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It's 3:00 in the morning here, and I was just in the position of cheering up my friend, so I proceeded to send her posts from this blog, and it seems like it worked, so thank you. I can finally go to sleep now.

…I don’t know what to say.

You’re welcome. You’re all so very, very welcome, and it’s a privilege to make you laugh each day.

The goal of the blog has always been cheering up the world (’cause I too need it quite a bit), but when spending a hour rewriting a Carl & Ted again and again, it’s easy to forget that actual humans are… well, seeing it. 

Reading it. Enjoying it. Smiling, laughing, sending it along to someone who needs it. That’s incredible, and humbling.

Life will never be perfect, but a little bit of Scooby can make it that much better.


Seventeen Scenario: You holding them in your arms

A/N: Kind of went a different route with this one. ^-^ Also, apologies for being inactive these last few days, I’ve been trying to get a job lol ya know how it goes. Worth mentioning that I am halfway done with some requests, finally I will be free from it all! ;-; Anyways enjoy! 

S.Coups/Hoshi/Woozi: Moments like these are probably the most enjoyable for them, you holding them tightly in bed as they go on about their day, it’s something they really look forward to. They all work so hard trying to make sure everything is in place and how everyone else is doing, they sometimes just need someone to be there for them too. And being able to rest in your arms is a feeling to die for, being in the care of someone else, for once they don’t feel like a caretaker. 

Jeonghan/Jun/Seungkwan: The three most affectionate and caring people in the world who just want the same feeling to be returned. Doesn’t matter what you two are doing, as long as they’re within your presence- all is dandy. You two would be on the couch, you’d have an arm around them tightly, as they’re lying their head on the crook of your neck, attacking you with kisses. Of course even when they are on the other side of things, they never really let go of their affectionate ways.

Wonwoo/The8: May seem like the most distant of them all but, actually enjoys being able to just rest in your arms. The two of you watching movies with one another, having your company is enough for them, relieved because they don’t feel like they have to act a certain way when they’re around you. In a sense being in your arms is like a getaway from the act they have to put on to others.

Joshua/DK/Mingyu: Is the kind of person who actively seeks this form of attention from you. Could probably be in your arms for hours, the feeling of being safe- away from all the chaos that surrounds them on a daily basis is so refreshing to them.

Vernon/Dino: Personally isn’t a fan of being held, it’s not necessarily that they doesn’t enjoy the feeling, but rather that they want to be the one that is taking care of you. Prefers to be on the other side of things for once, considering that they are the youngest, they are always being taken care of by the others so it’s only fair that they want to do the same for you.

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Hiii love the new URL lol. Since we're on the topic of even's hands, could you write a fic about isak's feelings about his hands? Ty my love

anon, you are my favourite person in the history of forever. i loved writing this so much! and i have to give a shoutout to @isisisak for giving me the idea of Isak telling Jonas about it while high!

i hope you enjoy this! it’s super self indulgent :D


“She makes me so happy, dude. It’s like - her smile, and how… she’s so confident now! She just… knows what she wants, and it’s awesome.”

Jonas has been waxing poetic about Eva for far too long now, in Isak’s opinion. It’s probably because Jonas is high as fuck, in fact, they’re both high as fuck, but Isak is kinda finished with the subject of how Eva and Jonas got back together (okay, maybe that’s because he’s a little worried that Eva might reveal why they broke up in the first place.)

Jonas seems to notice Isak’s bored look (actually, Isak might have rolled his eyes, or yawned. He’s a little too out of it to remember)

“What? It’s not like you don’t talk about Even for fucking hours, Isak! Remember last week? When you got wasted and spent ten minutes describing his eyes?”

“He has nice eyes!” The nicest! Isak could talk about them for hours, even while sober. Jonas got off easy. Or maybe he just ran off. Isak doesn’t remember, or care.

“I swear to God,” Jonas sighs. “Next you’ll be talking about his fucking…nose, or his hands or something.”

