i know we've had enough of this already

Hey, so there’s a new Trans!Joseph headcanon going around and like, while I personally think the idea is neat, can we please, please, PLEASE, refrain from saying that anyone disagrees with it is transphobic? We already have enough drama surrounding Joseph as it is and we all know that, canonically, Joseph is not trans. I’ve seen it happen before in other fandoms where people have actively been sent death threats for not accepting a trans!headcanon, and I desperately do not want to see the same kind of schlock here.

However, this also goes for people who disagree with the headcanon; please, don’t send people hate or sly anons dissing them for their trans headcanon. Trans headcanons are very important for a lot of trans/non binary people, especially transmales, as there are only really two transmen I know of in the media that aren’t tomboy-styled jokes. Headcanons are to be respected no matter how much or how little evidence there is to back it up.

Tl;dr; Don’t say anyone who doesn’t think Joseph is trans is transphobic, and don’t call anyone out for thinking he is. Joseph fans already have it hard enough as it is, and we don’t need anymore drama surrounding him.

twenty seven.
  • Brody: As if I wasn't already losing enough money to all the New Year's resolutions, now we've had two blizzards in a week.
  • Brody: And I know you're stuck at home alone. How are you holding up?