i know you all want to steal the credit

So, I appear to have lost a few followers in the wake of speaking out to support a friend. That’s fine by me. If you are the sort of person who thinks that stealing other people’s work & claiming credit for it is OK, then you are the sort of person I want nothing to do with.

Gif makers, edit makers, artists & writers all put a lot of time & effort into making things that contribute to the fandom in a positive way. Please respect that.

Shopping - James van Riemsdyk

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Notes: I didn’t get a prompt for this one, and I don’t actually know if James dresses nice or if he dresses like Mitch Marner but for this occasion, he dresses horrible. I hope you enjoy!

Mentions: Tyler Bozak

Warnings: None!

Requested: Yes | No

Up Next: Ben Hutton

Teaser: “What do you mean I don’t dress nice? I bought half my suits with Marns!” “James, that’s why you don’t dress nice.”

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Long Live the Queen (M) Pt. 3

Pt 1  Pt 2  Pt 4


Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Warnings: Rated M for possibly mature themes in future updates, probably smut, swearing, murder, violence. I might get a little crazy with this

Summary: Jungkook’s name on the streets is the ‘Golden Prince’ for all the fanciful things he’s taken as his own. As a thief he can steal anything, even when he’s propositioned to steal the Queen herself. Stealing her heart however, will prove to be another matter completely.

A/N: here it is guys! Part three!! I hope you guys enjoy ^~^ Also @bangtanclouds made another amazing moodboard so please go check it out because it just is giving me so much inspiration for this and I love it. Credit for this idea also completely goes to Skies, I’m just simply elaborating and telling the story :)

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Jarrod: We’re men of action, Nico. It’s why you and I are so wealthy and successful. Some men aren’t able to grab power and use it. They’re too afraid, too weak. We stand apart from those men.

Nico: I suppose so. But a great philosopher once said, The measure of a man is what he does with power.  Anyway, I know you’re not here to talk in the abstract about power and action. What’s up.

Jarrod: I’ll get right to it then. I want to pay back the credit cards that were maxed out by your wife. I know you don’t need me too, but I want to do it.

Nico confused: Excuse me? How the hell do you know about that?

Jarrod: My woman maxed out those cards. She stole them from your wife and used them. I want to pay back every cent, so long as you never tell your wife the truth.

Nico shocked: Your woman? Who is your woman? How does my wife know her? Who the f*ck would dare steal from my wife?!

Jarrod: My woman…she was desperate. She lived with a man who could never afford her…never valued her. She was pushed to this extreme. He had her living foolish. I’m turning it all around for her and I’m going to start by paying off the credit card debt. 

Nico: Ok, hold on. It’s not debt, Jarrod. It’s theft. Whoever your woman is, she stole from my wife. Got it? And no one hurts my wife. Who is she?

Zeke knew he should walk out of the office. Jarrod was deliberately trying to provoke him, and neither he nor Niara were worth it. 

Jarrod: Niara is my woman, Nico. Allison’s best friend. I would do anything for her. Anything at all. Unlike her lame junkie ass husband.

Listen up

So yo. Ive just received a rather lengthy, angry message from someone and in basic summary, they’re offened and upset that I’ve post pictures of fanart that wasn’t my own without reblogging it. I have mentioned in the blog summary that NONE of this art is mine unless I say so. Also, if you want to know who the original artists are, then ask and I’ll do my best to tell you. But Im not “stealing” or “plagiarizing” or claiming any art to be my own. Full credit and mentions go to the artists. I’m sorry if ive pissed people off because of doing this? But I hope this helped to explain. Thanks

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Alright then...

Before I start ranting, I just want my followers to know that I love you all for your support, please, remember that.

‘’Don’t claim my creations as your own’’ / ‘’Don’t take credit for my work’’ is pretty much in every creators TOU.

So, what do creators do when their TOUs are broken?

I’ve tried contacting @hisimmer several times on YouTube and her mail to avoid doing this publically, but after her lying to me over and over, I’m kind of at the point where my ginger temper turns me into a real sarcastic bitch.

Here are some pictures, so you can compare (my sim first, hers second):

And with CC:

I like when people get inspired by my sims. I like when people download my sims and let me see them in-game, in lookbooks or in CC previews. I DON’T like it, when people steal my sims, claim that they created them and then take credit for them. You didn’t create her. I did. Now take the damn video down, so we can just leave this be.

In case anybody wants the link to the video, it’s here:

My sim can be found here:

And yes, I know this is a game and that I should be acting like a grown-up and all that, but this isn’t fair to me, when I spend a long time making Reyna.

End of rant.


Okay. Here’s what’s up, y’all. I’ve been working on these all morning. I plan on doing them for my whole journal, for each card. I plan on putting them all together into one pdf file. But that won’t be until they’re all finished, you know? So, if you want to save any images as far as my journal goes, please save these.

I’ve worked so hard on my journal, it has so much sweat and tears and..I just don’t want you taking THOSE pages from me. It sounds ridiculous, because there’s literally the same information on these AND my journal pages, but I have a far more personal connection to my journal than these.

So, again. If you want to save anything, save these. Don’t abuse it, don’t try to share it and get credit for it, because you know that’s wrong and you should put out into the world what you want back. If you don’t want people stealing from you, then you shouldn’t try stealing from others.

I’ll have more pages up eventually. It’s just a process to design them all.

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Hi I really like to draw and ya know art but I don't want to post my stuff and Im in awe that you can. Aren't you scared you will get hate or that someone will steal your art and not credit you?

Hi there!

This is all part about being an artist on the internet, you can never escape the many hate and people who steal your art and not credit you! You just need to fight them back!! 

I have had many people steal my AU ideas/art and never credit me as the original creator.

Even one of my favourite artists, who made fanart for one of my AUs did not credit me at all and just mentioned “bc that AU is just too precious”. We used to talk and they would always reply to my tweets but after I let them know it was me who made that AU. They stopped replying to me ever since. We have many mutuals who told me they drew that fanart. Other say, “oh just be happy someone famous recognized you and drew your AU”…. well no! They are ignorant for not helping me as a fellow artist with the simple credit of my idea. Just because they drew fanart for my AU without acknowledging my existence dose not make me happy one bit!

Sure you can draw fanart for my AU by all means but not crediting the person who made that AU and helping me out alot by getting my name out there, is just plain selfish of them. It disappoints me to this day that they choose to not reply to me for a simple credit of THAT ARTIST who drew THAT AU.

It broke my willpower to continue drawing that AU for awhile but it actually also made me stronger. It is still hard to talk about but I do want to make a post about this unfair issue that I face last year. I do not care for the backlash I get, I just want my voice to be heard and for people like you to know you can fight your insecurities and post what you love without the fear! 

What I want to say is FIGHT THE HATERS, STEALERS AND REPOSTERS cuz you have the right to defend what is yours! GO GET EM <33 Enjoy posting your art~

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Just keep reading, you'll understand...

