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Rollercoaster -Tom Holland

A/N: I don’t know what the hell I did, I hope you like it, fluffy fluff


You flattened your dress with your hands and were looking at yourself in the mirror. The dress hugged your body in the right places but something felt off. You let your hands trail down your body and tilted your head. Something was off.

“Darling, can you help me put this on. This bloody thing keeps getting tangled and I’m gonna loose my sh-…Shit!”, he interrupted himself as soon as you turned around to face him.
“You look absolutely stunning.”, he said and you let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding. You walked over to him with a small smile on your lips and took his bow tie.
“You don’t look too shit yourself, Mr.”, you joked and he rolled his eyes while you tied his bow tie around his neck.
“Done!”, you said triumphantly and looked up into his eyes. He took your face inbetween his hands and was about to kiss you when you stopped him.
“Uh…mind the makeup?”, you said apologetically and shrugged. He groaned and stumped his foot like a grumpy child before he leaned in and gave you a butterfly kiss on your forhead.

“That’ll have to be enough. For now.”, he said and you turned around with an anxious smile on your face to look into the mirror again. And your smile turned into a frown.
Seeing him, like the god he was, ready for the redcarpet, born for the redcarpet, you felt tiny and insecure. He layed his hands on your hips and placed his chin on your shoulder.
“I-…”, he started with a grin but you interrupted him.
“I can’t do this!”, you blurted out and let out a huff getting out of his grip. You crossed your arms infront of your chest and couldn’t look into his eyes.
“What do you mean? Hey- hey. Look at me.”, he said and lifted your chin with his hand.

“I’m can’t be…this.”, I said and pointed at him and he furrowed his eyebrows.
“I don’t belong in your world. I belong behind my books with my sweatpants and old t-shirt on.”, I explained further and huffed again, now more desperate. You really felt uncomfortable.
“You…Alright. Now. This is not my world. It’s ours. I’m just lucky enough to be the one sharing with you. You belong by my side. Both in your sweatpants and this dress. Because you are the one who makes them look beautiful to me.”

“Okay now your getting cheesy.”, you said and rolled your eyes but couldn’t surpress a tiny smile.
“There she is.”, he said and pulled you against his body.
“Also I need you.”, he added with a small voice and a shy smile. Now you realized that he himself wasn’t that confident either. His hands seemed to tremble a little and he looked down shaking his head.
“You’d think I should be getting used to all that attention and shouting and people. The people. But I’m not.”, he said and it was your time to take his face into your hands and give him a quick kiss onto his lips.
“The makeup!”, he shrieked and made you laugh.
“You wipe your mouth and I’ll refresh my lipstick. And were set to go.”, you answered and let him go.


“Oh boy.”, you sighed stepping into your apartment and kick off your heels immediatly.
“You might as well organize a funeral and bury me.”, you added and hobbled into the living room because your feet were killing.
“You’re being dramatic.”, he laughed after you threw yourself onto the couch. He pulled off his bow tie and you couldn’t help yourself and bit your lip.
“Shit.”, you said under your breath and looked away from him. The carpet was more intresting suddenly.
“You don’t look too shit yourself.”, he imitated you and you stuck out your tongue at him.
You pulled yourself up and turned your back to him, pulling your hair over your shoulder to expose your back.
“Could you zip that open please?”, you asked him because you couldn’t wait to get into comfy clothes.
“Sure.”, he said and with his next move you were free. You let the dress slip down your body and raised your hands into the air triumphantly. You stood there in your underwear which was non of your problems right now.
“Yes!”, you sighed and rolled your neck to loosen it a bit. Suddenly you felt two arms wrap around your lower half and a warm chest pressed against your back.
“You should put something on. We’re both too tired to go further.”, he hummed into your ear and sent shivers down your spine. You put your hands above his and closed your eyes. Your hips started moving against his and he let a lustfull groan escape his throat, which made you smile.
“Yeah too tired.”, you teased him with a grin on your face.

“You’re a jerk.”, he sighed and you turned around to face him.

“Well, I learned from the pro, didn’t I?”, you said and placed a butterflykiss on top of his nose. “Since we don’t have to mind the makeup anymore…”, he said and kissed your lips. It started as a harmless kiss but got more passionate along the way. You had to pull away eventually to take a breath and when you did you burst out laughing.
“We gotta write an email to Maybelline that their Lipstick isn’t kiss-proof.”, you laughed and pointed at his lips where your lipstick was smeared all over.
“Red suits you.”, you teased him and smirked.
“I know. So does blue.”, he said with a cocky grin and you playfully hit his shoulder.

“Come on Spider-ling. Let’s see what else suits you.” You took his hand and walked over to your bedroom, closing the door behind you two.


You woke up in the moring, tangled in the sheets which were telling the tales of last night. You smiled to yourself remembering your activities and closed your eyes again. Until you recognized that you were alone in bed.
You got up to look around the house but he was nowhere to be found. Walking by the front door you found a sticky note.

“Manager called. Had to rush out.

Love, T.”

You took the sticky note and went to the kitchen to make yourself a nice breakfast. After being full you sat down ok the couch and took your laptop on your lap to research the last nights events. The ones before you came home obviously. You scrolled through some headlines.

“Tom Holland and his new girlfriend!”


“Tom Hollands accesoire: His Girlfriend!”

Nice. Now I’m a purse.

“Spidermans girlfriend is a snack!”


“Tom and Y/N are rocking the redcarpet!”

Wow, that’s a confident boost. You clicked one of them and went straight down to the comment section even though Tom warned you not to that, ever.
It’s strange how something said by a complete stranger can impact your mood. You were left totaly confused and insecure. After reading thousands of comments and tweets you shut your laptop. There were both positive and negative opinions about you. Even though you did absolutley nothing. You just walked with Tom, which was one of the reasons why some people hated you, and only answered questions in his interviewes if asked directly to you.
Some people said that was snob-ish from you. But you only did that because you didn’t want to seem eager to be in the spotlight. Which you definetly weren’t. Others were talking about your dress. Mainly nice things which made you a little happy. There were fans who thought that you two seemed happy together and truly in love. Which was the truth but you know. The internet.

You were still deep in your thoughts when Tom came back late in the afternoon. You heared keys being tossed into the bowl at the front door and looked up.
“Hey!”, he yelled from the hall and you greeted him back.
“What’s ma beauty doin’?”, he asked with an accent you couldn’t quiet put your finger on while coming into the living room.
“Don’t do that.”, you said shaking your head.
“Do what?”, he laughed and let himself fall next to you.

“Shut up.”

“Better than me? Shut up.”, he imitated the rapper Stormzy and you rolled your eyes.

“So how’d you feel last night?”, he asked you more serious now and put his arm around you.
“You mean when you did the thing with your hands between my…”, you started teasing him put he interrupted you.
“Oh c'mon. You know what I mean.” He blushed and you chuckled at his reaktion.
“I don’t know Tom. I mean it was nice and all and I really enjoyed being by your side but…I think you should go with someone else next time. Zendaya for example. She is a great friend and she is already famous. She knows how to handle all the…opinions.”, you blurted out and he raised his brows.
“Y/N Y/L/N! Did you read comments or magazines or some stupid stuff?”, he scolded you and you shrugged.
“It’s fine. Really. I’m fine. But I rather not be in the spotlight a second time.”, you added and shrugged again.

“Actually I had a meeting with my manager this morning exactly about this. Not only this. But it was a part of it. The people absolutly LOVED you. To the point where the most articles that came out today were mostly about you and not me.”, he said with a big smile trying to make you feel good but it kind of backfierd.
“What are they saying? The articles.”

“That’s not my point! But if you really wanna know they are all over you. Bits they could find about your childhood, mom, dad, siblings, school and all that stuff. But mainly your projects, what you stand for. And they love it. They say you bring the best out of me.Which is the only time I am mentioned actually.”, he chuckles and shakes his head.

“We’ll see, I guess. Next time.”, you said still insecure about everything.
“Uh…actually…next time is kinda…tomorrow?”, he stutterd while his voice got more silent with every word.
“What?”, you said and widened your eyes.

