i know what a shocking! idea

If there are a part that I love about of the Cophine reunion in season four is this one.
The way that they look at each other in the distance. Their faces in shock says everything.
At first I had the thought that Delphine knew about that Cosima was alive (The eye implant theory) But now, looking at Delphine with that shock in her face I can’t say the same. Cosima already had the spot on that Delphine could be alive thanks to Kristal.

But Delphine? Alone and wounded in a freaky island, inside of the womb of the beast, working for the enemy like a prisioner…
What could she knows? I have the idea of her being haunted by the memories, by the nightmare of Cosima’s death not knowing that her chérie is still alive.

This sounds like a freaking fanfic but the true is that Delphine was back to life in the moment that she saw her love again in that campament.

And…   I can’t with my heart …

Soooooo this is the scene I’ve been working on the past few days! I know some of you were expecting/hoping for the Kingsmeet scene, and I’m sorry this isn’t it and hope no one is too disappointed.

P.S. I know Laurent isn’t supposed to be visibly injured but I couldn’t resist adding the blood. So much more dramatic that way :P

To Know One’s Heart- Legolas Greenleaf

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Pairing: Legolas/OC

Request: This idea just sort of came to me, so I ran with it!

Warnings: None

A/N: I honestly am a little shocked I’ve never written Legolas before considering I used to be so in love with him. BETTA LATE THAN NEVER. I hope this turned out okay…I had to do a lot of googling and research for the bits of Elvish, but even then I’m sure it’s not perfect. I’ll put the translations at the bottom. I also got a little, super tiny bit sappy. But hope you enjoy anyways! :) Let me know what you think!

The sorrow in the air was so thick, it was almost difficult to breathe. I scanned the faces of the men around me, dressed in their secondhand armor and some holding weapons that hadn’t seen the light of day in many years. Their expressions were all so forlorn, the looks of men readying to attend their own funeral. The weight of that sorrow felt like a burden. It was only then that I decided to escape, catching Aragorn’s eye from across the room before slipping out into the corridor.

A few minutes later, I found myself in the small, candle-lit chapel. I was surprised to find it nearly empty. Almost as surprised as I was to find myself there in the first place. I hadn’t prayed for many years. Not since I had been a child. Not since my mother and father were alive. I sat in the first pew, closest to the altar. Most of the candles had melted to nothing more than stubs, casting flickering shadows against the stone walls. I wasn’t sure where to begin, what to pray for. Legolas and Aragorn’s argument still rang in my ears. I had never known Legolas to despair, but he wasn’t wrong. 300 against 10,000. Most of them would die, maybe myself among them.

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Cate Blanchett on working with Barry Levinson in Bandits

I’m really enjoying working with Barry. He’s such a fantastic audience and such a terrible singer. He is shocking. Every we’ve been talking about what songs I would sing at certain points in the film and he goes you know the one ‘Bill, Bill’ and he said you know the other one ‘my part…’ I have no idea what he’s talking about.and we had a bit of a language problem I couldn’t understand him. For the first few weeks and I thought it is because you know he is from from the Baltimore area and I’m from Sydney. It’s some sort of…but he’s just he’s got his own very particular language and his own very particular take on things which is hilarious. ( x)

Okay but El’s reaction after the kiss is one of my favorite moments in the entire show. She probably has no idea what a kiss is, and it completely took her off guard, but you can tell after that split second of shock, she liked it. She smiles because she has feelings for Mike too, but she doesn’t know how to express them. It’s such a cute moment, it makes me happy whenever I rewatch it.


The Klance au NO ONE WANTED I’m shocked no one did yet. Like really go tweet Chris Tucker for giving me the idea after seeing him on TV. I will be doing more XD
I can not believe I did this… you don’t have to even ship klance at all just put them in this movie setting and watch the fun happen

So, I adore this prompt. The idea of omnic children makes me smile, and I hope this is what you wanted. If you have any questions, message me.


• Out of the three men, Zenyatta would be the calmest when meeting your child.

