suggestion. Not rules. Courtesy is a choice.

1.) Before leaving don’t make the bed. We understand you mean well, but all sheets need to be washed and therefore the beds stripped. The best way to leave the bed? Place all the sheets on top of the bed and remove the pillowcases from the pillows. You can leave them bunched up, that’s fine.

2.) Place all your trash into trash bags, tie it up, and leave the trash next to the door before leaving.That way we can just toss it in the trash cart and move on. Leave anything that we can vacuum. You can also leave the dirty towels next to the door before leaving.

3.) Please check all the drawers, cabinets, and closets to make sure you have all your things. Anything found will be placed into lost and found for 90 days. If you’ve left something, just call the hotel and tell them what you’ve lost and in what room.

4.) If you place a DND sign on your door we CANNOT ENTER at all. We mark it down and move on. If you later remove it and decide that you want service call the front desk and let them know because housekeeping usually end up leaving anywhere from 3pm-5pm.

5.) When housekeeping refreshes your room we make the bed, refill amenities, place fresh towels, take out trash, and do a quick wipedown. Don’t want your bed made? Need extra amenities? Need extra trash bags? Etc? Let us know! We leave notepads and pens in every room and you can write down any instructions for us. Ex: “No need to make the bed, just fresh towels and extra shampoos please.” “Extra trash bags and bath towels please, no more shampoos please.”

6.) Housekeeping cannot make the beds when you have personal belongings on the bed. Simple things like clothes and towels we move while making the bed then put back but anything else we DO NOT TOUCH. Laptops, jewels, suitcases, etc. Please keep this in mind if you want your bed made.

7.) Please do not leave your hair curlers and straighteners plugged in the bathroom. Guest always leave them connected usually next to the sink with water all over and it’s a safety hazard. Housekeeping will usually unplug them but I, personally, fear that maybe one day we won’t reach the room in time.

8.) If a hotel is Pet friendly, you still have to let the hotel know that you are bringing a furry friend along. We need to know what rooms need the pet treatment. What if the next guest is allergic and we weren’t notified about the previous guest?

9.) Try and bring some supplies to clean up after your pet. We’ve had guest allow their pets to pee and poop on the carpets and it not only affects the housekeeping staff but maintenance staff as well.

10.) Most hotels are non-smoking and we ask that you please respect that. We are trained to find out if a guest has been smoking and when we catch it, you get a $250 charge. Don’t risk it!! There are smoking areas that you can ask about.

11.) Have left over alcohol that you can’t take with you when you leave? You don’t have to throw it away. It’s very common for guest to leave them as a tip for housekeeping staff.

12.) Yes! You can tip housekeeping! It’s not required. But we constantly get tips and little notes to thank us for our work and we deeply appriciate it. (I actually have all my thank you notes!) How much you tip is up to you. Ive gotten anywhere from change to 25$.

13.) If you’re sick (like influenza, strep throat, cold, etc.) let the hotel staff know. That way we can notify the housekeepers to take extra precautions. (mask, gloves, etc) and provide a deeper clean. (I actually got Influenza B and ended up in the hospital from this one!)

14.) You don’t have to leave your room if housekeeping comes by to refresh it.  You can stay and tell us how to make your stay more comfortable. Plus, we appreciate the conversation.

15.) Please notify ANY of the hotel staff when you encounter a problem. (bedbugs, clogged toilet, broken lamps, etc) We are committed to make your stay as perfect as possible and can be reached at anytime for help.

16.) If you throw up or bleed (excessively)  in the room please notify us as soon as possible and we can have maintenance come clean up. Please do not leave it for us to clean until after your stay. It causes stains that won’t come out and a deeply embedded smell in the room.

17.) Things you can ask for that guest don’t usually know about (can vary by hotel. Some hotels require purchase.): cribs, extra blankets, shower caps, slippers, toothpaste, toothbrush, tampons, pads, razors.

That’s about all I can think of so far. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions about how to be a more courteous guest or anything about hotel service. I’ll be happy to help to the best of my ability. I cant wait to see you all at San Japan! :)

Any questions? 
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How to wake up easily in the mornings!

