i know what im wearing for the rest of my life

15/30: Day 6 Wearing Eachothers’s Clothes

Lucy: Natsu! You’re going the wrong way! We have to got that way!

Natsu: Calm down, this is a short cut! I wanna get back to the guild as quickly as possible. Your dumb skirt is cutting off the circulation to my-

Lucy: Don’t finish that sentence! I really don’t need to know! And you think I like having you stretch out my clothes?

Natsu: Pftttt! Not even Elfman can stretch out YOUR clothes! Fat! Fat!

Lucy: You’re just jealous that I can rock that skirt, while YOU can’t!

Natsu: This coming from the person who was ogling at my ass in this skirt earlier today! Lucy, you’re a huge perv!

Lucy: Oh yeah?! What about when the zipper got stuck on your cheap jacket?! Don’t think I didn’t notice you sneaking glances at my chest!

Natsu: …

Lucy: …

… and they both agreed to never speak of that. 

okay i just noticed something about the time skip designs in volume 4 and its making me suffer a bit okay yeah.

 tbh, weiss is my favorite character in former team rwby. i love her design, her attitude, etc, etc. and i saw her new design. she’s absolutely fucking gorgeous like? 

anyways. i other than her super pretty outfit, i noticed some other change with her design that sorta . made me weep a bit. look at her ponytail? 

it’s either i’m seeing this wrong or it’s a perfect ponytail, which sorta contradicts this one certain thing in her personality paragraph on the wiki page for rwby 

“she is a bit of a rebel. It even manages to manifest iteself in her physical appearance as she wears her ponytail to the side of her head, disrupting the symmetry of the rest of her outfit”

forgive my screaming and mini rant. its just. im highly concerned for my snow wife rn and i wanna know what happened in her life after team rwby broke up. please dont tell me that her father did some shit.  what the hell happened to the song ‘its my turn’. ww hat  , , , , ,


When it’s close to a con and you still haven’t finished Reapertale Chara. Resort to a think you have never seen before in your life.

I give you Fresh!Chara. I took reactive insight on what they could possibly be wearing since I haven’t seen any Fresh!Chara yet. 

I literally bought most of this today. The tights, glasses, suspenders and the gloves and the mood locket. The wig and knife where bought around November time I believe. The shorts where things I wasn’t comfortable wearing in summer and that t-shirt… Who knows. I need shoes and already have my eyes on a pair that I plan to get. For now the t-shirt is temporary. I think I’m gonna get something along the lines of this with the ridiculous panels but looking more 90′s style. 

But yes Fresh!Chara. Rest in piece anyone who encounters them.

Fresh and the Parasites that make you into a Fresh character belong to @loverofpiggies 

Edit: Heres the new updated version on what I am officially wearing

ok you know what i love: girls

theres a girl in my band class and she’s so nice when we were at the festival she asked me if i wanted to sit with the rest of them and made room for me and yesterday she brought everyone bagels

theres these three girls in my pe class who all wear workout leggings and always have perfect make up and hair and they kind of look cliquey and they’re always talking shit about people that probably deserve it but there’s this kid with autism in our class who just talks to everyone (he’s very nice i always try to talk to him but im not much good with conversation) but when ever he comes and talks to them they always stop talking about what they’re talking about and they ask him questions and they’re genuinely so nice i love them. i feel like the three of them could be the three fates i would trust them with my strings of life.

three girls in my french class never talk or answer questions but they did a presentation today and they were so good they did it all so well i love them

a girl in my math class complemented me on my hair three times

another girl in my euro class is always asking questions but they’re not stupid they’re always good questions and you can tell she’s doing her best she’s a cheerleader but she always tries so hard in school (admittedly she and her bf are the biggest Heteros ever but shes good on her own)

the girl who sits behind me in math knows my name and says hi to me in the halls

another girl in math is so good too she sits in the front and corrects the teacher and always asks for help and there are these gross boys who always talk to her and they’re absolute shit but she’s so nice. she’s in my chem class too and she’s so sweet i like her

i have a friend whose hair is always soft and she works out everyday and she has scented candles and she’s always dressed so well she’s so good. she trys so hard and shes so good sometimes im a real asshole to her and im always so sorry shes’ so good

girls are ethereal and beautiful and good and soft and i love them and if you’re a girl i want all the best for you. achieve your dreams. you’re fantastic. soft sweet girls. thank you thank you thank you

i was filled with joy about my school today i love them all they’re all so good they all have fantastic futures and i’m so happy for them i love girls i love everyone on this world i’m never going to do much myself but they are and i love them i love them i love them