• He would be a bit shocked when your child came out, and he realized the child was an omnic like himself.

• Zenyatta and your child would bond right away, always next to each other then the three of you spent time together.

• He’d also help your child through bad situations, especially since he knows how cruel some people can be when it comes to omnics.

• Zenyatta would also feel closer to you because he realizes that you are not lying when you talk about how much you support rights for omnics.

• Also, imagine Zenyatta picking your child up and carrying them around while he meditates or simply hovers.


• He knew you had a child, but he didn’t know that the child was an omnic.

• He knew you trusted him when you offered to bring him to your house to meet the child.

• McCree realized he was nervous by the time you unlocked the door, sweat dripping down his back.

• When the omnic child ran toward you, McCree watched with wide eyes.

• McCree had heard about people that got omnic children to help them with trauma, but he hadn’t thought that you were one of those people.

• When the child approached him, he would kneel down and stare at them, a faint smile on his face.

• You would watch as your child wrapped their arms around the cowboy, laughing.

• After that, McCree and your child would be inseparable, and you knew that McCree was the right one for your family.


• Junkrat would be excited to meet your child, but you knew his opinion on omnics.

• You would be more nervous than him when you returned to your house, fearing how he would react.

• When your omnic child stepped into the room, you could feel the tension in the air. You refused to look at Junkrat as you explained to your child who your guest was.

• Junkrat would probably leave right away, upset that you hadn’t told him that your child was an omnic.

• You wouldn’t see him for a while, and you worried that you’d never see him again.

• Then he would show up one day, explaining that it will take some time.

• And it does. For the first month, he’s awkward and anxious around your child, but he soon warms up to them. You never thought you would see Junkrat so happy around an omnic.

Yesterday a woman was buying a gallon of glue and she goes “I bet you can’t guess what we’re making with all this glue.”

“Glue slime.”

She is shocked, shocked that I would know the answer. She looks to her daughter. “Did you tell her?”

“We have an entire endcap dedicated to the making of glue slime.”

“WHAT? Where?!”

“Over there. Where… you got this gallon of glue.”

 “I had no idea it was that popular!”

… you got this. From the endcap that says ‘SLIME.’ Big green and white letters.  All up and down it. When you asked where the gallon of glue was, I told you: on the slime endcap. Uggggggggggh.

#2 Nadia

A/N: I’ve actually changed the tag for the fics, it’s mw: 50tl (that’s 50, a T and an L if it’s hard to read).

A huge thank you to my friend @dylanobrienstyler who makes all the grammar mistakes go away. She also makes my heart melt with Stydia fanfiction, so if you ship that, go check her out and send her a prompt.

Shoutout to the people who review constantly: @allenting, @linsteadlooks, @cdburry, @aggieast, @rileyslucass, @linstead4ever, @marinascorchinhottie, @kamomille, @hamqueen, @ilovetiggles. You guys make it all worthwhile. Also thanks to anyone who has every reviewed, anon or not. I love you.

The idea for the last two parts came from @allenting what a shock. She’s a living fic idea generator.

Prompt #2: Nadia - She gave Jay amusing glances that morning, knowing well that Erin had not slept at her place.

Word count: 1996

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Goblin - What We’ve Got So Far

tvN’s Goblin reached its 12th episode on last Saturday (Jan 7) and it means we only have 4 episodes to the final. Honestly I feel a bit shocked when I reached episode 11 and 12, although I already prepared myself for all the revelations, I think I didn’t prepare myself for the plot twist.

So, these are what’s important we’ve got so far till episode 12:

1. The revelation of the Grim Reaper and Sunny’s past life. Viewers already guessed their past life far before episode 10-11 and we got it right. While Sunny already know her past life (that teary kiss, ugh), the Grim Reaper still has no idea who is he in past life and what sin he did and all he could do is just guessing that he is Wang Yeo… until Kim Shin confirm it.

