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do u have any voltron/klance allergy headcanons youd be willing to share :0

Oh boy do I!!!!! 

Pidge canonically talked about being allergic to everything outside. That’s a bit of an exaggeration, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have a rough time in the spring when the flowers start to bloom and in the fall and summer when the pollen count is high. Typically, Pidge is very careful when it comes to their allergies. They check the pollen count everyday and refuse to go outside unless it’s necessary, because they think the symptoms are so annoying. Pidge also gets overcome really easily and really fast, and once they start rubbing their eyes or nose they can’t stop. Once this starts happening, Pidge calls it and straight up announces that they’re leaving. Hunk or Lance will go with them just to make sure they’re okay, and they’ll always suggest that Pidge not rub so much, because it’ll only make things worse. Having allergic reactions also makes Pidge super irritable. They’ll rub their eyes the whole way back anyways and get really snappy until they’re inside and their symptoms calm down. Then, puffy eyed and with an allergic flush blooming on their cheeks, they’ll apologize.

 ALSO. When Pidge rubs their eyes, they life their glasses up and use their whole fist.

Hunk is allergic to very certain, very specific flowers. He’s the kind of person who will walk into someone’s house and instantly be bothered if there’s something he’s allergic to in the centerpiece. Hunk is always very polite about it though, and never makes a big deal out of it. He just stifles all his sneezes and waves off concerns because he doesn’t think it’s worth imposing over. Hunk also has a heightened sensitivity to some spices he cooks with. He finds out right away, because he tests out new spices by tasting them and smelling them. Obviously, getting a noseful of any spice is a sneezing fit waiting to happen (mostly happens to Lance when he’s helping in the kitchen and Hunk asks him to smell something for him, because Lance doesn’t have the delicate practice of wafting spices down to a science like Hunk does. If it’s Keith it’ll happen without fail), but some spices are just too strong. Not wanting to miss out on (or make others miss out on) good flavors Hunk will cook with them anyways if they taste good. He’ll slip gloves on and pinch his nose shut as he adds the spices, and then try to hold his breath until it’s more tolerable.

Shiro is really allergic to cats, but as soon as one walks up to him, he has to pet it. He draws the line at picking them up, but he’ll let them sit in his lap, and he’ll smile if they rub against him. Once he starts sniffling, Shiro will mentally remind himself that he needs to stop soon. After the first sneeze (or sometimes the second or the fifth, depending on how affectionate the cat is) he’ll gently usher them away, usually saying something like ‘Sorry, little guy, but I think that’s enough for me.’ for the cat’s sake, and his own. He’ll wash his hands soon after, but the cat hair on his clothes will bother him for a few hours after. A few sneezes here and there, the lingering feelings of irritation behind his eyes. It’s annoying, but not enough for him to prioritize getting rid of.  If he forgets to change out of them before he goes to bed, he’ll wake himself up sneezing.

Keith has dust allergies (house kind, not desert kind), and he’s sensitive to certain, perfumy scents. He prefers not to experience any allergy symptoms at all, so he cleans meticulously and frequently so that dust doesn’t have a chance to build up. When he is exposed to it, he feels it in his eyes first. They start to water, then they start to burn and the itch travels down to his nose. Keith will swipe at his eyes and nose very slightly when he’s alone, or not at all around other people. Either way, it eventually becomes unbearable, and then he itches them non-stop until he’s miserable, self control completely gone. The sneezing gradually gets worse and harder to control, until he’s completely overcome, a total mess. Everyone found out about Keith’s dust allergies because he was, A. Too proud to admit he had them and B. Sure he could handle it, and ended up making a huge scene while helping someone clean a dusty room.