“You know, normally, a girlfriend means bad press and it’s not really favorable for the promotion of the movie. Has something to do with the teenage girls who tend to get jelous or something. But you kinda went around that? They love you, kinda like they love Zendaya. Like rolemodel or something. My manager went on and on I couldn’t listen to all of it BUT all of that means that I would really be happy if you could join me every now and then.”, he said and looked hopefully into your eyes.

“You’re kidding.”

“I’m not! Really.”

“That’s insane!”, you sighed but he shook his head.

“No, it’s perfect! You can work from everywhere thanks to your projects so that isn’t a problem. You’ll be by my side on the carpet and the events and you could work in the trailer while my interviews. It’s perfect. No longer being apart from each other for months.”, he said now excitedly and your heart shrunk.

“Babe I don’t know if…I want that.”, you said carefully and the excitement in his eyes went away. His shoulders deflated and his eyes widened.
“Oh.”, he just said and you took his hands into yours immediatly.
“I just don’t belong in that world Tom. I’ll always support you at anything you do and I’ll always be your number one fan and I’ll ALWAYS love you…but I can’t handle the spotlight and its aftermath.”, you explained and it broke your heart to see him disappointed. He couldn’t even look into your eyes.

He pulled his hands away and your whole body stiffened.
“Tom…”, you sighed but he didn’t seem to recognize that. He turned away from you and leaned his elbows onto his thighs.
“You know they are going to have an opinion about you no matter how far away you stay.”, he said and you nodded.
“I know. But that’s different.” As you said that he shook his head.
“It’s not. What happens when those get to you too? Are you going to leave me then? To escape those? I wouldn’t judge you, you know.”, he said and looked up. His eyes looked sad and concerned which made you sigh.
“Oh Tom no! How can you think that? I’m not with you or without you based on the outside world.”, you said and took his hands in mine again.

“But that’s what you said. Just a minute ago.”
Because nothing you said seemed to go through to him you swung your leg over his lap, so your legs were on either side of his thighs. You took his face into your hands and forced him to look into your eyes.
“You listen to me. You don’t get to overthink this. I do. I’m the woman here.”, you teased him and he rolled his eyes.
“I know how to handle the pressure from the outside. I just need time to adjust. I can’t go out there full time. Let’s take babysteps. I’ll come with you to events but you’ll have to do your promo on your own. For now. Let me get used to it, let the people get used to me without rubbing it into their faces. How does that sound?”, you suggested with a supporting smile and he finally gave in.

“Good, I guess. I just don’t want them putting wrong ideas in your head which’ll harm our relationship.”
You shook your head and gave him a quick kiss. He put his hands on your hips and smiled up to you.
“You wanna go out?”, he asked suddenly and you raised a brow.
“Sure. Where?”, you asked and he shrugged.

“Just out.”

And that’s what your relationship consisted of. It was a rollercoster with moodswings, arguments, laughs and adventures. The important thing was that you both were able to sort things out.
Of course the amazing sex helped too. But that was another topic.


Brett x Reader

Requested By Anon

Warnings: smut, sex, roughish sex, strong language

You rolled your eyes when Liam winked at you. He’d asked you out back at Denford Prep but you said no. That didn’t stop him from showing off whenever her saw you, nor did the fact that Brett Talbot was your boyfriend and stood feet away from him as Liam threw a wink your way and blew you a kiss.

“Wow, Brett looks so pissed.” Your friend hummed as you both watched the practise carefully.

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Imagine [22] || Zach Dempsey x Reader.

Hi beautiful people! 💕 I hope you’re all doing well.

Request(s): “And could you also do one where Zach posts a photo of him and (Y/N) to show they’re official and the girls comment stuff like "finally/about time” and the guys are giving congrats but flirty compliments to (Y/N) too and then Zach is all “alright enough we get it/she’s mine” bc jealous lol (I live for jealous Zach omffff – sorry if this request is too similar to others :(“
"heey! can I request a fake media au on zach and his gf before they actually become a thing? like, they’re going out and people keep hitting on her and him and they become slightly jelous? I dont even know if you can do this all in fake media, but, worth a shot! hahahaha Love your imagines!”

Requested by the babes @13dempsey and @splendor-e
First of all, I’m sorry it took so long to make but I’ve been really busy lately.
Anyway, I decided to mix these two requests for this fake instagram imagine/au. It ended up being long and there’s this 10 photo limit so I had to do something about it hence the collages, I know it’s annoying to zoom in I’m sorry but no choice 🤷🏻‍♀️ please have mercy! 🙏🏼😂
Okay tbh with you guys I hate it. There, I said it. But I hope that you guys like it ! ☺️
Much love.💕😘

Req - Jealous/Protective Bucky.

Request -  Jelous bucky?  with a lil smutty bucky please?

Warnings - Adult content below. Lemony- lemons. Don’t read if that offends you. Minimal editing. metal finger kink? idk.
Pairing - Bucky x reader.

A/N - I hope you like it anon. Your request wasn’t very specific so I filled in the blanks. 

Requests are still open! Let me know your thoughts, guys! :) 
If there is any editing/spelling mistakes i’m sorry. I only read this once.

People were in and out of your space all day, asking questions mostly – the odd flirty remark back and forth but nothing too serious. You had worked in reception at the police station for almost a year now. You helped with queries over the phone, made sure any of the officers had their paper work handed in when it was due & then filed it away correctly. Sure it was a little boring at times but it helped pay the bills so you weren’t complaining.  

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  • Cancer is soft and Gemini vocal (sun and moon)
  • I feel like he would hug his s/o total randomly
  • And would be kinda talkative
  • Jokes maybe
  • He would be so random and funny help me
  • Probably would be good giving hugs
  • As he doesn’t know how to express his feelings all the time, when he hugs his s/o he would try to show them how much he loves them

Originally posted by irwinspuddin


  • Back hugs
  • All the time
  • When he’s jelous
  • He would whisper something trying to tease
  • He would make you feel wanted
  • And sometimes needed
  • He would want you attention so bad
  • I feel like that Moon-Venus sextile would make him so soft yet hot
  • So those things he’d whisper suddently turn soft and loving words

Originally posted by pikamikey


  • As I’ve said before Calum is not a big fan of PDA
  • But his Pisces Venus makes him such a romantic lover indoors
  • I feel like he would be the type of lazy hugging his s/o while they’re cooking
  • Or while they’re talking on the phone
  • Everytime he thinks they look cute
  • He would say cute things
  • Or just look what they’re doing
  • Fluffy and cute
  • Trust me, this seems impossible, but it’s the truth

Originally posted by thefecesofearth


  • Double Cancer
  • Tho, a lot of feeling
  • He would hug you probably while laying on bed or sitting somewhere
  • He wouldn’t talk that much
  • Just hug, and he would make sure to let his s/o know what that hug means
  • Aish, those warm hugs that make you feel at home
  • And safe
  • He would want you to say something
  • And he would just laugh at anything you say

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Fuck you // Ethan Dolan Smut

Pairing: Ethan Dolan x reader

Plot: You’ve been best friends with Grayson and you’re in his squad. You get along with almost everybody, the exeption being Ethan Dolan. He has always kinda hated you and been mean to you.

Warning!: smut, swearing

A/N: I wanted to something not Teen Wolf so here are twins. Both are hot af. Sorry if it sucks, I’m high af while writing this so if it doesn’t make any sense, then umm idk sorry again :D Oh and english is not my mother thounge then here might be a shit ton of mistakes so if you dont understand then again again sorryyy

Hope ya enjoy!xxx

I was picking clothes to go and hang out with my best friends. Grayson, Cameron and Nate, I know they’re all guys, but I prefer boys over girls, just too much drama and hate. Grayson has a twin brother, his name is Ethan. Let me just tell you, the guy is a jerk, total idiot. I guess he’s coming with us tonight. We’re going to hang out in Cameron’s family house in the middle of the foods and near that is a beautiful lake. We always go there at least once a month.

I packed my things up and got downstairs. “I’m going mom. See you on Sunday.” “Okay! Love you honey!” she answered. “Love you too.” I said and closed the door behind me. “Hey happyface!” Grayson said and hugged me. I laughed as he spun me around. “You ready?” Cam shouts and waves at me. “Heck yeah, let’s get going!”

