i know you hate when people do this in movies

Hogwarts House Friendships

Gryffindor x Gryffindor
“Remember that one time when we went to-”
“Yeah and we ended up-”

Gryffindor x Hufflepuff
“I’ve always loved snow and snowboarding sounds fun, but…”
“Okay, let’s do it”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be here to keep you safe”

“Somehow, I don’t think that I’m the one who’ll get hurt…”

Gryffindor x Ravenclaw
“There is a 98.46% chance of getting hurt”
“I guess I just have to be the 1.54%”

“That’s not how-”
“Too late”

Gryffindor x Slytherin
“You suck”
“But you swallow”

“Did you just-”
“… I love you?”

Hufflepuff x Hufflepuff
“Guess who got all fifty Disney movies?”
“… You know what this means?”

“Disney marathon slumber party in an hour. Let’s do this.”

Hufflepuff x Ravenclaw
“Ugh… But I’m in the middle of a book”
“C’mon you need to go socialize”

“But but but”
“And have you been procrastinating to read again?”

Hufflepuff x Slytherin
“I swear that bitch is going to suffer”
“Shh it’s okay you can do that when you take over the world”

“I mean I just hate when people judge me because of my family”

Ravenclaw x Ravenclaw
“Dude when you’re done with that book I have another one”
“Ahh yes please gimme”


*content silence while snuggling and reading by the fireplace*

Ravenclaw x Slytherin
“So I may or may not have intercepted this coded message…”

“Let’s do this”

Slytherin x Slytherin
“I’m fine don’t worry”
“… I know you’re not”

“C’mon, I have some lavender oil and butterbeer. That’ll help.”



A pedophile if you are sexually attracted to REAL LIFE prepubescent children

A rapist if you force sex or anything of a sexual nature onto A REAL LIFE person without their consent

A abuser if you physically beat A REAL LIFE person or emotionally abuse someone


A pedophile if you ship characters together that are younger or a ship something with a age gap

A rapist if you ship something considered “problematic”

A abuser if you post/draw/write about a ship that is considered “problematic”


Understand the difference between FICTION vs REALITY.
One thing Anti’s like to say to counter people who ship “problematic” thing is that

“oh well if you want representation in fiction or that when a /insert thing here/ is wrong you get all upset!!! See fiction does effect reality”

I need you all to know that yes shows or books and things like that do effect reality to a point, but just because things CSI or Criminal Minds or any horror movie ever made exists doesn’t mean that all of a sudden crime and murder just started happening more. Why should I hate and not support things like Killing Stalking just because it shows “problematic” things?
This is where the fiction vs reality thing comes in to play.
Just because you see a movie/show/video game or anything do something
Yes there are very very impressionable people out there who see something like GTA and are like “yup I’m gonna steal a car now” but just because a few people are stupid doesn’t mean we should censor everything and act like art is something that must be moderated.
If someone sees some fluffy fanart of JD/Veronica and genuinely thinks that their relationship is something completely healthy and normal then they probably take a second and then learn some things about the real world.
Does this mean we should get rid of that nice fluffy fanart because a few people are too stupid to understand that’s not how things actually work?

N o

We shouldn’t punish and shame and hide art because it doesn’t fit into a few peoples ideal.
Everyone has the right to draw or write anything they want as long as they can tell the difference between their art and the real world.


You don’t need to have been raped or abused previously to ship “problematic” things because its a “coping” method.

Understand the difference between lines on a paper or pixals on a screen from a living, breathing, actual human being.

Don’t tell someone to “kill themselves” or that their “rapists” “abusers” “pedophiles” because they ship something you don’t like.

Don’t tell people who just say they don’t ship something that their “attacking people” or anything like that.

If someone ships something you don’t like or you see something that triggers you
That mechanism exists for a reason.

Ship what you ship.

Don’t ship whatever you want.

Just don’t actually hurt or attack anyone

Stop being dicks to each other and just get on with your life.

Angsty Bojack Horseman Sentence Starters
  • “The most important thing is, you got to give the people what they want, even if it kills you.”
  • “You know, sometimes I feel like I was born with a leak, and any goodness I started with just slowly spilled out of me.”

  • “Life is a series of closing doors, isn’t it?”

  • “Am I a good person?”

  • “That’s the problem with life, either you know what you want and you don’t get what you want, or you get what you want and then you don’t know what you want.“ 

  • “There’s nothing for you behind you. All that exists is what’s ahead." 

  • "Family is a sinkhole, and you were right to get out when you had the chance." 

  • “I don’t understand how people… live. It’s amazing to me that people wake up every morning and say: ‘Yeah, another day, let’s do it.’ How do people do it? I don’t know how.” 

  • “You didn’t know me and then you fell in love with me. And now you know me.” 

  • “Closure is a made up thing by Steven Spielberg to sell movie tickets”.

  • “We’re just two lonely people trying to hate ourselves a little less.” 

  • “I don’t think I believe in ‘deep down’. I think that all you are is just the things that you do.”

  • “You were born broken, that’s your birthright.”

  • “You know what your problem is? You want to think of yourself as the good guy.”

  • “you’re a selfish goddamn coward who just takes whatever he wants and doesn’t give a shit about who he hurts. That’s you.”

  • “You know, it’s funny… when you look at someone through rose-colored glasses, all the red flags just look like flags.”

  • “I’m sorry, alright? I screwed up, I- I know I screwed up.”

  • “You can’t keep doing shitty things and then feel bad about yourself like that makes it okay! You need to be better!”

  • “You are all the things that are wrong with you.”

  • “Fuck, man. What else is there to say?”

  • “We’re not doomed. In the great, grand scheme of things, we’re just tiny specks that will one day be forgotten.”

  • “The only thing that matters is right now, this moment, this one spectacular moment we are sharing together.”

  • “I don’t understand how people… live. It’s amazing to me that people wake up every morning and say: ‘Yeah, another day, let’s do it.’ How do people do it? I don’t know how.”

  • “He’s so stupid he doesn’t realize how miserable he should be. I envy that.”

  • “It’s not about being happy, that is the thing. I’m just trying to get through each day.”

  • “I can’t keep asking myself ‘Am I happy?’ It just makes me more miserable.”

  • “It takes a long time to realize how truly miserable you are and even longer to see it doesn’t have to be that way.”

  • “When you do bad things, you have something you can point to when people eventually leave you. It’s not you, you tell yourself. It’s that bad thing you did.”

  • “It’s so cruel to let people love you. All you’re doing is promising you’ll one day break their hearts.”

  • “One day, you’re gonna look around and you’re going to realize that everybody loves you, but nobody likes you. And that is the loneliest feeling in the world.”