I just read a post from @sharaxofficial and I’m very disappointed in those people who accused her of copyrighting Tokyovania. Honestly, I know she said that she didn’t mind her being mentioned in the description if someone posted her Tokyovania as Ink’s theme, or something like that, sorry, but still. She deserves the credit. This goes for everything else, not just music. Like my art and millions out there. You wouldn’t want your hard work out there then people accusing you of stealing it, would you? I can understand if they were misunderstood and all that, but please, you need to check your sources before you accuse. Like SharaX said herself in her post, she posted the Tokyovania video before the videos of Ink’s theme of that music came out. Now I don’t wanna get mad or personal or anything, but people out there who did accuse her and many others out there, maybe you should consider thinking and looking before you accuse. After reading the lyrics and their meanings for Tokyovania Control in SharaX’ post, I cried just reading them. I could sorta understand SharaX’ sadness of having to face Tokyovania when people think that it belongs to Ink and only Ink. I listened to Tokyovania Control when it first came out and I didn’t understand what the lyrics meant, and now seeing why she chose those, I feel guilty for not noticing something. She suffered and when she looked to us for help, all we did was crush her down more, and I’m sorry I couldn’t have been there to at least help even though I know I wouldn’t be anything compared to the hate, I wish I could’ve helped her and defended her. That is no way to talk to anyone, especially the composer of the original song. Like, right now, I’m crying just typing this with tears all over my face and screen thinking of how SharaX must’ve felt being stabbed like that. I know she isn’t the only one out there, this goes out to those who suffered too, and not just music, but in art, writing, everything else because when you put your heart and soul into something and later realize that you’re being accused of stealing it makes you feel so bitter. Although I’m not that popular, I’ve already had some of my artworks stolen and when I went to confront them, the people who followed that person accused me of stealing my own artwork. It’s dark, so dark when you get that one comment that accuses you of stealing something you yourself worked on. I just hope that this can go out to others, so please, I’d really appreciate it if this was reblogged or something so it’s able to spread. And if SharaX doesn’t want me to spread this, then I won’t. Just, I love her music so much, it’s what keeps me going, her awesome as hell music, that helps me keep going towards my dream of an artist, and I think that she needs more love than she’s ever had. She’s suffered and we all know that everyone’s suffered at least once, and we all need to be there for those people, whether or not we like it. I hope this doesn’t offend some people, it’s just, it’s sad to know that someone has suffered who you appreciate and look up to and you can’t do anything to help….



Stiles x Reader

Requested By @niawoods

Part Two

Stiles watched as a book tumbled out of your bag and you grabbed it before he could catch a glance. You groaned and shoved it back in the bag and turned back to the papers you were studying as if nothing happened.


“Was that the book you wanted from the store?” Stiles watched as your eyes widened and you froze. “The one I offered to pay for until you could pay me back?”


“No.” You said a little to quickly.


“Can I have a look at it?” He asked, eyes narrowed as he tried to pinpoint why you’d been acting weird for the last few weeks.


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Stolen Mind

Request: Hello! Just to say that I just loooooved your last work! Wow! Can’t wait for part 2 I guess ! Just thought about a possible request if you want and have time :) you’re free to do tragic stuff or not but here is the thing : the reader has a power that she doesn’t quite control yet or even fully know. She can control thoughts and especially dreams. That what she thought like everyone else. Actually she steals dreams from people’s mind (in this case Bucky’s because she wants to help him) but with time and sessions after session he founds peace be she kind of becomes stranger like angrier and stuff and kind of uncontrollable and all the team especially Bucky realize that she actually steals people’s personality… I know it’s rubbish but I dreamed about that so I thought that maybe you could write something about it :) take care!! You’re are so talented and amazing ! @italwaysendsinafightcap

 Bucky Barnes x reader

Warnings: swearing

Words: 3k

All credit goes to Marvel

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The team almost didn’t notice the shift in Y/N’s behavior. Almost.

When Bucky had arrived at the tower as a permanent member of the Avengers, he was understandably still weary of his surroundings. Every night, he’d grab a plate of whatever was for dinner and retreat back into his room. He only ever trained in the dead of the night after a horrific nightmare that would jolt the rest of the teams out of their slumber. But they knew that Bucky didn’t want company at those moments, so they tried their best to close their eyes and forget his pained cries.

Then Fury brought in a new girl. She had unfortunately endured the same torture that HYDRA had put the Maximoff twins through, but when they couldn’t pinpoint her power, they beat her senseless and left her abandoned and bloody on the side of the road where she was later picked up by Phil Coulson and Melinda May. When she was handed over to Dr. Cho to be stitched up, Nick Fury took it upon himself to see what the fuss of her was about. Helen had explained that there was some shift in her genetic material, but she couldn’t pinpoint what it did to the girl. “Can you fight?” He asked Y/N. The girl weakly nodded at the man before her and once she was healed, she was recruited into the Avengers Initiative.

The Avengers had come to know Y/N as a fun, bubbly girl with a constant pep in her step no matter the situation and one who never backed down from a challenge. She was almost more of a leader than Steve, which often resulted in them bickering. Steve would give orders, and Y/N would mimic them in his captain voice with the same exact facial expression. Her impressions of her teammates were nearly uncanny.

That being said, Y/N was the polar opposite of Bucky, yet he fed off her happiness until the two of them were the best of friends, pulling pranks on the others and being inseparable on missions.

The team, especially Steve, had never seen Bucky so happy, which was why it was no surprise when he confided in his friends that he was falling hard for the girl.

It was no surprise when Y/N confided in those same friends that she was falling hard for the soldier.

It was also no surprise when the team set each of them on a blind date, the date being each other.

Y/N sat at the candle-lit table of the far too fancy restaurant that Tony had insisted on making reservations for. She anxiously straightened out her red dress and prayed that her deodorant was doing its job because oh man, was she sweating. She glanced down at her phone. 7:00. She blew a stream of air from her lips as she stared at the ceiling, willing her nerves to calm. It’s just a date, she thought. She sat in silence for a little bit longer, biting her lip. I can’t do this, she concluded. She picked up her phone, dialing Bucky’s number as quickly as she could. He would come get her and she could sneak out before her date even saw her.

She was two rings in when she heard someone’s phone going off nearby. She smiled when she realized it was the same ringtone Bucky had for her.

That’s when an audible gasp escaped her lips. Her eyes shot up to the man who now stood in front of her, showing her his still-ringing phone. Y/N’s face was on the screen, along with Bucky’s nickname for her. “Don’t look now, but the punk who set this whole thing up is giggling in the corner like a damn school girl.” Bucky said, smirking and tilting his head to the direction of the culprit.

Steve and Natasha were seated at a circle booth in the corner of the restaurant. Steve was, in fact, giggling like a school girl, and Natasha raised her wine glass at her and winked. She turned back to Bucky and laughed. “Well, Tony’s paying for this dinner so we might as well make the most of it, now sit.” He did as told and ordered a beer when the waiter passed by.

Bucky and Y/N had become so wrapped up in each other that they didn’t even notice Steve and Natasha pass by them to leave.