Don’t, please don’t break up :(

2. The revelation of the Yoo Deok-hwa’s identity. So, the fact we’ve got from episode 12 is Deok-hwa is possessed by the almighty. I’ve read some tweets told that Deok-hwa only possessed when he’s drunk but I don’t think so. He’s sober when asking the Grim Reaper to help him erase people’s memory, he’s sober when told Eun-tak that Sunny is Kim Shin’s sister in past ife, he’s also sober when he said he found Eun-tak in ski resort. I really couldn’t think Deok-hwa just possessed by the almighty, that he’s must be “something”, and I desperately need the answer if he’s really “something”.

I replayed this scene many times and still got goosebumps. Yook Sung-jae really did a good job portraying the possesed Deok-hwa and back to the normal Deok-hwa. Anyway, I feel very satisfy with Yoo Deok-hwa’s character development and I feel very grateful that Sung-jae chose this role, he’s really fit the role!

3. The reunion of bro-sis. The Grim Reaper not only helped Sunny remember her past life as a Queen (and the Grim Reaper is her King), he also helped Sunny remember her warrior brother, Kim Shin. The reunion of this sibling brought tears to me, since Kim Shin really miss Kim Sun a lot :’)

4. The cruel fate of Goblin and his bride. Another plot twist for me. Everything was fine till it reached the end of episode 8. The goddess of birth met Kim Shin and told Shin to choose: whether Eun-tak pull his sword and he return to ashes or Kim Shin still alive while Eun-tak will die… because the reason why Eun-tak born to the world is to be a goblin’s bride and do her job to help the Goblin die in peace. The goddess of birth also told Shin that the death will always come to Eun-tak until she pull the sword. 


5. THE RETURN OF THAT EVIL EUNUCH FROM GORYEO, PARK JOONG-WON! This is really a plot twist and unexpected! I really got goosebumps while watching the scene where that evil eunuch appeared and reached Eun-tak. I really didn’t see it coming! What is his plan after hiding from Shin for 900 years? How come Shin couldn’t kill him? I DESPERATELY WANT THAT EVIL EUNUCH TO DISAPPEAR! 

No, I won’t attach any pictures of him.

After the devastating episode last week, it seems we’ll get another devastating episodes this Friday and Saturday. What I guess is the story of Wang Yeo after his order of killing Kim Shin and his family - including his Queen and the relationship between Kim Shin and the Grim Reaper after the revelation (and I have a little wish Deok-hwa will contribute to solve this). The preview for episode 13 really breaks my heart into pieces :(

I know everyone’s obsessing over the kiss and baby turner and the wedding etc and rightly so because they’re our babys, BUT I just wanna talk about how incredible the storyline regarding the pill was. I honestly had NO idea the pill had ever caused people’s deaths and it shocked me to the core. Women thought it was a miracle drug, THAT woman thought it was a miracle drug and look what happened to her! It was absolutely heart wrenching and the way they played out the storyline was incredible. I especially loved the part when Tom blessed her and then Trixie was doing her makeup, as she knew how much happier the woman was when she looked her best, and she wanted her to be as happy as she could be when she passed. 10/10 Heidi, incredible storyline with incredible acting from all involved.


The newest video on the Jack Rammyz channel!

Two years in the making! @jess-kitten @ranged-death and I had this idea about doing Lock, Shock and Barrel for Halloween. We were able to get it done this year and thanks to @darklighter25 and @chrisartplay we were even able to get this together just for you!

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“What just happened?” Your brother asks suddenly. You had come over to the Cullens house for training. The battle with the Volturi was just around the corner and since you had shifted for the first time not long ago you wanted to help as well. Your brother hadn’t been very fond of the idea since you were only 16 and his little sister but you were hard to argue with.

“I know that look.” He furrows his eyes at you, “There’s no human here…” He says shocked, “Which one?”

You were confused and kept staring at a guy further away. You didn’t know it was even possible to imprint on a vampire. Shocked you reached out your hand pointing at Garrett.

