i know you don't like this claw

I am a Huge Nerd for alien and human interactions that go across tumblr (space Australia and Stabby come to mind) but like for real what about the human concept of luck? Each culture has its own, too, and also superstition so like this human will go nowhere near black cats but others are just like ‘oh kitty kitty kitty’.

Try to explain to someone that doesn’t understand that breaking a mirror is more than just a glass hazard. No it’s not a mystical mirror or a religious thing. It’s just a mirror, you broke it, now you get 7 earth years of bad luck. Is to the day? Who knows. But 7 years dude.

Or like that one person who always has stuff break around them. ‘Why are they banned from the engine room?’ 'Just trust us Nyrak.’

Or what about people who things always go outrageously right for. That person where any number of the things that happen should not even be able to happen, and yet here we are.

That person that has the luck/innate skill to balance anything on their nose.

Lucky numbers. The importance of the zodiac too, while we’re at it. “The stars are not in alignment” 'have you been reading that human newspaper again Marshal?’ “No, Lydia, shut up” ,Are your species sensitive to the stars, humans?, “Nyark you know if I could explain it I would but I honestly cannot”

Good luck explaining Murphy’s Law to aliens who do not have the concept of luck or cosmic mythical interference.

penumbra as @wolfpupy tweets
  • juno steel: hey kids, i know youre struggling right now but im here to tell you, everything gets worse forever
  • peter nureyev: i am traveling through space and time refusing to learn anything and being a diva about it
  • rita: i am putting a ribbon in my hair to raise awareness of the cause of me looking so cute
  • cecil kanagawa: everyone who died and was killed on my quest to get really good hair and fashion deserved it and i dont care
  • cassie kanagawa: stop being so defensive I am just trying to hit you with weapons
  • julian dimaggio: i was too beautiful for this world [closes eyes with own hand]
  • alessandra strong: its impossible to prove that i cant kick every extinct animals ass and i will be flexing in victory for the next several hours
  • mick mercury: the biggest flaw of all my get rich quick schemes so far has been that they haven't gotten me rich quickly or even at all
  • sasha wire: thats cool. oh that wasn't a response to what you said i was just noting that it's cool that i wasn't listening or caring
  • valles vicky: if you think you can be rude to me with sass think again. I am the only one who is allowed to do that
  • ingrid lake: i hate to be betrayed but love to have revenge
  • mag: if we do this we do it my way [cut to a bunch of explosions. corpses and debris fly through the air] okay maybe i should be more open to ideas
  • miasma: when the sun goes out, the air turns to fire and the streets run red with blood, i am probably to blame for it.
  • chance sequoyah: retiring from my life of crime because vending machines and claw machines dont give you stuff when you point a gun at them
  • mary anne: don't speak i know just what you're saying, something about how beautiful and strong i am probably

the fandom seems to be of the consensus that dathomirian zabrak are essentially just big cats.

with this in mind, i feel like there are some important things we need to consider:

  • is their prey drive high enough that they’ll chase laser pointer dots?
  • do they have an ‘if i fits, i sits’ attitude towards boxes, baskets, etc.?
  • are they at their most affectionate and cuddly in the morning after waking up?
  • do they express their love for those close to them by gifting them the mutilated carcasses of things they’ve hunted?
  • do they blep?
Kagome's Archery Confidence in 3 Stages
  • Beginning of manga: Oh uh I dunno I guess this will totally hit right? no whoops maybe I'll get it next time haha
  • Mid-manga: I'M GOING TO HIT YOU I SWEAR *internally thinks please hit please hit please hit I hope this works*
  • The rest of the manga: I swear to god if you so much as even flinch my arrow is going to be the last thing you ever fucking see and I'll aim straight for your ne-- OH HELL NO don't you DARE touch my precious dog boy like if your ugly monster claws graze a single fucking hair on his head ONE MORE TIME don't even doubt for .000002345 seconds that I'll shoot this arrow STRAIGHT UP YOUR ASS

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I really hate it when males use their privilege to get in comfortable positions, acquire skills etc, then transition and go on about how "cis" women are lame for being less achieving than them. Like, yes, of course you are more successful, you were priviledged from birth for being born with a penis! (sorry for the rant, I don't know where else I can express this, I'm so afraid of backlash)

Oh you mean like how the Wachowskii brothers who both built their careers with the advantage of being white men now get to be hailed as the top “””female””” directors because they decided to play dress up? 

You know over women who have had to claw and scrape and work twice as hard because they didn’t have the privilege of being born male?