“You have to be more careful!”

“Me? I have to be more careful? I can handle myself, Buck! You’re the one that nearly got Steve killed when you abandoned him in fighting off agents because one of my guns ran out of ammo!” Y/N shrieked. They had been fighting since they first got back into the quinjet and now two hours later as they walk back into the tower.

“Because Steve can handle himself!” Their arguing was deafening, and Natasha and Tony even lightly covered their ears in an attempt to block them out until they could get to their rooms.

“And I can’t?” Bucky was silent and Y/N rolled her eyes. “Whatever, Bucky.” She stormed off, slamming her bedroom door behind her, signaling the end of the conversation and a warning for him not to follow. Bucky looked at Steve, searching for help but all Steve could do was sympathetically shrug.

“You’re over-protective of her,” Thor began, sitting down on the couch and placing his hammer on the table. “She’s stronger than you realize, stronger than any of us realize,” he looked around at his teammates, then focused his eyes on Bucky, who had his arms crossed over his chest and his jaw clenched. “You must have faith in her, or you will never see what she is truly capable of.”

Y/N shot out of her bed into a sitting position. Her eyes were wide open, she was gasping for air, and she was coated in sweat and she couldn’t tell if her cheeks were wet because of that or because of tears.

She had never had a nightmare like that. Her mind was racing, despite her being wide awake, she was still seeing pieces of the dream. She saw herself being restrained to a chair with a mouth guard as she screamed in agony. Somebody was speaking, but the pain radiating through her head was too much to even hear what he was saying. She didn’t even know if it was English.

Her head was practically pulsing in pain and she winced at the ache. Y/N pulled herself out of bed and grabbed two aspirins and some water, taking care to not turn on the light, fearing it would make her headache worse.

Her feet softly padded down the hall, there was no way she was going to sleep now. Her body ached and was screaming in protest, but she walked on, knowing that her mind was begging her for some relief from the nightmare. She had hoped that Bucky would be in the training room too, where he spent most of his nights, but he wasn’t. Confused, she walked a little more past the room until she got to Bucky’s door. Slowly pushing it open, she was greeted with him sleeping peacefully in his bed.

Y/N quietly shut the door and made her way back to the training room where she stripped of her pajamas and changed into the spare sweats she had left there. After hanging the first punching bag of the night, she wrapped her fists and began throwing punches.

Every punch got harder. Every swing got faster. Her knuckles burned from the friction of the wrap but she pushed on. The bag had finally gave way and flew to the side of the room at the same time that Steve walked in. He grabbed another bag from the corner of the room and put it on the hook. “Thanks.” She said. Steve nodded in response.

“Looks like you needed it. Bad night?” He asked. He sat down on the bench and watched as she resumed her blows to the bag.

“You have no idea.” She mumbled, almost to herself, but Steve heard her anyways. He got up from the bench and grabbed the bag, holding it still despite her still throwing punches.

“Try me.” One look into his eyes, and she gave up. She slumped her shoulders and rolled her neck, trying to relieve some of the tension.

“Nightmare woke me up. I was practically chained to a chair with a mouth guard of sorts being shoved into my mouth. I was screaming in pain and someone kept saying things but I couldn’t make out what they were, it didn’t even sound English. Woke up with a headache, didn’t feel like going back to sleep after that.”

“Sounds like one of Buck’s.”

“What are you implying, Rogers?” She narrowed her eyes at him.

“Just a thought. You guys have a thing for feeding off each other- energy, moods, sushi. I wouldn’t be surprised if you guys started sharing dreams.” She gave Steve a look, but didn’t say anything.

Because she wouldn’t be surprised if he was right.

The next day, when Y/N woke up, she was still in a sour mood. She kicked her slippers on and made her way down the stairs to the kitchen. Steve had sent her back to bed at 2 in the morning and she had to admit that the extra sleep eased her headache. She just wished it eased her mood.

“Morning, sleepyhead,” Sam chirped. “Made your favorite, blueberry waffles with orange smiley faces and whipped cream, 2 eggs, sunny-side up, and turkey bacon.” Y/N forced a smile. Normally, the scent alone would be enough to put a smile on her face, but today, it felt so overwhelming that it brought the headache back. She tried not to let it show, but Sam noticed.

“I’m sorry, Sammy.” She smiled apologetically. Sam grabbed a piece of turkey bacon and tapped her nose with it before taking a bite.

“No worries, more for me, but at least drink your orange juice,” he slid her a glass and she sipped at it. “Steve told me about your nightmare, wanna talk about it?” Y/N propped her cheek on her palm and groaned after downing the rest of her juice.

“No, I just want to mope around and be alone all day.” She took a piece of turkey bacon and bit a piece off of it.

“Now you really sound like your man.” He laughed.

“What about her man?” Bucky said, bouncing down the stairs. Y/N spun around in her chair to look at him. He had a bright smile on his face and she turned back around to Sam, eyes wide in disbelief and confusion. Sam briefly made eye contact with her, mimicking the girl’s expression before clearing his throat.

“We were just saying that Y/N sounds like you when you first joined the Avengers.”

“And why’s that, doll?” He turned to his girlfriend, pinching her cheek. Y/N tried her hardest not to snap at him. She wasn’t in the mood to be touched. She pulled herself from Bucky’s grasp.

“Had a bad night’s sleep.” She mumbled, sliding off the bar stool. She put her glass in the sink and made her way back up the stairs, in desperate need for a hot shower.

“Steve and I need you to come grocery store with us later so we don’t buy only junk. Be ready in like 30.” Sam called after her. Y/N nodded, not really knowing or even caring if he saw it or not.

Y/N was becoming increasingly agitated, even more so during grocery shopping. The boys blamed that on themselves, because they kept putting ridiculous snacks in the carriage when she wasn’t looking.

Then they got back into the car.

Y/N was sitting behind Sam and was desperately trying to get comfortable in the small amount of leg room had left her.

Right before Steve was about to buckle, Y/N gave up. “Can you move your seat up?”

Normally, this question would have been asked and answered simply, but the way she asked, voice deep and broody, Sam and Steve froze. “Sam, call Bruce. Tell him we found out what her powers are.”

“I should be able to reverse it, but we don’t have enough time. Fury’s sending us on an emergency HYDRA base clean-out in 30 minutes, Y/N, can you fight?” The girl slowly nodded, the scowl from earlier still present on her features. “Where’s Barnes? I would want to look at him too, to see just how far this is going.” Sam shook his head.

“I’m not sure if that’s a good idea. His happy mood worsened her mood.” Bruce nodded thoughtfully while still observing the girl who was sitting on the counter. Her mood now was a complete 180 from her normal behavior. This wasn’t a power. This was a curse.

The mission was a trap; a trap to get the Winter Soldier back. While almost one hundred agents surrounded his teammates, Bucky had been whacked over the head with a gun, knocking him unconscious momentarily.