I said as I saw everybody there. “Umm, y/n. Ethan’s coming too…” Gray said calmly. My heart skipped a beat and anger inside my muscles growed. “Okay! It was great. Bye!” I said and turn around on my heeld.” They all laughed as they thought I was being funny, but no. I was being serious. I fucking hate that guy.

He’s always mean to me and just everything about him bugs me and goes on my nerves. “No!” everybody shouted, when they relised that I indeed was being serious. Nate crabbed my wrist and I turned around gving him the ‘the fuck you want i hate the guy and y’all know it bye!’ look and he smiled . “Just give him a chance.” he said softly. I really didn’t like Ethan, but I wanted to spend time with my best friends and there was more them so I decided to go.

“OKay guys I’m-”hasaid and then he saw me, his browa narrowed. “Hi.” he said with a softness in his voice. That was new to me usually he would just sigh or something. “Hi…” I responded and he smiled a little. “Alright guys! Let’s get going.” Cam shouthed from the car and I giggled. Gray took my bag and put it to the back of the car.

I woke up to Ethan tapping me on my thigh. “Hey, we’re here.” I open my eyes and relise I was sleeping on his shoulder. “Oh sorry… I-” I shuddered and he gave me a soft smile. “That’s okay.” He took his seatbelt off and got out of the car and I did too. “Hey sleepyhead!” Cam said and hugged me as I giggled.

“Okay y/n and Ethan you’ll be sleeping together this time. Nate doesn’t want to hear me snore so we have to switch!” Gray said from the bigger room balcony. I looked at Ethan and he looked shocked. “You cool with that?” I asked him and he nodded giving me a smile, I smiled back.

What was going on with him? Why was he nice to me and is totally okay with me sleeping with him in one bed!? We got up to our room. “Okay guys let’s meet 8pm by the lake. I want to take a nap!” Cam said an Gray answered “Yeah me too bro!” Ethan shouted “Okay!” and shut the door. I just stood there awkwardly. “I’ll go take a shower.” I said and grabbed my bag, Ethan took his shirt off and said “Alright. I’ll take a nap too, I guess.” I nodded and got into the bathroom.

I opened the door quietly and looked at the bed. Ethan was sleeping. I shut the door and put my things down. I took my sleeping things. My huge sweater, a pair on panties and fuzzy socks. I know know it’s revealing, but I thought I’ll be sleeping with Gray and it was totally okay if I slpet like this with him, but Ethan. I take my  sweater and put it over my towel and then taking it off later revealing a little of my naked butt, but I gues it was okay, he was sleeping. I put everything else on and get under the covers. Ethan had turned around, but his eyes were still close, he was stll sleeping. I smiled, he was actually really adorable and I hadn’t even noticed it. “Why do you hate me?” Ethan asked me with his sexy morning voice. I turn around  and look at him.

“I thought you were sleeping.” I answered, his eyes puffy. “Answer me..why?” he repeated his question with a note of sadness in his voice. “ I don’t hate you, you hate me.” I said and looked at him in the eyes. “I don’t hate you, y/n.” he said.

“Yeah you do. You’re always being so mean to me and say stuff that really hurt me.” I said and I saw hurt in his eyes. “I’m really sorry I’ve never wanted to hurt you-” “But why do you say things like ‘that stupid bitch doesn’t know shit about life’!?” I cut him off getting motre and more pissed off. I heard him say that when I was coming down from Grays toom after a sleep over. It did really hurt.

“Y/n, that was not about you. I’d never say something like that about you. Yeah, I’ve said things and did tjings that i regret, but it’s all because I like you, I really do and everytime you’re with Grayson or the others I get jelous. You’re always so cuddly and cute with him and I just wished it was me. I’ve always thought that you’ve hated me. So to keep myself from getting hurt more I just tried to act like I don’t like you. I know it’s wrong and selfish, but I had no other way, y/n.” I did my best to keep myself from crying, but with very little success so I jumped off the bed and ran to the bathroom.

Ethan opened the door and just looked at me. “I love you.” he said and lifted my head to face him. He was on his knees. “Please y/n, please forgive me. I know that you don’t feel the same way, but at least forgive me for doing so wrong.” he said and now I could finally speak again. “You don’t know.” I said almost in a whisper so there would be a chance of him not hearing me, but he did.

“I don’t know what, y/n?” he asked with the softest voice on Earth. “You don’t know… that I.. I have feelings for..” I studderd. “For Grayson. I get it.” he said as he stood up pain screaming it’s way out of his voice. “No, for you Ethan.” I said and looked at him. “You do? Why? I’ve hurt you so much, y/n!” he said, but I knew that inside he was dancing, screaming and jumping in happiness. I laughed and just nodded.

“God, that was the sexiest thing I have ever seen.” he said his eyes now dark filled with lust and passion. “What?” I asked feeling the heat between my legs rise with each second I spent looking at his dark brown eyes. “You laughed, because of me.” he said with a smirk and smashed his lips on mine.

The kiss was passionate and filled with emotions. Each kiss represanted the love he had for you, apologizing for, ehat he had done. You slighlty moan in his lips and that clicks a button in him. He scoots you up and walkd over to the bed.

The next things you know his laying on top of you, kissing your neck and making sure that you’ll be left with dark marks tomorrow.

"They can hear us.” I said to him between the kisses. He looked at me with a smirk on his face “I’ve been waiting for this moment so long. Are you sure?” he asked me. I nodded being still worried about the noise we may make. “You have to be sure, because if you give me a ‘yes’ then I can’t stop later.” he said with the lowest voice I’ve ever heard coming from his mouth and I loved it.

God he’s so amazing. “Yes, I’m sure Ethan, but the others-” he cut me off “I guess we have to be quiet then.” and crashed his lips onto mine. He takes off his shirt and I just can’t stop looking at him. His toned chest and arms. His tanned skin and fast breathing, at this point I knew I loved him. “Like what you see?” he asked me and I giggled. “Yeah, I do. Now get that hot body of yours on mine and fuck me.”

He smiled and did as he was told. He took off my sweater followed by my panties. “You gonna leave my socks on?” I asked him and he laughed. “Yeah, they’re cute. You’re cute, gorgeus, hit and just perfect.” he said and I looked at this beautiful boy.

How I’ve never relised that I loved him? He kissed me softly, but it was full of passion. He kissed my neck, then my collarbone. Each kiss went closer to the place I need him the most. He kissed my clit and a moan escaped my lips. “You gotta be quiet, babe.” he said and started sucking harder on my clit.

He stopped and I looked at him. He kissed me and I could taste myself in the kiss. He put myself to my enterance and looked at me, he entered me and I did my best to hold myself from screaming instead I whispered “Ethaaan!”

He first went slow and let me adjust to his size. “God babygirl, you’re so thight!” he murmured against my ear. “Faster..” I moaned and he picked up the pace.

As he hit me g-spot I felt a ball in my stomach grow bigger and bigger by each thrust. I moaned out his name. I never knew that Ethan could be this good in bed. “I’m gonna cum, baby!”

"Cum for me, y/n!” he whispered to my ear nubbling on my earlobe. “Who makes you feel this good?” he asked me hitting my spot again and again. I could get any words out of my mouth, the pleasure was taking over my body. His thrusts getting sloppier and sloppier, I knew he was close as well.

"You do, Ethan. You do!” I screamed as a wave of ecstasy crashed over my body. The ball of pleasure inside my stomach exploding. “Shit shit shit shit… y/n” Ethan moaned out as I felt his cock twich and explode inside of me. He fell on me, both trying to catch our breaths.

He rolled over next to me and pulled me as close to his body as he could. He kissed my forehead and said “I love you, y/n.” he said and I looked at him. “I love you too, babe.” I said and kissed his lips. “Say that again.” he murmured.

"Babe” I answered in the sexiest voice I could possibly make and he moaned a little making me giggle. “I want you to call me like that.” he said and I nodded. “Be mine.” he asked me kissing my lips. “I’ll be yours, Ethan” I asnwered.

"By the way, it wasn’t the sex talking. Yeah that was fucking amazing, but I do love you y/n and I want you to know that. You mean the world to me, y/n.” he said and hugged me. “I love you too, Ethan” and snuggled against him.

