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Brett- You’re The One Who Thinks I’m a Hero

Request-  Can you a write an allison and pack imagine where she is the beast? because that’s what i want to happen in the show

A/N- So I made this a Brett imagine, but I’m debating on whether or not to continue with it. Let me know if you guys like it and if I should do a part 2??

You cringed as Kira slammed yet another player to the ground, adding another Devenford guy to the string of injured bodies on the lacrosse field. You had assumed she was fine when you, Scott and Stiles had gone into the desert after her, but apparently you had been wrong.
You bit your lip nervously as you thought about the problems she was causing, ones that only added to the impending disaster. The charity lacrosse game your friends were playing wasn’t just an ordinary game, and the lives of hundreds of people hinged on making sure the Beast didn’t make a surprise appearance. 

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My Heart Belongs To You

Summary: After Mikasa accepts an invitation to prom and begins a relationship with her date, things change between her and Eren. He finds it difficult to be around Mikasa without wishing he was the one dating her. But it’s not because he’s in love with her, or anything. Nope. Definitely not.

Pairing: eremika | Word Count: 10.9k | FFnet/AO3

A/N: because we all need a little more pining!Eren in our lives


Eren was exhausted. Early summer weather always made him tired, and coupled with the extra schoolwork from teachers racing to finish their curriculum just meant Eren really needed a break. And the upcoming holiday weekend was the perfect time to sleep, starting as soon as he got home.

If only his mom didn’t have another idea.

He doesn’t even get inside the front door before his mom’s pulling on his arm, all but dragging him up the stairs. Her hair, usually swept neatly to the site, hangs loose and messy around her head, and she looks nervous when faces him. “Hurry and get changed,” she says, tugging his backpack from his shoulders and dropping it by his door.

“Hey!” Eren complains, wincing a little under his mom’s hold. She always squeezes too tight when she’s stressed. “I’ve got library books in there.”

“And you spent too long in the library. I tried to call you, Eren. We’re late.”

She lets go and Eren shrugs, leaning against his doorframe with his arms crossed. “My phone died. And late for what?” His mom fixes him with a blank stare, raising her eyebrows after a moment of Eren mimicking the expression. “What?”

“Prom pictures?”

“Oh,” Eren says. “Yeah. Forgot about that.”

