i know you don't understand anything

iris was gone, shipped off to idris after a fire message explaining her crimes. now magnus just had to find a way to help a small, scared girl understand what she just saw.

oh, how he wished alec was there. alec, having a much younger brother, was better with small children than magnus was. older children and teenagers, he could deal with. but anything younger than clary had been when he met her, he was at a loss.

he crouched down in front of her and she backed away. “hey, i’m not going to hurt you, i promise.” he held out his hand but dropped it when she recoiled further. “i’m magnus. can you tell me your name?”

she shook her head and when the side of her neck was exposed to him, magnus saw her warlock mark and got an idea.

“i like your gills.”

the little girl searched his face, then said in a voice so small magnus had to strain to hear it, “i like your eyes.” magnus smiled at her and she gave a tiny one back. then she said, “what did you do with nana?”

“um.” this was the hard part. how could you tell a little girl that the woman who raised her was an evil mastermind?

“nana’s a bad lady, isn’t she?”

“why would you say that?”

“because she hurt the nice man who was looking for his friend.”


“yes, your nana was a very bad lady. but you’re safe now, okay?” she nodded, which magnus took as a good sign, even if she was still a little hesitant. “good. now, do you think you can tell me your name?”

a long pause. then, “madzie.”

“that’s a very pretty name.” this time her smile was wider. “listen, madzie, i’m-”

“magnus.” magnus turned and stood at the sound of alec’s voice. “are you okay?”

“perfectly. honestly, alexander, you underestimate me. but…” he stepped aside to reveal madzie. “there’s someone i want you to meet.”

alec smiled and magnus’s heart melted - he loved alec’s smile because it was something that not everyone got to see. “we’ve met, actually.” he stepped closer and got down on madzie’s level.

“cool gills.”

Shout out to aros who have to go to bed every night knowing they’ll never feel love or ever have that amazing magical relationship everyone seems to talk about

Shout out to aros who can’t stay in one place for very long because of abandonment issues/trauma

Shout out to aros who’ve actually loved someone once and just can’t get that feeling back even for that one person

Shout out to aros who feel like they’ll never be that person they need for someone else

Shout to aros who resort to dangerous means to feel anything

Shout out to aros who feel like they’re bad people because they just can’t love

Shout out to aros who lie about having feelings for their friends so they don’t hurt their feelings

Shout out to borderline aros

Shout out to avoidant aros

Shout out to narcissistic aros

Shout out to my personality disorder brainweird aros

Witchcraft, You & Your Date Mate

Witchcraft is a wonderful and powerful thing but there are those who don’t understand it, fear it, and do criticize, unfortunately this can include your romantic partner.

Now the point is for them to try to understand what you do not force it upon them or force them to practice with you.

Now a good way to start is explain, explain, explain. Explaining your craft can help them get a better understanding and make them criticize you less or stop all together. Explain that your craft that isn’t Satanism (unless you practice it then explain to them that it isn’t what people portray it as in media) and is really a way to better yourself and empower yourself. (now if they have a problem with self-empowerment then you should probably leave ‘em.)

Show them what you do. Like show them your altar, your crystals, whatever you use to do your craft.

And that’s about all I can think of for this but I’m sure I’ll make more of this. So yeah explain and show them. If they still can’t understand and are still fearing what you do and criticizing you, even telling you to stop if you’re going to stay with them then you should sashay away honey. They ain’t worth it.

guys, how do you go about learning new words in a language you’re not very proficient in yet so you can’t really read much yet or even understand children’s shows?
I own one of those ‘basic vocab books’ but most words in there are words I never use… How do you find useful words that you’re actually going to need?
And how do you go about memorizing those words? Normally I use flashcards but I’ve noticed this doesn’t really help me actively remember the words when I need to use them in a text or a conversation even though I always quiz myself on the meaning of the word in my target language so I don’t just practice recognizing the word.
The best thing would of course be to practice the words by using them but I can’t even figure out how to do that because there is no one I can talk Arabic to and I don’t know enough words to have a conversation anyway. 
It feels like being stuck in a vicious cycle where you need to know more words to learn more words and I’m pretty sure it’s not actually that hard. But lately I’ve been so frustrated to the point where I almost started crying in Arabic class because I feel like I’m never going to learn this language. If any of you know anything I’d really appreciate it. 