The door to our room opened and Grayson stood there a huge smile on his face. “Finally.” he sighed in relief and I laughed. “Guys! We did it! They’re together!” Cam shouted from the door and everybody started whisteling and screaming. “Nate, you own me 20 bucks!” Cam shouted as he closed our door. “That was not the bet!” he screamed back and I looked at Ethan.

He seemed confused as well. “They had sex as well, hand me over big boy!” he said and we both laughed our lungs out. “Fuck you, guys!” Ethan screamed. “No, we don’t want that!” Gray shouted back.

Day off

Day 7: Missing moment

Alec POV

Today I have a day off but I didn’t tell him. I want him to go out for I can make him a nice meal and have everything ready. “Love, I’m going now.” Magnus walks to me. 
I smile. I kiss him. “Okay babe. I am heading out to the Institute in a bit. Be safe.”
He smiles. “I will as long as you come back to me with no scratches.”
“No promises. Now go run your errands.”
“I’m going. You act as if you want me gone.” he pouts.
“I don’t want you gone I just want you to finish your errands quickly for you can get back home for when I get home.”
“Fine. I’m going. I love you.”
“Love you too Mags.” I kiss him. He smiles and walks off.
Great. Now to start. I place all of Magnus’s favorite movies on the table in the living room. Then I place a blanket on the couch for when we watch the movies. I then head to the bedroom. I place roses on the bed in a heart shape. I smile. Everything is great so far. I head to the kitchen to start cooking. I didn’t tell Magnus but my mom help teach me how to cook. She taught me how to cook mash potatoes and steak. I get to cooking before Magnus gets home. Two hours pass and everything is ready. I am wearing a suit. Izzy helped me choose it. I hope everything is perfect. I hear the door open. I quickly go to the door and see Magnus walk in. He look tired. He look up and see me. His eyes widen. He looks at me up and down. “Did you ever leave the house?”
“Nope. I was busy getting everything ready. Come on.” I lead Magnus to the kitchen. I pull the chair out for him. He sits down. I sit across from him. 
“Did you cook this Alec?”
“Ya. My mom taught me how to cook it.” Magnus tries it. 
“This is so good. “
I smile. “I’m glad you like it.”
We finish eating and head to the living room. We cuddle on the couch and watch Magnus’s favorites movies. Everything went so well. When we finish watching the movies we head to bed and just lay their and stare at each other. Not in a weird way. We enjoyed the peace and quiet. 
“I love you.” I whisper.”
He smiles. “I love you too.”

I wish I could hate you//Negan

19. “I wish I could hate you.”


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“Hello, darlin” Negan said as he sauntered to me.

“Go away, please” I plead knowing if he stepped any closer, I’d melt all over again and do whatever he wanted to do.

“What’s wrong, babe? Didn’t sound like this last night?” He asked with a smirk.

“I-I j-”

“Spit it out, god dammit!” he exclaimed and slammed a hand on the table.

“I wish I could hate you, jesus fucking christ! You kill people and laugh about it! Burn peoples faces! You’re a complete asshole with 8 wives, I hate you” I admitted.

“You feelin jelous? Jealous you aren’t the only wife? That could be arranged if it’ll help you not hate me”

“No! I want to hate you! but I can’t, why do you have to be so charming and good looking?”

“I don’t know, good luck on hating me though, if you dont, you know where i am” he said with a smirk and kissed my neck gently before leaving me flustered.

Was It All a Lie?


Genre: Angst

Words: 625

Characters: You x Jungkook, BTS members.

Warnings: Swearing

Summery: Jungkook is dating Y/N to make his crush jelous,  Y/N find out.

I kinda changed it a bit <3


You sat next to Jungkook in BTS’ current dressing room, watching the other members getting their hair and make-up done. You had your legs slung over Jungkooks lap and his arm rested lightly around your waist as you messed around on your phone.

You glanced up at Jungkook to see him staring at something,curiously you followed his gaze to find him looking at Jimin and a make up artist, Soo Jung you think her name was. Soo Jung was pretty, she had a slim body and long healthy looking hair she was the type of person men lusted after. You decided to ignore Jungkook’s staring, maybe he was looking at Jimin you thought turning you attention back to your phone.

After a few minuets you felt eyes on you, you looked up to see Yoongi giving you a strange look, once he saw you looking at him his nodded his head slightly towards Jungkook who was still staring at Jimin and Soo Jung. You looked back at Yoongi and shrugged before going back to looking at your phone.

You and Yoongi have been friends since before he became famous, he was the one to introduce you to Jungkook. He also was the one to warn you that Jungkook used to have a think with one of the make-up artists but he never mentioned which one.

Throughout the day you noticed how distant Jungkook was being, you asked if he was OK more than once which he would only reply with a slight nod or a small kiss on your head.

The next day you decided to visit Jungkook and the rest of Bangtan during their practice, you had picked up some food for them on the way and were now walking down the hall to their studio, you were about to open the door but stopped when you heard a your name being said on the other side of the door.

The talking continued but was slowly getting louder, you gently pushed open the door slightly and looked in to see Yoongi and Jungkook standing in the middle of the room, Yoongi looked angry while Jungkook’s face didn’t hold any emotion.

“You can’t do this to her,” you heard Yoongi exclaim “Your going to break her,”

“I don’t see why you are making such a big deal about this, you should be happy for my hyung,” Jungkook replied “I’ve found someone I really like”

A small smile etched onto your face, you thought he was talking about you.

“And your using my best friend to get to her,” Yoongi said now glaring and Jungkook.

The smile of your face instantly disappeared, what was he talking about?

“I don’t like Y/N that way, you can’t blame me for my feeling,” Jungkook exclaimed

“So you’ve always been using her?” Yoongi almost growled at him “After all this time you’ve been trying to make Soo Jung jelous,”

You gasped loudly, Yoongi and Jungkooks heads both whipped towards the door just as it clicked shut. You dropped the bag of food on the floor and rushed out of the building, wiping the tears from your eyes.

You practically ran back to your apartment, tears were still blurring your vision as you collapsed onto the floor; you thought he really like you.

“Y/N?” You heard someone call from outside the front door before the handle shook. “Please, I know your here.”

You hid your face in your knees before letting out a quite sob as Jungkook knocked on the door again

“Y/N please open the door,” Jungkook pleaded

This went on for hours until he gave up, you sat in the same place thinking the same things over and over again.

Was it all a lie?


anonymous asked:

Heyy babeee💕💕 Can I have the BTS reaction when you have a big discussion and later, you are crying in he's bed? (You where jelous or something like that?) FIGHTING! LOVEE U 💋💋💋

Heya angel! I’m really sorry for the long wait and I hope you like it, thank you for requesting ~~

Yoongi: We all know he isn’t the bullshit type so if he felt he was in the right it would take some time for him to come around. Yoongi staring at you with an annoyed expression as he tried to decided whether to stand his ground or say something because say what you will, Yoongi woudn’t want to make his girlfriend cry regardless. 

Hoseok: He would use his aegyo to try and make you smile, not giving up until he finally managed to coax laughter out of you as he eventually pulls you into his arms “Oppa is sorry, lets not fight any more, I love you”

Jimin: He would storm into the room on a mission to sort out all misunderstandings not just the ones about the argument, Jimin being  a man on a mission.

Taehyung: This little angel woudn’t have missed a beat, coming to try and cheer you up with a little gift, opening the door slowly as he hides behind the big teddy bear “This is so you always have me with you even when I’m not there, don’t be mad anymore I love you jagi…Look he’s even wearing one of my shirts!”

Jungkook: He would still be mad over the argument but regardless of how pissed he was there was nothing more he hated than seeing you cry. Kookie walking over as he gives your forehead a little push as he says “Ya! I said I was sorry now will you stop crying” Jungkook trying to sound mad but his voice coming out a  lot softer than he expected.

Namjoon: He would feel ashamed he had made you cry staring at you silently, feeling too guilty to say anything.

Seokjin: He would kneel down beside the bed looking up at you with gentle eyes, Seokjin hating it when you cried, especially if he had been the cause “Are really that upset Jagi? What can Oppa do you make you smile again, I’ll do anything”

No Spanish (Stiles Imagine)

Anon: Hey cutie, could you pls do an imagine with young derek in that cousin miguel scene and you are Scott’s twin sister and you are with your father and young derek likes you but stiles likes you and get jelous or something like that. Thanks a lot!