Lance has had terrible hayfever all his life, and he’s experienced when it comes to dealing with them. He carries eyedrops, tissues, and extra antihistamines on him at all times, and always checks the pollen counts so he can prepare accordingly. If Lance forgets his antihistamines, he gets overcome fast and hard. Eyes so itchy and watery he can’t leave them alone for more than a few seconds, and a tingly feeling constantly settled in the bridge of his nose, always making him feel like he’s on the edge of a sneeze. His fall allergies are worse than his spring allergies, and it varies in the summer. Lance also takes sunglasses with him on high pollen count days to hide how puffy his eyes will get. No matter what Lance does, he can’t stop his allergies from affecting him in some way, but he doesn’t let that stop him from going outside. Everyone is well aware of Lance’s allergies because he sneezes at least once any time they’re outdoors. Lance typically likes to whine and joke about his allergies if he’s puffy or sneezy, but the worse it gets the more self conscious he gets and if he stops talking about it lightly, it means he’s getting tired and miserable. He’s also the kind of person who’s prone to really ticklish, rapid fire allergic fits. In the fall, he spends a lot of days exhausted from his allergies keeping him awake at night.

Klance specifically:

- Lance will dust for Keith if he notices it needs to be done. Because of this, Keith relaxes a little on cleaning once Lance moves in.

- Lance had to teach Keith how to care for him on really bad allergy days. If it’s a bad day for Lance, Keith knows to close all the windows. He prepares warm compresses for Lance to set on his eyes once he’s out of the shower, and if he’s got time, and sometimes even if he doesn’t, he’ll run his fingers through Lance’s hair to help him feel better.

- The first time Lance figured out Keith had dust allergies, he thought it would be really funny to tease him about it until he figured out how bad they were. Then he just felt like a dick :/

- If Lance wakes up in the middle of the night because of his allergies, chances are, Keith will wake up too. At first, Lance was a little ashamed of it, but Keith never minded. It’s not routine, but it happens enough so that Keith only half wakes up if he hears Lance shifting around at 2 in the morning. Keith will let Lance decide how he wants to be held (usually it’s curled into Keith’s chest) and he’ll rub his back, half asleep, while Lance muffles tired sniffles and sneezes into his shirt until he falls asleep again.

- Lance will gladly suffer through his allergies to go on outdoor dates with Keith.

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Would you take back a gf whose nude pictures were all over the net? Be serious.I do not want that for D he is not that desperate:)Maybe he also has a gf and will come out now.we will see.

Well, it wasn’t entirely nude picture, anon and beside it depend on how you look at it, especially if that was played and Gillian is an actress after all! And have I already said I don’t believe in that “romance”?

Also, for example, David was playing in Californication and Tea still was his wife! Actors have different standards which we may not understand.

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you always leave such nice tags on reblogged fanart, how do you do that without it seeming repetitive? (i'm not great at giving comments other than 'this is cool' or 'i love this' and i want to show artists how much i like their art)

Oh wow, thanks 😬 I always forget people see all the constant screaming I do about art I like, haha. But hm, I guess if you’re looking to diversify the kind of comments you give artists just try figuring out some specific part of the art that makes you like it to comment on. I know in all my old art classes teachers would always stress that when giving feedback, picking out specific things like “the linework is really dynamic” or “your colors are excellent” gives artists a lot more information about why you like their piece. So that’s one shortcut to finding different ways to say you love something. But also, don’t even sweat it, it’s super nice to tell people you love stuff!

Halloween 2016


a soft and beautiful man and the sharp asshole that lives in his house


My Top 3 pick: #2 Choon Entertainment’s Kim Yongguk/Jin Longguo (the hidden jewel)

“No one knows who i am. No one knows what kind of person I am. I would feel confident if there is someone that will care about me. I want to hear ‘Kim Yongguk did well’”

P/S: You did very well! You have changed a lot. You have improved. I am so happy you gained confidence. You made so many friends and no more being alone. I will always support you and let’s debut in the near future. I’ll wait.

Happy 15th Anniversary, Kingdom Hearts!!

Am I the only one that doesn’t care at all that Mon El said that he loved Kara before Sanvers have said it? Like the relationship between Kara and Mon El is messy and lacks development, so I’m not surprised that he said that he loved her so quickly. In all honesty he may not even truly love her, she’s just the first person he’s truly been attached to and not a hook up, which he was doing on Daxam. 

BUT Sanvers has been developed and I’m just waiting for that special moment that they actually say it. Not some type of “I’m saying this cause I don’t want to lose you bullshit,” but they say it cause it’s true. Cause they truly can’t live without one another and love each other, ride or die. When they do say it, it will be impactful and not easily forgotten like Mon El’s confession.