“Fuck,” Isak says, only focussing on the words ‘his hands.’ “I fucking love his hands.”

“Okay, well I wasn’t being serious, but good for you.”

“No, seriously, Jonas. Have you seen his fucking hands? They’re fucking incredible.”

“They’re just hands, Isak.”

“How dare you.” Isak is far too high for this, and now all he can think about is Even’s hands.

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NCT 127- Reaction to Your Confession

My first writing post ever ahhhh. Please help lol. I know this isn’t actually writing exactly but still really stressed about posting this. Hope you guys enjoy!


Originally posted by neotechs

 Johnny would think that you’re so cute. He’d probably act super chill about it and be like, “Yeah, I like you too. Wanna go on a date?” But inside, he’d totally be jumping around and doing cartwheels everywhere. 


Originally posted by neotechs

 Taeil’s a bit on the quiet side so I feel like he wouldn’t know what to say at first and be a bit flustered that you like him. He secretly liked you but never had the courage to confess like you so he’d admire you for your bravery. 


Originally posted by jonqins

He’d be lowkey flustered but super happy. Wouldn’t know what to say but then when he finds his words, Doyoung’s would go in a full blast like fanboy mode. He’d go on and on about how adorable and sweet you are and be so happy that someone like you actually liked him. 


Originally posted by haecha

 Haechan would be beside himself with joy. Actually bet he’d be jumping on his toes when you confessed. Later on when you’re dating, he’ll definitely tease you about how nervous you were. But he secretly treasures that moment and thinks that you looked so adorable during the confession. 


Originally posted by neotechs

 Taeyong would most likely blush a bit and be super embarrassed. He’d definitely be extremely happy and smile a ton after the confession. He’ll go to the members for advice on how to be a good boyfriend because he wants to make sure that you like him a lot and don’t regret confessing to him. 


Originally posted by taei

 Yuta would probably be super smug and be like, “Of course, who doesn’t like me? I’m the great Nakamoto Yuta!” But inside, he’s definitely super cutesy and happy that you had confessed. Later, he’d definitely brag about you to the other members about how cute you were when you confessed. He’d be over the moon with joy. 


Originally posted by neotechs

 He’s a bit on the shy side but he’d accept your feelings right away without hesitation since he’s always liked you. He’d totally do his cute little smile the moment you confessed and would get a bit embarrassed at the idea that he’s liked by someone. Oh Lord, he’s such a smol little bean


Originally posted by nctmark

Just like Winwin, Mark is shy when it comes to stuff like this. He’d be blushing a bit and would totally beam to himself on the inside at the fact that you like him. I bet his inside thoughts are like, “Oh my God, they’re confessing!” and “What do I say? Do I act cute or something?” “ AHHHHH HALP!!”


Originally posted by mayfifolle

 He’d be really proud of you for confessing because he knows it’s hard to do that. Jaehyun would be so happy that you admitted your feelings and will look back at the moment very fondly. There might be a little teasing now and then about how you stuttered while confessing, but overall, he loves that moment. 

Drunk Texting (2)

AN: if you think I’m going to write multiple drabbles about my beloved brotp while still mixing my otp in it just so y'all may eventually fall in love with my brotp too…you damn right.


“You know, its not bad. Nothing to be embarrassed about…” Ino said sincerely. “However, I do we’ve reached like the peak in our friendship now.” She lifted her hand above her head.

Sasuke crossed his arms. Never had he had a woman so close to his “junk” before…for no reason other to just look. How did she even talk him into this? “Are you finished?”

Ino lifted a finger, still examining him. “I’m not ever gonna see the real show, so I might as well enjoy the opening act.”

He squinted his eyes. “What?”

Turquoise eyes lifted from his…private spaces to his eyes. “I’m going to talk to Hinata for you.” The blonde gasped. “Did it really use twitch on the mere sound of her name?”

“What? No.” He looked down. The betrayal.

