i know you hate comics but i will try to entice you


*stretches and gets ready for a long, polite response*

And you missed my points, but that’s fine, online miscommunications happen due to lack of tone and intent. I apologize if I sound defensive about Angela, because I immediately assumed that your problem was with the ship and her assumed (and now canonically proven wrong) involvement with Genji’s cyborg weaponization process. Possibly because of how hostile you sounded. I still get the hostile vibes but for the sake of clarification and explaining things as politely as possible, I will try to keep mine civil in return in hopes we all reach an understanding. 

And because this post is now super long, a readmore is actually required :>

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Count Me In

Notes:  The ever lovely wren-of-the-rain  asked “ahhh 43 sounds so cute.” So one must oblige. 😁💚



Alec wouldn’t say he hates clubs…Oh wait no…Yes…yes he would.

Alec hates clubs, he hates them with  every fiber of his being. He hates the air stained with the pungent combination of sweat and perfumes. He hates the ear shattering music roaring from no where, and every where all at once. And he especially hates the thriving bodies that swarm around him, (Just a bunch of horny adults dry humping in public in some pitiful veil of dancing.)

Honestly, the only reason Alec came here to the infamous Pandemonium night club was because his pain in the ass of a brother had dragged him flailing and screeching.

“Alec, you need a fucking break from all those text books,” Jace had declared with a harsh tugging on his arm out of the cramped apartment. “It’s not like you’ll fail law school from one night of fun.”

Alec admits that Jace may have had a point—he’s maybe been focussing a bit to entirely towards his studies in the passing months. So Alec’s  actually anticipating to have a fun night out with all his friends.

That is until—to his  great chagrin—Alec unceremoniously found out that Izzy and Clarry were incognito, making last minute adjustments to their trip around Europe…Which in turn meant that Alec was stuck either staring at a bunch of strangers rubbing against each other, or his brother making out with his boyfriend of a year and a half.

Not a fun position in the least.

Alec clears his throat a tad to loudly for it to be natural. “You know I hear if you don’t come out for air in at least five minute intervals, you can start losing braincells…And I don’t know about you Sheldon,  but I’m personally  under the impression that Jace can’t risk even another loss.”

Jace flips him off, and appears more than mildly  pissed when a chuckling Simon pulls away. “I think I’ll get us some new drinks,” Simon suggests, and  with a final peck onto Jace’s lips, commences his  maneuvering his way around the labyrinth of writhing bodies.

Alec roles his eyes at the way Jace can’t move his gaze from his boyfriend’s ass. “You know, you guys are pretty disgusting.”

“Oh spare me,” Jace scoffs. “You’re just salty that you haven’t went on a proper date sense you dumped that Adam dude last year.”

“I did not “dump” Adam,” Alec dismisses the idea, as if affronted by the insinuation . “Believe it or not Jace, people have the capacity to break up mutually, without any hurt feelings.)

“Oh?” Jace cranes a pale brow. “Is that why the poor bastard never came back for all his crap in our place?”

With a disgruntled pout, Alec merely averts his gaze—Honestly he didn’t have a comeback to that one.

“Admit it bro, you’re stuck in this perpetual circle where you want a boyfriend, but simultaneously suck at being one.”

“That’s not true,” Alec contends with an indignant twisting of the lips.

“Okay then,” Jace concedes with a pixilated glint in his miss-matching eyes. “Prove me wrong. dare you to get a number from a guy here tonight, and bring him to Clarry and Izzy’s going away party. I bet you guys can’t last the weekend.”

Oh hoe, Jace thinks he’s so clever with his dumb condescending smirk, and taunting and prodding. Hah he thinks that he can goad Alec so easily? Well he’s got another thing coming.

“Fine,” Alec bristles after approximately two minutes of holding himself back—his gaze immediately searching for the brunette who’s been tossing him suggestive winks the whole night.

“Oh no, not so fast my bro,” Jace needles with a sing-song tone of voice, and waving of the finger.  “One little caveat.”

“Let me guess,” Alec deadpans. “You get to choose the lucky guy.”

“You know me to well,” Jace leers with a hand running through his golden locks.

“Sometimes I wish I never knew you at all.”

Jace pointedly ignores him.

“I choose him!” He finally exclaims after a good two minutes of eyeing every seemingly available, (And sometimes not,) guy in the entire club.

Alec lazily flickers his glance towards where his brother is pointing, expecting the typical New Yorker guy. (Jelled hair to mimic a “Just got out of bed,” , look and all) But when Alec finally does take in the sight of the glittering bartender, every semblance of confidence that Alec has ever had, effectively  flies out the window.

“I-I can’t talk to him,” Alec tries to ignore the pleading edge to his voice, while he continues to gawk at the man not even ten feet from where he and Jace are lounging.

