i know you hate when people do this in movies

Hogwarts House Friendships

Gryffindor x Gryffindor
“Remember that one time when we went to-”
“Yeah and we ended up-”

Gryffindor x Hufflepuff
“I’ve always loved snow and snowboarding sounds fun, but…”
“Okay, let’s do it”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be here to keep you safe”

“Somehow, I don’t think that I’m the one who’ll get hurt…”

Gryffindor x Ravenclaw
“There is a 98.46% chance of getting hurt”
“I guess I just have to be the 1.54%”

“That’s not how-”
“Too late”

Gryffindor x Slytherin
“You suck”
“But you swallow”

“Did you just-”
“… I love you?”

Hufflepuff x Hufflepuff
“Guess who got all fifty Disney movies?”
“… You know what this means?”

“Disney marathon slumber party in an hour. Let’s do this.”

Hufflepuff x Ravenclaw
“Ugh… But I’m in the middle of a book”
“C’mon you need to go socialize”

“But but but”
“And have you been procrastinating to read again?”

Hufflepuff x Slytherin
“I swear that bitch is going to suffer”
“Shh it’s okay you can do that when you take over the world”

“I mean I just hate when people judge me because of my family”

Ravenclaw x Ravenclaw
“Dude when you’re done with that book I have another one”
“Ahh yes please gimme”


*content silence while snuggling and reading by the fireplace*

Ravenclaw x Slytherin
“So I may or may not have intercepted this coded message…”

“Let’s do this”

Slytherin x Slytherin
“I’m fine don’t worry”
“… I know you’re not”

“C’mon, I have some lavender oil and butterbeer. That’ll help.”

Angsty Bojack Horseman Sentence Starters
  • “The most important thing is, you got to give the people what they want, even if it kills you.”
  • “You know, sometimes I feel like I was born with a leak, and any goodness I started with just slowly spilled out of me.”

  • “Life is a series of closing doors, isn’t it?”

  • “Am I a good person?”

  • “That’s the problem with life, either you know what you want and you don’t get what you want, or you get what you want and then you don’t know what you want.“ 

  • “There’s nothing for you behind you. All that exists is what’s ahead." 

  • "Family is a sinkhole, and you were right to get out when you had the chance." 

  • “I don’t understand how people… live. It’s amazing to me that people wake up every morning and say: ‘Yeah, another day, let’s do it.’ How do people do it? I don’t know how.” 

  • “You didn’t know me and then you fell in love with me. And now you know me.” 

  • “Closure is a made up thing by Steven Spielberg to sell movie tickets”.

  • “We’re just two lonely people trying to hate ourselves a little less.” 

  • “I don’t think I believe in ‘deep down’. I think that all you are is just the things that you do.”

  • “You were born broken, that’s your birthright.”

  • “You know what your problem is? You want to think of yourself as the good guy.”

  • “you’re a selfish goddamn coward who just takes whatever he wants and doesn’t give a shit about who he hurts. That’s you.”

  • “You know, it’s funny… when you look at someone through rose-colored glasses, all the red flags just look like flags.”

  • “I’m sorry, alright? I screwed up, I- I know I screwed up.”

  • “You can’t keep doing shitty things and then feel bad about yourself like that makes it okay! You need to be better!”

  • “You are all the things that are wrong with you.”

  • “Fuck, man. What else is there to say?”

  • “We’re not doomed. In the great, grand scheme of things, we’re just tiny specks that will one day be forgotten.”

  • “The only thing that matters is right now, this moment, this one spectacular moment we are sharing together.”

  • “I don’t understand how people… live. It’s amazing to me that people wake up every morning and say: ‘Yeah, another day, let’s do it.’ How do people do it? I don’t know how.”

  • “He’s so stupid he doesn’t realize how miserable he should be. I envy that.”

  • “It’s not about being happy, that is the thing. I’m just trying to get through each day.”

  • “I can’t keep asking myself ‘Am I happy?’ It just makes me more miserable.”

  • “It takes a long time to realize how truly miserable you are and even longer to see it doesn’t have to be that way.”

  • “When you do bad things, you have something you can point to when people eventually leave you. It’s not you, you tell yourself. It’s that bad thing you did.”

  • “It’s so cruel to let people love you. All you’re doing is promising you’ll one day break their hearts.”

  • “One day, you’re gonna look around and you’re going to realize that everybody loves you, but nobody likes you. And that is the loneliest feeling in the world.”

  • “There are some people you can’t save. Cause those people will thrash and struggle, and try to take you down with them.”
  • “ Hey, I wanted to talk to you about… you know. I feel bad about what happened.”
  • “I don’t forgive you.”
  • “No. I’m not gonna give you closure. You don’t get that. You have to live with the shitty thing you did for the rest of your life. You have to know that it’s never, ever going to be okay!”
  • “You have to believe me. I did everything I could.”
  • “I had a good life, but what I needed then was a friend! And you abandoned me. And I will never forgive you for that.”
  • “Now get the fuck out of my house!”
  • “ Look, I’m sorry about all the stuff I said about you earlier.”
  • “Do you… do you think it’s too late for me? I mean, am, am, am I just doomed to be the person that I am? “
  • “I, I, I need you to tell me that I’m a good person.”
  • “I just wanted to tell you that I know. I know you want to be happy, but you won’t be… and I’m sorry.”
  • “ What more do you want? What else could the universe possibly owe you? “
  • “I want to feel good about myself. The way you do. And I don’t know how. I don’t know if I can.”
  • “If you ever try to contact me or my family again, I will fucking kill you.”
  • “ You can’t just disappear. You really hurt a lot of people.”
  • “In this terrifying world, all we have are the connections that we make.”
  • “It’s so sad that when you see someone as they really are, it ruins them.”
  • “You like being there to rescue me. Because it makes you feel good about yourself.”
  • “ You know that I don’t do the whole love thing. Either you end up hurting someone or they hurt you. So what’s the point?”
  • “ Uh…. Oh, god, I’m drowning. I feel like I’m drowning.”
  • “Hey, we have all done shitty stuff before. Most of us aren’t as proud of it as you seem to be.”
  • “It doesn’t get better and it doesn’t get easier.”
  • “I can’t keep lying to myself thinking I’m gonna change, I’m poison.”
  • “I come from poison and I have poison inside me and I destroy everything I touch. That’s my legacy.”
  • “I have nothing to show for the life I have lived. And I have nobody in my life who’s better off for having known me.”
  • “You’re gonna wanna kill yourself, and there’s going to be no one left to stop you.” 
I just wanted to put a little PSA out there

It’s okay to hate a ship. It’s okay to love a ship. It’s okay to feel indifferent about a ship. What isn’t okay is when people hate on other people because they don’t love, hate or feel indifferent about the same things they do. If we all felt the same about shows, movies and books fandom life would be pretty boring. While it is okay to have healthy discussion in your said fandom, when it turns to pure hateful personal attacks on a person you most likely don’t know a line must be drawn. Feel free to love and hate aspects of shows, movies and books just remember to love each other in the process.