“Hinata. Hinata. Hinata. Hina-”

“You’re done.” He turned away quickly, pulling up his pants. Ino grinned seeing her friend’s ears an interesting shade of pink.

“The caveman has feelings. What an interesting day I’m having!” She clasped her hand. “Listen…despite everything… I think I may respect your wishes.”


“Hinata, you deserve a shot. I’m going to stay sober tonight just for you.”

Opal eyes lingered on the small glass filled to the brim in vodka. Sakura was already on her third shot. “Do it! Do it!”

Hinata bit her lip. Ino smiled, “You’re always there for us…you deserve to have fun.”

“R-right…” she mumbled, picking up the glass. “Just three. I’m only taking three…”

Seven shots and one and a half mixed drinks later. “I’m not - drunk.” She pointed.

Ino was holding Sakura’s hair back as she vomited in the toilet. Honestly, being Sober Mom was no fun. “Hinata, look in the mirror.”

The very drunk young woman stumbled towards the sink. Her makeup was ruined, her was an absolute mess and her mouth was full of fries that she didn’t remember ordering. “Hinata, do me a favor,” Ino called.

“Mm? Elmo-chan?” She answered.

Ino looked back in horror. Who? What? She shook her head. “Call Sasuke and tell him I’m going to need help.” She gave the woman her cellphone.

“Call Sauce, got it.”

Ino took a moment to realize maybe that wasn’t such a great idea but it’ll be great hearing about it in the morning.


Sasuke opened a water bottle from the fridge and noticed his phone was ringing. He picked it up, “What?”

“Hey Sauce-”

He immediately looked at the caller ID. It says Ino but that’s definitely not her voice. “Hyuuga…” he said slowly.

“Sauce, Elmo said that she needs, um, your help. Sakura…is drunk.”

“Are you?”

“Nope. Yup.”

Sasuke grabbed his keys and a jacket.

When he finally got there, dealing with a drunk Sakura was worst than dealing with drunk Ino. She was right up there with drunk Naruto.

“I got her, I got her,” Ino huffed, getting Sakura. “You go grab Hinata.”

“I - can’t.” He mumbled as she basically herded Sakura in the apartment. The Uchiha sighed and walked to the passenger seat.

“Hey,” she smiled, navy hair falling over her face. “I really didn’t mean to drink this much.” She reached out, rubbing his arm. “You forgive me?

He nodded, leaned against the car door. “You want to get out?”

She nodded. “But I cannot walk…” she swung her feet.

“I’m going to pick you up, okay?”

“Kay,” she lifted her arms and opened her legs.

“Not - like that.” He kept his eyes open, damn near at the sky. He was not about to charged with shit! He moved her to the side a bit, before sliding his hand under her knee and bringing the woman to his chest. Somehow, he got her out and closed the door.

She was just smiling, “Ne, Sauce?”

“Yes.” He answered.

“If you really were a Sauce…I think it’ll be hot sauce. Spicy sauce.”

He looked down at her. Wow. If she remembers this in the morning, that’s really gonna haunt her. Still grinning, she looked up at him. “I really do like hot sauce too.”

“You should stop…” he tried. He was carrying her to his room when Ino grabbed the back of his shirt.

“What the hell are you doing?” She asked.

“I’m sleeping in the damn living room,” he snapped. “I’m not sick.”

“Making sure,” she patted his back, smoothing out the wrinkle. “Just making sure.”

He placed her on his bed and pulled off her shoes. “Sauce,” she asked, as he put a trash can by the bed. “You do have a nice penis.”

He choked on his spit. “What did she say?” Ino hurried in asking. “She said what?”

Hinata smiled. “Elmo-chan, my best friend…” she covered herself with a blanket. “Goodnight to the four of you guys.”

Sasuke glanced over. Ino took a deep breath, “Maybe she won’t remember?”



Hinata walked out of…Sasuke’s room. It took her a minute to remember he brought her in here. It was in that moment everything came rushing back.