Don’t be afraid of the backlash. It’s bullshit and we should keep calling it out.

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hiya hun!! don't suppose you could do me a fox patronus please?? I know they're meant to be sneaky but that's about it - Thanks!! Xxx

  • p similar to wolves only they hunt alone rather than in packs. maybe means you like to take responsibility for your own actions
  • actually they’re also p similar to cats as well (retractable claws, walks on its toes) it’s like a perfect dog/cat mashup
  • they use the earth’s magnetic field to hunt??? they can do that???
  • super protective of their young (getting hufflepuff vibes! fox doesn’t just mean slytherin!)
  • I found a story about a fox cub who got stuck in a trap for TWO WEEKS and it survived because its mum brought it food every day <333
  • super playful and curious. known for stealing golf balls
  • pretty universally portrayed as sly and mischievous, but in asian cultures they’re seen as a familiar spirit with magic powers….I bet someone tried to bring a fox as a pet to hogwarts once
  • also being sneaky isn’t a bad thing! look at fantastic mr fox!!
  • a group of foxes is called a skulk that sounds so badass
  • vixens often get help in raising their young by another vixen who isn’t breeding. it’s like fox babysitting
  • in 1855 some dickhead was like ‘jolly hockey sticks I think I’ll take some foxes with me on the boat to australia what, should be jolly good fun to kill them eh?’ CONGRATS DUMBASS YOU KILLED OFF AT LEAST 10 NATIVE SPECIES DON’T MESS WITH THE ECOSYSTEM
  • also we might be getting fox hunting back in the uk ?? sorry I know you’re not here for politics but wtf theresa ??
  • WAIT I nearly forgot to say!!! Seamus’ patronus is a fox so you’re in good company!
  • [Percy is meeting Annabeth's (mortal) parents for the first time and is at their house for dinner]
  • Percy: Oh gods! Is that lobster?
  • Annabeth: Mom... I thought I told you... Percy doesn't eat seafood.
  • Mrs. Chase: Oh!
  • Percy: Oh no, no, no, no... That's okay, that's okay... I mean, I... I don't eat seafood... except for lobster... Yeah no, lobster I love...
  • Annabeth: Percy you don't have to eat...
  • Percy: No, no, no, I actually it's any kind of crustacean: crabs, shrimp... you know... especially lobster... and this, this nice juicy meat inside it... [he cracks the claw and tries to hide his wince, he takes a few seconds before he can put the meat in his mouth, clearly not enjoying it] Hmmm... yummy [Everyone buys it except Annabeth. She's looking at him skeptically. Percy swallows] Hmmm... [at first he likes it, but then, in an instant puts his hand in front of his mouth and runs from the table. You hear a door slamming]
  • Annabeth: So...? What do you think? [looks at her parents, which look in disgust]
  • Yang: *One day Yang and Blake are enjoying a nice sunny day in the shine of a tree while having a picnic as the both look at small note pads in hand.* Hmm... What do you think about Velvet?
  • Blake: It would be nice but I highly doubt she would be up for it. You know how shy Plus then is Coco.
  • Yang: True. True.
  • Blake: How about Yatsuhashi? He's strong.
  • Yang: Nah. His height would make stuff harder to reach.
  • Blake: Hmm Good point. *Blake turn the page of her notepad.* Neptune? *Yang simply raises an eyebrow at her girlfriend.* ... Yeah I don't know why I had his name on this.
  • Yang: Well I can't judge. I mean I had Jaune. Oh! Fox?
  • Blake: I don't see why not.
  • Yang: Yes. *Checks the page before turning it.* How about Nora?
  • Blake: I don't think we can afford to pay the damages. Ren?
  • Yang: A bit boring don't you think? *Yang Asked before watch Blake consider for a moment before nodding in agreement.* Anyway, What about Saga?
  • Blake: As long as you two don't get in a flexing contest.
  • Yang: Hehe, You know you would love it. *Yang giggle only to turn into laughter as Blake smirks.*
  • Blake: How about Scarlet?
  • Yang: I honestly don't think he would know what to do. Miltia?
  • Blake: From Junior's?
  • Yang: Yeah.
  • Blake: Uh, Which one is she again?
  • Yang: Short hair, Red clothes, claws.
  • Blake: Oh yes then... Are you sure its a no to Ru-
  • Yang: *Yang interrupted Blake as she frowned.* Blake I love you but don't push it.
  • Blake: Oh like You did with Neo? *Blake Frown right back.*
  • Yang: I meant to say Neon! I swear.
  • Blake: Uh-huh... What about Penny?
  • Yang: Oh yes. Hell yes. Flynt?
  • Blake: He does have the lung power. What about Melanie?
  • Yang: She does have the leg power... Sun?
  • Blake: Yes, That's a given. Oh Here's one, Weiss?
  • Yang: No way. she is waaaaaaay to controlling. We wouldn't be able to enjoy ourselves when things get hot and sweat. Plus, she is kinda short.
  • Weiss: EXCUSE ME!? *Yang and Blake jumped and turn towards their pinked cheeked and very annoyed teammate.* I AM NOT CONTROLLING OR SHORT! AND WHAT MAKES YOU THINK I WOULD EVEN WANT TO DO SUCH A PERVERTED THING WITH YOU TWO!
  • Blake: Perverted thing?
  • Yang: What are you talking about? Wait What do you think we are talking about?
  • Weiss: *Weiss blushes more as she crosses her arms and looks away* Well from what I heard as I was coming over here to ask if you seen my dust case, it sounded like you, with your lewd habits, where talking about people you two would... You know!
  • Yang: *Yang and Blake look at eachother confuse.* Know what?
  • Weiss: Y-You know... Stuff!
  • Blake: Define "Stuff"?
  • Yang: How exactly is is finding someone to join a three person some can play in the three on three Volley ball games in two weeks Perverted?
  • Weiss: *Weiss's flustered face instantly vanished and was replaced with that of a dumbfounded one.* ... Volley ball... Game?
  • Yang: Yeah. *Yang sent down her notepad and pulled out a flier before handing it to Weiss.* There is a volley ball contest in two week with a sweet cash prize.
  • Blake: Plus, a free Sushi for live bonus at my favorite restaurant if you get first place. *Blake added drooling at the thought of the fish meals.*
  • Weiss: Oh... But why did you not want Ruby then?
  • Yang: Two reasons. One Semblance isn't allowed. Two, Ruby SUCKS at Volley ball.
  • Weiss: Oh... Alright then... Sorry to jump to... Nevermind. I have to go find my Dust case. Bye. *An embarrassed Weiss said before quickly turning around and walking away.*
  • Yang: Do you think she was thinking we were taking about People to have a threesome with?
  • Blake: Most defiantly. Thank god she did pop in on us in the shower when we were talking about her Sister.
  • Yang: Yeah That would have been REALLY bad. OH! Why don't we ask Winter?
  • Blake: Yang I doubt Winter would help us.
  • Yang: Come on Kitten. Think of the money.
  • Blake: We don't if she could come here to help us.
  • Yang: Think of the Sushi Blakey. *Yang pounted leaning over to give her girlfriend and kiss as she wraps her arms around her.*
  • Blake: Hehe, Okay okay. We'll ask later if she has the time. *Blake smiled as Yang kissed her ticklish spots.*
  • Yang: Yes. I love you. *kiss* And maybe if we play our cards right.. *Yang Smirked wiggling her eyebrows*
  • Blake: Lets not push our luck Babe. Also, I love you too. *kiss*
The Reveal