“Don’t tell me you’re intimidated Alexander,” Jace sneers with far too much amusement for it to be alright.

“NO! OF course not,” Alec scowls in a pathetic attempt to obscure the fact that his annoyingly smug fat face might be right. “It’s just…He’s like busy. you know, working!”

“Fine,” Jace nods in mock agreement. “Then you’ll just need to get us some drinks while your talking to him.”

“Isn’t that what you’re boyfriend’s doing?” Alec contends.

“Yeah, but the thing is even though I love the guy, I also know  Simon. He can’t not trip over his own two feet if we were to put him in some empty room.” Jace doesn’t give Alec another spare moment to argue against the mission, and instead shoves him towards where the bartender is filling up a new round of shots.

Alec curses him with the new latin words he’s learned by Maia while helping her study for her Classics midterm.

As he inches closer to the bar, Alec can more carefully take in the man’s intimidating appearance. From the shiny gloss swept across his lips, to the jewels adorning his fingers and ears, all the way too  how he withholds the ability to wear even a simple, silk button up with a prestige that Alec suspects not even actual royalty could pull off quite so successfully—The mysterious man with a fuchsia street in his hair, looks as if he has just stepped off the most esteemed fashion show in Milan, rather than working at some random nightclub in the middle of Brooklyn.

“Can I help you?”

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808 Beats & Love Letters - Rafe x Reader (Safe for Work)

Description: Your best friend is throwing a birthday party/Valentine’s Day party for herself. You have convinced yourself tonight is the night to give Rafe, your crush, your letter telling him your feelings. You are so nervous that you aren’t sure you are going to be able to handle the outcome.

Warnings: THERE IS NO SMUT. Shocking, I know. Mild cursing.

Word count: 2,847 total - one shot - fluff

Read at A03 here or below:

           “I should have brought glow sticks. That would have been amazing.”

           “Uh, sure, although I don’t know how that would have fit into the theme of your birthday/Valentine’s Day party.”

           Your best friend turns to look at you. She turns hard enough that her drink (her fourth, mind you) sloshes over the rim of the glass and onto your shoes. Alarmed, you take a step back from her.

           “You know,” She slurs slightly, “Glow sticks or not, my birthday or not, this is still a Valentine’s Day party too. I squished them together for a reason.”

           “Is that reason because your birthday and Valentine’s Day are, in fact, on the same day?” You quip as you look down at your shoes to make sure they are okay.

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As Fate Would Have It: Chapter 3

Submitted by: you-make-me-wander

Description: Lydia and Stiles have been sharing an apartment for two years when Lydia is invited to her cousin Jade’s wedding. (Not so) Accidentally, Jade is told that Lydia will be taking her boyfriend as a plus one, but truth is Lydia is actually single. The duty of having to pretend he’s dating Lydia falls, of course, on Stiles, but as it turns out pretending isn’t really that hard.

Rating: M

Genre: Romance

All Chapters here

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anonymous asked:

Hi!! I was wondering if you could recommend any Ziam fics with single dad AU or any fake boyfriend ones!! Thanks!!

Here goes, here goes:

Single Dad

Run For The Woods Now series (149,370) by jmcats:
Zayn knows some of the best and worst moments start with one of Louis’ ideas. Still, it’s almost as if everyone knew where this, his life, was going when Harry and Liam moved into Wagner’s old flat, with that stupid plant sitting in the doorway, and too many cigarettes and Justin Timberlake for any of this to have been one of those classically clichéd love stories.
And Zayn doesn’t do clichés. Not until Liam, that is

We Lie Awake At Night
His life, the one with his friends, with his son, with Liam, still feels a little too incredible to be true. But if it is, he’ll never let himself become content with it. Nothing this amazing should ever become routine.

Home in the Stars
It’s the kind of love story that started with Louis’ insane plans, a ridiculous plant, new neighbors, and a boy with warm brown eyes, round cheeks and promises to be there when Zayn was ready. He doesn’t know how to explain it, but maybe he will be able to tell their son Safi one day how he decided to stop running and fell for Liam… One day, he will.