Okay, so I love to sleep (who doesn’t!?) buuuut I always find myself feeling tired during the day, and recently I’ve come up with a couple of things to do to help myself (and now, others) sleep better, feel less tired and wake up more easily!

1. Get. Enough. Sleep. 

I know so many people who complain about being tired and it’s almost always because they stay up too late the night before. What they need is a sleep schedule, a set time to go to bed every night and wake up each day. I, being a young teen who can’t function without enough sleep, usually go to bed at 11 and wake up at 8 on nights that I don’t have school, and on nights that I do, I go to bed and wake up an hour earlier. 

If you use your bed like a couch, use it to lounge around on your phone/ laptop on and do homework sitting on it, you brain gradually learns to associate it with those things. To make sure that your brain knows your bed is only for sleep: use it only for sleeping! Simple as that, yet most people (including myself) find it tricky.

2. Your bed is for sleeping and ONLY sleeping.

I have a bunk bed, so I use the bottom bunk for whatever I like (usually scrolling through tumblr or watching Netflix) and when I feel it’s time to go to bed, I leave my phone on my desk and climb onto the top bunk and go to sleep. Bringing your phone to bed only encourages you to go on it and before you know it, your battery is dead and it’s 4am. So don’t. Just put the phone down for once. Eventually your brain will learn that bed=sleep and you’ll be able to get to sleep faster at night.

3. Waking up effectively.

This can be separated into 3 main points:

  • Don’t hit snooze, this is so tempting, but getting up as soon as your alarm goes off is key to being more productive in the mornings.
  • Drink a glass of water as soon a you wake up, this helps you feel more refreshed and keeps you hydrated (which Tumblr seems obsessed with haha)
  • This one’s more specific to me, but I figured that other people might find it useful too: Put on some music when you get up, dancing around my room to it while I’m getting dressed and ready for the day puts me in a really good mood and if I’m feeling happy I’m usually .ore productive too! (If you want to know what I’m listening to, my Spotify is laura_ann203)

This is my first original textpost, hopefully someone found it helpful? I’ll probably be making more of these in the future.

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Could i have headcanons on how ace, sabo, law would be if their crush requested to sleep with them/share beds bcs she cant sleep in her room due to nearby noise from other rooms ( aka snoring)? X'D

Pfft, this is hilarious!!!!

S/O asking to sleep with them/share bed headcanons:

Ace & Sabo:

  • Omg, these precious babies.
  • One word: YES.
  • They’d be so happy about it on the inside, but super nervous/flustered on the outside.
  • R I P anything/everything that’s too close to them, cause you know that they’d accidentally light something on fire. LMAO
  • Ace’s S/O wouldn’t be able to sleep, though, because this freckled boi: SNORES.
  • Sabo, though, doesn’t snore. But out of these two, he’s the BIGGEST/WORST cuddler. As in, his s/o wouldn’t be able to sleep because he’s all tangled up around them and latched on. So they wouldn’t be all that comfortable. R I P


  • If he’s not too busy, he’d probably let them take his bed.
  • His s/o would have to convince him to sleep/come to bed, though.
  • He’s a stubborn little shit.
  • Probably offers them ear plugs or something so they don’t have to hear the noises. LMAOOOO
  • R I P
  • Law you dense little shit.
  • Though he’d end up sneaking into the bed with his s/o later in the night.
  • Doesn’t snore, and does cuddle a little, but not nearly to the point of preventing his s/o from sleeping. xD
  • If the noises are preventing his s/o from a lot of sleep, he’d just go, “You’re sleeping here.”
  • As in, they’re sharing a room now. Okay. LMAO
BTS Reactions to you being super flexible in bed


He’d be surprised and couldn’t take his eyes off of you.

“Wow, babe. You’re amazing”

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As long as he doesn’t have to do most of the work, he’s happy.

“I have a nice view, babe” 

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Oh he will love it. He would just thing about all the things the two of you could do in bed

“I think we should buy a book for some inspiration, if you know what I mean”

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He loves that he could do anything he wants with you and doesn’t have to worry to break your bones.

“This is fucking hot”

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Since he’s super flexible too, he doesn’t have anything to complain about. He’ll try every position with you he could think of.