Both Ino and Sasuke were sitting at the kitchen table. Sasuke was reading the news paper and Ino was reading a National Geographic magazine. Was this a normal Saturday in this house?

“You’re awake,” Ino smiled. “And you don’t even have a hangover. That’s amazing.”


She looked at Sasuke. “I…” Ino walked over to her and pushed her towards the table, claiming they had much to discuss and that she should check on Sakura. “I…said things last night.”

“Its has happened,” he said.

She cleared her throat. “…the sauce thing–”

“Forgotten,” he nodded.

Her face felt like it would explode. Honestly, she did like something about the Uchiha. She really did…but it was innocent, or so she thought…because-

“It’s all forgotten,” he said.

“No, no,” she said. “I don’t think it should be.”

He stared at her for a while. She was still in her old clothes, hair and makeup still a mess and she was wrapped in his blanket. He put his news paper down. “Alright then,” he decided.

She finally averted her eyes. All the confidence she mustered up had withered away. “…alright.”

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How much you wanna bet that we're gonna see the full face of amputee man next chapter? I KNOW it's Eren.

I am hoping this happens on the next chapter too, I really want to see his face already. After showing this man to us for two consecutive chapters, and purposefully hiding his face, Isayama has to solve the mystery please!

And I also think it’s Eren :) At first it was a nice theory I supported but now I’m almost fully convinced lol. We might be wrong but well, for now I’m enjoying thinking he is, especially because of all the good stuff the fandom created because of it!

Let’s hope we get to know more on the next chapter. Only a bit more than a week left!

reality -part 4- [linstead fic.]

- I know I should probably hold off on posting this but I was just too excited. Thank you SO much for all of the kind words on this you guys. It pushes me to keep writing and I haven’t been feeling good about writing for awhile now. So THANK YOU and please enjoy. I’m trying to keep this as realistic as possible so any advice/knowledge (delivered kindly) will be taken into consideration. <3

[tw: mention of child abuse, neglect, etc.]


When she was little, she’d used to have dreams of living up in a tower. A tower much like the story of Rapunzel that she’d once read during story-time when her mother still cared enough to send her to school, with her long golden hair and her perfect, handsome prince who came to save the day and whisk her off to a happily ever after. 

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I see a lack of Noodle™ on your master list soooo Noodle finding out that her s/o can sing when she hears them singing in their room playing an instrument. (the ukulele would be cute *winkwink*) Love youuuuu~ <3

(I really hope you enjoy this fluff)

Noodle was usually very accurate when it came to arriving on time, never too late or too early. Always exact, and you quite admired her for that. You had planned meeting at your flat before going out for coffee, letting her know that she could just let herself in with the spare key because you’d most likely be in the shower… not that it was an invitation.

You figured you had some time, wanting to clear your head before meeting up with her. It always made you calmer and relaxed to play some music on your favourite instrument, your ukulele. It was a gift from your parents when you weren’t very old, and you had spent years caring for it and making sure it was perfect. It also meant it had several personal touches, among others that you had painted it pink with tiny daisies all over it.

You sat down, cross-legged, on the floor and took a deep breath. You stroke a few tunes and smiled at the sound, going through songs in your head, you knew you could play without notes. Finally, you settled on one and started playing.

You were so deep into your little musical bubble, eyes closed and brows furrowed in concentration, that you didn’t hear the door being unlocked and opened. Instead, you kept singing and playing until you nearly fell backwards at the sight of Noodle standing in the doorway when you finally opened your eyes.

The way the music stopped almost abruptly was nearly painful but you were blushing at being caught, “What time is it?” You wondered if you had lost track of it.

“I’m early,” Noodle smiled widely, looking down at you and then the ukulele, “I didn’t know you could play and sing!” She walked up to you and sat down.

“It-it’s just a spare-time thing,” you stuttered, wanting to run away in embarrassment. You felt your cheeks burn even more, putting the ukulele down.

“No, keep playing!” She encouraged with a nod, clapping her hands in excitement, “It sounded so sweet, what were you playing?”