I’ve Waited for This
One day, he’ll thank Louis Tomlinson for this: Liam still loves the smell of cigarettes on Zayn’s skin, the sound of Justin Timberlake when their fingers touch, the way Safi finds his own spot on their bed, the way there’s always pieces of skin touching just to keep them connected.
The way all of this started with a stupid, completely mental idea from Louis Tomlinson.
(Or the one where Zayn and Liam get married and Zayn’s finally ready)

Be cruel to me (‘cause I’m a fool for you) (37,764) by paynegerous:
“Baba, can I get the same job as Leeyum when I grow up?”
“If you want, flower,” Zayn snorts, ruffling her hair fondly. “Liam here can teach you.”
“Oh, no, I can’t have someone who could potentially love penguins more than me threatening my job,” Liam says in a fake-serious tone. “I mean, Raani here even has a t-shirt and I don’t think I can compete with that.”
“No, no, Leeyum, I won’t steal your job,” Raani shakes her head hurriedly. “I’m only five, I don’t think I can steal your job until I’m old.”
Or the one where Zayn is a stressed out single dad, Liam might just be what he needs, Louis and Niall are always happy to babysit and Harry’s a loud snorer.

the beauty of this mess (67,815) by jmcats:
He won’t admit how cold his sheets are when he’s alone or how his spine aches for Liam pressed to it or the way his fingers shove unforgivingly into his stack of pillows when he thinks about Jackson drowsy on his chest or Annabelle’s soft face under the moonlight or how that one-story bungalow was the closest he’s felt to home since leaving Bradford.
(Re: Zayn loves this city, loves his boys, loves the salty taste of the surf on his tongue even though he hates the ocean… but he’s not expecting to fall in love with Liam and all of his little secrets, too. Not enough to stick around in this sandy city of teenage dreams)

Can I Keep You (26,595) by scottmcniceass:
Liam is always trying to do what’s best for himself and his daughter, but raising a kid on his own at twenty-two, on top of juggling school work and a full-time job, isn’t easy. Zayn just wants a chance to show Liam that he’s not going to walk out on them. And Liam’s daughter, Emma? She just wants to keep Zayn.

You’re The Shining Distraction That Makes Me Fly (40,179) by romancemesomeziam:
Zayn is a recently new single father, falling into his role without ease until Liam, his son’s first grade teacher, helps him a little to adapt to the new lifestyle.

take this sinking boat and point it home (series) (43,878) by snuffleslove:
Liam’s on his way to get groceries when he hears the music. It’s low and beautiful, seeping through his skin and settling in his bones and Liam forgets about everything else, makes a sharp turn towards the source of it, nearly turning over his bike in his haste. He rounds two corners before he finds the boy, sitting on an overturned bucket with a guitar in his lap and a bike carelessly toppled by his feet.
Or, a Once the Musical AU but I write a happy ending instead because those are so much more enjoyable. For anyone who hasn’t seen the musical (you should), this is basically angsty zayn/li kidfic.

we’ve still got time
Zayn feels numb. There’s a low pulse of desperation in his fingertips, like he’s trying to catch smoke with his bare hands, keep it close to him. He tries to imagine a lifetime without tangling his hands in Mack’s curls or being held by Liam, strong hands wrapped around him from behind and can’t. Weeks have passed and Zayn can still remember perfectly the way Liam’s breath feels tickling his ear, the way his laugh shakes through his entire body, the way he flushes behind his neck when Zayn teases him.
Worth fighting for? he thinks. He’s never been more sure of anything in his life.
Or: it’s been about five years since zayn stumbled into liam and mack and the rest of his family, and a whole lot has changed since then.

This Love Left a Permanent Mark (25,991) by harrietelizabeth:
Liam’s memory of Zayn is a summer afternoon, scraping enough money together between them for ice creams and a pack of smokes, the window open in Liam’s room to entice a breeze inside. It’s midnight conversations and early morning kisses, still half asleep. It’s all the words Liam never knew how to say until he heard them from Zayn’s lips.
And Zayn’s memory of Liam is….well, that’s the problem. Liam has no idea.

You Never Give Up On Me (31,376) by sunshinexbomb:
Zayn doesn’t know if it’s funny or a little sad that they keep skirting around this thing they’ve gotten themselves into. Sometimes it hurts knowing that Liam never asks him to stay even though Zayn knows he wants him to. He wonders how long he can keep doing this, can keep waiting for Liam, and he doesn’t know if it scares him or not that he could possibly wait forever.

In which Zayn is an English teacher tempted to write awful poetry about the warm coffee color of Liam’s eyes, Liam is a primary ed teacher and single parent who thinks he’s too busy to be in a relationship, Niall and Harry are the sickeningly cute newlywed teachers in the school, and Louis is a drama teacher who is not-so-patiently waiting for the day of his own wedding.

History in the Making (45,229) by areyoutherelarry:
Liam, a soldier, and Zayn, an art therapist, meet at an art fair and immediately are attracted to each other, but Zayn has a kid and a dead fiancée and Liam has a career to think about.

Every Step (40,200) by writingsofamadchild:
Every step Liam takes, it’s for her, Lily. And every path he’s journeyed has somehow led him to Zayn.