  • “There are some people you can’t save. Cause those people will thrash and struggle, and try to take you down with them.”
  • “ Hey, I wanted to talk to you about… you know. I feel bad about what happened.”
  • “I don’t forgive you.”
  • “No. I’m not gonna give you closure. You don’t get that. You have to live with the shitty thing you did for the rest of your life. You have to know that it’s never, ever going to be okay!”
  • “You have to believe me. I did everything I could.”
  • “I had a good life, but what I needed then was a friend! And you abandoned me. And I will never forgive you for that.”
  • “Now get the fuck out of my house!”
  • “ Look, I’m sorry about all the stuff I said about you earlier.”
  • “Do you… do you think it’s too late for me? I mean, am, am, am I just doomed to be the person that I am? “
  • “I, I, I need you to tell me that I’m a good person.”
  • “I just wanted to tell you that I know. I know you want to be happy, but you won’t be… and I’m sorry.”
  • “ What more do you want? What else could the universe possibly owe you? “
  • “I want to feel good about myself. The way you do. And I don’t know how. I don’t know if I can.”
  • “If you ever try to contact me or my family again, I will fucking kill you.”
  • “ You can’t just disappear. You really hurt a lot of people.”
  • “In this terrifying world, all we have are the connections that we make.”
  • “It’s so sad that when you see someone as they really are, it ruins them.”
  • “You like being there to rescue me. Because it makes you feel good about yourself.”
  • “ You know that I don’t do the whole love thing. Either you end up hurting someone or they hurt you. So what’s the point?”
  • “ Uh…. Oh, god, I’m drowning. I feel like I’m drowning.”
  • “Hey, we have all done shitty stuff before. Most of us aren’t as proud of it as you seem to be.”
  • “It doesn’t get better and it doesn’t get easier.”
  • “I can’t keep lying to myself thinking I’m gonna change, I’m poison.”
  • “I come from poison and I have poison inside me and I destroy everything I touch. That’s my legacy.”
  • “I have nothing to show for the life I have lived. And I have nobody in my life who’s better off for having known me.”
  • “You’re gonna wanna kill yourself, and there’s going to be no one left to stop you.” 

I see a lot of people talking about how sad Tweek sounds during his and Craig’s big break-up, but don’t forget that Craig also takes it badly when they fight:

In ‘Put It Down’:

Obviously upset and sad, only cheers up when he finds a solution to helping Tweek with his problems.

Moping around his family, probably doing whatever the ten year old boy version is of ‘eating ice-cream while watching sad movies and listening to break-up music).

You know, Tweek was perfectly entitled in asking for Stripe #4 back, after Craig wanted his stuff returned, but I’m laughing because now I’m really fucking sad for Craig. Playing with their guinea pig was probably one of the few things making him happy during the fight, and then he lost Stripe as well. I’M GLAD THEY MADE UP, I CANNOT STAND THIS HEARTBREAK).

You know what I hate ?

When people ask, if I am not a little too old for stuff.

NO, I am not too old to love watching cartoons.

NO, I am not too old to read Harry Potter.

NO, I am not too old to fangirl over Star Wars.

NO, I am not too old to dress up as a movie character.

NO, I am not too old to enjoy playing video games.

NO, I am not too old to enjoy reading comics.

NO, I am not too old to enjoy the life I want to live.

So, PLEASE, stop making adults feel bad, just because they do stuff they want to, I still manage to get my shit together, although I enjoy the things mentioned above.

Thank you very much.

John Savage’s Account of the Massacre in the Library

From the Columbine Report, document 501-600, page 55:

“Yeah, I’m alive. I was in the library – ugh. I heard a banging and I thought someone was renovating the school, it sounded like someone hammering. Then I heard it get way too loud to be that, and I heard shotguns, which are more of a boom than a bang. Shortly after that, a woman ran into the library and said, “Everybody get under the tables, there’s a kid outside with a gun!” So we all did. I heard lots of gunfire, explosions, screams. It was just unreal. I kept telling myself it had to be a dream, that this couldn’t be happening. I heard a big explosion and felt the floor under me shake, and I was scared that they were going to blow up the school. See, the library is on top of the cafeteria, and they set off a couple of pipe bombs in the cafeteria, right under the library. Then I remembered that it took a big truck full of explosives to blow up the Oklahoma City building, so I didn’t worry about that as much. Then they came up into the library, and I saw them, and I thought, “Holy cow, it’s Dylan and Eric! What are they doing?!” I thought they might be planning to kill everyone in the library. So there I was, hiding under one of the tables, and they were going from table to table and shooting some of the people under them. I didn’t actually see anyone get shot, for which I’m thankful, but I pretty much knew they were killing people. I saw them fire in the direction of the computers, but I couldn’t see the computers because there was a bookshelf in the way, but I was somewhat amused at the thought of shooting a computer. I couldn’t hear much of what was said because the fire alarms were going off. Anyway, when they came to my table Eric stuck his head under the table and pointed his gun at me, so I scooted out of the way of the barrel, and then he pointed it at me again, and I scooted back out of the way. Then he stood up and said, “Who is under the table? Identify yourself!” And I said, “It’s me, John!” And Dylan said, “John Savage?” And I said, “Yes!” And Dylan walked over to my side of the table and said, “Hi” And I said, “Hi, Dylan. What are you doing?” And he shrugged and said, “Oh, killing people.” And I said, “Are you going to kill me?” And he looked at me for a second and he said, “No, dude, just run. Just get out of here.” I remember thinking that if he’d said yes, I would have said, “Then make it quick, just put a bullet in my head and get it over with.” But he let me go, so I ran outside. I was sprinting at top speed, so I didn’t see much of the school inside (I wish I’d gone slower and taken a better look), but I remember seeing a big blood stain on the carpet and one of the pop machines was damaged, probably from one of the pipe bombs.  I ran to the house where I have a daily bible study class (it’s a Mormon thing called seminary) and the police took me down to Golden to make an official statement for their arrest warrant. But they’re dead now.

It’s so weird to imagine it – Dylan was in my 2nd hour class and Eric was in my 3rd hour, and they killed at least 13 people and themselves. And at least 2 people I knew are dead, too – Rachel Scott and Lauren Townsend. I knew the girl who had 9 wounds to her chest, and one of my other friends was shot in the knee. I have another friend who always spends her lunch in the library, and I haven’t seen or heard from her, so for all I know, she’s dead, too. They were all such incredibly nice people. They didn’t do anything to deserve it.

I’ve spent most of the last couple of days at my girlfriend’s house. I’m going over there again tomorrow. It’s times like this when you realize how important your friends are to you, not only when they’re there for you, but when they’re gone. I’m glad I didn’t die, but not just for my own sake, but for the sake of my friends – I’d hate for them to be sad about me.

I feel like a war vet – whenever I see a shooting scene in a movie, I have a sort of flashback. It’s weird.”

I do not think that it is until we read the Columbine Report and the accounts of all those who lived these horrid events that we get a close picture of how horrible the massacre was. So many people are always interested in knowing as much as possible about Eric and Dylan, but not many care about how the lives have changed of those who lived these terrifying events.