“Uh, just a song called Intertwined by an artist called dodie.”

“Can you play it again? Just for me?”

“I’ve never really played anything for anyone.”

“Pleeeease!” She was still grinning and there was no way you could say no to her with that look upon her face. Her excitement made you feel fuzzy and warm.

“Alright, I’ll play you one song but then I’ll need a shower, okay?” You carefully picked up the ukulele again and smiled as you found the perfect song.

“Yeah, what are you going to play for me?”

“Just listen, yeah?” You looked down at the strings in concentration and placed your hands correctly, finally playing one of your favourites; I hate seagulls by Kate Nash. It had been the first song you had wanted to learn and it was sweet as well as very cheesy, and very fitting at the moment. Noodle had the reaction you hoped for, hands clasped together and smiling at you with that sweet look in her eyes that told you, she loved it.   

When the song finished and you sang the last note, she crawled over and threw her arms around you, and you nearly dropped your pink ukulele, making you panic slightly.

“That was so good!” She said and kissed your cheek, “Why have you never told me you could play?”

“I don’t know, I guess, I was just shy.”

“There’s definitely nothing to be shy about, you were awesome!”

“Can you not tell the others? I’d like this to just be a thing for myself…”  

“There’s no way I’m sharing you anyway, Murdoc would go crazy if he found another singer,” Noodle kissed your cheek again, “Shower?”

“I need one, yeah.”

“Can I join?”


(Songs: Kate Nash: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHovwoaQaaE and dodie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WaHrWLCUmfc )

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Hello, sweetie^^ My name is Karina and I your fan from Russia. I sooooo love your Persona Au and arts with Aki and Ham/also best girls sooo cuteeee/ I started ship Aki/Ham thanks to u! I just wanna say thank you for all your works :3 Don't leave drawing and your wonderful au~ It's make me very happy, then I see a new art from on tumblr •3• Have a sunny-shinny day!

AHHH hello Karina! it’s nice to meet you!!! i’m so glad to know that you enjoy my AU and AkiHam now!! ((they are so cute…!)) thank you so much for your nice message! it made me feel very happy to read it~ ♡ i will continue drawing and to make you happy hehe i hope the weather in Russia is nice to you!! have a wonderful day to you too Karina!! ( ´ ∀ `)ノ~ ♡

A Night in the Library

WELP. I finished and polished up a nice little treat for you babes tonight!

@empresstress13, @thevikingwoman, here’s your smut!

Mostly Krem and Ellana, but Solas is in there making everyone feel uncomfortable in their private bits, too. A direct sequel to my other Dessert Club works. Enjoy!

“Why?” demanded Cremisius, slapping the palm of his hand flat on the table.

Solas looked up from his book with a mild expression. “Why what?”

“Why are you so willing to let me take Ellana?” the younger man pitched his voice to a low whisper, knowing the walls of Skyhold had ears aplenty. It had been weeks, and Krem had now taken to avoiding both Solas and his dear Ellana as though they were plague-ridden. Of course he wanted nothing more than to take the mage up on his offer, but something seemed wrong. He didn’t trust this hobo apostate, as Dorian called him, not with something like this.

Yet Solas only shook his head with a knowing, mischievous smile. “I never said you would be permitted to have her,” he said. “I said we might all three of us share. As to ‘why’…” His shoulders rolled in a careless shrug. “I enjoy making her happy, giving her pleasure. She likes sex. And she likes you.” Grey eyes glinted at him in the candlelight.

Krem swallowed. “She–you…you’re letting me sleep with her because…she likes doing–the…she likes to–”

A long suffering sigh from a man too polite to outright roll his eyes. “As I said before, you are not going to be sleeping with her. You are going to be sleeping with US, as we are with you,” Solas explained carefully. “As for Ellana…That’s exactly why I am suggesting this. She enjoys your company, she enjoyed your kiss, and she enjoys having intercourse.”

