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Hi Emma! :) Since I am (clinically) suffer from depression and chronic anxiety and social anxiety, my mom lets me do what I want. So sweet, but I often feel super lazy and I want to be productive. I think I need self-discipline but don't know how to start or what I need to do. What should I do? P.S. I'm proud of you for all you do to help others. :)

Hi! When I have days when I don’t put in a structured plan, I usually feel super lazy! It always makes me want to be productive the next day. I love going to bed feeling like I’ve accomplished something - even if it is something small. Self discipline should be something everyone develops. I think it is crucial for all students! Here are a few things:

  • externalise your goals and make the commitment - if you really want to achieve your goals, that you must commit yourself to being disciplined. Being disciplined isn’t something you have, but something you do. You have to learn to put your responsibilities before your leisure. Without commitment, you will struggle to learn actual discipline. Externalising your goals is something that can really boost your motivation to get started and keep going, which in turn develops discipline.
  • recognise your weaknesses and temptations, then remove them - everyone has a few weaknesses that can stop them from developing discipline. For me, I get so easily distracted by tv shows or Tumblr. Apps such as Forest or RescueTime help to remove those distractions and help me to focus. When I can see that I managed so much time without them, I realise that I don’t need to check them every 2 minutes but can wait till I need a break. Set yourself up for success by removing the bad habits!
  • establish a plan for your goals - when it comes to improving your discipline, you need to work out a plan of how. The best way is to set yourself some overarching, long-term goals. This could be passing a class with an A, achieving distinctions on all assessment tasks, or improving over all grades. (It doesn’t have to be study related.) Then break each of these down into medium and short-term objectives. Breaking down your goals into manageable sections can allow to visualise you getting through each part instead of being confusing and overwhelmed with scale of your goals.
  • schedule your week - use some form of a  planner to map out your monthly, weekly and daily tasks. Make the effort to schedule times for certain tasks - be it 15 minutes, half an hour or an hour. These tasks could be clean out your school bag every Sunday, check weekend homework on Fridays, do allocated readings the night before your tutorials, etc. With time you won’t need to be reminded of these tasks since you’ll just know to do it. I have a selection of options on my Etsy!
  • mark your progress - the best way to monitor how you are going is to track your daily productivity. Jerry Seinfield emphasises that using a calendar (or habit tracker) is the best way to consistently perform tasks day after day. He says each day he has written something he will put a large red cross through the day on a wall calendar. “After a few days you’ll have a chain. Just keep at it and the chain will grow longer every day. You’ll like seeing that chain, especially when you get a few weeks under your belt. Your only job next is to not break the chain.“ This way you can see how well you’re doing and motivate yourself to keep it up!! Here is a habit tracker I made!
  • stay persistent - keep at it! It might be tough and some days you might miss doing a task - but making sure you can recover from those days is what matters! No one is disciplined 100 per cent of the time. If you’ve got a friend from school (or even one from Tumblr), share your daily tasks and upcoming to-dos with them. Make them hold you accountable for getting things done. They can message regularly to ask how you’re going, provide some encouragement and praise your work! You should remember that your a new found discipline isn’t going to appear overnight.
  • be positive - you aren’t going to see a radical change from one day to the next. It is a long, arduous process that needs developing. Don’t be discouraged with the initial difficulties. No one is disciplined 100 per cent of the time. If you miss a day, don’t dwell but think that you’ll try to not let it happen again. Focusing on any negativities isn’t going to help you, so accept them and move on.

I hope this helps! Best of luck with everything x


Tokyo Ghoul Valentines Cards [PART 4 / ?]

[PART 1]  HERE  



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Hello, me trying to find a fix I read a while ago but can't find now. Phil woke up and found out he had a baby that he doesn't remember having he woke up in an alternate universe or something and Dan doesn't remember either all I remember about the fic is that Phil names the kid Charlie and Dan helps him raise him and they fall in love while doing so? I'm sorry if that didn't make sense

Pretty Odd (Things Have Changed For Me and That’s Okay) - Baby!fic in which one day, Phil wakes up with a baby in his bedroom and finds out that apparently he and Dan are the only ones who don’t know where this baby came from, as everybody else claims that it’s Phil’s. What happens next is they then end up raising a baby together, with no less than a few existential crises from both of them along the way, as well as plenty of blunders and mishaps. Oh, and through it all, Phil starts falling for Dan but doesn’t dare tell him because he can’t risk losing his best friend.