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We need to talk about Jared Leto

I have been seeing so much unnecessary, unkind, undeserved hate towards Jared Leto, and none of it is justified.

I really want to know what’s so bad about him being in blade runner? People hate the fact that he’s a supporting role and why exactly? This doesn’t effect your life, if you aren’t a fan of Jared Leto and don’t like watching movies of him, then the solution is simple, don’t!

Why do people feel the need to comment hateful things on a person only because they aren’t looking forward to their casting role? I’m all for opinions, it’s ok to have an opinion. But when your opinion starts to cross a line of disrespect for another human being is where I get angry.

Your opinion shouldn’t be so important as to put a persons confidence down. All these people are constantly saying “no discrimination” “everyone deserves love” “peace and freedom” “you do you” and then you go and completely push down those morals you have all set up.

I’d love to see you try to go out in the acting world where you are being judged 24/7 and I want to see you get really excited for a role and work so hard to play and put so much time into it, and then see reviews such as “I hate you” “your acting sucks” “kill yourself” “this movie sucks because you’re in it” “I was excited to see this movie but then I saw you were in it”
How about you get all of that on your social media, when your a human just trying to fulfill your dreams and work really hard at it? I’m sure it sucks

It’s a good thing he doesn’t dwell on that stuff, even though it still must be hard. Because the sad thing is that he is an amazing actor, one of the best I’ve ever seen. I’ve never seen an actor like jared Leto in my life. He gets so passionate about his roles and so dedicated and he does so good.

And by the way, Jared Leto as The joker is badass. No matter what you say. I don’t think he did amazing in suicide squad only because I blame the script writer which I’m pretty sure was David Ayer, the script was not fit for the joker and it did not do his take on the joker justice. (No pun intended). And if you don’t like his look, don’t blame him, it was the costume and makeup team that decided his look for him.

I even saw a post saying that Margot Robbie and will smith were perfectly cast for suicide squad but DC disrespected them when they decided to cast Jared as joker. That appalled me. He worked so hard and I actually think he is a fantastic joker, I also think he can go really far with this role, but he needs better scripts and better movie time which isn’t his fault.

I say to out due this hate and actually send some awesome positive messages to Jared, even some fan art.

Movie Date - Jughead Jones

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Pairing: Jughead x Reader
Description: You and Juggy go to a movie date at the drive-in on a cold, foggy night
Warnings: extreme fluff ♥
Word Count: 1,364
hey guys, this is my first riverdale related imagine but i’m obsessed with the show and Jughead so I just had to write something. Today where I live is super cloudy and misty and that’s what gave me the inspiration to write this, bc it reminds so much of the show and jug’s character. Enjoy.

It’s freezing out at the drive-in and as soon as you get there you think that you should have worn a thicker jacket. The wind blows the hair out of your face and you wrap your arms around yourself trying to shield your body from the cold. Looking around, you’re surprised to see that the usually crowded field it’s almost empty. Who would want to stay outside for 2 hours freezing out in such a cold night as this one, right? Only two weirdos like you and Jug. But to be honest, you prefer it this way.

 It doesn’t take long for you to spot the familiar black beanie and a tall figure  sitting on a chair with a bunch of blankets and snacks. A smile automatically  appears on your face while you walk until where he is.

“BOO!” you scream, jumping from behind the chairs and trying to scare him. 
“Ha-ha”, Jug mocks you, clearly unimpressed. “Did you really think I would get  scared that easily?” he asks, smirking.

“Yeah, yeah, I know, silly me.” You answer, smiling and playfully rolling your  eyes.

“Come here, sit. It’s freezing and the movie is about to start” Jug says, lifting  one side of the fuzzy grey blanket and patting the spot beside him.

“Oh, and what are we watching today?” You ask, curious about what he had  chosen for tonight. You loved his taste in weird and old movies and were  always surprised by the films he liked to watch.

“The Shining”, he says, lifting one eyebrow and doing a funny, dramatic voice.

“Oh my god Jug, are you kidding me? You know how much I hate horror  movies!”

“I know, but c’mon (Y/N), look at this weather. It’s freezing, it’s chilly, it’s misty,” he says, lifting his hands in the air and pointing to the sky,” I’m sorry, but this night demands a horror movie.”

“Okay, okay, I’ll watch it” you give in and sigh, realizing you have no choice. “But why do you have to be such an emo?” you purposefully mock him,  knowing how much he hated when people called him emo.

“Oh no. You did not just call me that!” He complains, turning his head to look straight at you, a surprised smile on his lips.

“Okay, I’m sorry, I’m just messing with you” you reply, chuckling “let’s just watch the movie already so we don’t stay here until too late.” You finish your sentence and kiss him on the cheek, wrapping your arms around his neck. That way you knew he wouldn’t say no.

“Yeah, let’s watch it. Even though you don’t like horror movies I think you’ll like this one. Jack Nicholson’s performance is phenomenal, one of the best until this day, in my opinion. The way he conveys his madness throughout the film is what makes it such a classic.”

“Look at you, geeking out again for these old movies” you say, looking at him with pure adoration in your eyes and stroking the black hair in the back of his neck. You love how nerdy he was when it comes to movies and books and you love it even more when he talks about it.

He was looking especially handsome tonight. His green eyes were sparkling and his cheeks were rosy due to the low temperature. Pieces of his dark hair were sticking out of his beanie everywhere, making him look even more adorable. You feel his warm hands on top of your cold ones.

“How can you not geek out when you’re about to watch The Shining? It’s one of my favorites” Jug answers, while the opening title appears on the giant screen.  

“Yeah, you got me, I’m curious now. I just hope it isn’t too scary”

“It isn’t, I promise.”

During the first hour of the movie you two just silently watch, surrounded by blankets. Legs are tangled in each other, Juggy’s arm is around your waist and your head is on his chest, the both of you struggling to keep as warm as possible.  Every now and then you would just look up to see the complete concentration on his face.

Suddenly, his voice breaks the silence “are you enjoying it?”

“Yeah, I thought I wouldn’t like it but the story is actually pretty interesting”

“I don’t mean the movie” he says with a serious look on his face, looking sad almost. 

“What? What are you talking about?” you ask confused, while sitting up so you could look directly at him.

“Are you enjoying this?” he questions, moving his hands between you and him “I mean, are you enjoying… us?”

He quickly looks down, a wave of insecurity getting the best of him.

“Juggy… why are you even asking me this?”

“I don’t know, I just… I just realized it’s almost midnight and you’re out here freezing your ass out, watching a movie you probably won’t even like”, he answers, a sad smile appearing on his lips, “and it’s all for me. I just need to make sure you’re enjoying it as much as I am”

“Oh my God, you’re adorable, you know that?” you reply, laughing and putting your hands on both sides of his face. “Of course I’m enjoying it. Are you kidding me? You’re the best boyfriend I could ever ask for, you’re my best friend. And a boy that brings me on a date like this, c’mon! We’re binging junk food, snuggled up in 5 different blankets, with this whole place practically just for the two of us. And the best part is that I get to be with you. To be close to you. I wouldn’t trade you or this moment for anything, okay?