“That’s…” sweat was beading brassy on his forehead. “You shouldn’t say things like that about the Inquisitor.”

Solas snorted. “Why? Does her enjoyment of sex make her a whore?”


“Is it so strange then, for a young, healthy woman to have desires and act upon them? For a woman to enjoy the more carnal pleasures of sex with a willing partner? Or partners?”


“Surely a mercenary of all people would understand the need and desire for physical release.” Krem did not like the knowing look in his eyes. “I imagine you’ve had your fair share of adventures; tavern girls, dockside whores, perhaps a doe-eyed milkmaid here and there…Dalish and Skinner…”

“Which one of them told you?” he asked with a scowl. Solas simply smiled. “I’ll throttle them both…”

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Headcannon of Toshinori being with a s/o who is very touchy feely. Like they LOVE hugs and being dorky.

Sorry it took so long ! Enjoy ,’:)

- Honestly, he doesn’t mind at all because he’s like that too sometimes.

- everyday when Toshi comes home from being a hero, you would tackle him down with a big hug. And I mean tackle.

- would allow you to be the big spooner because you like to do that.

- He loves your dorky side. Toshi finds it cute and amusing.


“Oh , wait….babE LOOK IT’S THE SUPER COOL NARUTOOOO FIGUREEE” “Hon, I know.” You tugged on his arm. “PLEASE ALSO THIS???” You activated your puppy eyes. “Please babe?” A pout formed on your lips. “Honey…” He patted your head. His eyebrows narrowed and a sheepish smile formed. “I’m already buying the wizard book.” You’re breath hitched. “You mean…Harry Potter right?” “Yes hon.”

- cuddles in bed almost everyday when he’s home.

- Oh yeah, lots of shower sex by the way. Toshi is trying to bathe but you’re there just touching him.

- Toshi always questions whether or not you’re really happy or being horny there’s no in between

- whenever you talk to him, you make references to fictional characters and he’s just there like ???

- “I know that guy! He’s from Naruto.” “Um, All Might how did you know?” “…Midoriya shounen, my honey watches them.”

- Kisses here and there. Like…everyday.

- But in the end, Toshinori loves you for that. He DEFINITELY feels loved.

Shadowhunters 2x14: “The Fair Folk

Here’s the list of all the things that I liked about the new episode (feel free to add some stuff):

  • Finally we are seeing Jace playing the piano ! (Even though the story of how he learned was horrible).
  • Jace’s smile when Sebastian mentionned Maia. Me too Jace, me too.
  • Alec Head of the Institut IS ON !!!
  • The writes not forgetting that most of the Shadowhunters are still racist/homophobic.
  • Izzy defending her brother ♥
  • The Seelie Realm set is really pretty !
  • I didnt know I would enjoy that much hearing Alec call Magnus his boyfriend.
  • Maryse being proud of her son, talking about baby Alec siting behind the desk with his crayons.
  • Alec wanting what’s best for her Mom (by leaving Robert). Same with Izzy later in the episode.
  • “That tree almost tore Simon’s pretty face off” “You think I’m pretty”. As usual I love Jace and Simon brotp when they are not fighting over Clary.
  • That Izzy training session, damn.
  • Izzy kicking Sebastian’s butt.
  • The Ollie/Luke interactions always make me laugh. I’m really curious about Ollie though.
  • The casting choice for the Seelie Queen. I was shocked but this is really interesting. She’s so smol but really creepy.
  • Alec greeting Magnus and the two of them trying to act professional. It was hilarious and adorable XD
  • Guys … I ship Luke and Maryse … what is their ship name ?
  • Raphael not liking Sebastian. That’s my son !!
  • "Because you’re totally unbiased” Magnus and Raphael’s side eyes to each other. I love their Father/Son relationship.
  • Sia and Bjork are Seelies Hahaha !!
  • "I dont like that guy” “Who, Jace ?” “That’s not Jace” “All Shadowhunters look the same to me.”
  • Raphael calling Sebastian a predator. U go, honey !
  • No but seriously, Will’s acting skills are amazing.
  • Maryse trying to make amends with Luke T-T. I love Maryse’s character development this season.
  • That scene between Maryse and Izzy. Had tears in my eyes.
  • "Mom, you deserve to be happy” “So do you”.
  • "Despite this, despite everything, I hope you dont give up on love. I hope you fight for it, like your brother” T-T Maryse who was still calling 6 episodes ago, Magnus, Alec’s friend. That development ♥
  • The hug and Izzy’s “No, Mama” with a shaky voice. Tears in my eyes guys !!
  • Luke and Valentine’s fight. KILL HIM, LUKE !!!
  • Look, I’m really happy Ri/zzy is over but hearing say that she wanted to be in a relationship with Raphael even though he’s asexual warmed my heart.
  • The Clizzy hug.
  • Ollie and her girlfriend for obvious reasons.
  • But really, I’m really intrigued by Ollie. I dont think she’s shady. I think she’s just really curious and kinda act on the show as a bridge between the Shadow world and the Mundane world.
  • That goosebumps when I heard the piano again and I realized it was Sebastian.
  • Sebastian showing his true colors. AND WHO’S THAT IN THE CLOSET ?!! (I have a little theory)

