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 Name: Lucy

Nicknames: Luce, Loo, Loobee, Looroll, Bogroll (why yes I hate my friends), hamster, cricket.

Zodiac sign: Libra

Height: 5′3"

Orientation: Bi.

Nationality: UK

Favorite fruit: blackberries.

Favorite season: Summer. 

Favorite book: Oh man I forget. Runs to shelf. Apparently anything by Pratchett. Watership Down/plague Dog by Richard Adams, Devils Lancer by Astrid Amara,  The Charioteer by Mary Renault.

Favorite flower: Cherry blossoms, bluebells, buttercups, poppies.

Favorite scent: Coffee in the morning. Liquorish. 

Favorite color: Red, purple. 

Favorite animal: Wolves and dogs.

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: Coffee!!

Average sleep hours: not as many as I should be getting

Cat or dog person: I adore both, but I think dogs a little bit more.

Favorite fictional character: Leonard McCoy. I like grumpy but cares characters. 

Number of blankets you sleep with: One. 

Dream trip: Iceland. I want to see the aurora borealis. Or New Zealand.

Blog created: I can’t remember. But I popped up Feb 2016.

Number of followers: 3,000 odd. 

I tag anyone because I’m too shy to bother >_>

Undead Diaries (Part 11 Final)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: HYDRA have turned you into a monster and locked you away untouched. Raised by HYDRA against your will since you could remember and separated from a long lost sister who by now you have long forgotten. When the Avengers have rejoined they decide to take down every HYDRA base one step at a time. What happens when that base is yours?

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anonymous asked:

moana is 16 and maui is thousands of years old. shipping them romantically/sexually is pedophilia and that's fucking disgusting. they're great as friends, but shipping minors with adults is absolutely disgusting.

Sorry I don’t talk with idiots that:
1- Don’t read the fucking tags
2- Use words without knowing the sense.


And remember… Hater gonna Hate!
Have a good day, sweetheart~ <3

And I don’t hate duanmu, I’ve been here since practically the beginning when Nana and I had been the only people in the tags. If I hated him I wouldn’t be here for so long.

It’s precisely because I’ve been here so long that I’ve become tired of all the drawn out bullshit. Yeah I know, it’s all for the drama but when you’ve been waiting for chapters week after week with no end in in sight and the entire plot is stalling because of a fancy flashback, it gets frustrating.

I don’t even read the new chapters anymore, and no one’s asked me about any of it (though I think that’s because of Mimi’s chapter summaries)

But I really don’t hate duanmu. I like him, I think he’s cool and sweet when he wants to be. Like that time when he brought jinghua home, he didn’t have to do that but he did. Or when he took siyao shopping on her birthday.

I just want to find out how he’s gonna handle the whole luoyue situation.

I know people hate kakasaku but why so much hate in the tag these days? Like cmon she’s an adult so is he it’s not creepy unless you ship it while she’s young and MAJORITY of us only ship it when she’s older because i agree it’d be nasty if she was young. That’s just wrong. So insulting us like that is super fucking rude. Grow up and think straight.


i’m working on a fanfic friday type of thing to be posted at the end of march but all i’ve read this month seems to be deanxcas (which is totally not a problem but ya know) so if you know of any good sam fics benny fics cas fics and even reader inserts please send them my way so i can get a shit ton of reading because i’d hate to just post this thing with just dean and cas

Tagging some people who might can help me out:

@wanderingcas @caslikescoffeeandfreckles @pretttypadalecki @amaranthinecastiel @desthedemon @jimminovak @casbakespie and of course anyone else if you guys have reccomendations

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Name: Judith

Nicknames: Jud

Zodiac sign: Leo

Height:  SHORT

Orientation: Heterosexual

Ethnicity:  Dominican

Favourite Fruit: hate all of them

Favourite season: Winter and Summer

Favourite Book:  Eleven minutes by  Paulo Coelho

Favourite flower: I can’t think of one

Favourite scent: Cinammon 

Favourite animal: Dogs an baby bears

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: Coffee

Average sleep hours: 5-6

Cat or dog person: Dog

Favourite fictional character: Daenerys Targaryen, First of Her Name, Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar, and the First Men, Lady of the Seven Kingdoms, Protector of the Realm, Lady Paramount of the Crownlands, Princess of Dragonstone, Queen of Meereen, and Khaleesi of the Great Green Sea