Mess is Mine: A Lifetime (WIP) (22,180) by MidnightHighlights:
Zayn Malik is an aspiring artist that finds himself a published illustrator and single father of two all in one day. // Liam Payne is playing footie with his Army Special Forces ODA one minute and regaining consciousness three minutes later. Now on “honorable discharge”, his PTSD keeps him up at night.
(Or where Zayn futilely pushes people away because his mess is his own to clean up, and Liam is kept up at night, replaying horrors enough for a lifetime. + Eleanor is Niall’s fiancée and Harry & Louis are in denial over mutual feelings.)

until two and two is three (47,755) by jmcats:
But he spends the next morning sipping his tea, watching a sleepy Zayn make coffee while Lily crawls around their feet and pretends, for a few seconds, this is how it’s supposed to feel.
(Re: They’re perfect for her, Lily, even if she’s their best mates’ daughter — except they hate each other. But life plays out a little comically and a lot tragically sometimes. And Liam will never get over how much he loves Lily or how much he hates Zayn, but they’re all she has left now)

You freed my feet from the ground so we could both scape and fly for a while (15,811) by Anonymous:
Zayn and his twins are forced by a very stubborn Louis to join a baby boot camp and he ends up meeting Liam… who is not exactly who he says he is….

Love,Trust,&Coffee (13,010) by Anonymous:
Zayn is a 23 year old single father to a five year old little girl. He’s trying to handle working as a barista at The Coffee Corner, go to college, and take care of his child all at once. Suddenly CEO 26 year old Liam Payne is thrusted into his life and now he’s trying to figure out how he can fit trusting and loving someone into his hetic life as well.

Your Personal Superhero (11,459) by Anonymous:
Liam stumbles into Zayn and his daughter’s lives but a secret or two may end up not being worth the fight.

Clouds in a Bug Net (13,751) by Anonymous:
Holiday season approaches. After Zayn’s plans are suddenly changed due to an accident, he’s forced to face feelings that he thought he had long buried. He probably didn’t make a good job hiding those, as they’re clear to the one person willing to help him with his love predicament. Will Zayn follow the advice received and finally come clean to his best mate? Sometimes what you want the most seems too far away from your reach.


let’s pretend it’s love (68,465) by wafflehood:
Pretend!boyfriends fic in which Liam and Zayn get papped while hamming it up for Louis and Eleanor, and management decides the easiest way to deal with the resulting hysteria is to let it run its course.

and you take me the way I am (54,624) by jmcats:
It’s incredibly relaxing, even in this small space, the way they’ve always been. Such a distraction that he doesn’t think, not for once, about agreeing to lie to his family and Zayn pretending to be his date and how easy all of this might be.
(Liam needs a date to a wedding. His family loves to match him up with blind dates. He doesn’t want that. He needs a date… and, well, why not Zayn. Pretending to be boyfriends for a weekend isn’t the worst idea he supposes. Liam is horribly wrong.)

fooled around and fell in love (15,717) by tachycardia:
“I have a proposal - a proposition,” Liam corrects quickly. “For you.”
Liam and Zayn pretend to be engaged

Nobody Knows You Baby (The Way I Do) (13,300) by eroticziam:
Zayn and Liam accidentally get nominated for cutest couple at school and Louis makes a bet with them that they won’t win.
(AKA the one where everyone was betting and nothing is accidental)

where I belong (and long to be) <26,081) by rubycrowned:
Liam hasn’t quite been himself since his final split with Danielle; his family get worried and decide it’s about time they came to visit for the weekend. Liam calls Zayn in as back-up. Zayn can’t really ever say no to Liam.

Practical Arrangement (WIP) (18,499) by MidnightHighlights:
After a war between the kingdoms of Bradford and Wolverhampton left Bradford the sole kingdom in England, a treaty was signed between the two nations vowing peace and alliance. In offering, Wolverhampton’s first-born male would be betrothed to the Royal Malik Family’s first-born male and sent to Bradford to live at the palace on the 21st birthday of the youngest. And neither man is keen to the whole ordeal.
(++So you have Prince Zayn and respectfully titled Liam hating each other, the two PAs Harry and Louis supplying inappropriate jokes whenever possible, and Niall always there to laugh at them.)

I AM SO SORRY THIS IS WEEKS LATE I COMPLETELY DID NOT EVEN SEE IT. I hope you still see this and that it’s helpful (‘:

Iwaoi: a surprising thing, G

AUTHOR: alexscarlet // otshineon


LENGTH: 1665


SUMMARY: In which people assume things about hot people (aka. Oikawa) which are usually incorrect. (In fact, the things usually apply to his new boyfriend more.) Inspired by this post! 

It is a funny thing. Oikawa supposes he just gives off vibes that make people want to cuddle him - that’s the sort of thing hot people have to deal with all the time - but he is still a little vexed as to why everyone thinks he is a cuddler.

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Why Markiplier should avoid Psyguy (BitPolarGame)

I beg of you all to not skip past this text wall of a post. If you love Markiplier and his videos and you wish to help him continue to serve as a safe haven for so many of us through his fandom and community, PLEASE read this.

