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Bts gif reaction to you not letting them touch you because of your period cramps.

(Credits to gif owners)

Request: BTS reaction to you having really bad period cramps but not letting them touch you, please. (I’m hurt and angry because of mine right now and I need something sweet to ease the pain T_T). Thank you!

This was requested by anon, hope you enjoy this, and girl I get your pain, I have really bad period cramps too, hope you feel better with this, By the way, if you’ve been here long, you know I have another on like this, just without the not letting them touch you part.

Thanks for requesting~


It was that time of the month again, when it came to your period, you never wanted to move, nor be touched, it wasn’t that you hated it, rapmon was trying to move you from the hard uncomfortable sofa to the comfortable bed, it was just whenever someone touched you, it seemed to get worse.

“Babe, let’s move to the more comfortable bed”

“Noooo, I don’t want to”

You kept whining

“Come on”

He lifted you up, to say that it didn’t feel nice and comfy in rapmons arms would be a lie,

“There That wasn’t too bad now was it? Now sleep I’ll be right here”

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Jin would be so confused when you first ignored his embrace, he’d feel slightly hurt, but as soon as he found out it was because your monthly cycle had begun, he’d question if you’d like anything to eat, drink or even if you wanted help taking a shower, he’d become really worried, and he’d want nothing more than to just make you feel as better as you could be,

“Do you want anything to eat?”

“No, I’m just really tired”

“Do you want me to hug you?”

“No, I don’t like being hugged, not today at least”

He’d ignore it because he knew his hugs always made you feel better.

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Suga would sense something was wrong as soon as he entered the house, you’d usually come to the door and hug him until he almost lost his balance, but today it was quiet, usually it was either because you were out or ill or like today, on your period.

He’d be more touchy and feely than usual and he’d hug you and try everything to make you feel better, you’d usually do the same when suga didn’t feel good.

“Babe, come here I’ll make you feel better”

“Nooooo, I don’t want to move”

“Come on, ill cradle you to sleep”

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Hobi would try everything to make you feel better, he was like a best friend and a boyfriend hybrid to you, he’d always make you laugh and smile, when you were on your period, it was a different question,

You didn’t like laughing when you were on your period, and you didn’t like it when hobi would try to hug you, or even just place his hands near you.

“Come here y/n, sit next to me, I’ll let you lean on me”

“Noooooo” you moaned, “I don’t want to really move”

“Seriously, Fine, let me help you” he’d pull you into his embrace, you protested at first, but his embrace made you feel happy, and you fell asleep.

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Jimin always loved your affection, this would be a problem when you were on your period you hated it when someone tried to touch you, or even talk to you,

“Y/n let’s go to the movies”

“Mhmmmmmm” You whined out, you didn’t really have the strength to talk, you were just tired out of your mind

“Y/n….. are you on your period?”


“Oh, then let’s watch a movie at home, come here I’ll cuddle you”

“Hmmmm” you sighed out, already melting asleep.

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Tae is a small puppy, he’s always there to make you feel better so your always there to make him feel better, strangely whenever you were on your period, he always seemed to also be in a really bad mood,

“Y/n~~~~” he whined,

“What is it tae?” You asked,

Periods always caused you to hate human interaction, you sat on the other side of the couch, but when tae was in a bad mood, he wanted to hug and cuddle with you in his embrace,

“Come here, I don’t feel too happy today, would you light up my day?”

“Tae, you’re so much cringe, I don’t really want to hug anyone right now, I don’t feel too good”

“Exactly, I can make you feel better and you can make me feel better”

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When you were on your period, you wanted nothing more than to just sleep, right now your bed was your best friend,

Jungkook on the other hand, loves hugs and snuggling up in bed,

It was night time, and jungkook was back from practice, he hated it when you didn’t greet him by the door, because not being with you the whole day made him miss your attention and affection,

“Y/n!!???” He screamed from the entrance,

You didn’t respond, your body was literally not capable of talking at this very moment.

You heard the bedroom door open, and jungkook walked in looking extremely worried.

“Y/n? Are you okay?”