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I may not talk to many of you in this community, but just know that you’re awesome! I love what you guys post! And I hope you don’t let an little jelous anon get to you. They just want what you have, but they don’t have the means to get it. Thus is why they’re spreading hate.

You’re all awesome. Remember that! 😊😉

cea love triangle

Chapter 1

Erica’s P.O.V

I walk into cheer extreme my home, I open the door and I’m greated by a hug from my coach Ben. 

“Hey Erica!”

“Hey Ben!”

“Are you gonna throw your kick double today” he asked

I shyly nodded unsure.

“C'mon, it’s gonna give Angel Rice a run for her money.”

It’s true, I’m a really good tumbler just not a lot of people know it and It looks really bad all the other times but besides that I’m good.

I go to warm up and sit with my bff Gabie.

“OMG ERICA! I have great news!” Gabie exclaims.


“I GOT MY KICK DOUBLE!” she said.

My heart sharttered, Gabies not even a good tumbler! She’s already point flyer (and maddie was way better js) what else does she need. I see shimmering golden hair on the tumble track and admire my crush holden ray<3 Holden walks over and I try to contain myself. “Hey Gabie Hey Erica”

“OMG HOLDEN I GOT MY KICK DOUBLE” Gabie basically yelled.

“OMG Gabie thats great! I’m so happy for you.” and than he HUGGED HER!!!!!!!

What a little hoe bag she KNOWS I’M IN LOVE WITH HIM. I get up from where I’m sitting and leave practice. It’s okay I’m Erica Englebert. I drove all the way to university of carolina to go talk to my iconic legendary queen and saviour 

Maddie Gardner.

Gabies P.O.V

Erica is such a idiot and is jelous of me all the time. It’s not my fault that she doesn’t work as hard as I do. I am in the gym from 3:30-11:50. Yeah. I know. I’m good. We were trying to go full out but Erica wasn’t there so a lot of stunts didn’t go but she wasn’t missed during tumbling because Courtney wouldn’t put in her janky full lmao. After practice I did really good and than my secret crush holden ray came up to me and asked me if i wanted to get ice cream after practice and I said yes. I posted a photo of our ice cream on instagram and I got like 200 likes in 52 seconds because I’m famous. I got a notification from my unfollower app and I go to check who unfollowed me…

it said:


Holden P.O.V

I don’t get why these girls are in love with me I am gay af.

stay tunned for chapter 2



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I think that he’s popular among girls. Just imagine yourself being his ‘simple girl’ crush among popular girls who are intersted at him. His ideal type is a girl who’s kind and cares for other, and this make think that for him attitude is more important than looks. He isn’t shy to show everyone that you are his girl. He holds your hand and kiss you and flirt with you in pubblic without any worries.


Originally posted by universexy

He’s kind,sweet, and caring. In few words he’s a perfect gentleman. He would do anything to make you happy and see you smile, since he likes happy girls. When it’s cold, he will surely offer his jacket to you, even if he remains in tshirt. When he flirts with you he says sweet words and hugs you gently for you to see how special and precious you are for him. He’s muscular and sportive, so he likes to do ‘couple exercises’ with you. 


Originally posted by lunacristina

He’s cute, and he blushes every time you get closer to him. Maybe flirting it’s not his thing. But he knows how to show you his love by taking you in amazing places and fancy restaurants. I think that he likes matching couple things like bracelets and tshirts. He likes to spoil you.


Originally posted by beaconhillswolfsss

Always winks at you to be cool, but you know that deep inside he’s a sweet and a romantic type. He’s the life of the party, so probably you two met there. He wants all your attention just for him. He gets jelous easily, but you know that he does that because he doesn’t want to lose you. Bad guy, but sweet with you.


Originally posted by sensualkisses

He’s serious and responsable, and he knows how to control himself when it comes to flirting. He waits the right time and looks around carefully before approaching you. He doesn’t want to be observed by others’ eyes because he’s shy too. You two probably do lots of library dates, because school and you are his first priority.


Originally posted by heckyeahreactiongifs

He probably asks for advices to his friends on how to conquer you, because he’s still not an expert in those kind of things. He’s the type that would bought you flower and gives it to you shyly, with burning cheeks, along with a long love letter. He probably wants to get accept by your parents first before asking you to be with him, he’s a good boy.


Originally posted by simplybridal

He jokes a lot,so you two have more funny times together than romantic ones.  He never stop teasing you, but you know that he loves you, and make those silly jokes to make you smile, mostly in your red days. He’s the type to buy you snacks and chocolates to make you feel better.


Anniversary present- sammy Wilk smut-

“ 21 jump street!” Sammy stretches jumping into the living room.
“ Sammy we’ve watched that over ten times.” I plead.
“ too bad baby. Jack and Jack haven’t seen it yet so, suck it up, come cuddle with me and watch it.”
“ but sammy it’s our second anniversary” I pout.
“ lies! It’s not twelve yet. We still have and two hours until midnight.” He smiles, making me give in.
“ there’s something about you that can’t make me say no, sammy.”
“ yeah, it’s called my sexy body.” He smirks, laying down on the couch.
I smile at sammy, causing my dimple on my right cheek to show through. I pick up my white knitted blanket that’s laying on the arm of the couch, and walk over to sammy, swaying my hips more then usual. Showing him that he could have me instead of the movie.
“ hey guys, are you sleeping over tonight?” I ask the jacks while sitting down on the couch Sammy’s on.
“ yeah I think we are.” Gilinsky explains.
“ okay.” Im really not sure why they picked our anniversary night to sleep over but whatever, it’s okay.
I guess
I spread out the blanket, while sammy pushes up against the back of the couch making room for me to lay down with him. I lay down, and before I can pull the Blanket up sammy pushes it up on top of us.
“ thanks” I smile .
Johnson flicks off the lights, causing it to be completely black. I tense up, and I guess sammy felt me tense up to he wraps his arm around me tighter. He starts to movie, causing the tv giving us light. Sammy giggles into my neck causing me to smile.
Sammy wraps his strong arm around my waist, again and pulls me closer.