When he came to, he was strapped to a chair and he cursed loudly. He knew how this was going, especially when he saw the “doctor”. Bucky pulled at his restraints, but they must have been made of steel, he couldn’t break through. The doctor stood in front of him, looking him in the eye, smiling wickedly. “Looks like we have got out most prized possession back,” He said, in a German accent. If looks could kill, this guy would be in a heap on the floor. Bucky spat at him, earning him a swift slap across the face. “Тоска,” Bucky braced himself.

“Ржавый,” His fists clenched.

“Семнадцать,” He grit his teeth together.

“рассвет,” He wondered where Y/N was.

“Печь,” He hoped she was safe.

“Девять,” He heard her screaming.

“Доброкачественные,” He realized he wasn’t in pain.

“Возвращение домой,” He realized she was.

“Один,” Bucky began yelling, trying his best to break out of his confines as Y/N’s screaming got louder, more pained.

“Грузовой автомобиль.” The screaming stopped.

“Good morning, soldier.” The doctor said. Bucky remained motionless, the only way he was getting out of this was by playing along.

“Ready to comply.”

“Eliminate our enemies.” The restraints on Bucky’s arms and legs were lifted and he stood out of his seat, making to walk away. However, at the last second, he turned back around, grabbing the doctor by the back of the throat and bashing his head into the wall. He took off running for Y/N. She could be anywhere.

Bucky picked up his comm from his pocket and placed it in his ear, immediately asking where his girlfriend was and what happened.

“Whatever happened between you two, the words must have affected her and not you. She’s the Winter Soldier now.” Sam panted out. Bucky sucked in a harsh breath.

“Where is she?”

“South wing. Steve has her cornered, but she’s quick. We can’t get him back-up.” Nat responded. Bucky took off in a sprint.

He wasted no time in getting to the south wing, throwing agents at the wall or shooting them down as he ran faster than he had ever before.

His eyes immediately landed on Y/N. She had Steve backed into a wall. He was bruised and bloody, and his eyes locked on Buck’s before flicking back to Y/N who was inching closer and closer to him. She slipped her knife out from her waist holster and Bucky made a break for it. She’s going to be so pissed at me, he thought. He ran up behind her and wrapped one arm around her neck to restrain her from moving and his metal hand wrapped around her wrist, preventing her from cutting anyone. “C’mon doll, I got you.” He reluctantly tightened his grip on her throat. He fell onto the concrete floor underneath him, pulling her into his lap. Her limbs flailed in his grip, but Bucky knew what he had to do. His grip got tighter and tighter until she let out a squeak and her body collapsed into his chest.

Buck looked up at Steve, the both of them panting with relief.

“Fortunately, you didn’t do any damage to her windpipe so you don’t have to tell her that you choked her to the point of unconsciousness,” Bruce suggested. Y/N’s still unconscious body laid on the makeshift hospital bed. Wires were hooked up to both her and her boyfriend as Bruce studied their vital signs, looking for what had caused today’s events.

“Everything looks the same as it usually does. You mentioned she had a nightmare last night?” Sam nodded, explaining the dream to Bruce as Bucky’s eyes focused on Y/N. Her breathing was slow and peaceful. Her face was void of any scowl or pout from earlier. She looked peaceful once more. Bruce spoke up, pulling him out of his thoughts.

“Call me crazy, but I think she stole your mind, Barnes.”

Hello again! I just want to make an important announcement- If you want to use my edits or drawings as icons/headers on here or other websites, please ask! I’ll usually be absolutely fine with it, I just want to know. Probably all I'll want is that you credit me! Just shoot me a message or an ask- that’s all!

Please leave my captions on my edits and photos, I know that sometimes they’re silly and nonsensical, but they’re mine.

And please, for the love of god, don’t repost anyone’s art without permission. Not just mine, but anyone’s. It’s stealing, and it makes the artist feel pretty awful.

13RW + Riverdale Fanfic Blog

Hey gals, i’ve decided to make this blog so that i could create a massive collection of fanfics for 13 Reasons Why and Riverdale. I’m super excited about this, i’ve been thinking about doing this for such a long time so i hope you guys really like it! ❤️

Just a couple of things I should mention: 

  • The fanfics that I link in the master lists are not mine and it is not my intention to steal someone else’s work, all credit goes to the respective authors!!
  • If you are uncomfortable with me posting your work or would like me to credit you in specific way, please let me know and I will take it down immediately or change it as you like 😊
  • Unfortunately i’m not a writer but i am willing to try and do ships! Can’t promise I’ll be great at them though 😳
  • I do have a ton of posts ready to be linked but I’m still deciding how I want to set up the layout for the fanfics in the masterlists so i’m open for suggestions!
  • I know that there’s some controversy with the way Tony is depicted in some fanfics so as for now, only works that have Tony paired with a fem!reader (platonic) and male!reader will be included. Let me know what you think about this though!
  • I’ve tried to make this blog both aesthetically pleasing AND easy to use, let me know what you think of it or if you’re having any problems with it. I’ve included links already for mobile users but for iPads it would be best to use the app because I don’t think it’s aligned properly on safari
  • While i’m generally on tumblr 24/7, there will be times where it will be harder for me to update regularly especially as i’m finishing my last year of high school and the workload will get overwhelming. Also, there are characters that I don’t read into as often as others so I’m definitely open to the idea of having some people help me run the blog and find fanfics for them. If people are really interested in this then I’ll defs be on the lookout for some help 😊  xx 

I can’t think of anything else to write so i’ll just leave it at this for now, if you could spread the word about this blog i would appreciate it so much! feel free to leave questions or send me some suggestions about what else i could do to make this more interesting/easy for you guys!! ALSO, let me know if you come up with a better URL for this blog 😂💞

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Do the yogurt one! Do the yogurt one! Please, please, please!

“you always, without fail, eat the last of my favourite yoghurts, oh but not today my love, today i have prepared fresh hell for you, yes i mixed some chili into that strawberry goodness and prepared the perfect trap, it is waiting for you in the fridge and i’m waiting to hear you scream”

When you asked for this you probably didn’t have a Superhero AU in mind…yet here we are, giving you exactly this. :D

It got out of hand as usual, so we’re gonna split it up into two parts! Second one will be posted by me as soon as it’s completely written!

Nalu Superhero/Villain AU

This was written by @mslead AND me!! We played a round of fic tennis with this one, meaning we bounced paragraphs off each other. So this is a complete mix up of our writing :>

This time. This time for sure.

Alright, so maybe all of her other plans had ended in abject failure, but that was no guarantee this one would as well. In fact Lucy was feeling rather confident in the masterminded talents behind this particular crime in the works. She would get paid, and finally have her rent money on time to give her landlady!

Her plan was perfect.

Simple hit and runs at ATMs could have gotten the job done easier and faster, but Lucy couldn’t help but think about how unfair it would be to the simple innocent soul that got robbed on their daily trek back from their job. Her heart went out to the working class, it really did. Even if it meant her job was a little harder, that made the reward sweeter.

