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Honestly, I thought nothing could even surprise me any longer, but Kellyanne Conway’s little stunt just - floored me. Seriously - this is how we discuss politics now? Really? My God


Yo, sorry for not posting awhile. Things have been busy. Anyways~

Would anyone be interested in buying if I made acrylic charms that looks roughly like these?

If yes, would you prefer the 1st row(attack ver.) or 2nd row(apple ver.)?

CrissColfer Bingo: Senior Bastard

(I had no inspiration whatsoever for any more of these. Now, thanks to the lovely Tk, I have found that inspiration again. Turns out, writer’s block can be confronted by the thought of giving your friends feels. And there’s a chance giving your friends feels might win. Darliiiiiin’, you’re falling behiiiiiind… Also, I knew the beginning for this but not the end, so it might suck towards the last parts.)

Fill: in uniform (PG-13, 2k words)

Warnings: not so much a warning as a note: this is a high school!au in which Chris and Darren are in the same school. Darren’s a senior while Chris is a freshman.

Check out the lovely fanart @radiantelester did for this!!

[Also read on AO3]

Chris hates his stupid, goddamn uniform.

He knows a lot of his classmates only like it because it means they don’t have to worry about what to wear during the week. God, it’s like they’re children and they need their parents’ help to get dressed. Chris can perfectly decide on what clothes to wear every single day on his own, thank you very much.

And it certainly isn’t this ridiculous uniform.

He’s no expert on anything related to fashion, and he’ll admit it, but he’s pretty sure only snobby, rich kids’ schools’ dressing code include a vest and tie and actual, formal black shoes. He would have no problem wearing them every once in a while, or for formal occasions, but damn it all, he likes his casual clothes, all right? He likes his pants and his tennis shoes and his fan-shirts (which, admittedly, might be a bit over the top). And he’d like to at least have some sort of Casual Friday in this stupid place.

But no, one of the best schools in this geographic location he calls “country” has no sense of comfort whatsoever.

And still, Darren Criss, that little senior bastard, somehow makes the whole ensemble look good.

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