Most of us know Markiplier. He’s one of the most popular Let’s Players out there right now, with over 8 million subscribers. What’s more, Markiplier is genuinely one of the most kind and caring people I’ve ever seen. His videos bring so much joy and laughter to the lives of those who watch them, and I cannot express the sheer emotion that gets shown to us when he releases his reactions to us, his fans. He’s one of the best.

Mark is a wonderful human being and I know with 8 million subscribers it’s hard to get a chance to see everything that is produced for him, get to every message that’s left for him, respond to every email. But it’s come to light that Markiplier has recently followed two men. Bryon Beaubien (Psyguy/BitPolarGame) and Dave Smith (Crikey Dave) and Markiplier NEEDS to know that there are two men that Mark should have absolutely nothing to do with. And I’ll tell you why.

Bryon Beaubien has, for over the last fifteen years, been a constant abuser of women as well as a cheat and swindle when it came to his fanbase. He had a meager internet celebrity following thanks to shitty sprite comics, offensive shock humor, and leeching off of the popularity of more notable celebrities. He used this fame to entice women, normally underage girls, into forming online relationships with him where he would solicit sexual favors from them all the while emotionally manipulating them. He did this for years until 2014 when finally the victims of his abuse came together and issued a callout against him where they posted testimonies, along with recorded logs and emails which exposed Bryon’s long and interwoven history of abuse. This resulted in him fleeing with his tail between his legs only to reappear again months later as BitPolarGame, no longer making shitty comics but instead making shitty let’s play videos.

Dave Smith, while only having one victim compared to the possible 20+ that Bryon had, was able to escape under the radar for the most part while the Psyguy Callout was going on. He solicited sexual acts and favors from a minor as well, joining in with Bryon in emotionally abusing her the entire time.

Both men have never once acknowledged their victims of abuse. Both men have never once apologized for their actions. Both men have publicly denied their abusive actions while, behind the scenes, both harassed their victims and attempted to use the law against them (to no avail because that’s stupid). They’ve lied through their teeth each time they’ve dared to speak in reference to the proof against them. Neither have shown remorse for their actions and now they’re being followed by one of the most popular YouTuber Let’s Players. 

That’s not good. Let me tell you why.

Bryon is incapable of existing on the internet without some kind of fanbase, that much has been proven. He had fled the internet several times throughout his tenure online, and fled twice after the Callout gained traction. Bryon needs to acknowledge his victims, his heinous actions, and apologize, but he refuses to do so. The moral thing to do, if you can’t bring yourself to own up and apologize, would be to leave the net for good. Go off the grid and just maintain a ghost status with whatever friends you might have left. And while Bryon did abandon the name Psyguy and his empire on his old website disappeared, he went straight back into trying to become a let’s player for the sake of getting more followers.

He craves a following of people he can exploit. And what better way to gain a large following than to leech off of the popularity of someone like Markiplier. What I’m going to describe is graphic and disturbing, and I do apologize for that, but please take a moment to picture this.

Markiplier has many fans who suffer from depression. Who are going through rough patches in their lives and Mark’s videos are what keeps them going. They’re emotionally distraught, and they’re vulnerable. Many of them are in the 15-17 age range. Let’s say one of these girls, sad and lacking in self esteem, comes across one of Markiplier’s followers on Twitter. Another Let’s Player! Hey, his voice is pretty nice. He’s somewhat funny. Let’s contact him like we do with Markiplier! Let’s get him to notice me!

So this new Let’s Player takes notice of this girl. They talk through a few tweets, maybe an email or two. He tells her that he’d like to add her on Skype! Oh wow, a Let’s Player wants to talk to ME, she thinks. And so now she’s talking to this guy on Skype. It’s through text at first. He’s sweet, he’s funny. He seems genuinely interested in what I have to say! And he makes videos, just like Markiplier! What an awesome person. I can’t believe someone so cool is talking to me!

Then the Let’s Player asks to actually call you on Skype. You talk to him for the first time. He’s so charming. So silly and funny. He flirts with you in some odd ways here and there, but he passes it off as a joke, which you find strange. But it’s nice to be considered worthy of being flirted with, right? You keep talking to him for several days. He talks with you about your life. Asks you personal questions. He’s a nice guy, right? You don’t mind telling him. And he tells you HIS story back! Oh man, he’s had a rough life. His ‘dad hates him’ and every girl he’s ever been with has broken his heart and was a ‘crazy bitch’. But YOU’RE different, he tells you. YOU’RE someone who could make him feel complete. 