You immediately bring his face closer to yours and press your chapped lips against his pink ones, mouths moving perfectly in sync with each other. You needed him to know how much you mean every word you just said.

“I wouldn’t trade this for anything either, (Y/N).” Jughead says, sighing and moving a strand of your hair behind your ear.

“Hmmm, not even if I offered you a hot chocolate right now? Your hands are colder than Cheryl Blossom’s heart.”

“Oh wow, my hands are really freezing then” he replies, an adorable laugh coming out of his lips. “But no, I wouldn’t trade you even if you offered me a big, delicious, creamy hot chocolate with a bunch of marshmallows on top. That statement right there is a big step on our relationship coming from me, I hope you know that.”

“My god, I didn’t know I was that important. Now you convinced me” you joke back and kiss him again, this time harder than the last, you just couldn’t contain yourself when you were near him.

These were the moments you cherished the most, the ones where it was just the two of you joking around, kissing, enjoying each other’s companies without a care in the world.

“Well, now that we have already lost important parts of the movie while being a disgustingly cute couple, can I take you home now? It’s getting colder even for me and I think it’s going to rain soon. Plus, I really want a hot chocolate now” Jug says smiling with a pleading look on his eyes.

“Yeah, let’s go. We can finish the movie at my place. And I’ll make you a big, delicious, creamy hot chocolate with marshmallows on top, how about that?” you ask smirking, remembering what he had said to you just minutes ago.

“Sounds good to me”, he replies, kissing the back of your hand and looking into your eyes, a playful smile on his lips, “it sounds really good to me.“

If you liked this one, my requests are open

can we get rid of the idea that a character in fiction who talks to themselves must automatically be labeled as unstable?? and sometimes even dangerous??

do you know how it felt to stumble across a character in books/movies who talks to themselves and think maybe this one is like me?? and how it felt when that character was constantly shut down or thrown aside as “crazy”???

can we as a society just stop making fun of people for talking to themselves please

It Just Felt Right

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Requested: By a wonderful anonymous person

Pairings: Ezra Miller x Reader

Summary: Y/N has never appreciated her pushy mom, but this Christmas, she may have indirectly paid off.

Warnings: Pushy mom

Word Count: 1,201

A/N: I hope that you guys like the last post of 12 Days of Christmas! I will resume my usualy Monday Wednesday Friday schedule next week!

Leave it to you to fall in love with your best friend. Better yet, your gay best friend.

It had been that way for so long that you couldn’t remember a time that you weren’t in love with him. You had met him in elementary school, and there was just something about him that drew you in, and kept you there. Even though you had met at such a young age, the two of you had stuck together through it all. Even when you were still in college and he was off acting in movies, the two of you talked every night without fail. After you graduated, he insisted that you move near to him and you had never been happier. He was the kindest soul that you had ever met, unless you had managed to cross someone that he cared about.

You had caught him in the middle of a particularly rude response. “Ez,” you said, leaning your chin on his shoulder to read the computer screen. “You know that I don’t care what they say.”

“Well I do.” He huffed, turning around to face you. “I hate it when people are rude.”

“You don’t get bothered when they talk about you.” you pointed out.

He chose not to respond, simply turning around and erasing the comment. “We’re going to be late,” you pointed out, throwing your coat on and grabbing the bag that you had packed that morning. Ezra was constantly running late and you hated being late to anything.

“Do we have to go?” He whined, spinning around in the chair. You were supposed to be heading to your parent’s house for a Christmas party. Even though you loved them, your parents had a tendency to be overbearing, and they were constantly asking you about things that you didn’t want to think about. Like why you didn’t have a boyfriend. And even though you knew the answer, it wasn’t one that you were going to say out loud.

“I don’t want to go either, but we both have to.”
“Theoretically, we don’t have to go.” He said slowly, contemplating the ways that he could get out of going.

You handed him his coat and ushered him out of the door before he could convince you that you should just stay home and watch It’s a Wonderful Life for the sixtieth time. The car ride there was wonderfully calm. You knew that a storm was coming once you got to the party, with your family.

His hand was on your leg, but that wasn’t something new. Ezra had always been touchy around you, and you couldn’t say that you were upset about it.

Unfortunately, the ride was over too quickly and you were quickly swept up in the craziness of your family. Before you knew it, both of you were sat on the couch, a glass of wine in your hand. Everyone had opened presents, and nothing had gone wrong, yet. It was going surprisingly well, as your mother had yet to ask about your love life and you were only about five minutes away from being able to leave.

“So, Y/N,” your mother said, her voice slightly slurred from all of the eggnog. “Have you met anyone new lately?”
And there it was. She couldn’t let you visit without bringing up your obvious lack of a love life. Sometimes you would try and avoid the question. Sometimes you would lie. But today, you were over it. You were going to tell the truth. “No mom, and I’m not trying to either.”

Her eyebrows rose over the rim of her cup, but apparently she got the hint that you weren’t going to be talking about it.

You stared her down, a newfound confidence coming over you. “I think that we should head home.” Ezra said quietly into your ear. You offered him only a small nod before standing up from the couch and making your way to the door.

“I don’t know why you let her get to you.” he said softly beside you. you knew that he was trying to make you feel better, but you couldn’t help but remember how you had said the same thing earlier. Maybe you should just tell him.

“Because it’s none of her business,” you said, hoping that he would leave it at that. But that wasn’t how Ezra was. He raised his eyebrows at you, knowing that there was more to what you were saying. “And maybe I already found somebody else.”

You may have been imagining it, but it looked like Ezra’s shoulders slumped. “Really?”

“I said maybe…” you weren’t so sure about your decision now.

“Who is it?” When you didn’t say anything, and after a few moments of silence, he pushed further. “Do I know him?” You could only bring yourself to nod. Where was all of that courage that you felt a few minutes ago?

You were shocked when Ezra didn’t immediately try to guess who it was. Usually he thought that it was funny to try and embarrass you by guessing who you had a crush on. Thankfully though, he had never actually guessed himself.

“Is it-”

“Ezra, it’s you.”
“I’m sorry, what?” you had spoken so quietly that he wasn’t sure if he had heard you correctly. You were only staring down at your feet, wishing that he would let the matter drop. “It’s me?”

You nodded, only looking up when you felt the car stop. There was no way that you were home already. Ezra had pulled over into an old gas station, but you had plenty of gas to make it home.

“I know that you are saying you found someone, but I have to tell you this, or I will never forgive myself.” You nodded. You had no idea what he was on about, but the sooner it was over, the sooner you could go home. “I love you.” he paused, but when you did say anything in return, he rambled on further. “I think that it started when we went to the beach that day, remember? When I convinced you to skip classes?” you nodded before he continued. “And you just looked so happy and… pure. And I think that I just fell. Hard. And I didn’t want to tell you, because you had never expressed interest, in me. Or anybody really, since I’ve known you.”

“I- you like me?” He nodded, hoping that you would elaborate. “I thought that you were gay.”

You hadn’t planned on blurting out your assumptions about your best friend’s sexuality, especially since he had never vocalized them. You had always thought that it was just understood. Something that had always been.