Besides she had a target that was much more deserving of her focus. Which meant it had the potential to be twice as fun and three times as expensive. The rich had fine taste after all – Lucy tucked her smile behind a black glove as she watched armored trucks beginning to pull out in front of a lavish estate. It was taste she knew all too well from her past, and she would be more than happy to indulge herself in the thrill of the work this time. Especially as it meant she got to have a little payback in the process.

Literally, she couldn’t wait for all that jewel with her name on it. Her hand drifted down towards the golden keys dangling by her hip. They chimed with every brush of her fingers, quiet enough for the sound to be snatched away by the breeze. Her heart raced in her chest as she watched the vans load up and begin down the road.

The tires rolled slowly, and her fingers gripped onto the metal at her side, heart racing and excitement pulsing through her veins. As she watched the cars move closer and closer into her range, Lucy’s focus narrowed only onto her moving target. This time. This time for sure.

And best of all, there was no irritating hero here to stop her. None what so ever.

…which was why she nearly jumped out of her skin when a thick-soled boot clomped down on the short, retaining wall just in front of her face.

“Oh. Hey, Celery-a, right?” The owner of said boots asked, voice slightly muffled behind a red visor, a partial helmet of red and scales obscuring the upper part of his face, “Whatcha doin’ crouching down here? Someone might think you’re a criminal or something.”

Lucy wanted to scream.

It was him. Again.

Out of all the superheroes around, Salamander was the one who would probably qualify as her arch enemy.

He had foiled more than one of her ingenious plans and seemed intent on not letting her out of his sight. Which was kind of his job, yes, but could he not leave her be for just one coup once in a while?!

“Hello, Salamander,” she said with emphasis on his name, showcasing her skill of correctly pronouncing a name she had heard many times. An ability which he, apparently, did not possess. “Come to save the day?”

“Better bet on it.” He flashed her one of the grins she hated so much, and she barely managed to surpress rolling her eyes. Taking advantage of his small moment of distraction, Lucy bolted.

This time she would prevail.

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anonymous asked:

Ok 1. When did I say I didn't want to listen? I literally didn't reply until now cause I was asleep 2. I do need to apologize. I know you reblog fancams that's ok but I've seen you repost too (with or w/out credit) but fancams tend to struggle since fans repost their pictures all the time w/o asking I didn't know you actually checked to see if it was ok. Sorry. 3. I don't think it's ok to steal shit w/o credit, but I thought u also did that so you couldn't really complain. Again sorry

1. ok omg sorry i wasn’t really talking about you i’ve had a lot of people tell me to shut up about reposting because “if you don’t want it to be reposted why did you post it in the first place?” and that “you should be grateful people like your gifs so much that they repost them” and etc. at that point i was just angry at this kind of people as a whole and started ranting that there’s no point in talking to them because they just pop up in my ask box, make me feel like shit and leave. so yeah, they don’t want to listen. once again, sorry, it wasn’t about you
2-3. since we last talked i contacted the reposter and we cleared up all misunderstanding. so it’s ok. you and i are ok too. i just want to forget about all this and move on, alright? don’t want to argue with anyone anymore

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god your icon is just so cute do you know what episode it's from so i can watch it..?!

// Ah that picture! It was from the Omake of Naruto Shippuden episode 108 “The Battle Over the Barrier”. Kabuto was making fun of Yamato for losing his script and Kakashi had it with him and he drew all over it. I got a lot of anime and manga icons since I really don’t like using fan made art as icons, banners, or follow forevers since I personally feel that it steals the artist’s credit of the drawing despite how much I really would want to. 

I like to thank you anon for the compliment since I also like this icon as well! 

A Demon With a Vendetta

Anonymous said:

Hello, could you please continue the A Demon in the Dark series? I know you said that if someone requests this you wanted something specific, so here’s my idea: Could the main character possibly start falling for Andy, but she feels really weird about it because he’s a demon, but she bumps into Ashley and he tells her that Andy loves her and they end up confessing their love for each other at the end? Idk maybe it’s stupid but whatever


Okay, so this went a totally different direction. I was just writing this for fun after watching Average Joe, whichever season includes Waitress, and I was like, you know what, I’m stealing that line (after giving it proper credit) and I’m going to freaking write a thing, and then I was like, but why does she want to kill him, and this freaking story, and I was just like AHHHHH!! I’M SECRETLY A GENIUS!! And yes. There is just yes. I know it’s a little confusing but there’s all you need to know. She fell in love with him (and he with her), but he didn’t change, he was still the asshole demon he always was and then the rest you can find out ^-^ So excited about the way this came out!

Also, I did this in first person, and then went back and changed it after I decided to do this as part of the demon series, so if the pronouns are a little jumbly that’s why.

Oh, and here’s a link to the Masterlist if you want to read other pieces of this series.

♥ -izzi


“When she comes, and I know she will, I want you to be ready.”

You watched the camera’s chuckling to yourself as he and his new little minion plotted against you. How foolish of him to think that he could escape you. He’d done this to you. You’d be damned before you allowed him to get away with this. He’d be rotting in the ground before the end of the month. He wouldn’t see his next birthday alive.

“(Y/N), you’re not really going to kill him, are you? I thought you loved him.” you heard Violet say, and you turned to look at her.

“I am.” you told her. “I may have loved him once, but he’s not the man I used to love. That man is a demon among men who needs to be eradicated.”

“(Y/N), you’re going to regret this…”

“Don’t question me.” You snapped at her, turning back to the monitors. “I know what I’m doing.”

The younger girl fell silent. You’d found her roaming the streets when she was ten, you were still young at the time, still a child yourself, but you couldn’t just leave her to starve, and for that reason she felt she owed her life to you. Despite my pleadings she’d refused to go to college, or make something meaningful of herself. She’d insisted on staying with you.

“Violet, it’s not too late to leave, you know.” You tried to tell her. “You can still get out without being incriminated.”

“If we go down we go down together.” She told you, and you looked at her sadly.

“I want so much better than my vendetta for you, Vi.”

“I know, that’s why I’m staying. You’re better than this, (Y/N), I know you are.”

“No.” You laughed coldly, muting the cameras. “I’m really not better than this Violet.”

“Then we’ll go down together, or not at all.”

“Are you sure you can live with the guilt of assisted murder?” You asked, and she stayed silent for a moment. You thought You’d finally got her. You’d been trying to convince her to leave for months, but she was standing strong.

“No, I’m not.” She said finally, “But I will for you.”

“If you were as smart as you pride yourself in being you’d leave.”

“I know that, but being smart doesn’t mean I make good decisions.”

“I made a bad decision picking you up that day.” You sighed. “I should’ve never gotten you involved in any of this.”

“But if you hadn’t I’d be dead.”

She was as old now as you has been when you picked her up off the streets and dusted her off, giving her everything you could, which at the time wasn’t much.

Now you could give her the world, but she wouldn’t take it.

“I don’t know, you’re cute, surely someone else would’ve taken pity on me.”

“Or taken advantage of me. You saved me that day, (Y/N), you’re a good person. There are other ways to take revenge, you don’t have to do this.”