- Sam

can I just say, and I’m convinced I don’t even know the full scope of what I’m about to say just yet, the amount of creativity in this entire project is fucking stunning

I mean, from what I can tell, creativity is a core mechanic of D&D, in that you’re literally building the world around you and the events that happen to you with words, so to a point it’s necessary to get creative… but the character development here is as compelling as in the better books I’ve read, and the arcs are interesting on their own and as part of this gigantic arc, which has me on the edge of my friggin seat

and the music, holy shit, and this is where I nerd out a little… the chord progressions are unconventional in all the best ways, and the moods are perfect across the board, and the instrumentation is this really great blend of electronic and (for lack of a better word, maybe I’ll think of it later) classical, and I’m going to have that Fmin piano bit stuck in my head for days and days oh my god

I cannot WAIT to listen to the rest of this, and then be there when the next campaign starts, because you goddamn know I’m gonna be

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Crush thing: There's this guy I go to to school with (we're in high school and have a few classes together) and like he's always super nice to me and sits next to me whenever he can. We've had so many good conversations the past few days and I think I like him and I think he likes me too but I don't wanna mistake him being friendly for liking me. WHAT DO I DO I'M NOT GOOD AT TALKING TO PEOPLE??? HELP ME ASH.

(Gets flashbacks of horrible high schools crushes…*shudders*)also,



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So, what's your next animation on the list? Yeah, you just posted one and j'm asking for another. I'm being a curious piece of shit!

my next animation will be ASS
just kidding, I’m unsure

I’m still thinking about that parody I’ve been wanting to do for a few days, but I don’t know if I have enough money for the voice acting (my budget at the moment is like a max. of 15 dollars) 

hi all! nikki’s heading on a family trip for the next few days meaning i’m gonna be alone with the blog a majority of the time (hopefully? idk i haven’t gone on vacation in ages how do they work) – this has happened enough that we know what’s probably gonna happen, but in case you’re new: prepare for lots of whining. anyway, be patient with me – i still have work and school (only one day left of each for three weeks, but still) so things might be running a little slower than usual, but i promise i’m trying my best!