“I’m not gay.” He laughed. “And if that was the only objection that you had about, this” he said, gesturing between the two of you. “I don’t think that it would be too presumptuous for me to do this.” And then he was kissing you. And it felt right. You had imagined this moment, late at night when your inhibitions melted away, you pictured the fireworks, the feel of his warm lips on yours. But you had never imagined how you would feel so completely whole.

Okay I usually don’t get into drama because i’m Tired enough as it is but OH WELL HERE WE GO

The Manchester T-Shirt is not offensive. Like, it is literally the most unoffensive thing possible? Dan and Phil lived in Manchester. It was their first home together, where they started their journey together. Manchester is, and always will be, special to them. And to celebrate that they made a (very lovely) t-shirt to not only honor and celebrate how beautiful and wonderful Manchester is, but the memories they have there as well.

Lots of brands make charity merchandise. And yes, depending on the brand, some of that merchandise is themed around a tv shows/movie/celebrity/whatever. Not to mention some brands don’t even give 100% of the profits to charity, which Dan and Phil are doing. All profits made from these T-Shirts are going to the British Blue Cross to benefit those affected by the terror attack.

This is the purest, most well intended thing I could possibly imagine. Stop trying to find a problem when there isn’t one. If you don’t like Dan and Phil, fine. Whatever. But don’t be hateful toward something that is nice, well intended, and helping people. I know some of you Tumblr folk have a complex where hating on popular fandoms/celebs makes you feel like you’re Right and Better than others, but now is not the time for that.

INTJ problem #18

Not even realising people don’t know the real you until you do something they’ve never seen you do before in front of them, e.g. “Since when did you play the piano?!” “Uhhh, since 4th grade?” “WHAT?!”
We just don’t think to tell people things that are irrelevant.
“Wanna watch a movie?”
“Not this one, I hate comedies”
“Always have.”
“… How do I not know these things about you?”

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What do you do when you get to the point where you hate everything you write?

Honestly? Stop writing. 

Take a break from writing. Look at things that you love, that make you excited about life. I know that, for me, reading Tolkien’s works and watching movies with great stories like Midnight in Paris and Moulin Rouge always get me excited about writing. 

Then look at yourself. Are you writing to be famous? To make other people happy? Do you feel like you should have made more progress than you have? What has changed from when you loved writing to know? Have you made your story too difficult or complicated that it feels like homework instead of fun? 

I recommend reading over the old stuff that you wrote when you loved writing. Don’t allow yourself to judge what you’ve written, because we all learn as we write. For me, my middle school writing is awful, but I can see what I loved about writing in it. 

Just take some time to yourself and let yourself feel that excitement that you used to feel about writing. If you have something more specific that you are struggling with about it, then feel free to message us again and we can give more specific advice. I’m sorry that you’re going through them. I’ve been there and it’s awful. But you CAN GET THROUGH IT FRIEND. 

Hope this helps. Let us know if you have more questions.


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I'm sure u get this question a lot, but which pride and prejudice movie version do u prefer? The miniseries or the film? Personally I really love the film as it made the story a lot more relatable for younger audiences and was also just very well done in terms of plot (without comparing it the original source material), acting, cinematography, music, etc. but I've heard of some ppl who really hated the film version do u know why?

Well, when people ask ‘which P&P do you prefer?’ these days it’s often the contentious choice between the 1995 BBC miniseries and the 2005 feature film. (Though, as I must always acknowledge, there are SO MANY P&P adaptations.)

Personally I don’t think it’s fair to compare the two, as the difference in running-time alone makes such a huge impact on the presentation of the narrative, and so ultimately very different choices have to be made. Where the 2005 may lack some of the subtlety of the 1995, equally one may argue that the 1995, by comparison, meanders at times and has less energy on the whole, with a blander result.

I really can’t force myself to come down on one side or the other, as I think BOTH adaptations have their strengths and weaknesses in several respects. However the major difference in reactions I’ve noted seems to be that those who cling to the 1995 adaptation do so ferociously and with great disdain for the 2005 adaptation in particular (though it is by no means the only other adaptation out there.) There seems to be this pervasive belief that the BBC miniseries Got It Perfectly Right and therefore there’s no need to adapt the story ever again, and any attempt must only viciously disappoint.

I know people who I generally like and respect who hold this view, but to my mind it’s over-simplifying bullshit and also ignoring issues which the 1995 miniseries has on its own, and the fact that it’s now been well over two decades since it was made and it is really beginning to show its age as a product of the mid-nineties. Which is not to say the 2005 film won’t also feel more and more dated in the years to come–all adaptations are subject to their production contexts. There were also more noticeably ‘Hollywood’ touches to the feature film, most notably in the traipsing-through-fields-in-nightwear reconciliation and the alternative American ending with the smooch, which put some people off who were used to the more buttoned-up Austen adaptations of the nineties, though the feature film is not alone in the wider trend of ‘sexing-up’ Austen adaptations with a bit more skin on show (though this isn’t always for the heroes and heroines, but more often the naughty side-characters like Willoughby’s conquest of young Eliza in the opening of the 2008 Sense and Sensibility, or Isabella Thorpe’s seduction by Captain Tilney in the 2007 Northanger Abbey.)

We can’t ignore the cultural context in which films are made and released, either, particularly in responses to high-profile feature films and their stars. The 2000s was a time when Keira Knightley was an absolute box-office powerhouse, and the reaction to her casting as Elizabeth Bennet caused outright fury among those who believed her to be merely an It Girl and not a competent actress who might ‘suit’ the allegedly suitable Look of a Georgian/Regency heroine. Again, this is a misguided and simplistic argument which often disintegrates into pointing at Jennifer Ehle’s curvy and curly look as being more in-keeping with ‘the character’, which is just pure shite, okay. We know Elizabeth has dark eyes and is not nearly as pretty as Jane, though she’s not plain. Basically there was a lot of hating on Keira Knightley for daring to appear in period movies with a ‘modern’ sort of angular beauty–without really considering that Elizabeth Bennet isn’t meant to come across as a classical beauty of her age. She is beautiful to Darcy, and that is kind of the point. (Also while people will insist that Ehle is Period Correct with her buxom appearance, they tend to ignore that Colin Firth was acknowledged by the miniseries creative team to have an atypical Look for an Austen hero, for the times…so apparently casting for alternative Hotness standards is only a bad thing when it’s the heroine. I don’t even know, but people ragging on Keira Knightley’s looks are already reeeeeaching for a very weak argument and is ragging on a woman’s looks really the hill you want to die on? Because that kind of makes you an asshole.)

I think the nasty pushback against the 2005 film adaptation in particular is a combination of three things: 1) the inevitable flaws and choppy narrative/characterization choices that come about in adapting for a running-time of under two hours; 2) those who prefer the 1995 miniseries for whatever reason and by extension have chosen to think that they cannot bear to consider any other adaptation to have any merits whatsoever; and 3) seriously, as much as a lot of people loved Keira Knightley in her starlet heyday after she burst onto the Hollywood scene in Pirates of the Carribean: The Curse of the Black Pearl there was this counter-culture sort of backlash that was STRONG around the time that Joe Wright’s P&P came out. It’s mostly settled down by now, but for a few years there Knightley was unfortunately the focus of a widespread and wicked case of tall poppy syndrome and some people thought she couldn’t do anything right, and she definitely had no business in corset roles when they thought she hadn’t the bosoms for it.