I just wanted to put a little PSA out there

It’s okay to hate a ship. It’s okay to love a ship. It’s okay to feel indifferent about a ship. What isn’t okay is when people hate on other people because they don’t love, hate or feel indifferent about the same things they do. If we all felt the same about shows, movies and books fandom life would be pretty boring. While it is okay to have healthy discussion in your said fandom, when it turns to pure hateful personal attacks on a person you most likely don’t know a line must be drawn. Feel free to love and hate aspects of shows, movies and books just remember to love each other in the process.

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We need to talk about Jared Leto

I have been seeing so much unnecessary, unkind, undeserved hate towards Jared Leto, and none of it is justified.

I really want to know what’s so bad about him being in blade runner? People hate the fact that he’s a supporting role and why exactly? This doesn’t effect your life, if you aren’t a fan of Jared Leto and don’t like watching movies of him, then the solution is simple, don’t!

Why do people feel the need to comment hateful things on a person only because they aren’t looking forward to their casting role? I’m all for opinions, it’s ok to have an opinion. But when your opinion starts to cross a line of disrespect for another human being is where I get angry.

Your opinion shouldn’t be so important as to put a persons confidence down. All these people are constantly saying “no discrimination” “everyone deserves love” “peace and freedom” “you do you” and then you go and completely push down those morals you have all set up.

I’d love to see you try to go out in the acting world where you are being judged 24/7 and I want to see you get really excited for a role and work so hard to play and put so much time into it, and then see reviews such as “I hate you” “your acting sucks” “kill yourself” “this movie sucks because you’re in it” “I was excited to see this movie but then I saw you were in it”
How about you get all of that on your social media, when your a human just trying to fulfill your dreams and work really hard at it? I’m sure it sucks

It’s a good thing he doesn’t dwell on that stuff, even though it still must be hard. Because the sad thing is that he is an amazing actor, one of the best I’ve ever seen. I’ve never seen an actor like jared Leto in my life. He gets so passionate about his roles and so dedicated and he does so good.

And by the way, Jared Leto as The joker is badass. No matter what you say. I don’t think he did amazing in suicide squad only because I blame the script writer which I’m pretty sure was David Ayer, the script was not fit for the joker and it did not do his take on the joker justice. (No pun intended). And if you don’t like his look, don’t blame him, it was the costume and makeup team that decided his look for him.

I even saw a post saying that Margot Robbie and will smith were perfectly cast for suicide squad but DC disrespected them when they decided to cast Jared as joker. That appalled me. He worked so hard and I actually think he is a fantastic joker, I also think he can go really far with this role, but he needs better scripts and better movie time which isn’t his fault.

I say to out due this hate and actually send some awesome positive messages to Jared, even some fan art.

Sundays w/ Spideypool #15


@ulnusilmukka said:

Story idea for sunday spideypool: Peter and Wade are having a movie night. Wade want to watch some scary movie and Peter is just curled under Wades arm and Wade has his mischevious smirk. Just some cute fluff


“Waaa-aaa-aade!” Peter whined a little and squirmed further under Wade’s arm to hide his face from the tv. “Why do you pick these movies? How have I lost eight coin tosses in a row? I hate scary movies!”

“How could you hate this movie?” Wade crammed a handful of popcorn into his mouth. “It’s practically your people.”

“I’m gonna kick your ass.” Peter threatened. “Stop saying spiders are my people!”

“You know, you are not scary at all when you’re trying to hide in the cushions, baby boy.” Wade grinned down at him, then yelped when Peter jabbed a finger in his ribs. “Ouch! Dammit!”

“Change the movie!” Peter ordered. “No one ever wants to watch Arachnophobia.”

“I always want to watch Arachnophobia.” Wade countered. “It’s not my fault you always lose the coin toss. I can’t help that I like scary movies.”

“Why couldn’t we just watch Oceans 11 or something.” Peter hid his face in Wade’s chest when someone started screaming on screen. “Do you do this on purpose?!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Wade denied, but he put his popcorn down and put both arms around Pete, slouching on the couch until they were practically lying down together.

Wade took a deep breath when Peter pushed his face into his neck, rubbing his nose over the rough skin and sighed a little, budging even closer until he was curled tight into Wade’s body.

“Tell me when the scary parts over.” he mumbled.

“You mean, after they’ve killed all the spiders?”

“I mean when the credits are rolling.”

“Yeah, honey, sure thing.” Wade closed his eyes and rubbed comforting circles on Peter’s back as the movie played on, content to lay there with the kid wrapped around him for as long as he could. The first time Wade had won the coin toss and picked a scary movie, Peter had glommed onto him and didn’t let go, and Wade– Wade had decided to pick scary movies every week for the rest of his life.

“I’m gonna win the coin toss next week and we are watching Beauty and the Beast.” Peter grumbled, and Wade glanced over at the double-headed coin that he used every week when they flipped for movie rights.

“That’s fine, baby. Just remember, I’m always heads.”


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Hi! I've recently started watching Peaky Blinders, and I was wondering if you could tell me a little bit about what kind of man Cillian is? I've spoken to other fans or Cillian's, and they all say he's lovely, but I would prefer a more....well-rounded opinion. Thank you very much!

Well, unfortunately, I’ve never met him, so I can only speak to how he presents in interviews and what his co-stars have said about him! 

Here are some traits I think we can fairly ascribe to him: 

  • Private
    • “I’ve always felt that the less the public knows about you, the more effective you can be when you go to portray someone else.” - CM
    • “If you behave like a celebrity, then people will treat you like a celebrity, and if you don’t, they won’t. There’s not much to write about me in the tabloids.” - CM
    • Does not have any social media accounts
  • Talented
    • “When you act with Cillian you don’t have to act. You can sit and start playing about. He’s so good and relaxed and at the top of his game. When you’ve been doing it as long as he’s been doing it, you can just do a quick rehearsal and then ‘let’s go!’” - Helen McCrory
    • “I don’t need to tell you what an amazing actor Cillian Murphy is, but to be so close to him and see him act, not through a screen, but with my bare eyes? That was definitely something I’ll never forget.” - Gaite Jansen
  • Humble
    • Ken Watanabe: [Christopher Nolan] says, Cillian, that you are the best actor of your generation.
      CM: [Embarrassed] I’d say he feels the same about you.
  • Passionate
    • “Today, I pick and choose my films very carefully. There’s nothing I’ve done so far that I can’t talk about with commitment and passion” - CM
    • “Hollywood is a one-industry town, but I think you can smell it from a mile away when people are telling you what they think you want to hear. I don’t care. I don’t care if you hate this movie, I don’t care if you think I’m shit. I’m confident in what I do and I know I’m a good actor.” - CM
  • Homebody
    • Lives in Dublin with his family, rarely makes appearances
    • “I like being at home with my music and my books. I’ve done all the partying, I’ve done enough partying for four or five people as a young fella. But now I like the quiet life.“ - CM
  • Music Lover
    • Formerly in a band
    • Currently involved with the Sounds from a Safe Harbour music festival in Cork,
    • Has made mixtapes for radio stations and web zines
    • Has appeared in and directed music videos
  • Loyal
    • Tends to work for directors multiple times, e.g.: Ken Loach, Christopher Nolan, Enda Walsh 
    • Has a small group of friends, most of whom were friends before his acting career took off
    • Married for 13 years to Yvonne McGuinness, whom he had been dating for many years prior
  • Charitable
    • Has worked actively with Focus Ireland, a charity devoted to decreasing homelessness in Ireland
    • Donated to Murphy’s Army (no affiliation), a charity that promotes pet safety 
    • Has participated in Rock the Vote and other political empowerment movements