“Babe, now I love you even more. Just think about all the positions we could try”

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He’d be fascinated and just loves the way you’re bending over him. 

“You’re so sexy, hun. Couldn’t get enough of that view.”

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He would be pleasently surprised and just be so into it.

“Spread thos legs a little more for me, babe. I know you could”

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i honestly never saw his happy trail? yoongi's and jin's and maybe namjoon's, but i don't remember jimin ughhhh? i don't know how i manage to miss everything on pictures even though i try and pay attention (probably because i immediately copy and paste the pic i found into a conversation and scream about it, no wonder i miss everything) anyway i'm weak today and yess go to bed, have nice dreams and sleep well <3

yknow what while brushing my teeth i collected these for you under read more lol, have fun! and now good night for real ♥

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I think Harry would also be over dramatic when it comes to him wanting you to get into bed. Like say you're sitting in the corner on a bean bag reading but he doesn't wanna sleep with out you so he decides to be a drama queen.

He’s calling across the room, splayed out across the pillows and looking at you over his shoulder.

“Wow, you know what would be nice? To have my girlfriend actually do girlfriend stuff with me, like snuggling.”

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You know teasing Steve is one of mine and Bucky's favorite things to do. What we like to do is me wear yoga pants and Bucky wear compression pants when we're in the gym with Steve. Nothing is left to the imagination. When we come in, Steve just stares. It's when we start sparing that we really grab his attention. We'll do moves to where one of us knocks the other down and be pinned down. We move to where we're dry humping each other. We keep doing it until Steve can't take it anymore (part 1)

(Part 2) and Steve uses his Captain America voice to tell us that we have to get to our shared bedroom immediately. Steve is so riled up and pushes Bucky and I on to the bed. ‘You’re both in alot of trouble,’ Steve growls. 'You know this is what we want Baby,’ Bucky answers. 'We love it when you’re rough,’ I say. 'Well you’re both gonna get it when I’m done!’ Steve glares.

oh my god yes - Gen

Sinful Sunday™

Fat Chicks and Salads

I wanna rant a bit.

I really like salads.  You know, really rich dark greens, soft veggies and crunchy veggies with some nuts for that mouthfeel contrast and some grilled meat for the taste contrast. A meal with a lot of contrasting tastes on a bed of leafy greens.  You can make it really quick and easy if your knife skills are okay (I’ve been making them for forty years.  Mine are pretty good by now)

This is my lazy, go-to, I don’t wanna cook but want something tasty meal.  Also?  I like ‘em.  Mom was sneaky, implying that salads were food for grown-ups so I could have one instead of a peanut butter sandwich if I was VERY GOOD and all growed up in my behavior, so I also have pleasant, nostalgic associations of listening to my mom and aunts gossip while eating one and being a part of the sisterhood of women.

When I became a grown-up, that kind of got spoiled for me.  I hate eating them in front of people.  I’ll order fish n chips or a big ole hamburger in a restaurant before I’ll order a salad if I’m eating with a non-intimate.


I’m fat.  I can’t order a salad without someone commenting on their presumption that I am dieting, or someone saying they wish they had my “self control”  (as if it were some sort of purgatory to eat one), or being told I don’t have to be :”good” just this once.

Friends, I don’t like bannana pudding.  Know what I never order?  I don’t like pina coladas. Don’t order them, either.

But I can’t eat a damn salad without it being some sort of fucking message to someone.  And it makes me mad.

So I eat them in secret so I can enjoy them.

How’s that for your fucking narrative for a fat chick?

                You know … I may have my insecurities and my writing might be messy here and there. But as someone whose English isn’t his initial language and  has dyslexia –  I’m rather proud of myself for  the improvements i’ve made  throughout my years here … And I’ll just be improving more and more each day. In other words, no mere hater is going to change that.

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Do you know of any fun activities for someone trying puppyplay for the first time?


This is a special edition of me answering questions where @mister-tex is dictating the answer to me as I am typing. :) 

He says that scritches are good, practice barking, playing fetch, eating out of a bowl, playing with toys, sitting on a dog bed or pillow while your partner watches a show or plays video games…. also I have a whole video you might find helpful which you can watch here.