Hallway through my movie, sammy starts moving his large hand, up my stomach, to my cleavage back down to my waist and up again. A chill gets sent through my body causing goosebumps to appear.
Sammy slowly moves his hands lower past my waist and stops above my mid thigh. He pushes up my pyjama dress from Victoria Secret.
My head flinches back to look at sammy, and he’s staring at the screen like nothing’s happening.
I decide to tease him so I press my bum back into his crotch and start moving around. I start moving faster by the minute. Turning my hips in a circler motion knowing he hates it.
His large, strong hands, grip my waist and stops them from moving.
He leans into my neck, by my ear. His warm breath causes my breath to hitch.
“ shh baby. Tonight’s about you.” He whispers into my ear causing a wave of “ want” rushthrough my body.
He brings his hands up to my heat. He hooks his finger into my thong and pulls it down, balling it up and tucking it into his pocket.
He brings his hands to my heat and starts rubbing in circles.
His large, warm fingers cascade my entrance causing me to ball the blanket into a fist. His fingers remain against my folds teasing me.
“ s-sammy, please.” I moan.
“ get up.” He demands.
I step off of the couch, and fix my night dress so the other guys don’t see my bare naked ass, considering sammy decided to take my thong off.
“ hey guys, we’re just gonna make some pizza.” Sammy lies.
The guys are too concentrated on the movie to even hear us leave.
Sammy grabs my hand and leads through the living room to the kitchen. He pushes open to kitchen door that blocks the living room from the kitchen. The door sways back and forth and finally it stops. Sammy brings me over to the counter and I hop up.Sammy comes between my legs, and places his hand on my upper thigh and one on my cheek.
The Hand on my upper thigh pushes up my pyjamas.
“ I’d rather watch you undress then the movie.” He smirks.
“ mhm.” I smile snaking my hands up his toned stomach and up his neck. Without hesitation he smashes his lips into mine. The kiss is passionate, heated and overall amazing. He runs his hands to the top of my bum, and gives it a squeeze. I moan into the kiss causing sammy to smile.
“ we can’t do it here.” I moan pulling away slightly.
“ why not?” Sammy pouts.
“ Sammy babe, they’re in th–” I get cut off by the jacks walking through the kitchen door
“ holy fuck.” I shriek nearly jumping it of my skin.
“ anniversary sex, huh? Johnson rushes his sentence.
” are we interrupting your almost counter banging session or–? “ Gilinsky questions, while laughing. I push Sammy hands off my my body and hop off of the counter.
I pull down my pyjama dress, realizing sammy took my panties off in the movie.
” no not at all.“ I smirk at sammy. I smile, trying not to make it so obvious that sammy and I were just seconds apart from fucking on the counter even though they know damn well.
” gilinksy and I are gonna go. We will sleepover tomorrow or something. I don’t want to screw up your anniversary sex.“ He smirks.
” you’re just jelous that’s your not going to get laid tonight. “ Sammy says proudly.
” you should’ve be talking Wilk. You can get laid any night of the week, but us we are single as fuck.“ Gilinsky laughs.
” okay bye guys!“ I say rushed, while giggling. I jump back up onto the counter. The walk out of the kitchen saying goodbye. Sammy places his hands on my thighs, just getting ready for the moment he hears the door shut.
” USE PROTECTION" gilinsky screams.
I lean into sammy and giggle into his neck. As soon as he hears the front door close, his eyes glow like a Christmas tree and the his lips curve up into the biggest smile.
“ where were we?” I ask sexually.
Without hesitation sammy smashes his lips into mine.
He lifts off his shirt and throughs it across the kitchen. He pulls down his Adidas sweatpants along with his briefs.
Sammy’s hands travel up my thighs, pushing every inch of my pyjama material up. His large, sweaty hands grab hold of the material and lifts it over my head in one quick and sudden move.
I feel Sammy’s member poking the side of my thigh, and I smile into the heated kiss. Sammy’s drags me off of the counter, and I wrap my legs around his torso and my tiny arms and hands around his neck. He carries me to the bedroom without breaking the heated make out session we are currently having. He opens up the door and walks over to the bed. He very gently places me down on the bed. He climbs ontop of me, and places his hands on either side of my head, for support. He lowered himself down connecting my lips to his. He slowly starts trailing kisses off of my mouth,and down my neck. He lightly bites down on my sweet spot on my neck, earning a tiny moan from me. He sucks on my neck for a few more seconds, sure enough leaving a mark. He slightly blows air onto my neck causing me to lace my fingers through his messy hair. He starts kissing down my chest, down my cleavage. He takes on Breast into one hand and his mouth in the other. He sucks, on my nipple. Soon after I feel sammy bite down on my nipple, causing me to screw my eyes shut.
“ fuck sammy.” I moan in pleasure.
He slowly releases his hand and mouth for my breasts and continues his way down my tanned body.
The thought of him pleasuring me once again makes me want I cry out in pleasure and pure bliss.
Sammy slips between my legs. He mouth starts trailing wet, sloppy kisses up my thigh starting at my knee. As he gets closer and closer to my heat, I start moaning uncontrollably.
“ please s-sammy.” I moan in pure bliss.
“ please what, baby girl?”
“ pleasure my baby please, I cry.
He obeys and stats kissing around my dripping heat.
Slowly, his lips touch my heat. His lips and fingers cascade my entrance.
” Sammy please.“ I cry out.
He slowly flicks his tongue in a upward downward pace.
I grab my sheets that lay beneath me into fists. As he contributes to work his tongue, he brings his fingers up to my heat, and runs then up and down my folds.
Without warning he flattens out his tongue and pushes two fingers in. His recent action caught me by surprise, causing my back the arch, my legs go numb and Sammy’s name to pour out of my mouth.
” Sammy.“ I pant over and over, gripping onto his hair tighter and tighter each time his fingers and tongue pump in and out of me.
He continues to pleasure me and I slowly feel a knot in my stomach form.
” sammy, im about-“
” mhmm" he moans cutting me off, causing vibrates to be Sent off by my body. He furiously shoves his third finger in causing me to scream. I grab him hair into fists tighter, and pull his face closer, while jolting my back off of the mattress.
He continues to pleasure my and soon after I come undone. My juices cascade down Sammy’s chin and fingers. He licks me clean, and makes his way back up the my face leaving gentle kisses here and there.
My breathing is unsteady. Sammy sticks his head into the crook of my shoulder, and his hot breath breathes up against the marks sammy left earlier on my mid neck.
After a couple minutes of just laying there skin the skin, I become impatient.

I need sammy

“ Sammy.” I cry.
“ yeah baby girl.”
Whenever he calls me “ baby girl.” I fall In love with him over and over again. The thought of sammy being mine, brings so much joy to me.
“ y/n?” Sammy says while kissing my forehead.
“ I need you.” I plead.
“ you got me baby. you got me.” He whispers.
I pull him closer to me.
“ do you wanna go again?” He asks while kissing my forehand.
I nod.
He leans over the bed and pulls out a silver wrapper from the night stand. He tares open the silver wrapper and pulls out a condom. Without any trouble he slips it on.
He positions himself and my entrance. He slowly slides into me. He looks down at me, in total concentration. The fullness and pain causes me to screw my eyes.
“ you okay baby?” He asks worried.
“ mhmm.” I nod.
He slowly starts moving. Every move he makes, makes him feel more comfortable in me each and every time. Not even thirty seconds later, his thrusts are as strong as ever. He head board is hitting the wall, and loud screams and moan are erupting from our mouths. I grip onto his shoulders as he continues to thrust into me.
“ ah fuck yes” Sammy moans shutter his eyes.
Each thrust, cutting closer and closer to my g-spot.
“ ah fuck harder, baby harder!” I blurt out.
Sammy starts pounding me harder and harder.
Soon after he hits my g-spot. The sound of our skin slapping together makes me want to come.
I cry and scream out in pleasure and he continues go hit it. Slowly his thrust become sloppier and sloppier. I wrap my legs around his waist and he thrusts a couple more times. Sammy and I come undone at the exact same time. His juices roam the condom, creating a warm tension against my inside.
He collapses down on me. Our breathing is unsteady.
“ i love you.” He exclaims.
“ I-i love you more.” I stutter while recovering from our recent actions.
I run my hands down, and back up his back.
“ you have me baby. okay? ill never leave you.”
“ okay.”
He slowly pulls out and deposes the condom.
He climbs back in bed and pulls the covers over us.
“ God baby. You’re so fucking good.”
He moans.
“ ditto.” I laugh.
He grabs his phone off of the night stand, and shows me the time.
’ 12:03 am’
I smile at the sight of the sammy.
“ happy anniversary baby” i smile.
“ fuck I love you.” He smashes his lips into mine.
“ did you love your anniversary present?” He smiles
“ loved it.” I giggle.
“ just wait till the morning. There’s more.” He smirks sexually. I lightly slap his bare chest and laugh.
Jeez, three years of dating this guy, and I’m still madly In love with him.

"Make new friends but Keep Discord" review (spoilers...duh

“Make new friends but Keep Discord” review

External image

WOW! This episode! Hjhjhajhdjahjhajhjzjfhjh

Okay let me calm myself for a moment to give a straight review.

In the beginning, the fact that we get to see Discord and Fluttershy having tea together was a plus in my Fluttercord moments scale. So let me just separate my shipping sense and my friendshipping sense in two points, side by side.

So the fact they call their get-together’s Tuesday Tea. This was great to SEE and not mentioned. The one downside about it was that they were inside and not outside. I thought that when they have tea it would have been outside. But that was okay, I just loved how they interacted with eachother, they tell stories, they have inside jokes, and they laugh together. It was so lovely to see that.

Also I believe Discord won best face in this episode because from all of his jelousy moments, he had the best expressions. Plus two points for the animators! From the mere mention of Treehuggar he is sent to a jealous fit. Yet in the tea party moment, he gets up and leaves early! He acted so rude! He had his paws clenched, he stomped towards the door and he took all of the tea cakes! I would have never thought of him doing something like that to Fluttershy! UGH! It made me so angry at him “Bad Discord!” *slaps him with rolled up newspaper*

When he went to see the mane 5 and Spike was another good scene I saw, From Spike, he got a bit of a fright to find Discord underneath his blanket and too close for comfort. He even shook from fear! Lol. But I belived the reason Discord went to see the mane 5 was because he wanted to see if they were taking somepony to the Gala, almost a way to get into the party. The interaction with the CMC was an interesting one because we only seen them in the comics. In the comics they actually like eachother…

External image

but in the show…they don’t…and I liked that. It showed that the CMC and the rest of the Mane 5 don’t really trust him completely.  Apple Bloom used SLAP!….its super effective.