You nodded not wanting to make him worry,

“Come here I’ll hug you”

“No, I don’t want to”

“You always say that, come here I’ll make you feel better”

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Soooo hope this makes you feel a tiny bit better, and keep requesting away, I’m always here.

Love you all ^~^

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Fuck Away The Pain

Pairing: Dean X Reader 

Warnings: Smut, mentions of cheating, sooooo many F bombs dropped

Word Count: 2,603

A/N: Inspired by the song Fuck Away The Pain by Divide The Day (highly recommended). I know I have a request I need to work on (which I plan on sitting down and doing very soon!) as well as the ficlet for today’s Ficlet Friday, but I haven’t been able to stop listening to this song for the last three days and decided to write a fic ab it (yay! Finally a Dean smut!). This was actually gonna be the ficlet for today but it got way too long (that’s what she said?) anyway. Hope you enjoy! 


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delos: i just dont get the sudden change of heart, matty. just last month you were making fun of the mall’s quick push to sell homecoming dresses. you said and i quote: “two months too early, del. what’s next? christmas stuff in october?”

delos: (and then you got mad because they were also selling fake christmas trees last week) but thats not my point–– look out on your left by the way, you’re about to be hit

mateo, over the game: (exasperated sigh) yeah, i know what i said. but––boom, headshot!–– i think im going to ask somebody. and it’s our senior year. we should enjoy it

delos: im sorry, you’re going to what



“Mi, i can’t believe you did this for me. it was so, so beautifully decorated, and the dinner was delicious…” she pauses and works up a quaint laugh at me, “especially considering the fact you used to live off tv dinners and could barely cook to save a life!” i smile sneeringly and we burst into laughter together.

“you’re right. i gotta say, i’m pretty impressed, too. but i’m more than happy you enjoyed it, baby. anything for you.” we both let some silence pass between us before i speak up again. i didn’t plan on saying this, but i felt like i had to. 

“Luna, baby, i know things have been hard for you lately or this past year honestly, but i just wanted to let you know that you are so strong… and to remind you that you are still here, breathing, living, laughing, and smiling despite all the things that happened to make you feel otherwise…” i sigh and before i can continue with more, Luna’s hand gravitates onto mine, and i see her beautiful lips form into her sweet and genuine smile that swooned me over the first time i saw her. “Mi, it’s okay. i’m okay. or i think, in time, i will be okay. but for now, let’s… let’s just unwind for the night. it’s been a long day, and this food baby gotta go somehow.” 

i raise my eyebrows, surprised and now dazzling in curiosity. i click my tongue and wink at her, “oh, okay, i see you baby. shall we?” i get up from the table and let out my hand for her to grab. she giggles and i could start to feel my skin getting hot. 

“we shall.” she says seductively.

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ID #68919

Name: Anna
Age: 20
Country: Ukraine

I’m native russian speaker looking for a pen pal to practice my English.
Generally I’m nice but socially akward person with a wide range of interests. I try to be one of those people, who know a little bit about everything, so I really enjoy listening to other people. With everyone having different interests, you can learn so much new from them.
Talking about my interests, I’m really fascineted with stories. And, I mean, with everything, that have a story. Books, movies, tv shows, games, comics ets. So, first english sites I started visiting were fanfiction and ao3.
Also, I’m a student learning aircraft engineering. So I know a bunch of stuff about planes, too.
Ok, I’ve run out of ideas what to write about myself, and I’m really nervous about loads of mistakes I must have made in such short piece of text, so just write me, I would be really happy if you do!

Preferences: I don’t think that age defines us, so I would be glad to talk with anyone, but if you are some kind of homophobic, racist or sexist don’t bother me.

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i kinda want gwen and david to be straight and gwenvid to become canon to spite everybody who dislikes the ship because it's "too het" for them. if they stop watching camp camp bc of gwenvid then they weren't really real fans to begin with.

First off, as someone who is very spiteful may I just applaud your pettiness? That shit’s 10/10 and I enjoyed it quite a bit.

Originally posted by gifsee

That being said, I don’t know how much I want either of those things.