That’s probably not well-rounded because I clearly adore him. Here are some less nice things people have said or could say about him:

  • Pretentious
    • “I want to promote the film and I want the film to do well but I just find it all terribly uninteresting to talk about the frivolities. Again I’m lucky that as I get older I don’t have to do as much of that. I just tell them that I’m not doing it. It’s quite nice.”
    • Comes across as bored in interviews and press events, does little by way of promoting his projects
    • V intellectual, much smart 
  • Stand-offish
    • See: private – prefers to keep a low profile, doesn’t necessarily enjoy being approached in public
  • Ungrateful
    • “I don’t feel like my job is to entertain you as Cillian.”
    • Does very little in the way of fan service
    • “And nowadays it’s like… I don’t know … ask me the next question. It frustrates me talking about this shit… Just because… why can’t I just do the work and that be it?

I obvs disagree with all those things, but can see why people might feel that way. 

Overall, reports from people that have met and worked with him portray him as a talented, down-to-earth guy who just wants to go home to his wife and kids at the end of the day. How could you not love a guy like that? 

anonymous asked:

Few years ago, I spoke with my stepmother about how I felt isolated from my friends because I never got crushes. She commented that I would eventually, "unless you're one of those asexuals, which I don't think you are." At this point I had been certain for at least a year that I am aroace. Upon questioning she admitted she thought this because I like (well written) romantic scenes in movies. She seems very set in this. How do I explain that attraction is different from what I like in media?

I don’t know how helpful it is but I absolutely am always  reminded of violence when someone is like but you like smut or you love romances. Like people love murder mysteries but they definitely would hate it if their actual life turned into one. Not all media is wish fulfillment sometimes it’s a way to be safely involved in things that aren’t like your own life. Similar to people who love horror movies. 

It Just Felt Right

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Requested: By a wonderful anonymous person

Pairings: Ezra Miller x Reader

Summary: Y/N has never appreciated her pushy mom, but this Christmas, she may have indirectly paid off.

Warnings: Pushy mom

Word Count: 1,201

A/N: I hope that you guys like the last post of 12 Days of Christmas! I will resume my usualy Monday Wednesday Friday schedule next week!

Leave it to you to fall in love with your best friend. Better yet, your gay best friend.

It had been that way for so long that you couldn’t remember a time that you weren’t in love with him. You had met him in elementary school, and there was just something about him that drew you in, and kept you there. Even though you had met at such a young age, the two of you had stuck together through it all. Even when you were still in college and he was off acting in movies, the two of you talked every night without fail. After you graduated, he insisted that you move near to him and you had never been happier. He was the kindest soul that you had ever met, unless you had managed to cross someone that he cared about.

You had caught him in the middle of a particularly rude response. “Ez,” you said, leaning your chin on his shoulder to read the computer screen. “You know that I don’t care what they say.”

“Well I do.” He huffed, turning around to face you. “I hate it when people are rude.”

“You don’t get bothered when they talk about you.” you pointed out.

He chose not to respond, simply turning around and erasing the comment. “We’re going to be late,” you pointed out, throwing your coat on and grabbing the bag that you had packed that morning. Ezra was constantly running late and you hated being late to anything.

“Do we have to go?” He whined, spinning around in the chair. You were supposed to be heading to your parent’s house for a Christmas party. Even though you loved them, your parents had a tendency to be overbearing, and they were constantly asking you about things that you didn’t want to think about. Like why you didn’t have a boyfriend. And even though you knew the answer, it wasn’t one that you were going to say out loud.

“I don’t want to go either, but we both have to.”
“Theoretically, we don’t have to go.” He said slowly, contemplating the ways that he could get out of going.

You handed him his coat and ushered him out of the door before he could convince you that you should just stay home and watch It’s a Wonderful Life for the sixtieth time. The car ride there was wonderfully calm. You knew that a storm was coming once you got to the party, with your family.

His hand was on your leg, but that wasn’t something new. Ezra had always been touchy around you, and you couldn’t say that you were upset about it.

Unfortunately, the ride was over too quickly and you were quickly swept up in the craziness of your family. Before you knew it, both of you were sat on the couch, a glass of wine in your hand. Everyone had opened presents, and nothing had gone wrong, yet. It was going surprisingly well, as your mother had yet to ask about your love life and you were only about five minutes away from being able to leave.

“So, Y/N,” your mother said, her voice slightly slurred from all of the eggnog. “Have you met anyone new lately?”
And there it was. She couldn’t let you visit without bringing up your obvious lack of a love life. Sometimes you would try and avoid the question. Sometimes you would lie. But today, you were over it. You were going to tell the truth. “No mom, and I’m not trying to either.”

Her eyebrows rose over the rim of her cup, but apparently she got the hint that you weren’t going to be talking about it.

You stared her down, a newfound confidence coming over you. “I think that we should head home.” Ezra said quietly into your ear. You offered him only a small nod before standing up from the couch and making your way to the door.

“I don’t know why you let her get to you.” he said softly beside you. you knew that he was trying to make you feel better, but you couldn’t help but remember how you had said the same thing earlier. Maybe you should just tell him.

“Because it’s none of her business,” you said, hoping that he would leave it at that. But that wasn’t how Ezra was. He raised his eyebrows at you, knowing that there was more to what you were saying. “And maybe I already found somebody else.”

You may have been imagining it, but it looked like Ezra’s shoulders slumped. “Really?”

“I said maybe…” you weren’t so sure about your decision now.

“Who is it?” When you didn’t say anything, and after a few moments of silence, he pushed further. “Do I know him?” You could only bring yourself to nod. Where was all of that courage that you felt a few minutes ago?

You were shocked when Ezra didn’t immediately try to guess who it was. Usually he thought that it was funny to try and embarrass you by guessing who you had a crush on. Thankfully though, he had never actually guessed himself.

“Is it-”

“Ezra, it’s you.”
“I’m sorry, what?” you had spoken so quietly that he wasn’t sure if he had heard you correctly. You were only staring down at your feet, wishing that he would let the matter drop. “It’s me?”

You nodded, only looking up when you felt the car stop. There was no way that you were home already. Ezra had pulled over into an old gas station, but you had plenty of gas to make it home.