You’re a teenage girl who has terrible self doubt. You think you’re alone in this world. But oh my god this sweet and funny guy thinks you’re worth something! He thinks you’re pretty, and you’ve shown him pictures of you at this point. Sure, he’s well over a decade older than you, but there’s plenty of couples out there with an even larger age gap between them, he says! And he asks you to be his girlfriend. You say yes. How could you say no to someone so sweet and funny and sensitive?

Things get strange though. Suddenly he’s talking about you to his friends, and using many sexual terms. It’s like he’s bragging about how attractive you are. It makes you feel uneasy but hey, it’s praise, right? Right? But then he asks for sexual favors. He wants to see you on webcam. He wants to see you naked. He masturbates audibly to your voice in calls. It’s horrible but he cares about you, right? 

But by now, you’re uneasy and you’re unsure, and he seems to be distancing himself from you. What have you done wrong, you wonder? He only ever speaks about your negative traits now. There’s no more praise about your looks, only insults about your behavior and how hurt it makes him. You protest, but he shrugs you off. He calls you crazy. He makes you second guess yourself. He makes you think you TRULY ARE the root of the problem. And when you try to make it up to him with more sexual favors, he’s satisfied…for a moment. 

Soon he is telling you that the relationship is over. And within a week he’s parading around another girl. A girl he’s been talking to for weeks while dating you. You hate this girl, and she hates you. What you don’t know is that this nice guy had been with this girl the entire time he was with you, soliciting sexual favors and pictures the whole time from someone else while being force fed such things from you in order to make him happy. Now you feel awful, like you truly hurt him and that you’re a monster. And it’s exactly what he wants you to feel.

That is, to the letter, exactly what Bryon Beaubien has done to countless girls. Over and over and over. It’s the same song and dance every time. He preys on young girls who are emotionally vulnerable and he uses and abuses them. He is a pedophile. He is an abuser. And now his name, his channel, are within easy access of Markiplier’s channel. Mark’s fans are the perfect victims for Bryon.

‘Oh, but Bryon won’t do that anymore! He’s been called out by too many people! Maybe he’s changed!’ you might say. But Bryon has YET to even ACKNOWLEDGE the women who have come forward seeking closure against the terrible things he’s done to them. Many of them have suffered socially, emotionally, and mentally due to the scars he’s left them. Even though it’s been proven that he’ll admit to some things in private emails, he has completely hidden his guilt to the public and continuously denies any wrong doing, all the while allowing constant verbal harassment against his victims from third parties when they’ve spoken out.

Bryon doesn’t care that he’s hurt people, and because of that it’s very possible that he might continue to prey on underage girls and continue his cycle of abuse with new victims he finds within Markiplier’s community.

Dave Smith is just as much of an abusive, manipulative, and lecherous bully where his partners are concerned and should be avoided as well. Like Bryon’s Let’s Plays, Dave easily garners attention through his art skills and he has enjoyed ignoring his responsibilities to his victim and such a person has no place in a loving and supportive community like Mark’s. 

Guys, Markiplier needs to know. Markiplier needs to see this post, to see the other numerous posts that have come up asking him to unfollow BitPolarGame and Crikey Dave on twitter. These two men, especially Bryon, are a threat to the young women in Mark’s community. Mark means so much to so many people and Bryon is a person more than willing to take advantage of that popularity. He’s done it before and because he’s shown no indication that he’ll ever change…he’s more than capable of continuing what he’s done for almost two decades.

I do not make this post out of spite. I do not make this post because I hate Bryon. In truth, I used to be very good friends with Bryon once upon a time. But I was young, and I personally watched him tear down, prey upon, and ruin the lives of ten individual girls over the course of two years, and I was witness to several more girls who wound up in his abusive cycle. I do not want to see this happen to the precious and wonderful people that support Markiplier.

Please spread these posts like a wildfire.
Please try and contact Markiplier and be civil. Do not harass Mark, but be informative. Show him that the number one priority is the safety of his fans. His integrity is at stake and Bryon and Dave will only drag him down. Please help Markiplier keep his loving fans safe.

anonymous asked:

I was wondering what your fav version of Jason's Red Hood costume was?

Oh yeah, this is easy.  My favorite of Jason’s Red Hood costumes is easily his original one, that we see in Under the Hood.

It’s modern, it’s sleek, it’s just all around attractive.   

I can actually talk in more detail about the costumes I don’t like, because there’s more than one of those.  For example, I don’t like it when they give the helmet a face (nose and mouth).  

Why would you do that?  It looks dumb, it serves no practical purpose, and it actually weakens the structure of the helmet and makes it easier to break.  Stupid.