For one, why make a character straight when you can give them a more fluid sexuality? That just creates so many more opportunities! Also one of my big arguments is that Gwenvid being a m/w ship doesn’t make it a het one inherently, so I would personally be kinda disappointed if that’s the way RT went with. (Also apparently there’s canon evidence that Gwen is into women, but it’s not really conclusive.)

As for Gwenvid being canon, I’m torn between thinking that the writers are awesome and would therefore make it awesome, and feeling like shipping is so far from the point of the show that it should primarily live in fanworks, because that’s where it makes the most sense.

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Hi I'm easytheresatan (tumblr won't let me use that blog for some reason). I was scrolling through notifications on my posts when I saw you reblogged my BNHA comic (the "You know what's not lame? Safety" one with Iida and Bakugou) in June. I just wanted to say thank you SO much! You are a fantastic artist and I've followed you for a while now, so it means a lot to me that you enjoyed my comic! I know you must get 100s of asks a day, but I just wanted to say thank you and have a great day!!


you’re welcome!!!! and thank you for sending this!!! i really enjoyed that comic a lot and aaaahhh jkdl;ahkl;gsakhl; you are too kind khlds;ahgla;g

hope you have a great day too!!!

to have a friend, chapter five: $98

on ao3
1 | 2 | 3 | 4

happy birthday to myself heres a mess of a chapter thats literally ALL over the place but i do what i want

ive been watching the gbbo cause ive been super sick and now i will now project as i do with everything else. speaking of which, everything thats been mentioned happening in school in this fic has happened!! that applies to this chapter too!! isnt public school fucking wild

warnings: anxiety, anxiety/panic attack, some suicidal thoughts, let me know if any other warnings should be added


“Do you usually walk home?” Evan asks, following Connor out of the school.


“Do you not— do you drive?”

Connor gives Evan a weird look. “Why?”

Evan shrugs. “I don’t— I mean, most people drive. That’s a thing. That teenagers do. Jared drives. A-Alana drives. Um…most of our senior class drives, e-even if they don’t have a car. The juniors drive. Some of the older sophomores drive—”

“And are incredibly annoying about it,” Connor interrupts.

Evan ducks his head. “Not as annoying as the freshman.”

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This blog is a blessing and I’m so happy I found it

thANKS this.is.really.nice!! it’s probably just going to get wilder but i’m really glad you’re enjoying it! also thank you to every who’s actually following this blog!!

More general asks~.

Good!  xD  I try. <3  

I know, right?  It’s so much fun to argue with the ex!  At first, I was kinda worried that people might take the comments too far (sometimes, I feel like people can’t separate reality and roleplay), but everyone’s been super nice to the mod!  =D  I love the blog!

Senpai has noticed you, sweet kohai~.

I’m so glad you found SSLL–and that you’re enjoying the bonus content!  =D  Thanks for reading through everything!!  <3

Awww, this made me feel so good.  <33  I’m glad your friend is feeling better–and that your day was made, too!  You’re a sweetheart, both to me and your friend!   Thank you for reading them!

^^^^^^^^^ Absolutely!

You know, if I knew anything about D&D (except for listening to Critical Role podcasts), this would be so fun!  I secretly really wanna play D&D–but an Undertale version.  I had a friend that played Fairy Tail D&D and always talked about how fun it was.

This is definitely going to happen.

You’re rooted firmly within Sans’s SOUL confirmed!
Also, Lily is a really cool name.   It’s got so much symbolism!  

Coooouuuulllllld’ve been.  
In that case, my advice is to use the machine or a shortcut gone wrong to cross.  Over-done, sure, but it works!

Don’t Judge A Book

Prompt: Kenny made a snap judgement about Y/N and is too embarrassed to admit he was wrong. 

A/N: @laziestgirlintheworld and me talked about this idea awhile back, and she requested that I do some douchebag!Kenny, so here it is! It’s also Gender Neutral! Enjoy, and let me know what you think. 