When Discord goes to see Pinkie Pie, she already knew he was there…showing that there are still some power within Pinkie Pie if she was able to “sense” him and Discord still does not like Pinkie Pie and still finds her annoying. (Don’t be offended Pinkie fans, I don’t mean anything bad about this) .  

(Turns around and does a fist pump) no but seriously, that one scene might have fueled the Pinkiecord shippers.  Breaking the fourth wall and doing great refrences went along with his character and I was so glad to see that present itself throughout the episode.

Once Discord sees TreeHuggar he is already on his jelous-train.

External image

  Once he heard Fluttershy laughing, you can tell that he is feeling hurt and betrayed because he thought that what he and Fluttershy had was something special.

External image

 But while it was, he still felt betrayed because it seemed that Fluttershy could say the same things to anypony else. Treehuggar was an interesting pony, she shows not fear or hate towards Discord and calls out on his “sweet vibes”. Somehow that made Discord turn angry finding it as an insult.  Did you see his eyes glow? I loved it ^_^ it is so nice to see some “evilness” still inside him.

Discord’s dimension, (which is what we are going to call it)

External image

was awesome! We finally got the chance to see where he lives! Kind of….I mean is it like a pocket dimension? But either way if the mail pony can find it then I guess anypony can. Also a moment of silence for Mail pony…who got taken by a monster….

Once Discord got his ticket, he is already planning what to do. He takes the Smooze as a last resort because he has no other friends to take. The moment he makes it to the Gala, he really does make his presence known throughout the gala. He is the center of attention, of course. Immendiatly he goes to find Fluttershy and his excitement to find her was so great and it fuels my ship even further. ^-^

He tries EVERYTHING to get her attention and to get Treehugger to go away.

  1. Attention grabbing-

    External image

    External image

    External image

    he introduce her to the smooze, the way he said that the Smooze and him were bestest friend, it was almost as if he wanted Fluttershy to experience the same jelousy he was feeling, but that failed.
  2. Insults- he tries to get rid of Treehugger by “forgetting her name”, that fails too.

    External image

  3. Story telling- he mentions the story about Fluttershy and him getting cakes together to show how “great” they are “together”.

  4. Jokes- once hearing that Fluttershy called treehugger funny, he tried to get his place back to be the funniest being she had ever known.

    In this episode, it really focuses on Discord to understand that sometimes Fluttershy and him could have other friends to discuss things with eachother. Fluttershy talks to Treehugger because they love nature. Im sure Discord finds that boring to talk about and if Discord want to cause some chaos, Fluttershy wouldent like that very much, so it really shows how their different interest really clash but it does not mean that they don’t like eachother. Its obvious that they do but don’t really express and spend time doing what the other wanted. They shared one thing and that is spending time together in their tea party by just..talking. Which is nice.

    The smooze…was…a side character, that became a “problem” by devouring anything that is shiny, but I think taking the main villain and turning him into a “minor” problem was not the way to go but, it seems that they needed the smooze for some reason. In fact, if the smooze wasent there everything would have ended the same, with Discord trying to send her to anouther dimension. Adding the Smooze did not make sense at all, I think that the writers and animators just threw the Smooze in there just to bring back an old villain.  The way Discord treated the smooze was so unbelievably rude and Discord is really a huge JERK…like always. But yikes.

    In the end with the confrontation, we see a really interesting fight. Discord plays off sending anouther pony to a dimesion as if it was a light problem. This is the first time we had ever seen him so angry. He was very very angry, did you see him on green fire?!!! The color of envy!!!


    External image

    After calming down he saw the errors of his ways and tries to win back Fluttershy forgiveness by playing the “pity-card” but that does not roll with Fluttershy who demands he apologizes and He presents HER with a flower,

  6.  with does not bode well with Discord as she does not accepts it and points to Treehugger. Did you saw how he stammered when she did not accept the flower? So cuuute, so much fluttercord!

  7. But in the end, he understands that Fluttershy is free to hang out whoever she wishes and that Discord would have to respect that and not be so jelous about it.

    I also made a list to separate the friendship aspect and the shipping aspect to Fluttercord. Check it out below.

Fluttercord ship

  1. They love spending time together and tell eachother

    Jokes and stories. Fluttercord LOVES their Tuesday teas and

    Discord loves it too. Mostly if its Fluttershy, the mere mention

    Of Treehuggar already sent Discord in a mild jelous fit which

    Quickly escalated to an uncontrolled jealous rage.

    He showed excitement when he heard about the

    Grand Galloping Gala and she took Tree Huggar

    Instead of him. He wagged his tail when he

    Quotes “I was wondering when you were

    Going to ask me”

    Like how a girl acts around a guy, or boyfriend? Hmmm?

    But with the roles switched.

  2. Asking around to see if the Mane 5 were taking somepony else to the

    Gala. It seemed he was looking for a way to go to the Gala, because

    He assumed he did not have a ticket. Finding a way to get close to

    Fluttershy in any means possible seems to hone in on his

    “stalkerish” or “clingy” personality. He seems to really revolve all of his

    Energy to get rid of the competition and have Fluttershy all to himself.

    He wants her to be jelous too, because I bet that was the reason for taking him. Fluttershy is his only friend but he does not want her to know that. As if he is embarrassed? And wants to keep in good graces with her.

  3. The way he wanted to get rid of the competition was a malicious one at that.

    When he is sending Treehugger to the other dimension, he was really really angry. He even quotes that “I can’t have you interfering with my relationship with Fluttershy!” AHHH! That quote! But in all seriousness, I think the writers made Treehuggar a girl to avoid any “romantic connections” from that quote. If Treehuggar was a guy, it would have been better…but whatever…

    Discord thinks that he is doing nothing wrong once Fluttershy calls him out, but he just plays it off that “they’ll have a good laugh” about it. Looks like someone was reading “bride of Discord” in Hasbro again…

    When Fluttershy tells him to apologize, he presents her with a single flower, I thought it was very sweet only for Fluttershy to slap it out of his paw. (okay I laughed at that) hitting the flower aside made sense because she was pretty mad at him and him trying to butter her up won’t work on her.

    Again this is something from Disneyfanatic “bride of discord”.

    But Fluttershy was the one that got him to calm down

    Fluttershy got him to apologize

    Fluttershy got him to understand. (pretty sure he is going to get jelous again…)

Fluttercord Friendship

  1. In regards to their Tea Time, it seems like any get

    Together that friends like them should have,

    Which is perfect to building back the trust that

    He lost with the Tirek-incident.  It is so nice

    To see the everything seems to be back to

    Normal in their relationship together, him being jelous

    Is relatable because if one of our friends went to a party

    That we wanted to go but took someone else instead.

    So his anger and annoyance towards it makes sense.

  2. Yet with his “clingy-ness” and apparent jelousy, Fluttershy

    Is his “oldest” and “bestest” friend he has, even if Twilight

    Is his friend, they don’t really hang out, so is Celestia. There are

    Two different friends in this, one who says they are friends but don’t

    Spend time together and ones who are like Fluttershy-who has tea parties

    Dinners, and you know, friends stuff.

    Him wanting to be the center of attention, from “interrupting” her and her friends

    By laughing with them, all awkward and also expressing the fact that the Smooze and

    Him are BEST friends to Fluttershy and everypony else to show that he is not alone.

    But really he is.

  3. Getting rid of the completion, was the final push for Discord because he actually felt threaten with his relationship with Fluttershy. The whole time that Fluttershy is spending time with Treehugger she makes comments that she made towards Discord. Those same comments must have hit Discord because it seemed that he was being replaced as a friend to her and from getting rid of Treehuggar was the only way of establishing his place. Yet, in the end, he realizes that he overreacted and that he shouldn’t be jelous if Fluttershy spends time with anouther friend because in the end they can still be friends.