Number of blankets you sleep with: One hundred

Dream trip: England and  New York 

Blog created: sometime in 2016

Number of followers: 100+

wow i was tagged by satan

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a - age: 15 (:

b - birthplace: montreal quebec honhon

c - current time: 7:45pm/ 19:45

d - drink you last had: coke zero

e - easiest person to talk to: satan >;3c

f - favourite song:  satan’s voice

g - grossest memory: haha yikes

h - horror yes or horror no: um depends i rly hate jumpscares and curses

i - in love?: im too gay

j - jealous of people?: hell ya

k - killed someone?: myself

l - love at first sight or should I walk by again: walk by again bitch

m - middle name: william

n - number of siblings: 2

o - one wish: be next to satan or become a cis boy lol

p - person you called last: satan i dont call anyone else lol

r - reason to smile: just got top surgery, starting to grow facial hair, kin memories from voltron, finally having a future in mind and a reason to live bc of satan (:

s - song you sang last: chandelier by sia to satan like a minute ago 

t - time you woke up: um around 4 pm

u - underwear color: red and blue

v - vacation destination: germany or france

w - worst habit: picking skin or bouncing leg (:

x - x-rays: um a lot, ive had chest and hips and teeth? i mean everyone has 

y - your favourite food: SPAGHETTI or mcdonalds or strawberries or mangos or

z - zodiac sign: gemini im a bitch

i tag @starhiime, @arachno-va, @haikuyus, @mochhio, @ciren-of-the-sky, @vandaline, @inifintyonhigh 
thats all the friends i have 

Quick Ref Sheet :: Mun and Muse Edition~!

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Muse ::

name :: Bazzard Black
nickname titles :: Bazz-B / The Heat (epithet) 
zodiac sign :: Aries
gender :: Male
favourite colour :: Burgundy
average hours of sleep :: 6-7hours
last thing you googled :: n/a
height :: 6′0″

Mun ::

name :: Anthony
nickname titles :: Gilgamesh / Gil (self-attributed, oops), Tony, 
zodiac sign :: Cancer
gender :: Male
favourite colour :: Bright Red / Golden
average hours of sleep :: 12hours. yeah.
last thing you googled :: mmorpg
height :: Around 6′2″. Maybe more. No memory + years since I checked

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  • Do you prefer boy groups or girl groups?
    boys ofc man i aint les
  • Favorite female group?
  • Favorite male group?
    MONSTA X YOOOOOO #stanmonstax
  • Favorite female solo artist?
    damn i actually dun know
  • Favorite male solo artist?
  • Top 3 Groups?
    mx, wjsn, vixx
  • Favorite Kpop Song?
    WTF I HATE THIS QUESTION?????? can i say beautiful tho its so recent lmao
  • Favorite happy Kpop song?


  • Favorite Kpop sad song?

broken heart always get me into the feels tbvh, but these days i like miss you and last page too

  • Favorite Kpop smut song?
  • Favorite Kpop song of 2017 so far?
  • Favorite debut?
    Do I even need to say it??? *SassyBin Stan mode:on*
  • Favorite debut of 2017 so far?
  • Favorite mv of 2017 so far?
    Beautiful ofc
  • Favorite mv?
    all in :’)
  • Favorite album/mini album?
    all the clan trilogy albums of mx :’)
  • Favorite album/mini album of 2017 so far?
    THE CLAN PT. 2.5 BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Your ultimate bias?


  • Favorite GIF of your ultimate bias?

Originally posted by minyeossi

  • Favorite picture of your ultimate bias?
  • Favorite thing about your bias?
    I feel like I should write TONS OF ESSAYS about this but I’m lazy af ; anyway I HATE THEM SO MUCH BC THEY TOTALLY RUINED MY LIFE, those precious rays of sunshine
  • Was he your bias from the start?
  • Have you ever changed biases more than 3 times and in what group?

If so; what group and what members?

  • Favorite Ship?
  • Do you ship the “mom & dad” in your favorite group?