Word Count: 1,218

Tags: @originalbish98 @theprestigious0ne @thegenericluchadora @dorkyvillain @reigns420 @baybayforlife @bolieve-that @laziestgirlintheworld @wrestlingismyguiltypleasure @sheaxdevitt @breakfastwiththesun

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Okay, okay, here me out: HCs for Jared having a younger sibling by like a year and nobody really knows they're related because you're really quiet and don't talk a lot and Jared catches you making out with Connor behind the school (is that too long for a request I'm so sorry)


A/N: Enjoy :)

  • You and Jared had an agreement that nobody needed to know you two were siblings
  • It was okay anyway because you were a year younger than him
  • Nobody would even expect that you two were related because you were extremely closed off from the world and kept to yourself a lot
  • While Jared, well he loved to talk and be loud
  • And in your Junior year, you started dating Connor Murphy 
  • Connor didn’t even know that you and Jared were related until he saw one of your school-work papers
  • And he put two and two together
  • “Y/N? Is your brother Jared?” “What?”
  • And that’s when he found out that he had been dating his friends sister
  • So he didn’t take it that well
  • “That totally breaks bro-code.” “How do you know what bro-code is?” “I don’t, but this definitely breaks it”
  • He couldn’t believe that you were related to Jared
  • And now you were still keeping a secret from Jared
  • So one day, while you were at his house
  • You two were working on homework and his hands started to ~wander~
  • Lets just say that it ended with you straddling and making out with him
  • Suddenly there was a knock on his door and Jared’s voice
  • “Dude I have something to tell you and it’s urgent!” Can’t it wait till tomorrow?” “Let me in man.” “No, I’m uh, naked.” “Why are you naked?” “I was, um, taking a shower.”
  • That was the time the two of you almost got caught
  • The time that you two got caught though was after school, and you were waiting for Jared to pick you up behind school
  • And Connor saw you there so he went up behind you and grabbed you
  • You screamed slightly and turned around to see Connor
  • He kissed you and you closed your eyes for barely a second before you heard someone else screaming
  • “Y/N! What the fuck are you doing?” 
  • You quickly said bye to Connor and got into the car
  • “Connor you and I are going to fight tomorrow” “Just drive, Jared!”
  • He started immediately screaming at you
  • “You were making out with my best friend! How long has this been going on?” “A few months.” “And you didn’t tell me!” “No! Because you would’ve acted a hundred times worse!”
  • But Jared was actually pretty cool with it after he got his drama moment
  • So Connor would come around to your house more often and if Jared was trying to spend time with him, you would always join, which slightly annoyed him
  • But he was okay with it afterwards
To "ugly" guy

Look at it this way, you’re enjoying life, doing what you want and being the person you want to be. If I was a self conscious woman who had to apply layers of makeup every time I left the house, I’d be repulsed too; out of jealousy.

Relationships come and go. Some stay and some don’t. Maybe none of them will. But you’ll always have yourself and your sense of self esteem to look after. You seem like you know your worth, so why bother taking any deductions to it because of someone else’s shallow perception?

If someone truly values you as a person, they’ll look past your appearance. I can’t imagine anything good coming from a superficial connection based off of physicality anyways.

I’m not advocating you go full Sandman and give up on trying for a relationship, but don’t try too hard. Be yourself and I mean your actual self, not what you think anyone else would want you to be. Keep in mind getting a relationship is only half the battle, the other half is trying to maintain it. If you try to press it too much, you’ll be tired to even accomplish the second half.

If you really feel this is something you need to accomplish, try networking with girls that hold similar interests. This isn’t going to be where you get your relationship from, but girls talk to one another. Get to know them, and let them know you if you’re comfortable with it. They may have a friend in a similar predicament and they can set you two up.

In short, you know your own worth. Don’t let any stares or looks from others take that away from you, because who knows what imperfections they are hiding themselves. You may be “ugly” on the outside, but you can fix that by hitting the gym, being a personable guy and attaining success. You can’t fix an ugly person when it’s on the inside, so keep out the ugly and more importantly keep your chin up. Don’t let those around you dictate the enjoyment you get out of your one and only life.

Wishing you the best.