Are You Okay? (2) - Tom Holland x (f)Reader

Originally posted by adorkablesp1der

Words: 1920
Pairing: Tom Holland x (f)Reader
Featuring: HAZ BRUH, and RDJ
Warnings: Swearing, lil bit of angst, getting hurt a bit, kinda hate
Requested: kinda
Authors Note: THIS WAS FUN YES

Part One

Masterlist. Request List.

“So, do I need to get you the run down on our little Tommy before you attend the premiere?” Haz teased you as you two were sitting at breakfast in a random little diner, waiting for Tom to get back from the bathroom.

You rolled your eyes, “I think it will be fine, I’ve been working with him for a while.”

He chuckled, “I guess you aren’t wrong.”

“Can I get that on recording?” You laughed. The press tour was still going on and after the event at the hotel, not much had changed. You and Tom still acted as you were before, which led you to realize why so many people asked if you were dating. You two were already affectionate around each other; you just didn’t realize it.

The premiere was coming up in just a week, and you were starting to get nervous. Would anyone actually care that you two went together? Would you have to kiss? Would it end up being more awkward than being just friends?

“You look worried,” Harrison caught you attention, bringing you back into reality.

“What? No…”

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I Hate You Part Three (Peter Parker x Reader)

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Word Count: 745

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

AN: A part three was requested so a part three has been provided :) If you guys ever have any requests feel free to dm me. You can read part one and part two here.

The following week you were back to ignoring Peter at school, what a surprise. You were determined not to develop feelings for him, it’s bad enough you thought he was hot when you were stitching him up the other night. He may be Spider-man but he’s still Peter Parker, the boy you despise. You couldn’t let yourself forget that.

You were putting books in your locker when you heard the sound of the devil himself. “Y/N, hey!” How does Peter Parker appear everywhere when I don’t want him around? Why was he smiling, he needs to stop smiling it’s creeping me out. You panicked and hid yourself behind your locker door. “Y/N is not here”

”What are you doing?” He pushed the door shut so he could see you, looking at you like you’d just grown three heads or something. ”Nothing.” You muttered as you suddenly became extremely interested in the floor so you didn’t have to may eye contact with Parker.

”Why have you been avoiding me?” You look up to see him staring at you with his arms crossed. ”What, I haven’t been avoiding you Parker.” You start walking away but Peter stops you by grabbing your arm and turning you back around to face him. Stupid superhero strength.

“Yes, actually you have. You didn’t even avoid me this much when we hated each other.” You nervously laughed, why was he trying to talk to you all of a sudden. You guys were enemies not friends. “We still do hate each other.”

”Oh we so obviously don’t hate each other anymore.” Your eyes rolled at his words, when did Parker get so cocky? “We sure do.” This time you were going to walk away, until these next words left his mouth which caused you to turn back around.“Oh really? Is that why you helped me with my stitches the other night, why I caught you staring at my shirtless body and why we almost kissed?”

“Okay now you’re being ridiculous. One, I had to help you otherwise you’d be dead right now and I can’t deal with having to explain to my parents why there is a dead body in my room.” He rolled his eyes, leaning against the lockers listening to you attempt to explain the other night.“Two, I was not staring at your shirtless body you were just delusional from your blood loss which is also why you seem to think that we almost kissed because we didn’t and we never will.”

Peter didn’t believe a word that just came out of your mouth but knew he couldn’t change your mind. He let out a sigh in defeat. “Fine, if that’s what you think.”

“Oh shut it Parker.”

“Just letting you know, I would have kissed back.” He walked away, leaving you standing in the middle of the hallway with wide eyes and confused feelings.

You couldn’t get the conversation with Peter out of your head all day. Did you actually have feelings for him? You were going to kiss him after all and when he said he would have kissed you back you could feel the butterflies in your stomach. Stupid Peter Parker wouldn’t leave your brain.

When the final bell rang you stormed up to Peter who was luckily at his locker, you couldn’t take this any longer. Thankfully he was alone and there weren’t many people in the halls to witness what was about to happen.

“Parker!” His head shot up at the sound of your loud voice. “Y/N what are you-”

You place your hands on his shoulders, honestly nervous for what you were about to do. “You know I really hate it when you’re right.” Before he could say anything you smash your lips against his and after a few moments he begins to kiss back. It felt so right, there were sparks and fireworks, everything that the movies and books tell you about. 

Finally pulling apart you both just stare at each other for a moment, not really knowing what to say. Peter was the first to break the silence. “So…” 

You shyly looked down at the floor, it was sure interesting today. ”Well this is weird, but not in a bad way.” You nervously chuckled out, pushing your hair behind your ear. 

“Do you maybe, wanna go out sometime?” You looked up at him, still confused as to what just happened. “I never thought I’d be saying this but, yeah. I’d really like that.”

Why I don’t like Split:

This post isn’t for starting fights with anyone, so don’t go jumping down my throat trying to defend this movie. If you don’t like this post, then just block it or block me, easy as that. It costs you $0 to not fight with me. These are just my thoughts and opinions. Anyways, here’s questions, i’ve seen about it.

Q: Why are you mad about a character having DID? Aren’t you happy for representation?

A: I’m not mad at a character for having DID, I’m mad that it’s always the same thing over and over again, which is it’s always the villain in a show or movie having alters. Lots of media shows someone with alters being evil and scary. It’s always a horror movie that has a character with DID. 

Q: But the movie is an eye opener! It made me learn about DID! Isn’t that a good thing?

A: You don’t need to wait for a horror movie to come out to do research, there’s many people in the world that have DID you can learn from and many other places you can learn about it.

Q: Why are you and other people making this a big deal? Many movies done this! 

A: Exactly many horror movies always makes the villain have DID. This probably isn’t the first time people have been mad with a movie like this, you’re seeing it more because of social media. 

Q: People do their research! Stop being so angry! Nobody is causing harm!

A: Honestly many people do not do research, also there has been many jokes about people with “more than one personality” or many people saying anyone with DID is “crazy” or “scary”. Lots of people think they’re cute and quirky claiming they have “multiple personalities” when they do something wrong or become mean. They pull the “lol sorry i have another personality who’s always doing something crazy or always mad lmao” instead of taking responsibility for their actions. Besides nobody actually listens to us after this movie, we get made fun of, screamed at, or get talked over from people who think this movie is good and thinking they know about DID.

Q: You being mad won’t stop people from watching the movie or stop the movie from existing:

A: Yes, i’m very aware of that. Just like if you hate an actor or singer, it isn’t going stop the fans from loving them or stop the person from acting or singing. But that isn’t going to stop me from hating the movie. 

Q: It’s just a movie! It’s not real! Get over yourself! 