“That’s impossible…you can’t imprint on a vampire.” Sam kept muttering to himself.

Suddenly Garret was standing in front of you, taking your arm and jumping up on the roof with you.

“Hey get my sister back down here immediately!” Sam shouted.

Garret let go and looked at you, tilting his head, “You don’t smell too bad for a dog.”

“I guess that was supposed to be a compliment old man but it was a really bad one.”

“You’re going to follow me around from now on?” He asks while smirking at you.

You blush involuntarily and groan. You already hated this whole thing and yet you couldn’t bring yourself to dislike him.  

“Yes but only because I would be here anyway. I don’t like you or anything.” You say with crossed arms.

“Hm alright come talk to me if you change your mind.” He jumps down and vanishes into the house.

Be With Me

Request: can you make a smut that the rederis damons big love but she is an original sister and she is dating lucien and damon can not bear sombody elese fucking her and damon fuck her so hard – @shamelessfunworld

Pairings: Damon x Reader, Lucien x Reader

Warnings: swearing, smut, angst

Word Count: 2616

ANGST. Hmp. Btw, I actually had no idea who Lucien was but yey, now I know.

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

Damon’s POV

Klaus was back, for some reason that I don’t give a damn about, but what shocked me was that (y/n) was here again. That, of course, is what I care about. I know, I know, why should I be freaking excited about some gorgeous, bad ass, perfect Original? Wait, I said it already. Damon doesn’t do love, but when he does, he goes big time. And that’s where (y/n) perfectly fits in.

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utterly-nerdy57  asked:

1)"How dare you you complete and utter ass!" 2)"That was my favorite movie!"

“How dare you, you complete and utter ass!”

Chloe’s mouth fell open, shock rendering her speechless for once. Even Marinette was frozen in place, eyes wide in disbelief.

For there stood Ladybug, in all her glory and fury, towering over the stunned socialite as she heaved verbal abuse at her.

“Do you have any idea how difficult you make my life!?” Ladybug snarled, ignoring the cries of the Akuma-of-the-Day outside still being distracted by Chat. Correction- 20 Chat’s, since he had been caught by a blast that had replicated him multiple times.

“I don’t know what your entitled little mind thought justified snapping Sabrina’s DVD in half,” she continued, ignoring how the carrot-haired minion seemed to clutch her bag protectively to her chest. “But I’ve had to deal with this whole back in time, multiple akuma thing before–”

At this Alix sat very still, doing her best not to draw attention to herself. A distant call of “That was my favorite movie!” followed by the familiar sound of Chat screaming as he was tossed through the air was heard, right before a leather clad body slapped against the window, making everyone in the class flinch, aside from Ladybug.

As he slid down with a loud, drawn out squeak, she narrowed her eyes further, hauling Chloe up and out of her desk as she finished, “–and I’m NOT dealing with it again.”

The entire class watched as she dragged the terrified blonde out of the room without another word, leaving behind a pregnant silence that was broken by the sound of yet another Chat hitting the window.

I like angry LB XD I like terrified Chloe XD I like the idea of multiple Chat’s and time travel XD 

No idea what movie Sabrina had, but she always makes such a fierce akuma XD I think she deserved another shot at it!


Ok, this really has happened to me 10 minutes ago. I was waiting for the bus and a woman sitting next to me says: “hey, nice sweatshirt, but I don’t know if you realise that it has an abuser on it”. And I was just so shocked because I wasn’t expecting that. So I look at her and I said: “excuse me but I think that you have no idea of what you’re talking about”. And then she starts talking about all the video stuff and the pictures of Amber with bruises. So, as a decent person who loves her idol and has done a proper research, I started to tell her all about this shitty case and when I stopped talking, she said to me that she wasn’t aware of the many things that I told her, for example the accident Johnny had with his finger.

It’s incredible how people can judge a person without knowing anything about him/her.


