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This last one is gonna be a little mean but,

I literally can’t believe it took you guys until season 7 to realize we had all been ~living in fanon~ when almost every fic after s4 was a fix it and people literally started rewriting the show

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... on the other side of the argument, id super appreciate a gay male ro, as long as he's not only gay because angie is gay and you wanted it to be fair to the guys? I'm sure you'll do it right though, I just get afraid immediately because I've seen creators make characters gay and then never mention it/only mention it if you try to romance them. in other words pls let me bond with him over it a little even if I'm romancing someone else and I'm happy

ah yes!! i totally understand your point! its really upsetting to see creators be dismissive of homosexual relationships and then just suddenly mentioning it out of the blue and with nothing to solidify or explore that fact more (I’m looking at you rowling). it’s mostly because I want to show off that the world in writing is just as diverse as the world in real life.

he’s definitely not gay only because angie’s gay, I worded that a little wrong and I apologise. I would never make an ro gay just for extra brownie points with my audience and their sexuality will definitely be conveyed regardless of whether you romance them or not.

ultimately they would be gay because that’s their identity – who they are.

Hey everyone! So I know it’s been awhile since I posted a drawing so I decided that I’ll post a (notsorecent) one today! I was also wondering if y’all would like to see some gemsonas/fanfusions that I’ve made for SU? If so tell me and I’ll decide whether I’ll post em or not! Anyways I hope you are having a fantastic day/night, have a meal, drink a water, and don’t forget that you are a fantastic person!

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Do you ignore DMs on tumblr?

honestly ? I wouldn’t say ignore, but I don’t get good notifications for them, I get a lot of them, and I work a lot so I’m not even on tumblr so much anymore! I’m not actively ignoring them it’s just life in the way


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LEE JOOHEON | 10.06.1994 | #1006jooheonday 🐝🍯

Happy birthday to the talented, handsome, funny and cute Monsta X main rapper,  Lee Jooheon! I hope you have a year full of success, health, love, inspiration, happiness… all the best things for Honey! Thank you for being born! We love you so much! 

생일 축하해 사랑하는 우리 이주헌! 💗💖


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