A: Yup, I know it’s a movie and not real, i’m aware of that too. Anyways, many people who watched it seem to be the ones forgetting that it’s not real which makes them treat people with DID horribly and thinking being with anyone who has DID would be a nightmare. 

Q: Some people are actually like that! They can be violent! 

A: I’m not denying that people with DID can be violent, but not everyone who has it is violent. I can honestly say that i’ve never heard of someone with DID kidnap people and locking them away somewhere. Even if they did, you can’t just assume everyone with DID will do the same thing as that one person. You might notice that the news will take any criminal and try to justify their actions by slapping on a mental illness. If they do have a mental illness, that doesn’t excuse them for their actions and it doesn’t make everyone who has whatever the person has, be exactly the same as that person who committed the crime. Which many people do not understand that and just groups everyone together. Everyone with a disorder is different and effected differently. 

Q: I thought the movie was great! I loved it!

A: Okay, just don’t go shoving the movie in people’s faces. Before you say “but you’re pushing that you hate the movie in people’s faces!”, i’m not. I’m not starting an arguments with people, i’m not screaming at people. I’m just sitting here expressing my thoughts and feelings in a calm way. Lots of people who like the movie have jumped in my face telling me that i shouldn’t be “offended” and going on about how “beautiful” it is. If you like it, then fine. Just know that i will not feel comfortable or safe around you.

This is all I have to say for now. 

anonymous asked:

For John and Aaron (I forget the ship name atm) 41?

Who starts fights and who forgives the other first? 

Headcanons (because i have writer’s block):

- They don’t really fight a lot, but when they do, normally Aaron starts it without meaning to

- Aaron will be down on himself because of something someone said and John will blow his top because NO ONE HURTS HIS BOYFRIEND 

- Then Aaron gets upset because he doesn’t like it when John yells

- And then John feels bad and goes out to get some air

- When he comes back, he always does a translation (ie. “When I was yelling before, what I actually meant was I love you so much, and I hate seeing you hurt. You shouldn’t believe what other people say about you because they don’t know you like I do. And you’re perfect.”)

- They hug it out and do something fun (eat junk food, watch a movie, whatever)

- Every now and then, though, John will initiate the fight by bringing up Alex (aka Aaron’s jealous pressure point)

- Then Aaron will be down on himself because he feels like he can’t compare to Alex (even though OHMYGOD AARON THEY DATED FOR LIKE 3 DAYS IN HIGH SCHOOL GET OVER IT)

- And then John will blow his top about Aaron being insecure and…. we’re back to square one

I missed it by two days, but it’s been three years since I’ve been rping as Sarita. I can’t believe it’s been that long already. I sadly haven’t been around much because my depression has been pretty bad, so that makes it hard for me to write. I’ve met a lot of great people in three years, and want to talk about some of them.

@peaceasshcle, @couldntfindanybullets, @loudmouthedfloridian Ande, Allie, and Blizz I’ve known you three the longest and you are all very dear to me. I’m glad to have gotten to know you all so well over time and I appreciate you all so much. You for sure have made my life better. I love you guys as much as Sarita loved Kenny, Sarah, Carlos/Katjaa. 

@twicebound I know you’ve moved on from the fandom which is understandable, but I still loved the time we rped together Skooth. Nick and Sarita’s son and mother relationship was so sweet and funny too, and I’ll always remember the good times we had together on here and during cahs.

@estrellarosada I know we haven’t rped much Ash, but along with being a talented writer you are a wonderful artist as well. I always enjoy having someone to talk to who enjoys the same type of movies as I do.

@crackinthewhip Same name pals. Our muses hate each other, and I love it tbh. Sarita gets along with most people so it’s nice to have someone she doesn’t like. Thankfully we aren’t like that with each other haha. You’re very sweet and I’m glad we’ve been talking more.

@nctbitten Another sweetie whom I’m glad I’ve gotten to know better. Jay is always making such wonderful things for people. I appreciate you offering to be someone I can vent to when I don’t feel well. We really need to do more stuff too, and I hope we can when my motivation comes back to me.

@shesfuckingweird I known you haven’t been around as much but I’ve always enjoyed our interactions. They amuse me so much and Jane’s nicknames for people are great. You are a sweetheart too.

Other wonderful people I’ve talked to, rped with, or want too

@moreevidencethanthis, @warheroed, @nctalittlekid, @dangerouslykind, @dothcmath, @inquisitiveash, @armedwithaflashlight, @gangguro, @ammoyoulostlastweek, @cynicalanalytical, @theprixrity, @fatherly, @lockethearted, @fierce-amber-eyes, @vexulumloup, @reigningwiidow, @wouldbeentrepreneur, @twdgdeadmanwalking, @wearesurvivxrs, @txghut, @lethargic-hunter, @halfblindhunter

I apologize if I’ve left anyone out, but I love you all.

30 questions from Deanee fans to the haters

1) Why are you haters perpetually angry?
2) Why do you accuse us of any existing evil in the world? In short, if a massacre happens, the blame is automatically on Deanee fans.
3) Why do you consider Renee the devil personally?
4) Why do you criticize Renee’s makeup, her hair, her body, when you don’t even know what contouring is?
5) “Renee looks like a man” If Renee resembles a man, I’m a gorilla.
6) Why do you say Renee abuses Dean? Dean is 190 cm high, but Renee is tall as me (165 cm). How can she abuse Dean? He could make her fly 😂
7) Why do you hate Renee for the costume she made in 2013? Okay the culture, but it has not humiliated it. What should I say when some people dress up like Sicilians and pretend to speak Sicilian dialect?
8) “I hate Renee long before she dating Dean.” So how is it possible? Before 2013, you didn’t talk about her. There is a spontaneous question: why don’t you admit that you hate Renee for Dean? In the end, it’s not a big deal, it’s just to be honest with yourself.
9) You hate Renee, but you follow her on all socials. Soon, you’ll know more things than we fans. If you hate Renee, why do you always talk about her?
10) Why do you invent those strange theories? Even spy movies don’t make that theories.
11) “We use logic” and then you want Dean and Alexa/Becky together. Great logic.
12) Why at least 40% of Deanee’s haters are convinced of being Dean’s future partner/wife?
13) Why, if we respond to you, you get angry? No need, just talk quietly. Is it so hard?
14) Why do you accuse us of bullying, when you are the first to threaten Renee and her fans?
15) Why do you say to ignore us when you send us questions on our blogs continually?
16) Why do you base your ideas on non-existent things and then when you see all the material we have in our favor (Photos, Videos, Interviews, etc.) you insult us?
17) Why are you convinced that Renee is with Dean for the money? Guys, Renee takes a one million dollars a year, she doesn’t have this extreme need for money. Then, if she wanted fame, she could dating John Cena, didn’t she?
18) Why do you always talk about Norm? Those two broke up 5 years ago. Why you repeat the same things?
19) Why are you convinced that Renee betrayed Dean? You have no evidence.
20) Why do you haters call us “shippers”? The word “shipper” refers to another. For example, in the fandom “Pokemon”, say “shipper” is normal. But it’s not normal to use “Shipper” instead of “fan” for a couple that really exists.
21) Why do you say that we Deanee fans are “the WWE ruin”? The ruin of the fandom is you who threaten to death all those who have different ideas.
22) Why do you respond with anger when we show you the reality of the facts?
23) Why do you haters talk behind us? At least, have the courage to come to us.
24) You were the ones that said, “If Dean and Renee don’t confirm their relationship, I don’t believe it.” But when Renee and Dean confirmed it, you refused to believe it. You were the same people who said “Dean and Renee will never get married, because Vince doesn’t pay him so much.” And now Dean and Renee are married.
25) Why are you convinced that the Dean and Renee’s house belongs to WWE? WWE is not a estate agency or marriage agency.
26) Why are you convinced Vince is paying Dean to stay with Renee? They would not gain anything from their relationship. And then, if it was really like you say… How come Renee is on SD and Dean on Raw?
27) “Dean and Renee don’t really love each other because they don’t swap their likes on Twitter or Instagram.” Not even the comment.
28) Why do you make petitions to fire Renee? It doesn’t seem to me that Renee killed people.
29) Why do you hate all the wrestlers’ girlfriends/wives? They’re not asexual.
30) Why do you hate us so much? Why do you insult us? Why do you wish us death or other things? We just have a love for a couple you don’t like. The only difference. So why do you have to accuse us of things we don’t do? Why do you have to insult us? Why this hatred?