Fleur Delacour

How to Adult: Cover Letter Edition

So I have several followers who are working on applying to jobs right now, and by far the most common concern is “what even is a cover letter??”  Now, while this post is funny and accurate, it’s not super helpful if you’re looking for specifics.  So I figured I should show you mine.  Now, without further ado, allow me to provide to you:

~*~ The Cover Letter of Destiny ~*~

[Address Line 1]
[Address Line 2, etc]

[Right Justified - Date]  (This is just standard business letter stuff)

To Whom it May Concern, [Or Mr/Ms. Hiring Person’s name, if you can find it.] 

I’m delighted to submit an application for the [Job you’re applying to] position at [Company/Institution/etc].  After reading the job description I’m certain I would bring a solid combination of  [Skill 1], analytical thinking [or whatever Skill 2 is], and communication skills [This is always my Skill 3] to this position.  I’m particularly attracted to this position because I believe it will utilize the skills I have gained through my industry [or research or whatever] experience, and allow me to apply those skills in new areas. 

In my role with [Company] as a [Most Relevant Position Here], I managed a project [to do some stuff - flesh out your most important/relevant job responsibilities here].  I specifically focused on [a thing that is the most explicitly relevant to the job posting.  In fact, I creatively copy/pasted some of the job posting into this sentence, that’s how relevant it is.].  I was also responsible for [A couple of things that maybe were mentioned in the job posting, or at least show increased responsibility over time].  This gave me the opportunity to collaborate with a variety of different team members [to achieve a goal]. Through these and other job duties, I have gained excellent listening skills and the ability to carry out self-directed tasks in the context of a larger team. [i’m not joking. use this phrasing it’s so great just copy it idgaf]

 In my current role as a [Current Title] with [Company], I have continued to build strong skills in project management [or whatever] as well as clear oral and written communication. [Maybe this sentence describes the types of communication (or whatever skill) you do.]   [This sentence describes briefly the less-relevant work you do].  [This sentence ties in your less-relevant job to the job you are seeking].  These experiences have prepared me well to succeed in a role as [Name of Position you’re applying to].

Thank you for taking the time to review my materials and consider my application. I am excited at the prospect of applying my skills to a [Name or category of position] with [Company], and I feel that the knowledge and skills I have gained through my experience will be a great benefit to the team. Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions as I would welcome a chance to discuss this opportunity more. [After all, they want to hire you after reading this]


 [First Name Last Name]

I hope you find this helpful in your job search!  Just remember to focus on skills you learned rather than specific experiences or titles you’ve had.  Don’t be afraid of inflating it too far, either.  There are real useful skills underlying every job task if you look hard & get creative with your phrasing. 

Feel free to send me an ask if you want any specific advice on how to spin your education/work history into the job you want, or if you want a proofreader or cheerleader or whatever.  Job hunting is a bad game designed by and for a certain type of person.  It’s dehumanizing and horrible even at the best of times, so I’m more than happy to help anyone find a way to beat the system.  <3 <3 

ADD YOUR OWN DEMONGO! An idea inspired by @rotodisk and @chairosaki ’s Samurai Jack collaborations. I’ve got one suggestion for those who’d like to draw and add on to the work: I think it would be fun if everyone could draw Demongo in some sort of pose! Let him show off that body~ 

C'est moi Chat Noir, toujours présent

I’ve been quite fond of the French opening song since I heard it, so I made this animation exercise based on it (~˘▽˘)~

I don't think people who say we're overreacting about Wonder Woman understand

When you’re a girl, you don’t get to see women be cool, not as often as boys get to see men be cool.

You don’t get to see them fly and fight bad guys and be people you want to BE, do you know what I mean?

Guys get the cool super powers and girls get romance subplots.

Girls with powers are reduced to smaller roles and we have to make up fanfics and extended material that makes them the main character cuz male writers don’t need them for anything but romance plots.

Just look at girls on Tumblr.

Obsessed with white males.

Love em.

Can’t get enough of that white guy named Chris.


I assume because they’re attractive in every socially constructed way.

And because they get to be the telekinetic, edgy angsty guy whose mom died who deserves all of our sympathy and attention.