It wasn’t how he’d imagined his day to be. Nude modeling was fun, but when you spend an hour posing naked in front of your new roommate, it can make things a bit awkward. And that’s exactly what had happened. He had no idea she would be in that class, or he would’ve never done it. But…a small part of him had enjoyed her shock and blushing. He’d even caught her smiling at him a few times. But he wanted to make sure they were okay after this…misunderstanding.

R: “…Hey.”
N: “See you’ve found your clothes.”
R: “For now. I’m sorry, I didn’t know you’d be in that class.”
N: “Whatever. It’s not a big deal.”
R: “So, you’re not mad?”
N: “If you’d actually planned this, then yes, I would be. But the horror on your face seemed true enough.”
R: “Mm, and the blush on yours.”
N: *Squints* Imagine the situation vice versa. If I was there, posing in my birthday suit for you.“
R: *Grins*
N: ”…You know what, don’t. You do realize I’m forced to paint your naked body all week now?“
R: "You’re welcome *winks*
N: "You’re insufferable and full of yourself.”
R: “It comes with the genetics.”
N: “So I’ve heard.”
R: “…You’re going home?”
N: “I have to pick up some groceries first”
R: “May I join you?”
N: *Amused*
R: “…What?”
N: “I don’t know…the way you speak sometimes. So proper.”
R: “I’m a gentleman.”
N: “I see. Then I suppose you may join me.”

What if Genji didn’t know Hanzo had prosthetic legs?

Like, what if Hanzo lost those legs after he believed he killed Genji, in whatever way, and Genji just didn’t know. And by comparison, sure, Genji has it worse with much more extensive damage, but just imagine the first time he realizes Hanzo doesn’t have his legs anymore?

It would either be very shocking and angsty and serious, perhaps Hanzo is in the infirmary or damaged them in a fight and is stuck unable to walk and that’s how Genji finds out.

OR it can be hilarious. Perhaps they are laying low and Hanzo has to work on his legs, complaining about a problem in the ankle maybe, and Genji thinks he just means he’s gotta stretch but then


Off comes the leg, and the other, and Genji topples out of his chair in surprise and in the least ninja-like fashion manageable.

“Come on, Sam… Can’t you feel…”

“Don’t… don’t do it, Danny.”

“…the spark?”


“What, are you too elec-terrified?”

“I’ll fucking drown you.”

*gasp* “I’m shocked, Sam! That realy hertz my feelings.”

I seriously have no idea where this came from… I’m so sorry! Something like another au? Danny with electricity-powers? Resistent against electrizity but very vulnerable when it comes to water? Maaan, I don’t know… xD


Ola: Nico, and you say you had no idea about this child? How do you know she’s even yours?

Nico could see that Ola was shocked by what Nico had told him…that he had a seven year old daughter he never knew about, and that her mother was now his personal assistant. 

Nico: I don’t have any doubts. I slept with Ivory unprotected time and again. I was young and stupid and using her as a rebound. Allison and I were broken up, and I never thought Allie would take me back. 

Ola: Okay, fine, I get that part. But that doesn’t automatically make the child yours. 

Nioc bristles. He didn’t know why, but Ola hinting that Nicole wasn’t his bothered him. Ola was just looking out for him, after all. 

Nico: Well, she looks exactly like me. She has my eyes, my hair, my nose- she even has the same freckles on her face. 

Ola: Fair enough. But we still need a DNA test. 

Nico: No. Absolutely not. I don’t want to do anything that could get back to Allison. 

Ola: Nico. If this child is biologically yours, she is entitled to a huge portion of your wealth until she reaches maturity. Do you feel comfortable paying out financial support to a child who may not even be yours?

Nico annoyed: Ola, she’s mine. She actually reminds me of my younger sister Mercedes. But anyway-let’s get to the support part. I want to work something out in private. And offer Ivory some sort of financial settlement to keep this quiet. Tell me how to do it without Allison EVER finding out.

Ola: Impossible. I can’t in good faith advise you to work out a private agreement with this woman. That would be putting your fortune at risk.