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Where You Belong 

Let Us Love series 

Phil said not to do anything big for their first weekend together–go out for ice cream, play a board game. Get to know each other.

But the zoo is a good place to get to know each other, right?

(Last of the adoption au, can be read as a standalone)

~7000 words 

Things are awkward already. May isn’t sure what she expected.

The kids are looking at the map in the backseat of the brand-new minivan (only 60,000 miles from the previous owner) which she had bought in preparation for the children’s arrival. Because that’s what new parents did, right? They bought a minivan. Parenting was all about sacrifices (at least according to Phil), but parting with her well-worn Jeep had still been a sour event. This van doesn’t smell like her Jeep, and the steering wheel doesn’t feel right under her hands. The gear shift isn’t even in the same place. Everything is different, and she fits into it differently, but she knows that this is one infinitesimally small change compared to the others she’ll have to get used to now.

At least she won’t have to take them back-to-school shopping anytime soon. It’s late July, the four of them won’t have to go back for another month. Skye, the youngest, will be going into 1st grade, and May imagines she’s nervous about the change. She seems so far to be a nervous kid in general—but then again, they all do. Phil says they just need time to settle. It’s only their first week together, after all.

And this is their first weekend. It’s not as marked an event as it would have been had it been the school year, when weekends are sacred causes of celebration (at least in May’s memory). But still, it seems important. It felt like they should do something about it. Phil said not to do anything big—take them out for ice cream, play a board game. Get to know each other. But maybe, not that she would admit it to anyone, May is just as nervous as they are. After all, she has no idea what she’s doing. She’s never even read a book on parenting, for God’s sake. And she doesn’t think watching the Dr. Phil segments on Oprah every Tuesday while she folds laundry counts.

So, here they are. Making the 45-minute drive to Little Rock, the car painfully quiet. She’s keenly aware that she hasn’t spoken since they left the house, but she honestly doesn’t know what to say. She doesn’t know how to talk to kids. The most she ever had to was if there was a kid involved in a case when she worked at the station, but she’d usually hand them off to Sharon, who is soothing and patient and all the things May isn’t.

She doesn’t ask them if they’re excited, because the answer might be “no”, and then they’d be put in a position to have to lie for her benefit, and she doesn’t want to start the trip like that. So she’s silent, wringing the awkward steering wheel beneath her palms. She just doesn’t want to mess this up. Not so soon. But she has a feeling that somehow, she already has.

The silence is broken by a muffled huff of laughter, and then Skye leans over the side of her car seat to tap on the map Antoine is holding in his hands.

“Hey, what’s that say?” she asks, with barely contained mirth.

Antoine starts to smile a little, but stops when he meets May’s curious gaze in the rear-view mirror. “Skye,” he says, bordering on firm.

“What’s it say?” she nudges again.

“Somali wild ass.”

Skye slaps her hands to her mouth to stifle her laughter, but still, the noise rolls through the otherwise quiet van. May has never been more grateful for a sound.

“Skye,” Jemma chastises gently, “don’t be childish. It’s just a donkey.”

“What about that one?” Skye asks, pointing again.

“Dik dik,” Antoine says softly, a grin spreading across his face.

Skye erupts into laughter, almost inappropriately loud, loud enough that she probably got in trouble for it at some of her previous families. But the pure delight of it brings a smile to May’s face, albeit a small one.

“Skye,” Jemma hisses, shooting a nervous look towards the front of the car.

Skye immediately sobers, and May’s smile drops.

So, sure, May can be quiet. She can be gruff, bordering on cold. She can be withdrawn. But she’s tried so hard to be open and kind since the kids have been with her. Obviously she hasn’t been trying hard enough. Not if they’re afraid of her like this. Phil warned her it would happen, but she still feels like she’s done something wrong.

Hopefully the zoo will change things. They’ll all be out of their element and on even ground; that’s always when people show their true colors. Maybe they can see that she’s not so scary after all. They’ll eat too much junk food, and coo over animals, and at the end she’ll buy them souvenirs. It’ll be a good day. A good start to their relationship.

“We’re almost there,” is what she says.

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Boyfriend knows me better than I thought...
  • Boyfriend: What are you doing this weekend babe?
  • ME: Ummmmmm nothing...? (looks at books to read gleefully)
  • Boyfriend: Nothing huh?
  • ME: Yeah. Got nothing at all.
  • Boyfriend: What about the books plied up on your new kindle and all those audiobooks on your phone?
  • ME: Maybe I'll do that?
  • Boyfriend: So whenever you say you're doing nothing, it means your reading or planning on reading. I know it and you know it.
  • ME: You caught me!
  • Boyfriend: Nerd.