“I know that you are saying you found someone, but I have to tell you this, or I will never forgive myself.” You nodded. You had no idea what he was on about, but the sooner it was over, the sooner you could go home. “I love you.” he paused, but when you did say anything in return, he rambled on further. “I think that it started when we went to the beach that day, remember? When I convinced you to skip classes?” you nodded before he continued. “And you just looked so happy and… pure. And I think that I just fell. Hard. And I didn’t want to tell you, because you had never expressed interest, in me. Or anybody really, since I’ve known you.”

“I- you like me?” He nodded, hoping that you would elaborate. “I thought that you were gay.”

You hadn’t planned on blurting out your assumptions about your best friend’s sexuality, especially since he had never vocalized them. You had always thought that it was just understood. Something that had always been.

“I’m not gay.” He laughed. “And if that was the only objection that you had about, this” he said, gesturing between the two of you. “I don’t think that it would be too presumptuous for me to do this.” And then he was kissing you. And it felt right. You had imagined this moment, late at night when your inhibitions melted away, you pictured the fireworks, the feel of his warm lips on yours. But you had never imagined how you would feel so completely whole.

Movie Date - Jughead Jones

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Pairing: Jughead x Reader
Description: You and Juggy go to a movie date at the drive-in on a cold, foggy night
Warnings: extreme fluff ♥
Word Count: 1,364
hey guys, this is my first riverdale related imagine but i’m obsessed with the show and Jughead so I just had to write something. Today where I live is super cloudy and misty and that’s what gave me the inspiration to write this, bc it reminds so much of the show and jug’s character. Enjoy.

It’s freezing out at the drive-in and as soon as you get there you think that you should have worn a thicker jacket. The wind blows the hair out of your face and you wrap your arms around yourself trying to shield your body from the cold. Looking around, you’re surprised to see that the usually crowded field it’s almost empty. Who would want to stay outside for 2 hours freezing out in such a cold night as this one, right? Only two weirdos like you and Jug. But to be honest, you prefer it this way.

 It doesn’t take long for you to spot the familiar black beanie and a tall figure  sitting on a chair with a bunch of blankets and snacks. A smile automatically  appears on your face while you walk until where he is.

“BOO!” you scream, jumping from behind the chairs and trying to scare him. 
“Ha-ha”, Jug mocks you, clearly unimpressed. “Did you really think I would get  scared that easily?” he asks, smirking.

“Yeah, yeah, I know, silly me.” You answer, smiling and playfully rolling your  eyes.

“Come here, sit. It’s freezing and the movie is about to start” Jug says, lifting  one side of the fuzzy grey blanket and patting the spot beside him.

“Oh, and what are we watching today?” You ask, curious about what he had  chosen for tonight. You loved his taste in weird and old movies and were  always surprised by the films he liked to watch.

“The Shining”, he says, lifting one eyebrow and doing a funny, dramatic voice.

“Oh my god Jug, are you kidding me? You know how much I hate horror  movies!”

“I know, but c’mon (Y/N), look at this weather. It’s freezing, it’s chilly, it’s misty,” he says, lifting his hands in the air and pointing to the sky,” I’m sorry, but this night demands a horror movie.”

“Okay, okay, I’ll watch it” you give in and sigh, realizing you have no choice. “But why do you have to be such an emo?” you purposefully mock him,  knowing how much he hated when people called him emo.

“Oh no. You did not just call me that!” He complains, turning his head to look straight at you, a surprised smile on his lips.

“Okay, I’m sorry, I’m just messing with you” you reply, chuckling “let’s just watch the movie already so we don’t stay here until too late.” You finish your sentence and kiss him on the cheek, wrapping your arms around his neck. That way you knew he wouldn’t say no.

“Yeah, let’s watch it. Even though you don’t like horror movies I think you’ll like this one. Jack Nicholson’s performance is phenomenal, one of the best until this day, in my opinion. The way he conveys his madness throughout the film is what makes it such a classic.”

“Look at you, geeking out again for these old movies” you say, looking at him with pure adoration in your eyes and stroking the black hair in the back of his neck. You love how nerdy he was when it comes to movies and books and you love it even more when he talks about it.

He was looking especially handsome tonight. His green eyes were sparkling and his cheeks were rosy due to the low temperature. Pieces of his dark hair were sticking out of his beanie everywhere, making him look even more adorable. You feel his warm hands on top of your cold ones.

“How can you not geek out when you’re about to watch The Shining? It’s one of my favorites” Jug answers, while the opening title appears on the giant screen.  

“Yeah, you got me, I’m curious now. I just hope it isn’t too scary”

“It isn’t, I promise.”

During the first hour of the movie you two just silently watch, surrounded by blankets. Legs are tangled in each other, Juggy’s arm is around your waist and your head is on his chest, the both of you struggling to keep as warm as possible.  Every now and then you would just look up to see the complete concentration on his face.

Suddenly, his voice breaks the silence “are you enjoying it?”

“Yeah, I thought I wouldn’t like it but the story is actually pretty interesting”

“I don’t mean the movie” he says with a serious look on his face, looking sad almost. 

“What? What are you talking about?” you ask confused, while sitting up so you could look directly at him.

“Are you enjoying this?” he questions, moving his hands between you and him “I mean, are you enjoying… us?”

He quickly looks down, a wave of insecurity getting the best of him.

“Juggy… why are you even asking me this?”

“I don’t know, I just… I just realized it’s almost midnight and you’re out here freezing your ass out, watching a movie you probably won’t even like”, he answers, a sad smile appearing on his lips, “and it’s all for me. I just need to make sure you’re enjoying it as much as I am”

“Oh my God, you’re adorable, you know that?” you reply, laughing and putting your hands on both sides of his face. “Of course I’m enjoying it. Are you kidding me? You’re the best boyfriend I could ever ask for, you’re my best friend. And a boy that brings me on a date like this, c’mon! We’re binging junk food, snuggled up in 5 different blankets, with this whole place practically just for the two of us. And the best part is that I get to be with you. To be close to you. I wouldn’t trade you or this moment for anything, okay?

You immediately bring his face closer to yours and press your chapped lips against his pink ones, mouths moving perfectly in sync with each other. You needed him to know how much you mean every word you just said.

“I wouldn’t trade this for anything either, (Y/N).” Jughead says, sighing and moving a strand of your hair behind your ear.

“Hmmm, not even if I offered you a hot chocolate right now? Your hands are colder than Cheryl Blossom’s heart.”

“Oh wow, my hands are really freezing then” he replies, an adorable laugh coming out of his lips. “But no, I wouldn’t trade you even if you offered me a big, delicious, creamy hot chocolate with a bunch of marshmallows on top. That statement right there is a big step on our relationship coming from me, I hope you know that.”

“My god, I didn’t know I was that important. Now you convinced me” you joke back and kiss him again, this time harder than the last, you just couldn’t contain yourself when you were near him.

These were the moments you cherished the most, the ones where it was just the two of you joking around, kissing, enjoying each other’s companies without a care in the world.