Advanced: interrogation scene where you have to find out who the good pet is, learning tricks / trick training, leash training, caging (if you don’t have a cage, you can also tie a leash to a table or chair, or you can use a cardboard box). And of course, the more sexual elements of puppyplay if you so desire. 

Hope this helps, 

Evie and Charles 

Dirty talk Leo x reader

Warning-mild language

You and Leo were hanging out in the lair,Leonardo was sharpening his katanas while you were practicing for your volleyball game for next Tuesday. You and Leo have been dating for almost a year now so it was safe to say y'all do have fun in the bed once in awhile (if ya know what I mean).While y'all were doing your thing Leo couldn’t help but notice you dropped your volleyball and had to bend over to get it so when you bent over Leo had a good view of your ass

“Anata wa sutekina o shiri o motte iru dan no on'nanoko” Leo said looking at your ass biting his bottom lip (dang girl you got a nice ass)

You looked back kinda confused to what he said but blushing because of the sexy tone in his voice.

“Um w-what did y-you say Leo” You said stuttering while blushing furiously

Leo looked up with a smile on his face because he forgot you didn’t know Japanese.

“Oh nothing” Leo said trying to cover up the fact he told you that you had a nice ass in Japanese.

You blushing

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Secrets l Peter Parker One Shot

Type: One-shot

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Warnings: swearing

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“Peter be quiet!” You whispered for the hundredth time, but you couldn’t help but giggle.  

“Hey Y/N look!” Peter turns around to show you he had used a sharpie to draw a goatee and a mustache.  “My name is Tony Stark, I have the best technology in the world.  Hell, I invented the best security system ever and yet for the past six months I have yet to figure out my daughter has been secretly dating Spider-man. I don’t even know he is currently in my home!” Though Peter’s impersonation of your father was horrid, you had to shove your face into a pillow to try and muffle your laughter. 

“You’re horrible!” Peter leaped onto the bed and gave you a quick peck on the lips. 

“Horribly obsessed with you!” You giggled as he continued to leave kisses all over your face.  You felt a bit bad about lying to your dad, but he did work with Peter. Plus, he could be extremely over protective.  You just wanted to enjoy a regular relationship without Iron-Man watching your every move. 

“Want to go out tomorrow? We could get lunch at that sandwich place you like!”

“I’d love to, but my dad wants me to help him with some new project he’s been working on” Peter groaned and faceplanted into the bed.

“You’re always busy! When do I get my girlfriend back?” He whined. You run your fingers through his hair. 

“I know, I’m sorry” You leaned down and planted a kiss on his neck. Peter turned onto his back and pulled you close, you both laid there holding each other for a bit. 

“Maybe we should tell him”

“No! That’s a horrible idea!”

“Come on Y/N! He is your Dad, maybe he’ll be fine with us dating” Peter suggested. You rolled your eyes.

“Yeah! Because my father has totally never overacted to me having a boyfriend before. It’s not like him finding out I’m dating his co-worker, who is also Spider-Man! Wouldn’t give the man a heart-attack” You wanted to tell him, you really did! But the thought of your father trying to split you and peter up just because he wanted to protect you or whatever was too horrible to bear.  “I love you too much to loose you” you whispered. 

“I love you too” Peter sighed.  You both hated secrets, but maybe this was one worth keeping.  You were both asleep before you realized it.  

Though waking up to Tony Stark shouting more profanities than you knew existed was not exactly how you thought your day would start. 

A secret relationship with Eric Coulter // Chapter 2

Read Chapter 1  here

You can feel his lust and passion on your body he always leaves marks on you, especially on your neck. These marks are supposed to show that you are his and that only he is allowed to touch you like that or even touch you in general. Every time you come around his place both of you can’t stop taking your hands off each other. You always take off his black t-shirts and put it on yourself because you know how much he loves that.

You lay in bed with him, drawing circles and loops with your finger on his chest while he tells you about his day. “Initiation is almost over, which means the party for the new dauntless members is soon” you smile at him.