The last episodes: [X]

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(from the prompt list) 2 & 25 with daveed or anthony? (smut or not, either would be fine ouo)

Hello, love! I only write characters, so I hope modern John Laurens is okay instead of Anthony (I would write him the same way though).
Good combination by the way I love it ✨

“I can’t believe this, you’re acting like a child!” You laughed, turning to John.

“You did it on purpose, and on rainbow roads too…”  John pouted, slouching into the couch. 

“Oh come on, baby,” you leaned back against him, rubbing a hand across his chest, “I know you can win.”

He smiled a little as you boosted his ego back up. John was always competitive, in just about everything he did, and you knew exactly how to make him feel better when he lost. But you also enjoyed actually winning from time to time, knowing he’d get over it eventually.

“Just be glad the boys weren’t here to see it.” You smirked, just inches away from his lips.

“Okay, yeah rub it in, I’m going to bed,” John got up, leaving you giggled to yourself.

You turned the T.V. off and followed him to get ready for bed, he didn’t say a word to you, even when you tried to talk to his ego about he was so much better at “other stuff.” John was the first to crawl into bed, you just watched him while you brushed your teeth. He was so cute when he was pouty, you couldn’t help but smile at him. Changing into your Pj’s you crawled into bed with him.

“Nope, out you go,” John picked you up, bridal style. 

“You can’t kick me out! This is my bed!” You protested as he carried you out into the living room and set you down on the couch. 

“Well I just did,” John headed back to the bedroom. 

You sat on the couch for about twenty minutes, giving him ‘cool down’ time. You bit your lip as you sat there, thinking about how cute he was, probably mumbling something to himself, all frustrated. You were so proud to call him yours and even when he was moody he was adorable. After checking the clock you walked back to the bedroom.

“Can I please come back in the bedroom?” you asked leaning in the doorway.

“Not until you apologize.” he raised an eyebrow cockily at you.

“It’s fucking Mariokart, John!”

“Say you’re sorry!” he leaned forward on your bed.

You decided to give in, “Fine, I am sorry, for beating you in Mariokart-”

“You didn’t beat me,” he interrupted.

You lifted your hands, “Right, I’m sorry for cheating in Mariokart to beat you.”

He looked you up and down, leaning back against the headboard as if deciding if he wanted to forgive you for such an act. You started smiling at how cute he looked in deep thought. He eventually waved you back over to the bed and you swayed your hips on the way over before joining him. You gave him a look that said ‘happy now?’

“I forgive you.” John let you curl up to him before turning the lights out. 

(while i wait for my little mort to finish up some coloring for an ask, i decided to take the time to draw this loveable nerd. i don’t know what it is about doofus rick but thanks to several people in the community, i’ve fallen for this character. he’s way too cute to ignore! GAAHHH! enjoy!