it’s just really interesting being on tumblr and following all of y’all as someone who doesn’t care about anything dc-related and has no clue what’s going on

Now it’s so obvious that you don’t give a shit about me. Why did it took me so long to realise?
—  I was too blind to see that all of this never meant anything to you

Thank you very much, all of you. It’s been such a fun time with the Overworst community. It makes me happy that I have the honor of being D.Va of Overworst. I look forward to continue being D.Va! It’s cheesy, but I consider my fellow heroes as well as the fans my online family. I understand that some of us are having some mental issues. I want you guys to know that I am here for you! Don’t be afraid to ask for anything. I’m going through my own share of mental issues, so I know what it feels like. Stay safe you guys! Thank you for the follow!

Love, D.Va! 

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do you think jess knows rory best?

Short answer: Absolutely not. The long answer is multifaceted. So, here goes nothing. 

1. At the very least, Lorelai exists. The idea that Jess knows Rory better than her mother and best friend is absurd. I don’t think I really have to say anything else here. This point speaks for itself.

2. Jess and Rory knew each other as teenagers. They dated for a few months and then Jess basically disappeared from her life for years. Adult Rory is not the same as teenage Rory. By the time Jess sees her again, she’s not the same person she used to be. She’s grown. She’s changed. Of course she has. Nobody is the same person as a teenager as they are in their 20s, and they shouldn’t be. I absolutely hate when I see people criticize her for changing. When Jess sees her as an almost 21-year-old woman and says he knows her better than anyone, it’s honestly ridiculous. He hasn’t seen her in years. He doesn’t know anything about her. He knows what he wants her to be and he knows what he expects her to be, but he doesn’t know who she actually is. Listen, Jess knew Rory as a naive teenager, this sweet and “perfect” girl. That’s how he saw her and that’s how he’ll always see her. It’s not by any fault of his own. He just doesn’t know the other parts of her because he’s not in her life. She’s not a person to him. She’s an idea. Rory developed so much throughout the series. College/adult Rory is miles away from high school Rory. She’s been through a lot and those experiences have changed and shaped her. That’s how life works. Jess is not the same person as an adult as he was as a teenager, so how could he possibly expect Rory to be? We never see Rory assert that she knows Jess better than anyone when they are in their 20s and beyond because it would be just as incorrect coming from her. 

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We’re having our first parent teacher event at our after school center. I haven’t been this nervous in a very long time. I really hope I don’t do anything to mess things up. It doesn’t help when your a socially awkward person and any type of communication you have with people doesn’t usually go well.

So I’m honestly really curious about this. For anyone that knows INFJs personally, how do we come off? Like at first impression, how would you describe us?

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How can you be best friends with people who you know like for a month or few? Not trying to be rude but I can't understand it it took me years to get good relationships with people :/

No worries this isn’t rude! This is another thing that varies between people. My best friend I talked about before who I love unconditionally and would do anything for, I’ve known her since we were 5. Time is definitely a variable that will effect relationships with people. For me though, online relationships always tend to be slightly more accelerated? There is something about speaking to people online that removes a lot of barriers. You can reply to them when you’re feeling more talkative, you message them when you’re excited about something, and generally speaking if they follow your tumblr you already have things in common that are visible (like I can message someone about a ship they like, etc.). Definitely in my real life I have a lot less people I’d call my best friends (and most of the people I do I have known for years like you’ve mentioned). But this is also different for different people, and it doesn’t mean their relationships are any better or worse than yours are!

You just have to understand that everyone’s experience with relationships is going to be different than your own. What works for someone will not always work for you, and you can’t make assumptions or ‘rules’ based on your own experiences without realizing first, that those experiences are solely your own, and not everyone’s. Hope this makes sense!! :)