“We could use that opportunity to spend time together and go somewhere else. I wouldn’t have to sneak out like every night. And you wanted to show me this place, remember?”. He doesn’t answer first but only looks you in your eyes. 

“We would have to take the train there, y/n. Separate of course.”  he says in a serious tone. 

Your stomach growls a bit. Climbing up these stairs was exhausting and the last time you had food was hours ago.

“Want some burger and fries?” he knows that you love these and would not hesitate to order it. Being in a relationship with a leader has its advantages. Back in your dormitory you would have to starve until the morning.

Eating food at 2AM became normal for both of you. After you finish your meal you go out to the balcony. It’s dark and windy outside. All the lights are off except in Eric’s place. 

“C’mon baby, it’s cold outside” he pulls you back in and shuts the balcony door. Eric lifts you up and carries you to his bed. His muscular arms wrap around your body and tighten up the more you move. 

The next morning…

A cold breeze wakes you up. You try to get out of his arms but he holds you too strong even though he’s asleep. “Babe, where are you going, it’s way too early” his sleepy deep voice is so sexy. “I have to go now, before anyone here sees me” you kiss him on his cheek and he pulls you closer to cuddle with you and kiss you on your lips. “I’ll see you later, y/n. I love you and you’re mine” he says before falling back to sleep.

“I love you too Eric.” you put on your clothes and sneak out of his apartment. 

to be continued…

7 years

“I can’t believe you’re finally leaving,” Stephanie says, bumping her feet against the bed.

“Yeah,” Tim agrees, focused on folding his clothes. “Took awhile to get here though.”

“If only you were leaving next year,” she says wistfully.

That gets his attention. He stops folding, and looks at her.

“Why?” He asks, curiosity peeking through his eyes.

“They say if you’ve been friends for seven years, you’ll stay friends forever,” Steph says, leaning back on the bed. “We’ve only got six.”

She can’t see him anymore, but she knows he’s shaking his head.

“Do you not have faith in our friendship lasting?” Steph thinks she can hear hurt in his voice. She doesn’t know. She tries to pretend that the chasm between the two isn’t growing.


Stephanie hears Tim pause. She can picture what he looks like: face almost blank, but with that kicked puppy dog light shining through, head slightly tilted, hair falling in front of his eyes.

She wishes she had the courage to look up at him, because it would be a stunning sight to see, but that’ll address the tightness in her heart and it’s too late for that now. 

“Stephanie?” He asks again, and yup, that’s definitely hurt she hears in his voice.

She stay silent, hoping that maybe he’ll give it up and they can move on to the light topics they were discussing beforehand (she knows he won’t).

Instead, the silence between them grows heavier and heavier and suddenly it’s hard to breathe and Stephanie wants to scream– 

“It’s just,” She starts hesitantly, “You’re going to be so far away.” She watches Tim’s shoulders relax slightly (and hates herself a little more for causing him a moment of worry because Tim doesn’t deserve that he doesn’t deserve that–)

“Yeah, I know what you mean. It’ll be weird not even living in the same town as everyone.”

Stephanie says nothing, choosing to watch him silently as he turns back to his backing and almost wishes she said something else. Instead, she just wonders. She wonders about how Tim will be when he gets to his college (he’ll throw himself completely into is work at first, never bothering with socializing. He’ll dedicate himself wholly into his work and never come out unless there’s someone who can drag him out, someone who won’t be her anymore). She wonders if he will be able to make friends (he will. Tim is extremely charismatic once he pokes his head out from work. It’s how she stayed by his side even after her initial curiosity wore off.)

She wonder if he’ll finally get a girlfriend. (He will. Tim has a soft charm to him that make it hard for anyone to look away, had a crooked smile that still made Steph swoon even after years of friendship. He’ll get a beautiful girlfriend easily, one who will hold his hand and go out on dinner dates with him and meet his family and gently cup his face and lean up and kiss his lips–)

Steph suddenly feels sick.

Instead she thinks about the past six ears, the most beautiful six years of her life, the phone calls at 2 a.m. when she would talk and he would groan about sleeping and oh God what if those end please no.