@kevin-the-chicken this is also for you, man. he appreciates the love! ~Marsh aka Deer Rick)

thisisthelilith  asked:

Headcanon that Jefferson loves tea. He makes you try all different types of teas, white teas, red, black, fruit, green. The two of you will sit curled up on the couch enjoying your tea. One of you might read a book to Grace. But usually you just sit and enjoy each others company as you sip on your teas.

Dude yeah he’s gotta love tea!! This is so cute tho like I imagine he gets really excited about it too and probably knows which ones have health benefits and stuff!

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Hi! I loved the way my last request turned out, thank you! Could you do a seventeen reaction to their sister (aka the reader) (adoptive but I don't know if that'd make a difference) who's a couple years younger than them having a crush on Woozi? Including Woozi's reaction plz and thank you!

Hi hi there dear ~ I’m glad you enjoyed your last request that Kitten did for you and hope that you can like this one too!



“I didn’t…what…don’t you have homework you should be doing? No boys until you’re done with school!”

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“Look how cute she is! This is her first crush, did you know that?” “Hyung, shouldn’t you be more concerned about them being together?” “Nah, they’re just cute look at them!”

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“Oh you have a crus- WOOZI! Oh I mean, yeah that’s nice…should I tell him?” “NO DON’T TELL HIM!” “Sorry sorry I won’t tell him, lips are sealed scouts honor.”

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“He’s right over there should we call him over?” “What?! NO OF COURSE NOT!” “HAHAHAHAH!” “I need a new brother.” “Loovvee you~”

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“No. Absolutely not. Try again. No way. Not in this lifetime.” “What? Why? What’s wrong with liking Woozi?” “He’s my hyung and he works too much, what if you feel like he doesn’t have enough time for you? So my answer is no, find a new crush.”

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“That’s adorable, go sit by him I’ll take pictures.” “STOP YOU’RE BEING EMBARRASSING!” “AHAHA Just one photo c’mon it will be the cutest thing!”

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“…and I think he is really nice and cute and I hope you don’t get upset with me and…” “Wait what now?” “What?” “You like Woozi? Is that what you said? Did I hear you right? Wow that’s, where did that come from?” “I’ve liked him for a while now…” “Cute.”

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“Wow good show good show Y/N.” “Huh? What do you mean?” “You’ve been staring at Woozi for the last half hour without blinking and I’m not even sure that’s possible and just *gif* I’ve never seen such dedication.” “Please stop.” 

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“I must practice my martial arts and protect your innocence from Woozi!” “Do you really think that’s necessary?” “Not really but once he sees me waving this around he’ll stay away.” “I don’t think you’re very necessary at this point.”

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“Excuse me everyone but I’m here to inform you that my sister is coming to the dorm, she has a crush on our hyung Woozi, and no you are not allowed to talk about it, and no you are not allowed to look at her with both eyes at the same time. That is all.” “OMG I’M RIGHT HERE WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!” “And now I’m gonna run away cause she’s scary when angry.”

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“What do you mean you like my hyung? You’re like five shouldn’t you be out playing on the swings and slides and getting scrapes on your knees and not worrying about boys? Please I don’t need this in my life yet!”

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“Oh um thank you Y/N, I think you’re really cute too.” “Really?” “Of course you’re a cute kid, much cuter than your brother that’s for sure!” 

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Fyodor, if I may ask, in a companion, significant other or just a partner (like a close friend), what do you look for in them?

“Ah, well that’s not something I think about too often, since I have many more important things to worry about. I suppose off of the top of my head, I’d like them to be reasonable. It’s an annoyance when someone doesn’t know when to be serious. I would also like them to have an intelligence at least almost comparable to my own. I don’t enjoy simplifying my words for others, and I could hardly be close to a person if they aren’t able to understand me on a significantly deeper level than most.” 

1st Anniversary Event: Ask Fyodor Anything