Other than the helmet, though, I actually don’t find that much fault with the costume design for the New 52 (not including the recently announced christmas colored costume of which we do not speak).  From an aesthetic point of view, I like Jason’s new “bat-symbol”:

more than the skull symbol we got starting with Morrison’s run:

But I’m going to have to admit, the Morrison run actually did a better job in staying true to what Jason stands for in this regard.  The whole point of being the Red Hood is Jason separating himself from Batman.  Giving him a bat-based symbol gives him a tie to the batfamily that he neither wants nor deserves.  Personally, I don’t think Jason needs a symbol at all.  Unlike Batman, or many of the other heroes, Jason doesn’t need recognition to get the job done.  The only reason DC gave him a distinguishable symbol?


It’s so they have something to slap on useless junk and entice us to buy it.

I also dislike when they draw the helmet without eyes/a visor.  

I’m sorry, but there’s a point at which your bullshit comic book logic and your desire to give a character a “gritty, realistic feel” clashes way too much.  This is that point.

But without a doubt, the worst comic outfit that Jason has ever worn is easily the Morrison-era bullet-helmet.

Jason, you look stupid.  Please go home and think about your life choices.

I know I hate on Morrison Jason a lot, and that’s because it’s bad. It’s just really bad.  I actually like Grant Morrison.  I like his Batman and Robin, I just hate his Jason Todd in his Batman and Robin.

One of my main issues with this costume is that it has Jason try and look even more like the Joker’s Red Hood, which makes absolutely no sense.  The reason Jason took on the Red Hood persona was because he knew it would eat at Bruce, but by the time that this comic takes place, Bruce is dead.  Jason has no reason to try and look more like the Joker, who he despises anyways.  Dick Grayson isn’t going to give a shit that Jason is running around looking like the “original” Red Hood, so why do it?

Well, because Morrison wanted to turn Jason into Dick Grayson’s personal arch enemy blah blah blah, I’ve ranted on this before.  Bottom line: it looks bad and Jason should feel bad.

Arrow 5x05 “Human Target” Review: What Kind of Clarity Is This? (Or Shippers Are The Targets)

I wasn’t really sure if I was going to write this review and what I would say. I spent Wednesday evening so ANGRY at Marc Guggenheim that I couldn’t recall paying that much attention to the show. But what I saw just didn’t seem like the Arrow I know and love. I was later surprised by the number of notes/details I actually wrote down because I truly don’t remember writing them all at the time. I must have had an out-of-body experience at the time. Let me put it to you bluntly: John Diggle was shirtless on my screen and I was so mad I couldn’t even stop and enjoy it. I’m fairly certain that has to be one of the signs of the apocalypse.

I know this is technically an episode review, but I can’t honestly talk about the episode without first talking about my experience watching it. I’ve talked before about how divided this fandom has become during hiatus and how the bad PR has done much to dissuade some people from watching the show. The PR’s job is to, remember, entice viewers. Shows aren’t guaranteed loyalty. They have to earn it. There have been legitimate questions as to which fans Arrow was trying to attract this season. It certainly doesn’t seem to be Olicity fans; there seems to be a rather strong comic diehard bent at the moment. Theoretically, fine; that is, if comic books had a strong enough fanbase to keep a TV show on the air. I think I read a statistic that said comic books max out at around 100,000 copies an issue. That in no way would keep a show on the air—not even on The CW. (In fact, I believe Marc Guggentroll himself said something to this very effect.)

But despite all of this, I decided I’d give season five a shot. Was I thrilled with the addition of all these new characters? No. Have I been enthralled by their presence on my screen? Harder no. Rory is the most compelling of them but he is given so very little to do and Ragman still proves to be a problem on the Arrow landscape. Curtis, who I enjoyed vastly last season, has become a little cumbersome of late. I’m just frustrated about the sidelining of Felicity and replacing her with Curtis. I hate her agency being chipped away further to prop up a man—and another masked hero. The only thing redeeming Curtis for me is how absolutely Team Felicity they have made him. (Though, of course, the flipside to that is they make him that way so it’s not so offensive when he steals more of her characterization and purpose).

Do I miss OTA? Like one misses water in the desert. Do I like how Flashpoint has impacted Arrow? Kill it with fire. Have I enjoyed the Olicity scenes? In so far as I always enjoy Stephen and Emily sharing the screen in front of me. Their shared looks as Oliver and Felicity are always going to defy what’s on the page. If ever that is in doubt recall 1x03: She was supposed to be a one-off. This remained true when he was supposedly in love with Laurel in S1 but he and Felicity would share these looks. Same in S2 when he and Sara Lance had that horrific relapse. But has the S5 story felt legitimatized? Not so much. I still can’t figure out why they are no longer together when the chemistry between them is palpable—even in a scene where they are talking about dating other people. Not to mention that the things that broke them up—Oliver’s lie and his unwillingness to treat Felicity like a real partner—have been soundly addressed in all the obvious forward movement Oliver is attempting this season that I can’t figure out why they aren’t making steps towards reconciliation now.