“Yes.” You murmured, glancing at the beautiful lines and planes of the face you’d loved so much once, but now could only see through a computer screen. “I do. I have to kill Andy Biersack.”

Violet sighed and took a seat beside you.

“Why, (Y/N), what did he do?”

“He killed me.” You whispered, running a hand over the wrist that held the scar that had been your fatal wound. “He condemned me to this eternity, and now I’m going to take his eternity from him.”

“What do you mean?” She asked, innocently.

“There are some things in the world that you don’t understand Violet. There are secrets, so many secrets, that I’ve kept from you for your own safety.” You shook your head, a wry smile on your lips. “Andy Biersack was my undoing, and now I’ll be his. That is all you need to know.”

“(Y/N), you’re better than this.”

“No.” You whispered. “No, I’m just like him. In my soul I’m just like he is.”


You groaned at the pain in your wrist. You knew what he’d done. He’d turned you, and the strength from the turn had made you stronger than him. You’d over powered him, turned against him, the way he always feared you would. He was a selfish being, and an idiot. A demon is a demon, not a neko. Your tail had vanished, and so had your ears. All the feline qualities you once possessed were gone and while you once would’ve seen it as a blessing you knew what it really was. A curse.

He’d turned you into a demon.

You were consumed by bloodlust, and you’d been trying to keep in check while you wandered the streets, but it was difficult. You could feel the heartbeats of every person in the vicinity. You could hear them breathing. You could smell them, and you wanted to kill them all, feel their bodies crumble beneath you and drink from them. He had done this to you.

You growled as you heard a heartbeat, a faint one. You tried to cover my ears. You wanted to kill it, but you knew it was a child. You couldn’t kill a child. You could hear it even through your hands, and you knew it was coming closer. Couldn’t it sense your evil? Couldn’t it tell that you were a demon; that you wanted to kill it. Couldn’t it sense that you were a monster?

“Please, help.” Said a little voice, and you inhaled deeply. It was so young, so perfect. It wouldn’t put up a fight, you could kill it easily.

But you couldn’t. You couldn’t kill it.

“Please.” The little female voice said.

“Whatever you want.” You told it as it came closer, keeping your teeth clenched, because you were afraid of hurting it.

“I- I ran away.” She told you.

“From who?” You asked and she shook.

“The bad people.”

“What bad people?” You asked and she whimpered.

“The bad men.” She said you were filled with rage.

You picked up the small human and held it in your arms gently, afraid of crushing it.

“Tell me, child, what bad men?” She pointed to where you  could hear screaming and angry yelling. You  nodded determined to get the child to safety.

“They won’t bother you anymore. Come with me.” You took the child away from there and put her in a safe place, a coffee shop I broke into. I put her into a trance and then went to kill the men that she’d indicated as “bad”.You knew that you were going to have to kill to survive but if you had to kill you would only kill the wicked. Among them, one day, would be the life of your former lover.

Andrew Biersack, like those men that night, would die.


“(Y/N), (Y/N)!” You could hear Violet yelling, and you sighed.


“You zoned out.” She said, looking distressed.

“For how long?”

“Ten minutes.” She said. “Something isn’t right. This is killing you. Please, (Y/N), just let him go. I’ll go take down the cameras, and you can just pretend whatever he did never happened. Please (Y-“

“Enough!” You yelled, standing up. “I told you you don’t understand. You can’t possibly understand my reasons for wanting him dead. I’ll kill him if it’s the last thing I ever do. He deserves to die!” You stormed out. Rage made the bloodlust harder to resist. Rage made you hate everyone, even her. You’d never forgive yourself if you hurt her.

“(Y/N).” You heard her calling after you, but you were gone before she could even get up. She still didn’t know after all this time that you weren’t human. You knew that you should tell her, that you were endangering her life by not telling her. But you were afraid of how she’d react. It was one thing for her to leave to make a better life for herself than you could give her here, but it was something else entirely for the little thing that had been your reason to live for nearly ten years running away from you in fear, the way you used to run from Andy.

You didn’t know where you were  going until you saw what was in front of you without a glaze in your eyes. It was Andy’s old house. He’d moved since turning you, but this was where he used to live. Where he kept you. Where he tortured you. This is where it all begun. And ended.

“He’s just as unhappy with this as you are.” You heard Andy’s little henchman say behind you. You laughed.

“I doubt that. He doesn’t loath what he is with every fiber of his being.”

“He’s changed, (Y/N).” The little lackey told you, and you chuckled.

“Yeah, sure he has. The demon grew a heart, right? Don’t make me laugh.”

“You’ve changed too.” He murmured, and you turned to glare at him.

“And what would you know about change, swine?”

“Andy tells me stories, when he’s feeling reminiscent. He’s changing me, it’s going to be two against one soon, (Y/N), please, just let it lay.”

“Why don’t you just let it lay?” You asked, “Why doesn’t he?”

“He’s trying. He stopped chasing you, but now you’re chasing him.”

“Ask him how he likes the role reversal.” You growled before dashing off at speeds his still human eyes probably couldn’t comprehend.

You growled when you felt Andy’s scent hit you and encompass you like a blanket of reek.

“(Y/N).” He murmured and you growled.

“I want to try and settle this one last time, peacefully.”

“I want you to leave me alone.”

“I know.” He said. “I want the same thing.”

“Well guess what, Biersack, we don’t always get what we want.”

He sighed. “What I did to you was awful. From kidnapping you, to turning you to… everything.”

“Yes, it was.” You assured him, turning and walking right up to him. “And what I’m going to do to you is going to be worse.”

“(Y/N), please.” He murmured, taking your shoulders in his hands.

“You took everything from me.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Sorry doesn’t bring my band mates back. It doesn’t give me my humanity back. It doesn’t bring back the countless lives I have to take to stay alive. Sorry doesn’t fix anything, you heartless bastard.”

He looked sadly at you. “You were so beautiful once, (Y/N). What happened to you.”

“You turned me and I lost my tail and ears, the only thing that kept you attracted to me.” You told him and he shook his head.

“No, not outwardly. You were like a beautiful little rosebud. You had so much potential, and I killed that. Now you’re just rotten on the inside, but you’re still as beautiful on the outside as ever. It’s so deceiving.” He touched your cheek and you smacked his hand away.

“And you have no one but yourself to blame.” You growled at him.

“You’re right.” He said, looking ashamed.

“You’ve changed too.” You said softly, touching his face. His blue eyes looked up hopefully at you, but you were still glaring at him. “You’ve gotten soft, and weak, like an old man who was strong once, but now is so fragile boned he would die if he fell. I can’t wait to push you down a flight of stairs, old man.” You told him before pulling out of his grasp and running at full speed away from him. Thankfully he wasn’t possessed by the urge to follow you.

This is fucking disgusting, wrong, and illegal in so many ways…

An artist’s work, whether it be music, art, photography, etc. is THEIR property and should never be used without permission. This includes tattoos, printing, posting, and everything else. Do not touch their artwork without permission ever.

