i know you all want to steal the credit

I want you all to know that Director Krennic is my favorite chracter in Rogue One. The poor man just wants to do his job and do it well and even get some goddamn credit for his achievements. All he wants is a pat on the back or a good job man. Give the man a pat on the back people. But no, Tarkin has to steal his work, Vader rebuffs him for whining about it. He did a thing. Just tell him good job guys.

Listen up

So yo. Ive just received a rather lengthy, angry message from someone and in basic summary, they’re offened and upset that I’ve post pictures of fanart that wasn’t my own without reblogging it. I have mentioned in the blog summary that NONE of this art is mine unless I say so. Also, if you want to know who the original artists are, then ask and I’ll do my best to tell you. But Im not “stealing” or “plagiarizing” or claiming any art to be my own. Full credit and mentions go to the artists. I’m sorry if ive pissed people off because of doing this? But I hope this helped to explain. Thanks

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@any eyewitness gif makers

This twitter (@philkascutepics) has been stealing and re-uploading multiple gifsets from tumblr onto their account. I, personally, have found almost all of my Eyewitness gifsets reposted over there, and I’ve seen several that I recall showing up on my dash before. They have over 2k followers, and have clearly been posting these for some time.

If you make gifs for the show, you should probably check and see if any of yours have been stolen. If you don’t, then please help by letting the account owner know (politely) that it’s not okay to steal and repost someone else’s work. They have a disclaimer in their description that says “photos, gifs, vines and videos are not mine” - but that’s not credit.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know, and hopefully some of you can help take action since I don’t personally have a twitter account and I can’t approach them myself.

exactly, absolutely agree with you @sookieblack12 @nikkitasevoli

once you share content on the web, it automatically becomes public and anyone can just download it. I understand that there are people who “steal” other’s pic and don’t give credit to their owner(s). But that vk site is a fan site as far as I know. So those pics were not taken by them in the first place. Those were pics taken by a professional photographer. I can understand that websites such as Getty Images watermark their pics, after all, it’s a work of the photographer or photographers who took them (and if you want the pic you pay for it). But a fan site????? come on… and on top of that, they put a hideous, ordinary watermark on his face or close to it instead of making something more delicate on the corner… smh…

I don’t understand why they went private either. Anyway, there are people (who I assume are members of that group) that (thankfully) keep on sharing the pics… 

anonymous asked:

if you don't want to answer that's 100% fine and in your right all the way, but if you're okay with answering, what happened?

I just.. I made one thing, you know? one original thing, that people actually liked and used, and I don’t get a single piece of it to myself. sure I get some recognition, and I make sure the others do too, but I’m really tired of people stealing my ideas and not giving me credit, or taking urls just so people like us can’t have them. 

all I wanted was to help people, and to make them like me, and now people are using my words to hurt and mock me and I’m so fucking tired. 

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Hi, a friend of mine sent me a link to one of your supercorp pieces and asked me to hand draw it for them to put on their wall. I wants to see if that was cool with you before I did it. I know how shitty people can be with stealing other peoples designs and stuff. If not, would you mind if I maybe just printed it out somewhere and gave it to her that way. All credit would go to you either way.

Hello there. While I very much appreciate that your friend likes my pieces, (and that you’ve asked me about this first), what you can do instead is actually support me by buying the print here: https://society6.com/missrouge

Art Theft Warning!

Hey there guys! I just wanted to let y'all know that the blog @xnippon-otaku is reposting art from DeviantArt and other websites on their blog with no statement of permission and no credit/link to the original artist.

If you are the original artist of any of the pieces on their blog or you know the owner, please contact them and ask them to take it down!!

Please signal boost this so artists can see if their art has been stolen!

Big Project announcement !!!

Since the release of the movie, i made for myself a zootopia folder where i saved all the zootopia comics i found, month after month, the folder is getting bigger, but soon, i will share it to everyone who love zootopia comics like me !

About the folder :

-About 350mb of pictures

-More than 700 pictures from comics by more than 70 artists

(numbers can change before the i share it )

So yeah, i dont know when, but i plan to share it soon to all of you !!!

(ps: I don’t want to steal credits for artists works, so every comics will be link to the artist who made it, so people can look their stuff if they want more, if you have any question, pm me anytime )


Regarding reposting artwork, I’ve always just wondered… why do people do it?

What do you get out of reposting someone else’s work, credit or not?
Whether it be on Tumblr, Instagram, Pintrest, iFunny, etc. etc. I see them everywhere.

Do people repost because they are unable to create their own content, yet still want notes // recognition // followers? Does it make you feel accomplished to leech off someone else’s hard work and try to get some credit for it?

Instead of stealing other artists’ work, why not create your own content to post, and feel proud to share your own creations with the world?

And once again, I’m talking about reposting. Not reblogging.
They are two entirely different things.

The point is, what is the “reasoning” behind reposting other artists’ work?

I sincerely would like to know, so if you have a rational answer then by all means, convince me.

Everybody now! :

♪ I hate dA so much ♪

♪ I hate dA so much ♪

♪ This is why ♪

♪ I don’t want to be ♪

♪ Associated with this goddamn SITE ANYMORE ♪

Seriously I only ever go on dA to check up on the people I watch, because otherwise this is all I fucking see anymore. The art theft is worse now than it’s ever been in my almost 9 years of being on deviantART. And I am very thankful for those of you who DO contact me and let me know of who is stealing and help me report it, but you can imagine how exhausting it is.

Which is another reason why, when you do credit me for something, please link it to my TUMBLR. I hate dA now, I want nothing to do with it. I’m not posting on there anymore. Please direct people to my tumblr. That’s why I put my tumblr watermark on my drawings, not my dA watermark.


i’ve noticed ppl re-uploading my pieces to tumblr, and posting my images on other sites without asking for permission or providing credit

i want to remind you all that THIS IS STEALING AND WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

please keep an eye out for me, i have already contacted several bloggers about this issue, but if you see anything i would really appreciate you letting me know.



i would be HAPPY to discuss this with you please DO NOT BE AFRAID TO MESSAGE ME FIRST. 

thank you everyone, stay strong! <3

rp @pearlgirl-rp

“I can’t believe this…” I muttered under my breath.

Of all the people in the lecture hall to have been paired up with for this project, it had to be you. I’d never really liked you from the start of our college classes; you were a know-it-all and was always stealing the answers that I’d wanted credit for. You were the only other person in the class who had a grade as high as mine, but I just couldn’t stand you.

You were visiting my house for us to begin working on our project. My parents would be gone until tomorrow, so this was the perfect way to ruin my night alone. 

I glared over at you from where I sat on the floor in my room, and you were sitting a few feet away in those tight jeans and low-cut shirt of yours. I looked away and huffed again, rolling my eyes.

for all the people saying “dO yOu rEaLly wAnt YOuR cRedIt cARD inFo On ThE WeB!?” i get ya but i don’t care lol
a) i literally only have £2 on it
b) the only money i have irl i keep in a JAR
c) ya don’t even know the security code so you can’t steal my identity/money lol
cheers for worrying tho, but I’m fine