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Hurricane Amelia

Amelia Shepherd was never that girl. That girl who got hung up over boys. That girl who got jealous when a guy she liked was with another girl. In Med school, they made fun of those kinds of girls, the ones who failed midterms because they couldn’t get their head out of the clouds to even think efficiently.
Who knew she’d be making fun of herself one day.
Knock knock.
“Amelia what are you doing here?” Owen questioned as he opened the door, only wearing red, plaid boxers. Amelia’s eyes dangerously travelled down his body, stopping below his belt. “Are you okay?” he asked.
“Do you know why they called me Hurricane Amelia?” she asked as she stepped into his apartment.
His brows furrowed, “Uh…”
“I know everyone thinks it because I’m a mess and that I screw everyone else’s lives up when I come into town,” she began as she looked directly into his eyes, “but that’s not the real reason why.” She slowly raised her hands to touch his shoulders, caressing them. She then slid her hands through his hair, pulling on it lightly, a way that had made him groan in the past and did no different now.
“Owen who’s at the door?” a female voiced asked from inside the apartment. Amelia took her eyes off Owen, briefly, to look at the direction the voice was coming from; his bedroom. She looked back at him, letting go of his neck and grabbing his hands, bravely slipping them into the back of her jeans, where her ass lay bare, uncovered by underwear. “Your eyes are dilated, Owen,” she whispered. She knew what she was doing to him and she delighted in continuing. Stepping closer to him, she pushed his hands in deeper, allowing him to cup the entire of both the cheeks of her ass, minimising the distance between their two bodies. It was then she felt the bulge in his underwear slowly begin to protrude, pressing up against her stomach. His posture hardened as she tiptoed to whisper in his ear. “They called me Hurricane Amelia because I left guys like you destroyed, like cities after a storm, just by touching them.” She lightly licked his ear as Owen grasped onto her ass for dear life, trying to pull her closer while involuntarily grinding up against her a little. “They called me Hurricane Amelia because of the town destroying S-E-X,” she spelled out as she wrote it on his chest with her finger. And with that, she pulled his hands out as the woman called for Owen again. “Enjoy your tropical wave,” she said, referring to the woman in his bedroom. She made sure he saw the exaggerated bounce of her butt with every step as she left his apartment. Owen, remaining in the same spot with his hands still stuck where Amelia had once been, didn’t notice when his name was being called for the third time. “Owen, who was at the door?” the nurse from the hospital, whom he’d taken home earlier that night, asked. He needed something to take his mind off of work, and evidently Amelia, so when she asked to go for drinks with him, he said yes. It had done quite the opposite. Everything she did as they drank at Joe’s reminded him of how Amelia would’ve done it differently. Even as he took her home, his house a few blocks down from the bar, and the hospital, he was constantly comparing everything the nurse did to what Amelia would’ve done. The way she kissed him, how she grabbed his hair too tightly; it was all different. But he knew how Amelia would’ve done it. It was a few seconds before he turned around, as he was trying to control the blood profusely flowing into his member. “Oh, just someone from the hospital,” he responded.
“Oh, okay,” she replied, slightly noticing the bulge in his boxers.
“Uh actually, it was an emergency, and I uh,” he stuttered, “I need to go.” He briskly walked into his bedroom, slapping on a jeans and t-shirt, barely making eye contact with the nurse whose name he’d already forgotten. “But I thought-,” she began but he didn’t let her finish.
“Help yourself to anything,” he said as he exited his own apartment, praying to catch up to Amelia. Even after all this time, she still had this effect on him. To his surprise however, he found Amelia leaning against her car, waiting, as if she knew he would come running, that he couldn’t resist. And boy, she was right. His bulge from earlier returned quickly as he pressed his body to her, sandwiching her between him and the car. “I want the hurricane,” he answered desperately as he crashed his lips against hers, returning his hands to where they were before, warranting a muffled moan from Amelia.
Amelia Shepherd may not have wanted to be this girl, the one who made out with a guy in the parking lot of their apartment, while the nurse, from the window of his house, watched in horror. She definitely didn’t want to be the girl who received hand jobs there either. But in this moment, with Owen’s hands inside her pants, and her hands returning the favour, she couldn’t imagine how she’d ever made fun of the girls.
The girls who were in love.

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ok i trust you, i am so confused what is eliza sayin in the elycia blooper, part of me thinks shes sayin "oh your army" but i feel like she would have laughed because she didnt say it in her 'clarke' voice and another part of me thinks shes saying "oh your'e on me", as in the camera guy,, im so confused this is such a dilemma

Thanks to @heda4life25 she looked at the closed captioning for this scene was on the DVD. Unfortunately the English subtitles weren’t working so she had to use the spanish ones and use translator: 

On the DVD it says that it is ‘your army’, however, we know how captions can be wrong. Also it was up to what the closed captioner heard when they made the translation. Who knows, maybe in the script Eliza was supposed to say softly “your army” as they looked at the massacre, however she zoned out and thought they got the shot and started to play with her reins. lol. Maybe that is why the closed captioner made that translation. Maybe that is why Alycia turned her head, waiting for Eliza to look at her and say the line as they were both shocked and horrified at the scene in from of them. Now on the flip side, Eliza could have said, “oh you’re on me!” meaning that she thought it was Lexa’s close up in this shot and having them together. I do personally think it is the first scenario that Eliza zoned out and forgot her line, then the realization hit her “oh! your army.” lol. 

Don’t touch me,“ he growled. "This is on you. You know that guy made me a lot of money. We’re leaving.”

“Puddin’, it’s not my fault I make myself look so good for you other guys can only wish an’ stare ‘cause they’re so jealous. I mean, you should think of it as them honoring your great taste in babes— and I am your babe, aren’t I, honey?”
Joker grabbed her by the arm, and Harley squealed as he dragged her from the club. “Yeah, you are, but you keep pushing me, and one'a these days you’re going to cross the line, Harley.”

“Then what?” she asked.

Joker laughed. “I dunno. We’ll draw ourselves a new line, and another, and probably cross them, too.

—  Suicide Squad; Official Movie Novelization