01ae  asked:

since we're talking about languages (ig) i'd like to ask you if you think learning mandarin is worth it (even though you use cantonese, right?). ive been studying for a few months and i know basic conversation, but i feel like i'll never get to use it, which is discouraging. i still love to learn it, though,,your opinion? i live in the united states, if that helps

languages are an art and just like it’s worth it to spend a day enjoying yourself painting i definitely think it’s worth it to spend time learning languages if you have fun! i  really like learning languages too but i’m bad at keeping up consistently alskdjf

gollum5050  asked:

What would a relationship between an entp and infp be like? Or a infp and intp?

I can tell you, I get along really well with INFPs.  A lot of my closest friends are INFP.  I think that ENTP and INFP would get along really well, too.  It would be the kind of relationship where you go from having deep, beautiful conversations about the beauty of life one minute and making stupid jokes about Disney movies the next.  Puns galore!

The fun of 2 XNXPs, is you never know where life will take you.  You will have a relationship full of adventure and fun.  In my experience, XNTP and XNFP together have a carefree, go-with-the-flow lifestyle.  Enjoy every moment you spend with you XNXP friends, significant others, and family, because even if a conversation seems silly and pointless at the time, it may turn out to be useful later.  I personally know, XNXP might randomly get deep, seeming almost like a joke, but it’s really a beautiful comment.

I think the biggest difference between ENTP and INTP, is that being with ENTP might make INFP more comfortable around other people and sharing details with them, while a relationship with INTP would be much more closed.  Although INTPs are very honest, they don’t tend to share details with people unless asked.  INFP and INTP would be much more closed.

Good luck!

I’ll lead by example (GIFs)!

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INFP (Left) and ENTP (Right)

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INFP (Left) and INTP (Right)

kefroppi  asked:

I know your inbox is crowded, but I just felt the need to say I admire you; from your in-depth metas to your adorable art. You're a wonderful person and I hope you keep doing what you love.

aaaahhhh thank you!!! you are too kind kdls;ahgal;kls;gkl;

i’m glad you enjoy my blog and metas and everything!!!! jkld;shagkl;a

save place || h.o.

pairing: harrison x reader

warnings: fluff, stress.

request: Hi! I don’t know if your requests are still open, but I have had a lot of stress and stuff to deal with lately, so I was wondering if you could write something with Harrison along the lines of you’re friends with him and come to his house crying and he wraps you in a hug and helps you calm down and it takes a romantic turn? Thank ya!

word count: 721

A/N: okay so you guys REQUESTS ARE OPEN TILL NOTED OTHERWISE OKAY, YOU CAN REQUEST ANYTHING YOU WANT EVEN PRIVATE BLURBS OR SOMETHING YOU KNOW. but this was a request and I thought maybe someone else wanted it too. it is short but enjoy.

You were feeling like you were about to burst open and die. Everything was piling up. Bad things were happening and you had a feeling everything was starting to be better soon but not soon enough. Bad karma. Why did you even deserve this bad karma? This stress, just dissolving your body and mind, taking over your thought when you wanted to sleep and even wake you up in the middle of the night with the worst nightmares you could even think of. You were tired of it, and sleep deprived, even though you got enough hours of sleep. Falling asleep on the bus and even in class, what you never did, was the last straw.

So you did what every sane person would do.

Go to your best friend’s house, and cry your heart out.

Harrison was your best friends since kinder garden. You two just hit it off right away since you were that young, so the most social beings ever. Even when you two grew up and had those puberty phases where you didn’t talk a lot, you two kept in touch and every time you two saw each other it was good. It was always good. So you got to his place, it’s around nine p.m. and you ring the doorbell. He lives in an apartment, so he had to answer with a buzzer so you could come up and even with a small ‘’it’s me.’’ he just knew, something was up.