The Signs From A Libra's Perspective
  • Aries: You guys are hilarious for starters. Always find a way to cheer me up, and even though we clash sometimes you always understand me at the end of the day. Love to explore, and I am so down to follow you anywhere. Killer sense of style, surprisingly amazing/ecclectic music taste. HARD WORKERS. When you guys zero in on something BOY DO YOU ZERO IN.
  • Taurus: My partners in crime. You guys are so deep, and I am so honored I've seen that side of you. You're two steps ahead of everyone at all times, but nobody knows except for me. Total boss ass bitches--unstoppable. When you care about someone you really care about them, but when you don't its hilarious and I live for all the shade you throw! Also the biggest underdogs who I champion 24/7.
  • Gemini: My roof in the pouring rain. Complex individuals who are so misunderstood it breaks my heart. They build up walls but boy when they tear them down for you they are AMAZING. Great listeners, always there for me, HILARIOUS. Always someone I can have fun with, so special to me. I can 1000% let my hair down with them and they can do the same with me. Has no issue telling the truth, so analytical. They have huge hearts but are so lowkey about it. Great sense of style, the greatest taste in music. They are their own worst enemies though, nobody can criticize a Gemini more than they do themselves. LOVEABLE ASSHOLES.
  • Cancer: Though they are stereotyped to be very sensitive, nurturing and that weird "uwu" type of person--I beg to differ. Every Cancer I know is a badass and very practical. Ultra snarky and sarcastic little shits AND I LIVE FOR IT. They always have something rad going on with their hair too, very rebellious. They do have a sensitive though, and they try hard to conceal it by rebelling--but I see you guys it's okay to feel that way!!
  • Leo: IS THERE ANYTHING A LEO CAN'T DO?? When I think of you guys, the quote "Anything you can do I can do better" reverberates in my mind. Leo's are the closest thing I get to a physical version of a reality check. They are the ones who bring me down when my head is in the clouds and I get too idealisitc. Confident in various aspect of life but lack that same confidence in others. Bright minds, extremely intelligent. Sometimes can be very unsympathetic, often overlook emotions. Funloving, they are the center of attention and rightfully so. Charming, know how to get what they want out of anyone. Great taste in cinema, my favorite person to debate with. ALWAYS check in on me even when I don't have the time for them, always make time for me no matter how busy and I appreciate them for it so much. Cunning, excellent orators--such cadence in their speech it blows me away.
  • Virgo: I either love you guys or I....don't. To those that I love dearly you are everywhere at once, you are more than what you fear at night in bed. Brave souls with creative minds--always thinking outside the box! Such Casanovas though like how do you guys get all the bitches??? Teach me your ways! Always listen to my advice. SO.FREAKING.ORGANIZED. Great with money, channel their emotions into their creative outlets. One with nature, really at peace when they are content with their surroundings. Very logical and objective..but not the best with understanding why they may feel a certain way.
  • Libra: Oh hey...you're me?? Awkward. What's up? Every Libra I know is a huge people pleaser. Has a hard time saying no..like a really hard time saying no. Lowkey assholes. (especially Libra guys) We're kind of on another planet sometimes, the worst texters I know but yet we're always on our phones?? Hands down THE STYLISH OF THE ZODIAC OK?? Such nerds though..take their academic careers so seriously. Either super shy--that type of kid who doesn't talk and then says something really real/ funny and everyone is like ?!!!?!?!?!? or THE LIFE OF THE FREAKING PARTY. Passive aggressive little fucks and I live for it when it isn't directed towards me. Great listeners, give you the best advice. Hate when we feel taken advanatage of...usually know when we are being taken advantage of. Fiercely loyal, flirty (WE THINK WERE BEING FRIENDLY OK) Lowkey really sad we can't save the world with our idealistic visions.
  • Scorpio: Like virgos..I love you or I...don't. Your quiet nature reassures me, but I know your emotions are like a volcano. Very hands on, dark, hilarious. Some of you come for advice and listen to me...others not so much. Introverted Scorpios are my favorites, and I live for your insight. Your passion astounds me! As for extroverted types: BE YOURSELF. I PROMISE YOU PEOPLE LIKE YOU MORE IF YOU STOP FAKING IT. Either extemely selfless or extremely selfish--a lot of extremes with you guys. Very vocal, have an issue with being wrong though. (it's ok I do too)
  • Sagittarius: SO.FREAKING.FUNNY. I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH. You know how to party and how to throw one even better. Amazing at whatever profession they choose to go into. Have an eye for colors, more so than anyone else. Excellent cooks, killer makeup artists. Like Geminis, they too have big hearts it just is under alot of snarkiness. Would go to the end of the earth for someone they care about. SO.FIERCE. IN EVERY SENSE OF THE WORD. However, do NOT wrong them--you will either be dead to them or they will make your life a living hell. They are my driving force, they ask me to jump and I say "How high?"
  • Capricorn: Yes, they are hard workers, yes, they are everything the astrology stereotypes say about them. Capricorns are sweethearts but you have to go on a journey to discover this. They will only show you this side if they deem you good enough, and that is because they don't want you to hurt them. Loyal, oddly incredibly athletic??? SUCH DORKS. Deep down, they need you though, so be there for your Capricorn. When they are certain about who they are they are a delight, when they are uncertain of who they are it is a living nightmare.
  • Aquarius: Oh Aquarius....what can I say about Aquarius. Some of you are my detached weirdo alien bffs...others well damn. The only one of the zodiac who is fully capable of making me the happiest person alive or the most miserable person alive. Your attention shifts a lot, you're never forward, one minute you chase me the next I'm chasing you. We are like cat and mouse. There is a side to you only few have seen, some days I am grateful I have seen it and other days I wish you never showed me it because it makes judging every thing you do even harder. The smartest people I know, walking Wikipedias--super cool, so goofy. Someone who I would sadly go to the ends of the earth for no matter what. You bring out the best in me and the very worst in me. I wish we loved each other in the same way, I wish you loved me like I love you but I'm okay with that at this point.
  • Pisces: Misunderstood souls. Old souls who deserve the world. You inspire me to strive to help everyone all the time and to love everyone all the time. It breaks my heart to see you mistreated because you deserve to be SO HAPPY. Never lose sight of your humanity because one day you will be in a better place and you will need it. Deeply sensitive but not in the critical whiny baby way--they are extremely intuitive and are often overlooked. Brilliant writers, their pieces will move you and bring tears to your eyes. Simultaneously a cutie pie and a freaking BOMBSHELL VIXEN. LOVES SPACE SO MUCH. Empowering. I wish you loved yourself as much as I love you.
Why it's good Korra didn't talk with Aang until the end
  • Korra: I'm having a lot of trouble with Air Bending.
  • Aang: I'm sorry to hear that.
  • Korra: Tenzin thinks it's because it's the element opposite my personality. He said you had trouble learning Earth Bending.
  • Aang: He's right; I did have trouble with earth.
  • Korra: Really?!
  • Aang: yeah, big trouble! It took me, like, a day to get something to move. Can you believe that, like a full eight hours to bend some earth! I was so embarrassed. But I got it, like, by thr next day I was fine, so you just got to hang in there.
  • Korra: ....
  • Aang: how long have you been trying to air bend?
  • Korra: ...
  • Aang: a few hours?
  • Korra: ....
  • Korra: you know what, I gotta go.