So when people say Wonder Woman is a great movie but people are exaggerating how important it is that she be a role model, or that girls should look up to their mothers…

Like you don’t get how cool it is to be able to see someone like you do cool stuff. Your mom is great but she’s mundane, no offense to mothers. She’s not magical, she’s the kind of person you don’t appreciate until you’re older. And she’s not the type of person EVERYONE knows and recognizes and looks up to. Wonder Woman is, well now she really is. And she’s visible, she’s much more tangible, as fictional characters always ARE to mainstream audiences. So little girls get to see this awesome fictional lady…

-and you don’t have to pretend you’re a guy.

You don’t have to pretend that you’re not different from the people we’ve been told are the “desirable” people to be.

Wonder Woman is not only a great movie and a lovely social commentary.

But on a basic level, the more subconscious level of internalized feelings, of self identity and self love ?

I mean, are you a heartless monster or do you really have a problem with girls, and boys too, seeing a woman kick ass and not be the object of desire.

But the person everyone wants to be?

You show girls that they can be awesome, that they have more of a role in human existence than just being shallow love interests and you show boys that there are women they can look up to.

You got this larger than life woman acting as an icon for everyone, and for ONCE, this icon is female. Yes, the human race is represented, and idealized, in super heroes. Who are often male. Which says that our idealized self…is male.

So Wonder Woman being an idealistic superhero, our perfect self, the human shaped being we want to be…well. She’s female and BY WANTING TO BE HER…we say that there is nothing wrong with being female.

And yes yes yes yes argue that they have real life women they could look up to.

But do you really think most little boys want to learn about Madam Curie or Queen Isabella or Antoinette?

That’s boring history stuff.

Wonder Woman reaches a huge audience.

She’s more tangible, for children that is.

She feels more real than stuffy historical figures.

Stop acting like Wonder Woman being a role model is to be underplayed or devalued.

It’s important for people to feel EXCITED and exhilarated by a super hero who’s not a straight white snarky nihilistic male.

It gets their dusty little hearts beating and their minds thinking, hopefully.

Will it change anything politically, no.

Wonder Woman can’t impeach trump unfortunately.

But can it change how girls see themselves, how boys see women, how people look at what it means to be human?

Well maybe.

So TL;DR- shut up. Wonder Woman is amazing. And shame on you for trying to take her away from children, you’re a menace and I need to talk to you, adult to adult.

Have I mentioned how much I enjoy the thought of Harry and Draco back at Hogwarts years after they leave? If not, let me take a few moments of your time to elucidate:

  • Banter
  • Inter-house rivalry at the head table
    • inter-house rivalry between classes
  • Knowing (memorizing) each other’s schedule and casually bringing it up in conversation–with or outside of each other
  • Seeming like a married couple to everyone else but not realizing it themselves
  • Intense quidditch debates in the staff room
    • students like to hang around outside because they’re always loud and always hilarious (and sometimes often result in creative new insults to add to their repertoire)
  • Grading together in one of their quarters and snarking over ridiculous student answers
  • Quibbling over teaching methods to the point of pedantry just to be annoying to the other
  • Trying the “I’ve never been more shocked by student behaviour in my life” approach on students who misbehave, none of whom believe it because they’ve heard stories of Harry and Draco’s time at Hogwarts (usually by the other in classes, ex. Draco climbing a tree because he wanted Harry’s attention)
  • Patrolling the hallways over Christmas hols
    • “Here. This is the statue Flitwick said he’s caught kids fooling around behind. Go check it out.”
    • “Why do I have to go?”
    • “What are you, scared?”
    • “… Fine, you absolute tosser. …Woah, Malfoy, come check this out.”
    • “What? What is it?”
    • “Just get back here and you’ll see.”
    • “I’m not going to fall for your tricks, Potter. I’m not going back there.”
    • “Malfoy….”
    • Fine.”
      • They end up necking behind the statue like students
      • It becomes a repeat occurrence


And a big shoutout to all my a-spec pals, you are valid! Even if you are questioning, or unsure if you count, you are amazing, awesome, fantastic, fabulous, magnific, marvelous, and wonderful! Don’t stop being yourself!