“Well, now that we have already lost important parts of the movie while being a disgustingly cute couple, can I take you home now? It’s getting colder even for me and I think it’s going to rain soon. Plus, I really want a hot chocolate now” Jug says smiling with a pleading look on his eyes.

“Yeah, let’s go. We can finish the movie at my place. And I’ll make you a big, delicious, creamy hot chocolate with marshmallows on top, how about that?” you ask smirking, remembering what he had said to you just minutes ago.

“Sounds good to me”, he replies, kissing the back of your hand and looking into your eyes, a playful smile on his lips, “it sounds really good to me.“

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Can people like… stop hating on Love Never Dies? I mean I understand everyone has different opinions, but you know what I say? People are supposed to have an ass, not be an ass. There is no need to spit venom everywhere, making people who actually like the sequel feel bad, tired or wrong for their taste. It’s actually not the worst one besides, if even my mom, who usually does not like non-canon sequels at all, actually enjoyed this one very much, and I enjoy I too. Well, at least Australian production (I have not had the honor to witness London production). Yes, I do understand that people mostly can’t stand how distorted the characters are. I myself hate what was done to Meg and Madame Giry, but we all should keep in mind that ten years is a long time, and people can change beyond recognition, for better or for worse.

Same about 2004 movie. I am not going to roll into the arguments that Gerard, as an unprofessional singer, completely slayed it, that to some people (me including), his raspy, untrained vocal is greatest part of the charm, or that his deformity is very accurate because it’s based on an actual disease that people live with since about the time of Phantom’s timeline (or earlier) to these days. All of that has been already very well laid out by other people, and I am not going to repeat it. It’s, after all, not the purpose of this post.

The purpose is reminding people, especially those who complain about negativity on characters, ships and movies, that by hating on Love Never Dies and 2004 movie they do the same to others. It can be physically sickening, you know, when those two productions mean so much to you.

However I just realized this post makes Phandom seem like a bunch of whiny assholes. THAT IS ABSOLLUTELY NOT TRUE. Phandom, aside this one little thing, is one of the most welcoming (if not the most welcoming) fandoms I have ever been in. Fellow Phamily, you folks rock, all of you!




  • he’s all into this romance type shit so he’s totally down for it
  • “do you want some chocolate? popcorn?
  • sits down comfortably next to you in the couch
  • you both end up cuddling it’s cute
  • “wow they are both so good looking! almost better than me!”
  • “oh mmmm, nope i don’t like that guy she better stay with Jack.”
  • you two forget the snacks lol
  • when the car scene comes on things get interesting
  • really interesting
  • you burry your head in your hands but you can feel Zen watching attentively
  • “hey MC maybe we can try-.”
  • you shut his mouth with your hand before he says anything else
  • when the titanic starts to sink Zen starts tensing up
  • “Are they going to make it?? I hope they make it and get married and have kids and live a happy life OH MY GOD MC THE ANGST!”
  • cries when the whole “jack i won’t let go” scene comes on
  • actually sobs wtf
  • “MC did you like the movie because i did and it was great and-.”
  • doesn’t shut up about it for the next week


  • he doesn’t like romance movies much because they make him emotional
  • you convinced him for this one
  • “ugh fine MC but if i cry it’s your fault.”
  • doesn’t make it through the movie without crying
  • clutches your hand when the sad scenes come on
  • whispers in your ear his thoughts on the movie so far
  • when jack dies MC cries and he cries because MC cries
  • “mc please don’t cry because i also cry when you cry.”
  • has a fear of boats and water after poor baby


  • i imagine this as a remake and Zen is playing as Jack
  • you two go to the premiere and get good seats in the movie theatre because of Zen
  • “Mc are you comfortable here? should we move?”
  • hold hands during the movie AWHHH
  • when Zen is first introduced on the screen she literally gets a nose bleed
  • actually you both do
  • “oh my god he looks like a god”
  • when the car scene comes on jaehee faints
  • no literally she feels lightheaded
  • “Zen oh my god.”
  • after the movie you meet up with Zen to drink coffee
  • “so zen uhm i didn’t know you acted out things like that.”


  • he hates romantic movies
  • just hates movies in general
  • “Fine Mc if you wish to.”
  • sits down next to MC with some snacks
  • gets very technical with the movie
  • “well why did she…when she could have…?”
  • is literally one of those commentary people in the movie CAN HE SHUT UP
  • is uninterested in the movie till the titanic starts to sink
  • “oh okay now we are talking”
  • again gets all technical about the sinking of it
  • sticks to the “they could have both fit on the board” statement
  • “if the motors were better it wouldn’t have sunken.”
  • denies that he liked the movie but he secretly loved it
  • “we should have the company start it’s own ship building crew i will get working on it asap.”


  • this bitch
  • he actually loves this movie he watches it often
  • “hey Mc let’s watch a movie!!”
  • you two cuddle CUTE
  • “mc what would you do if you were on that ship? what would you do if….”
  • is also like jumin the constant commentary
  • you two end up falling asleep on the couch y’all are tired babes
  • wake up to the loud sound of the people screaming when the ship is sinking


  • y’all just don’t watch movies
  • end
  • period
  • he made an exception it was your birthday
  • mostly uninterested the whole time he didn’t care much for romance
  • spaces off until he sees you crying because of the movie
  • “it’s a damn movie MC move on.”
  • “no this actually happened in real life. there was an actual ship called the titanic and it sunk with mostly all passengers dying they just added the romance to it.”
  • oh
  • ohhh
  • brings a blanket and comforts you asap


  • no like he loves it so much he had a photography themed display of it
  • when you mention it’s your fav movie he gets all excited
  • it’s actually cute
  • he has the perfect movie night with candles and food and snacks available
  • the two of you fangirl over the movie it’s CUTE
  • you’ve never seen this side of him PROTECT AT ALL COSTS
  • “mc if we were in this situation i would never let you go.”
  • after movie cuddles and cute night talk afterwards


  • he saw a trailer for it and was interested
  • “hey MC we haven’t been out on a date recently wanna go see the re-run of Titanic?”
  • is surprised when a whole bunch of couples are at the theatre
  • “did we walk into the wrong room?”
  • funny commentary throughout the movie
  • gets really really serious and quiet during the last 30 minuets of the movies
  • “soooo MC wanna go on a cruise?”


cameronpost  asked:

okay but alec and lilly as bros is my aesthetic


  • Alec asking her to babysit Max??? Shes surprised af but PRETENDS to be nonchalant about it. A shadowhunter asking a vampire to babysit their child? Pffff, totally normal. Happens all the time. 
  • Sometimes Lily visits at the same time as the Lightwoods, and she calls Robert “Bob”, and when he corrects her about it she’s just like “Shh Bob, I’m trying to talk business with your son, you can go do something useful for a change”  
  • Lily sending Alec messages during official clave meetings??? 