The excuse “don’t post it” isn’t valid either. That’s equally like someone coming up to your house and taking your bike in front of you and saying “If you don’t like it, don’t have it in your yard.” Stealing is fucking stealing and stealing is illegal. It’s sad that some people can’t comprehend that. 

By default you are never given permission to alter, trace, copy, repost, etc. without the artist’s say so. This also goes for using their art as your avatar on websites, or cover photos. Posting the artwork in attempts at sharing it but not giving a link back to the artist or crediting is also stealing! The horrid excuse of “I wasn’t claiming as my own” doesn’t change the fact that you’ve taken something that belongs to someone else and used it without permission and remove the credit. 

Found an interesting photo on the internet that you want to share but there is no credit or source? Too fucking bad, DON’T SHARE IT. It doesn’t matter how bad you want to show it to people, if you don’t know the original artist and can’t source back then don’t touch it at all. 

We wouldn’t have to paste ugly watemarks all over our art if you people would learn that stealing is wrong. You will get caught and legal charges can be pushed against you so why bother the drama? If you really want to use an artist’s artwork then simply ask. But if they say no then no means no. Don’t throw a fit, don’t go behind their back and do it anyways… Just leave it alone.

Random Art Q&A Compilation

NOTE // I will be adding a tag to all of my questions from now on but for the time being here’s a compilation of some Q&A’s from the past year.

Q: I know that I need to study anatomy but I don’t know how What do I draw? Where to start? I brought an anatomy book but it didn’t help much.

A: I suggest drawing the pictures in the book. Most books don’t do anything but teach technique it’s up to you to do the legwork (drawing). The only thing that can make you better is drawing. That’s why I think art school can be a bit silly, everything depends on you basically studying and replicating everything you see. You can draw and get better, no need to spend money. If you want to read a book that’ll help read Andrew Loomis books. They are free online as downloads. Aside from that I suggest going on Pinterest and drawing different poses and drawing some forms that are just the skeleton and muscles. It’s good to learn what’s underneath and how muscles overlap. Impress your friends with your sick muscle knowledge! It just takes time and lots of practice but that’s how I did it. It’s hard at first but if you look at art as more of therapy and love the process then it won’t be as frustrating. 

Q: Do you ever deal with warped paper? I sketch and then watercolor over it all the time, but my paper ALWAYS crinkles. Of course I’m using my cheap paper from the craft store and I don’t mind so much because they’re only sketches, but still. Do you have any tips for solving this problem?
A: Taping it down to a drafting table or a board helps to keep the paper from warping. I use drafting tape from the art store. Before using it check to make sure it won’t rip the paper. Also you can pre-stretch it but it’s more complicated. You can also buy a watercolour “block” ethic is like a block of pre-cut paper that has glue all around the edges like the glue that holds paper into some sketchbooks. The glue is on every edge though and there’ll be one small section that isn’t covered. You paint on the top paper and when you are done you take an x-acto knife and slip it in the section without the glue and cut the paper away from the block. It works pretty well also.

Q: I was wondering where you get your inspiration for surrealism.. i love drawing but i feel like i can’t step away from realism or drawing the same person/pose over and over… any tips?
A: I’m not sure how to explain this one, it’s a very organic process that can come about from me combining things that I like, or it can come about by me wanting to get an idea across or it can just be a fully developed idea from the start. I would start by taking two things and combining them? Or altering something in a way that is appealing to you?Also it’s totally fine to stick to realism. Realism is just as amazing!

Q: Hey Audra,how long does it usually take you to finish a sketchbook? I’ve had a lot of people tell me that I finish my sketchbooks too slow. It usually takes me about 8-9 months to finish one,and I’ve been told it should only take a month?
A: I think it depends on the person. Not everyone has the time to work in their sketchbook. Personally it takes me about a year to fill one. It’s probably not very good but I also draw an average of one finished piece per 2 days or so.I think it’s best to sketch as often as possible but it’s just not sustainable for everyone to fill a sketchbook per month. Idk I think two per year is great. One per year is amazing for ME but o can see how it might not be enough to some people. It also probably depends on how quickly you’d like to develop.

Q: Which sketchbook are you currently using? (asked in Summer 2015)
A: My smaller sketchbook is my local art store’s house brand. I suggest checking out your local art store and looking for one similar. My larger sketchbook is from Michael’s and is the brand “Artist’s Loft”. It’s pretty cheap and the paper is super basic but they both work for me. They aren’t good with Copics or markers but watercolours are okay on them (it’ll still wrinkle the paper though). I talk a bit about it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m9VvrOp6I7g

Q: Hi I was wondering what sketchbook you would recommend for doing watercolors?
A: I have yet to find a good one, I just use the bare minimum with my sketchbooks because it’s not like I’m trying to sell them. I suggest going to the art store and checking out what options they have. Because even if I like a specific type of paper doesn’t mean that you will like it too. We all prefer different textures. The one I have right now was just my art store’s house brand of sketchbooks and those have always worked fine for me, I don’t mind bleed through in sketchbooks because I will tape other art over top if need be. I suggest just going to the shop and looking around for one you like. Sorry I’m not much help in that area.  (’-’*)

Q: After seeing your video about the horse tattoo I wanted to know what do you consider art stealing? If someone was using similar coloring techniques or pallettes/shading etc for eg? Or is it more based on linework and style. 
A: I think it depends on how many things are similar. We all are inspired by other peoples work at times but I think you need to change it up a lot before claiming it as your own. I saw a lot of similarities in the face, ears, hair, etc.. If they do a “study” of your work and credit you, that’s one thing. I’m not sure, to me personally I get really excited when I come up with a new unique idea or way of doing something, it’s hard to do these days with so many artists out there that when someone else replicates the same thing you do it is a little bit saddening. I wonder sometimes if I should not post certain things because I am scared they will be taken. But it is a very difficult topic I think among artists and we all have our boundaries with it. I have had many people copy my art and post it again as theirs and that to me is the WORST. I have copied artist’s work I like but as a STUDY, I keep it in my sketchbook and even label the bottom with the original artists name in case anyone ever does see. I do feel flattered when people are inspired by my work but there’s a difference between being “inspired” and borderline idea stealing. That’s my personal take, not sure I answered that right.

Q: How did you get yourself and your work out their/ known. I am currently studying art but I’m worried I wont be able to get my work recognized.
A: Just start posting your work all the time. Post your best stuff, good quality photos of it on Tumblr and Instagram. Try not to post too much of your personal stuff, just focus on your art stuff and be sure to tag it. Draw people that you’d like to draw that maybe have more followers than you, they might share it and generate some new viewers for you. If you are humble and put your work out there slowly people will come around. n_n

Q: Do you ever draw guys?
A: On occasion. I enjoy drawing girls most of the time just because it’s what I used to. But I will be drawing plenty of guys here soon as practice for my comic. As for my personal work I prefer drawing girls just like Bob Ross preferred drawing landscapes. I drew a guy in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DLfpCfGP-H4

Q: What is the paper you use to do your copic marker stuff on? I don’t know if I missed it if you mentioned in your videos, but I can’t seem to find good paper in my local stores.
A: I tend to use just Bristol or the Canson Illustrator Paper.