And here are my questions to the haters! If you want, you can answer (kindly and kindly, remember that civilization exists). Next time!✨

A Few Thoughts on TRAIN TO BUSAN (Yeon Sang-Ho, 2016) 

1. I thought I have seen the perfect illustration and allegory of society and morality in a train in 2013’s ‘Snowpiercer’ (which was also co-produced in Korea). I was wrong. This movie exceeded my expectations as a zombie flick and as a representation of social unrest, moral polarization, and class rebellion. You have to give it to the Koreans. Wow.

2. So many punchlines about this movie being set in the Philippines, I don’t know where to begin. (Side note: Do you guys know that our maintenance provider for our MRTs is from Busan? Yep. Start making those insane theories. Haha! But I hope to see the light of day when our train will be as efficient, clean, modern, and spacious as theirs.)

3. What happened to Korean Pop Star PSY after “Gangnam Style” and “Gentleman”? He got old, grumpy, and pushed people away to save himself from the hoard of zombies. Damn I hate that guy. He’s worse than any stupid character and treacherous villain on AMC’s The Walking Dead.

4. Speaking of, maybe Rick Grimes and the rest of the gang can learn a thing or two about zombie apocalypse from their Korean counterparts.

5. Some zombie movies suck because of the lack of character development. Maybe future filmmakers and cinephiles should take notes from this movie. That is how you do character development.

6. Zombies who are immobile in the dark? Yeah right. We have an advantage. Zombies who run as fast as Usain Bolt? Say goodbye to this world.

7. Some sequence and scenes are only as good as their musical score. I am no filmmaker nor a film expert but as a teacher of Music in High School, I am impressed. That is how you leave the audience at the edge of their seat.

8. The ending. THE ENDING. That is how you end a movie. How insane was that? Basta, putangina ang ganda. “Perfect” is an understatement.

9. I heard that there was a hint of a sequel. Nah, just leave it as it is. Some movies are better left alone to turn into an instant classic.

[5 Starts. Definitely 5 Stars.]

adhd symptom list

so about 6 months ago, i figured out i have – and have had (since i was a young kid) – adhd. i found out because one of my mutuals happened to reblog a post of symptoms that mentioned that adhd is way underdiagnosed in women. i’ve reblogged posts from the @adhd-community that might help others to diagnose themselves, but since i am a pretty textbook case, i wanted to put together my own list to try and help people.

adhd is classified by three major symptoms: hyperactivity, impulsiveness, and inattention. here’s how that manifests in me:


  • spacing out
  • day-dreaming constantly
  • spacing out even when something really important is going on
  • spacing out in the middle of things i am very invested in, like conversations about things that are important to me with people i really love
  • constant distraction. drifting off. circling back. “oh shit what just happened in this situation, i completely spaced”
  • forgetting to do very important things even though i keep reminding myself over and over. i have to pay rent. i have to pay rent. …shit forgot to pay my rent.
  • forgetting whole conversations / events / etc. 
  • introduce myself to someone. i’m so focused on telling them who i am and shaking their hand that i don’t even hear them tell me their name.
  • being right in the middle of something. getting distracted by something else. forgetting i was ever in the middle of doing anything else. (this happens when i’m texting all the time. i’ll put my phone down and just. forget about it.)
  • feeling lazy, stupid, or just in generally like a messy, sloppy person because i can never get my shit together. it seems like other people have a really easy time doing things that i really, really struggle with like remembering hw and completing projects they start and keeping stuff organized.
  • people are talking to me but the words coming out of their mouth sound like gibberish even though i consciously know they’re saying things that should make perfect sense
  • even if i’m watching something im very invested in i can’t resist the urge to repeatedly check my phone. even happens when im reading or writing
  • i have between 7-20 tabs open in my web browser at any given time
  • instead of focusing on doing one task, i often cycle between many tasks, not so much multi-tasking as rapid-tasking, going in circles until i finally get something done
  • struggle to finish anything i start because its incredibly difficult to muster the energy to focus on any one thing for long enough
  • i am frequently distracted / irritated by stimulus other people find innocuous (strong smells, repetitive sounds, physical sensations like when i breathe on myself when im sleeping)
  • laser focus / tunnel vision: i become so focused on one thing that i do not hear or see anything else (a tv show, a video game, etc.) if people talk to me i do not see or hear them. 
  • VERY disorganized. i lose things constantly, forget due dates and times, etc. my room is ALWAYS a mess. planners don’t help because i lose them, can never remember to write in them or check them.
  • tendency to make careless mistakes because i don’t notice details or because i forget instructions - i misread emails, fail to complete tests correctly, fail to fill in forms correctly
  • i forget even shit i do every day. i forget to eat. or go to the bathroom. or take my vitamins or brush my teeth. i forget that shit all the time
  • late to everything because i got lost and distracted while im getting ready so everything takes 5 times as long as usual
  • inability to prioritize. inability to manage my time. spending hours on shit that doesn’t matter instead of stuff that matters a lot