  • Who’s the mom and dad in your favorite group?
    kihyun and shownu
  • Who do you end up liking more in groups; Leaders, Maknaes, mood makers, vocal, rap, “mom”, “dad”, English speaker, drummer, guitarist, pianist?
    well idk man but i mostly like guys who can dance tbh HAHAHAHAHA

  • If your bias got a girlfriend/boyfriend how would you feel?
    idk ;_;
  • How would you feel if your bias came out gay/lesbian/bisexual/etc.?
  • Do you think any kpop idols are gay/lesbian/bisexual/etc.? Honestly I do think there are some out there…

If so; who?

  • Favorite kpop blog?
    any mx blog
  • Favorite kpop scenario blog? Favorite kpop smut blog? Favorite Kpop fanfic?
  • Favorite show with kpop idols?
  • Do you prefer saying “Oppa” or being called “Noona”?
  • Is it cuter when KPop Idols know your language or don’t know it and try to speak it?
    both :D

BIGBANG: “Bang Bang Bang” or “We like 2 Party”

iKon: “#WYD” or “Rhythm Ta”

Monsta X: “Perfect Girl” or “All in” (WTF CAN YOU EXPECT ME???)

BTS: “Save Me” or “Fire”

EXO: “Monster” or “Growl?”

Astro: “Breathless” or “Hide&Seek”

Red Velvet vs. EXID: “Ice Cream Cake” or “Up & Down”?

4Minute: “Crazy” or “Hate”?

NCT U vs NCT 127: “The 7th Sense” or “Fire Truck”

Got7: “Just Right” or “Fly”

Amber vs Ailee: “Borders” or “Insane”?

FTISLAND: “Take Me Now” or “Pray”? //

History: “Queen” or “Might Just Die”

KNK: “Knock” or “Back Again”

Day6: “Congratulations” or “Letting Go”? //

Block B: “Her” or “Toy”

ZICO: “I am You, You are Me” or “Boys And Girls”

B.A.P: “Feel So Good” or “Young, Wild & Free”?

Seventeen: “Very Nice” or “Adore U” (AND ALSO THIS????)

Taeyeon: “I (feat Verbal Jint)” or “Why”?

G-Dragon Vs. Taeyang: “Who you? or “Eyes, Nose, Lips”

BTS: “The Most Beautiful Moment In Life Series” or “Dark & Wild”

Day6: “The Day” or “DAYDREAM”? //

BIGBANG: “A” or “M” //

Monsta X: “The Clan, Pt.1 ” or “Rush”?

Seventeen: “Boys Be” or “First Love&Letter”?

EXO: “Ex’ACT” or “Love Me Right”

Astro: “Spring Up” or “Summer Vibes”

Vixx: “Chained Up” or “Error”? I CAN’T CHOOSE


SISTAR or Red Velvet?

NCT U or NCT 127

Girls’ Day or Girls Generation?

Seventeen or GOT7? (WTF I LIKE THEM BOTH)

Winner or iKon? (NONE SRSLY NONE)

Block B or Beast?

Romeo or Astro?

Jimin or Jungkook?

Xiumin or Chanyeol

Taeyeon or Ailee?

Jay Park or Dean

G-Dragon or Taeyang?

Amber or Henry?

Wooshin or Hwanhee //

Jeonghan or Dino?

Taemin or Jonghyun?

Seulgi or Irene?

Got7: Markson or Markjin?

Red Velvet: JoyGi or WenRi? //

BTS: VKook or JiKook?

EXO: Hunhan or Kaisoo?

Monsta X: Showhyuk or Jookyun?