But it’s no use because suddenly she’s thinking to hard and she realizes that soon instead of long talks at night Tim will be hanging up early and laugh with his new girlfriend and his new friends and she will fade slowly out of is life until one day his girlfriend will point at a picture of her and ask who is she? and Tim will laugh and throw his arms around her and say no one important to us dear.

She’ll slowly lose importance in his life and that thought terrifies her.

Please, she begs to whoever is listening. Please don’t take him away from me.

It’s my birthday guys!!!

Should I write a part 2?

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(Letter to wes. Ctnd) Wes, I dont know what to say or how to say this. And im hoping this will hurt you less than it hurts me. I have to go away for a little bit and i dont know if ill make it back. And i wanted to tell you this in person but if i saw you cry i would have never left. You are the best friend ive ever had. You are my only love. We should have never worked but we fit perfectly and there is nowhere id rather be than your arms or your bed. But part of me knows (Pt 1. Ctnd in pt 2)

Alright nerds, it’s theory time

So, yesterday when Defenders came out, I binged it all in one sitting. It was amazing, but that isn’t the point of this post. In the final episode, there was something I noticed. Now, I’m sure y’all are smart enough to assume this, but spoilers ahead!! Read at your own risk!

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DID YOU SEE CHANYEOLS PICTURE OF HIS ABS. KHFSHLLH i was deadddd. also i bet he has experience in taking risky photos like that 'cause damn. that didn't look like it was his first

okay. okay. OKAYOKAYOKAY. i was watching tourgram last night and you should have SEEN my twitter i was vibrating and yelling and making all this noise in my room (i nearly kicked my laptop off my bed for pete’s sake). the bottom line: parkchanyeolhowfuckingdareyou.

you know he did that on purpose. like, he probably looked at his phone right before he turned on the self-cam and was like, mm, i’m not really feeling this cute dog stock wallpaper, let me change it real quick to my BEAUTIFUL BODY UGH I HATE HIM. 

anyway, i totally agree! chanyeol is probably one of those people more inclined to taking body pics (yes, dick pics too, let’s be real) to send to his s/o. come to think of it, he’d probably take body pics of his s/o, too, especially right before he leaves for the road so that he can use them to jack off i mean remember his s/o by. 

- lucy


I’m going to start doing information posts called PSA Posts. These are just going to be answering questions like “what can my baby eat and what is bad” or “what is the best bedding” or whatever it is that may be burning a hole in your guys’ minds. Finding this kind of information on Google can be really frustrating sometimes so I hope to be able to ease that frustration for you guys! If you are ever looking for them, simply search my archives for “PSA Post” and they’ll come up and if what you’re looking for isn’t there, message me and let me know and I’ll get onto researching it!
Thank you all and I hope you all have a marvellous day!

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Five things you’ll find in my bag:

  • Headphones and phone
  • Binder and school text books
  • 2 pencil cases (one for my markers and one for pens, pencils, etc)
  • Phone charger
  • Peppermint oil

Five things you’ll find in my bedroom:

  • My desk
  • Some paper flowers that my senpai gave me (because he had a crush to me but he’s over it now… hopefully
  • My bed and pillows
  • A photo of me with mymiddle school classmates at 9th grade (2 years ago)
  • A painting I did 2 years ago

Five things I’ve always wanted to do:

  • Write my own original story
  • Travel the world
  • Experience actual snow (yeah I know, the first 3 things are the same as yours, Brandon XD)
  • Meet my internet friends irl
  • To own every single video gaming console (yeah, I’m crazy)

Five things/people that make me happy:

  • Art
  • My genuine friends and internet friends
  • My doggos
  • Mint and/or chocolate flavoured or scented food and things
  • Rain

Five things I’m currently into:

  • Kingdom Hearts and Boku no Hero Academia (and others but I’m lazy)
  • Art and music
  • Minty things
  • Making friends on Tumblr (because I’ve met many genuine and nice people here, even more than irl)
  • Green

Five things on my to do list:

  • Get into college and graduate
  • Find a job as an illustrator
  • Owning my own house so I can move out from my parents
  • Become a great artist on Tumblr
  • To meet @thefandombytes someday (I am determined >:<)

I’ll tag @lazerpuppys @dotoyersvsky and @thefandombytes (mrow :3)