re: chihoko

so like. do we have a crackfic yet where victor wish-magics himself into a fish (or a fish statue?) bc he thinks that what yuuri wants, and yuuri has to spend the next few days explaining his fiance’s sudden mysterious absence, along with the fact that he’s keeping either a) a giant mythical fish creature or b) a giant statue of a mythical fish creature in his bedroom?

just. y’know. wondering.

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I'm trying to come up with a story and I've come up with some ideas for interesting characters but now I'm sort of stuck. What can I do?

(Stay tuned, tumblbud, there are some posts queued up for the next few days that you should love.)

Some writers start with characters rather than plot, and that’s fine. It can work. Let me recommend you this book, which is my number one go-to for when I have trouble with plots. Looking at common plot types can help you figure out what roles your characters are suited for, as well as what conflicts can drive them together/apart/to do things.

Think about your characters, too. What do you know about them? What pieces of their backstories speak to a larger story at play? Which of them is protagonist material for an epic quest? A character-driven drama? Do you have an antagonist in mind? What is the WORST thing you can do to these characters? Perhaps you’ll find your plot at the end of questions like these.

Some resources for you:

Let us know if you have other questions.


Harry and Louis have had a LOT of days MIA this tour. Of the 67 non-concert days since April 25th (when the tour kicked off), there’s been 21 where HL were completely missing.

On top of that, there’s been 6 days where Louis was seen but Harry was MIA, and 23 days where Harry was seen but Louis was MIA. This includes 4 days where Harry was known to be in LA but Louis was MIA (July 28th - August 1st), two days where Louis was in the Bahamas but Harry was MIA (August 20th and 21st), and these past two days where Harry has been seen in Nashville but Louis is MIA. 

All I’m saying is that they are really taking advantage of their time off, and obviously have a lot more freedom to do so and/or are demanding the time. I just glanced at the timeline from last year and it is SO different. On days off, Harry would always be with Cal, Lou or some random celeb/stunt or he’d be doing fan service with Niall. Louis would either be with Eleanor or another band member. There were very few days where HL were MIA at the same time (with the obvious exception of LA Week), and VERY few days where we would see all the other boys except for them.

2014 is hugely different from 2013 - no Eleanor, no Harry stunts, and HL are spending as much time together as possible in private. I’m just so happy for them and I can’t wait to see what happens next.


So, now that I’ve waited for more than 24 hours for them to reply to my message and still haven’t received an answer I decided to post this. 
Here’s the instagram account that has been posting my translations of Uruha’s blog entries:


No mention of my name, no credit, they literally claim that they translated them. 
The first 3 screenshots are my translations, the last 3 are the copied ones posted on instagram. You’ll notice that they were COPIED word by word. In some sentences they did have the shamelessness to change some words but the rest is the exact same phrasing. 
How do they even think translations work? That there is only one possible translation and we both just coincidentally ended up translating it exactly the same way?? 