    The things I like:

  1. Discord attics-it was so funny, any episode with Discord is a good episode in my case.

  2. Treehugger- eh, she’s nice, I don’t really hate her.

  3. Fluttercord moments

  4. Discord’s house!

  5. FACES!!

    External image


    The quotes:

    DISCORD: “We like eachother!”

    And so many more ^_^ Im so want this on a shirt!

    My overall score:


    I really loved the interactions, Discord was really the focal point in all of this, what I did not like is that ending with Twilight and Celestia it seemed to really pull away from Discord and his friendship lesson and also A DANCE WITH FLUTTERSHY, from all that time! THEY SHOW US A SMALL TALK WITH TWILIGHT AND CELESTIA!



Hey there lovely Sasusaku fans ,i just wanted to say that i was at Nijikon 2015 Romania Bucharest and it was awesome . AWESOME . So i buyed this . THIS LIL’ PIECE OF ARTWORK AND ALL THE CREDITS GO TO THE FABULOUS @dymx *luv u* i just saw this there i was like : OHHH OKAY U WANNA DO THIS . AND THEN ,GIVE ME THAT . It was like … 15$? *60 RON* and then i was like super exited ,i was calling my mom and she was like : What?.???….. and then okay ,it’s okay dear =))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
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Jelous much?: A Lucaya fanfic
  • Maya: I swear Huckleberry, if one more girl comes and asks you out in front of me I'm gonna trow up over her.
  • Lucas: why? Is perfectly normal
  • Maya: is ridiculous how many do it
  • Lucas: And?
  • Maya: And we are dating!
  • Lucas: well yeah, but no one knows that. Is not like we walk holding hands or kissing in public
  • Maya: gross
  • Lucas: Anyway... You're the one who wanted to keep it secret.
  • Maya: well yeah, but still, is disrespectful they ask you right in my face.
  • Lucas: Can I tell them You're my gf?
  • Maya: No! Is none of their business.
  • Lucas: Then don't get jelous if girls come ask me out. They think I'm single!
  • Maya: That's because you act like you are single!
  • Lucas: I do not! I walk you to your classes all morning!
  • Maya: And I wait for you every afternoon when you're training!
  • Lucas: Maya, please don't be like this. Not right now. We can talk about this after practice.
  • Maya: Fine, but I wont be by the bleachers. I'm gonna be at the art studio.
  • Lucas: Ok. I'll come get you after practice.
  • Layla: Hey Lucas, can I talk to you (looks at Maya) in private...
  • Maya: (looks at Lucas) yeah... I was leaving anyways...
  • Lucas: (holds Maya's hand and wont let her leave) you can tell me in front of Maya. What's up?
  • Layla: I'll rather not. I know she's like your best friend and stuff, but this is about something more.
  • Maya: Wow... Really?
  • Lucas: actually she's my-
  • Maya: Lucas, let her finish please...
  • Layla: Thank you Maya. I want to ask you out. Like on a date, just you and me. No third wheels if you know what I mean. (Looks at Maya)
  • Lucas: Yes I know what you mean. And No, thank you, I already have a-
  • Maya: he already has a date with another girl and she doesn't want you third wheeling either...
  • Layla: Really? Cause I've talked to all the other girls and he hasn't said yes to any of them.
  • Lucas: I do have a date
  • Layla: with whom?
  • Layla: you know her?
  • Maya: yeah!
  • Layla: who is her? Is she in this school? Is she pretty?
  • Lucas: (looks at maya) oh she's the most beautiful one.
  • Maya: Ok, you can do it( to Lucas)
  • Lucas: (grabs Maya's face and kisses her hard on the mouth in front of Layla.
  • Layla: wow, that was uncalled for
  • Maya: nah... It was called for... (Layla leaves)
  • Lucas: You see. That's all we had to do. If you don't tell them, how will they know?
  • Maya: the same way guys know not to ask me out.
  • Lucas: what? How? When?
  • Maya: I just tell them I'm not interested. And that I will beat them up.
  • Lucas: what? When did that happened?
  • Maya: it's been a week... But last one was yesterday... At my art class.
  • Lucas: why didn't you tell me? Who is this guy?
  • Maya: I'm telling you now!
  • Lucas: who was it? (very red in the face)
  • Maya: got to go to art. I have work to finish.
  • Lucas: Don't you dare leave me hanging Maya. This conversation is not over!
  • Maya: oh, it is...
  • Lucas: (huffs and curses)
  • Lucas: there you are baby! (Hugs and kisses Maya in front of her classmates)
  • Maya: what do you think you're doing?
  • Lucas: I'm happy to see you.
  • Maya: yeah... So happy you couldn't wait untill after you showered? You smell!
  • Lucas: I come from practice!
  • Maya: You came like half hour earlier... I can see from the window practice is not over yet! You got out?
  • Lucas: to see you! And why is there a naked dude?
  • Maya: oh gosh.... Is an art class. We are suposed to draw a nude this week.
  • Lucas: Is this the guy?
  • Maya: Oh gosh... No... Lucas stop
  • Clint: Is this guy bothering you?
  • Lucas: what? Is it him?
  • Maya: No... And yes...
  • Lucas: Listen up you punk-
  • Maya: Lucas don't (she jumps on his back)
  • Clint: what is going on?
  • Lucas: Stay out of this!
  • Clint: Maya is climbing on your back and you're yelling! I'll not step back Friar! You ok Maya?
  • Maya: I'm fine. I'm arguing with my ridiculously jelous boyfriend!
  • Art teacher: can you take it outside? You're disturbing our art session!
  • Maya: sorry
  • Lucas: (walks out of class with maya on his back) sorry babe (drops maya softly on the floor)
  • Maya: is ok. I get it. The jelousy. But you didn't had to make a scene.
  • Lucas: Yes I did. I needed them to know you're mine.
  • Maya: No you didn't. You just had to trust me.
  • Lucas: I do trust you. Is them, the clint dude and the naked dude and all the other dudes I don't trust.
  • Maya: Don't worry. As long as we are together you don't need to be jelous.
  • Lucas: But you were jelous too.
  • Maya: No, I wasn't.
  • Lucas: Yes you were...
  • Maya: I wasn't. Are you gonna comeback to practice?
  • Lucas: depends...
  • Maya: on what?
  • Lucas: you gonna come back to class?
  • Maya: after that embarassment? No thank you. Teacher practicly trew me out. I'll finish tomorrow.
  • Lucas: wait... Is the naked dude gonna be there tomorrow too?
  • Maya: yes, stop being a child, is just a model.
  • Lucas: why can't you just paint fruits or clothed people?
  • Maya: is part of learning... And besides you can still catch practice... Lets go, I'll wait for you in the bleachers.
  • Lucas: actually I can't. I kinda hit someone to get trown out of the game.
  • Maya: you did what?
  • Lucas: is not as bad as you think. I just pushed some guy and cursed until coach took me out.
  • Maya: why would you do that?
  • Lucas: because I wanted to see you?
  • Maya: More like you wanted to see who had tried to ask me out...
  • Lucas: maybe... But I did wanted to see you.
  • Maya: I miss you too Huckleberry. But we can't keep acting like this. Is not ok.
  • Lucas: So, can I tell everybody tomorrow you're my gf?
  • Maya: I think after today, all school will know by tomorrow. We put on quite a show.
  • Lucas: sorry about that.
  • Maya: is ok. I was kinda jelous too.
  • Lucas: i knew it.
  • Maya: I wanna kiss you so bad. Go shower please.
  • Lucas: yes Ma-am.
  • Maya: Hurry. Before someone might come and flirt with me.
  • Lucas: you just like to see me all worked up don't you?
  • Maya: yeah... You look so hot when you act all overprotective and stuff.
  • Lucas: well Now I'm not showering until I get home. I'm not leaving you alone. And I'm gonna kiss you.
  • Maya: Don't you dare!
  • Lucas (grabs her face and kisses her, she tries to push him away playfully but gives in and kisses him back) i love you, lets go to my house
  • Maya: Love you too. (Grabs his big hand with her tiny one) you really need a shower...
  • Lucas: I know. And I'm hungry.
  • Maya: tell you what, you shower while I order a pizza and then we watch a movie?
  • Lucas: deal.