i know yall hate me


I think it’s time for y’all to know I’ve been (bat)Joke(s)r trash since I was born. It’s a really serious illness and the Lego Batman Movie just made it worse. Imma sue Chris Mckay.

“Can’t see quiznak, Captain…”

I made this for everyone so I wanna just request one thing send this to everyone you want to, just to show an act of appreciation and a thanks to all the hard workers out there
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Hope I made your day better
Love all y'all


FOR CONTEXT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDRMeeuP3F0

Can we all just agree that this is literally the worst thing I’ve ever made?

Possible happenings from in between of Ronya’s and Wunibald’s B- and A-supports

Fatesonas lended;

@soundlessroom – Wunibald (i’M SO SORRY MY GUY)

@heyneon – Yves

@random-delights – Alena

@oreowarrior – Floran

@cranexe – Rozuel

And my own Ronya

I 👏🏾dont👏🏾 hate harry👏🏾 but harries👏🏾 are exhausting….👏🏾👏🏾📢📢📢

Everything’s just getting worse



 kihyun ask what is this pin doing on his jacket so

wonho said “It’s a flower that looks just like you” (FML WTF THO HONESTLY) and they were staring at each other for like 5 whole sec and

kihyun was like WTH get me out of here this is gross

so kihyun said tell that to the fans not me

and wonho said  “i’ll pick those flower(the fans) for you, aren’t they pretty?” and look at kihyun

like same kihyun same


I know yall hate me by now but pLEASE

I know yall hate me cause I suck but here is a picture of me AAAAAALSO I am going to be replying to every single message I get this week, so you can ask for advice/ help with nay mental issues/ random questions or just talk to me:)