Marinette and Adrien started dating without knowing that the other was Ladybug or Chat Noir.  So that’s all fine and dandy except that the other keeps disappearing during Akuma attacks and occasionally at night (i.e. during patrols and stuff) and so they’re upset that the other is disregarding their safety but they can’t bring it up because they might argue the fact that they aren’t around either and they can’t exactly explain that.

So after a lot of venting, Alya and Nino (who are totally married at this point and have like fifty children) have had enough and push Marinette and Adrien into a room with them and bring up the subject and sit back to make sure they work it out.  This leads to a massive argument with things thrown and yelling, culminating with:

Adrien: Fine!  You really want to know where I go?

Marinette: Yes!  That’s literally what I’ve been saying!

Adrien: I’m fucking Chat Noir, okay?  That’s why I have to leave!

Marinette: …

Alya: …

Nino: …

Plagg: *facepalms*

Tikki: *facepalms*

Marinette: …What?

Adrien: You heard me.  That’s why I leave in the middle of the night, and why I disappear and–


Adrien: …

Marinette:  What the hell, Adrien?  We’re ENGAGED!  If you wanted to end this, you should have said something.

Adrien:  What are you talking about?

Marinette: I can’t do this.  I can’t be with you if you’re cheating on me.  We’re done.

Adrien: Who said I was cheating on you?  I’m not cheating on you!  I love you, Marinette!

Nino: What are YOU talking about?  You just told her you’re sleeping with Chat Noir.