  • fidget constantly. jiggle my leg when im seated. constantly shift around even when im lounging around
  • even when im lounging i need to get up and pace at least once or twice every few hours or i feel like im losing my mind
  • if i get really excited while im watching a tv show i need to get up and pace and dance and be really active to offload all the adrenaline.
  • constantly restless 
  • my brain just goes and goes and goes and often feels like its moving too fast and i can’t really keep up. a lot of the time this keeps me awake at night because i literally can’t stop thinking. 
  • accidentally talking way too loud
  • shouting when i don’t need to shout, laughing too loud, getting really amped about really mundane shit. 
  • motor mouth
  • always have energy even when im exhausted - even when im really tired it feels like there’s a metronome inside me that never stops, like this perpetual motion device i can’t shut off
  • late to everything because sometimes time doesn’t even feel real? like what is a minute… sometimes i can do like 80 shittrillion things in 5 minutes sometimes i blink and its been 2 hours. how.
  • picking at acne, biting my nails, playing with my hair, playing with my jewelry, playing with my phone.
  • this feeling like i need to be doing something all the time if i am not actively doing something i am wasting time i cannot afford to waste any time. i need to be doing something at all times (which is why sleeping is so hard)
  • a feeling like my skin is too tight, like i’m about to spontaneously combust. “my brain is a house fire.”
  • boredom isn’t a passive feeling - it’s active for me, and it makes me feel weirdly desperate and angry.
  • feeling “jazzed” (as i usually put it): i have so much energy it feels like i’m going to explode. i feel simultaneously desperate and paralyzed. i need to do something, many things, and i need to do all of them RIGHT NOW but i can’t do any of them because i don’t know where to start and i can’t focus on any one of them because i’m busy thinking about all the others
  • the thought of spending hours doing one activity makes me uneasy especially if i will not have control over how to schedule the time
  • experience HUGE BURSTS OF LOVE / INSPIRATION when i find something new that often tapers off into disinterest as soon as it is not new. i get bored of things i like very, very quickly
  • struggle to finish anything because as soon as the inspiration has worn off i want to do 12 other things instead.


  • “oh my god why did i say that / why did i do that.”
  • getting so focused on the fact that i’m waiting to talk that you don’t even notice what the other person is saying
  • interrupting or talking over people people because i need to get my thought/reaction out.
  • doing things that i know i’m going to regret because i just need to for some reason
  • angry outbursts that are a BURST then a sizzle - you lash out and then you’re done. you don’t even feel that angry anymore
  • accidentally intruding on people because i just opened the door without thinking
  • honestly just constantly doing thing without thinking. people will tell me i’m brave or daring for doing some of the shit i do and i’m just like no i just never think about fucking anything before i do it, ever
  • like honestly if it looks like i don’t give a fuck it’s because i just failed to give a fuck when i probably should have.
  • part of my motor mouth is that when i’m in an active conversation with very little waiting in it is that sometimes i don’t even know what i’m gonna say before i say it. 
  • starting conversations at inappropriate times. like. say. in movie theaters
  • i hate to be interrupted when im talking about things even if its with another person’s thought or by a waitress or what have you. i hate it. i will always just try to keep going afterwards and if people don’t cooperate i get really quietly upset
  • waiting in lines is fucking torture. waiting to do anything is just the fucking worst
  • walking into things or knocking shit over or even getting really hurt because i don’t think before i act
  • the occasional nasty passive aggressive email at work because i just cant resist temptation.
  • getting frustrated and self-loathing and deleting shit or throwing shit out because i just need to take action.
  • breaking up awkward silences because someone has to say something. not even awkward silences just…sustained one. feeling like i need to talk all the time and keep conversations going

these aren’t the only possible symptoms of adhd, but it’s a lot of them. i know this post is long but i hope it helps some of you - maybe somebody like me, who doesn’t realize they’re adhd. maybe somebody who just needs to hear that somebody else is experiencing life the way they do. take care of yourselves, babes

"I love you" -- "After I'm dead."

“Say I love you” prompt 28.

“When I’m dead.”

Rated: General (no nsfw and no violence)

The air was so still. So horribly quiet. Iwaizumi’s lungs refused to inhale, unwilling to work. His lungs burned viciously until he was forced to take a breath. A heavy weight was sitting on his chest, crushing his ribs and sternum until the pressure on his heart was as unbearable as the silence.

He hated coming to Tooru’s grave.

The flowers he brought were always a little broken; the stems crushed where his right hand held on to them much too tightly.

Iwaizumi hated how his mouth went dry while he was driving to come see him. He hated the stupid, crushed stems of the flowers, he hated the way his throat always caught before he could say what he wanted to say.

Every damn time.

He couldn’t do it.

How could he say “I love you” again, knowing that it would never reach Tooru’s ears?

Because Iwaizumi didn’t say “I love you” as to show his love. He showed that he loved people by his actions, not his words. He preferred sitting through alien movies or bringing coffee to an overworked husband. He would poke his husbands ribs to make him giggle (and snort; Tooru hated that he snorted when he laughed but Iwaizumi thought it was hilariously endearing.) He’d bring home weird foreign foods because Tooru loved to try new foods, even though Iwaizumi was less than adventurous in that area.

Iwaizumi never said “I love you” to Tooru as an actual gesture. The words were just a caption to his actions.

But he couldn’t bring Tooru coffee, he couldn’t watch the dumb alien movies or try new foods with him anymore.

How could he ever express how much he loves him just words?

It didn’t make sense to him, how people could say “I love you” so easily.

But then, not a whole lot has made sense in the year it’s been since Tooru died.

He tried to say it. He tried to force the words out of his throat but no sound came except something broken and muffled.

He knelt down by the grave.

“The grave” is what at called it in his head, it’s what he called it when he referred to it when talking to other people, too. Because this stone wasn’t Tooru.

Tooru was bright, and vivid. Not gray stone. Tooru was funny. He had a sharp tongue but good intentions. Tooru was teasing and lively. He was perceptive and always knew what to say. He was crazy and amazing and so utterly brilliant. He was no genius but he worked more than hard enough to compete with the best in everything he did. He was beautiful and smart. He was kind, in his own ways.

Tooru, was.

But, god. It was so hard to say the words now that he “was”.

So hard to say the words Iwaizumi must have said a million times when Tooru was alive.

“Tooru.” Iwaizumi whispered, his voice scratchy and harsh.

“I’m so sorry that I haven’t told you what I know you need to hear in the year you’ve been gone. But I never wanted those words to be meant as a goodbye. I never wanted to have to say them like this. I only wanted to say them when I could see your smiling eyes, when you would say them back so casually. I’m so glad we got the chance to say them so often they became commonplace.”

He took a breath, his lungs burning again and the weight on his chest was becoming unbearably heavy.

“I want them to be commonplace again. Even if you can’t say them back anymore. Because I didn’t ever say them to hear you say them back, but god, it’s so hard saying them and not being able to even know if you can hear them.”

Iwaizumi’s shoulders were shaking and tears were streaming down his face, he knew he was making no sense but he didn’t care. He didn’t care about anything right now.

He stood up, nearly stumbling as he did. Iwaizumi took a deep breath, and finally managed, “Tooru, I love you. I love you so much. And I’ll say that as often as I can until I see you again, whenever that may be. Because “I love you” isn’t meant to be a goodbye. I love you, so I’ll see you again someday.“

He turned and walked back to his car.

Iwaizumi did see Tooru again. Not in the way he expected, but he did see him.

At first, it was in the smells of coffee.

And then later, when he saw posters for a science fiction movie and went to go see it in theatres, alone.

He saw Tooru when he went to an new restaurant that served food from a country who’s name he barely recognized.

He saw Tooru everywhere and some days, it made his throat close and chest hurt.

Other days, it made him cry because thank god he got to see a little piece of him again.

But every time he encountered Tooru, he would always whisper something under his breath.

“I love you, Tooru.”