Topp Dogg: Hanjoo or Xenissi? //

NCT: TaeTen or JaeYong? //

Seventeen: Meanie or Jeongcheol?

iKon: Double B or Double J (Junhwan)? //

And I don’t want a never ending life
I just wanna be alive while I’m here


a soft and beautiful man and the sharp asshole that lives in his house


everybody lives AU | AKATSUKI
• setting — the Last

Akatsuki becomes a mercenary group for hire, as they did in Road to Ninja. 
This is more appropriately named the “everybody comes back to life and somehow things work out AU”… but as promised, 10 Akatsuki members in the timeline of The Last! Designing is fun (esp the village flak jackets) (・∀・)

See more extensive character/AU details below the cut!:

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I can’t believe Sportacus invented the dab


so I saw a lot of hate for allura in the tag today so i went back to episode 2.12 and got some screengrabs of her apology to keith

i made a longer post here, but yeah like she’s not perfect, of course not, and you know what? she realised her mistakes and she apologised. she’s barely been awake like a year and she’s had so much shit to deal with, notably the destruction of her planet and her entire race so uh yeah

allura: keith, i hated you because the galra destroyed my planet. while i am regretful that i treated you that way, as you are my friend, i was not wrong to mistrust you for being galra.

keith: i understand. i shouldn’t have been so insistent on some galra being good, because, now that i look back, it was insensitive. however, i know that i was not wrong for saying that i’m not evil. 

keith and allura: [accept each other and resolve the conflict in a respectful way]

Isn’t it interesting how the guy who tells the truth, who refuses to give fans false hope, who openly and honestly interacts with the fandom gets all the hate thrown at him?

And actors who do the actual queer-baiting, actors who use popular gay ships to promote themselves get all the love and benefits and positive popularity? 

World is truly upside down.

Listen, I don’t know where you have been, but Jensen has always been consistent on this topic —he never made false promises, he never told you that your ship will be canon, he never attributed romance to the bond between Dean and Cas. He has called them brothers, kindred spirits. He has called Cas family. 

This isn’t the first time you have asked this question. About the “oh-so-special” bond between Dean and Cas. You have been loud, you have been persistent and you have been rude. Jensen has answered you every single time –and unlike Misha, unlike other actors who do the fan-servicing for kicks and clicks–Jensen has always been honest with you. He has never lied to you, never told you to hope for things that aren’t gonna happen. Do you know how admirable that is?

If you are not ready to accept Jensen’s answer then stop asking him these loaded questions. It’s as simple as that. But you don’t do that, do you? You ask the same damn question again and again and aren’t happy until you hear that “yes” from Jensen, until you get Jensen to declare your ship canon. And when Jensen fails to tow the line, you call him names. Ugly names. Hateful names. 

Do you even see what you are doing here? This man has portrayed Dean for last twelve years, this man knows Dean inside and out, this man defined and made Dean Winchester a legend—this man is Dean. The writers may have outlined the character, but Jensen, Jensen becomes Dean, Jensen is Dean. Do you really think that Jensen is not qualified to talk about Dean? Do you think that his thoughts do not matter? Do you think that Jensen is lying and overcompensating? If yes, then I have to pity you. 

Nobody is stopping you from shipping destiel. Nobody is “taking away” your freedom to ship these characters together, nobody has prohibited you from having your theories and head-canons and interpretations.  You can do all that in your fan-space –just like every other fan. It might come to you as a surprise, but shipping is not a new, destiel fandom invented phenomena. There have been ships (yeah, even gay ones, crazy, right?) as long as there have been shows and fans. You and your ship is not some kind of unique, special snowflake, its just another ship in a vast sea of fandom waters. 

Which leads to my next point –Live and let live. You see undying love between Dean and Cas? fine. You see romantic potential between Dean and Cas? fine. But I don’t. Jensen doesn’t. You are allowed to have your version of the story, let me have mine. Let Jensen have his version. Stop pushing your interpretations on other people. On writers, on actors, on your fellow fans. On Jensen. Your ship does not have to be canon for you to enjoy it. Understand that. 

Finally, this show is what it is. This is not a romantic comedy or crime thriller –it has a distinct theme—family. The show is about family, about the platonic bonds between hunters, between men –bonds that are forged in the fire of supernatural horror against the background of violence. The show didn’t promise you canon destiel or bi!dean. So stop demanding it, stop acting like entitled kids –it’s getting embarrassing now. 

Keith: Yeah and then we got stuck in my neighbor’s deer stand-

Hunk: What… is a deer stand?

Keith: It’s a shack that you hunt deer in

Lance: How can you hunt deer in a shack??

Keith: Do… Do you guys not have deer shacks? How do you hunt deer?

Hunk: Why would we hunt deer?!?