Q: Do you do all drawings own your own or do you inspired from someone else and how did you begin to this?
A: I have my own ideas and some others are inspired by different shows, movies, books or artists. It comes from everywhere. I suppose if you wanted to get really technical you could say that everything an artist creates is inspired by something. Thank you so much for following my art and being such an awesome fan! It’s still really weird for me to wrap my head around the fact I could actually “have” a fan let alone a great many fans. *confusion*

Q: Hi! So I love your artwork and really want to pursue art as a career, however, my parents won’t let me take art classes, i draw and paint a lot on my own but it’s hard for me to learn new things. I’m starting to get really discouraged about going to college for art, what would you suggest I do?
A: I personally wouldn’t waste the money on school unless you are wanting to be something like an animator, 3d character design, etc.. If I were you, I’d get a job and in my off time I would draw as much as possible and then promote it on Instagram and tumblr. How good you are at drawing depends on you, not school. It is luckily one of the many things that you can get good at without sinking tens of thousands of dollars into. If you work while drawing you are making money at the same time instead of losing it to a company that most likely over charges and puts you in debt for many years.I’ve never gone to school for art, I did go for graphic design and it was a horrible decision and unlike most people I am paying for it not my parents. Unless it is a trade where you DEFINITELY need schooling I think it is overpriced and pointless in an age where you can learn so much on your own from all the resources we have.
Some of my opinions on school: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YS7XVS8R14M

Q: I was wondering if you would be bothered if I used some of your art pieces to help me learn to draw faces and bodies?
A: Yes! Please do, just be sure that if you post it up anywhere to give my work credit as always with any artist. <3  

Q: Hi so I know you use a Pentel Brush pen, and I was wondering, how often do you have to refill yours? Because I had to refill mine after like 2 weeks and I was surprised at how quick it ran out. I just wondered if that was normal or not :)
A: It’s normal and it really sucks. < _<
I haven’t tried this yet but you could try getting a watercolour brush that has the same texture and buy some Dr. Ph Martin’s - India Ink (I know it’s the best). I think there are some pretty all natural brushes you can buy from Japan but I know they are pricey and hard to get. This is something I’ll be looking into more because I go through 2 in a day at times and the plastic waste makes me angry at best. I’ll be posting if I find a good brush.

Q: I was wondering how you came up with your ideas. I’m an artist too but I have a hard time coming up with really good ideas like yours.
A: Hmm… I’m not too sure to be honest. In this day and age I think many ideas are recycled. I used to draw what I purely felt at the time (in jr. high and high school), it was gruesome. But now I think my ideas are inspired by all the things I love and the artists I follow. I try to only follow people who’s work is beyond mine so that my eyes are always absorbing the best and I think that soaks in.
So I guess basically my ideas come from my feelings, culture, the artists I admire, the photos I see, the places I go…so I guess everything. Haha! That’s so hard to explain.
If I were you I’d start a Pinterest board and a Tumblr account to post things that inspire you. Anything from a face to a place or even a picture of food. Then when you wanting to draw you have a library to go through and you can combine things you like too.

Q: Would you be offended if someone got a tattoo of your work without asking? Would you want credit? I’ve always wondered about this with artists…
A: I think every artist is different in this respect. I think you should ALWAYS credit, especially if you post it on social media. But the way my boyfriend puts it is that you can’t take a photo of the Eiffel tower and expect to pay the architect for taking the photo. It’s a weird way of putting it. I used to post photos of my drawings of tattoos that I designed for my OWN skin and people started taking them. It sucked because I designed it uniquely for me and it took a long time. So I don’t post those anymore, I only post things I don’t mind people getting tattooed. That’s my opinion on it.

Q: I know lots of artist don’t give much tips(well the ppl I run into) but what pens do you use? I’ve only stuck with this Japanese brand I find at my local craft store.
A: Currently I pretty much just use the Pentel brush pens, Copic Multiliner pens and sometimes sakura pens. You will probably have to go to an art store instead of a craft store to find the better ones. Usually craft stores just have a small section of pens.

Q: Hey Jenna! I know you might get this a lot but I’m in my last year of high school and I’m really into comic/graphic novels and illustration but I have no clue how to work things on a computer, and theres a graphic design and illustration course at uni that I’m sort of looking into to learn that stuff but, as you know, it’s not cheap. In your opinion, would you suggest just watching tutorials/reading or applying to uni?
A: I started out wanting to do the same thing and for comics/graphic novels there is a TONNE of awesome resources on YouTube for free to learn. I suggest, if you haven’t already, buy Manga Studio (might be called Clip Studio or something now), a wacom tablet (go with their cheapest one to start it’s still amazing), and have a decent computer and just learn from YouTube it’s very easy that’s how I learnt!
If you want to draw on paper but colour on the computer you may need a scanner and be sure to sketch in blue/red lines and ink in black when you scan. Don’t worry it doesn’t take long to learn on your own. This way at least you’d be spending only a couple hundred dollars as opposed to endless thousands ESPECIALLY FOR UNI!!! Comic techniques are so easy to learn that it would be a huge waste in money in my opinion. MOAR opinions on school:

Q: For you larger watercolor paintings what paper do you use? I’m having a hard time finding paper that can handle a lot of water.
A: Right now I am using either Canson XL watercolour paper or Strathmore bristol paper. Usually watercolour paper will wrinkle anyway. Just look up techniques to keep them from wrinkling as much. I know you can buy papers that are attached at every edge and you cut them apart once you are finished so that th paper doesn’t wrinkle. You could possibly do something similar if you have paper clamps and just use them all around the edges.

Q: In your opinion, what is the best place online to sell artwork (ie,Etsy,storeenvy, etc) for someone just breaking into the art world?
A: For a beginner I’d suggest RedBubble and Etsy. If you don’t have a fan base yet Etsy and RebBubble have people that are already looking through the site that could stumble on your work. I haven’t tried storeenvy but I have tried BigCartel and I love it!I used Etsy for a long time and I found it to be quite pricey. It was, at the time worth it to have people see my art though. RedBubble is an amazing company but eventually you’ll want to make more money from your art than a small percentage of the sales.If you can get a following started though I’d suggest the other two because they are easier, look better and cost less.

Big Project announcement !!!

Since the release of the movie, i made for myself a zootopia folder where i saved all the zootopia comics i found, month after month, the folder is getting bigger, but soon, i will share it to everyone who love zootopia comics like me !

About the folder :

-About 350mb of pictures

-More than 700 pictures from comics by more than 70 artists

(numbers can change before the i share it )

So yeah, i dont know when, but i plan to share it soon to all of you !!!

(ps: I don’t want to steal credits for artists works, so every comics will be link to the artist who made it, so people can look their stuff if they want more, if you have any question, pm me anytime )