Adrien: No I didn’t!  That’s not what I said!

Marinette: …

Alya: …

Nino: …

Alya: That IS what you said?  You literally said you’re fucking Chat Noir.

Adrien: …

Adrien: Shit.

Adrien: That’s not what I meant.

Adrien: …

Adrien: Plagg!  Claws out!

Marinette: …

Alya: …

Nino: …

Adrien: Tada?

Marinette: …

Alya: …

Nino: So what you’re saying is you’re cheating on Marinette with yourself?

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HOW do you do what you do? like how do you take your thoughts and make a drawing out of it... I don't understand at all, but i'm fascinated

like digging in sand, I scoop and dig and claw away at my own self-hatred with my bare hands and I keep going even when the sand seems to keep falling right back in cause I know one day I’m gonna dig deep enough to where the sand falling in won’t make a difference to how big and beautiful of a structure i’m making 

(hope that makes sense) 

thank you for witnessing 

I’m so delighted. They’re gentrifying the whole waterfront and then they got mad there wasn’t more transportation in these poorer areas and built massive ferries which for the record are wildly convenient, but now these rich people who fought and clawed and paid out the ass for waterfront property are livid about boat sounds. Like, buddy. THEY TOOT.


Warnings: Swears, omg.

Pairings: TxReader
For: My friend who is kinda cool. You know who you are K!

In which Trevor is once again late in meeting our dear reader. She’s kind of fucking pissed. Some fluffy fluff because I’m in a good mood.


It was high noon in Sandy Shores and you were dressed to the nines.

Leaning against the heated metal of your car you gulped down the last of your Sprunk. The cool, bubbly liquid felt good against the inside of your throat. It had been quite a while since you had spent as long as you had done getting ready. You’d gone and fixed your hair, waxed your legs, had your nails done in a subtle shade of light pink; and on top of all the little details of your grooming you’d gone out and brought new shoes. A pair of ridiculous but cute nude heels. The extra height helped you feel more sexy. Confident. 

Those feelings had however all but diminished as the straps pulled snug against your sore heels. You couldn’t help but think that if it wasn’t for tropical weather you could have felt been a bit cheerier. Still, the sun continued to burn in the clear sky causing you to sweat off the last remainders of this mornings make-up off. All effort had literally melted away. Frustrated you polished off the last of your drink, before dropping it to the ground and kicking the empty tin as hard as your dumb heels would allow you too.

‘Fuck this.’ You muttered, pushing the wet fringe that stuck to your forehead away.

It had been over an hour and still Trevor had yet to turn up.

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My Gryffindor friend and Ravenclaw friend are fighting. Both have either jokingly asked or implied they would like me to give the other up. I don't know if I can or should explain that I cannot, as I owe them both equal loyalty. And the worst part is, it's the conflicting parts of their Claw and Gryff personalities that are causing this rift, and keeping it from being sealed. I don't know what to do anymore.

Do not let them make you choose. 


You choose your friends, they do not choose your friends. Let them know you understand that they may not get along, but you love them both and are not going to choose between them.

When her heart aches with the loss of a lost cause
When her stomach claws at her with the dawning realization of no more hope
When her mouth quivers with the strain of words suppressed, unneeded, dangerous
When her eyes keep secrets, burning her from the inside
Her tears are like oceans, pulling her away from her comfort
She hurts.
He forgets.
—  It’s been 6 months

her hair also poofs out to make herself look intimidating

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“Cap and the Cat” - Digital Oil Painting


Steve can take a lot of punishment, but apparently, kitten claws are an entirely different sort of pain.

If you enjoy my art, please consider subscribing to my Patreon! I am saving to buy a wheelchair lift.


Pierrot: Blu-ray release, folks, you know what that means!
TG Fans: Yay! Please fix episode 4! Episode 4′s animation is just–
Pierrot: Nah, it’s good. 
TG Fans:
TG Fans: Hide’s face that looks awkward in episode 10 when he–
Pierrot: That’s also good. Hey, we’re gonna give Kaneki a sick human eye.
TG Fans: Oh cool! Like the manga! Um… you know, how about you fix  Arima’s dorito chin–
Pierrot: We also hid Touka’s eye in that heartbreaking shot which was mainly affected by… Touka’s eye.
TG Fans: Wait, why…
Pierrot: How about we make Hide’s chin…
TG Fans: no…
Pierrot: … longer…
TG Fans: …
TG Fans: Please… free Tokyo Ghoul of your cruel claws.