He didn’t even hesitate when the white door opened for your eyes to pull you into a big hug, wrapping his warm arms around you and you started to almost crawl into him and let all the tears fall down onto his shirt. Messy crying. The puffy, red eyes and the even more red nose. Snot coming out of places you didn’t want to, mixing up with your tears and you couldn’t even keep a straight face and tell him what was wrong, but he didn’t care. He also had times he showed up like this, drained, exhausted. And this time it was you who showed up like crap, so he did what every best friend would do. Pour a drink and put on the tv and a warm blanket for the two of you, tissues at the ready if you started to crumble again.

‘’thank you for being here, Harris.’’ ‘’always, you know that.’’ He smiled softly, ruffling his hands through your hair before taking a sip of his drink. You two were watching Kung Fu Panda, and it was the part where Master Shifu knew that Po worked differently; hunting down food. You let out a small chuckle, and blew your nose empty in a tissue before throwing it on the coffee table.

‘’you know, that’s disgusting, just your boogers everywhere.’’ Harrison commented and scrunched his face up in fake-disgust before taking a hit to his head from your hand. You laughed, throwing another tissue in his direction and took your glass from the table. You took a small sip before placing it down again and laid your head still on his lap.

‘’Harris, do you think everything will be okay in the end?’’ you looked up at his face, him already looking down on you and his eyebrows shot up questioning your question. A famous quote was stuck in your head for the past several days, ‘’if it is not okay, it is not the end.’’ And it just didn’t go away, so you just had to ask it. One of the many thought, lingering in your mind. Harrison shifted a little bit and you lift your head, waiting for him to sit still again and place your head back on his lap.

‘’I think that’s true, and I also think it is what has been on your mind lately?’’ you sat up and looked at him, shaking your head and he smiled a bit. ‘’you don’t have to say it, you know. Everything will be okay, good and bad things have to keep themselves balanced. It will be just fine, just before you know it.’’ He tapped your nose and you smiled.

‘’That’s why I like you, Harrison.’’ You stated, before grabbing the cup again and taking a large gulp from it.

‘’that’s why I love you.’’ He said.

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Can y'all stop shitting on these interviews? For like a second and enjoy them please?? The boys are being cute and having fun meeting people, why can't y'all enjoy it. These "boring" questions help to introduce them to new audiences, they could be far, FAR more creative but these new people need the basics and these 3 minute interviews are exactly time to tackle big concepts

oh i was enjoying them being cute and having fun while meeting new people until it got way too repetitive. it’s actually pretty hard to ‘enjoy’ them now when they’re always answering the same question over and over and over again, when you KNOW there are better, more interesting things to be interviewed like their unicef campaign! wouldn’t that make a far more better image of the boys or even their music! rather than knowing their celeb crushed/fave food/fave everything lmao. sure, 3 minutes may be too short to cover everything, and maybe one or two of these kind of questions to cover the basic are fine, but dont base the whooole interviews with just these type of questions is what i’m trying to say 

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I kinda get mixed signals from you, idk. I mean, you have anti-destiel tag, but you wrote destiel stuff (which I don't care, I'm sure it's well written, cause your stuff always is). I wanted to know, do you ship it, or hate it? (Sorry if it's too personal)

Hi, it’s okay :)

I used to ship Destiel a lot a few years back. I also used to ship Wincest a lot. I mostly grew tired of these ships, partly because I don’t see the spark there anymore, partly because I got annoyed with the shippers and the way they tend to turn everything about Dean into a shippy thing, and partly because to be honest, I don’t really like Cas or Sam much these days anymore.

Which doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a nice Destiel or Wincest moment on the show or read (or write) a fanfic from time to time. But the same goes for practically for any pairing, because I’m a Dean multishipper. And just FYI, I think the biggest spark between Dean and anyone on the show lately was with Crowley…

I guess I should also add that I’m a shipper in the sense that when a pairing seems interesting for any reason (these two look hot together/they would make a beautiful, angsty mess/they would be so horrible and it would be painful, I like that!), I’ll explore it. Shipping for me doesn’t mean the two (or more) people are necessarily best for each other, or that the ship is (or must become) canon.

But if I were to pick my favorite ship in the sense of “these two are so good for each other and I want them to be together forever”, it would be Dean/Benny, with Dean/Lisa coming in second.