“Lightwood your progenitor is insufferable”
“He’s not that bad…”
“who the fuck is that person anyway”
“thats my Parabatai actually”
“well he’s also insufferable”
“….I know”
“your sister is kinda cute though”
“that’s not my sister”
“my bad, some of you shadowhunters look a lot alike.”
“Lily please stop pulling faces, Maia is gonna kick your ass if you make her laugh”
“not my problem I’m naturally hilarious. Also tell her to text me if she has anything to say” 

  • Drunk!Lily calling Alec in the middle of the night and he gets so worried??? Maybe she’s in trouble or something happened, but when he picks up she’s babbling about some girl that turned her down and that had never happened to her before??? Is she losing her touch??? It takes Alec twenty minutes to calm her down, but he doesn’t care too much because nobody apart from his siblings had ever told him about their personal problems, and its kinda nice to know Lily trusts him enough. 
  • Lily sends Alec selfies all the time, but she rarely gets any on return. 
  • She probably downloads Snapchat on his phone, and sends him pics of ketchup and blood alike stuff like “oh man I was so hungry” followed by a pic of herself pulling a horrified face “Wrong number!!”. 
  • LILY TRYING TO TAKE ALEC CLUBBING ALL THE TIME!!! She pouts when he reminds her that he has a son to take care of, sorry
  • Magnus completely betraying him and reminding him Isabelle is available that night, and that he should definitely go out with Lily
  • “Huh yeah my friend over there likes you, you should um, talk to her” and then, lower “And be nice to her or just for you to know I could kill you with my eyes closed” 
  • They have movies nights every now and then because Lily can’t believe Alec knows crap about pop culture??( “Magnus what are you for if not to teach young Lightwood here about pop culture??” “I did my best, sue me”)  
  • Obviously the first thing they do is watch every single Twilight movie. 
  • “ I’m glad you don’t do that” Alec smiles when Edward steps into the sun “I have enough glitter in my life already”  
  • Of course Alec complies. The reason she doesnt let people see her phone? She has TONS of baby pictures. 
  • Lily has always hated that nickname, but let’s him use it. Magnus uses it once and he still has nightmares about the glare he received from her 
  • “Just for you to know, Lightwood” she tells him one day over coffee after they have solved a particular hard case that had taken them hours “I’m expecting your next child to be named after me”. Magnus splutters on his cup, because Max is barely three, they’re not having another kid that soon, thank you very much, but Alec nods solemnly and replies “ Sure. You will have to fight Isabelle to death for it, but okay” 
  • It stays for like a week but it was awesome 
  • Sometimes she talks about Raphael with Alec, because he’s a really good listener and always knows what to say. 
  • LILY MAKES ALEC TAG ALONG FOR CONCERTS!!! So far they went to see Halsey, Taylor Swift, and Years & Years. Alec had never listened to any of them, but he loved some of the songs. 
  • “Truth to be told, I only brought you because I need someone tall with broad shoulders, and Maia doesn’t like Taylor Swift” “Why would you need-” and then Lily hops on his back. She pulls his hair during some songs because “I just know you’re judging this song, stop being a pretencious asshole and SHAKE IT OFF”
  • Every time Wildest Dreams comes up when they’re together, she points at Alec and sings at the top of her lungs “He’s soooo taaalll, and handsome as hell, he’s so baaaad but he does it so wellll” 
  • Jace shaking his head when Lily comes into conversation because “I honestly can’t understand how you’re friends with her. She’s so scary and intimidating” everyone agreeing while Alec looks directly into the camera like the office because he literally just received a text from her saying “LOL look at this cat video” 
  • Funny cat videos!!! They send each other those all the time. 
  • Lily kidnaps Chairman meow every now and then, sends Alec pics of both of them with sunglasses (he rolls his eyes, it’s 22PM) and lots of emojis. 

can we get rid of the idea that a character in fiction who talks to themselves must automatically be labeled as unstable?? and sometimes even dangerous??

do you know how it felt to stumble across a character in books/movies who talks to themselves and think maybe this one is like me?? and how it felt when that character was constantly shut down or thrown aside as “crazy”???

can we as a society just stop making fun of people for talking to themselves please

Jason Todd x Reader - Time - Finale

Part One , Two , Three , Finale

- You had been seeing Jason a lot recently. Just as friends.

- Though both of you wanted more, you were both just to awkward to make the first move.

- It was a really rainy night and you hadn’t been able to sleep. Your apartment was on the top floor and never felt completely safe on stormy nights.

- Instead you were sitting on your sofa and drinking green tea, going through Tim’s Netflix on your TV.

- When you had rich friends, you used them for free Netflix.

- Jason was bleeding and probably going to die.

- He had been in a pretty bad fight and Tim was on his way to get him.

- There wasn’t a chance he was going to get there on time. Tim was having to hack into his helmet and locate him as well as actually reach him.

- Jason knew a possible solution. You lived nearby and you were training to be a doctor.

- But if he went to you, he would have to explain the whole Red Hood situation.

- Then again, you were Tim and Steph’s friend, they had probably told you by accident and trying to keep it on the down low.

- Jason managed to get himself to your apartment building, luckily you were on the top floor and he could swing down to your fire escape without causing too much trouble.

- You almost screamed when Red Hood forced your window and collapsed on to the floor.

- “What the hell!” you yelled before noticing all the blood “Crap,”

- “Y/N…” Jason managed to choke out. He was struggling to breath.

- “Jay…” you froze when you heard his voice. Then you yanked the stupid helmet off and his identity was confirmed.

- You didn’t waste time demanding an explanation or freaking out. Your training kicked in and you managed to move him onto a table.

- You pulled out your home kit, it didn’t have everything you wanted but it had enough.

- After a very stressful hour, Jason was breathing normally and stitched up.

- “Hood! Where are you?” Tim’s voice buzzed from the helmet.

- You wanted to slap Tim in that moment. He had no sense of direction and if Jason had waited for him, he would have died.

- “He’s at mine.” you spoke into the helmet.

- “Y/N…bats is going to kill us…”

- “He’s alive, created a mess though.”

- “Should I come get him?”

- “No…no…he can crash here tonight.” you noticed Jason perk up slightly when you said that. He’d been completely silent, and refusing to meet your eyes.

- You put the helmet away. “So you’re Red Hood…That would make Tim…Red Robin?”

- “So you don’t hate me…?” he asked, genuinely confused.

- “Why would I hate?”

- “Because I didn’t tell you? Because I kill people? Because I’m involved in the Gotham Underworld?”

- “Almost everyone that lives in Gotham has been involved in the Underworld at some point. I had a teacher in university who became a villain instead of marking our course work.”

- “Killing people?”

- “Not my place to judge. You do what you think is right. At least you’re doing something to try and stop crime.”

- “I didn’t tell you?”

- “Sounds like you want me to hate you, I don’t. Plus, it’s a pretty big deal. You can’t just go around telling people that your Red Hood.”