I’ve had enough. I’m sick of making the same post over and over again. 

I don’t know if this person is a 12 year-old idiot who has no idea how the internet works or just a shameless asshole who has no morals and just steals stuff. But I’m not doing this anymore. 
I’m waiting for the translations to be removed from the account. 
I’m waiting for an apology. 
I’m waiting for people to fucking ASK me before they post my translations. 
I’m nobody’s personal translator, I don’t spend my time on this so that people can take credit for it and post it on their stupid accounts. 
I’m doing this cause it’s fun and I have amazing followers who appreciate what I do. 

I’m taking a few days off from the translations. Waiting for some sort of response. I don’t know what I’ll do next. 

Sorry to those of you who didn’t do anything wrong. 

So… Perfect is made a bit like Style, but the thematic reminds me of OOTW in a nutshell? (Wonderland, also) Like that thing that Taylor said about never being sure about what the next day would bring? Perfect sounds anxious in the same way? I mean, it’s like “I don’t really know what you’re looking for but we’re damn good at doing all of these stuff, I can’t promise you anything because I don’t know either there sure are a few bumps in the road and if it ends up on breakup songs, I’m still game for this” it really is the definition for “we’re a crooked love in a straight line down”

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I need a guys opinion on something. A few months back I ran into this cute guy I use to see at church. We've never talked but we see each other almost everyday working out and now, and I see him around town. Like he walked into chipotle one day and then he was at a stop light next to me. I figured out what his name was and followed him on ig about 2 weeks ago. I don't know if I should try and talk to him or if he would think I'm weird. Was following him a bad choice? I really do like him though

Following him wasn’t a bad choice, who doesn’t like followers you know? And I think you should try and talk to him, it sounds like you 2 often bump into each other, which can be a sign maybe? x

INTJ-ENTP Procrastinating Work II: Procrastinate Harder
  • INTJ walks into class to see ENTP talking to the teacher while leaning on a desk next to INTJ's seat. INTJ sets his stuff down and meets eyes with ENTP.
  • INTJ: What are you doing here?
  • ENTP: ... Uh, I don't know. Just, hanging out before class starts?
  • INTJ: But you sit over there. *Points to back of the room*
  • Teacher: ENTP can sit there if he wants. I don't assign seats.
  • ENTP: Do you not want me here, INTJ.
  • INTJ: Hm? Oh, no, I don't care. I was just asking.
  • ENTP: *Sits down next to INTJ* Actually, you should be excited that I'm sitting here now.
  • INTJ: I am so excited.
  • ENTP: ...
  • INTJ: ...
  • The schedule for the week appears on the board, revealing the test on a book to be in three days. They look at each other with pinched faces.
  • INTJ: How far are you?
  • ENTP: Um, I think I brought it in my bag today? You?
  • INTJ: I read, like, twenty pages the other day.
  • ENTP: ...
  • INTJ: ...
  • BOTH: Pffffhahahahahaha!
  • INTJ: Oh my God. What have we been doing all this time?
  • ENTP (to teacher): Do you think if I read enough of the Sparknotes, I'll be able to... You know.
  • INTJ: Wow, did you actually just ask that? After years of hearing to specifically /not/ use those things from countless teachers, you ask if it'll work on the test?
  • ENTP: I honestly don't even care anymore.
  • INTJ: I suppose I'm not much better.
  • INTJ: These next few days are going to be long.
  • ENTP: Beat of luck to you.
  • INTJ: And to you.

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so a few day before winter break started, i was just sitting in the library. and there was these girls sitting to the next to me and i didn't even know who they were, they were just judging me on everything i did. they would keep staring at me and say stuff like "why does she chew her gum like that?" or "why does she keep making that face." and then they would start laughing. i pretended like i didn't hear them, but now I'm really self cautious about everything i do. what should i do?

wtf.. fuck them! who cares what they think you. if they arent feeding you or financing you their opinion does not matter. you do you babe:)