Despite all of these things—and the just confusing clusterfuck that was 5x04—I am still watching. I was prepared to go into 5x05 with an open mind. Did I have high hopes? NO. I was not one of the ones that put much faith in this “Olicity” episode as it was touted over the hiatus. Calling it that in conjunction with all the other stuff being discussed—I already knew it wasn’t going to be pretty. I suspected we’d see exactly what we got. (But I kept my theories to myself because the fandom doesn’t feel like a safe place to talk about that openly; so I didn’t. I was silent and took the “wait and see” approach as I always do and let others use their online space as they saw fit.)

But then Marc Guggenheim tweeted this leading into 5x05: “Can’t wait until tomorrow’s ratings for Arrow come out and the shippers all claim credit. #WorldSeriesGame7.”


And my usual middle-of-the-road temperament veered hard right into the FUCK NO YOU DIDN’T lane. I lost my cool. I lost my ability to look at this show with a modicum of level-headedness. My inner snarky bitch came out to play.

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I waited a full twenty-four hours before I even tried putting words down for this review to give myself some space. I was angry watching this episode and this tweet is why. The episode did little to improve my mood, by the way. I tried to rein my anger in while writing this—and the further I got from Wednesday the more my Zen returned; but I couldn’t ignore it. It became a part of my experience watching this episode. Thus I had to address it from the start. Let’s jump in.


Because being a shipper is suddenly degrading, I’m going to start here simply as an F-U because my passion for this show and this ship were certainly helpful on their road to syndication. I hate how the writers act like Olicity is suddenly a burden they have to carry around; we only shipped them—they were the ones writing them for the last four years. But sure, blame Oliciters because you fucked up with BMD and now all this double down on their breakup but you can’t handle that for many Oliciters their passion turned angry (even before Wednesday).

This was supposed to be a clarity-giving episode for Oliciters. But instead things just felt mucked up again. If it holds true that Olicity is endgame—and so far I still believe that—I’m not really enjoying the journey there.

I said it last week and I am reaffirming my stance: The show never wrote Felicity as someone who suffered PTSD. I’ll even double down on that this week and say they never had any intention to either. 

At this point, I’m wondering if they would have even allowed her to show the guilt she did display if they didn’t feel compelled to give voice to her haters and simultaneously use her to introduce and prop up another new (male, naturally) character. As such, Felicity’s new boyfriend is not a symptom of her disease and Oliver is not the cure. The new boyfriend is the disease. He is a product of not wanting to give Felicity any voice—so much so they didn’t even allow her the chance to tell Oliver about her new relationship. That’s how far Felicity has been reduced in this show.  

I wasn’t happy with the storyline and I certainly found no narrative reason for it to exist. But I was willing to sit through it to get to the Olicity heart of it all. But the PR issues combined with in-show slaps to the face and my tolerance is thinning. There is still no construct or explanation to this new relationship. It just is and we are supposed to accept it. Well, sorry, but if one half of my OTP is going to get a new boyfriend I’d like some justification for it. I’d like to understand how it came to be and got so serious and how long this has been going on. (I know he doesn’t matter. But stop talking him up as if he does and then have nothing to show for it in the episodes.)

Now I’m going to stop anyone right now from saying they are broken up and this is what broken up couples do—date other people. I have never said it’s not her (or his) right to do as she pleases; she was well within her justifiable rights to dump Oliver after BMD. But having the right to do something doesn’t equate a narrative explanation for something that feels so out-of-left-field. 

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Blue Eyes Blind (Part 1)

Word Count: 1557

Pairings: Castiel x Demon!Reader

Request: “could I please have a castiel imagine where the reader is a demon, and at first castiel and her hate each other, but something pushes them closer, and they realise they have more in common than they thought, thank you:)”

Summary: You should have known better than to disobey a direct order from the King of Hell. Now you’ve got a target on your back, and your only hope of survival lies in the hands of two hunters and an angel who would be just as happy to kill you too. There’s never a dull moment when everybody wants a piece of you.

Warnings: none

A/N: Canon-divergent around S6. Shout out to the friends I talked to about this who inspired me to bring back a pretty important canon character. If you’d like to be tagged, just let me know.

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It might not have been the best idea to show up unannounced at the Winchesters’ front door. But desperate times and all that.

You should have known that damn angel in the trench coat would be there. He had seen you for what you were and immediately outed you to the brothers. Now Dean held you at knifepoint, an undeniable intent to kill blazing in his green eyes.

“Wait! I come in peace!” It’s a lame defense, but the sharp tip of the angel blade pressed against your throat made you anxious. You’d seen many a monster fall to this blade, to the hunter who wielded it, to the angel who owned it. You had a genuine fear of the Winchesters, like any lesser demon should. But you needed their help, so you stomped that fear down, along with any sense of pride you had left for yourself.

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