- “But you aren’t people…” he whispered, hoping you wouldn’t hear.

- You did.

- “How did it start?” you asked quietly.

- “You want to know?” he sat up now.

- So many things made sense to you now. That night when he’d shown up at Steph and yours movie night. He was half naked because he had been finishing patrol.

- Why he was busy most nights

- The family matters Tim always had.

- Why Jason had travelled so much.

- “I do, what happened that made you put on a helmet and get a gun?”

- “It’s a long story…”

- “I have time…” you tried to smile at him, but he was looking at the floor. “And you can take yours.”

- “What?” his head shot up.

- “Sure, I have questions. But if you don’t want to tell me yet, you don’t have to. I’m going to be demanding why it’s taken Tim so long to tell me, but you don’t have too. I have all the time in the world and you can take that long.”

- “It’s a really long story.” he swung his legs round so he was sitting

- “You stole his tires?” you laughed “Why would you think that was a good idea?”

- “I was as street rat! I saw a nice car and didn’t put two and two together till Batman was already there” he defended

- “I went looking for my mum.” he started, this part was going to be the hardest. “She sold me out t the Joker…”

- “Jay…”

- He didn’t even try to sugar coat it. He told the story of his death in all the gruesome details. “So that’s how I died…”

- You gripped his hand, having joined him on the table. “You feel alive to me.” you leant your head on his shoulder.

- “I came back with a bone to pick, Bruce and I didn’t get on…I was pretty awful to Tim and the others.”

- “But that’s when Batman was gone briefly, when Red Hood was super big?” you remembered. “Tim disappeared for a bit…”

- “Yeah…He was lost in time. Tim was the one who figured it out. Damian became Robin and Tim went looking for Bruce, didn’t believe he was dead. Dick became Batman.”

- “So Roy and I ended up doing a lot of stuff, the number he gave up is still called every now and again.”

- “The Royfriend.” you remembered what Stephanie had called him.

- “He’s the best. Set my shower on fire once, still the best. Me and him had some stuff with the Joker’s Daughter.”

- “So you three became the outlaws…” you were trying to keep up with everything.

- “The first version of them. After we split up, I met Artemis and Bizarro.”

- “And here we are…” he finally finished.

- It had been about seven hours, and he had skipped out some details. You both had been through about three cups of coffee so far.

- “Here we are.” you agreed.

- “You want to kick me out? Zobie, killer, and asshole.”

- “At least you own it.”

- “I knew you’d hate me.” he looked to the floor for some comfort.

- You definitely didn’t hate him. Not at all.

- Whenever people asked it the future, Jason always claimed to have made the first move, you let him.

- You kissed him passionately but quickly. Pulling away to check his reaction.

- “What?” he asked, not trying to hide the smile forming.

- “I know everything now?”

- “Yeah.”

- “I definitely don’t hate you, Jason.”

- “But you don’t want this life. You can’t, it’s a nightmare, uncomfortable, messy!”

- “But I don’t want comfort. I want God, I want poetry, I want real danger, I want freedom, I want goodness. I want sin. I want you, Jason,” you quoted, thinking a book reference would mean a bit more to him.

- “Aldous Huxley…are you sure?”

- “Are you trying to talk me out of it?” you laughed at him.

- “Never.” he did make the second move at least, kissing you over and over again.

- “Well isn’t this sweet.” Tim had opened the door with his spare key, arriving to collect Jason.

- Neither of you cared though.

- For Jason, you had offered all the time in the world last night.

- He was already falling completely in love with you , and he had all the time to be with you.

Message from me - I could be really mean and say something like the Joker appeared and shot you in the head, but I’m not like that. I hope everybody that read these parts liked them! I loved writing them - Scarlett xx

“Why are you so negative and hateful? Stop wasting your time and do something productive!”

Common arguments for why you should just shut the fuck up and not talk about things you don’t like and instead be a cutesy pink sparkly unicorn who is too pure and wholesome to express bad opinions. 

Let me explain why I, personally, like to snark and be critical of books and why I think it’s important:

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secretly dating dk

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  • okey dokey
  • get it because dokey.. dokyeom
  • ok anyway
  • in this case he is his real self aka an idol
  • and you are famous too whether it be acting, singing etc
  • you guys met in such a cliché way 
  • you were both each other’s celebrity crush for the longest time
  • and met at an awards show
  • now
  • nobody in your separate fan bases would have thought of you two being together because none of you mention each other ever
  • but with his friends?? and your friends?? they never hear the end of things
  • he talks about you nonstop
  • you talk about him nonstop
  • at the award show you actually get pushed into him by your friends / coworkers
  • and he’s just like
  • “oh sorr- OH MY GOD”
  • he actually says that out loud
  • and gasps
  • and you’re blushing so hard and smiling so hard that you dont even realize what he said
  • minghao comes up beside him and sees you
  • “ooooh isn’t this that person you like and won’t shut up about-” 
  • dk slaps him
  • minghao puts his arms up in surrender and backs away
  • your friends wink at you and take a step back
  • and you both kinda hug it out
  • he’s sweatin
  • let’s just say from there you guys hit it off
  • had a real funny conversation, exchanged numbers, got to talking ;)))
  • soon enough he asked you out on your first date together!! a classic:
  • “hey wanna go to the movies tonight?”
  • u were like uhh heck yea?????
  • he thought it would be a good idea because it would be dark when you both got there and left = less chance of getting recognized out in public
  • honestly he wouldn’t care if you two got recognized
  • he would yell about his feelings for you to the whole world
  • except he knows you wanna keep it on the down low 
  • until further notice
  • so dates are usually at night if you go out
  • during the day you’ll stay inside and do stuff but u both have a lot of energy when you’re together omgkndg
  • so sometimes you’re both just like screw it and hop on bikes and ride around in the middle of the day
  • the few times people recognized you it was like an “oh we’re friends :-)” situation
  • afterwards though he would find a secret spot and hop off his bike and hug you so tight
  • and mumble into your neck bc he knew it tickles you and say
  • “we aren’t just friends right?? you said you like me!!!!” 
  • you’re like omg Dokey i love u don’t worry
  • and you say it in a casual way
  • but he immediately is 
  • :OOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU LOVE ME
  • and you know u messed up bc he’s gonna freak out
  • except he just kinda hugs you tighter and whispers it back into your ear and that tickles you inside and out
  • where was i going with this
  • yes basically
  • of course you don’t want to handle the hate and every negative thing that would come with announcing your relationship publicly 
  • but you guys r the best.. when you do eventually announce it people love u together and are so supportive..
  • suddenly you take pride in going out on dates together
  • and inside time is cuddle & movie & snack time
  • otherwise u go out like a normal couple
  • and look good as heck and break people’s hearts like the hot celebrity couple u are
  • so many collabs too
  • seventeen would always love u but always like 
  • quiz you on dk to make sure you know everything about him??
  • anyway
  • it’s just so great
  • and he would treat u like an absolute angel